New Spoiler Alert!: Who's Dying on Grey’s? Community Crisis? Dair DOA on Gossip Girl?

Grey's Anatomy DeathThis week on Spoiler Alert!, Matt Mitovich and I are joined — metaphorically, at least — by a guest star that no actor wants on their show: the Grim Reaper!

Meaning, not only will we reveal who (we think) will suffer the “dark, dark death” that Grey’s Anatomy has promised, but we’ll also offer up as a sacrifice the Community regular who is “quite expendable”; mourn the demise of one Gossip Girl couple; and tease the possible rise of a “psycho murderer” on Smash.

Oh, and as if that wasn’t enough, we preview the final season of Fringe, and Scandal’s Tony Goldwyn hints at a possible revisitation of the president’s relationship with Olivia when “all hell breaks loose” in the season finale.

You’re not even reading this anymore, are you? You’ve already clicked on the video below. Well, when you’re done, be sure and hit the comments, at least.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Sarah says:

    Can’t get the video to load.

  2. You guys are so wrong, Chevy is the best part of the show

    • e. says:

      Ha! Oh, you weren’t kidding?

    • filmex says:

      Chevy said he could make the show funnier. Only by leaving.

    • Kasper F. Nielsen says:

      I 100 % agree, even though we’re definitely in the minority on this. If anyone were to get kicked off the show for say budgetary reasons I’d prefer it be Britta or Annie, which aren’t really that funny either of them.

      • Joe says:

        Is that a joke? Half the audience would probably leave if Britta or Annie were to exit the series whereas only a minority, as you mentioned, would stop watching if Pierce left. Chevy’s too much of a diva.

      • Kasper fears hot chicks says:

        Annie is one of the funniest people on the show and Britta has been standout this season. But hey, you like Pierce so that all makes sense.

      • Angela says:

        I love Britta and Annie. Britta in particular has been a highlight of many of the more recent episodes.
        I think the show could do fine without Pierce, but I don’t want anyone to leave. I want Dan and Chevy to work out their issues and at least call a civil truce or something, so that everyone can stick around and the show can continue on as is. And if Chevy does decide to move on…maybe they can work out something where he pops up every so often for a few moments or something, ’cause that’s generally what he’s been doing of late anyway.

    • Meggo says:

      I agree. I love Chevy. I dislike Dan Harmon, but since I dont actually have to SEE him each week, i’ll live with him. But I do not like his attitude in interviews at all. (I sound as if I’m making these decisions!)

      • beatriceblythe says:

        THIS. Dan Harmon seems like a sulky twit to me. I’m not especially fond of Chevy, but they’ve both been super unprofessional. LAME.

    • Hojana says:

      Chevy isn’t exactly a funny part of the show but I can’t imagine community without him either. Work it out you spoiled b1tch3s!

    • Ava says:

      I really like Pierce. He has had some of my favorite moments on the show. I think they’ve really been underwriting him this season though. The first two seasons he had a lot of realyl great episodes. This season I can’t even remember one thing he’s done. It’s like they’ve already written him out. I also think he balances the show nicely.

  3. I’ve been saying for WEEKS that it’s someone at the hospital that dies, no one believes me. THANK YOU for agreeing! Two TV KINGS that think the same as me, makes me feel GOOD! <3

    • CM says:

      I don’t think Shonda is the one who actually used the term “beloved” character, that was just thrown into an article for buzz.

      Shonda only said it would be a “fairly big death.”

    • Caro says:

      ME TOO! Shonda told us very early on that we can’t see it coming. Well on a plane you can expect someone to die, right? And that’s what the promo wants us to believe. But in true Shonda style she doesn’t focus on who’s at risk. And which character hasn’t been discussed? Callie and Owen and Teddy. We know Patrick (Derek), Ellen (Meredith), Sandra (Cristina), Chandra (Bailey) are safe because they have renewed their contracts. Shonda talked a little about Mark/Lexie, Ben/Bailey and Owen/Cristina but she hasn’t said anything about Callie/Arizona. Other possibilities would be Lexie, Teddy and Owen but Sara Ramirez’ character Callie is the ‘oldest’ character on board, the next in line to renew her contract. Shonda has said that it scared her to kill this character, she definitely fears the backlash from fans. Callie dying would fit that description. Not if it were about Teddy, Jackson or April. Definitely not April. Lexie is the spare Grey, it could only be her if Chyler Leigh would want to leave the show. Of course there’s also Richard but why would James Pickens Jr. want to leave such a good job? I don’t think it’s him either. I bet it’s either Callie (that would also explain the whole “don’t ever leave me” story line from last week) or Owen but I don’t think Shonda is done with the Cristina/Owen story line. It’s very well written. Then again, Owen dying would give Cristina, Meredith and Derek a reason to stay in SGH, and Callie dying wouldn’t. But Shonda has said that one would die and I’ve read that multiple characters fate would be undetermined so Shonda might close the finale with someone’s life in danger en keep us guessing if he/she will make it. I think Callie won’t make it and maybe Owen is critically injured or something? We know the characters will decide in season 9 if they’ll stay in Seattle or not. So I think the cliffhanger is: Callie dead, somebody else’s life in danger, maybe multiple persons lives in danger. I have no idea what’s going to happen to Ben, actually. I’d hate to see him leave. I like him with Bailey.

