How I Met Your Mother Boss Reveals 6 Things to Know About Season 8

How I Met Your Mother Season 8The following contains spoilers from Monday’s season finale of How I Met Your Mother.

On the Season 7 finale of CBS’ How I Met Your Mother, a bride was revealed (It’s Robin!), a bride (Victoria!) ran away and a former bride (Lily!) gave birth. Here are six things you need to know about the big episode and what it means for Season 8, from executive producer Craig Thomas.

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WEDDING BELLS WILL RING | Yes, the Barman and Robin will get hitched. And lest you think that’s a huge giveaway, “That wedding day is going to be full of enough other surprises,” Thomas reassures. As the EP previously told TVLine, it won’t be a smooth affair. “There’s going to be twists and turns built into that day,” he teases. As for when the momentous occasion will occur, he’s keeping mum because it would give away too much about the show’s endgame. “There’s a lot of fans that think that’s the end of the show – Ted meets the mother [at the wedding], and that’s the [series] finale,” he explains. However….

THE MOTHER’S DAY MAY COME SOONER THAN EXPECTED | For those hoping to meet the show’s titular momma and fall in love with her alongside Ted, Thomas is leaving the possibility for that option too. “There are people who think it could keep going, and there will be more story after [the wedding day],” he continues. For example, “What are Barney and Robin like married? What happens with that marriage?” But for the time being, Thomas says Season 8 will be about the onetime couple’s journey to “not only getting back together, but deciding to take this enormous leap.”

QUINN WILL BE BACK | Although Thomas can’t say how much or how little we’ll be seeing of Barney’s fiancée next season — perhaps they break up? — he does reveal that Newton, who stars on his and fellow HIMYM EP Carter Bays’ new Fox comedy The Goodwin Games, will appear in the first episode back, which picks up on the same day as the finale. “There’s a lot of great stories to tell just in that one day,” he says. “Episode 2 will leap ahead to September, and we’ll see where everybody is four months later.”

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How I Met Your Mother Season 8ROBIN WON’T BE PINING | “We’re going to introduce a new love interest for Robin right away,” reveals Thomas, who calls the romance a “significant” arc. “It’s not going to be Barney and Robin together immediately, because they’re too tangled up in other things. … We’ll show you how that [new] relationship ends up leading her back to Barney.”

TED IS ON THE LAST LEG OF HIS JOURNEY | Thomas and the writing staff brought back Victoria in the beginning of the season knowing that she would return at the end, with a greater purpose. “Ted Mosby [is] closing the last couple doors in his mind that he has to close to really be ready to meet the mother,” explains the EP. “One of them was Robin, and the other door is Victoria.” As such, yes, we are getting very, very close to the Mother. In fact, even though the Victoria relationship will inevitably end, don’t expect Ted to fall into a romantic funk again. “It is going to lead to the best thing in his life,” counters Thomas. Until then, he’ll have to deal with his guilty conscience when he learns in the Season 8 premiere that Victoria didn’t leave a note for her jilted fiance, and he turns the car around to rectify that. “The episode shows all of the ramifications of that decision.”

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A NEW MYSTERY…. | In addition to the mother and how Barney and Robin eventually get married, another big puzzle will plague next season: “How do [Marshall and Lily] still go down to the bar and get drunk with their friends?” Thomas poses with a laugh. Like most busy parents dealing with the major time commitment of a newborn, they’ll find that their relationship with their pals might suffer a little. “We’re going to see them figuring out what it means to be parents and still try to be great friends.”

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  1. Michael says:

    Wow talk about some fantasyland stuff….it is clear that everyone here loves the show and many really, really, REALLY do not want it to end, but it has to. The show has had a great run. It has had some great episodes (and quite a few, eh, ones as well as some kind of crappy ones too), but the time to shut off the lights has come. I don’t like the Barney/Robin angle, but this is what is happening, no matter how much I complain. Please producers of the show, don’t come back for money, end the show, have us meet the mother and then show us the road to how we got there with the flashbacks. Give us something to shed a tear for and then fade out….and for the last time to everyone who wants to see a season or two of getting to know the mom in the “gang”…How I MET your mother…MET your mother…..

