Gossip Girl Finale Post Mortem: Show's Boss on Blair's Choice, Dan's Revengenda and More

WARNING: If you have yet to watch Monday’s season finale of Gossip Girl, avert your eyes now. Everyone else, you may proceed….

Broken hearts, sex tapes and a whole lot of texting — it must be finale time on Gossip Girl. But while some relationships came to an end in Monday’s Season 5 capper, an old one started to rekindle when Blair finally admitted that her heart belongs to Chuck. So will the couple get their happy ending? Are things really over with Dan? And will Serena spiral? Executive producer Stephanie Savage weighs in on all of those questions and previews the upcoming sixth and final season.

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THE FINAL GAME PLAN | “Getting ready for Season 6, everybody rewatched the pilot,” says Savage. “We talked about what our favorite episodes were, some of our favorite dynamics. … We’re leaving it all on the floor. We really want [the last episodes] to count and to be really special.” Priority No. 1: Focusing on the core characters. “The gang that you saw in that final act [of the Season 5 finale will be] the main players when we come back.” And yes, that includes Georgina, who Dan summoned to help him eviscerate the Upper East Side after getting dumped by Blair and used by Serena. So just how nasty will his quest get? “When you call in Georgina Sparks, you’re not looking to [play nice],” hints Savage.

BLAIR’S HEART | The former princess may have chosen the Dark Knight, but Chuck— tired of putting her first and losing everything — was having none of it. Still, Blair showed up at a Parisan casino where Chuck was gambling to earn back his fortune. “It was Blair coming to declare that she was in it to win it with Chuck and leaving that [relationship’s future] as the question of Season 6,” previews Savage. And for the Dair ‘shippers out there, we’re afraid we have bad news. “We crafted the last act of the episode to set us in a certain direction next year,” says Savage, all but confirming the death of Dair.

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SERENA’S DOWNFALL | In a deliberate echo to the pilot, Serena took off on a train and retreated to her old, bad habits, using drugs and hooking up with strangers. “Feeling like she’s lost Blair, lost Dan, she’s all by herself again,” explains Savage. “It’s going to put her in a pretty precarious situation.” Meanwhile, that sex tape she made of herself and Dan may rear its ugly head again. “Well, if somebody had a sex tape on their cell phone, and they said they deleted it, but you never really saw that it was deleted…” the EP trails off. Yeah, we can do the math on that one.

NATE: YOU WIN SOME, YOU LOSE SOME | Nate will “be tracking down” that mysterious hooded figure who may or may not be Gossip Girl. But unraveling the indenity of the infamous blogger “is something that has larger implications to the franchise beyond just our series,” explains the EP. “That reveal requires conversations at the highest level.” While Nate may have gotten a major clue in the war against Gossip Girl, he won’t be so lucky in the romance department next season. Ella Rae Peck, who plays Lola, is starring in NBC’s new drama series Infamous, so “it seems like she’s not going to be available to do the show next year.” Poor Nate, will he ever find lasting love? “That’s something that’s a big part of his series arc, and something that we’re going to be exploring next year.”

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  1. Tina says:

    I’m waiting from 6s Chuck and Blair’s wedding and a baby Bass please*_* It’ll be perfect ending of GG!

  2. O'Brien says:

    Love it or hate it, Ed Westwick again proved to be the most legit actor on this show simply by his facial expressions in the final moments. Blair rolls up, all powerful, in control, clearingly having colluded with Jack, and Chuck looks just TERRIFIED. He’s lost his company, he probably thinks he’s messed everything up with her…I mean, in a lot of ways, this whole season has just been a hard reset for Chuck. Who is he without all of the power and the money and the women? Is he that scared kid who always runs or is he someone who will fight? He doesn’t know what to think about Blair’s sitting there, whether to believe it’s real, whether to kiss her or kill her, or himself, which is just about the best thing about Chuck and Blair. They are this combustible thing, which is why they keep blowing up, but Blair more or less says, “Enough is enough, let’s do this,” and Chuck is all, “Oh, crap, it’s for real this time.” And Ed Westwick says that ALL with his face. He gets handed a lot of terrible on this show and somehow turns it into gold. Amazing.

