Grey's Anatomy First Look: Watch the Opening Minutes of This Week's Harrowing Finale!

Fasten your seat belts Grey’s Anatomy fans, ’cause Thursday’s season finale is going to be one Helluva. Bumpy. Ride.

The heart-pumping hour picks up pretty much where last week’s week’s penultimate episode left off — with the plane carrying Derek, Meredith, Lexie, Mark, Cristina and Arizona crash landing in the middle of nowhere.

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Press PLAY below to watch the chaotic opening minutes of the Season 8 swan song and then say a nice little prayer for the victims in the comments section below!

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  1. eridapo says:

    LOST Flashback…. Watchout there is a smoke monster that is going to kill you.

    • submommy says:

      Perfect comment, right there.

      • Oh Gosh Lexie dont die. Dont Die! I said dont die. If she dies. I dont know What Im gonna do. Tears… You better not die! You have to get together with Sloan

        • Elyse says:


        • THey think its going to be her!!! :(

          • Kelly says:

            My money is on Arizona or Teddy.

          • Russ says:

            I bet they will make us think its Lexie and with all the plane on her then have it be a shocker a be Mark instead, of course this will be after he proclaims his love to her.

        • pmphoto2 says:

          I think its going to be Arizona…. Nothing bad has really happened to her yet… I mean Calli got hurt but that wasn’t Arizona directly….. Honestly its between Arizona and Lexi…. I almost think Lexi has a higher fan base who want her to get back together with Sloan so I’m thinking she’s safe. Then again if they wanna rock the boat they’ll def go for Lexi… Idk… its between Lexi and Arizona cuz Derek is a red herring…

          • Calzona says:

            How can you think that Lexi has a higher fan base than Arizona ? I am a big Arizona Fan and many many many many others too.We want to see our Rollergirl in the next Season again…if she died…we will not watch the next Season

          • sheila says:

            i agree with you. either arizona or cali.

          • Nicole says:

            hope its Arizona won’t she’d a tear please be Arizona

          • Debora says:

            I think it will be Arizona, because the actress is pregnant in real life and she’ll need some time off to take care of herself and the baby. But I really like Arizona, so I don’t wanna see her go. =/

          • pmphoto2 says:

            Idk… Just seems more Lexi fans… At least we hear from em more… I myself love Arizona and will be devastated if she goes…. And it is very possible someone back at the hospital dies but I hope not… Almost feels cheap…

          • Andrew says:

            I think it’s between Derek and Lexie.

          • cass says:

            I think it is Arizona as well. Kind of alluded to it in last episode when she told Callie to never leave her. That would make Karev stay, and Sloan not be with his current gf who wants a baby and he will be with Lexie. I think Derek is going to be hurt so bad he won’t be able to take the job at Harvard and then Meredith will stay ultimately making Christina stay. It’s got to be Arizona. NOT LEXIE!!!!!

          • Cathy says:

            I think it will be Derek. I thought I heard he wanted out. I LOVE Arizona and Cali’s relationship, would hate for it to be Arizona. Derek would be a huge loss, but I gotta bad feeling about this. :(

          • pmphoto2 says:

            I lied…. Arizona can’t die…. simply because George died already….. It would be just plain cruel to make Calli suffer like that and lose a spouse like that again…. Mark hasn’t really suffered like anyone else on show so its sort of his turn… o plus we all sorta forgot about explosives… Parts of the plane can still explode… killing Mark…. So we’re back where we started with Mark, Lexi, and Arizona all on the table…

          • Alisha says:

            I am siding with Arizona too. I hope not, but I think so just because like someone else said, she is pregnant and will need to be off to take care of the baby. I can’t believe they are “killing off” another Grey’s. :(

          • Teléfila says:

            But she was pregnant last season too, that’s not a reason unless she wants to go from the series.

        • jennifer says:

          JUST TO LET everyone know, Lexie will be the one to die, i saw on wikipedia that she has a broadway show coming up in the fall that she is the main character in.

          • Mikaela says:

            And you’re taking wikipedia seriously?

          • BJ says:

            it also says she’d be an understudy which is unlikely.

          • katy917 says:

            Wiki??? Seriously?? The site that is SO bad SO unreliable and SO misleading that degree student are BANNED from using it as references??

          • Colleen says:

            THANKS FOR THAT!!! Lexie and Sloan have to get back together! She better not die! True, Arizona hasn’t had anything bad happen yet??????? Could it be Dereck?

          • Cathy says:

            You do realize that anyone can go into Wikipedia and edit info right?

          • Sanna says:

            Arizona just lost her best friend, that’s kind of bad, right? so, something bad has happened to her. and it’s more painful to callie if she dies than it is for her self. I don’t want anyone to die but jackson is kind of boring. He should die.

        • melena says:

          je ne croix pas que c lexi

        • Deborah Kelley says:

          I agree. Don’t kill Lexi or Mark – I want them back together. Maybe it’ll be Arizona.

        • Berenice` says:

          omg!!! Not Lexie!!! I want her to end up with Sloan too!

        • Kam says:

          YES! YES! Little Grey and Sloan HAVE to be together!