      • Russ says:

        If it is someone at the plane crash who dies I think it will be Mark. Because he is not trapped under anything but could have internal injuries or bleeding, so he could just fall over dead and you wouldn’t see it coming. He is Mcsteamy, you got to love Mcsteamy. They could make it seem like Lexie is dying and he will confess his love for her and that he wants to be with her to give them an emotional I’ll always love you ending. Then Ellen Pompeo just renewed her contract like a weeks or two ago, if she decided to stop they were talking about have Lexie be the Grey for Grey’s Anatomy. So I don’t think the there was time to from writing the finale to contract renewed for the to know for sure that Meredith will back and kill of Lexie. I don’t think they would kill Arizona without an emotional good bye from Callie especially after they dropped Erica Hahn without blinking. Personally I would be okay with people dying if this order Bailey, Webber, Teddy, then Mark. Everyone else on the show I like, has a good storyline, and want to keep around.

      • Mimi says:

        Callie wasnt on the plane. Is everyone missing the part in the preview where they say Derek got sucked out of the window? Ive narrowed it down to either Derek dying during the plane crash or April comitting suicide. Yeah yeah, Patrick Dempsey signed a new contract but for all we know, he may come back as a ghost. Afterall, long live Denny!

        • the girl says:

          No more ghosts on Grey’s, please. I appreciate the idea that it might not be someone associated with the plane crash. In reality all of the people I would be happy about losing are still at the hospital, so that is probably why I feel like it should be one of the unexpected ones.

        • michelle says:


        • Ava says:

          I think Callie is going to die. I just don’t think it’ll be anyone on the plane and I don’t think it’s going to be April (though I wish it would be. Most. Annoying. Character. EVER.). I think Callie is the good choice. I always thought she should have died in the car crash leaving Mark and Arizona to raise the baby. Those two are quite the double act and would bring some good comedy to the show.,

        • giner says:

          Yes, but it said he signed his contract for two more years. I enjoyed the “Denny” ghost phase as much as the next person, but a lot of fans got tired of it. I really don’t think Shonda could get away with that mess again.I think it could be someone on or off the plane. Shonda is very good at giving a shock, right when you think you know who it is,..BAM, she hits you with something completely unexpected, sad, and something you would’ve never thought of. She is awesome for that, even though at that moment I’m probably saying, WHAT?!, SERIOUSLY?!!! I’m kinda of leaning toward what Russ had to say. There are several characters that still have some things to figure out and I don’t see them being written off just yet. The comment about April I could so see that happening. She’s in a very fragile state right now and suicide wouldn’t be that far of a stretch. Also, Owen did tell her she couldn’t come back, so now she has even more motive. I really don’t think anyone is safe. Owen’s death could possibly convince Meredith, Derek, and Cristina to stay instead of leaving. Of course, this is all my very own opinion. Anything can happen! I do know one thing for sure,….it will be an on the edge of your seat episode that will probably end with a huge cliffhanger that will drive everyone nuts until season 9 begins and I pray no ghosts are involved. Gotta love some GREYS ANATOMY!!!!!!

        • LJ says:

          In the full 8 minute preview you see Derek alive, but his hand is stuck through a wing. It looks like he bludgeons it with a rock to get it out, but he is alive in the first 8 minutes.

      • Darryl says:

        I was actually thinking it would be Richard’s wife. She is beloved, been on the show a long time, and the actress is doing several other things.

        • luv2draw says:

          She’s not beloved to me. She’s a pia.

          If it’s not Derek, it’s someone who would cause Derek to have to come back to Seattle instead of he and Meredith going to Boston. She’s the Grey in Grey’s Anatomy (not her sister).

      • Kristen says:

        I actually think Callie is safe. I’d hate to see her leave. How is that going to leave Mark and Arizona with Sophia? I think Shonda is going to off Arizona. It would make way for Alex to have to stay in Seattle b/c he’ll feel responsible for her getting on the plane. I think Derek’s life will be left in the balance. It’d be great if he had a head injury, putting him in a coma, and next season they’d have to bring in Amelia to do neuro surgery on the famous neuro surgeon brother right after she lost her baby. I think Lexie and Teddy are safe. I think April is a given, and can expect her death to accompany that of another main character. I think Adele is safe, only b/c she’s already made her “exit” on this show by way of Alzheimer’s and falling in love with another man. I think Mark is safe. I can’t imagine that Shonda would give him and Lexie no closure like that. At the most Lexie’s life will be hanging in the balance, a reverse from the hospital shooting, and he will realize he can’t waste time and confess his love. Given the fact that Shonda worries about killing off this character, I think even more it will be Arizona. Her and Callie are finally in a great place, they just had that amazingly emotional scene outside the hospital, which was a true proclamation of their love for one another. The scene still gives me chills. It definitely feels like Arizona could be on the chopping block. Okay… rambling over. Arizona and April (dead), Lexie and Derek (hanging in the balance. Final answer.

      • Nicole says:

        i think arizona’s gonna die. maybe shonda will have that whole “don’t ever leave me” thing reversed and instead of callie leaving, it will be arizona after all arizona,callie,and april are preggers in reallity.and if not arizona then it will be april.maybe she kills herself or drives drunk and “accidentaly” kill owen. but i hope its not true that derek and merediths new house burns down!

    • Ceecile says:

      It’s Callie. I’m so sure about it.First I know someone in real estate in NY and sara Ramirez was up there looking for a place. She said she left the show and it wasn’t her choice but she was excited to go back to broadway.