  3. BrianR says:

    Dan is seriously stupid. Hot leggy blonde says she loves you and instead you whine over the whiney brunette with the chuck fetish.

  4. Sarah says:

    Terrible, terrible episode. Can anyone name one character that came out of this episode looking good?

    If there was ever a case of a network revoking their decision – this should be it. Cancel the show before it sinks EVEN LOWER. I have been watching GG from the start and from today’s episode – no one has shown any progression from S1. They are all as self-involved, immature as ever…maybe even worse now…

    • Svenja says:

      That is the biggest problem that I have. They flashed back to the beginning today. It is extremely bad writing to go back to S1 or S2 and leave the characters even less likeable than in the beginning. I can’t believe that Serena used to be my favourite character. Now we have a vengeful and cheating Dan, a selfish, reckless Serena on crack, a Chuck who only cares about his image, a Blair who just drops her current BF out of nowhere and goes back to the man she rejected because of some silly promise to god (that seems to be forgotten suddenly), Georgina who always resurfaces when the writers have no clue what to do, a Bart who is nothing but a jerk, a Lily who is worse than in the beginning and a lonely poor Rufus. WTF? I basically happen to hate everyone at this point. I used to love these characters (well most of them)… oh and of course some irrelevant stuff with Nate, Lola, Charlie..whatever…who cares about them at this point? No one. I am so diappointed in the show. That is not the show I started watching five seasons ago

  5. Mikael says:

    It’s almost as if the show went from the Season 1 finale straight to this episode! With the exception of no Jenny & Eric, and the addition of Lola & Ivy. I did actually like Dan & Blair together, but ultimately I like Dan with Serena. Season 1 was my favorite of the whole series, which is sad because a show shouldn’t peak in its first year! Serena needs to get her act together, Dan NEEDS TO CUT HIS HAIR and realize that he’s always been in love with Serena.

    • AngieD says:

      100 % agree with your entire post.

      I wonder if ‘Dan’ and ‘Serena’ felt odd having a sex scene again so many years after they broke up IRL.

  6. A says:

    Well GG just lost me AGAIN. Used to watch back in the first two seasons but gave up the show. Came back for Dair and now I’m done again. Deleting this episode off my DVR before I even watch it.

  7. olivia says:

    i have lost interest in this show. I used to be a Chair shipper but now I just couldnt be bothered anymore after so many break ups n getting back together.. what was the point of a dair relationship this season then? It was annoying to see a blair and dan relationship n now she goes back to chuck? she should have just stayed with him in the 1st place! Then Bart is alive, still the same horrible father. I mean we are back to square one! then they totally screwed up the serena character.. she has had no improvement in her character..n then dan is now a vengeful guy? who called georgina to help him? what?? horrible horrible storylines they have on gg now!

  8. haley says:

    i think the only people that will watch this show now are the chair fans.. everything else about this show is screwed up. all the characters.. the storylines.. well congrats chair fans u got what u wanted..might as well call it the chuck and blair show.

    • ByeDair says:

      I thought Chair Fans already coined it the Chuck and Blair show in Season 1…. I don’t know how that bypassed everyone else?

  9. ByeDair says:

    lmao! Okay who on this earth REALLY thought Blair and Dan were going to be endgame? Like seriously. Blair and Chuck were set up from Season 1 to be the Endgame of this show. Now I might admit the show HAS gotten sour and it got even worse when they put Dair together because that was COMPLETELY out of character.

    If any of you knows Blair – she basically hates Brooklyn, Subways, poor people, etc and LOVES everything rich, conniving, scheming etc….

