Bones Boss Answers Burning Finale Questions, Confirms Season 8 Time Jump and More!

Bones Season 8 SpoilersMonday’s Bones finale wasn’t as game-changey as last season’s baby bombshell-themed climax, but it still packed a rather fierce punch. In case you missed it (as if!), evil mastermind Christopher Pelant framed Brennan for murder. But rather than stick around and wait for the “hacktivist” to further incriminate her, the new mom ditched Booth and went on the lam with daughter Christine. Here, series creator Hart Hanson tackles key questions from the episode and offers a very early sneak peek at Season 8.

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TVLINE | Will there be a significant time jump between seasons?
It always works for us to have the same amount of time pass for our characters as it did for our audience, and I believe we will be very close to that again. A couple of months will have gone by.

TVLINE | Will Brennan have been a fugitive for that length of time?
Here’s what I’ll say: There is an arrest warrant out for her and she is avoiding that warrant. If she gets [arrested and] gets into the system, then Pelant can do anything he wants to her, which would be pretty terrible. So she’s outside the system in that time, with the help of her dad.

TVLINE | How many episodes will this play out in next fall?
It will be many episodes before the Pelant story is resolved. I think we will have Brennan and Booth back together — and her back working at the Jeffersonian — by the end of the first episode. I don’t know if I want to say that or not, but I just did. [Laughs]

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TVLINE | Is he going to be pissed? She just ran off with his daughter!
She’s in a huge pickle, and I think Booth recognizes that as well. If she told him that she was going to evade an arrest warrant, that would be it for him; he would not be able to remain an FBI agent.  So that was a kindness not to tell him. It also makes sense to her rationally, which is he has to catch Pelant. They’re not mad at each other. They’re facing a situation together.

TVLINE | Is she going to have any assistance while on the run, aside from her dad?
The question is who is in on it with her and who is not. As we set up in the finale, everyone she works with [takes a position]. Does that continue? Who is, in fact, an accomplice to her. And who is, in fact, maintaining a professional, objective attitude. You need both of those things to survive Pelant, and perhaps even catch him.

TVLINE | Did he put a bomb in the clock?
[Laughs] I will never tell you. What the hell was he doing in the house?! You’ll have to tune in and find out.

TVLINE | Regarding the four standalone bonus episodes, I imagine they can’t air at the start of the season since you’d have a major continuity issue with Brennan’s disappearance.
We’re counting on airing one or two of them early in the season, but it won’t be the premiere. And I doubt it would be the second episode. We might be able to get away with airing one of them in the third or fourth spot. But beyond that I don’t know.

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  1. madbengalsfan85 says:

    Prediction…Pelant will be Booth’s 55th kill (and just maybe, he’ll shoot another inanimate object)

    • Xaenyi says:

      Hope so….we all know Pelant can hack out of a priso. Seriously. So, lets put him and Booth in a situation where it’ll be inevitable and Booth wont get in trouble :D

  2. Darci says:

    Wow. Some of you people are so freakin’ rude for absolutely no reason. WTH?

  3. Alison says:

    Wow, someone give HH a prize. The man has elicited so many different reactions from the fan base. Impressive.
    IMO, HH is really developing his characters in this finale. Cam was wonderful in her stoic reliance to the system. Angela was the best besty friend a gal could have. Hodgens is here, there, and back again. Very Hodgens. Booth lost it a little when he beat the crap out of Pellant, but what else would Brennan’s (and now christine’s) knight in shining armor do? Brennan was very deep in her reaction. Her statement to Booth about loving him and wanting to be with him blew me off the couch. Now her having to be on the run should really change her perspective of her relationship with her dad, Max. Max helping out Brennan in this unique situation is very touching. The guy has been trying for years to somehow help Brennan.
    So, hats off to HH. He is telling one big, huge, complicated story.

  4. Well I was worried about whether I’ll be looking for interviews all the summer because the characters after the final episode, or just forget about the series like I did near the middle of the sixth season. Although I know nobody will get shot/stabbed/blown up (well I wouldn’t bet on the last one, but…), I’m looking forward to the 8th season and all I’m saying is that I haven’t lost interest in the show like I did a year before.

