How I Met Your Mother Season Finale Recap: And Barney's Bride Is...

WARNING: If you have yet to watch Monday’s season finale of How I Met Your Mother, avert your eyes now. Everyone else, you may proceed…

Monday’s season finale of How I Met Your Mother finally revealed the identity of the woman who got Barney to do the impossible — get married! — and the lucky lady isRobin!!!

But before we get to that, let’s — in true HIMYM fashion — rewind, so that we may recount the story of how Barney proposed to Quinn. It all started when the now-former bachelor was worried that he had lost his girlfriend forever. But she was, in fact, waiting for him back at their apartment, newly redecorated to look like the “inside of Tinkerbell’s vagina” (it was actually more Hello Kitty-ish, but let’s not split whiskers).

Whew. Crisis averted. But there was more to come…

Reunited, the two headed to the airport for their first vacation together. Unfortunately, Barney’s magic trick box caught the attention of the TSA. He even refused to open it after the guards whipped out their guns. When he finally relented and performed a bit of hocus-pocus, it featured a lot of bells and whistles, and, in the end, an engagement ring. At that point, he popped the question, and Quinn, no surprise, accepted.

Whew. Another crisis averted. But wait, there was still more…

After the couple announced their big news to the gang, Barney joked to Robin, “Last chance to run away together,” before turning serious and adding, “I hope this isn’t weird or anything.” Although seeing her ex make the ultimate commitment clearly was weird (or anything), Robin insisted, “I’m really happy for you.”

Potential crisis averted, we then flash-forwarded to Barney’s nuptials, and it wasn’t Quinn in the wedding dress but Robin! But why did the bride-to-be need to see Ted before walking down the aisle? Was she having cold feet? She did say she never wanted to get married.


Meanwhile, Ted’s love story took a major turn as well after Robin laid into him for “always chasing the wrong women” and encouraged him to contact Victoria, his only ex who could have been The One. When the two met at MacLaren’s, Victoria showed up wearing a wedding gown! Although she was about to tie the knot, she admitted to still having feelings for Ted. However, their plan to ride off into the sunset together was cut short by Ted’s guilty conscience; he’d been left at the altar himself and couldn’t bear to do that to someone else. So he started to drive Victoria back to the church. But, as memories of their time together started flooding back to him, he bypassed the church and headed straight for the aforementioned sunset.

Last but not least, Marvin Waitforit Erikson came into the world and fittingly made his first public outing at MacLaren’s.

HIMYM fans, are you happy Robin and Barney are getting hitched, or were you rooting for Quinn? And do you think there’s any chance Victoria is the Mother?

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  1. Robin isn’t the bride. Robin only said to ted that the bride would like to see him. The is a slight implication that she is the bride, but my money is still on Quinn.

    • Jason C says:

      Robin didn’t say that to Ted, I believe it was Marshall who said that. Craig Thomas said that Barney and Robin are definitely getting married, so I’d say that pretty much final.

  2. Rachel says:

    I’m so glad Robin was revealed as Barney’s bride! I could have done without the Barney/Quinn engagement though. But, yay Robin is Barney’s bride! I have been a huge supporter of this pairing ever since Season 1’s “Zip, Zip, Zip.”

  3. Juan says:

    Clearly this is the darkest timeline..

  4. Babar Suhail says:

    I was disappointed about Robin being the bride, but I will get over it.

  5. Gabi says:

    YES :)

  6. canetoad says:

    Well we all know now that it wont be Victoria as the mother because there is no way she will last a few episodes next season like most of his dates and besides she did not attend the college where Ted met his future wife. Oh Barney how could you not marry Quinn…the way this show has gone just because we see Robin at the church in true HIMYM style doesnt mean they will get married. Looking forward to the last season as I am done with this and need closure, hasnt been a good couple seasons these last two. The finale twist at the end was good but apart from that ordinary season this year.

    • Jason C says:

      I disagree on the quality of the season, personally I think this has been the best season since season 3, and I know I’m not the only one who feels that way. And Craig Thomas said after the finale last night that Barney and Robin are definitely getting married. HIMYM might have a lot of twists, but they usually don’t mess around with moments like that.

