American Idol Top 3 Tackle Judges' and Jimmy's Picks: Who Earned a Spot in the Finale?

You’ve got to hand it* to Randy Jackson: I can’t think of anyone else in the history of reality televion who could select a song for a contestant on a singing competition, then proceed to mess up its title live, on camera. (*And by “it,” I may or may not be referring to a pink slip.)

Yet that’s exactly what the Dawg did when he announced that Joshua Ledet would be covering “I’d Rather Be Blind” (which is actually called “I’d Rather Go Blind”) during American Idol‘s Top 3 performance night. Yes, folks, weep while you contemplate how much the “third judge” has stowed away in his checking account over the last 11 seasons.

But enough about Randy and his ilk! We’ve got to dish the final nine Season 11 performances before the two-part season finale. I’ll post a full recap of the proceedings on Thursday right here at, but until then, here are just a few pithy thoughts on what just went down.

Judges’ Choice
Joshua Ledet: Etta James’ “I’d Rather Go Blind” (picked by Randy) | I think I was feeling Joshua’s duds — black jacket with white stitching and red button holes, gray vest, red shirt, red rose accessory — a little more than the performance. But given that it was the outfit of the season (men’s division), that’s not too much of a knock on the vocal, which was solid, but perhaps just a wee bit disconnected.

Jessica Sanchez: Mariah Carey’s “My All” (picked by J.Lo) | The most challenging number of the night, and unfortunately, that was evident in the way Jessica seemed to be just under the note for at least a third of the song. To take out of context part of Jessica’s post-performance comment: “I wouldn’t have picked that song for myself.” Oh girl, I wouldn’t have picked it for you, either, unless I wanted an all-guy finale.

Phillip Phillips: The Four Seasons’/Madcon’s “Beggin” | It’s funny, when Jessica doesn’t give Randy a “moment moment moment,” he’s all over her like a baby to a bottle of formula. But when Phillip gives a decent but not particularly memorable performance, we get references to a “Phil Phillips concert.” (Also, who gave Randy permission to shorten Phillip’s name to Phil?)

Contestant’s Choice
Joshua Ledet: John Lennon’s “Imagine” | I loved how restrained Joshua’s vocal was here — J.Lo was right that he treated the lyrics like a sermon — but I wish the band’s arrangement had been equal to the task. Imagine this performance with just a piano, and no cheesy string section or sappy background “ahh-ahh-ahh-ahhs”? (It’s easy of you try.)

Jessica Sanchez: Aerosmith’s “I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing” | I’m not convinced this is the type of artist Jessica wants to be in a post-Idol world, but her Pocahontas-esque pantsuit and necklace were lovely. (Urgh, that was a total Paula Abdul critique from me.)

Phillip Phillips: Matchbox 20’s “Disease” | I’m not crazy, I’m just a little underwhelmed.

Jimmy’s Choice
Joshua Ledet: Mary J. Blige’s “No! More! DRAMA!” | Church attendance is sure to be down for the next few weeks, because Joshua took us there and back, then back again, then Baptized us all in the name of R&B and raw emotion, so really, there’s no need for a regular service, right? Also, lawdie, he took off his jacket again.

Jessica Sanchez: Jackson 5’s “I’ll Be There” | Her vocal was as light and pretty as a swarm of butterflies rising from a mountain meadow, but the song didn’t give Jessica the explosive moment of last week’s “And I Am Telling You…” Really, this was a Top 8 or Top 9 kind of performance when she really needed heavy artillery.

Phillip Phillips: Bob Seger’s “We’ve Got Tonight” | Jimmy may have had to force him into the role of the sensitive romantic, but it definitely worked for him. When Phillip actually follows the melody and hits the notes, the creakiness of his tone can be really evocative. Of all the performances tonight, this was the finest piece of storytelling, and because it closed the show, it might’ve wiped out memories of Phillip’s two prior (and weaker) numbers and earned him a slot in the finale.

Anyhow, I’ll be back to post a full episode recap on Thursday right here at But until then, hit the comments and tell us who you think deserves to advance to the finale. And for all my Idol news, interviews, and recaps, follow me on Twitter @MichaelSlezakTV!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. rwfblog says:

    This evening I felt there was more than one disconnect. Why choose a song for a 16-year old girl which has her begging a boy to spend the night? “My All” was completely inappropriate. Then, after Joshua’s home-town visit featuring his gospel roots and preacher-father, Joshua chooses to sing the Atheist anthem “Imagine”. At least when David Archuleta sang it, he understood the song and knew not to sing the first verse. I love Joshua, but I don’t think he had a clue about what he was singing. And then there was the judge’s SNAFU with stating that they choose “Beggin'” for Phillip so they could hear him sing the melody … and he doesn’t.

    I’m sounding very negative and conservative. I actually enjoyed the show and wish them all well. My gut feeling, though, is that Jessica will be leaving this evening.

    • Owen says:

      I actually like Josh MORE that he chose to sing the first verse as written. I’m proud of him for that.

      • PhillipFan says:

        Same here Owen. It is the most powerful verse in the song which drives home its message. And it is not an “atheist anthem” so much as humanitarian message to treat all others fairly and equally. Kudos to Josh for keeping the integrity of the song. And Archuleta’s version is one of the overrated covers of the song EVER!

        • deedee says:

          I think Josh didn’t understand the song. Also, he chose it because it was playing on the radio when he was in the car with Phil and Jessica? Deep.