        • Vanessa says:

          I read an article not to long ago, that this was going to be Patrick Dempsey’s last season. I Derick is going to be killed. If that’s the case, Grey’s will NOT be the same… :(

          • Zoi says:

            Patrick has renew his contract for two years so I don´t think that he is going to be the one who dies.

          • Danielle says:

            I read that too but about a week ago I read he’s signed a contract for 2 more seasons!

          • Gloria says:

            I’ve read it too, but than last week I saw another article and there he said he will stay play mcdreamy if he don’t need to miss some races. So let’s hope he won’t miss some.

          • Ellen Mead says:

            Patrick did sign a 2 year contract, he will be back next season.

          • I just read on ABC that Patrick Dempsey, Sandra Oh, and Ellen Pompayo just signed contracts for 2 more years so its not them. Its probably Lexie or Arizona…. did you all see how Lexie was penned down under the side of the plane??

          • Valerie says:

            I’m tellin ya….it’s not going to be anyone on the plane! Someone is going to die though and my bet is Kepner!

          • its not going to be derek all the original cast members have renewed their contracts

          • Beth6449 says:

            Derek & Meredith have both signed on for 2 more yrs…it’s not Derek..

        • Paige says:

          I think it’s going to be completely unrelated to the crash. My money is on Kepner committing suicide.

          • cass says:

            that’s a good one, didn’t think of that!

          • jane says:

            Exactly…I think it will be Kepner….either committing suicide or getting killed in a car accident.

          • Colleen says:

            I’m OK with that……….not that I want anybody dead or anything. It just wouldn’t be the same w/o Lexie, Dereck or Arizona. Kepner is good collateral damage but it really wouldn’t be too much of an upset like the other three……….so it’s gotta be someone else as well.

          • Kathleen says:

            That is a very good point… The producers like to throw those curve balls.. And they LOVE killing off people!! Like Teddy’s husband Henry, I LOVED HIM!

          • Carlena says:

            I think it may be kepner because she was drunk and left the bar upset.

          • Kristen says:

            That’s an obvious choice… but really, who would care if Kepner offed herself? Would anyone’s jaw drop? Would anyone shed a tear? I know I wouldn’t. I’d respond with maybe a shrug, eyeroll, and an “Eh, it could’ve been better” before clicking off the television. There’s no wow factor there. The only thing that fits is that it would be dark, but then where does that leave everyone? Right back on their way out the door to their respective “home”. Kepner’s death would in no way bring everyone back in to stay at SG.

          • Lauren says:

            Agreed! I feel like this show loves the element of a surprising death. Killing off someone not on the plane would be very similar to George’s death. I think Lexie being hurt will be to bring Mark & Lexie back together in a time of crisis.

          • Gee says:

            Finally! People who agree on my theory! I’ve been arguing with friends about this. They make the plane crash TOO obvious. And when Shonda announced that there would be a death in the finale she said it would be unexpected. If you put so much focus on the plane crash, it won’t be unexpected! It’s a distraction. Plus a majority of the people on the plane have renewed their contracts (Webber, Bailey, Grey, Sheppard, Yang, & Karev) and I don’t see Cali, Arizona, Lexi, or Sloan kicking the bucket, they are major characters. I think Kepner loses it and commits suicide.

          • I’ve been saying this for weeks!!! That the death’s at the hospital, I mean. April has been my focus victim for the longest time, but if it’s not her, it’s certainly someone else. The most recent Sarah Drew interview just reinforces that theory. She said that whatever keeps people at SGMW isn’t the death, but something else that will happen in the beginning of season nine, that no one knows (as in, the actors) yet. So, it could be ANYONE. The death will affect the characters, but doesn’t necessarily make them stay. We know Arizona is hurt, and that could make Alex stay. But, the others? If the death isn’t making them stay, it could be anyone at the hospital. Because, really WHOSE death would make them all stay? The one with most ramifications I can think (plane and non plane) would be Hunt’s, but still, not good enough. It’s gotta be something else.

            And everyone’s a potential victim. And death’s so not the plane. Shonda Rhimes’ a better writer than that.

          • Carol Lawton says:

            Interesting thought about Kepner but with her belief system, suicide likely wouldn’t be a choice for her, but anyway they might think would work to have her leave, would sure work for me :) I think, although sad, it will be related to the crash as that will give opportunity to remove someone from the show. Not that I would want this to happen but I think it’s going to be Lexi or Callie due to the others signing new contracts/have contacts or so I believe.

        • rebecca says:

          OMG if Lexie or Mark die i will be livid. They are the only couple i need to see together!!

          • Ali says:

            i would be a little sad if kepner died but she has gotten too wild so id rather it be kepner then arizona or lexie

          • Vasiliki says:

            It would sending a message that God HAD actually punished her which is ridiculous.Better for something good to come out of a bad situation when she actually calms down and sees it as a glitch in her life. I noticed though that there has been no mention of a future for Avery like where he is going after passing the boards or did I miss something?

          • Shelley Sheahan says:

            The ENTIRE cast of Grey’s has re-signed a two year contract so no one is going to die! (They released that information last week.) But, no doubt, this will lead to some very dramatic story lines!