    Dan and Blair could not have worked. Period. You all talk about self respecting? Chuck is a nightmare? Well Blair IS self respecting and powerful but helloooooo She put chuck through as much hell as he did. Dan just plain cheated. he could’ve had restraint but nooo. it’s in their nature to do what they did.

    Additionally, I agree they shouldn’t have put Blair and Dan together because that crap is just DISGUSTING – and I feel bad for those who shipped this because it was a relationship that was doomed to fail.

    But what in the world made you think after 2-3 episodes that they will be good or endgame together? How? Blair and Chuck got 5 (now 6 seasons of all of this back and forth) there is no way they are going to undo that.

    Sorry, I just thought you smart people saw this coming.

  10. JD says:

    It’s going to be Dan & Vanessa, Serena & Nate, Blair & Chuck when the series ends next season.

  11. Callie says:

    that’s it. no more watching gg next season even if its the last.. u have failed me, GG. goodbye you suck and I am truly disappointed

  12. AngieD says:

    With a reported 10 episodes next season, I’ll probably hang in until the bitter end. However, I really thought this season was BAD, as in horrible. 1st – I assume college was totally dropped by everyone; yet, I don’t recall a time jump either. The season finale was a total downer. No one’s in a ‘good’place and most of their friendship’s and romantic relationships are broken. I am a Chair fan; so, I’m glad that Blair chose Chuck. Bart’s treatment of Chuck is horrendous; yet, Bart wants to take Lily back as his wife – one was loyal to him and the other not. It’s no wonder Chuck is so messed up with Bart as a father. I’ve only ever liked Nate when he was with Lola – otherwise, he was just eye candy. So, with her gone, I’ll be ff’d through Nate scenes. When wi

  13. Nola says:

    Congrats Chuckistan Prinnie Glutton Tversky etc etc
    u’re smart asses Too bad I didnt believe u. sincerely ur poor delusional still Dair/Dan fan. The finaly didnt make me like them less so CB can have each other. I’ll have my memories

  14. meagainpauline says:

    Season 3 went ugly until the end. Plus, it would have been a little better if they chopped off Dan’s hair. I mean who wants to watch a mop head making out with Blair? I was hoping for a beautiful Dair story line because the start of their love/hate relationship was really good. But now everything is ruined.

  15. Anzie says:

    The writers have been teasing Dair fans for over 4 seasons about how they were made for each other ever since they shared a moment in 1×04. If the outcome was to be epic, how could the writers not make a functioning relationship between the two most intelligent characters on the show? The thought of Dair is in theory a very good one, but the writers completely ruined any chance of even reuniting the couple that has been the center of attention throughout the season. Even more ridiculous is what the writers have done with Dan. Poor guy! It’s so unrealistic that he all of a sudden has a thirst for vendetta. He always used to be the bigger person and just ignore/walk away from all the silly plotlines involving High School intrigues. I don’t even understand how the writers can sleep at night knowing that they have completely destroyed a fine character.

    • Allie says:

      Okay, seriously? Dan behaved exactly the same way with his vendetta against Blair in 4×07! He’s never been as moral and upstanding as he (and his fans) like to pretend he is. And for the record, they did make a functioning relationship between the two of them, it took up a good half of the season. It was just… boring and one-sided. Which is exactly what one could’ve predicted beforehand.

    • aly says:

      Dan hasn’t been an upstanding character since like season 2 hes been undermining people just like the rest of them. For example I forgot what episode it was but when he went behind Nate’s back and took chuck and blair’s treaty so he could hurt blair?

  16. Allie says:

    It wasn’t what I would call “satisfying”, but it’s the best I could’ve asked for after this disaster of a season. Blair finally made up her mind for real, Chuck stood up for himself, Dan displayed his douchery like only Dan can do, and Blair and Serena’s friendship is on the outs just like it should be (and has been all season, although neither of them would admit it). I did hate the way Blair treated Serena in this episode, but I’m looking forward to their friendship being repaired in S6. And as much as I love Chuck and Blair, I’m actually happy they didn’t fully reconcile yet, because I don’t think it would’ve felt genuine at this point. I’d really like to see them work back to that in the first few eps of S6, so we actually get to see it this time.