      I don’t get how everyone thinks Quinn was perfect for Barney just because she was a female version of him. If anything that’s a good reason as to why it wouldn’t work. They are so similar that eventually they will repel each other.

  7. Alan says:

    We know that the mother was roommates with cindy. So it can’t be Victoria. This is just a waste of time! C’mon, Ted.

    • Jason C says:

      It’s not really a waste of time, the show is a journey, his journey with Victoria isn’t over even if she won’t be the mother. Besides, the way that Craig Thomas, HIMYM EP, explains it, it makes sense: Ted needs to do something crazy before he’s really ready to settle down, and whisking away Victoria is that thing…

  8. T says:

    I was sooo happy screamed at my tv when it was Robin that turned around!!

  9. Randall says:

    I don’t think that their marriage will stick because of Michael Trucco. He and Robin met and there was definately chemistry between them. During the episode when Barney’s dad was out with them and Ted and Robin were pretending to be a couple or something Future Ted said that there would be “more on his story later”, “his” being Michael Trucco’s character. That and Victoria can’t be the mother because she doesn’t fit any of the clues and hints that have been left by Future Ted. I have a feeling the the mother will be Barney’s step-sister.

    • I read a while back that Kevin (Kal Penn’s character) was a replacement for Michael Trucco’s character, because he ended up having other obligations that he couldn’t get out of in order to be on the show as Robin’s love interest. Maybe he’ll still be back, at least as her love interest for next season until she decides to be with Barney, perhaps?

  10. Michael says:

    Oh come on people The bridge asking for Ted kinda of gave it away remember back in season 4 Robin ask ted to be his best man if she got married

    • Jason C says:

      So you’re saying there’s no other reason Barney’s bride would ask for Ted, considering that Barney considers Ted his best friend? I wouldn’t be surprised if my fiancee asked for my best friend before our wedding, and that wouldn’t be because he’s her best man…

  11. Ginny says:

    Worst ever. Why to TV shows have to pander to audiences? This is enough to make me stop watching. They should have let Robin, Ted, and Barney move on from each other. This feels sad and cheap. Sorry but after watching every single episode. I am thinking about never coming back. This doesn’t happen in real life people.

    • Jason C says:

      You think just because the audiences wanted this that the executive producers and creators of the show are pandering? There’s no possible way that they could have thought this was the organic path the show had to take. Go ahead and stop watching over your misconceived perceptions, but I think you’re being petty…

  12. So happy that they made Robin the bride. I know there are a lot of people who don’t like her and Barney together, but I’m looking forward to how they make that relationship happen in the long run. I also loved the middle name they gave baby Marvin, but I’m a bit disappointed in Ted for running off with someone else’s bride when he himself was left at the altar. I really am looking forward to next season!

  13. MJ says:

    I have mixed feelings about Robin being the wife. I like those 2 together, but when I see him with Quinn I like their relationship as well. I am torn.

  14. xoxojm says:

    I cried…(literal, actual tears) when I saw it was Robin…I am so friggin happy!

    And Waitforit is the coolest middle name ever!!!

  15. Ella says:

    The weird thing is, I actually used to love Barney and Robin together. But the timing and the reasons why they broke up were written so badly that I kindof lost a lot of love over the seasons. Then Quinn came along and I actually kindof loved her. So now I’m disappointed it wasn’t Quinn.

  16. Ethan says:

    The finale sucks. So the next seasons we are going to see how Barney and Robin get together… AGAIN. YAWN! These two had no chemistry so I hate that Robin is the bride. Team Quinn!

  17. joaopedromillan says:

    hated it. hate barney and robin together and the fact the will marry. Love victoria, but her storyline isn’t the best right now since you clearly know that she is not the mother. Love Quinn, and fill bad with what they will do to her character

  18. Ruben says:

    I have to agree, Victoria is not the mother as much as I would like her to be. With the style of writing the show has, the Victoria moment will be either a day dream, or an actual dream he had. Victoria never shows up at the bar.
    Barney and Robin, well remember Ted is Robin’s best man and if she is having cold feet he is the one that will set her straight. Like he did in season 6 ep where he became Robins best man. He’ll crush it!