          • katy917 says:

            No, the ENTIRE cast has NOT re-signed for 2 years!! Meredith, Derek, Webber, Cristina, Bailey and Alex have re-signed. April, Jackson, Mark, Lexie, Callie, Arizona, Owen and Teddy have yet to re-sign. That’s MORE THAN HALF THE CAST that have yet to ink new deals. And Shonda has openlly admitted for weeks, if not months, that yes a main cast member WILL die in tonight’s episode. Due to an AA article, Mark and Jackson are both safe, along with those who have re-signed. Although, I re-iterate, the announcement as to who has re-signed may be a great big red herring to make the death more shocking.

        • Kelly says:

          They can take Mark, but it better not be Lexie.

        • amernie09 says:

          she’s one of the few who didn’t sign for another season.. :(

        • Kristi says:

          Lexi Is dead :(

    • aaam says:

      omg exactly what was going through my mind

    • Tiffany says:

      I was thinking the same thing!

    • haha! Yeah! There’s the woman screaming (like Shannon was), Christina has lost a shoe (like Locke), and obviously the first person view at the start was very Jack-like.

      Looks like it’s going to be epic though :)

    • Don says:

      Oh – that is SO perfect a comment. My thoughts, exactly.

    • sami says:

      thought the exact same thing…now….where’s that polar bear?? XD

    • Meg says:

      haha I was thinking the same thing

    • Kari says:

      I say it’s going to be Derek. Lexi won’t die, it’s just going to bring her and Sloan back together. And this accident is going to keep everyone at Seattle Grace for next season as well. Those are my predictions.

      • kay says:

        It’s not going to be derek meredith christina or alex because they just signed new contracts for the next two years.

      • Audrina Page says:

        I read in the paper the other day it was talking about greys and the people … Derek said and I “” He has done all he can do with greys” He said he was leaving..

        • anonymous says:

          He is not leaving. He just signed a two year contract for Grey’s.

        • Joanna says:

          Well, not sure where you read that but if you go to the facebook Grey’s fan page, it states clearly that Patrick Dempsey has signed a contract with ABC to return for another 2 years, along with Pompeo, Oh, & Chambers (Meredith, Cristina, & Alex). So, for everyone, it will not be any of these characters for sure. Unless they’re coming back from the dead or something.

      • Claire says:

        I totally agree with your predictions!

      • Hannah says:

        Its not going to be derek because patrick dempsey signed a two year contract with GA. The 6 leads are all safe. And its also very possible that someone back at the hospita dies.

    • meme says:

      What would have been so awesome if they had george and izzy come to help them out and guide them along..I should be a writer on the show hahaha !!

    • Antwon says:

      Oh yes because Lost is the ONLY show that has ever had a plane crash. Huge Lost fan here but one who realizes this isn’t 2004. GMAFB.

    • Antwon says:

      And oh yeah. That doesn’t look like a beach to me :-P I’m just saying.

    • maybe Derek’s brother is dr. Jack Shephard from LOST (same name) and he will save them all! :)) soap opera enough ? :P

    • Jen says:

      Don’t forget the polar bears.

    • amber says:

      greys anatomy always has the best season finals i love this show and have watched at the begging till now cant wait looks good

    • ashabelle says:

      That’d be awesome if Jack and Sawyer wandered out of the trees to help… Dereck’s obviously already captured and in New Otherton…

    • Jess says:

      its probably lexie bc a lot of them already have signed a contract to do another season.

    • Mark P says:

      LOST flashback. except Christina’s the dog

    • Julie ABRAHAM says:

      That’s so true … Meredith looking at the sky made me think about Lost first scene with Jack … !

    • Meagan says:

      Well we know it isn’t Derek, Meredith or Christina.. So that leaves Arizona, Sloan or Lexi.. Who will it be.. Can’t wait till tonight to find out…

  2. Kaye says:

    You know ABC posted the first 7 minutes of their website right?

  3. ChynnaBlue says:

    Is it possible they could put Private Practice’s Violet in that plane and let her die? I really can’t stand her.

  4. Casey says:

    Not watching until tomorrow night! Can’t wait!

  5. lstar19 says:

    This all but confirms it…bye bye Kepner

    • kavyn says:


    • Nancy says:

      How exactly does this all but confirm that is’ Kepner???

    • Sara says:

      I’m thinking the same thing! I think Kepner is on her way out. This is all used as a distractor in order to surprise us with Kepner getting into an accident or something.

      • Elyse says:

        accident? yeah right she’ll probably kill herself. she has nothing left.

        • michele says:

          I read on another site that someone will def. die and they predict its Kepner… they keep suggesting that the crash is a distractor and someone dies at back at Seattle Grace… perhaps Kepner in a drunken, depressed stuppor!?

      • I agree, I think Kepner’s going to die in a drunk driving accident cuz last we saw of her she was leaving the bar wasted. I think this is a diversion so we’ll think one of these main characters is gonna die, but really Kepner will in a car crash. That would be AWESOME!

        (P.S. I agree Violet should be on the plane, too.)

