Hart of Dixie Finale: Find Out Who Hooked Up, Who Broke Up and Who Made Up!

Warning: If you’ve yet to watch Monday’s Hart of Dixie finale, avert your eyes now! Everyone else, read on…

As promised by showrunner Leila Gerstein, The CW’s Hart of Dixie indeed ended its freshman run with a sexy, stormy bang!

With Bluebell in the throes of a violent downpour — and on George and Lemon’s wedding day, no less — everyone was just a tad out of sorts, particularly Zoe Hart. In fact, the petite doc was determined to “object” to the impending nuptials given her newfound love of Mr. Tucker. But thankfully, her bestie Lavon convinced her to bite her tongue (aka leave town for the day).

Fellow singleton (and unrequited love) Wade also happened to be away for the afternoon, and after a car malfunction he met up with Zoe for a ride home. As luck would have it, though, the storm blocked the the road back to town and the two became stranded in an old barn.


And all wet.

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Wade, using this opportunity to get a few things off of his chest, first told his crush that they were never friends, and then revealed that he believes his so-called feelings for her are simply the result of pent-up sexual tension. Enter a few escaped barn animals (of course) that Zoe and Wade bravely rescue from the storm, and you’ve got yourself two drenched should-be lovebirds ready to give it a go — starting with one very sweet kiss. (Come on, how could Zoe resist when Wade said to her, “There’s something here, something between us”?!)

Once back home, they decided to part ways. However, a reunion was just around the corner. Wade showed up at the doc’s door dressed to the nines, but there was really no need for all the fancy schmancy stuff — Zoe immediately ripped his clothes right off!

Here are a few more takeaways from the Season 1 finale:

• Lemon and George are dunzo. Kaput. No more. After fiendishly throwing together a makeshift wedding for his longtime love, George came to the realization that he was only rushing his I Dos so that he wouldn’t have to face his true feelings for Zoe. Unfortunately, his heartfelt breakup speech was met with a right-hook to the face, courtesy of his (ex) bride-to-be.

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• George and Lavon, on the other hand, came to the conclusion that while they may never be friends again, they can certainly coexist peacefully as Bluebell denizens. The mayor even did everything in his power to help make the called-off wedding a reality!

• Every good finale has a good cliffhanger — and Hart of Dixie pretty much did us in with theirs. Wade and Zoe’s super-sexy romp in the sack — which included actual cuddling! — was capped by a visit from George. Leaving Wade in the other room (and unaware of who was at the door), Zoe was met by the loyal lawyer professing his love (!) and leaving her with a soft kiss. She then returned to her bedroom where an in-the-dark Wade was waiting with a really adorable, “Hey.”

So, are you whistling, um, Dixie after that finale? Hit the comments!

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  1. BrianR says:

    At least George didn’t walk in and see them naked on the floor. Now Zoe has more than one problem.

  2. iris says:

    I’m still not sure if Lemon deserves either George or Lavon – she is so mean and selfish! I want to like her – think the actress is great – but it would be nice to see her go through some stuff in the second season that makes her a better person and more symapthetic.

    • raven says:

      After the season finale last night, I think Lemon deserves better than George. He’s proven throughout the season and especially the last couple of episodes that he’s actually a jackass.

  3. Sarah says:

    Honestly don’t know who to root for. I love both Wade and George. They’re both so different but could be so perfect for Zoe. I guess it all comes down to what Zoe is wanting in a man.

    Love the show. Can’t wait for S2.

    • Lui says:

      I totally agree with you, can’t decide either. Maybe George needs some time to sort his feelings out for Lemon and be sure. That might give Zoe some time to sort her feelings out about Wade, and time for him to realise that it is more than a sexual attraction.
      I think they are going to drag things out again with her trying to decide which way to go. Hope it makes for more episodes where the sparks fly though.

  4. CJ says:

    OMG I am dying over that ending! I love George and I love Wade and every time I “decide” which one I think Zoe should be with, the show throws me a curve and I change my mind! Hart of Dixie is such a light-hearted and fun escape for me and I can’t wait til next season. Really happy it was renewed.