  2. Jordan says:

    I think that the should have revealed the mother and told how ted and her fell ing love and how lily and marshall progressed with their kid and how barneys marriage with robin turns out then I think for the last episode in the series I think they should show what teds 2030 day is like with old Marshall and lily and their kids and barney and robin and possibly their kids and most important ted and the mother with their kids and show what they do when they get together and the final line of the show is obviously going to be “and that kids is how i met your mother”

  3. JT says:

    I don’t really care who the mother is… JUST TELL ME WHAT BARNEY DOES FOR A LIVING!!!

  4. Fabricio says:

    I have a theory, maybe Ted will met the mother, but the producers don’t let us to see her until the final episode.

    The last scene of HIMYM will be like the opening titles but with the mother, Ted, Barney, Robin, Lily and Marshall hangin’ out in McKlarens. And the title will change to “How I met…(mother’s name)” as the final frame of the show.

    I hope the producers cast a famous actress who would play the mother or maybe is Lindsy Fonseca.. she has played the younger daughter of Future Ted since the pilot, she was 18 back then in 2005. Now she is 25 and who knows, she could be the mother.

    that will be the final joke from Carter & Bays. We saw the mother’s face from the beginning. Who knows

  5. Mahmood says:

    I agree with dirk. Ted and Robin end up together and it deffinately makes sense. I even think that Robin is the biological mother and when Ted is telling the story he finally reveals to the kids that your real mother is aunt Robin.How can’t u anticipate another twist in the story line after watchingso many of them in the previous episodes.I dont know how but Im sure that the writers had a bigplan from the start about who is the mother and they will not just jump into introducing a stranger as the mother. I also refer you to the episode when ted feels free andsays “it was the first time there was no part of me clonging to Robin””. But in the next scene when Lilly asks Marshal to pay up for theirbet about Ted and Robin,Marshal answers ‘not yet.’ At the start of another episode when old trd is telling the kids about the first time he told their mother he loved her, we see a woman from behind that has exactly the same build as Robin.

  6. Rob says:

    I am shocked to see so many people are not fans of Barney and Robin. They are my two favorite characters. Quinn is not in the same league as Robin.

  7. justsomegirl says:

    God, you know what would be absolutely horrible? The two kids turning out to be imaginary like how Robin was talking to her imaginary kids in that one episode when she found out she was infertile. And that Ted never found “The One”, but he’s imagining he married and had kids with a girl (Cindy’s roommie) he fell in love with, but it didn’t work out between the two for some reason. That would be one hell of an unexpected ending. Awful ending too, plz don’t do that HIMYM writers!

    As for the whole Barney/Robin thing, I’m on board with it. I started watching the show about a month ago because I discovered it on netflix. I enjoyed the Ted/Robin thing while the pairing lasted, but Ted did call her Aunt Robin multiple times throughout the show so I know and am glad, that Robin isn’t Ted’s wife. I like the fact that those two are really close friends, and I hope their days of hooking up with each other are done. Completely done.

    Call me crazy if you want, but I had hoped the writers would do something to throw in a little Barney/Robin romance. At least a fling, just to see how the two characters interact. I was close to giving up the show until I read up some more of it online and found out Barney and Robin get together, then I just had to keep watching it to see how it plays out. I was squealing at the end of Sandcastles in the Sand, even watched it a few more times because I loved it so much. It was so sweet when Barney comforted Robin, then he was the only one she allowed to see her humiliating video, and then that kiss, yup, they had to get together. I was so disappointed that they only lasted for about three episodes. I’m so happy the writers have decided to pair them together in the end. YAY!!!!! :D

    As for the Nora/Barney and Quinn/Barney, meh. I’ve seen a little bit of season 6 to get to know Nora, and I don’t know, I guess she’s ok. Netflix only has seasons 1-6 uploaded, so I have yet to be introduced to Quinn but from some of the episode clips and info I read up on her, I have to give her a big fat thumbs down. So glad Barney is not marrying her. So glad it’s Robin! Yay!!!