          True story: I was in the car today thinking about what Josh should sing, and whether he’ll be the one doing “I’ll Be There”. Then – I changed radio stations and what was playing? MJ’s “Will You Be There” (from ‘Free Willy’)I was like, “BAM!” That’s the song! I think it was Michael Jackson telling me what he thought Josh should do. Excellent choice, Mike! ;)

          • deedee says:

            **sorry, I sound too harsh with Josh. I do love him … I’m just bummed that he didn’t nail it tonight.

          • Miss O'Ginny says:

            Josh should have done his song from the final judgement: “Up to the mountain” (?) but if he makes the finale then it will have more impact as viewers only saw a brief snippet before.

        • rwfblog says:

          Yes, it does mention that, but in the context of religion being the source of strife and what is preventing us from “treating others fairly and equally”. South Park got it exactly right in their Atheist episode. Even after all religion was gone, the atheist groups started warring with each other. The problem ain’t religion, it’s people.

          • tarc says:

            The biggest problem is organized religion. The rest is manageable. And Imagine is not an ‘athiest anthem’ in any sense – just another of many examples of excellent morality and philosophy without all the downsides of many (or all) organized religions.

          • darcy's evil twin says:

            “The problem ain’t religion, it’s people”.
            I’m praying the performances are better for the finale.

  2. db says:

    Sorry I think I lost my mind about the rat song…..but the wine was soooo good…lol

  3. Kirk Sansom says:

    I think its funny that the first night that I actually liked Jessica you guys are all knocking her. She’ll be fine. And so will Phillip

  4. Stacey says:

    Who deserves to be in the finale: Josh and Jess
    Who will be in the finale: Phil and Josh
    Do not get the love for Phillip, his voice is gruff and he makes such goofy faces when he sings. I really don’t like Dave Matthews either so maybe that’s why I’m meh on Phillip.

  5. Carlo says:

    Someone needs to drop kick “Bebe Chez” back to the Philippines!

    • NR says:

      Someone needs to kick your sorry racist ass back to hell Satan!

      • Carlo says:

        That is not racist. It means she sucks so bad she needs to go. I have never seen such boring lifeless performances than hers tonight. ZZZZ. Back to Youtube with her.

        • NR says:

          Yes and I’m not religious either but you sound like Satan ha!

          • Carlo says:

            You sound like English isn’t your first language. How late is it in the Philippines?

          • NR says:

            Hey @Carlo you sound like an ass are you even qualified to be a human being? how late is it to grow up and be mature? :P

        • WishesRandyCouldn'tSpeak says:

          You remind me of my ass hair — need to get rid of it permanently.

          • Carlo says:

            Sorry about your excess hair problem. Shave it and throw it in the trash can where it can join Jessica’s chances of a decent career.

          • Sheena says:

            Haha nice one!!! ass hair are stinkers like Carlo here

        • Missie says:

          Right, because assuming anyone who isn’t white needs to leave the country is not racist at all. Glad you cleared that up for us. (Helpful hint: That was sarcasm.)

    • Miscellaneopolan says:

      You know she’s from San Diego, right? It’s just a helicopter ride away.

    • ivy says:

      that’s not a nice thing to say.

    • yuan says:

      carlo, she is not from the Philippines, she’s born and raised in California. Therefore she is an American. And she doesn’t deserve your cheap idiot irrelevant bashing.

  6. FreeHaley says:

    What the night really missed was Elise.

    Maybe even Colton.

    • Carlo says:

      I think Elise’s personality was too grating for most Idol viewers but she was undoubtedly the most talented of the females this year. Too bad she couldn’t fake being more pleasant before the cameras.

    • MA says:

      Don’t we get her back next week? I wonder who she’ll sing with. I’m hoping for Stevie Nicks…

  7. Tiffany says:

    OMG Jessica was sooooooo bad. Unbelievable!

  8. ajr says:

    OK, there was something really freaky about this show. I had never heard that first song that Josh did, “I would rather be blind.” Immediately after that performance, the show went to commercial, and the first commercial had THAT EXACT SAME SONG, a similar version with a male singer. It was the commercial for Kraft dressing. I had never seen that commercial before. Could that just be a coincidence? This is a show where half the commercials have people from the show in them, and the show itself is full of product placements. Was anyone else struck by this?

  9. Barbara says:

    Has Jessica officially changed her name to “16 Year Old Jessica Sanchez?” I mean, that is how they refer to her every single time her name comes up! Puke! I hope she goes! She was just dreadful tonight!

    • Sha says:

      uh don’t blame Jessica for that, Ryan refers to a contestant every season the same way. 16 year old Lauren alaina ring a bell? or 17 year old aaron kelly?? 17 year old david archuleta, etc jeez some people will find any little thing to bash Jessica over.

      • Marsaili says:

        I think 17 year old Aaron Kelly was the worst—that will stay in my head for the rest of my life!

    • Cris says:

      Ryan does it and you blame her for it. Go on PUKE! Nobody’s stopping you.

  10. givemeglenn says:

    If I were to rank the performances by round, in Round One, I’d go Phillip slightly over Joshua, and a mile over Jessica, in Round Two, Joshua over Jessica and Phillip in third, and the the final round, I give it to Phillip, with Jessica coming in second and Joshua coming in third. Overall, I have Phillip winning, Joshua second, and Jessica coming in third. Personally, I hated each of their personal selections. Joshua should have come out with something like “soul Man,” or something more up tempo, and Phillip should have had something that may have started slow, but revved up towards the end to give it some energy, and Jessica should have picked something to showcase her big voice since none of her other selections did so. In other words, they all left a golden opportunity on the table.

  11. ashley says:

    p.s. How awkward was Josh’s dancing to “No More Drama?” He’s like, bouncing. Hilarious

    • Sha says:

      have you seen Phillip move around the stage? trust me, that’s awkward. Joshua actually has rhythm

      • Kate says:

        Ha! Agree – Phillip does the pigeon toe dance when he is sitting. All of his moves make me very cringe and I really have trouble watching him.