  5. Lizzie says:

    I’m addicted to Bones!! lol! I don’t know how I’m gonna go without it for the whole summer, I just found the show, watched like a million episodes in one month to catch up and now it’s ending *cries like a baby* I. Can’t. Take. IT! lol! Super exciting ending, I am so relieved to hear he isn’t gonna hold it against her – I was worried that this would be a wedge between them. Yeah!! I guess I will just have to start watching the series all over again during the summer. And at a less frantic pace as well…

  6. NatalieDiane says:

    I actually thought this was the best episode of the whole season. I love Pellant’s character. I wish he had been a bigger focus this past season than the baby was. I’m not saying I didn’t like the baby stuff. I think serial killer arcs are really interesting though.I’m excited that they are gonna extend Pellant’s arc into next season. I was not surprised that Brennan ran off. I’m sure it seemed that it was the most rational thing for her character to do. She is all about being rational.
    I’m curious whether or not the four bonus episodes will make season 8 be four episodes longer or if they are just gonna mean they have to make four fewer episodes for the fall? If they just stick them in next season then they don’t really seem like “bonus” episodes which would be very disappointing.

  7. Kris says:

    I need to go back and rewatch, but did anyone else notice that some of the books Pellant checked out of the library were also on the bookshelf in the victim’s (can’t recall his name) room?

  8. To begin with to all of you who hate the show STOP WATCHING, To those of us who are faithful here’s what I can say.
    1. Hart,Stephen and Carla have given us the clues all along.
    2. If watched Pelant picture showed up at Brennans high school reunion when his picture showed up regarding someone being killed in the woods.
    3. in season 7 Sweets showed his picture when he hacked the FBI before being arrested for hacking. That was a clue to us who watch between the lines.
    4 If you go back to when Zack helped with the Garrad Atterson case he told Sweets he didn’t kill anyone, but he would have if asked, Sweets said you don’t know that it’s not in you. Which means Zack will help @ some point I believe.
    5. Booth told Pelant I’m a simple guy and simple guys always take down guys like you.
    At Pelants house you saw a paper clip of Brennan and Booths names circled with arrows pointing between them. Which suggest he had something in mind
    6. Brennan told Booth that she Loved Him and she wasn’t with him because of Christine. Booth knew she was going to leave and that Max was involved at the church. Why else would Max be there.
    7. At the car why didn’t Booth slam down the hood or slam his fist on the hood. Or kick at the car. He knew that’s why he didn’t beat the crap out of Max.
    8. Cam was a cop before she became a coroner so she knows the system,
    9. Carolyn, Sweets, Angela, Hodgins and Booth now have the opportunity to work the system to their advantage. and in the end Pelant won’t know how they figured it out until it’s to late for him.
    10. As a ardent and faithful fan Booth and Brennan have always belonged together and the faithful ones of us will win.

  9. Amber says:

    I dont have a problem with this ep except for her not telling Booth she is running and taking their daughter. Because she was afraid he would lose his job, oh pleeze, he has already tampered with evidence for her, anybody remember New Orleans? The writing is unbelievable and they are going to have her come back and work at the Jeffersonian after a fugitive warrant has been issued on her. In what universe would the FBI work with a felon and when she comes back in a couple of months, she is going to be safe from Pelant then? Seriously??

    • No there is method to the madness. Her coming back and working is how Pelant’s gonna mess up because he’ll feel he left something undone. And bam you’re caught remember Sweets Carolyn and Booth are off the case officially. This way they can work under cover,without Pelant being any the wiser.

  10. Also go back to the Crack in the Code where the FBI worked with know felons ( Daniel Rezoto) and 20 other know felons. Daniel who scammed Sophia Bermans dad who committed suicide. and she worked in a hospital. Do you remember that?

  11. You guys should chill out. If you don’t like it, why watch it? Nobody is forcing you to turn your TV on on Monday nights, so, just go… watch The voice or something. It was a beautifully written episode with a great setting for season 8. Can’t wait to see where it goes from here!

  12. Man do you have to skip ahead so early :( i want to see what happens exactly like the next day or something so we can see what Bones does and everything :) that would be awesome… and i really wish that the 4 bonus episodes would air right away or in the summer :D But i just cant wait to see what happens in Season 8 it should be really good but i have a feeling it will also be really sad to :(

  13. moxiegirl44 says:

    I thought it was brilliantly executed with the only possible actions that make sense given the circumstances, as painful as that is. Max is right – once Pelant gets her in the system, she’s smoke. It’s going to torture Booth, but he’s brilliant and he will figure it out. Hopefully he can call on his faith to give him the grace to trust that Max will keep them safe until he can bring them home. Booth can do much more by staying where he is and working within the system. But B&B are undoubtedly a team. More than ever. Otherwise Booth would have pressured Max more. She didn’t run away from Booth; she ran away for their family.
    Cam … bless her heart … Caroline was dead on about her. Pelant didn’t count on her steel ovaries. The fact that it devastated Cam to do her job was very real.
    There’s hope … Angela is already on to something. Everyone believes Brennan is innocent – all of her friends – and that is key. I thought from the little I heard before the episode (I was spoiler-free) that Pelant was going to somehow have Brennan and Booth questioning each other’s commitment to their relationship – when that was not at all the case. Thank God for that.
    The crib scene, the baptism scene, and the goodbye scene were all precious.

