Once Upon a Time Duo Weigh In On (and Share Secrets From!) the Finale's Big Reunion

The following contains spoilers from the Season 1 finale of ABC’s Once Upon a Time. That said… c’mon people, tend to thy DVR.

To think that an assembly of lookie-loos almost threw a wrench in this TV season’s most romantic reunion.

Because as excited as Once Upon a Time stars Ginnifer Goodwin and Josh Dallas were to film the season-ending epiphany reached by Storybrooke’s Mary Margaret and David — that they really are Snow White and Prince Charming — precautions had to be taken to make sure game-changing moment didn’t leak out sooner than expected.

“Oh my gosh, it was incredibly intimidating,” Goodwin tells TVLine of shooting the momentous moment when Mary Margaret and David realize their true identities, thanks to the dark curse being (partially) lifted by Emma. “And what made me very nervous about that scene was we had a huge crowd of people watching us film [in the town of Steveston, BC], so I was very concerned that we were giving something away by yelling each others’ names across the street.”

As such, Goodwin suggested that she and Dallas instead use nonsense words that to the camera would look like they’re saying “Snow” and “Charming,” then drop in the real names in post-production. But for one, the likes of “Marming” (an example she gave) weren’t quite cutting it. And two, the director and crew, she says, “ended up feeling that the crowds of people couldn’t actually hear us, given all of the elements.”

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Dallas, meanwhile, says that he wasn’t nervous about the scene but instead was caught up in the “joyous” significance of it.

“That was the biggest moment of all [Season 1], particularly for David and Mary Margaret,” he says, “because it’s them all of a sudden realizing who they actually are. All of these memories come flooding back of who they are in fairytale land and their history there – but combined with the new history that they have in Storybrooke. When all of that came together, it hit them like a ton of bricks.”

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So to answer one question coming out of the finale, yes, Mary Margaret and David now know who they really are but also retain memories of their brief yet significantly angsty time together there in Maine. Which is good, because, well, someone has to teach the school kids, right? And you can’t leave Granny confounded at the diner by an electric mixer.

“We don’t know anything about what’s truly going to happen next season,” Goodwin acknowledges, “but from what I understand, our characters will remember everything about both worlds, so it will be a whole new show!”

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  1. greysfan says:

    Thats good news then. That everyone will remember who they were in both worlds. Bring on Season 2

    • tvdiva says:

      You can download the season on ITUNES now.

    • sad troll says:

      Unless the purple magic cloud let’s Regina or Rumple cast oh I don’t know some sort of forgetting spell.

      Hope not, but this show has been so guilty of two steps forward, three steps back every week despite the massive progress in the finale I can’t help but expect they’ll undo a lot of it in S2.

  2. Tracey says:

    When is OUAT coming out on DVD?????? Please!!!!

  3. Steveston is actually part of Richmond, BC a suburb city of Vancouver so it isn’t a small town at all. I should know as I grew up in Richmond.

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      Noted. (It reads as quaint on TV.)

    • Alice says:

      Well, Steveston is the quaint old fishing village part of Richmond… not the horrendous strip mall part of Richmond. Just kidding. I’m from Richmond too.

  4. Susan G says:

    As one of the crowd at Steveston I can tell you that we heard them say “Snow” and “Charming” in take after take but most of us chose not spoil it. If local paparazzi hadn’t sold their photographs of the kiss that day we would have kept the secret, which is remarkable considering how many people watched this scene unfold.

  5. JO! says:

    I’m trying to think how them remembering their lives in both worlds would affect relationships… For example, since Nova won’t be flying around following orders from the Blue Fairy, could it be that she and Grumpy could actually have a relationship in Storybrooke… OH, I just remembered she’s a nun. LOL

    • Jennie says:

      honestly i think it is going to effect the relationship/marriage of Snow & Charming more than anything…the fact that he didn’t trust her to be innocent when she was being framed would definitely make me think twice about what kind of man he truly is…i don’t think it will break them up but i can be certain that it will change the dynamic of their love…not trusting someone you love even if the dark curse makes certain you two can’t be together doesn’t change the fact that he didn’t believe in her no matter what…as for Nova and Grumpy, i think they could have a relationship ’cause she is not really a nun but i guess like faeries they don’t openly converse on a romantic or sexual level with the opposite sex…if faerytale land will now be in our world in season 2 then i think anything is possible now

      • But they weren’t actually themselves, I don’t think. The curse was mainly created to take away Snow’s happy ending, so I think all the doubt they both felt stemmed from the curse. David even said, as he was saying goodbye to MM, that he kept making all the wrong choices and he didn’t know why.