    • Jason C says:

      How would that be characteristic of the writing?! Maybe you’re watching a different show. Anyway, Craig Thomas said that the real world theory is that before someone truly settles down they have to do something crazy, this is Ted’s crazy thing, the last big crazy thing he does before he meets the mother…

  19. Steph says:

    Loved the finale until the end. It was a total cop-out for Barney and Robin to end up together. They had the chance for everyone to end up with someone different, and they blew it. I won’t stop watching because I love this show and want to know who Ted ends up with, but it won’t be nearly as enjoyable.

  20. I am so over Barney and Robin. I so wish it had been Quinn.

  21. kicmedina says:

    If someone knows of a specific place where the creators said the words “Robin and Barney will get married” not just “Barney will get married” or “the wedding doesn’t go smoothly but at the end of the day Barney will be married.” or hints that they will get married, Please feel free to reply with that. I personally haven’t seen any that clearly specifically say these two will be together. That being said..
    I love the relationship of Barney and Quinn, they fit and they make sense and they just seem right together. I was a huge Barney and Robin fan and when she was with Kevin and Barney asked her to be with him I was 100% broken hearted she didn’t go with him. But then we met Quinn and she is perfect for him. Robin and Barney had a chance and there time is done, leave them as best friends.
    So with that thought, I hope that it turns out they are having a double wedding. That would make Barney the groom and Robin the bride, just not each others.

    • Rowrohoh says:

      From Craig Thomas on TV Guide (it is up now, the link is www(dot)tvguide(dot)com(slash)news(slash)HIMYM-Finale-Barney-Bride-Craig-Thomas-1047516

      “It had to be her. They’re a special couple.”
      “TV Guide: When did you and Carter [Bays] decide that Barney and Robin will get married?
      Thomas: We decided literally years ago.”
      On Quinn: “We have to show what happens with Barney and Quinn, how he gets through that, how does he ever get to a place where he’s ready to consider something serious again, and HOW HE DOES GET BACK TO ROBIN”

      And the coup de grace: “Remember: Barney and Robin’s wedding won’t be smooth, but THEY WILL GET MARRIED.”

      (I’ll just post this around, since clearly a lot of people on TVLine haven’t seen it)

  22. emy26 says:

    i’ve only watched a few episodes of the first season of this show and i remember that robin and ted had something going on. and then i learned that she was gonna start seeing the blond dude barney which for me sucked so i didn’t watch any longer. i really hope robin and ted somehow do end up together though. barney is annoying i don’t know why.

  23. Melissa says:

    I’m really happy its Robin (assuming she goes through with it). As for the mother – its Barney’s sister!! This should be the wedding that Ted finally meets her.

  24. Mikael says:

    I don’t think the mother could be Barney’s sister. It has been established that she was at the St. Patrick’s Day party in season 3’s “No Tomorrow.” If she’s still in college, would she have been old enough to get into that party? Unless she had a fake ID, I guess.

    • Brittney says:

      Thank you! I have been thinking this for ages.

      • Jason C says:

        This is kind of an ageist idea that suggests that only young people go to college. I’m 29 and going to a four year liberal arts college because I wanted to change my current career path. I have a classmate who returned to living at home at 25 to go back to college after she wasn’t finding satisfaction and success in her previous career path. So why couldn’t this be the case with Barney’s half-sister?

  25. Michael says:

    They WILL be married in the next season according to the spoilers

  26. Epip. says:

    Victoria is NOT the mother – remember the mother was Rachel Bilson’s ROOMMATE *AND* she was sitting in his class one time.

  27. kayla says:

    I love the Barney n Robin story..but ted and victoria? I love victoria when she first came….she’s probably the best ex gf ted has..but the fact that she could just leave her future husband at the alter like that seems a bit out of character.. n well basically, not cool. i mean the premise of them getting back together should be at least really amazing like how they met at the wedding in the 1st season.. now it just feels a bit forced.. :/ the writers shouldve come up with something better when it came to the reunion of ted n victoria

  28. Rowrohoh says:

    From Craig Thomas on TV Guide (it is up now, the link is www(dot)tvguide(dot)com(slash)news(slash)HIMYM-Finale-Barney-Bride-Craig-Thomas-1047516)

    “It had to be her. They’re a special couple.”
    “TV Guide: When did you and Carter [Bays] decide that Barney and Robin will get married?
    Thomas: We decided literally years ago.”
    On Quinn: “We have to show what happens with Barney and Quinn, how he gets through that, how does he ever get to a place where he’s ready to consider something serious again, and HOW HE DOES GET BACK TO ROBIN”

    And the coup de grace: “Remember: Barney and Robin’s wedding won’t be smooth, but THEY WILL GET MARRIED.”