  14. sandy holl says:

    I blame Fox for putting Bones’ up against already established shws like dancing with the stars,etc. Bones’ is holding its own but ratings would go up if put against less popular shows, maybe on tuesday at 8. I am also upset that the finder was cancelled. it was a good show ,but should never been put in Bones, slot. That was the first mistake and the second was moving it to a Friday night. the show that should be removed is touch!!!!! put Bones. back wheRe it belongs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. sandy holl says:

    I still would like to see those 4 episodes this summer. Everybody knos they are a mini series within the real series….so why not! I miss Bones’ alot already and need to see as much as I can,

    • april cates says:

      i know wish they would do seasons all of them on the netflix so we can see the ones we missed as well..

  16. Krissy says:

    Poor Booth! I’ll keep you company ’till your family is home again. ;)

  17. willemke says:

    I can’t wait for season 8 to begin

  18. april cates says:

    love the story will follow as long as it is on, great story great cast just love watching it, glad to hear its going to start anotther season. ya so excited.

  19. tbuckl says:

    Just tell me that Zack comes back and saves the day !!!!

  20. Kelsey says:

    You know what I found that jumped the shark? The car. The car booth drove to go pick up Brennan and Christine before she ran. Seriously, that’s a sports car! You can’t put a baby in a muscle sports car!? Where’s the nice family sedan they should be using? Unbelievable.

    And yes. Zack!!!

    • Amanda says:

      you mean a toyota, like they’ve been shilling for years.

    • sdc_99 says:

      Thinking about it, Brennan drives a Prius. Both drives this big honking SUV, a Sequoia, I think. Or at least a Highlander.
      Who’s car was Booth driving?

    • Haydee says:

      I disagree! Booth once said he liked to restore vintage cars. Booth never had another car besides his FBI issued wheels. It would seem logical to me now that he is a family man to get himself some new wheels. Personally I thought It was going to be a Mustang turned out to be a Camaro If I am not mistaken. Very Boothy! My very humble opinion.!

  21. JD says:

    This is the best thread ever!

  22. Kathy says:

    THE WRITER IS RUINING THE SHOW! It was wonderful, the love between Booth and Brennan and now they have a daughter, which is what we were all waiting for. But no, now you have to ruin the show by making Brennan, the most honest person around, a fugitive. It goes against all logic. I don’t like it!!!! The reason I watch Bones is because of Booth and Brennan and what they have together. I like watching them work together to solve crimes. I don’t like it when you make one of them the hostage and now a fugitive.

    • madbengalsfan85 says:

      In her situation, it was the only option…if she is in jail, Pelant can have his way with her. And Booth needed to remain within the system. Brennan is protecting her family

  23. Mo says:

    A: You guys are really passionate about this show. It is just a show, right? Wink, wink.
    B: I personally loved when Booth kicked Pelant’s ass. I don’t recall him losing his temper anywhere near that extent before, but the reasons were very different this time. He shot the plastic clown on that (ice cream?) truck, and threatened that mob-guy that threatened Bones, but that still was nothing compared to this. If you’ve seen The Avengers, it reminds me of what the Hulk did to Loki. LOL!

  24. ASC says:

    would like to know when the 4 episodes will be on…….??????????????????

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      From story: “We’re counting on airing one or two of them early in the season…. But beyond that I don’t know.”

  25. Jenny says:

    Ok, I do love Bones. But hello!!! It is just a TV show! Is it really worth talking about it as if it were real? Is is really worth throwing out insults to each other? There is quite a difference between speculating on the story line and speaking as if this is real life. Quit all the hatred and anger already. It’s not worth it. While I will look for hints maybe to next year’s story, I can honestly say I’m so disgusted by what I’ve read here I won’t even bother to look at comments on these posts again.

  26. Jaspirita says:

    People are saying Bones should apologize to Booth, but she already did preemptively, with the christening. Even though Booth got hurt, Bones did it correctly with not telling Booth. She was proving that she loved him by going with him to do that, regardless of her religious beliefs.

  27. beth says:

    Didn’t see this anywhere but if y’all would go back. And watch the episode again u would see Booth mentioned that bones should run she just didn’t agree too it..but u could tell she already thought about it when they were talking with the lawyer lady forget her name

  28. the fact that this article has caused SO much discussion…. job done Hart Hanson… *applauds*… LOLOL this has all made me laugh…. bring on the *meat&bones* of bones!!

