How I Met Your Mother Season Finale Recap: And Barney's Bride Is...

WARNING: If you have yet to watch Monday’s season finale of How I Met Your Mother, avert your eyes now. Everyone else, you may proceed…

Monday’s season finale of How I Met Your Mother finally revealed the identity of the woman who got Barney to do the impossible — get married! — and the lucky lady isRobin!!!

But before we get to that, let’s — in true HIMYM fashion — rewind, so that we may recount the story of how Barney proposed to Quinn. It all started when the now-former bachelor was worried that he had lost his girlfriend forever. But she was, in fact, waiting for him back at their apartment, newly redecorated to look like the “inside of Tinkerbell’s vagina” (it was actually more Hello Kitty-ish, but let’s not split whiskers).

Whew. Crisis averted. But there was more to come…

Reunited, the two headed to the airport for their first vacation together. Unfortunately, Barney’s magic trick box caught the attention of the TSA. He even refused to open it after the guards whipped out their guns. When he finally relented and performed a bit of hocus-pocus, it featured a lot of bells and whistles, and, in the end, an engagement ring. At that point, he popped the question, and Quinn, no surprise, accepted.

Whew. Another crisis averted. But wait, there was still more…

After the couple announced their big news to the gang, Barney joked to Robin, “Last chance to run away together,” before turning serious and adding, “I hope this isn’t weird or anything.” Although seeing her ex make the ultimate commitment clearly was weird (or anything), Robin insisted, “I’m really happy for you.”

Potential crisis averted, we then flash-forwarded to Barney’s nuptials, and it wasn’t Quinn in the wedding dress but Robin! But why did the bride-to-be need to see Ted before walking down the aisle? Was she having cold feet? She did say she never wanted to get married.


Meanwhile, Ted’s love story took a major turn as well after Robin laid into him for “always chasing the wrong women” and encouraged him to contact Victoria, his only ex who could have been The One. When the two met at MacLaren’s, Victoria showed up wearing a wedding gown! Although she was about to tie the knot, she admitted to still having feelings for Ted. However, their plan to ride off into the sunset together was cut short by Ted’s guilty conscience; he’d been left at the altar himself and couldn’t bear to do that to someone else. So he started to drive Victoria back to the church. But, as memories of their time together started flooding back to him, he bypassed the church and headed straight for the aforementioned sunset.

Last but not least, Marvin Waitforit Erikson came into the world and fittingly made his first public outing at MacLaren’s.

HIMYM fans, are you happy Robin and Barney are getting hitched, or were you rooting for Quinn? And do you think there’s any chance Victoria is the Mother?

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  1. Brad says:

    I’m happy that the bride to be is Robin because I always knew there would be more with the two of them. I’m more excited about it because it can finally put an end to the people out there who still think Robin is the mother, and it will put an end to Ted being in love with Robin which I think finally started to run its course this season.

  2. Meg says:

    Totally Team Swarkles so I’m happy with the end game of Barney/Robin.

    Can they ret-con what they said and make Victoria the mother? Because I’ve always loved Ted/Victoria.

    • rita says:

      not endgame! barney gets married that day but writers haven’t said to whom! plus he has doubts on the wedding day (last season’s final, barney and ted talking, remember?) calm down!

      • Bill says:

        “We’ll answer who Barney is marrying,” Thomas confirmed. “We will answer that at the end of this season.”

        The writers DID say to whom. See above. They’ve been setting up Barney and Robin since the first series.

      • Meg says:

        Uh…have you been watching the same show? The wedding that started at the end of last season was the same wedding they showed at the end of this season. Robin is the bride, Barney is the groom. Pretty sure all signs are pointing to them getting married….

  3. mollie says:

    Is this supposed to be surprising for some reason? Quinn got her own show. It had to be Robin, everyone knew it was Robin.

  4. A says:

    Was anyone actually surprised?