    So, I’m really looking forward to season 8, which I hope is mostly about Robin/Barney. What can I say? I just love to see what brings Robin and Barney back together and ultimately leads to their marriage. Go team Brobin!

  8. Miguel Topa says:

    1) I think Carter knows more about the “endgame” than Craig does.
    2) I don’t think the wedding is, for lack of a better term, “the goat” or “the dress”.
    3) And this one’s for all you Anti-Canadians who hate Robin with Barney…too f*ng bad!

  9. Yannikins says:

    I think the series will end with season 8 and the final episode will end with Ted meeting the mother at Barney and Robin’s wedding. Then it will probably just have like a little fast-forward-montage kind of thing that shows them falling in love and whatnot that way the audience will be satisfied enough as to seeing how they fell in love without dragging it on. As much as I love this show and ALL the characters and it’s going to suck when it ends, I don’t think they can prolong it much longer.

  10. Alakazam says:

    I reckon the HIMYM will stop at the endof series 8, (I hope for a 9, but it’s doubtful). In the end, Teds definetly gonna be with Robin. From the very first episode, he has had a crush on her, and theyre gonna end up married by the end. Those 2 wedding bits, with ducky-tie Barney and bride Robin are 2 different weddings I think, or that something goes wrong at the wedding and they don’t get married (after all, Robin asked to see Ted at the end, and she looked pretty glum… on her wedding day. She must realise she likes Ted or something, the whole show is really controversial, and trips you up whenever you expect something to happen

    • dirk says:

      To Alakazam
      i totally agree with you Ted must be with Robin in the ultimate end. The only thing what is worrying me how Bays and Thomas will explane or turn the story with the yellow umbrella, the bump girl and so on. Also I think it must be Barnys wedding and can not be split up in two weddings (see the suits the flowers on the suits and Lillys dress.

      But I still hope for Robin. There are small signs everywhere
      1) The “Not Yet” bet of Marschall with Lilly (only Marschall knows his best friend and still believes in Robin
      2) The favourite Book of Ted: Love in the tomes of Cholera is a book wher two lovers come togehter in the very end of there lifespan

  11. justsomegirl says:

    How can ppl still believe Ted ends up with Robin when it was stated way back in episode 1 that Robin is the aunt of the children, not the mother andthen the countless times after that, she was mentioned as Aunt Robin. Its obvious that Barney and Robin end up together and they are more perfect for each other than they are for anybody else. They got the chemistry, they just need to get the timing right, and hopefully season 8 will be all about Barney and Robin getting back together and finally getting their timing right.

  12. Jam says:

    Barney was cooler single picking up random women is what made the people love him and its more funny

    • justsomegirl says:

      To Jam, your comment is true, but there’s such a thing called character development. If the series does end in season 8, then there is no reason why they should still have him single and going after random chicks.

  13. justsomepissedoffgirl says:

    So maaaaaaaaaaad right now! I read somewhere that this supposedly big thing that’s supposed to blow our minds that happened before the wedding involve Robin AND Ted. I will be pissed if this is another hookup. They closed the door on that relationship really well in No Pressure, how DARE they drudge it up again! Now I see why fans are getting turned off by the show. So what he’s supposed to have one last fling with Robin before finally meeting his wife? Yeah, great idea Craig Thomas and Carter Bays >:( This better not be hookup, it BETTER NOT! Barney/Robin fans, myself included, waited 7 damn seasons for them to get together PERMANENTLY, and when I finally think all that waiting and hoping has finally paid off, they throw THIS at us! Seriously, are they TRYING to piss ppl off! Please, please, please, please, no more Robin/Ted. No Pressure was an important, symbolic episode closing the door on Ted and Robin’s relationship, to put them together again makes No Pressure lose its significance and deeper meaning.