      • Marsaili says:

        Yes but he has said he’s not about moving around on stage—that isn’t his thing and he knows it and admits it freely. I didn’t think Joshua was awkward at all—I think he’s very smooth when he moves, although he does get a bit jerky in his moves when the music takes him—but I admire that. I also admire when Phillip lets loose in a song and he’s moving about weirdly—it’s called passion. Look at Joe Cocker, LOL!

  12. Jader says:

    I hope this Jessica was due to her throat that wasn’t at is best since yesterday. Maybe she was told to take it easy and save her voice for the finale although that could put her at risk. From all angles it was not the usual Jessica and J.Lo, pretty much sabotaged Jessica because she probably wants a Phllip-Josh finale. The only thing that I don’t understand is why Jessica chose IDWMT. I think that song should be sung only by Steven. Even when Allison my favorite in season 8 sang it, I hated it. Jessica could have chosen better. But maybe she had her reasons.

    Too bad for Jessica if because of tonight’s performances she loses her chances to the finale. She excelled throughout the season and at the most important moment she slipped. I hope the fan base backed her up. I still want her in the finale. Phillips had worse performances and still made it.

  13. PhillipFan says:

    Phillip + Joshua = This is your Top 2 America!
    Jessica should have just stayed eliminated at Top 7 and then one of the more talented females (namely Elise or Skylar) could have represented better at this stage. Jessica flopped and boy did she flop horribly. What a train wreck she was.

  14. teatime says:

    I missed the show tonight. Based on the comments,sounds like Jessica is going home.

    • Suggestor says:

      Well if you’ve read this site before. There’s a select few who week in week out bash Jessica and think she is going home the next day. Just read Carlo’s racist comments to top it off. It gets old, then we find Jessica is there the next day and we find out what the voters were doing while everyone was on this site. Layla is probably still out there voting for Jessica! :D

      • Marsaili says:

        Carlo isn’t a regular here—he’s just a random troll and for the most part, no one here really bashes Jessica—they may say that she’s boring to them or screechy—-but random trolls withstanding—she gets nothing of the hate that Phillip gets—and his IS mostly from people who are regulars here—it’s pretty disgusting.

        • yuan says:

          Even at the best night of Jessica, she was never respected enough on this site. at least half of the people here. even last week’s performance.

          If Philip got saved even at his worst, then jessica deserves to stay too.

          Its all up to the voters from last week. Good performances are just bonuses..

  15. MA says:

    Whaaaaat?? I thought Phillip was fantastic! When he doesn’t look sick, the dude can play! I do agree, however, that Randy needs to stop calling him Phil. Just stop, dawg.
    I’d be happy with any of them as winners at this point: At the very beginning, I wanted Phillip and Elise as the last two standing, so go Phillip! Joshua has that special somethin’ somethin’ for sure, so go Joshua! And Jessica is the hometown girl that I have in the office pool, so go Jessica!
    Hahaha…Barack Obama. Awesome. You go, Josh!!

    • macy says:

      I just want to say that I love your post. All three of these singers are so talented, I’ll be happy with any of them winning. Even though I have my favorite, I also love the other two. I was not always on board with one of them, but the talent of all three is so undeniable. I enjoy the show so much more now that I look at it as having love for all three instead of rooting against two great singers.

  16. givemeglenn says:

    I find it rather ironic we are having some Jessica fans on here making excuses for her not performing well tonight because “she’s not feeling well” and that no one should hold it against her, yet that have been railing against Phillip since day one when it was disclosed that he had a serious health issue since the show began, and it will require major surgery at the end of the show. Have they shown him an ounce of sympathy? I think not…It feels a bit different on that other side of the fence, doesn’t it?

    • Scooter says:

      + 1

    • Owen says:

      Um…what message boards have you been reading????? Do you remember when P2 had a string of bad performances a couple of weeks ago, or at least, the Slezak-nation was coming down on him harder than usual. It was all about, Ohhhh, leave Phillip alone, he’s sick, He has stones. He needs an operation. Did you just join this board? I mean, come on.

      • Marsaili says:

        The Phillip FANS were defending him, the Jessica fans were saying–if he’s sick he should be fair to the other contestants and drop out. Just throw his dreams away instead of staying and fighting. Oh, and they also said things like–you can sing with kidney stones, or that’s not an excuse, Lauren had a sore throat last year and she made it through—like you can compare a sore throat with kidney stones. Please, Jessica’s fans had no pity for him at all—but now they are saying—oh poor Jessica is under the weather, she shouldn’t be penalized for that. I don’t see what they are talking about—I didn’t think she was under the weather at all, I think she just had an off-night. Like Phillip has. I’m sure they don’t think she should go home, but when Phillip had his one off night, they were clamoring for him to go home.

        • Owen says:

          She’s been sick all week. Melinda Doolittle and Jennifer Holliday have both tweeted soar throat remedies to her. And I think I read ONE person saying Phil should go home since he had kidney stones. But I read a lot more Phil Phans trying to fight his many bad board reviews with excuses of him being ill.

          • Marsaili says:

            Oh no, it’s been way more than one person and it’s not an excuse–it’s his reality. His bad board reviews are a handful of people who post the same stuff week after week—they don’t like Phillip–and that’s fine—but some of them ARE hateful (chug) and have totally dismissed the fact that he’s been in horrible pain for weeks. But Jessica has a sore throat and should be given a pass.