    • T Nelson says:

      ?? Kepner isn’t on the plane. What are you talking about?

    • Elyse says:

      how does this confirm Kepner will die? no lie i want it to be Kepner… but just wanted to know your reasoning.

      • lstar19 says:

        All the crash victims are coherent and accounted for…they will be the ones in questionable peril at the end of the episode so that Shonda could deal with what happened with the contracts.
        However, since they’re all relatively ok, I think that verifies it as misdirection with Kepner’s death as the “shocker”

    • Kelly says:

      Kepner wasn’t on the plane. It was Mark, Lexie, Meredith, Cristina, Derek, and Arizona.

    • Meg says:

      That’s what I am thinking. They are gonna make it look like it is somebody in the plane crash but it isn’t. Probably Kepnar but could be anyone, even Adelle.

    • Someone said Kepner would go out drunk and be run over by a car, and I was like, hasn’t this been done in ER? It’s gotta be suicide.

      Thank you for supporting the #diekepnerdie theory :)

  6. kavyn says:

    Arizona was screaming in pain and Mer/Christina ignored her, and then they heard the banging, Arizona stopped screaming and acted way calmer… What? Is she okay or not?

    • writerwright says:

      She was proabably in shock and there was nothing Yang or Grey could do. Well, except try to calm her down, but they are probably also in shock so everything is probably all fuzzy and disorientating for them too. Plus, they were currently so caught up in finding those who were not accounted for. Never been in a plane crash or other life threatening accident before, so that’s just my guess.

    • anna says:

      watch the 7 minute preview on the abc website, it will show more of the situation lol

    • Nancy says:

      If you go to abc’s website and watch the 7 min. version, it makes sense. This 2 min. version is edited. It’s not 2 continuous (unedited) minutes from the 7 min. version.

    • Ariane says:

      I know right! I was thinking the exact same thing. Actually… a variation of that. I was thinking, what the hell kind of doctor instincts is it to just leave Arizona under the plane in pain and shock? They didn’t even try to calm her down, they just continued their little conversation lol

  7. Gustavo says:

    And this is how Grey’s Anatomy jumped the shark. Seriously? is the last line of the episode going to be Lexie saying “Guys, Where are?” Hope Damon and Carlon have cashed some copyrights from this.

    Also Tim Kring should’ve ship in given Meredith super healing powers ala Panettiere, first a n ambulance crash, then an airplane crash

    When you said there will be a death no one thought it will be that last hint of sanity of the series

  8. Dee says:

    Process of elimination – Arizona, Lexie and Derrick in jeapordy, unless this is a red herring and the Chief drops of a heart attack when he hears the news (while he’s planning the final dinner).

    • patrick dempsey has signed another two year contract with the show so i’m pretty positive it won’t be him. They said it will be a beloved character who dies. The people that renewed contacts we know of are meredith, christina, karev, bailey, sheopard and webber. So technically the death could be arizona, teddy, april, lexi, mark etc. This episode is going to be so sad. My mom is convinced that it’s going to be Mark who dies but I guess we’ll see tomorrow.

      • jackie says:

        he could die, then come back as a ghost lol

      • applescruffs says:

        I think Jesse Williams confirmed in an interview that Mark was ok.

      • Kristen says:

        See, I’m convinced it’ll be Arizona. It’s an opening to keep Alex at SG b/c he’ll feel responsible. I think Lexie and Derek’s lives will be hanging in the balance. Ugh… that clip just put my stomach in knots. Seriously!? Lexie cannot die! Not after all this struggle and finally telling Mark how she feels. I’m going to need a HUGE box of tissues for tonight.

        • Ace says:

          My money’s on Arizona, too, Kristen. Logistically, in terms of setting everything up for next season, it makes the most sense. It would keep Alex in Seattle and free up budget to hire Kepner back. There was also some heavy foreshadowing with that “I can’t lose you” speech she gave Callie last week. Plus, Jessica Capshaw is pregnant. I love Arizona, but I think we’ll be saying goodbye to her tomorrow night.

          • Ariane says:

            The actrice that plays Kepner is pregnant too… just saying.

          • Ace says:

            Yes, Sarah Drew is also pregnant. As I mentioned before, the plane crash could be a red herring, distracting everyone from what’s going on with April. However, that wouldn’t set everything in place for next season the way Arizona’s death would. Even Lexie’s death wouldn’t do that, because it wouldn’t keep Alex in Seattle.