    • H.Houston says:

      I said something like that on the Facebook thread about Grey’s as well. I have seen the, as the guys put it “bait and switch” before. As much as I hate to say it, I thought about Lexie being the one that dies because it really wouldn’t work with Arizona dying because of the set up on the story with her friend coming back (I think he is going to make Callie and Arizona’s koolaid get funky next season… maybe a baby from Arizona?)… but then I started thinking, I have been watching Shonda’s shows now for a bit and I wondered if she was going to kill off someone at the hospital. April would seriously be a logical choice at this point because of everything that has gone on, I could see her simply slipping further into the pit of dispair and killing herself. I also can see the plane crash forcing the ones that were going to leave into staying because… what happens if Derek is hurt badly enough that he cannot operate… that would keep Mere and him there because they would need her, she is good. I see the plane crash fixing their ‘how do we explain everyone staying here’ situation. But the more I think about the death as I have said, the more I think it is going to be April.

    • Chris says:

      Sooo, since you were completely wrong… I bet you’re not feeling so smug anymore, huh?

  4. Allie says:

    Dair’s demise is cause for celebration, not mourning. Hooray, I can actually watch Gossip Girl again!

  5. Elliot says:

    Dair being destroyed for an abusive relationship just confirms that I no longer need to watch this garbage. Why people think that is a healthy relationship is beyond me. Chuck treats Blair like garbage and she lets him. I can’t and DO NOT support that.

    • Sara says:

      Right there with ya. =/

    • mittens says:

      Exactly. People don’t care about what’s happy, though. They care about what’s entertaining. Which is mildly disturbing considering what they find entertaining is abusive. It’s sick.

  6. Rebecca says:

    Whelp, the only reason I started watching Gossip Girl again was for DAIR. I Guess I can take GG off my DVR now.

  7. Ana says:

    April is NOT a beloved character! i just hate april, she is really anoying

    • Z says:

      April is funny annoying.
      I actually think the Lexi and Mark storyline is annoying.
      I hope its not April that dies. I think im the only person that like her haha.
      If it is April I don’t think it will be suicide, it doesn’t seem like something she would do regardless of her situation.

      • hannah says:

        same I personally don’t want it to be April…she has potential for character development and I want to see more of how she will deal with Jackson, Failing the Boards etc…I would be kind of pissed if it’s her.

        • Ange says:

          For the most part, she has been annoying since day one, not sure why they brought her back unless to annoy fans, she isnt well liked with other characters on the show, they just tolerate her. Can’t see much growth in her other than more annoyance. Think the episode is jumbled up in a dream, a few chimes were on. If it is Arizona, I can see that calli would move and a way to get sara r. Out of show. Arizona’s leg never got looked at

    • Carla says:

      MEEEE TOOOO! I can’t stand April.

  8. Pat says:

    I also was very disappointed with the Fringe finale. Each of the last 3 finales have completely blown me away. This one failed to do that. Still excited for the final 13, but there was no “WTF?!?!?!” moment to close it out, and I’ve come to expect that with their finales.

    • jenna says:

      I think that was the point of episode 19, to be the whole ‘wait what did I just watch?!?’ episode. Since the writers didn’t know if the show would even get another season (or half season) the finale worked as both a series finale and a season finale. Personally I thought it was excellent

      • AngelMoon Girl says:

        Yep. Agreed.

      • Ken says:

        Fringe finale was not only excellent,it was perfect.Those who did not like the finale are not really Fringe fan who as been with the show since the pilot episode, and understanding all the seasons tie-in from 1-4.As Wyman and Pinkner as stated,season 5 will be a culmination of season i-4 with an epic ending for season 5.
        It boggles my mind what kind of an finale to season 4 were these pessimistic people looking for.A pessimist always enjoyed something bad happening.

  9. kay says:

    Definitely NOT watching gossip girl again after they ruined Dair. Still can’t believe it

  10. Aishwarya says:

    What about House? I want House!

  11. Vanilla says:

    Dair sucked! Glad it’s over! You can mourn if you want to… For some reason dudes like Dair. I don’t get why, but whatever.

    I do agree. I am tired of the Chair back and forth crap. I want them to be together and stay together. No more third parties. No more messing around. Since there are only 11 episodes I want them all to be dedicated to Chuck and Blair fixing their relationship. I want Blair and Serena to fix their relationship too.

    Safran says season 6 is supposed to be dedicated to Blair and Serena fixing their relationship. However, Safran also said that the finale episode we just watched was not about ships, and that is ALL it was about. So I don’t know what to say about that.

    • luli says:

      They have ruined every relationship and friendship on the show… Even rufus and lily’s relationship. I just know that i’m not watchin next season after the finale

    • mittens says:

      Dudes like Dair, because Dan and Blair are drama-free and logical. Men usually aren’t big on irrational, unnecessary drama. And I couldn’t agree more. Chuck and Blair put me to sleep with all their drama. They’re like emotionally retarded, whiny teenagers. It’s ridiculous.

  12. Sally says:

    So much character assassination on Gossip Girl. I can’t imagine Chair fans being happy with this season, even after the end of Dair. Just terrible writing.

    • Vanilla says:

      This season was terrible and so was the finale. I am glad that Blair picked Chuck, and I definitely was not surprised that she did. It was obvious that she didn’t love Dan except as a friend. If the Blair and Chuck relationship (next season) is just a whole bunch of back and forth nonsense, then I won’t be happy with that. They need to get it together.

      • Beth says:

        So you’re happy Chuck told Blair that she isn’t enough for him and that he doesn’t want to be Mr. Blair Waldorf? That isn’t setting any alarm bells off on you? You saw what the writers did to Dan/Blair with much less warning. Buckle up and good luck watching the final season because I think all of y’all are gonna need it.

        • Anon says:

          WTF are you talking about? Blair told Chuck the EXACT same thing in season 4. Hypocrisy at it’s finest. Wouldn’t expect any more from a dair stan.