          • tarc says:

            There are always lots of great Phllip song reviews here, and everywhere else I’ve looked. It’s pretty obvious: Phillip has LOTS of voters supporting his strong performances.

      • tarc says:

        Um, no, I don’t remember said streak – maybe because it didn’t happen. the voters didn’t seem to think there was any problems.

      • Suggestor says:

        Other fans suggesting P2 take care of his life if it is serious health risk is not bashing his dreams. It’s actually a concern the guy dies over a tv show. If Jessica was that sick, guaranteed people would be “sending her back to the Philippines” or get her ” working on a cruise ship” instead … You know, classy stuff like that. Also, stating a fact that Jessica has a sore throat is not an excuse it is an actual explanation of her predicament. Why are we even comparing sicknesses now like that too is a contest? People were posting asking about Jessica because they detected something wrong and explanation was given. No one said she was sicker than P2′ let all get some perspective here.

        • Marsaili says:

          No, I was just saying that the people saying she should get a pass are many of the same people who didn’t care at all that Phillip’s been sick and said it didn’t matter if he had an off night because he was sick—he should have gone anyway–that is all. But, none of this has to do with Jessica herself—just clarifying that. I have nothing against Jessica at all—but SOME of her fans are huge hypocrites when it comes to the competition.

    • jake says:

      Seriously, i am concerned for philip as well and yet I want a philip and jessica finale — don’t blame Jessica fans…..

  17. John says:

    “I’m going to try and win this for you.” When I was watching Jessica telling that to her younger brother, I was like it was somewhat reminiscent to Katniss Everdeen telling that to her younger sister when I was watching Hunger Games! HAHA #JessicaforFinale

  18. J says:

    Should be a Jessica and Phillip finale.

    Will be a Joshua and Phillip finale.

    A way better AI finale: Skylar and Elise.

    • Yuri says:

      I think any combination of Phillip, Joshua, Elise and Skylar would have made for the best finale. As of now, I am hoping Joshua and Phillip will make it, though I would have preferred one of the other girls (just not Jessica Snoozechez) instead of one of the guys.

    • Sun says:

      Not really a Jessica fan ( like Philip ) but I believe in fairness.
      Did Jlo choose a a no win song “My All” for Jessica to sabotage her ?

      Curious what her fans think …

      • Chuck says:

        I don’t believe in “sabotage.” People make dumb decisions all the time. I think J Lo likes the song and legitimately thought Jessica could do well. Personally, I think it’s boring and Jessica didn’t do anything to elevate it. I also think she was nervous tonight, but overcoming that is part of a performer’s job.

        • tarc says:

          My All is a very difficult to sing dud of a song. And Jessica chose to do some odd things with it and made it even more warbly and odd. It was a really dull choice. I’d not think anything of it, but Jimmy, who is usually great at picking songs, then gave her the painfully dull I’ll Be There. Watching that was a total snorefest – and that wasn’t Jessica’s fault.

      • J says:

        I am not a big fan of Jessica, but I don’t think it’s sabotage. I think it just shows J.Lo’s limitations on knowing what song would fit a contestant. Jessica is a good singer, but with all the talk about keeping her young, why not pick a current song for her to sing? Jimmie chose a good song for her.

        Also, Jessica didn’t do herself any favors by picking that Aerosmith song. She should’ve chosen Beyonce, Katy Perry, or Rihanna. She likes to see herself in that genre, yet she chose that ridiculous song. Something outside of who she wants to be as an artist. I am not going to knock her. She is young. Sadly, she fell into the trap that cost poor Hollie a spot this week. Maybe the same will happen to her and cost her a spot in the finals.

  19. Yuri says:

    When Jessica is booted tomorrow, I hope she isn’t too upset. After all, there is a cruise ship dressing room with her name on it! lmao

    • Owen says:

      You do realize Jessica Sanchez is going to eventually one of the most famous Idol graduates of all time, right? Of course when it happens I’m sure you’ll tell people “I always knew she’d make it…”

      • tarc says:

        And that would be great Owen, but it will start 4-6 years out. Not now.

        • Owen says:

          Oh, believe me. 19 will have her signed by this summer.

          • tarc says:

            And she’ll still not be physiologically ready for 4-6 years.

          • NedPepper says:

            Do you mean psychologically? Otherwise, weird comment.

          • tarc says:

            No, physiologically. I’ll throw in the great advantages of a moer diverse life experience , too, but he actual voice hasn’t mautured to the point where the songs that she has been chosing sound good. She’s a girl that seems to insist on singing women’s material, and that does her a disservice to winning.

    • ivy says:

      and you would be the what? the bellboy?

  20. Carter says:

    I thought it was strange that the son of a preacher chose to sing a song that imagines how great the world would be without religion. I love the song and really enjoyed Joshua’s version, just surprised that he chose it.

    • JASon says:

      AT least he had the guts to sing it how it was written!! I’m looking at you David Archuleta!!

      • JASon says:

        I think Lennon wasn’t neccessarily speaking against religion. He was trying to imagine a world where people don’t kill each other over religion or greed or land. It was basically to Imagine a world without War where people shared the world instead of killing each other in order to keep their possessions. Basically he’s speaking against all the reasons for war!! That’s my interpretation!!

        • JASon says:

          Wow! I guess I’m wrong according to Lennon it’s an anti-religion song. Here’s a quote about the song.

          In the book Lennon in America, by Geoffrey Giuliano, Lennon commented that Imagine was an “anti-religious, anti-nationalistic, anti-conventional, anti-capitalistic [song], but because it’s sugar-coated, it’s accepted”

          Hope it doesn’t get Joshua eliminated.