          • Kristen says:

            That’s honestly the only way to think about it – which character’s death would trigger more of the originals staying in Seattle? There’s no character that could die that would keep Alex there. After watching the extended clip on ABC, I think Mer and Der will stay b/c of something to do with Lexie. I think Der will lose his place at Harvard due to obvious complications with his hand, and either Lexie or Mark will have something going on with them leaving Meredith to make the decision that they can’t leave at a time like this. I think April is an obvious given that she should go, but fact is no one would care or be surprised. I know that’s horrible, but if I watch tonight, and Kepner is the “major death” they are talking about, it’ll receive no jaw drop, no nothing from me… well maybe a shrug. I think it’d be better to keep Kepner around, and have her end up pregnant with Avery’s baby and keep it. Can you imagine Kepner trying to deal with Mama Avery!? LOL That’d be hilarious. I just can’t imagine Shonda offing Mark or Lexie without them getting to be happy for just one moment. Callie and Arizona had that big moment in front of the hospital. Although, the plane crash could be a huge red herring, and it could be someone back at Seattle Grace. There’s Owen, Teddy, April, and Callie. I guess they could go with Owen? Or maybe Callie? Hmmm… Shonda said she was worried about the response b/c of how major this character is. She gets the most crap about Owen/Yang, Mark/Lexie, and Callie/Arizona (earlier this season b/c they never get to be “happy”). We know Yang is safe, so that leaves any of the other 5… eek!

          • oasiso says:

            I actually think that Arizona dying would seal the deal on Alex going to John Hopkins. The only reason he was thinking of staying at Seattle was because of her and all of the training she’d put into him. If she died, he doesn’t have the qualifications or the experience to take over Arizona’s job as Head of Ped. That would mean they’d have to bring in someone else, and who is to say they’d be a decent teacher? Plus, Arizona would want him to go to John Hopkins if she died; afterall, it’s where she did her fellowship. There would be nothing keeping him in Seattle.

            As for saying that Jessica Capshaw is pregnant, yeah, she is. She has been nearly all season and will be having the baby during the summer hiatus. She had Eve while she was on the show and took a few episodes off as maternity leave, she didn’t full-on leave the show. Considering, she has said that Grey’s is her dream job and when questioned earlier in the year if this pregnancy was going to cause her to leave Grey’s, she said she wasn’t going anywhere. Yeah, things can change, but I very much doubt she’d give up her dream job because she’s having another baby. She’s a working mum, like lots of working mums around the world.

            If you’re counting her “I can’t lose you” and “Don’t leave me” speech to Callie as foreshadowing, you’ll also have to count Callie’s, “Anything you can’t do, I will”, speech as foreshadowing as well. Which, given her injuries (you can see in the 7-minute ABC video), you could mean basic mobility for a while after the crash. That could also give JCap time with her newborn if Arizona is bed-ridden in a hospital for a few episodes.

    • Mijangos says:

      Arizona can´t die u_u!

      • tammy says:

        Shonda Rhimes herself said that the love story between Arizona and Callie was beautiful… so I dont think its her…I honestly think it will be Lexie…We all may be shocked!

    • Hugo says:

      Who’s Derrick? I know of a character named DEREK. Surely you didn’t misspell that?

      • what the hell, is that all you have to do is sit around and be a spell check idiot?…..who but you gives a fat rat’s @$$ how DERELICT is spelled……get a friggn life….derick, derik, derrick, or DEREK….we all know who the hell she meant…..dumb @$$!

        • betty says:

          Hey, Derrick is spelled this way too!!! The Grey’s character never sent me a letter or note, so I spelled Derrick the way my brother spells his name. Is that ok with you? Are you the spell check police??? I don’t think anyone else cares how the non person name is spelled. We all including you know who I’m referring to. Thanks hon!!!!

        • betty says:

          Thanks, Suzanne for defending me. I’m confused who questioned my spelling of Derrick? I want to comment to them.

    • Someone said they’d read it was the Chief having a heart attack while planning the dinner, and while I doubt they’d actually read from official sources, it would make sense to impact everyone. As in “no one saw it coming”. Even I who am betting with all I have in a hospital bet am leaving the Chief as one of the safest people.

  9. Ace says:

    Dempsey is signed on for two more years, so we’re either losing Lexie or Arizona if the death is a plane crash victim (and neither one of those choices is at all okay with me). And, as many have said, an out-of-left-field April Kepner death is also a possibility.

  10. peter says:

    i think it will be someone unexpected !!!!
    how much more disaster they will survive ??
    plane crash , drowning , bomb , shooting !!!

  11. Meggo says:

    Whoa! Great first two minutes. Cannot wait.

  12. iagoalmeida says:

    are we to understand that the only ones that may die are the ones in the crash or is everybody game?

    • rowan77 says:

      It doesn’t have to be someone in the crash, but many people have been deemed safe due to the announcement of who signed contracts for two more years and clues from Michael and Jesse Williams. Basically it’s down to two people – Lexie and Kepner (who is back at the hospital – possible suicide) although I think it’s Lexie because Rhimes said a beloved character dies and the audience does not love Kepner.

      • Elyse says:

        i hope its Kepner.

      • Kelly says:

        But they have also said it is one of the original cast memebers. Kepner and Lexie aren’t originals, neither is Mark or Arizona.

        • Nancy says:

          Was Adele one of the original cast members? When we here “original cast members,” we go to the main cast but “original” cast members could mean Adele if she was there in season 1. I think she was cos that’s when we learned the back story of the Chief having an affair with Meredith’s mother and the Chief’s wife knowing about it. I reallyyyyyyy like Adele but there isn’t much of a storyline left for her since she is in the later stages of Alzheimers. Then we’d get to keep all those others that we don’t want to loose. :)

          • Ace says:

            If I recall correctly, the death will be a series regular. Adele is a recurring guest star. And frankly, the death of an already sick guest star who — let’s face it — has already been mostly written off the show is just not enough drama for a Shonda finale.