        • Anne says:

          I believe you’re correct. There was an interview in the beginning of the season where Lana Parrilla, who plays Regina, remarked that the Queen had a hand in shaping everyone’s new life and she assumed that Mary Margaret’s initial weakness (before Emma slowly changed the town) as a response to her taking away Snow’s strength and resilience. From that, it can be assumed that Regina took away David’s strength of character as well. She engineered it so that no matter what happened, they could never be together again.

          • Templar says:

            Don’t discount the fact that for 28 years, David was in a coma. He’s only been conscious since Emma triggered the resumption of time, and since then he’s put up with a lot of confusing events. A supposed marriage to the unfamiliar Kathryn, struggling with his feelings for MM and trying to do the right thing. No wonder he couldn’t find his a$$ with both hands, let alone his character.

      • songbyrd86 says:

        Well – I think that now that their memories are back from when they were in fairytale land they will realize that the flashes of memories that David had with Dr. Hopper were from THAT life and THAT’s why he didn’t believe Snow. Because what he remembered actually happened, just not in that context. There will be a lot of forgive there I think as Snow realizes that Charming had more than just the regular evidence against her. That and the fact that he would’ve never actually been attached to Kathryn and Kathryn never actually loved him. I see a lot of forgive and forget in their future because of what Regina did.

  6. BrianR says:

    I really want to see a Charming family love fest with Snow and Charming rushing to see Emma and Henry in the first episode next season.

  7. Tiki says:

    I wonder how that will work with Snow, Charming and Emma looking practically around the same age?

    • BC40something says:

      Magic… maybe… I assume that the curse (before Emma’s arrival) held everyone in the same time for 28 years. Life went on but time literally stood still It started up again when the town clock did. Although that now makes me wonder how Henry fits into everything. Alas…we’ll have to see what happens in Season 2.

  8. tvdiva says:

    I wonder if and how they are going to get back to the Fairy Land realm. That and I wonder of Baelfire is Henry’s father or some other fairy tale character is.

    • Anne says:

      My assumption is that the Enchanted Forest is now destroyed as it seemed to fall apart in the pilot as the Curse was taking hold.

      • J says:

        It can’t be destroyed Regina/The Evil Queen got the poison apple from Fairytale Land, so it still has to be there.

        • WayneInNYC says:

          Ah, but they reached through *time* as well as space to retrieve the apple. Remember it was snatched as it was rolling down the hill just after Snow took a bite. FTL was ripped asunder by the curse.

        • minnie says:

          Fairytale land, it’s underneath Storybrooke! Haven’t you see? Regina’s chamber, Magnificent, Snow’s coffin, etc

  9. neto says:

    Snow and charming kiss in the last episode was epic! Anyway, now I wanna see charming family reunion

  10. ash says:

    I really didn’t like them killing off August .. I loved the guy ;_;

  11. Lisa says:

    Thanks for the interview! I’m a big fan of both Josh and Ginny and their respective characters, so Sunday’s episode was definitely one of my favourites. Hopefully we’ll get more moments like that next season.

  12. Lily says:

    I hope they will be able to forgive each other for being with other people during their time as Mary Margaret and David. I also wonder if they will keep their Storybrooke names now that they know who they really are. I love this show and am so excited for what will come next!

  13. Jo says:

    I want to see the Charmings as a family. With them all being similar ages, that should be really interesting. I also want to see Henry’s father…he just has to be Bae. That adds a really twisted angle to Sunday dinners. The Rumples and the Charmings reminicing over dessert, “Hey, remember that time we were swordfighting and I made you throw that magical egg inside of Maleficent.”

  14. Taryn says:

    I am SOOOOO pumped for season 2

  15. So what will Emma call her now? Mary Margaret? Snow?…Mom? Lol I wonder if they’re not gonna use their Storybrooke names anymore?

  16. GreenEyedDiva says:

    Love this show from the first episode!! Suspensful and always keeps you wanting more. but the ending, with the smokey magic. really cuz now i have to wait like 5 months to see what that’s bout gaaahhh! can’t wait.

  17. cas says:

    Hands down one of the best season finales I have ever seen!

  18. MassiveMarbles says:

    I figured that they must remember both worlds, after all, I think Charming would have freaked knowing how to ride a horse and unknowingly finding himself maneuvering a metal contraption we know of as a pickup truck! This is a great show! Although I love all of the characters, Regina is my bad girl – she’s wickedly lovable :-)