          • deedee says:

            Joshua simply didn’t understand this. When he sang the words “above us only sky”, he looked to the heavens like he was acknowledging God. That lyric – “Only sky” – was referring to an absence of God. This was a bad song choice all around. Plus, he Churched it up musically, and that was totally incongruous. It would have worked, perhaps, as irony, but sweet Joshua doesn’t have an ironic bone in his body. He’s very naive in many ways. *sigh*. Still has a stunning voice, though.

          • JASon says:

            I’m wondering if maybe Joshua is anti-religous. There has been a lot of speculation about his sexuality. And of course the Church does not support the gay lifestyle. So it wouldn’t surprise me if Joshua wasn’t rebelling against the church and his preacher father.

          • tarc says:

            @deedee – I totally agree with you about Joshua’s Imagine. The genius of lennon’s music was it’s simplicity, and that was totally destroyed with the gospel arrangement. I like Joshua a lot, but that verison did not work at all for me.

          • Marsaili says:

            I was prepared for a moment from him with that song—I didn’t get it, not even close. I got it from David Archuleta (the first time he sang it) but Joshua really disappointed me. I think this time it really was a case of not understanding the song. John Lennon is my favorite singer/songwriter ever—so I don’t dole out platitudes often for people that cover his work. I’m not doling out one now, either. :-(

      • Amy says:

        David Archuleta has many times since explained, that since he could only sing the song partially, he chose the last verse, which to him, portrayed the main message of the song, about a world at peace, without being “polarizing” and distracting, aka about the religious stuff. People jumped to conclusions about why, what, who, made him choose that, but I’ve heard him state his case honestly and clearly about it. And the polarizing stuff goes on as evidenced here on it.
        He sang the whole song, as is, on his Idol return. The Archuleta stuff is old, tired and not deserved… maybe we can give it a rest.
        I preferred Archuleta’s vocal and his version conveyed the emotion of the song to me. I didn’t feel Josh’s,though his vocal was ok; I thought it was a weird choice at this stage, since Archuleta had such “a moment” with it.

  21. jake says:

    It’s amazing how in a matter of weeks — this board was FULL of philip hate and yet he wasn’t even in the bottom three. Jessica Sanchez deserves to be in the final 2. I hope it’s a jessica and philip finale.

  22. efff you fools says:

    are you all saying that JS songs were poorly delivered? she performed absolutely amazing wednesday night and was approved by the people who are willing to sponsor the show for WORLD IDOL. we don’t care about your criticisms because we are the people who will spend our wealth on her and not you.

    • deedee says:

      Well then why do you bother to get your panties in a twist about criticisms you don’t care about? Jeez.

  23. amandon says:

    jessica’s songs honestly did not let her show off her range and i was dissappointed they were all the same tone. She should’ve done one power ballad, one more fast paced one, and maybe one of the songs she sang tonight.

    • Sun says:

      I have a lot of respect for all the TOP 3…
      Though I am not really a Jessica fan ( like Philip ) but I believe in fairness.
      Did Jlo choose a a no win song “My All” for Jessica to sabotage her ?

      Curious what her fans think …

  24. Sha says:

    sigh at the idol editors for subtitling Jessica’s younger AMERICAN brothers. just *sigh*.

  25. Stevey says:

    Why no poll tonight?

  26. Tahoe Mike says:

    I’m voting for Joshua.
    That is how Etta James shoud be coverd. That was so much stronger than what Jessica did last week. I loved his version of Imagine. I wish he had done that one last because I was not as wild about the Mary J. Blige sone, though I don’t know that one well.
    After watching these three all season, I think Joshua is the star among this group. Jessica may be a BFD in a few years, but not yet.

  27. NedPepper says:

    We Got Tonight was nothing special. It wasn’t even close to Volcano. Has everyone gone deaf? Really, Slezak? Joshua’s No More Drama was the ONLY drama of the night. Really weird song choices. I never want to hear IDWTMAT on Idol ever again. And certainly not by a diva balladeer. The judges and Jimmy screwed Jessica with their choices…she could have at least picked a good song herself. It may have cost her.

    And Phillip….at this point, just like Scotty, doesn’t need to be great. Just stay right in that lane. The most telling part of the show was when Phillip was back in Leesburg, Ga trying to walk into his Dad’s pawn shop. The large lady trying to molest or perhaps eat him? Yeah, sadly, Phillilp, that is your fanbase. Sorry, kid. Someone said he’s the most radio ready. And if you’ve listened to pop radio in the last five years, you’re right. He’s PERFECT for radio. But I’m not so sure that’s a compliment.

    • Suggestor says:

      Didn’t Steven give an interview saying he wanted Jessica to cover his song sometime this season? If she had to, this was a good week. Save the best for the finale if she makes it this week.

  28. JASon says:

    LIstening to Haley’s new album. I got to tell you guys it is amazing. Possibly the best thing to come from an Idol. My favorite is Carly Smithson’s We Are The Fallen album but Haley’s album is awesome.!!!

    Jessica should go home based on tonight’s performance. The first song was awfuk. The other two were boring!!!

    Joshua not only deserves to win the show but he may have had the best most consistent season of any idol ever!!!

  29. Danielle says:

    Every week it’s the same thing for Jessica. “You’re so great!” “You sung that song so beautifully!” “That song was so technically correct!” Well, technically, I don’t care!!!! I want emotion! Feelings behind a song!! I realize she’s only 16, but there have been a few young singers who can really sing because of the emotions behind it. I say give her a couple of years to live life, then we will see. She is very karaoke to me. Do I love Josh and Phillip? YES!! Because they can draw you into the song. Make you feel like it’s just you and them!! I WILL buy their cd’s when they come out!!