        • Ace says:

          Ausiello already eliminated Mark, but Arizona is still a possibility.

      • Hailey says:

        Oh no… oh no, don’t tell me it’s Lexie. She’s my favorite character… AND she just confessed to Mark! Wth?!

    • Nancy says:

      The end of the 7 min. video on says “6 WENT DOWN. 1 WILL DIE.”
      They are showing clips of the plane crash cut in with clips of what’s going on at the hospital so I suppose it could be either. But, it feels like the way it is stated (6 went down. 1 will die) makes it seems like they are talking about one of the 6 accident victims will die.

      I don’t care for Kepner. And while I like Teddy, we aren’t terribly invested in her so I could be ok with her leaving. But no one else!

  13. Manny says:

    Still looks like the one dying will probably be either Lexie or April, maybe even both ? My bet is on Lexie…

    Can’t believe they left Arizona all alone ! Her leg looks bad :/

    But Cristina’s “I don’t know I only have one shoe !” was hilarious but between her lost shoe, Arizona’s screaming that just stopped and then how she laughed hysterically, it looked more like a comedy than a drama… I hope the whole episode doesn’t continue like this !!

    • Asdis says:

      As long as Arizona can scream her lungs out like that, she´s probably all right..

      • JACQUIE BELL says:

        When someone is hurt,the quiet ones always get attended to first,as you say,if you scresm,your going quiet suddenly is just shock hitting then hysteria when you realise your lucky enough tbat your not seriously hurt. BUT,WHY DO WE ALWAYS HAVE TO HAVE DOOM AT THE END IF GREY’S. If i was the producer,happiness always gets the viewers back. Death puts them off,and they stop watching.

    • mahogany says:

      when people are traumatized, they behave in different , sometimes hilarious ways

    • M&m says:

      when people suffer an impact like this, is absolutely normal that their reactions looks like that. Cristina is looking for some normality into this anormal situation

  14. NerdHerder says:

    I always thought it was going to be Adele that dies, and maybe April goes to a convent or something because she has no other options. But if it’s going to be someone on the plane, I think it’ll be Arizona.

    • Elyse says:

      my first thought was Adele too! i wouldn’t mind if it was Kepner or Arizona but anyone else would make me sad!

  15. CJ says:

    I’m sticking with what I’ve thought all along – it will be April. I just can’t see them killing off a Grey. If it’s someone from the plane crash, it will be Arizona, but I still believe it will be April instead.

  16. kavyn says:

    The fact that they showed us in the 7 minute video that everyone was alive/safe, I’m starting to think that it may actually be Arizona that dies. No way they would show us that everyone was safe that early in the show if they wanted to put in the April twist, because now people will all think it’s April who’s dying.

    I’m thinking the plane will blow up and the pilot+Arizona will die since they can’t move. Maybe I’m just thinking this though because I don’t want April to die :(. Arizona and April would both be tragic deaths for me but I like April more.

    • Manny says:

      That’s a possibility but I doubt that Shonda would kill Arizona without a goodbye scene with Callie. She’s all alone there while Lexie looks to be the most injured, I don’t think they can remove her from the plane without her dying in the process and all the characters that are the closest to her are there with her so her death would seem more plausible than Arizona’s. But then it might be neither of them and someone at the hospital, most likely April, but I doubt it would be Arizona. I used to hate April at first but she grew on me lately and I don’t want her to die either…

      • Zoe says:

        I had the same thought with essentially the same rational. Besides, injuring/incapacitating Arizona will give new mom Jessica Capshaw an excuse to be absent or laid out during the early part of the next season, much like they did with Ellen when Meredith gave a kidney to Thatcher.

      • Kristen says:

        Hello, that’s what last week was with Callie and Arizona. Arizona broke down, told Callie to never leave her, and Callie said something along the lines of what you can’t do, I’ll do for you. It was the proclamation of love, and in a sense their goodbye. This death is said to be dark and impact everyone. Arizona would impact everyone, especially if her death was due to the fact that everyone ran off and left her laying by the plane without walking over and checking on her. Which still blows my mind. Who doesn’t at least walk over to check their pulse or something!? I think Lexie’s severe condition is meant to throw us off, thinking she will be the one to die for obvious reasons, but really, it’s not her.

  17. Me says:

    I’m hoping that April commits suicide and everyone else just lives. I don’t want Arizona or Lexie or Derek to die. :(

  18. Juan says:

    was not happy about this turn of events in the show. i agree with the post from peter where he said “plane crash , drowning , bomb , shooting !!!” too much tragedies happening at seattle grace that makes this show look like a joke.

    • shell says:

      Sadly, our world is full of tragedies all day everyday, they just aren’t broadcast all the time. I think that a plane crash, drowning, bomb, and shooting can happen anytime anywhere and also they can happen all on the same day, maybe in different places. I like seeing this show get into tough situations.

