Fall TV Preview

Fall Preview: Watch Full Trailers For Revolution, Chicago Fire and 4 Other NBC Shows

Chicago Fire is smokin’ hot. The New Normal is pregnant with possibility. And Revolution suffers from a severe lack of energy. Yes, NBC’s new fall programs are overflowing with pun potential. But are they any good?!

Snap Judgement Day can formally commence now that NBC has just released full-length trailers for its 2012-13 freshman class.

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Take a look and then hit the comments with your insta-critiques.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Ky says:

    I hate them all on principle because they cancelled Awake. :D

  2. John says:

    Gustavo Fring, post-apocalyptic warlord. Yes please.

  3. rebecca says:

    Taylor Kinney on Chicago Fire – yummmy ;)

  4. wordsmith says:

    Chicago Fire looks pretty good – I’m mostly worried about the super boring title…

  5. Ryan Murphy says:

    Ryan Murphy’s new show will be f’ing amazing in the first season, good in the second season, will be a hot mess in the 3rd and will flop in 4th season. So enjoy while its new.

  6. Luc says:

    Revolution looks really cool!
    Animal Practice and The New Normal look funny!

  7. wordsmith says:

    It’s encouraging that the action in Revolution looks as good as it does. Characters look fairly well done too. Hopefully the logic and science of the world hold up.

  8. Tim says:

    Revolution has a good plot but will likely not do well on NBC (seems like a cable show honestly).

    Go On and Animal Hospital both look solid as well.

  9. Kate says:

    How are they wearing leather coats and glasses in a world with no electricity in Revolution? Woudnt manufacturing those require electricity. Also the acting really dosent help in selling the concept.

    • Ana says:


    • Sarah says:

      Leather coats and things were made before electricity and one would think they would be easily found items considering looting etc. Glasses were also worn before electricity and were also manufactured in mass before electricity went out so why would you not have access to what was manufactured before hand? Just a thought…

    • Sammy says:

      they can sew the jackets and the glasses might be leftover from the blackout. its not like all the supplies MAGICALLY FLEW AWAY when the power went out. that would be silly o3o

      Sammy<3 :)

  10. fakhirmunir says:

    Go on a gives off a bit of “Community” vibe to me, also Revolution looks like it will be awesome.

  11. Liz says:

    Big Matthew Perry fan and the Go On trailer looks great, but plot looks more like a movie, not something you can create a series out of so I’m interested to see how they will do it. I’ll be watching.

  12. HGGK says:

    Revolution and Go On seem like NBC’s best chances at this point. Chicago Fire & Guys With Kids legitimately look awful.

  13. PFitzDC says:

    Trailers always look so appealing!
    Until my fave critics weigh in, I could behind all of them, especially Matthew Perry and Revolution. (But jeez, when is Tim Guinee gonna get a lead role, instead of go-to guest?)

  14. Looking forward to Go On and The New Normal. Chicago Fire looks pretty good as well, very angst-y. I’m probably most looking forward to Revolution, but am not confident about NBC giving it a chance.

  15. Juan says:

    Go on looks really funny plus I love Matthew Perri, it looks much better than Mr. sunshine. Also revolution looked cool

  16. Brad says:

    I’ll be checkin out Revolution and New Normal.

  17. Anonymous says:

    I’m liking what I see with Go On, The New Normal, Animal Practice, Revolution, and Chicago Fire as far as I can tell. :)

  18. Jessica says:

    I think Matthew Perry’s looks really good. I’ve always been a fan so I hope it works as goos as the preview.

  19. bad kevin says:

    Revolution & Chicago Fire are sure winners for NBC but I’ll defintely be tuning in for Revolution this Fall.

  20. Petar says:

    2 millions views for revolution trailer… its like movie trailer -looks outstanding, freaking awesome! They must keep these 2 songs from trailer for theme in the episodes!

    I bet revolution premiere will beat Person of interest and Once upon a time premieres even at 10! And these two was best dramas of the season.

  21. Stacey says:

    Chicago Fire, Go On, and The New Normal look pretty good.

  22. Jacob says:

    The logo for Go On looks like it says Goon. Intentional?

  23. Ana says:

    Revolution is showing some gaps in execution. It’s an interesting concept but it’s not working for me. Maybe is the casting or the acting. It feels like Terra Nova which I was actually very excited about and stopped watching after the 3rd episode. Same thing, concept was good, execution was horrible. I might check it out online. Monday night’s is still for Castle as far as I’m concerned. Chicago Fire actually looks very compelling and very well acted. I might check it out as well. Go On, which actually surprised me, It’s the only I will definitely check out. It’s very poignant and Matthew Perry actually delivers. He can do funny and dramatic. But I’m not sure it will be a hit. It’s kind of a depressing story. It reminds of all those ‘highly-acclaimed’ movies that do poorly at the box office. Go On I would watch live if nothing else catches my attention, otherwise, as with any other NBC show, I’ll catch it on Hulu. The other clips I couldn’t even get through the whole thing. I didn’t even bother with Men with Kids. Yuk!

  24. bluefairy says:

    Animal Practice looks hilarious! I might check out Chicago Fire for a few episodes, for Jesse Spencer’s sake, but the trailer didn’t really convince me.

  25. joaopedromillan says:

    March sadness loool this was amazing!