    (I’ll just post this around, since clearly a lot of people on TVLine haven’t seen it)

  29. Damion says:

    VICTORIA!!! She’s lookin’ fine!! I hope it’s Victoria, I’ve always loved the 2 together, great chemistry.

  30. kayla says:

    the creators kinda confirmed victoria is not the mother…which is really sad knowing that they will break up! :(( i want them to get married!

  31. eddieg says:

    haven’t been as happy about a final reveal since Joey choose Pacey.

  32. katiemacperson says:

    My theory is that the kids that Ted has been speaking to this whole time are not his kids. He always calls them “kids”… not his kids, or my kids… Which would mean their mother is not his wife.

    so in the end he could be married to Robin and it could be a double wedding we are seeing

    • Jason C says:

      Faulty logic: It has been said in the narration that Robin is their Aunt Robin, Robin does not have kids, and this season was the last time that he would say I love you to Robin and that there would be nothing else between them. It could be a double wedding, but Ted is not marrying Robin, and the EP’s have confirmed that Barney is definitely marrying Robin (which has already been stated in this comments section by me and several other commenters)…

    • Friendslovernumber1 says:

      Hope so;)

  33. BrOTP says:

    PERFECT ENDING. I know they’ll immediately take ten steps back and wreck Ted and Victoria, and Barney and Robin, but for now, YES THANK YOU WRITERS. Please let Victoria be the Mother. Please let this be the last season, where you reveal this, and Barney and Robin get married and live happily ever after…

    • Victoria’s appearance is the last road that Ted has to face before she meets the mother (he’s done with Robin). They say Victoria and Ted next season will be an important part of the whole Mother story. That’s according to HIMYM execs

  34. joana says:

    perfect finale! brotp is endgame, yo.

  35. You guys should read EW’s interview with HIMYM exec.
    Robin is the bride. But it would not go easy during the wedding. But she IS the bride.
    Victoria’s appearance is the last road that Ted has to face before she meets the mother. They say Victoria and Ted next season will be an important part of the whole Mother story.

    As for Robin, her new love interest next season is just the final guy that will make her realize that she loves Barney.
    They also said that Quinn will be gone by episode 2-3.


  36. I was actually rooting for quinn!!! but then i trust the writers that they know what they are doing… I do honestly feel a bit disappointed that barney did not end up with quinn!

  37. H.Ta says:

    Knowing it was HIMYM, I knew that it would Robin behind that door….considering they had shown all those proposing scenes with Quinn. I hope this time the couple has a better fate….bcuz on paper, the two are perfect for each other!!

  38. legacy92 says:

    I like how people still thought Robin was the mother. It said in the first episode that she was the Aunt.
    Ted is a terrible father for someone who’s thought of fatherhood for the past 7 years. Hey kids, let me tell you about all the girls I’ve banged including a 3way, and one of my best friends until I met your mother.
    I knew Robin was the bride when Lilly came in saying see wanted to see Ted. That means the bride knows Ted, so either Robin or Ted’s hot sister Heather. Lilly looked upset because she’s probably mad that Ted is the Maid or “Man” of Honor instead of her. It’s a good thing Robin can’t have kids. We’ve seen what kind of parent Barney would be. “Ted don’t dig into this whole not banging the nannies thing!!”

  39. albtrex says:

    Robin!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE that!!!!!!! :D

  40. Carol Watkins says:

    I am so very, very disappointed in this show. I have loved it for years, but Robin and Barney getting married is just so not right .It should have been Ted or even that psch guy she was dating. And to bring Victoria back,just awful!!! They better have a great actress play the girl Ted marries after this disaster. Shame on the writers for ruining this show. I expected so much more from you.

  41. Carol Watkins says:

    Barney with Quinn makes so much more sense than Robin.Again, I am so disappointed with this show.

