Community Finale Exclusive: Jeff and Britta Get Their Goth On While Rescuing [Spoiler]!

The Greendale Gang will go to great lengths to save their (newly) beloved Dean Pelton from “King” Chang in the first half of this Thursday’s hour-long Community season finale (airing 9/8c on NBC), and we’ve got an exclusive first look at the heist-filled — and hilariously adorned — episode.

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Press PLAY below to watch Jeff and Britta (in disguise as fictional “rock ‘n’ roll magician” Ricky Nightshade and his trusty assistant, respectively) distract Chang, while an undercover Troy attempts to rescue the Human Beings’ bald-headed leader.

And, Dean’t forget: The Community finale takes place during the entire 9 o’clock hour, with the first of three all-new episodes kicking off the night at 8 pm.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. John says:

    Are we sure this is the season finale, and not the one before it? I’m only asking because there’s another episode, “Introduction to Finality”, and its synopsis indicates that the study group is taking summer school at Greendale…

    • Megan Masters says:

      NBC is touting both episodes that take place during the 9 o’clock hour as Community’s finale. This episode, “The First Chang Dynasty,” takes place during the first half-hour. Thanks! — Management

    • Chris says:

      There are 3 half hour episodes tomorrow

      • courteousvampire says:

        Yes, but the episode at 8pm is slated as a regular episode. So basically, at 8 you get a regular episode of Community. At 9-10pm slot you get two back to back Community episodes that are being slated by NBC as the “finale”.

        Technically, they are all 30 min episodes that are separate (they aren’t Pt. 1 and Pt. 2 like last years finale). But it’s all a moot point, seeing as the last 5 episodes of the season have been serialized where the arc carries over to each episode. It’s just how NBC is promoting it.

  2. Rachael says:

    He’s a mad man but you gotta love him – ‘anyone have room in there pocket for a little spare Chang?’

    -Also to note in case someone in the upper echelons is reading this: DAN HARMON PLEASE DON’T LEAVE, really i think we’re all willing to sacrifice Pierce if needs be – just sayin’

  3. Cash says:

    Why is Britta dressed up like Abby from NCIS?

  4. Deej says:

    Just when I thought Joel McHale couldn’t get any hotter

    • rachel. says:

      um, THANK YOU! i could totally get down with this (pun completely intended).

    • Angela says:

      Amen. I cannot get over that look on him, it’s hilarious and yet…*Fans self*.
      This looks insane. I cannot wait for tomorrow night.

  5. JBS says:


    • hector the well-endowed says:

      sounds like someone is a little changry.

    • liddad says:

      This is probably the worst trolling I’ve ever seen. Too obvious.

      • JBS says:

        This isn’t trolling. I’m just really mad.

        • Annie says:

          NBC is the opposite of Batman for what they’re doing to Community. Whitney’s going to be the lead-in for Community on Friday too right?

          • JBS says:

            I like the superhero analogy. So here’s how I see it;
            – ABC is Spiderman
            – CBS is Batman
            – FOX is Aquaman
            – NBC is Batman (cause it sucks & it insults Whitney by making it lead in a POS)

          • JBS says:

            Crap. I meant to say NBC is Superman cause it sucks & it insults Whitney by making it lead into a POS

    • e. says:

      An insult to Whitney? A show whose own laugh track can barely muster a giggle? Really? Its good to know you have never watched Community yet have very severely negative impressions, yet a show that is pretty much universally panned as Dharma and Greg’s slightly less edgy grandchild has earned your support.

      • JBS says:

        Different Strokes for Different Folks, I guess.
        It’s mlike what Community fans always say: some people like their pickles cucumbered & some like their cucumbers pickled.

        • e. says:

          When did Community fans become so fascinated with cucumbers and vinegar?

          My favorite review of Whitney came from a local paper that read something to the point of “I am disappointed that Cummings can’t seem to effectively play a character she self describes as just like herself”. Then of course there was the New Yorker review “Whitney is a buzzkill so fearful of abandonment that she’s at once cold and smothering, a neat trick. Occasionally, one of these routines hits pay dirt, but most of the time it feels as if Whitney had torn out every article in Cosmopolitan, chewed them up like a hamster, and built a nest.” That Whitney was renewed at all seemed to be a favor to keep the writer of Two Broke Girls, Chelsea’s other underperforming sitcom on the air.

          Different Strokes for different folks but objectively Whitney is bad. At 50% positive on metacritic this is the scholastic equivalent of getting your name right on the SAT (think about the parallel for it is meaningful) and then getting 30% of everything else correct.