  5. JBS says:

    1. Greatest TV baby name EVER!!!
    2. Ted & Robin as friends again? YAY!!!
    3. Ted & Victoria running away together? We’ll see. I like Victoria, I like Ted & I like them together. But runaway bride? We’ll see. If they can make it work, i’m on board 100%.
    4. Barney & Robin getting married? Sorry. I’m not thrilled about it. I was more of a Quinn fan & more of a Nora fan myself. It doesn’t matter if the storyline is great next season about how they get back together. Tonight was a low-blow & a major cop-out.

    Overall, a great finale, that was somewhat marred by the finale scene.

    • Katerina Pierce says:

      That’s EXACTLY how I feel.

    • d-man says:

      yes, I totally agree.

    • Michelle says:

      completely agree, except for #3. I don’t think I’ll ever be on board with that. I loved Ted & Victoria together and if i were to choose who Ted ends up if it can’t be Robin, i’d have chosen her. But this runaway bride thing was all sorts of wrong, imo.

  6. Jean says:

    Barney and Robin cannont be together, that would mean Barney would never get to pass down his AWESOME genes since we know Robin cant have children.

  7. fiona says:

    to all u skeptics out there..i guess, knowing himym, they do always have their twists..maybe the wedding wont even go on..but i still think that by series end they will end up together..married or not.. because they just belong together :)

  8. I won’t complain about that ending.

  9. Bill says:

    So glad it was Robin! Quinn was so not the one for him.

  10. J says:

    Barney marries Robin, Ted marries Barney’s sister. She is John Lithgow’s (Barney’s dad’s) daughter, who was in college when he met them. She was Rachel Bilson’s roommate and was in Ted’s archaeology (econ) first class. The reason it’s “Uncle Barney/Aunt Robin” is because Barney is, biologically, Ted’s kids’ uncle. It’s only “Uncle Marshall and Aunt Lily” because Marshall is Ted’s best friend. We all had the uncle-who-wasn’t-really-an-uncle growing up, right?

    • Jackie says:

      Except… wouldn’t it be very silly for Ted to tell an EPIC story about how he met the mother when the whole time the kids were like “Um… yeah… she’s one of your best friend’s sister! DUH!”??

  11. I was happy with the fact that Robin is going to be Barney’s wife however i’m not happy with them not talking about what had happened this season but I still saw Robin’s feelings in the proposal announcement scene.

    I love Ted & Victoria but since we know how he meets the Mother Victoria is not the Mother of Ted’s kids.

  12. AJ says:

    I am so excited the bride was Robin! I did a little happy dance!!

  13. Eleanor says:

    Literally as the episode began I turned to my friends and said “I predict Barney proposes to Quinn, but it’ll flash-forward and Robin will be the bride”……..TO A TEE! NAILED IT! SO HAPPY!

  14. But Ted calls it the “wedding day that went terribly wrong.” so no clue….

    • James says:

      My guess is that everything that can happen will happen – like Murphy’s law. But the show creators said a few months ago that Barney IS marrying the person who was revealed tonight. It’ll probably just be a string of bad luck on the wedding day that makes it all worth it in the end.

  15. Mark P says:

    YEY ROBIN!!!!! SO HAPPY!!!


  16. As soon as Becky Newton was cast in The Goodwin Games, I knew it would be Robin! I’ve been rooting for Barney and Robin since season 3!

  17. Mary says:

    Barney to marry Robin? Yawn. Ted taking off with Victoria? Not a good idea. She’s not going to be the mother so why do that? Speaking of, I’m getting very tired of waiting for the mother and kind of tired of this show.

    • Craig says:

      Then stop watching. The finale was great.

      • Mary says:

        I probably will. This show has gone down hill and isn’t very funny any more. It’s far too caught up in how awesome it supposedly is when it quit being awesome a while ago.Disappointed that they broke up Barney and Nora. Didn’t really care for Robin and Kevin. The whole back and forth with who should be with Robin is part of the problem. Ted, no, Barney, no, Ted, no, Barney. Neither!

  18. Of course…it’s television, and in the world of television all the boy and girl characters hook up. *rolls eyes* Because men and women can never “just be friends”, or heaven forbid, be “best friends”. *throws up a little*

    I guess I’ll give them credit for the other 42 minutes of the episode.

  19. I’m kind of skeptical….didn’t Ted say in the beginning that the day of Barney’s wedding was a day that went horribly wrong?

