Hart of Dixie Boss Previews 'Explosive' Finale That 'Will Have Huge Ramifications'

The CW’s recently-renewed Hart of Dixie wraps up its freshman run tonight at 9/8c with a rocky walk down the aisle — and “extremely huge” romance resolutions.

Here, showrunner Leila Gerstein tells TVLine what else to expect from the season ender, which apparently includes “satisfaction” for all of the ‘shippers out there.

TVLINE | How would you describe the finale? Is it more comedic or dramatic?
It is titled “The Big Day” because big stuff is happening. There are explosions, drama and comedy — and extremely huge resolutions to our triangles.

TVLINE | Which set of ‘shippers will be most satisfied with the outcome of the episode?
There will be satisfaction for everyone involved. There are satisfying decisions made in terms of all of the stories. Certain things are answered, certain things are left open, but it is by far our juiciest episode; it will certainly feel like a season finale. It’s really big — monumentally big! What happens on this day will change everyone…

TVLINE | That’s so ominous — it sounds like a Lost finale!
It’s not like the Lost finale — no one’s gonna die! [Laughs] Spoiler alert: No one will die! No one will die, there’s no hatch, and no aliens are arriving.

VIDEO | Hart of Dixie Finale Preview: Wade and Zoe (Finally!) Confront Their Sexual Chemistry

TVLINE | In the promotional photos, we see Zoe and Lemon both dressed as brides. Can we safely assume this is a dream sequence?
I can let you know that Lemon and Zoe are not marrying each other. They could be, but they’re not. Actually, I’m not sure that they could be [married] in Alabama, but they’re not. [Laughs]

TVLINE | Are there any standout Lavon and Lemon moments in the finale?
For me, the book is closed on Lavon and Lemon this season, because I believe Lemon made her choice. But there are still some unresolved things between Lavon and George.

TVLINE | The answer to this one might seem obvious, but will we see Zoe attending George and Lemon’s wedding?
Zoe is not invited to the wedding…

PHOTOS | Hart of Dixie Season Finale First Look: Zoe and Wade [Spoiler]!

TVLINE | Speaking of Zoe, will she continue to evolve in the finale, finally embracing Bluebell as her own?
Yes, that will be something for the future of Zoe [now] that she has decided to stay. I mean, today is the wedding day, and there’s not much more on her mind than the fact that the wedding is going on. But the fact that she is staying in Bluebell will have consequences in this episode. That said, this [episode] is much more about the love story… [than] her personal journey as a doctor.

TVLINE | If you had to describe the finale in just a few words, what would they be?
Rainy. Explosive. And it’s pretty epic — it’s big! I will say that decisions will be made in this finale that will have huge ramifications.

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  1. Leena says:

    #TeamWade FTW!!!

    • Daniela says:

      Couldn’t agree more. George/Zoe seem forced nothing else. Zoe belongs with Wade!

      • Mexton says:

        This was a great season finale definitely will watch whole series next year Team Wade and Zoe all the way. Wade and Zoe aren’t boring like and the relationship didn’t seem forced like Zoe and George

    • LoveWADE says:

      All the way! Last weeks episode was so good because there were NO George/Zoe scenes. I still think Zoe is off her nut for thinking she “loves” George in the first place. They had one night of dancing and I guess for Zoe that’s all it takes. Cheeesssyyyyy..

    • hanson says:

      Love Rachel but this hick show is such a joke. Can’t believe it got renewed, ugh.

    • Mexton says:

      If Zoe chooses George now after what she and Wade shared. I don’t think I’ll watch next season because Wade is a ladies man but he did make the effort and George had his chance and chose Lemon although he knew he didn’t love her. I just started watching the show to see what the hype was about and was totally sold because of Ze and Wade

  2. Tiff says:

    I know I’m in the minority…but I’m totally Team George-Zoe. I think Zoe will get together with Wade for awhile, but she ultimately belongs with George.

    • dane says:

      I think Zoe and Wade have more chemistry and more potential. George is her comfort zone.. he’s her piece of Manhattan in Bluebell. She can’t even THINK about Wade in a ‘real’ way because it’s too much for her.. she isn’t where she hoped to be location wise or career wise already.. letting go of her ideal ‘romance wise’ would just be too much for her to handle.

      Conversely, Lemon is Bluebell to George. She’s home, she’s comfort and letting go of her is not easy. Zoe is exciting and fresh and a chance to change up some piece of his life so that it isn’t all about the person he’s been told he is all of his life.

      I am betting George skips out on the wedding, runs to Zoe and finds her and Wade together – either locked in an embrace or otherwise engaged. It leaves a huge WTF for the season ender. Will Zoe stick with Wade and see what can happen? Will she run to George because he’s what she’s always wanted? Will George even WANT her after seeing her with Wade? Will Wade want her back if she hesitates for even a second? Basically they can reset all the sexual tension back by making both men alienate her and allowing her to spend season 2 trying to win one or both of them back as friends and/or lovers.

      • Mexton says:

        I think Zoe did enough of trying to win people back as friends and fighting for what she believed was the ideal romance. I think although Wade is not what she imagined for herself she will realize he is what she needs. Wade tried to change his life for Zoe what woman wouldn’t want a man that will go through hell and high water for her. Lemon is about to become drama and Zoe doesn’t need that in her life

    • Michelle says:

      Team George here too! :)

    • me says:

      I think Zoe belongs with Wade. In my opinion when shows make the journey to be together harder for the couple then they are really whats going to be end game.

      • me says:

        Prime example: Lorelai and Luke.