  30. googlecat says:

    Thank goodness Jessica’s sore throat wasn’t mentioned on the show. I’m a big Jessica fan but I don’t want her winning because of sympathy votes. Her talent is enough to get her to the finale.

  31. Louis says:

    So, all season long Jimmy complains that Jessica doesn’t really sing “current” music and he gives her a 1970’s Jackson Five classic? She sang it well but it certainly didn’t give her the chance to shine. Unfortunately she seemed to peak last week and that could be her downfall. Not sure if the judges purposely sabotaged her with that very difficult Mariah Carey song, but it didn’t help her much. It was way too low for her. I loved Phillip’s performances and while I like Joshua, everything he sings sounds the same. I’m hoping for a Phillip/Jessica final. At least give a girl a fighting chance..

    • Suggestor says:

      Good point Louis! Jessica could have been given ‘ Mama Knows Best’ by Jessie J and brought down the house. :) :) :)

    • Tahoe Mike says:

      It has never been about the age of the song. It has been about the subject mater and content of the songs. Watching Sixteen Year Old Jessica sing about “Holding your body next to mine…” was just uncomfortable.

      • Suggestor says:

        That was Jennifer’s fault not Jessica’s. She basically picked one of the worst song choices you can give a 16 yer old singer. It’s like they have been clueless at what she can sing even though she gave them a perfect,example last week.

        • JASon says:

          Jessica should have been given Haley’s song Free in order to help promote Haley’s album!!! Just like Haley was given You and I to promote Jimmy Iovine’s Lady gaga album.

  32. Candice says:

    Honestly I get that people hate on p2 cause he’s hot and a ton of girls like him based on that alone, but something about Jessica’s performances leave me neutral. Whereas Phillip has had some that I’ve wanted to watch over again and I cannot stop listening to his iTunes recording of ‘volcano’ for the life of me. I think that hands down josh is the best of the three. His performances are seriously so good sometimes I curse/praise him while he sings. However, I haven’t bought a single recording because his type of music is just not what I want in my headphones. I think that Phillip deserves to win regardless of if his voice is technically best. There is character in his vOice and passion in his music that makes you hang on his every word (sometimes). I think with the experience of the tour and when he’s kidney stone free he’s going to make some pretty awesome music. besides, I never thought American idol to be a show looking for the very best singer in the country. They’re looking for a star, someone they can market. In that he’s miles ahead of the rest. However, I still love josh and would be totally 100% down with him winning. I just think people need to stop hating so much on p2. And stop calling him talentless, because that’s just ridiculous.

  33. wordgirl says:

    I’m a Phillip fan, think Joshua is amazing though not the music I would buy or go see. And I totally agree with Slezak about Imagine. Simply a piano, that’s it. Didn’t like Josh’s version.

  34. Lois Benton says:

    Joshua and Jessica should be in the finale. If they are, maybe I’ll continue to watch this show. If not, I guess I’m done. Maybe I’m done anyway. Here’s the deal: SInce Las Vegas, Joshua and Jessica have been the standout vocalists. Clearly, they are the best. They both certainly have the ingredients for superstardom and are two of the best vocalists since I’ve been watching (since Season 7). Phillip, not so much. And Phillip has better vocals, style and more charisma than David Cook, Kris Allen, Lee DeWyze and Scotty McCreery combined. Even though David Cook had that amazing Billie Jean and Kris Allen did some interesting arrangements and has a pleasant voice, neither really are very good; I didn’t and wouldn’t buy their records. The other two: fuggaboutit. I’m just so sick of wgwg–and they never really light up show biz anyway. At least on America’s Got Talent, we get some interesting acts on the way to crowning the inevitable wgwg. After watching a few seasons of other reality shows, I must say American Idol does an incomparable job of investing the viewer in particular contestants. I can’t even figure how the trick is done. The Voice, by contrast, is only very interesting in the blind auditions and Cee Lo and Blake Shelton are charming. The X Factors has no X Factor; it’s a complete drag. But Joshua is a lovely, charismatic performer (No More Drama was the best of the night) and Jessica is stellar .I might like to buy Phillip’s record when it comes out, but still, I say: No more Phillip, or I’m just going to have to give up on this show and already intend to give up on every other reality singing show. I can’t take any more wgwg.

  35. I don’t understand how anyone can think that Phillip will just fall off of the charts if he wins. Doesn’t anyone ever look at itunes sales and ratings? Isn’t that a more accurate way of determining who will be successful? Compare the 3 remaining contestants there, why doncha..

    • tarc says:

      LOL! The Phillip haters here don’t seem to respod at all to pesky things like actual data…

      • deedee says:

        What “data”. iTunes sales during the show mean very little once the Idols venture out into the real world. We’ve seen it a hundred times. The Idol hype only goes so far, and then these kids are swimming with the sharks like everybody else. And if you think winning the show constitutes data about future success, you have not been paying attention for the last 11 years.

        Now, I don’t hate Phillip in the least, although I wouldn’t call myself a fan. But I gotta tell you … your ridiculously militant pro-Phillip crap is annoying and doesn’t make anybody like Phillip any more. Taste is subjective, Tarc. Why is this so difficult for you to accept?