          • Beth says:

            No, she didn’t you guys. Seriously go watch the scene, it’s totally different. She doesn’t demean Chuck, she just says she needs to find her own way first and it made total sense because part of the reason she felt weak was what happened between her and Chuck, when she sold herself for his hotel. That’s why she needed to feel powerful before they could get back together.

            In this scene, Chuck didn’t say he needed to sort out his future and then ‘maybe in the future.’ He SNEERED at her. He told her you are not enough for me in the cruelest way. He told her that the only reason he had a future is because he gave up his for hers. He told her that he didn’t want to be Mr. Blair Waldorf like the very thought was disgusting to him. The scenes are so, so different and Blair’s scene actually makes sense. It wasn’t her rejecting him, it was her saying I want to be with you but not right now.

        • GGCB says:

          That’s where you dont understand their story and the parallels. It wasn’t that Blair wasn’t enough, it was to make a parallel. Blair told Chuck basically he wasn’t enough and their love wasn’t enough either, if you dont remember “I have to be Blair Waldorf before I can be Chuck Bass’s girlfriend” and him telling her “I don’t want to be Mr. Blair Waldorf” is a parallel to what she said before to him before. Also it ties into what she herself said “When and if we end up together, it will have to be as equals, with nothing over our heads” they both had to be equal in a relationship to start fresh.

          And what they did to D/B without any warning? THEIR WHOLE RELATIONSHIP WAS A WARNING. They were doomed from the start. Anything that comes between Blair and Serena’s relationship wasn’t going to last. How could anyone not understand that? Also the whole relationship was one sided. It was all about Blair.

          So I personally am happy that Chuck and Blair are together. There’s only 11 episodes of GG left so I’m not worried, they put Chair together and they will stay that way until the end in which we have “The Return of the Ring” again. Chuck does still have the Harry Winston ring after all.

          • Beth says:

            There is a HUGE difference between Blair telling Chuck she needed to find herself before they got back together and Chuck telling Blair that she isn’t enough for him like he did. There was no reason for that scene to be depicted the way that it was, in that berating, degrading tone. They could have written it so differently. But they keep writing Chuck and Blair the same over and over, they keep having him lash out at her and demean her. This wasn’t about Chuck wanting to be Blair’s equal, it was about him diminishing her power (you only have a future because I gave mine up for it) and absolutely refusing to be less powerful than her in their relationship, although that was Blair’s situation when they were actually together.

            I think you guys are in for a rude awakening next season, tbh. I think Serena and Blair will end the show alone and together based on how both Chuck and Dan put them down with regard to their labels. This finale was the last gift to Chair fans.

  13. Meg says:

    Fringe is amazing!!!!

  14. Jan says:

    Although I hope I’m wrong, I think the person who dies might be Arizona, because she took Karev’s place at the last minute.

    • Russ says:

      The only reason I don’t think it will be Arizona is that it will be a lot of fan/lesbian back lash. Out of all the characters of the show they kill off the one in the happy lesbian couple and after the way they dropped Erica Hahn like a hot potato, people will be pissed. i will be pissed if she dies.

      • Meggo says:

        True, but they would do that with any couple, so it shouldnt be political (althought, I know some people will ALWAYS make something political) If Arizona dies, it gives Karev a reason to stay. Something to think about…

        • Anon says:

          I don’t understand why Arizona dying would give Karev a reason to stay. She’s head of Peds..he would still be working under someone, just not Arizona. If she dies, he’ll run for the hills to escape the guilt.. Now, if she’s injured and needs his help….that’s another story.

  15. I want to see the Chicago Paintball episode of Community.

  16. Star says:

    GG is the dumbest show I have ever watched IN MY LIFE. Not one damn thing last night made sense with the 21 episodes before it. Having Chuck reject Blair on the roof of the hotel he pimped her out for, W T F is that shyt? So disgusting, I have officially boycotted the CW in general, I am done with these ridiculous teen shows that only pander to fanbases rather than write a logical cohesive storyline, They all get my middle finger, I can’t wait till the CW goes under, I will celebrate.

    • kate says:

      Chuck rejecting Blair makes perfect sense. His father is back, undermining his confidence and basically saying he’s useless. Chuck has always wanted to please his father, and the first thing his father did was steal his business by manipulating Chuck into failing some bogus test and then blaming his own actions on Chuck’s feelings for Blair. But Chuck was a kid who was blind about his dad, and he’s still pretty young and thought they were going to work together, so I expected him to take a few steps back when his father acted like he always did. What I didn’t expect was Lily to fall for such BS, especially with Bart stealing his business from Chuck, who she adopted for business reasons but loves as her own son.

      • Beth says:

        Um, Chuck speaking to Blair like that was not right. And the show treated it like he was right, which is disgusting. He told her that she isn’t enough, blamed her, and said she never supported him, which is not true. He also said he doesn’t want to be Mr. Blair Waldorf. It was gross, and watching Blair go after him after that to bet on him like he was right was baffling and even worse.

        To be honest, the whole thing was so weird and confusing that I wouldn’t be surprised if it is important and comes back to bite Chair fans next season and the real endgame ends up being Serena/Blair and Rufus/Lily.

        • kate says:

          Why? Blair basically said the same thing when she didn’t want to give up all her dreams to be with him either. I don’t ship “Chair” but I didn’t say anything about it being right or nice, I said it made sense. That’s the point. Chuck’s father is inherently bad for Chuck’s character. When did Chuck finally start getting it together? After his father died. That’s the poisonous relationship. Bart turns Chuck into a jerk because Chuck has always wanted to please his father. Bart is always belittling Chuck and undermining his confidence. Whenever Chuck does something decent, his father tells him he’s weak. Chuck putting Blair first is admirable, not a character flaw like Bart implies, but Bart’s opinion has always mattered to Chuck. Bart is Chuck’s father and Chuck is blind to the fact that Bart is not someone he should want to be like. Bart’s a great businessman, not a great man. Chuck confuses the two.