  29. jlee says:

    I have mixed feelings about this serial killer arc; on the one hand, Pelant is a seriously disturbed killer, clearly, since we all know he did it. One the other, the arc itself in this season fell seriously short to me in comparison to some of the other serial killer arcs on the show. Like, there was the thing with the spine, one other case, and then, suddenly, Pelant’s back! WHOO! I liked how in the other arcs, the team worked on the case even though they had other cases too; it made the whole ‘serious bad guy we need to really put away like yesterday’ thing make sense. The team has not worked on Pelant’s case at all in the past few episodes, which is why he’s so far ahead of them. Clearly, THAT was a mistake.
    I liked the team’s reactions, though. Despite the fact that I had mixed feelings at the time, this interview has made clear that both Angela and Hodgins’ siding with Brennan, and Cam and the interns (who ever since Zack I can’t remember the names of) dedication to the system, are the only things that are going to stop Pelant. Bones believes in the system’s basics; in objective work–she made that clear throughout the episode–that leads to conclusions, but its clear that she thought her only choice for survival was to stay off the system, because clearly it is not working in her favour. Anyway, I hope that the Pelant arc will gain a little more continuity in the next season!

  30. Xaenyi says:

    Just to inform those asking why Bones took Christine with her: materal instinct. Her baby was in danger. Pelant and her ded friend both threatened her, directly or not.

  31. Cortney says:

    Wow I have only read a handfull of these comments, I LOVE this show, but really people you are debating over it like these characters are real people and that you can somehow influence their actions and decisions granted you wish it or rant and rave about it hard enough or not. We all need to remember that this is just a show and it will continue to remain that way. We all have lives. Including the actors. I know these shows are an escape for some of us from our lives but let’s all please remember that these shows aren’t our lives and there is no reason to be argueing over something we have no control over.

  32. alma stout says:

    The only thing I am disappointed about in this show is that in prior seasons Booth was all about being a dad to his son Parker. I liked that about him. In the new shows with the baby, Parker is not mentioned at all and Booth seems to have only one child. Did I miss something?

    • Jerlene Moore says:

      Parker came to stay in one episode this season, but he lives out of town with his mother. Parker bonded with his new little sister. Don’t remember which episode.

      • Mindy says:

        I agree about Parker. He’s hardly mentioned all season, then all of a sudden he’s coming home from England?! I could see Booth getting really ticked that Parker was moving that far away. I would very much like to see Parker more often next season

  33. Aneesha Rao says:

    hey guys am new to this so bear with me…i think the entire bones team has hatched a diabolical plot to catch him….I have been loyally watching bones n believe that they don’t quit this easy esp bones. Come on! She is a gun trotting martial art knowing booth loving super mom do you guys really think she would run away!!!!

  34. claire says:

    I think that Max is going to kill Pelant to make sure he is no longer a danger to Brennan. But Brennan will be cleared and returned to Booth. Booth will not be too upset because he will understand. Rember Max telling Booth he was the system and Max was the futive. Max understands how to hide. Booth will be free of emotional feelings and work to clear Brennan but in the end they will be back together and Max will have murder Pelant to protect Brenaan and Christin’s future. Remember Ryan O’Neal is ill and may not be able to continue with his rold as Max

  35. Andie says:

    When he says the time shift “has always worked for us” he means the time shift has always worked for HIM. I don’t think it has ever really worked well for the viewers because it tends to leave out the best part of the story with the most potential for moving the characters forward in an authentic way. But if there’s one thing the showrunners obviously couldn’t care less about, it’s satisfying the viewers. (And yes, you can have a satisfying initial coupling scene without it being “porn,” Stephen Nathan. Watch the second to last scene of the Castle finale. On a loop. And take notes.) Instead we have huge offscreen jumps and not much left to cheer for in what we actually get to see. And it’s a television show – what we see is really all that matters.