    My biggest complaints about the episode were actually 1) Bart’s behavior was totally schizophrenic, between how he treated Chuck and how he treated Lily (although that Chuck/Bart scene at the end was one of the best of the season, granted) 2) Lily’s behavior didn’t really make sense either, unless this is part of some scheme on Chuck’s behalf and 3) Chuck sticking up for himself with Blair was nice, but he did it in a way that really didn’t make a lot of sense. I think the writers get so wrapped up in parallels and foreshadowing sometimes that they forget to have the dialogue make sense… anyway, Ed was still amazing in all of his scenes. He is so, so too good for this show (sighs).

  17. A says:

    anyone else disturbed by the fact that dan and serena are step brother and sister and they date and have sex?
    also serena has become a complete bitch ever since she took over gossip girl

  18. Mari says:

    Oh God, I’m so happy that I can finally watch the show again now that Dair ended. I’m ready to see Chuck and Blair again, they were the great love story in this show. And since it’s its last season I really think they should bring Jenny back as Nate’s one and done.

  19. Daiane says:

    giving up on dair? BIG MISTAKE

  20. tyler says:

    i actually thought that the finale ended well, bringing the characters back to how they were in season 1. i think it’ll be really interesting. I’m glad that Rufus and Lily broke up, because rufus deserves so much better! Plus, i’ve been a derena fan since the first episode. hopefully what stephanie means when she says they’ve been rewatching season 1 and the dynamics, she means serena and dan as well as chuck and blair.
    As for who Gossip Girl is, I think it would be AMAZING if in the last scene of the show its Gossip Girls voice, then it zooms into an apartment and its ERIC that says “XOXO, GossipGirl” and thats how it ends! how incredible would that be!
    But yeah, hopefully Dan will rescue Serena from her downfall. Anyone who is making BLAIR feel like the victim in the whole Serena/Dan situation is insane…Blair openly dating Dan (and doing major PDA in the same house as serena, i may add) is equivalent to if Serena were to do the same with Chuck…i still can’t believe Blair did that and that she was then the one to get mad at Serena.

  21. P says:

    You know… I’ve been thinking about this lately.. if Chuck were played by someone people considered unattractive I’m pretty sure all these things that he gets excuses for would not fly. It wouldn’t be “oh they are epic love” it would be “UGH GET THAT CREEPER AWAY FROM HER.” “Seriously why does he have to dredge all his daddy issues on her?!” “Ugh!” But he gets away with it because Chuck is “hot” and “rich” and “so misunderstood.” The same, although not the same reasoning, could be applied to Dan. Why does Serena keep pining over him when he looks like a tribble exploded all over his face? He looks like a giant muppet! WHAT IS WRONG WITH HER.

    Or god forbid Chuck was a woman.. and it was a Blaine choosing between Charlotte or Danielle. I can’t even begin to think of the hatred that would rain down upon her. Mostly cause I’ve noticed with a male character they get defended all up and down tumblr and these articles.. but a chick? It’s like ‘GET THEE STRUMPET TO THE FIREY PITS OF MORDOR. YOU ARE NOT FIT TO GAZE UPON HIS ADONIS. STONE HER. SHE’S A WITCH. BURN HER. BURRRRN HER.’

    Trust me, I get it, well except the woman hating thing. I will Stan for Sark from Alias until I’m blue in the face. (He didn’t mean to kick that puppy! HE HAD A BAD CHILDHOOD. WHY CAN’T YOU UNDERSTAND) So I get it… but just food for thought? I don’t care who ends up with who anymore. I’m not going to be watching, but I do like thinking about role reversals. Also what would happen if they were switched by gender and Chuck is a very interesting character to think about in those terms.