  19. Bob Lozano says:

    Sandra Oh’s character says that Derek was “sucked out of the side of the plane just before it crashed…” Wouldn’t tat mean “HE’S DEAD!!”?? And it would have been a nice touch if Meredith got up, looked around and said……Wait for it…….”Oh God, not again!”

    • Nancy says:

      In the previews at the end of last week’s show, that is also what I thought that Sandra Oh’s character Christina said. But in this video, what she actually says is: “He was sucked out the side when we hit the trees and then the back of the plane came off…” Since he’s alive (thankfully. I love Derek.), we are to presume they were at a very low altitude that that happened–I suppose.

  20. Kimberly says:

    OMG! I am going to need a BIG box of tissues! All of you who think this looks bad are out of your minds!!!

  21. Peter Venkman says:

    Seriously? This is STILL on the air?! Wow, just……

  22. Raquel says:

    this isn’t lost abc, c’mon now…

  23. Mommyxs4 says:

    My prayers are to Shonda Rymes May she live long and keep writing!!!

  24. patricia says:

    Nossa não sei nem oque dizer…..Estou doida p ver

  25. Shaylie says:

    I hope Cristina finds her shoe. I bet The Others took it.

  26. KBC says:

    Well, it’s either Lexie or Arizona (which I hate!) Or maybe Mark? Wonder if Shonda’s gonna pull another Denny-like twist? “Oh, he had the surgery! He’s fine!” Only to find, he had blood clot and died?

    • Nancy says:

      (I posted this in a comment above)
      Or—We’re told it is one of the original cast members who will die: Was Adele one of the original cast members? When we hear “original cast members,” we go to the main cast but “original” cast members could mean Adele if she was there in season 1. I think she was cos that’s when we learned the back story of the Chief having an affair with Meredith’s mother and the Chief’s wife knowing about it. I reallyyyyyyy like Adele but there isn’t much of a storyline left for her since she is in the later stages of Alzheimers. Then we’d get to keep all those others that we don’t want to loose.

      • Ace says:

        I think it was “regular cast member,” not “original.” The originals all just signed new two-year contracts, so they’ve been eliminated as possibilities. This leaves us with series regulars who were *not* in the original cast. Of the people on the plane, that leaves Lexie, Mark, and Arizona. Mark has already been eliminated in a previous Ask Ausiello. That leaves Lexie and Arizona, unless it’s a red herring and the person who dies isn’t on the plane.

  27. Channo says:

    I think arizona is goig to die. Shes pregnant in real life so i think this js how they will take her off the show…

    • Manny says:

      JCap has already confirmed she wouldn’t leave the show even with her 3 kids. It’s the second time she was pregnant on the show. Chyler Leigh also has 3 kids, 2 of them have problems and she asked Shonda to give her more time with her family this season, that’s why she hadn’t much of a storyline, so I think she might want to leave.

  28. oumaima says:

    why cant you pass the show today i cant wait this is horrible why we should cry every season dont kill any one plz

  29. buffybags says:

    No one has said it so I am going to- I think Callie is going to die. The last episode Arizona told her to “never leave her” which I think is foreshadowing. I am not watching the longer clip so I may be wrong, but let it be said here that I think it is Callie! (Whose fiance lives in NY and has said she wants to return to the stage!)

  30. cboog27 says:

    arizona is pregnant in real life.. maybe a hiatus for her?

  31. Soub says:

    “Previously on LOST”

  32. Sarah says:

    I think Arizona will die that will keep Alex at Seattle Grace because they will need a peds dr.

  33. ana luisa says:

    OMG! nooooooo!!!

  34. carole W says:

    I think all of the surgeons will be fine, but the Chief’s wife will die.

    • Hugo says:

      Nobody cares about Adele. She’s not a beloved character. She’s not a regular cast member. She’s a recurring character, so no, it’s not her. She wouldn’t even fit into the episode

  35. bleuzet says:

    Woua ça dépote.J’adore………

  36. Susan Glowcheski says:

    Remember when it was first posted that someone was dying that it was someone from the original cast….My bet is on Chief Weber…the plane crash is too obvious.

    • Zoe says:

      James Pickens, Jr. just resigned for 2 more seasons with the rest of the originals. It won’t be the Chief.

    • Nancy says:

      Since he just signed a new contract, I think it’s Adele. Except I’m not 100% certain that she was in Season 1 though I think she was.

    • tvaddict70 says:

      I was thinking same thing. If not Lexie or Arizona from crash, was thinking april, cheif or adele. But I must hand it to Shonda, every year she leaves us on the edge of our seats or holding our breath and I always think she cant do it again but she does!

  37. Zoe says:

    If it’s not Lexie I will indeed be shocked because Chyler Leigh has been practically absent this season, much like T.R. Knight was before George got “offed” and all of Lexie’s significant people — Meredith, Mark, Derek — are present for her to say good-bye to before she dies. That said, I really hope it’s not Lexie. I love that character and I really like Chyler Leigh. But, the fans never know what’s really going on behind the scenes in an actor’s life so if it is indeed her she may have a very good reason for wanting to leave the show.