        • Gretchen says:

          I never liked Lorelai and Luke, it seemed forced and really, he wasn’t her intellectual equal and they had few interests in common, plus, neither could really talk to the other. I was Lorelai/Max all the way.

    • NMoore says:

      I would agree with you, but t.v history has slipped a few times. For instance if we take a look back on Dawson’s Creek, Dawson was “suppose” to end up with Joey. Well what happened? Joey and Pacey were together b/c their chemistry succeeded Dawson’s and Joey’s. So it could look one way in the beginning for the writers but as a weekly viewer, it is so obvious that Wade and Zoe have the better chemistry. When there are George and Zoe scenes, it’s like watching dry bones….lol

  3. Marc says:

    I bet that the scene with both Zoe and Lemon in wedding dresses is George dreaming; his subconcious telling him that he has unresolved feelings for Zoe and he’s either not ready to marry Lemon or he feels that he could marry either ladies. I’m 50% sure that George will be stopping the wedding to go chasing after Zoe, but he’ll find her locking lips with Wade. The other 50% believes that he still has strong feelings for Zoe but he’ll ignore them and still marry Lemon out of duty and while the wedding is taking place, Zoe is making out with Wade to get over being depressed.

  4. OMG, will Zoe finally see the good in Wade? Can’t wait to watch the season finale!

  5. Jen says:

    Please let Wade be happy!!! Just this once. Don’t care about how George ends the season.

  6. sarah says:

    I have been team Wade since the start. Yes I was a little mad when he was mean to Zoe during the Bachelor party episode but I still like Wade and hope they get together.

  7. Danelle says:

    Im ALL for George/Zoe! Seems ALL the fans are pretty split in the matter. What a predicament for the writers, lol. Im thinking along the same lines as dane- George will tell Lemon he cant marry her, go off looking for Zoe and find her with Wade in their tete-a-tete and think she must not of really cared for him that much. Which of course isnt true. Excited to see how it all goes down AND that we’re secured a S2!!!
    Oh, and Go Team George!!!

    • Mexton says:

      And it will be what George deserves what woman want a man that has no backbone. George and Lemon’s family will interfere and George will be with Lemon

  8. Kristen says:

    I can’t help but read into the answer for the question about if we see Zoe attending the wedding. Zoe is not invited to the wedding, but that doesn’t mean she won’t be there. I think she shows up to spy, to see if George will actually go through with it, and when she sees what appears to be George going through with it, she takes off leaving the church. Runs into Wade somewhere in the midst of all that. They argue over her feelings for George and unresolved tension with Wade.
    Regardless, I think George will leave Lemon at the altar, thus being his big move with major ramifications. I think Zoe and Wade will have a very deep moment ending with a kiss and perhaps a proclamation of feelings on one or both sides. I think Lavon might just admit to George that he loves or loved Lemon. Ugh… this epi is going to be beyond amazing! What’s even better, I know the show will be back in the fall. :)

  9. TheLonelyPlace says:

    It has to be Wade and Zoe till the end!

  10. Kelly says:

    Is it bad that I don’t care about George at this point?
    Sorry but I’m team Wade all the way!

  11. Karen says:

    Totally Team Wade! I like George… but he is better friend for Zoe than lover…. but you can’t have Wade and Zoe and George and Lemon together all tied up with a nice little bow.. there has to be something to bring us back next season….

  12. Amy says:

    Team Zade!

    p.s. I don’t know what Leila is thinking, but no it is not possible to satisfy ALL shippers. That’s absurd.

  13. lisa says:

    I am soo Team Wade! They’re adorable together – and challenge each other in ways the other characters don’t. I hope it ends on a high note for them… Also, I’m very relieved we’re going into this finale knowing they got a renewal!

  14. eliza says:

    Team George all the way!!!!!!!

  15. FairyTaleLover says:

    Jeez, I wish George was not marrying Lemon. I freaking HATE Lemon. She just needs to go away now and as far as the George/Lemon/Zoe/Wade thing? I don’t know who Zoe should be with, I’m totally split down the middle between Wade and George.

  16. Leslie says:

    When I first started watching the show, I actually wanted Zoe and George together. But after I saw Zoe and Wade in scenes together, I was in love with them. I’ve been wanting those two together ever since.

  17. Andrea says:

    I am so George and Zoey! I have watched the final! I think that Wade and Zoey had there little fun but I think they should realize they dont belong! If George does pick Zoey then there should be NO WAY he could be mad at her for her FUN with Wade since George is the one that pretty much pushed her to Wade in the first place! I think they should allow Lavon and Lemon to have a go at it again to see where it leads, Wade back with his ex-wife and George and Zoey to see where it goes! It is no secret that George’s family DOES NOT LIKE LEMON!

  18. mary says:

    team wade all the way!!!
    i don’t really get it! how can anyone see chemistry between zoe and george?
    they are soo boring together!
    on the other hand zoe and wade are perfect! there is love,passion and omg those zade scenes with so many beautiful love songs are just epic<3

    • no george please says:

      I don’t see the chemistry either… I just think people like him because of the role he played in FNL. I think that’s unfair because this porter has done nothing in his role as george but be ANNOYING.

  19. Briitany says:

    Idk I’m kinda on the George side but it really all depends on what I see next season, yes Wade was changing but Zoey asked him once how he felt he turned her down. Even then he said it was just a sex thing so until I see more that he can offer. I think she’s better off with George but he made his choice and now I think Zoey is falt out confused about who she really wants. But we will see and I can’t wait…