        • tarc says:

          Of course, I accept that people have their own taste – as the vast number of posts by reasonable people that are skipped every week exemplify. I don’t care for wildly ridiculous comments, particularly negative ones, toward any of the contestants. (Honestly, you don’t seem to be terribly objective yourself.) The facts are plain: Phillip CAN sing well by any evaluation; Phillip sells very well, if not leads the contestants in sales; Phillip garners large numbers of votes every week, keeping him in the contest for 10 weeks and out of the bottom division 9 of 10 weeks; Phillip’s going to get at least one record contract offer; Phillip has a lot of professional fans. These are facts that are very relevant when talking about the show. Of course, all the talent in the world doesn’t make you a star afterward – material and luck are as important as talent, and I’ve said just that many times. People seem to be under the very mistaken idea that if people that aren’t pop or country-pop, and aren’t constantly in the public eye, they aren’t successful. There are large numbers of ex-Idols that are successful and making a good living in music, theater, songwriting, etc. Other than that, I really couldn’t care less (seriously) about your personal view of my opinions/ posting/ whatever. Anything I post is going to be vastly more convincing than the endless, negative, nonsensical claptrap some people post. All opinions are NOT the same, and that’s something else you might want to consider.

          • deedee says:

            What is your point. That you have objective scientific empirical data that Philip “can sing well by any evaluation”? Even if I agree that he can sing, it’s an absurd statement. And everything else in your post, I can’t really make heads or tails of, to be honest.

          • Marsaili says:

            Phillip CAN sing, Phillip IS hugely popular—and not because he’s good looking. Technical singing doesn’t matter in the long run because at least 1/2 to 3/4 of the singers out there are not technical singers and yet they are huge and to compare his singing to Jessica or Joshua is just silly. Phillip’s singles do very well on iTunes–which is proof that people love his music. The people around here saying he can’t sing because he can’t do runs like Jessica or take it to church like Joshua are missing the point—-not every singer does that or is supposed to do that. There are plenty of guy singers out there who are HUGELY popular despite the fact that they don’t have much of a range, or they don’t do well in the higher registers, or they have a gravelly voice. The point that Tarc is making—-it’s ALL subjective—what I like–you may not like and vice versa. And the people who don’t like Phillip can make up all the crap they want about how terrible he is, or how he’s no better than a singer in a coffee house or whatever—it doesn’t take away from the fact that despite THEIR opinions, Phillip’s music is very popular. As for the jackasses who keep claiming that people only like for him for his looks and want him to marry them, GROW UP. That excuse is old, tired and disgustingly insulting against women.

          • tarc says:

            @ deedee – I’d belive that you can make heads or tails of it. Maybe you should think on it.

      • Sarah says:

        Your ‘actual data’ is ridiculous. Do you think people still have all those Lee Dewyze songs on their playlists and are looking for more of his songs? These sales are due to all of the hype during the season, and then people find new interests and better talent. The only people that are successful long term are those that made money off of the itunes downloads that you no longer listen to.

        • Marsaili says:

          Um, no—people DO still buy Lee Dewyze’s music and the other Idols—-they wouldn’t still be around MAKING music for living if it weren’t true. Stop trying to compare everyone to Kelly and Carrie—it’s unfair and unrealistic!

        • tarc says:

          Hardly. And yes, people DO have Lee DeWyze on their playlists (though I prefer his pre-Idol material) and a lot of the other folks that you seem to bizarrely dismiss. These folks are making a living in music, and are successful by that very fact. Just because *you* don’t listen to them on Bubble-gum 97.3 means nothing in the bigger picture.

    • googlecat says:

      I’ve seen songs from the Voice on the top 100 charts on the week they are performed, but I think AI songs don’t chart because itunes is not allowed to reveal AI sales data. So I’m not sure what data you’re looking at.

  36. Sheena says:

    Kudos to Jessica for being able to perform even though she has a sore throat. When she makes it to the finale she better do everything to get her voice back to good shape cause she will need it to slay a bigger opponent Phillip

  37. HairLikeATeddyBear says:

    I haven’t watched the show yet (cos it’s not shown here yet), but from snippets here and there, I just wanted to say that I’m very disappointed with Joshua’s performances. I think he will be the one leaving tomorrow. This is the same feeling I had with Elise, Colton & Skylar when they were elim. Very sad. Really hope I’m wrong!

    • deedee says:

      I fear he’s going, too. I thought he did a fantastic job on the Etta James song until the final 1/3rd, when it just got too messy. He didn’t need to push his voice so much at the end. Overkill. Hated the second song, “Imagine”, even though his voice was truly gorgeous. Loved his Mary J Blige song. Best of the night. He got a bit crazy there, but then pulled it back and killed it. Was it enough to get him through – on a night when his biggest competition (Jessica) croaked? I don’t know. Seems like Jessica has a much larger, more invested fan base, so she might be safe despite having her worst night. No question Phillip is winning this thing, so we’re talking about the fight for second place.

      One thing about Joshua: he fought hard. Gave it everything he had and left it all on the stage. I’ll be sad to see him go, but I’m so happy he made it as far as he did. *sniff*

      • tarc says:

        Honestly, though the polling looks like Phillip’s in and Jessica and Joshua are neck-in-neck, I’d take Joshua over Jessica without a doubt. Joshua has grown tremendously, tamed most of the screechiness he used to have, and pick up some new techniques that are much more interesting and ear-friendly. When he did that first Bruno Mars song, I could hear him doing a mass market song for the first time. Amd while I have no interest whatsoever in ‘goin’ to church’, I’d be open to buying Joshua songs that were penned by people like Bruno Mars for him.

  38. ronnel says:

    just watched the recap of the shows… what the heck joshua doing aretha franklin type of moves

  39. ronnel says:

    annoying joshua…

  40. ronnel says:

    i go for phillip

  41. ronnel says:

    i’s rather be blind is for jessica

  42. ronnel says:

    Imagine by john lennon (you dont have to scrrrrream to give justice to that song) David A. does it much much better 1 million times

  43. Dino_me says:

    JS overall delivered a very decent performance despite her soar throat problem. I liked that she put her growl aside and let her tender voice take over. Hoping she makes it to the finale.