          • Beth says:

            No, she didn’t say the same thing. Blair told Chuck that she needed to be powerful first on her own before they could be together. Chuck doesn’t tell Blair that he needs to sort out his future first or that he wants to be equals, he says that she isn’t enough, he says that he doesn’t want to be Mr. Blair Waldorf like the thought is disgusting to him, he says she only has her future because he gave his up for it. It was a demeaning and degrading scene.

            And it’s no surprise that Bart is bad for Chuck’s character, but what is a surprise is that he continues to take it out on the one person who has been there for him through all of the Bart stuff. He is her punching bag wrt the Bart story line. She was there for Chuck in the last two episodes, and he crapped all over her like she has never supported him.

          • kate says:

            do you just hate Chuck or are you a some kind of super bitter Dair fan? or are you thick and need everything to be completely literal for you? Blair saying she has to be someone before she can be Chuck Bass’s girlfriend because being Chuck Bass’s girlfriend wasn’t enough for her is basically the same as Chuck saying he doesn’t just want to be Mr. Blair Waldorf because just being Blair’s boyfriend isn’t enough for him. You’re still missing the point of what I said, which is that with Bart back and undermining/demeaning Chuck because of his feelings for Blair, who has only ever wanted to please his father, no one should be surprised by Chuck’s behavior. so again, Dair fan or just Chuck hater?

    • AgentVee says:

      I agree. I’d rather watch a show that knows how to tell a story and still be campy (like Revenge) at the end of the day instead of a show like GG, who’ll throw character development and story aside for a small group of vocal online shippers dedicated to making multiple accounts on several social networking sites, all for one couple (and a lot of them do NOT live in Nielsen households, let alone the US). I’m still watching Nikita on the CW, and Arrow, despite not really staying true to the DC character, looks interesting, but other than that, there’s no reason for me to acknowledge the rest of the network. Yes, even the aging Supernatural and ANTM, both progressively getting sillier with each renewal.

  17. amiee says:

    The only reason the show sucked and I stopped watching was because of “dair”. If you really thought that Blair would pick Dan, you need to watch this season again. The bitterness is so sweet! :D

  18. A says:

    Gossip girl finale must have been written by monkeys. No other explanation. Not only will I not be watching season 6 but I don’t even think I can watch reruns. Knowing This is how they end up just ruins the experience.

  19. kate says:

    I don’t really ship anyone on GG but I found Dan and Blair dull. Glad that’s over. I prefer Dan doing something with someone who makes him interesting (Serena, Georgina). Blair and Dan were just too nice together, so I’m cool with her choosing Chuck. Wen he rejected her I was surprised she showed up at the casino. But THAT’S our Blair! You know what you want, go get him. I was more disturbed by Lily’s return to Bart. Seriously. The guy you were divorcing abandoned you “to keep you safe” (load of BS) by pretendeding to be dead, comes back, steals the family business from a son who wanted nothing more than to work together with him, rendered one of your marriages invalid/fraudulent, and then manipulated you into choosing him over Rufus. I don’t know how Lily managest to be both the smartest and dumbest character on the show at the same time, but she always does.

    • kate says:

      wow, please forgive my typos. my only defense is that I was incoherent with shock at Lily’s stupidity.

      • Sarah says:

        agreed… Lily has become this awful awful character that I can no longer stand! I used to think she was an amazing and strong person. Now I think she is as shallow and superficial as she seemed when the show first started!!! Boo, GG writers!! Way too anihilate every character on GG, except for Nate! Good grief…

  20. gale says:

    why bother going to the dair path when they r decided on the fact that blair will pick chuck? in fact why cant they just make blair’s love interest be someone else who is not a regular character? at least that makes sense! Now everyone in the regular cast has hooked up each other, well u have to wait for serena n chuck to hook up together.. then it will come full circle.. gosh they totally destroyed the gossip girl storyline.

    • Kristina says:

      They tried that with Louis…did not go over well.

    • mittens says:

      Better yet. They should’ve had Blair be single until the season finale. That way at least the Dair friendship wouldn’t have died as well. They were such a refreshing, fun, and happy addition to the show as friends. But now even that’s gone. Like, WTF, man???

  21. Amanda says:

    I know Fringe’s finale was not the shocker last seasons was but I do think the writers hands were tied by not knowing ahead of time what the future of the show would be. Its nice to know they wanted to wrap things up the best they could for the fans.

  22. D. says:

    Shonda, don’t you dare kill April. Don’t.

    • Larc says:

      I’m thinking it won’t be April because of all the things that make her the very obvious choice. It will probably be somebody Shonda hasn’t been building up a strong case for.

    • Andrea says:

      April isn’t on the plane…

  23. Jess says:

    I am done watching Greys if they kill off Kepner. It was boring and ridiculous to have her fail her boards to begin with. Plus, the only way I can picture her being killed off is through suicide. Now we are supposed to believe she is religious…right? Well, if she was actually religious then I am seriously concerned. 1st She would not have had sex in the bathroom after feeling so guilty about not waiting to marriage. Fine, I will take that with a grain of salt, but I will stop watching if they try to convince me that she kills herself over it, when it is considered a mortal sin. I am not overly religious personally, but I would expect someone who is writting this storyline to be able to think. The writing is getting as bad as Days of Our Lives….Personally, I would kill off Arizona and give her heart to her brother’s friend….