  36. Eve says:

    Personally I loved the finale! Putting aside the ‘real life’ morals/repercussions on her going off with the baby, it showed perfectly how evolved Brennan’s character has become. Think about it.. the old Brennan would have just walked into the FBI with her hands out saying ‘arrest me based on the evidence’ (remember New Orleans – regardless of drugging, her highly rational logic that she clung to wouldn’t allow her to look at the ’emotional’ side). Instead, you have a character that, while still being highly rational and logical, has become a person who has let her emotions come out. She considers Booth’s feelings and beliefs (previously ridiculed Booth about his faith, yet now allows Christine to be baptised without condescending), She knows now that she could be capable of things like a murder based on ’emotion’ and not logic (her omg to Angela about christine being threatened) and the biggest one is her doing the one thing that she has always said that no logic could justify – her parents running off (Her running off with Christine). You can see the pure emotion on her face during the baptism and her wanting Booth to know that she loved him for him. Yes, she ran for Booth’s job security, her wanting him to have his mind fully on clearing her and her being away from Pellant, but the bottom line is inside she is also a mother. Their child was threatened and automatically there becomes the ‘motherly emotional instinct’. If Pellant manages to somehow get to Booth, Christine would be at risk. Brennan’s instinct as a mother (and no I am not discounting Booth’s role as a father, merely Brennan’s evolvement) is to make sure her child was in the safest place possible given the circumstances – believing that to be with her. Sure there are logical factors to it all, but deep down I think her decision was more emotion based – showing her character advancement.

    That is why I watch certain shows. To see the characters evolve and change. Much like real life – events and people change the way we react, think and believe. I think HH and Co have done an outstanding job at having Bones go for over 7 seasons – and lets face it, if everyone thought it was crap no-one would watch and it would have been gone. Some prefer more procedural, others character evolvement. Not everyone is going to be pleased. Honestly, objectively and unbiased, who can say that any one TV Show over 7 seasons has done every single episode perfect and everyone who watched it loved every episode? not possible, including Bones.
    I say watch the shows that make you feel good, because ultimately, it is your 30mins, 45 mins, 60 mins that you are giving up. If they fall out of favour, move on – find another show to make you smile. The decision to stay watching through the good and bad episodes is yours and it is not up to anyone else to make you satisfied. Don’t ridicule, be nasty or run down others for them still watching – their views on that show may be totally different but they are still entitled to them.

  37. Jerl says:

    The show needs to get a good story line going with Angela and Hodgins. They have become boring. Where is Angela’s crazy father? They can focus on Jack’s fortune in some way. Also what happened to Cam’s Dr. friend? They need to bring Zack back.

  38. Tamara says:

    I hate season finales in general… just all of them. They piss me off so much… Desperate Housewives was heartbreaking, House was infuritating, NCIS was shocking, Glee was just… awful, New Girl was stupid as hell, and now this? I really do hate season finales. The only season (or series in the cases of Desperate Housewives and House) finales I liked this year were Once Upon A Time and GCB. Because they were expected. It’s nothing I didn’t think wouldn’t happen in them. So I liked them. I mean, for a season finale, yes Bones was good, it keeps you hanging, wondering, but I don’t like to be kept hanging. I want to know what happens next!

    Back to what was said about ‘who’s helping’ Brennan in the interview, I think that it would be someone that you’d least expect, someone that didn’t seem like they would be helping, even if you think they would want to. Someone like… Cam maybe? I mean, she was giving them all the evidence even though she obviously didn’t want to, but she still did. Therefore, she would be the last person anyone would think of to be helping Brennan since she ‘believes in the system.’ Maybe it was her helping Brennan too?

  39. Kevin says:

    I think they should bring back Zack Addy, I mean the whole season finale was based on a highly complicated mathematical ago rhythm, that no one could solve, this would be a great way to bring Zack back and introduce him as a new occasionally appearing intern switching out between Daisy, Colin, Wendell,Aristoo Vaziri, and Clark Edison, sadly Vincent Nigel-Murray died, It sucks Zack would have loved to have him as a co-worker, if he were still alive this episode would have been, Epic. Two intelligent minds against one

  40. pen says:

    Pff… after reading all the comments and the interview, i dont want to watch this finale! Save myself some disappointment, with these forced situations where they act out of character on purpose. I dont like where they are suspects. I dont like serial killer archs. If there’s a gravedigger ep I switch channel. I cannot watch Bones hurt Booth. Like, she’s doing just the same as her parents did to her. She should realise that. We would expect she knows how bad it feels not knowing where they are, why they left. with all this, I decided to skip this finale and continue with the next season. I don’t think I miss anything…

    • Rachel says:

      Good plan. Because if HH stays true to his word and puts Brennan and Booth back together by the end of the S8 premiere like nothing ever happened, then all of this drama is completely meaningless anyway. Any issues Booth had with Brennan running away and any drama that Brennan encountered while she was on the lam will all have happened offscreen so that Stephen Nathan can spend his hiatus trying to outdo himself coming up with the Gross Body Find of the Week. Because apparently that’s more important now than any coherent storyline or character development…

  41. EDUARDO says:


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