  44. Kristine says:

    I love Jessica still even it this wasn’t her best performance

  45. PatD says:

    Jessica should have just stayed eliminated at Top 7 and then one of the more talented females (namely Elise or Skylar) could have represented better at this stage.

    Amen. Hollie would have been more entertaining, too. At least she can move to the beat.

    Except for P2’s first song, that was the most lackluster Final 3 I’ve ever seen on this show. All you fanbois/girls can post accolades until the cows come home and still won’t make it better. That was really and truly boring.

    All of Jessica’s flaws were front and center tonight, and her sore throat was the least of her troubles. She was downright awful on the Mariah song, and the J5 was the very definition of karoake. Then when she can pick any song of her choice… any song for a Final 3 performance… she picks that lame Aerosmith song! Is that the kind of record ahe wants to make? Because, at this point, you should have some kind of idea. Well, if it is, good luck with that. The girl has no sense of identity and no style. Let’s make a date to all come back in 2 years to compare notes on Jessica, ok? She should pursue a Broadway career. That’s where she could excel.

    I fell off the Joshua train a while back. They are so desperate to make him the throwback new thang, but I see him having one or two good selling singles and that’s it. Buh-bye.

    P2 can’t hit the notes like either Jessica or Joshua, but he is the most bankable of the Final 3, he can play an instrument, and, most importantly, won’t have to be spoon fed other people’s music, because he writes his own.

    After last night’s generic mush, I really regret not getting some sort of Elise, Skylar, Hollie, or P2 Final 3. The song choices would’ve been more relevant and it would have been a much more enjoyable, entertaining show.

    I mean, even Jessica’s and Joshua’s homecomings were effin’ boring! How does that happen??? That never happens. And it spoke volumes.

    Jessica should go home and this is one time I cannot complain about a WGWG winning.

    I’ve got a feeling Uncle Nigel will be gone next year.

  46. givemeglenn says:

    After seeing all the back and forth about Jessica not getting good song choice by the judges, and then how she was sick so she couldn’t sing well; it makes me think some of you may have missed the thought she actually caught a break with her song choices. If Jessica HAD gotten those huge power ballads, and had the sore throat, do you think she would have been able to pull those songs off any easier than the songs she had picked out for her instead? You can’t have it both ways…In my opinion Jessica actually caught a break if she was sick.

  47. Kate says:

    When you finally realize that Phillip is *not* going to marry you, you may actually find that he is not great in comparison to so many others this season. Don’t be so sad though, I am sure you will have next season to find your new WGWG future husband that can’t actually sing.

    • Marsaili says:

      Here is one of those jackasses I was talking about—-you’re a freakin’ insult to women everywhere.

      • deedee says:

        Totally agree with you here. There’s no reason for this kind of putdown of anyone. Actually, I find a LOT of Idol bloggers/posters being incredibly nasty to women – especially any woman over the age of 26 – you know the ones: “the fat old lonely menopausal sparklecow frau”. Even the glorious Elise was given the “old lady” edit this year. Unreal.

  48. R-Dub says:

    I thought this was the worse show of the season. I think I miss Hollie, seems like her departure deflated the whole show. Reminds me of the week following Siobhan Magnus departure a couple years ago, I just don’t really care who wins not even sure why I’m still watching but that’s what you do when you are an Idol fan. Someone needs to mace Randy Jackson, he is so bad,

  49. I definitely want Joshua to win. He does every song with such passion, emotion.. but I am soooooo concerned Phillip will win it due to the eye candy he is and the multitude of girl votes Idol gets.

    • tarc says:

      I guess that I find it misogynistic when people suggest that women don’t vote with their brains unstead of their reproductive organs. Plus, Phillip clearly has broad appeal, including a lot of men. If he wins, it will most assuredly be on talent.

      • Carly says:

        These are little girls voting, not women.

        • Marsaili says:

          That’s BS—I’m a woman, not a little girl and I vote for Phillip every week BECAUSE I LIKE HIS MUSIC. Again, dismissing his fan base—will you people who can’t handle how popular he is ever stop?

          • Carly says:

            Because of his 3 note range.

          • Marsaili says:

            Talk about 3 note range—that’s all you can dish out—it’s “Carly is going to dis Phillip no matter what” time and you sound like another broken record. As for 3 note range, that’s BS as well—Phillip has the same range as many of the male singers out there today. You are a hateful person—keep dishing the hate out!

          • tarc says:

            And another ridiculous comment, Carly. Phillip showed over two octaves, clear as a bell, last night. Are you tone deaf?

          • Carly says:

            Good grief. This is a message board where you post your opinion about singers. If you do not find someone talented, it does not mean you “hate” them or wish them ill. It means you don’t find them worthy of the win. That is all.

            I happen to think Joshua is very talented, for example. If you do not agree that he is talented, it does not mean that you “hate” him. If you have a different opinion, that is fine. It does not hurt my feelings in the least.

            The fact remains that the same demographic has won for the last several years. This is not opinion, it is fact. It is not a coincidence that the same demographic wins every year. .

            Get some help.

        • tarc says:

          Sorry, but do you know any 13-18 year old girls? Beyond the ludicrous dismissal of one of the most influential demos, that comment is just silly. Besides, Phillip has a lot of people from all demos voting, including older men for a change!

  50. Sarah says:

    I am just so happy to have gotten the chance to watch Joshua perform for so many weeks. His talents are truly amazing. I probably would skip a PP/Jessica finale because neither of them can keep my attention like the others could (Skylar/Elise/Hollie) but I look forward to the performances in the finale results.