    • M says:

      I don’t think it will be april. Considering she is supposed to be really religious if she commits suicide she won’t be able to go to heaven

    • the girl says:

      Not to sound flippant, but religious people kill themselves all the time. Guilt can make you do many a crazy thing.

    • UghApril says:

      April was drinking shots and then ran out of the bar. Couldn’t she die in a drunk driving accident? I’m really not a fan of April’s so they can kill her off and I’d be thrilled. But I would feel bad for her fans.

    • TA says:

      right on ! her heart to her friend good idea

    • Ange says:

      april sucks, i can’t stand her from the getgo, how did she become an intern to resident chief? or whatever the title, then to lose it. She’s annoying!!!!

    • H.Houston says:

      You brought up something that puts and interesting twist on things… What if it’s Arizona and what if they do infact donate her heart to her and her brother’s friend… That would make for some very interesting scenarios

  24. Mahala says:

    As a Lexie/Slexie fan, I’m going into this week believing she’s going to be the one to die, because I can not get my hopes up only for them to be completely obliterated again, like all the other times, for this show as well as others that I’ve had special ideals/hopes for certain characters/pairings. All the spoilers/hints/rumors and now promos seem to point to her. What’s going to be ironic is, if it turns out Lexie doesn’t die, but ‘Mark’ isn’t ‘safe’ after all, he’s the one who drops dead. Either way, it’s going to suck. The couple/characters have been shamefully wasted the last three years, things could’ve gone so differently. Not marriage and babies, but other routes, I could go on about them. Him having a grown pregnant daughter, then impregnating his bisexual best friend, and then not one, but two insipid, inconsistent, & halfhearted triangles was not what I had envisioned for M/L.

    • Caro says:

      I agree. The Mark/Lexie story line had the Mer/Der potential but with what they’ve made of it, it has become a joke and hard to watch. I liked Mark the best when he realized Addison didn’t want him. Then we saw a vulnerable side of him. Also when he comforted Derek with the drowning of Mer. I had hoped Shonda would have written better story lines, more than just the sperm donor of the lesbian couple and grandpa to his estranged teen age daughter! Lexie with Jackson was laughable too. But I still have a bit of hope Shonda isn’t done with these two. Let’s hope Eric Dane wasn’t done with this job, too, so that Shonda has a chance to built on this relationship. I only hope the whole “I love you” declaration isn’t written because Shonda knew Eric would be out! So I keep believing it isn’t going to be Mark, but the death will be Callie. See post above.

    • Jen says:

      I totally agree!!! everyone is looking at lexie cause she’s in the worst shape. If its gonna be such a shocker why put that out there. EVERYONE is expecting Lexie to die. I’m scared for Mark now. Even though his contracts not up doesn’t been he hasn’t been written out of the show. After the promo last week i was completely sure it was Lexie or Arizona now I think its one of the ones that seem ok. You can’t build up a relationship like Mark and Lexie and just have it end like this. YOU CAN’T!!! They tried being with different people and we hated that. Derek just got his hand smashed so it may be bye bye Neuro. Thats why he doesn’t go to Harvard next season, they don’t want him anymore. Well one more day to go and we’ll be back here wondering whats gonna happen in September when the show comes back. But if its Mark or Lexie i might not care :(

      • Sarah says:

        All I can say is, at this point, after they killed off George a few seasons ago, if Mark dies I am done!!! McSteamy is the BIGGEST reason I watch Grey’s. I don’t want Mer/Der, Christina, Alex, or Jackson to die either, but I could still watch the show. But if Mark dies, that will be it for me. He needs some happiness… I hope its a build up that in the end the death really isnt as huge as they are saying. But after George, all bets are off and I dont think ANYONE on the cast is safe! :(

    • Ange says:

      Yes, they have lost the creativity of this show, really lost it. Jumping shark maybe with this plane? I just wish they move on, lexie should move on to someone, sorry but i don’t buy the i love him still, she broke off for a reason she wasn’t ready for, but now she is ready for parenting? give me a break. And april/jackson with april being guilty? and cristina taking hunt back?

  25. Meggo says:

    Did anyone else see rope in the back ground outside the window in this video? lol. I was expecting someone to jump up any second. Also, to add: I have always had this awful feeling about Dan Harmon. He just seems like a creepy guy, who no one can control. He talks about drinking ALL the time, and he just seems to have bad taste. I loved the first season of Community, liked the Second, and since then, It’s been this “sci-fi comedy”, that is still good, but VERY different than the last few seasons. I’ll still watch of course though. IMHO!

    • Ava says:

      Haha I loved the window washer ropes out there. I was really hoping the actual window washers would show up.

  26. Beth says:

    Ugh, the Gossip Girl finale was so bad. Dan and Blair should have been the endgame because their relationship is so much healthier and better and Blair said she feels strong with him, and her whole arc is about feeling weak.

    But honestly, even aside from Chuck/Blair, the finale was just awful. I couldn’t believe the way the writers had Chuck speak to Blair, and to a lesser extent Dan speak to Serena. Why do they hate their female characters and think we want to see them degraded like that?