    • Lui says:

      OMG for sure, I haven’t enjoyed a show as much for some time, I am hooked, I just hope they don’t delay the release of the second season down under. (Australia)

  5. sixseasons&amovie says:

    Augh! My cable froze with 15 minutes left in the episode so I missed all the good stuff! I am definitely catching this online so I can see how all this went down :)

  6. Me says:

    Please leave wade and Zoe together! They need to pair George with someone else, maybe annabeth? Hmm we will see! So glad it got renewed! Since Gilmore girls went off the air, there was something missing in my life, but hart of Dixie filled it and I can’wait till next season!

  7. Ashley says:

    I love zoe with wade but im ok with george but her and wade have more chemistry and lets face it they are awsome together and at the emd of the finale she smiled at wade so i have high hopes they will be together for a long time

  8. amelyrose says:

    Thay may be weird but the only one I would be happy she would choose instead of Wade has to be new character play by Adam Brody. Since that has no chance of happening… WADE AND ZOE ;)

  9. I’m also torn. I really like her with both guys. Throughout the show, I’m sure we’ll eventually see her in a relationship with both guys but something tells me, from all the different shows I’ve seen, that ultimately, she’ll end up with Wade. It’s classic Dawson/Joey/Pacey. It seemed like from day one that Dawson and Joey would end up together, like Zoe and George, because they’re so similar but once they put Joey and Pacey together, everyone knew they were meant to be.

  10. Maria Pamela Ealdama says:

    I really love tonight’s episode and have a Zoe and Wade shipper from the beginning. I really hope the writers of the show realize that majority of the fans who watch Hart of Dixie wanted Zoe and Wade to end up together, me included.:) I hope that in the 2nd season we get to see more Zoe and Wade scenes. I am really praying that Zoe will choose Wade.:) Zoe and Wade forever!!!:)

  11. M says:

    I am totally for Wade! It’s not that I don’t like George. But Zoe and Wade have so much more chemistry. I just hope that in the end Zoe will end up with Wade!

  12. lee says:

    I am Team George. George has been trying to do what he felt was right…finally he couldn’t do it anymore and he had to be honest with himself. I believe in following instincts….ZOE’S INSTINCT IS WITH GEORGE? AGREE?

  13. cole says:

    Iam TOO tried of G/Z. The two have AS much chemistry as the GROUND. Proctor is not a good actor which is why he comes across as BORING. The writers need to be worried about cleaning up Z’s image (chasing after some else man). Lemon should have beat her ASS. Z needs to get her ACT together before she sleeps with anyone else. WADE BABY, while you have her DOG her out make her holler George who and then turn her over to George. Z is not worth the fight.

  14. Brittany says:

    I am definately Team Wade. After seeing how quickly George was able to dismiss his 14 year relationship with Lemon and IMMEDIATELY run to Zoe without even having the courtesy to wait until the next day instantly solidified that George is not right for Zoe. I am glad that Lemon is free from him. I think what that had was great in the beginning of the season, but I think we saw that Lemon has changed since her fling with Lavon and I’m hoping that we will see some more of those two together… How could we not? Lemon was always running to Lavon for her deepest and most personal concerns, if she was truly in love with George, she would have been able to talk to him about that too… But back to Wade and Zoe. I was a bit dissapointed that Wade just never came right out and told Zoe that he was in love with her, but I’m hoping that this will be the beginning of a new relationship and that he will be able to be more honest about how he feels about her. I am excited to see more of Wade’s character development in Season 2! I sure hope that Zoe doesn’t run back to George. That would be the most shallow thing in the world and I would be thoroughly dissapointed.

  15. MinaG says:

    Zoey and George are boring !

  16. MinaG says:

    The last scene with Wade and Zoey, they were laughing and happy!! They are friends, they are comfortable around eachother. Zoey and George are not! They dont joke or laugh.

  17. rello says:

    i just hate George!!! he can’t act like he owns the world.. changing his mind.. there are some other people in here mister perfect!!! grrrr

  18. dreamajeantet says:

    I loved this season finale, so glad Hart of Dixie was renewed and it’s all set for a potentially crazy season 2!
    I love Zoe and Wade together. George, while still a good guy is certainly wishy washy! That punch from Lemon was well deserved. I really hope that Zoe doesn’t abandon Wade over George again.