        • who's-ready-to-chang-the-world? says:

          Wow you picked a fight with one of the most devoted fan-bases in recent television history. You’re not a smart person to think you will look like a winner in any argument you put down on this page. So sorry. Thanks for playing.

          • Sommer says:

            This is very true. From a member of Community’s community.

          • JBS says:

            I am very well aware of the large fan-base [that’s what she said ;)] But the point is that Community fans are nerds who have no street smarts & who have no social skills except for going to message boards defending their show. I have a REAL life & I’m happy.
            And who said I was picking a fight? I was just stating my strong opinion of a POS that is airing on network television even though it should’ve been cancelled mid-pilot.
            I am allowed to do that right? Or do I have to conform my views to please the Communist overloads…err…I mean Community fans?

        • Angela says:

          @JBS: Yes. You have a very real, fulfilling life. Which explains why you’re here bashing stuff online, right?

    • Micky McMickerstien says:

      You’re trolling it wrong.

      • JBS says:

        Again, I am not trolling. That was never my intention.
        When there’s a story on a show that I watch, I comment as anyone else would.

        • e. says:

          You are trolling, you attacked a critical darling you’ve never watched and put forth an agenda for a television show that makes Everyone Loves Raymond seem witty and jumped in and said that those that disagree with you don’t have a life. Hate to break it to you life-haver, starting a troll war (which this is by definition) is pretty indicative of not having a life. When those who are at least passionate about the subject defend it that seems reasonable.

          For the record I am a traveling musician who is married and holds down a 9-5 when he isn’t on the road. I feel pretty good about the fullness of my life. As far as being a nerd, I’m assuming you just mean smart, in which case yes I am. Are you indicating that you are not? because if so I agree.

          • Anonymous says:

            Aw, snap! That diss made me snarf, yo.

          • JBS says:

            Nope. In my book, a show is only a darling if the RATINGS are good. The critical reception is only opinion. Ratings are fact
            Therefore, Community is still a POS that only nerdlingers watch.
            And I have no idea what you just said, so yes. You are dumb, and I am smart. Thank you for backing me on this.

        • fireethereal says:

          Interesting how you say that when this story about a show you claim not to watch at all. so you kinda just proved the very argument against you, Mr. Troll.

          (Also in regards your superhero analogy above, Spiderman is Marvel, the others are DC so seriously you aren’t even getting your fan culture references right. EVERYONE knows that ratings are not fact cause the system is so outdated. Go back under your bridge already.)

    • Sommer says:

      JBS, chill man. It’s just entertainment. If you don’t enjoy it, they go away please.

      • JBS says:

        BUT I DON’T WATCH!!!
        So I’ve never even arrived; therefore, I don’t have to leave. As for message boards like this? It’s my right to do so; therefore, I choose NOT to go away.
        And ask yourself this. Is this really entertainment or a secret agenda for the Republican Party?

        • Brian says:

          uh, dude… if you don’t watch this… and you “have a life…” What… then exactly were you… doing here….? Look, I like Community. You like Whitney. Both are renewed. BE HAPPY!!!

          • JBS says:

            On the road to eternal happiness, there are many obstacles.
            Chief among them is a POS called Community.
            Until it is off of NBC and banned from being syndicated, eternal happiness can’t be achieved by all mankind.
            Think about it.

          • BobLoblaw says:

            Ratings speak for a shows quality much less than reviews. Ratings might be what decides whether a show is renewed, but reviews are what decides if a show is good. Along with your own opinion, of course.;)

  6. Thank you a lot NBC. Can’t see it here in Europe…

  7. Mael says:

    C´mon!!! I´m from Argentina.

    Why the hell I cannot watch the videoclip?

    “We’re sorry, but the clip you selected isn’t available from your location. Please select another clip.”

    WHY? Just tell me why if I live in Argentina I cannot watch it…

  8. Bkstr says:

    Hey jbs troll, hahaha! Firstly, you use “homosexual” as a slur, the word for that is biggotry. Secondly, you say you have a life but evidence points to you spending a lot of time online ragging on a show you have never even seen, sounds like an exciting life, you must be James Bond or something. Thirdly, thanks for bringing out “pos”, I am sure it was getting lonely back in 1995. Community is a well written and clever show. It has solid characters and is consistently funny. However, fan of Community or not; if it is “different strokes” as you say, allow people to like what they want, without spouting slurs and ignorance behind your mask of anonymity.