  27. Mahala says:

    I would love if the plane crash was a red herring and nobody from it died (I know Meredith, Cristina, Derek, and Arizona are going to be fine, because while us Slexie fans would be devastated over them, the other characters do have bigger fan bases and their loss would mean hell for next season’s ratings, when ratings would only slip a little with the loss of Slexie, as much as i hate to admit that). I personally think that the only “necessary” deaths would be among Jackson/April/Teddy, they take up too much screen time from the more important, relevant characters. Teddy or April would only ever be really relevant if they were paired up with Alex. I do NOT want to see this “Japril” crap, I find them thoroughly insipid. But, I really have the feeling Lexie will die, which will make way for April to come back. Also, while I really like Richard, I think he’s served his purpose and he should go, I choose Slexie to survive over him since they still have so much potential despite the time wasted, if only the writers would just do something substantial with that potential!

    • Christina says:

      Teddy dying might make Cristina stay in Seattle (if they offered her Teddy’s position).

      • GAFAN says:

        I completely agree- its most likely going to be Teddi cause then Christina will stay at SGH. I think it could also be Calli – forshawdowing when Arizona said for Calli not to leave her – but then again, it could be Arizona and that would be irony at its finest!
        I would be really sad if its lexie or mark – but I do have a feeling its gonna be Mark – Lexie is a tie to having Meredith and Derek stay at SGH.
        Im hoping for Adele and Richard dying because they have no use on the show anymore.
        Im also hoping that Owen doenst die – I want to see more of the Christina-Owen storyline, especially if Christina stays at SGH.

  28. for your consideration says:

    Grey’s death: There’s a season 5 episode with Arizona and Alex on a plane to pick up organs from a donor where she says she “always feels closer to death on a plane.” I’m betting it’s Arizona that dies.

  29. Allie says:

    I feel like it won’t be April because I don’t know if I see her death making all the characters want to stay at Seattle Grace and turn down their other job offers. However all signs do point to her if you are looking for a death outside of the place crash. Who knows, but I am excited to watch.

  30. Sammie says:

    Saw this on another forum, and sums the mess of GG up perfectly:

    “Blair was pathetic because not only did she lie to Dan at the beginning of the episode about wanting to be in a relationship with him (and multiple times in the past few weeks), she didn’t even stop by the divorce party to break up with him KNOWING he was waiting for her, instead merrily going up to Chuck and declaring her love for him. She’s pathetic because Chuck rejected her, told her she isn’t enough, and she still went crawling back to him.

    She’s pathetic because she didn’t even talk to Dan, her supposed “best friend” – didn’t have the decency to face him in Brooklyn and break up in person – even though she had no problem going to Brooklyn multiple times this year to take, take, take every bit of his love, support, loyalty and kindness to make herself feel better. She skipped town with her mother and smugly said she had “nothing holding her back” and “no loose ends to tie” while Dan was left deleting his emails.

    The Blair Waldorf I’ve seen all these years is flawed, but not heartless.”

    Whether you like blair with chuck or with dan, you have to admit, the way the wrote off the D/B relationship was really unbelievable. He was ready to give her everything. His life, his love, even his career. And what does she do? She goes back to the same guy who hasn’t given her anything of value. Now Chuck gets the girl while Dan busted his as$ for like two years just to see her fall into the arms of a guy that he knows is gonna treat her like sh|t. What’s the moral of the story here? Nice guys finish last? Men who degrade women are more magnetic and worthy of passion? I don’t get it…….?

    Also, I really hope it’s not Lexie or Mark to die in the finale! I was also thinking it could be someone not in the plane crash at all.

    • Anon says:

      Chuck hasn’t given Blair ANYTHING of value? Stop lying. Clearly you just twisted the past 5 seasons to support your argument, or have only watched this season finale. Chuck has almost died MULTIPLE times for Blair. He was ready to propose and raise a child that wasn’t biologically his because he loved her so much. And you say he hasn’t given her anything of “value”. Bloody liar. Stay bitter.

      • Sammie says:

        lmao wait he almost died for her, multiple times? ….when tho?

      • Beth says:

        When did he almost die for Blair? He almost died for his own stupidity trying to drown his sorrows about how he lost Blair through his own actions. Dan was ALSO ready to be with Blair and help her with a child that wasn’t his because he loved her so much. Dan was the one who was there for Blair all season, he wrote a book about how much he loved her, he helped her feel safe and strong, he helped her grow up. This ending was insane. Dair got all the good stuff but Chair got the happy ending, it makes zero sense.

        • Brit says:

          Everyone takes this show way too seriously. I admit I’m glad for a Chuck and Blair reunion, because Dan and Blair together was boring. No matter who you wanted Blair to choose, everyone had to realize that Chuck and Blair is endgame. Yes, I hated that she didn’t choose to break up with Dan in person, but how often, in reality, does someone get a good, clean break up? Yes, Dan was there for her through a lot but they never should have been more than friends because, regardless of how Chuck has treated Blair in the past, she loves Chuck. End of story. Almost all people on these posts are way to invested in this and mean to one another. Jeez. Get over it, it’s a tv show.

  31. Katie says:

    I’m betting it’s Arizona, she made that weird comment to Callie about forever and not going anywhere in the last episode and that always spells doom.

    • Caro says:

      Yes but because we “won’t see it coming” it has to be Callie in stead of Arizona. Yep, doesn’t make sense, but it’s just a bet. I’d hate for Mark or Lexie or Owen to be the one who’s going to die!!!! I don’t want to think about that, that’s why I stick with Callie as the one.

      • Caitlin says:

        I feel like Callie’s safe because if Arizona were to lose both her wife and her best friend in one go it would ruin the character.

  32. Ana says:

    Please! please let it be April! i know it’s the obvious choice but if Arizona or Lexie die, i think i’m gonna die a little bit. i love them both so much, arizona and callie are perfect together and Lexie is little Grey come on!!