  19. Sophie says:

    Team wade all the way!!! They look awesome together and he is the real good guy! I also wish for lavon and lemin to get back together but it feels as this ship has sailed. George is really pissing me off. If zoe gets with him, it will be as when kate chose jack over sawyer in lost… Boring

  20. Sophie says:

    Oh and this was by far the best episode since the big heat wave! Zoey and wade are so hot together

  21. Northern Julie says:

    PS: I think even tightly-wound Lemon deserves better that Drifty George. Someone who is fun, not stressful. No snotty in-laws, either.

  22. miles says:


  23. Tam says:

    I like Wade, I really do but George and Zoe had that connection from the start. Reminds me of OTH Peyton,Lucas,Brooke scenario. We all can see the sort of relationship that Zoe and Wade would portray but I would love to see Zoe and George together.

  24. Jessica says:

    I refuse to believe that after that finale episode Zoe still doesn’t care about Wade. I know this is television but I really don’t understand why she ‘loves’ George and sees Wade as someone who is just there.

    I see more (so much more) chemistry between Z/W and frankly I see more potential for them as a couple.George is just very bland to me and I really don’t see him and Zoe as the ‘it’ couple. I find them very dull together. And that last scene with G/Z was just not ok. He wouldn’t have needed to kiss her. He just dumped his bride 10 minutes before their wedding.

    That being sad, I really enjoyed the finale and I cannot wait to see who Zoe picks. My feeling tells me that she will pick George (again, I don’t even know why) and Wade will get hurt. But I still hope against hope that she will give Wade a chance. Zoe and Wade are just an awesome thing to happen to this tiny, lovely show. Go with it.

  25. Mollie says:

    Of course Zoe and Wade are endgame! It’s all about Zoe learning that what she thinks she should want with her big rational plans (Geoge) and what she actually needs (Wade) are two very different things. Love and human chemistry is not rational and even though Wade doesn’t fit her plan, he’s just the one that’s gotten under her skin and now it won’t be so easy to deny it after the night they shared. It’s part of her journey in Bluebell to become more in touch with her emotions, and that’s what Wade does for her…George is just the continuation of who she was in NYC and she is not that person anymore.
    But don’t worry, Zade is SO endgame and here’s why: not only are they the most popular with fans, have the most chemistry and represent the archetipal opposites attract/love-hate relationship people love to see – to me one of the most significant evidence is that this finale was written before they knew they has a second season (so it could very well have been the SERIES finale) and who was the focus of about 50% of the episode and got this scorchin hot love scene AND tender afterglow scene? Not George and Zoe…but Wade and Zoe. I think it’s clear who the writers were showing as the main couple in there and it makes me very, very happy and hopeful for the future. They manage to be completely cute and hot together at the same time!

  26. Brooke says:

    Normally I am all for a self-made man like Wade, but George has that killer dimple when he smiles. Besides, any man who wants to sing to me on a stage in New Orleans definitely is going to keep my interest.

  27. bleu jade says:

    It’s like what Lavon said: “Love life is complicated”… no one is a villain, people just feel, act and emote.
    George (like any other man) was hurt by Lemon’s affair, but decided to go through with the wedding because he “thought” he still loved Lemon and owned to himself and her to give a try and make amends. Lemon is a sure thing and they were sweethearts. He didnt know much about Zoe’s future, if and when she was going to leave town. The fact that now he wants to be with Zoe, it’s not indecisiveness or he is a flake.. he just decided to follow his heart, and stop thinking too much and be the right guy. (writers were subtle with his motives, but if the audience paid attention – these things happen in real life)
    Rachel Bilson – chemistry with Wilson Bethel? Wilson Bethel is an open actor, and accept choices and exude sexiness. Rachel Bilson uses too much make up, high end dresses, accessories, but it’s very stiff in her acting. You can tell that she is trying to hit the marks, where her choreographed movements should be. There was no intensity and she had horrible bad acting habits. She cannot do smoldering sexiness and flirtatious without looking rehearsed.
    Wilson Bethel – great abs, great smile, great kisser. But above all – Wilson gives his all, and goes all the way. Would like to see Wilson in more big screen feature dramas or even a franchise. Hope the casting directors are keeping an eye on him for a juicy part! (no pun intended). Long live WB and his sweet twinkle!