    • James says:

      My guess is that everything that can happen will happen – like Murphy’s law. But the show creators said a few months ago that Barney IS marrying the person who was revealed tonight. It’ll probably just be a string of bad luck on the wedding day that makes it all worth it in the end.

      • Yeah, that makes sense. I was hoping for Barney and Robin, so naturally I’m assuming the writers will toy with my emotions, haha…do you happen to have the link to the interview they said that in?

  20. tmo says:

    Just saying its a dual wedding Barney and robin get married the same day to different people and ted is best man in both.

  21. Christian says:

    For a second there towards the end I was thinking of every way they could blindside the audience and had convinced myself that Barney was going to marry Victoria.

    • Brendan says:

      I was thinking an out-of-left-field option too, but I had Nora as the dark horse.

    • Brittney says:

      Me too! Exact same thought! That is the only way I could justify Ted running off with Victoria (since she is obviously not the mother).

      • Jason C says:

        Yeah, that’s the only logical explanation, he couldn’t possibly be making a crazy impulse decision based on the fact that he feels that she is his only opportunity to have the family of his dreams…

  22. Rachel says:

    I LOVE Ted and Victoria…maybe just because I always get little butterflies in my heart from their exchanges…but I know they won’t end up together :(

  23. Sean says:

    I thought in one of the episodes Ted referred to Robins morning news partner Don I think as uncle Don making me think that was who Robin ended up with.

  24. HIMYM- Is it time 2 give up on this show? The lack of imagination is borderline repulsive. Y can they not reveal the titular mother & show the courtship?

    • Craig says:

      Because the show is going to end when the mother is reveled. The last line is almost guaranteed to be “and that’s the story of how I met your mother” when Ted MEETS her, not dates her. That will be the end of it. That’s how the entire show has been set up.

  25. jake says:

    This show is getting on my nerves — probably the worst season — especially when it comes to Robin — first she can’t have children, they she pushes Kal penn away, then we have another go around with robin and ted and now this? It seems they want to make her character as unlikeable as possible but at least cobie makes her someone that you hate.

    they honestly could never make it becky newton because she would be on Fox’s new comedy with scott foley — the goodwin games brought to you by how i met your mother’s creators.

  26. jess says:

    Loved it!!

  27. Christina says:

    this was not hard to figure out…we never heard about some other “Aunt” which probably would have been the case if Barney or Robin married anyone else…plus it would have made ZERO sense to have Nora or Quinn be the bride (though I am not by any means saying they were not cute couples, but just it was obvious) and have them ask for Ted. As soon as they said “The bride wants to see you”, it was obvious it was Robin. They just better have some good idea of how to correct the ridiculous amount of mess they have made with the Barney/Robin situation…they are adorable together, and I’m happy to see them together, but they need to make a good transition for how it happens. :crosses fingers Barney doesn’t go and cheat on Quinn with Robin, etc.: Also, what happened to the spoilers that Robin was supposed to have a ‘new love interest’ … is that Barney?That’s not new…I’m confused…gotta wait though I guess! Going to be a long summer…

  28. legacy92 says:

    it can’t be Victoria, none of the clues match

  29. Joe says:

    Well that was exactly as I predicted…A great episode nonetheless but still I wanted something a bit more shocking :/

  30. Orlando says:


  31. Amy says:

    Regardless of what we think of the bride reveal, can we all admit that magic proposal was AWESOME?!

  32. HIMYMFan says:

    You all got it wrong. It is a different wedding. Think about it. Last season when Ted was with Marshall, Lily told him the groom was summoning him. And this is the point we find out that Barney is getting married. This current season was about the person Barney marries. Tonight’s season final we see Ted being summoned to the bride who is Robin. We are being suckered into thinking that it is the same wedding, but it is not. It just happens to be “a little ways down the road” at the end of both episodes, but not the same time. Next season will be about who Robin marries. So there are at least two seasons left. The final season will be the reveal of who Ted marries.

  33. cmcrewe says:

    Ted had all the rules for his bride to be and victoria missed out on a lot of them. Plus he would have seen her when he accidently went into the business class years back. But like many things, all will be revealed eventually!