  42. Amy says:

    The whole “Barney/Robin debate” aside, I thought this was a terrible episode. Marshall and LIly’s baby was an afterthought……really?…..Marvin Waitforit? Lame. Also, I think Marshall was made to look like an ass. The whole episode seemed rushed and oddly irritable. Just my opinion, but they could have done so much better!

    • Amy says:

      Also, thought the whole Barney-at-the-airport-with-security bit was terrible. At least three times I said out loud, “WHAT are they doing?” Really disappointed in general….

  43. AC says:

    I was kinda on team Quinn..but I’m not upset that it was Robin either…if that’s really what is happening. There is a good chance that was a trick…but either way..I’m good. But if this upcoming season is indeed the last…they need to get this Ted storyline rollin…Victoria is not the mother…she was not in his first class..she was not whatsherface’s (Rachel Bilson’s) roommate..and she was not the owner of the yellow umbrella! I don’t want to meet Ted’s future wife on the series finale!! (I want to get to know her) ;)

  44. Anonymous says:

    guys look at the episode “trilogy time” and near the end in the 2015 “for real” right after barney says “Han Shot First” look at his left hand = NO WEDDING RING :D (no ring on the right hand either) :D:D:D

    • Jason C says:

      He was actually purposely hiding his left hand, Carter Bays and Craig Thomas have both stated that was on purpose so no one would see if he was wearing a wedding ring or not at that time.

  45. Lindsay says:

    Personally, I always felt that Quinn was a disposable girlfriend. She was far too well crafted for Barney – like she was meant to be perfect for him. I was so happy that Robin was the bride! I know that their relationship seemed like a mistake before, but the writer’s have created the opportunity for the two of them to get it right next season. Marrying within a close-knit group isn’t boring to me. These characters are all so close, so it makes sense to me that romance bloomed between Robin and Barney. Also, not all married couples have children. “Waitforit” was such a cool idea. I loved it! Can’t wait for Ted to meet his wife at Robin and Barney’s wedding!

  46. Srinjoy says:

    I have only one comment…….PLEASE TED GET A WIFE………im way past my curiosity belt 2 wanna know who is dat lady…….and wid every passing episode and season now dat feeling is becoming pretty constant……so plz get a Mom and end this show for good!!!!

  47. Cat says:

    anyone else pleasantly surprised at the use of cat stevens in the last scene? It almost made it sweet enough of a moment to drown out that stupid fake “sunset”… (almost)

  48. Faye says:

    I really don’t get why the writers made Robin, Barney’s bride. It’s unfair especially for Quinn’s part. Quinn changed Barney in a lot of ways, well Robin actually changed Barney too back in season 5, but Quinn sacrificed a lot for Barney and I really don’t get the point of them breaking up in the next season. Hopefully there will be a twist that will make Barney and Quinn get back together. In my opinion, the writers should’ve ended the series instead of making another season, I think they’re just prolonging the series because of the money and not because of the story. Plus what’s with Ted and Victoria getting back together? I’m getting annoyed with their storyline. Hopefully next season will be better than season 7.

    • Jason C says:

      1) You don’t get the point of Quinn and Barney breaking up because it hasn’t happened yet! If opposites attract then people who are similar repel, and Quinn and Barney are too similar to work well over the long term. Just because someone makes sacrifices doesn’t mean that it’s meant to work, and I’m sure that’s part of what the writers are trying to demonstrate. 2) I don’t think it’s right for you to make assumptions about the writers motivations. They still seem to have a lot to say, if you’re willing to listen. So far your motivation seems to be more along the lines that you don’t care to listen or understand what the writers are going for. As soon as something doesn’t go the way that you want it to go, you’re ready to jump ship and make silly allegations about the motivations of the writers. 3) Had you read post-finale interviews with Craig Thomas you would know that the impetus behind getting Ted and Victoria back together is that everyone, before they settle down, has one crazy thing they need to do before they can really settle down. This is Ted’s one thing, he thinks that Victoria is his one chance to be able to settle down so he whisked her away from her wedding.

      If you think rather than just jumping to conclusions you can actually come up with logical explanations…

  49. Ashley says:

    I LOVE THEM TOGETHER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BARNEY & ROBIN <3 Yesssssssssssssssss

  50. Allie says:

    Why was Barney wearing the Ducky tie??? I thought he could take it off awhile before.