  38. Clevvy says:

    I’m thinking it won’t be anyone involved in the plane crash. Anyone remember last episode, when Arizona looked at Callie and said “please don’t leave”…??? Maybe that was a hint that something was going to happen to Callie. I think April committing suicide is kinda obvious so that won’t happen. Just my 2 cents…

  39. Mommytothree says:

    Sadly I think its Lexi… She looks like shes in Way worst shape then Arizona. Looks like Arizona’s legs are more crushed then Lexi who looks like everything under her rib cage is crushed. Although it could be Mark who could have something going on on the inside and don’t know it or hes ignoring it… OMG I am going to be SUPER sad if they kick off Lexi because Lexi and Mark need to be together!

  40. Tiago Costa says:

    If they kill April I will never watch this again!!!

    • Hugo says:

      You’re the only one. April’s only been there since season 6. How about the characters who were there all along? Geez.

      • tripoli says:

        There are plenty of people who like April. Who cares how long she’s been there? Doesn’t mean it won’t be a bummer for the fans who enjoy that character/actress.

  41. tina says:

    Shonda Shonda Shonda , what are you putting these poor doctors through. One season it was a mass shooting, another losing their best friends, two major car accidents. Now a plane crash, My My My My My. tsk tsk tsk tsk

  42. Rebecca says:

    Hope it’s Arizona too. Sick of the up close and personal between her and Torres.

  43. Sue says:

    Just watched the first 7 min, of the show on and from the looks of it, it seems that Lexie is in the worst shape while Derek is trapped and has to break his own hand to get out of the wreckage. I really don’t want next season to be about Derek not being able to use his hand to operate…they already did that with Burke. I really hope Lexie doesn’t die just when Mark is about to tell her he loves her…ugh! so frustrating! Please, Please let April be the goner.

  44. angie says:

    all I know is if its a main person , im not watching next season…will be the end of greys ….so sad …guess ill have to start over on season one and rewatch them…over and over

  45. Morgan says:

    Right when you really start to love a character she kills them off. I really love Grey’s Anatomy and Private Practice but I wish someone would tell her that not everyone dies. I just want one episode where everyone is okay! I really just don’t want Mark to die!

  46. Jessica says:

    I read the Derek did not renew his contract. He leaked it that he is the one that died.

  47. Marcia says:

    Crying at the office….. i can´t belive it

  48. Karrie says:

    What about Karev? Every time he gets something good the world comes crashing down on him. My assumption may be left field but hey anything can happen when people put pen to paper

    • kavyn says:

      TVLine already reported that he’s safe.

    • Mel says:

      I’m pretty sure Karev didn’t get on the plane. Didn’t Arizona go instead of him because she was mad at him about Hopkins?

      • ricky says:

        Yes Karev stayed behind cause Arizona was angry that he was leaving to go to Hopkins, which I think sets the stage for it to be Arizona and then Karev stays next year. Personally I wouldn’t miss Kepner if something happened to her. She is annoying.

  49. GBaby says:

    I can NOT believe how scary this seems and it was a complete and TOTAL shock at the end of the last episode. I had chills and now I am afraid to but at the same time dying to watch tomorrow night. I too REALLY hope they are all okay although I know that is not going to be true. My husband insists it is Lexi..I thought Derek. It seems it would have to be Derek because last year Patrick Dempsey made it clear he would not be doing a 9th season even if there was one. Maybe he makes it through this by some miracle because I did see a (blink and you will miss it) brief clip of him in the other preview..perhaps they decided to drag his departure out and he will be gone some other way at the beginning of the next season. It has changed and evolved so much but I do love this show because I am SO in love with all of the characters!!

    • Zoe says:

      Patrick Dempsey has resigned for 2 more seasons. It’s not Derek.

    • SarasotaSal says:

      I agree, Patrick Dempsey said he was leaving the show so could bet it will be him . Plus I rewound the previews after last weeks show in slow motion and he looks like hes in a lot of pain. :( so sad as really loved the story line between him and Meredith and am not sure show will be the same without him.

      • I think now , 2 die! someone @ the Hospital, & Patrick Dempsey,! Patrick Dempsey, will do narrations and be a ghost like , Denny..hmm?

      • Shelley Sheahan says:

        ABC said, in a press release a week or so ago, that the *entire* cast has signed a 2 year contract. They ALL will be back! No one dies in the plane crash…

        • katy917 says:

          Shelley, I repeat my previous reply to you: No, the ENTIRE cast has NOT re-signed for 2 years!! Meredith, Derek, Webber, Cristina, Bailey and Alex have re-signed. Those are what is left of the *ORIGINAL* cast, not the *ENTIRE* cast. Re-read the press release! April, Jackson, Mark, Lexie, Callie, Arizona, Owen and Teddy have yet to re-sign. That’s MORE THAN HALF THE CAST that have yet to ink new deals. And Shonda has openlly admitted for weeks, if not months, that yes a main cast member WILL die in tonight’s episode. According to an Ask Ausiello article, Mark and Jackson are both safe, presumeably along with those who have re-signed.

  50. sofia says:

    Oh God,can’t wait to see it!