  34. graywolf323 says:

    really hope it’s two different weddings, Robin and Barney together was horrible

  35. jonnemo8771 says:

    Shoulda been Quinn… :(

  36. jake says:

    Well the question really is — do they really get married? Neither of them said I do…..

    • James says:

      Craig Thomas confirmed months ago that Barney is marrying the person who was revealed in the final scene tonight.

      • d-man says:

        you keep saying this.
        can you give a link?

        • Batman says:

          TV Guide 2-3 weeks ago in an interview with Craig Thomas. His exact words “Barney will marry the woman in the final scene.”

          • Michelle says:

            But do you really think Craig would spoil that much when he made this entire thing quite ambiguous? I think that would just be one of his red herrings, tbh.

          • Jason C says:

            It’s not really much of a spoiler since he didn’t say in the TVG interview who that woman was. However, he once again confirmed that Barney and Robin are definitely getting married last night after the premier in EW. It’s not a red herring, it’s actually happening…

          • JBS says:

            You’ve hit the nail on the head, Batman. But I’ll go one better.
            A direct quote from Craig Thomas from a TV Guide interview dated May 15th at 12:01 a.m. ET:
            “Remember: Barney and Robin’s wedding won’t be smooth, but they will get married.”

  37. portiaslegacy says:

    Ok, remember future Ted said this was a wedding that went badly. We know that Barney and Robin are friendly in the future. We also know that Ted is familiar with Quinn’s version of the airport story.

    We know little about where things are leading.

  38. sam says:

    i found the whole magician code sooooo annoying — yes, guns are pointed towards you and yeah, you’re gonna say that.

  39. Hector says:

    I hated Barney and Robin together. I hated Victoria with a burning passion since they introduced her. For lack of a better term FUUUUUCK! Sorry about the language.

    • Cora Leigh says:

      I seriously cried my eyes out. I was so upset. I HATE them together. This ruins the show for me completely. I won’t be watching next season.

      • d-man says:

        hopefully it’s another bait and switch.

        i mean, they sure do that a lot. so maybe B&R don’t end up together.

      • Char says:

        You were so upset over 2 fictional characters getting married that you cried? Might I suggest watching a little less tv and worrying more about people in the real life world?

  40. Jake says:

    All those years Ted loved Robin, but she doesn’t care a bit about how he was hurting. She’s selfish. Barney could do a LOT better than her. Boo this show, boo to the writers!

  41. Seb says:

    Anyone saying their done with this show because of a plot twist is an idiot, even with the great twist and turns of this series, how i met your mother still offers loads more entertainment no matter whos getting with who, people are so Melodramatic.

  42. Seb says:

    Also just as a thought, i mean Becki newton has a new series, so i dont know why anyone thought she was staying for the long haul, though ill admit the finale made me question it for a moment.

    But on the subject of Becki Newtons new show The Goodwin Games which is Created and being written by the makers of How i met your Mother…..could it be that the reason a good looking new show like that was put at midseason on Fox is so becki and the writers could get the bulk of Himym out of the way, so they can get on with goodwins early next year. Juggling two shows is a hard task even if your not starring or writing all episodes.

  43. James says:

    Ted wasn’t wearing two different suits. I went back and watched all the wedding clips tonight. Besides, Craig Thomas confirmed a few months ago that Barney IS marrying the bride who was revealed tonight.

    They’ve been setting up Barney and Robin since season 1. Sorry if you can’t see that, but it’s been hinted all along that Robin is the one for Barney. Quinn was too perfect for him, made him needy and whiny, and they were completely boring together. Robin has been his only girlfriend who hasn’t changed him. Finally! Endgames are delicious when they’re so well-crafted. I loved the ending tonight and can’t wait to see how they get there.

  44. Bobbalqbaa says:

    Imagine it like this,what would robin do if she didn’t get married?would she just be alone without anyone?producers never leave a main character like that,in FREINDS everyone got married and was happy and Joey got a spinoff series(but it wasn’t to good)and it’s not like there gonna make a show called robin.I mean the wedding will probably have ups and downs but eventually I think Barney and robin WILL end up together as for Ted and Victoria,screw that we already know its not her for the mother so why the producers waste time with more stupid relationships like other words YAY for the B and R wedding

  45. Kristina says:

    Does no one remember, particularly the writers, that Robin didn’t want to get married or have kids? It’s kinda why and she and Ted broke up?! Kinda crappy.