  14. MandyJ says:

    This is kind of a stretch, but I have a suspicion we may have already got a brief glance of the mother in the 12th episode, 3rd season( No Tomorrow). Ted mentions in this episode that the kid’s mother attended the same St. Patricks Day party that he and Barney went to that evening. While they are at the party in this episode, Ted bumps into a random woman and excuses himself, I believe this happens very shortly before he gets drunk an becomes a jerk, but I could be wrong about exactly where in the episode this occurs. With the way the the writers like to skip forward and backward in the timetable throughout the episodes, I wouldn’t be surprised if the woman whom he has this brief encounter with ends up being his future wife and the kid’s mother! Just a thought.

  15. MandyJ says:

    BTW, I don’t understand how Robin could ultimately end up being Ted’s future wife and the kid’s mother? A) Robin found out that she was unable to have children already, B) Future Ted tells the kids that their mother was the roomate of the college student he briefly dated, which Robin never actually meets, so this would be impossible, C) Future Ted reveals that the yellow umbrella, which he left at his former girlfriend’s apartment plays an instrumental role in their ultimate meeting, so again, impossible, and finally….it would just be weird if “Aunt Robin” turned out to be “Mom”…..

  16. maryf says:

    Have watched this show since day one. Loved it at first, but have basically been suffering through the last few seasons hoping it would get good again. It hasn’t made me laugh in a good while, and frankly, is just boring. I’m going to attempt to stick with it until the end. If it improves, fantastic. If not, just hurry up, tell me who the mother is, and end this snooze-fest once and for all.

  17. MACK says:

    I want Robin to be Teds Wife but i know it is impossible and I don’t want Robin and Barney to get married because Barney is awesome only when he is single.

  18. I find it very hard to believe that the show will end as soon as Ted meets the mother. This makes absolutely no sense to me, and here’s why.

    We can safely guess that the mother will be no one we’ve already seen, which means she’s just some random woman. This makes her a complete non-character, and it seems like kind of a major buzzkill (Major Buzzkill!) to just throw some random woman at us and being like “here’s the mother!”

    The show needs to get us attached to her, needs to flesh her out and make her a character.

    My guess is that we’ll end with Ted’s wedding. To me, that seems the absolute most logical place to leave off. We know that Ted already has a kid three years from the current time period, because of the episode “Trilogy Time” which means he’s probably getting married very soon anyway.

    Unless they can do it in an absolutely amazing way, or if it’s someone we know, OR (and this is a conspiracy theory I’ve been throwing around) either Ted is old and bitter, and making up the kids he never had, OR, Ted’s wife died, then they have to at least have to convince us that this new girl is better for Ted than Victoria (why did she become such a non-character? She was great in Season 1) or, probably more importantly to most people, Robin.

  19. Robert Krassr says:

    Yes, Yes, Yes, thesecretasian! At least you think the same way than me. I totally support this theorie, the only thing I dont know is how they will solve the yellow umbrella story? There are strong signs for eather 2 weddings or a double wedding. Listen carefully what Robin in the wedding dress says “i cant go threw this wedding” almost no one speaks out names like “i cant marry Barney”. This means that C&C are still keeping the door open.

  20. Alison says:

    I love seeing Ted but I really want to see the end. They gave all the clues and we already have ideas. We need to know the end! Really. Doesn’t anyone agree with me. They do all these clues and the secret identity and the tricks. I think we need to know by the end of the 8 th season.

  21. I’m gay and admit that’s horrible! I, along with several of my gay friends, do not condone this behavior. I refuse to allow their actions stand for the actual fact which the only point I want may be the identical rights my fellow Republicans have. God Bless.

  22. I love himym says:

    When ted finds his wife i want them to have episodes when they are dating then maybe have a break up then finnaly realise that they should be together. I cant have this awsome show end its just not fair. I think they should have a nother season after seaaon 8. This show is so great why try to rush to the end like it said at the top. Make the memories last dont just be like oh look theres your mother all done good story the end. NO I CANT END LIKE THAT. It must go on!!!! Also i want to see marshal and lilys babbie when its older maybe make it so like when there all parents this is what happend how bad there kids where. I just rlly need more episodes of himym!!! I LOVE THOS SHOW!!!!! Btw Barney amd Robin for the WIN!!! I LOVE THEM TOGETHER!!!! SCREW QUINN THE STRIPER.