    • cole says:

      I agree in reference to Wilson Bethel

      • cole says:

        George has yet to convince me that he and Lemon are LOVER. It is CRAZY to believe that he would be any different with Zoey. Zoey is at her BEST when she is with Wade out side of that she becomes Lemon Jr. in terms of ANNOYING. Wilson Bethel is a BAD ASS actor.

  28. Jessica says:

    I’M TOTALLY TEAM GEORGE. I think I would stop watching it if it started going any other way. BLEH!!! He’s doofy and cute, but doesn’t seem REAL.

  29. Preye says:

    Team george al d way zade fans are so blind they cant c wade is nt meant 4 zoey u cant start a relationship based on sexual chemistry it has 2 b all d way george was nt a jerk breakin things off wit lemon he jst did it late if nt it would hav been a luvless union a marriage based on a lie cus lemon was nt plannin 2 tell george abt her affair any tym soon zoey has no feelins 4 wade she would hav found out lng ago she is always wit wade than george ryt jst cus wade is excitin doesnt make ryt 4 zoey.zoey needs a man she can relay on nd dat man is nt wade:-)

  30. Sarah says:


  31. Jen says:

    Can’t wait for Season 2 and hopefully more ZOE/WADE They are just awesome together. They make each other better and I prefer who Zoe is when she is with Wade. With George she became really delusional, downright embarrassing and unlikeable. No more of that in S2. It was unbearable to watch. While George is nice and all, I don’t really care what happens to him.

    I want to see Lemon as a single lady. Maybe her fun side will come out. And maybe a new love for Lavon.

  32. Hj56 says:

    I can’t believe some of you crazy people want George!!! He has blown his chances SEVERAL times with Zoe and keeps leading her on…as for Zoe, I CAN’T BELIEVE SHE STILL HAS THIS ANNOYING INFATUATION WITH GEORGE!!! He is too weak for Zoe, Zoe needs someone strong like Wade…if Zoe turns to George I will never watch this TV show again. Plus, right from the very start of the season Zoe and WADE have had massive chemistry but stupid George keeps getting in the way — and also, did you notice that Zoe didn’t kiss George back?? I think she’s finally getting over him hopefully!! I will punch the producers if she chooses George. George is a boring bat-brain, boooooo George!!! WADE AND ZOE ARE SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO CUTE TOGETHER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. Lorri says:

    Personally, I am more of a George fan, although I totally get the Wade appeal. I’m slightly worried that the writers will simply go with what the marjority of fans seem to feel (i.e. Zade) and not explore other options. It will turn into a predictable, boring, fanfic.

    • Northern Julie says:

      I agree – George whipsawing may be frustrating (as well as the writers’ sense of timing, i.e., Wade in the bedroom with George on the porch), but Wade seems too easy. Actually, I would like Lemon to find her own life (get a job, maybe), and decide who she loves when she needs to get married, but wants to.

    • run says:

      Boring would be g/z. the trip to new orleans proved it.

  34. claire says:

    I will hate the show if zoe goes running to george in season 2!! it would crush wade, as even though he wont admit it to zoe, he love her. l think he loves her alot more than george loves her. Geroge cant have everything he wants, he cant go straight from one relationship to another relationship in a small town where everyone knows everyones business. If zoe went to geroge in season 2, the whole town would hate her and blame her for the wedding being canceled. it would be social sucide and impact her doctor career.
    Zoe and Wade make such a great couple, they would bring out the best in each other.

  35. Sarah says:

    Team george and zoe.she has alwaz loved george there is nutin lke ur first luv

  36. Mkay says:

    I completely pick George! He has had something for Zoe sense day one that she got there. If a man can call off his wedding after being with the woman for years and even give it a shot after she cheated on him then he has guts and he deserves to be happy. I like Wade and all, but I think Zoe would be better off with George, plus it would piss of that SNOTTY Lemon. (: Team Georg3 <3

  37. Lisa says:

    I just discovered this show and watched the entire season 1 in two days. Needless to say I was hooked! For me, Zoe and Wade are one of the best fictional couples in a looong time – they are just SO good together! After so many almost-kisses, and shouting out loud at the screen, I was thrilled to see them fiinally hooking up in the finale. BUT why on earth did annoying George have to show up and ruin it?! and WHY did she let him kiss her??! That made me shout even louder. If she chooses him (which I suspect) I hope it’s temporary, and that in the end it was always Zade…