  33. lolo says:

    Why is Michael dressed up like Seamus Dever from Castle?

  34. maria maria says:

    I think for Grey’s the death has to be somebody at the plane site.. The promo shows the plane crash, and then says one of them will not survive. I think it is Lexie or Arizona, leaning towards Lexie. Either way, I think one of them dies, and the other is critically injured (so can’t work at the hospital). With Arizona injured / dead, Alex will stay and do peds at Seattle Grace (out of guilt and respect for his mentor). With Lexie injured / dead, Meredith will want to stay with her (also works if Derek is critically injured). Christina will stay with Meredith at Seattle Grace because Meredith will be so crushed emotionally by her sister’s death or injuries (Derek as well..). With Lexie injured / dead, there will be room in the budget for April to work at Seattle Grace.

    I think Mark is safe according to a spoiler Ausiello wrote.. Also all the actors who have signed contracts for the next two years are presumed safe (Derek, Meredith, Christina, Webber, Bailey). I think Lexie is a great character, and love her and Mark together, so will be really sad if its her. I also really like Arizona. I think killing either one of them off is a poor choice..

    • oscarel says:

      I’m thinking you’re right. Also Arizona is pregnant in real life and I don’t think a pregnant Arizona would be a good story line at this time. It would also explain last weeks, “Don’t ever leave me” thingy. Would really like April to go but I don’t think she’s that “beloved”.

  35. Mae says:

    I’m not surprised that Blair chose Chuck. I just think the way it all went down was awful. First of all, don’t write Dan/Blair as the most functional working relationship on this show if you can’t even give them a proper ending. Blair couldn’t even tell her best friend that sorry she was still in love with Chuck? I may not have liked that it was Chuck and Blair but I would have accepted it. The way they wrote the finale was so ridiculous. Why should I root for a couple that is so abusive and derogatory towards women. Blair gave up a man who loved her unconditionally for a guy who sold her for a hotel? I don’t understand the logic. I don’t understand how people can look at this relationship and root for such disgusting behavior. The whole episode was just awful. Even Dan looked bad, sleeping with Serena. I’m definitely done with this show. There is no redemption.

    I will be so sad if they kill Callie or Arizona. I think they have the best, most stable relationship on the show. And I would boycot if they killed Alex, but I don’t think he is at risk. Mark or Lexie, while admittedly I hadn’t thought of them, after reading people’s thoughts here, would not surprise me. I personally wish Owen would go. I used to like him but don’t really care for him at all. And while I personally like Teddy, I don’t think many would care if she were to go. I wouldn’t care if it was April, but I really really don’t think it’s her. And that’s enough.

    • Mimi says:

      Im pretty sure Teddy wasnt on the plane either…nor was Callie, Owen, Jackson, April, Weber. That doesnt mean she or any of them couldnt get hit by a meteorite or be killed on their way home by a mugger…

  36. Gray says:

    I’m sticking with Richard Webber. His death at the hospital and the inevitable injuries from the plane crash will make everyone stay in Seattle. James Pickens Jr. may have signed on for another two years but I think it was just a small coverup to hide his character’s death. A death which would have been written and filmed before the cast members decided to sign on for more seasons. It’s the only death that doesn’t make me want to quit watching.

  37. AngelMoon Girl says:

    Wow, I completely disagree with you guys about Fringe. I *loved* it, but then again, I wasn’t looking for something mindbendingly epic like last year – I just wanted everyone to be happy and alive, and they were :) Also I’m very much looking forward to the Observer war and return of Etta. So exciting IMO.

  38. Don says:

    Chase has been playing the same character over and oner ad nauseaum for over 30 years. It stopped being funny when the Griswolds went to Europe.

  39. Alex says:

    I hope they kill off Serena now that she’s back on drugs.

  40. FairyTaleLover says:

    Seriously, if they kill off Lexie, I am so done with Grey’s. Not after waiting allll season for Mark and Lexie to finally get back together.

    • Alex says:

      Seriously! This would be so upsetting.

    • Jen says:

      I’m not going to be able to watch the final ep until 10 after i put the kids to sleep. I will b fighting myself the whole time to not go online and find out who actually dies.

  41. Rachel says:

    At first I figured it would be Lexie dying but she’s such a loved character. I agree now and believe it could be April. She’s never been a really loved character, I’ve always found her very annoying.

  42. Lulu says:

    I think the death is going to be Richard(he has been there since the beginning and certainly falls under the “beloved” character scenario) & I think he will die in a separate plane crash on his way to the seminar he and Jackson’s mother were speaking about two weeks ago. That’s my opinion.

  43. Coco says:

    After scissors to the neck, I can’t imagine how Scandal can get any more BANANAS, but I’m going to take a stab at it. Attempted assassination leaves Fitz in serious jeopardy.

  44. Hojana says:

    TRUE EPIC LOVE…oh i’m sorry was that your face i just hit?!

  45. Danielle H says:

    The GG commenters scare the piss outta me.. just sayin’ ROFL.

  46. Gabby says:

    I think its adelle.

  47. Becca says:

    Whhhyyyyyy is tony Goldwyn so fine?!?like seriously he’s twice my age and he is so yummy. Glad him and Olivia aren’t over for good. Long live olitz!

  48. PJ says:


  49. Jane says:

    EW!!! Lex is the worst possibility. I can’t imagine Greys without her. I love that character from the very beggining! Shonda c’mon! She’s incredible, she has grown up from season to season and it will be so hard if she wont be there anymore. Let’s pray that it’s not Lex!

  50. azerty says:

    grey’s theory: April pregnant and Avery dead?