  26. Doesn’t Chicago Fire look like a reworked version of “Trauma”?

  27. Betty says:

    I don’t watch any shows on NBC right now. I looked at the trailers and thought that Go On looked promising. I went to see when it will be on, Tuesdays, against New Girl, so it looks like I still won’t be watching anything on NBC.

  28. Renee says:

    Go On w/Matthew Perry and Allison Miller looks good as does Revolution and Chicago Fire.

  29. Seems like so far NBC have some good shows coming this fall & Im not much fans of NBC but Chicago Fire looks really good but if Revenge does not end up moving to another night im just DVRing CF got to watch Revenge live.
    Animal Practice looks like it will be a funny show and cute,I’ll give it a try plus im getting tried of Modren Family.
    Revolution looks really good but the theme of it scares me but i’ll watch I just hope it isnt like that one show Jason Ritter was on where it got really good ratings and was very well liked by alot of people but come midseason it was doing bad in ratings.
    I also will give Infamous a try.

  30. Diz says:

    I’ll tune into Revolution for sure, Chicago Fire, and Animal Practice is the only comedy trailer that made me laugh from these.

  31. john smith says:

    WOW~ Revolution looks AMAZING! cant wait for the pilot! Kripke and Abrams works together, this is Scify fan wet dreams!

  32. Petar says:

    According to the Mayan calendar the end of the world is coming on Sunday, December 23, 2012….. so Revolution is coming!

    How zap2it describes “Revolution”:
    Take a little “Lost,” add in a touch of “The Hunger Games,” “Escape from New York” and “Battlestar Galactica,” and you’ll get the general vibe of “Revolution” — the result of a collaboration between Abrams and “Iron Man” director Jon Favreau.

  33. Leo says:

    Guys with Kids and Animal Practice will be the first cancelations next fall season. They both look terrible. The New Normal could be the new nbc comedy that is great but nobody sees. Chicago Fire looks promising. The other two will not go past the first season.

  34. Kate says:

    Chicago Fire looks kickass. I’ll give it a try.

  35. Cash says:

    Chicago Fire sucked two years ago, when it was called “Trauma.”

    “Are you gay? Cuz I AM.”

    Ugh. Seriously? Maybe the writers look good with their shirts off too.

  36. Kristina says:

    Yaaaay Matthew Perry! Will definitely watch Go On.

  37. Phil Hersh says:

    You already showed all this yesterday under another heading. Are you now spamming yourself?

  38. Jules says:

    What’s wrong with tv…unable to find original ideas..they making vague/predictable copies of successful series that just end they run.. [H]OUSE AND RESCUE ME WAS MY 2 FAVORITE ADDICTIONS ON TV…

    Animal Practice ..main character- kind of HOUSE with animals…sorry but not interested…no one could replace House anyway…

    Chicago fire…first stupid name..2- Kind of a young version
    Or simply a RESCUE ME 2.0 without Denis Leary…
    Love/respect JSpenser and was great in House..but honestly, I’m not sure he could lead a series in that style
    But maybe I’m wrong…anyway good luck to survive their first season and on NBC TOO..

  39. Emily says:

    Revolution reminds me of… Walking Dead, Terra Nova, and Lost all rolled into one. And Flashforward, I suppose. It looks too epic for me to not to check it out, but we’ll see from there.

  40. Danielle H says:

    – LOL @ Go on.

  41. shamangrrl says:

    So, another year of watching exactly zero shows on NBC. Guys with Kids looks abysmal, I laughed through the Revolution tease, and the only trailer that made me laugh also quickly reduced itself by going for manipulative, syrupy mangst and elevator muzak. No thanks.

  42. Cort says:

    Chicago Fire looks like Third Watch only less edgy and more with the pretty. Wish it wasn’t Wednesdays. I think that’s Sons of Anarchy’s new night and Revenge. Revolution looks awesome but why in the world should I trust NBC to let this one play out. Yes they gave Grimm a chance (thank god) but not so much with Awake which had sucked me in. Oh well, I’ve definitely be watching Revolution until they pull the plug…and there’s always Hulu for Chicago Fire.

    • Amanda says:

      Exactly what I thought … and it just makes me wish they would bring back Third Watch or at least put the rest of it on DVD already!

  43. Sue says:

    Animal practice Chicago fire and revolution!

  44. Miv says:

    These all look not too bad actually. Now it’s just the wait to see what’s actually good and what put all the good bits in the trailer. I am definitely going to try Revolution and Guys With Kids, and maybe Chicago Fire (although it looks the most likely to be cancelled quickly imo).

  45. bad kevin says:

    I’m so disappointed that NBC didn’t pick up County as a series. :-(

  46. Nick says:

    Revolution & Chicago Fire for the fall, & Infamous, 1600 Penn, & Hannibal for midseason

  47. GIL says:

    Chicago Fire looks pretty good

  48. Emerald says:

    Guys With Kids – first cancellation of the season for sure.

  49. Patricia says:

    NBC sucks I didn’t even finish watching the first 4 trailers so boring. Revolution could be good but what a horrible cast that dad from Twilight don’t know his name is horrible. Now Chicago fire yes looks great and finally I can watch Taylor Kinney on Tv very week, looks Awsome.

  50. cjeffery7 says:

    Revolution looks bad ass. Let’s hope it doesn’t flounder due to it’s serial nature (and that it’s on NBC).