    • Annie Cresta says:

      That’s why I really hate that she’s apparently marrying Barney. She didn’t want any of those things with Ted, so why the hell does she want them with Barney *then*?! EW!

      • Seb says:

        Did you not pay attention to Most of Teds story arc this season?? It was all about his unresolved feelings the choices he makes and how he has to get past them to finally find the one, specifically getting over Robin who could of been with him and was ready to settle down and marry she wouldve married Kevin if it wasnt for the fact he couldnt see a future without kids, she even almost commited totally to ted at one point in season 2 but the reason it never really worked for them is linking all the way back to first season, Ted was always in Deeply in Love with Robin, but Robin was never truly, deeply in love with him in the same way, that was her big resolution this season that she never really loved Ted enough. This was a major part of this seasons story, i thought it was pretty clear and very well done. Obviously she realises she does deeply love Barney and barney loves her enough to get past not having children,
        although he may have one out their somewhere considering hes Bang bang bangidy banged over 200 women ;P

        • Seb says:

          Btw re-reading your comments i dont think either of you have paid close attention to how Robins evolved in relationships and get close to people really close letting them in, this has been like her major story arcs since season 4 with Barney to Don to Kevin shes changed her perspective on relationships completely shes accepted marriage, she just never accepted having children, she wants to be commited she just dosent want to be weighed down, which makes barney perfect really hes one of the freest people ever. Id go back and rewatch how i met your mother from the beginning.

  46. Ashley says:

    I’m very happy with Robin being the bride. Not surprised but happy.

  47. alyssa says:

    I have been an avid fan of HIMYM since I watched the show premiere 6.5 years ago. I’ve always thought it was highly entertaining, hilarious, and brought something new to television comedy. I’ve claimed for YEARS that it is my favorite show currently on tv and that has all changed this year. This season has been AWFUL compared to earlier seasons. I’m usually someone who still enjoys shows even when the storylines change dramatically, but the show just has NOT been funny.
    It makes me incredibly sad to see this happen to such an innovative and amazing program, but I just might be done with it now for 2 major reasons:
    1) I am SICK of Ted not being the central character. The whole show is told from his perspective and yet the past couple years all he’s been doing is commenting on his friends’ lives. C’mon Ted, grow a pair and make it about you again!
    2) Robin does NOT belong with Barney. If you really watch the whole series you will see why. It is impossible for them to have a happy marriage together.

    I think the only way I’ll watch next season is if Ted has more of the major character arcs, like he SHOULD and if this whole Barney/Robin marriage fizzles out.

  48. Blah says:

    Ugh. Just.. ugh. I don’t like Barney and Robin together at all. And them getting married? So stupid.

  49. George says:

    In this article, the revelation is not the name of the mother but Barney’s bride.
    Than the mother is not Victoria?

    I suppose that Victoria is not the mother because:
    – Ted will met his future wife at Barney’s wedding
    – Ted’s wife is a student and lived in USA with Cindy ( Victoria lived a moment in germany and has a bakery)

    I believed that we’ll know the name of the wife. It’s again a false hope.
    It’s not just for fans.

    • Jason C says:

      Just because you thought something would happen doesn’t mean that’s reality. I’m not disappointed since I was never given the expectation that we’d found out who the mom was, but I’m rational in my expectations…

      • George says:

        No it’s because I believed that Thomas and Bays had said that the the revelation of the name of mother’ll been in this finale.

        • Jason C says:

          No, they didn’t. In the show it was stated that the mother was at the wedding, and they said the bride would be revealed at the wedding, meaning Barney’s bride. They never said the mother would be revealed by the end of this season. I would offer a link, but there’s not usually a link to show that someone didn’t say something…

  50. Lili says:

    I’m glad it was Robin. Really! Did they have to ruin Victoria!!