    Anyway, I’m going over here… and have some popcorn.

  22. Kensi says:

    Goodbye, GG. I’m gonna go play with Bones and How I Met Your Mother. Smash might join in the party if Ellis gets hit by a bus. Thanks for the fun memories and congrats on being the only show I’ve just outright said ‘welp, I’m out.”

  23. alyssa says:

    omg, this was such a terrible finale. i kept waiting for something “shocking” like all good finales have but nothing…. everything was just so boring and stupid.

  24. Dair has been the only good thing about GG lately and they just screwed themselves over.

  25. celia says:

    I am glad dair is over they were disgusting and unrealistic; they made this show unwatchable but i don’t think i am going to watch season 6;I am so disgusted with season 5 that i just can’t watch this show again.

  26. Marylyn Catania says:

    I hope that they bring Jenny back for at least the sixth season finale the show isn’t the same without her

  27. Emmy says:

    I actually enjoyed season 5. The characters were growing up and maturing because you can’t keep doing season after season of the same characters doing the same tricks. It changed from the theme of the first few seasons, but it worked. Then with just a couple of episodes at the end of the season, everything was destroyed. It’s clear that the writers wanted to return to the old glam of GG with the scheming, cheating, lying and chuck/blair games. It just makes me sad because what could have been a graceful and logical conclusion to the show instead was mutilated in favor of giving us another (more lame) rerun of the plotlines we saw in the earlier seasons

  28. Kitt says:

    You know it says a lot when the only viewers that got any satisfaction out of this Season were the ‘shippers.’ S5 was nothing more than one big catalyst for a ridiculous ship war, and because the writers wrote for a set of couples whenever they were feeling especially bored as opposed to actual…wait for it…storylines, the entire show suffered for it.

    So many intricate things happened in S5 that were just swept under the rug in favor of fueling a ship war. Have we forgotten that Nate’s cousin Tripp tried to freaking KILL him? This then lead to the accident which caused Blair to lose her baby and NEVER revisit that tragedy or reflect on it. No. What did she do? She made a pact with God to marry a man she DIDN’T EVEN WANT to keep Chuck safe? Are you kidding???

    So much unnecessary BS happened in S5. Everyone was annoying and out of character. Chuck’s ‘redemption’ storyline was trite and contrived. Dan brooding and being lovesick over Blair was irritating and OOC. Blair being a weak, indecisive little twit playing princess like a 5 year old was OOC and made me want to kick puppies. Serena suddenly deciding that she loved Dan again was clearly a plot device for the shipping flustercuck. Ivy and Georgina overstayed their welcome. What did Lola do? Seriously. What did Nate do (aside from the guest star of the week)? For that matter what did Lily and Rufus do? Bart back from the dead. REALLY EFFERS??? Diana Payne. What was her purpose? How is hiding Bart in a brothel “low-profile?” Chuck’s parental issues…AGAIN! Blair taking over Waldorf Designs and “becoming her mother” like she didn’t want in S4. Right.

    This show has clearly painted itself in a corner, and now they must rely on obsessive ‘shippers’ just to stay afloat and maintain a sense of pseudo-entertainment and cleverness. That is beyond sad. And the fact that the ‘shippers’ fail to see this and willingly let these hacks take them on these senseless, mediocre, rides is even MORE sad and just pitiful.

  29. aly says:

    although I thought this season was a repeat of old habits i still am anticipating the next season! I was not a fan of Dair at all but for those saying they should have had a proper ending, they were together for like three episodes no offense :). Even worse was Chuck denying Blair once again because of his father. They both were abusive towards each other but this season he seemed to be more mature this season and was doing things out of love for her rather than spite. I am definitely rooting fro Chair in the final season and I don’t think they could end it any other way considering they have been one of the main focuses since season 1. The casino scene was exactly what I was looking for in the end of that season. A GLIMMER OF HOPE FOR CHUCK AND BLAIR! I won’t be missing dair at all!

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