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Glee Season 4 Scoop: Sarah Jessica Parker, Kate Hudson Book Season 4 Guest Stints

Sarah Jessica Parker GleeSarah Jessica Parker is returning to the small screen next fall for the first time since her Sex and the City days via a multiple-episode guest stint on Glee. Additionally, Kate Hudson will join the cast for a six-episode arc.

Parker will allegedly play a mentor to Chris Colfer’s Kurt, while details on Hudson’s character remain under wraps.

Meanwhile, Fox president Kevin Reilly confirmed Monday morning on a conference call with reporters that the Thursday-bound musical comedy will adopt a “show-within-a-show” format next season as it juggles McKinley High life and Rachel and Kurt’s Big Apple NYADA adventures.

Regarding the show’s move to Thursday night, Reilly said the inherent compatibility between Glee and X Factor/American Idol made it a “win-win.”

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  1. Ana says:

    Kate Hudson. Doing tv. And for an extended period? ???? Still not giving up Greys for Glee. Just wondering, have guest stars ever actually made a difference in ratings.???

  2. mia says:

    Glee and their guest stars!! I gave up watching this show ages ago, but then they’ll have awesome guest stars that make me tune in for that episode.
    I just adore Kate Hudson….but 6 episodes of Glee?! I don’t know if I can handle that many.

  3. Leelee says:

    I want Kate Hudson to be the love interest of Finn Hudson. Just for the name lulz.

  4. angelstorm says:

    Sarah Jessica Parker = no.
    Kate Hudson = yes !
    Rachel and Kurt in NY = MEGA yes !!

  5. Keenan says:

    Well lets face facts, Almost Famous was such a long time ago……
    Here’s also hoping season 4 is a GOOP free zone.

    Can SJP play Sugar’s mother. Has she appeared before? I don’t remember.

  6. Liv says:

    Always about Rachel Berry and not other character development. Show Choirs is for High School people!

    • twilightmovie says:

      Rachel Berry is the main character on this show. Aside from her Kurt and Finn were the other 2 leads. I get sick of people constantly saying it is the Rachel Berry show. Do you wanna know how many solos she has gotten this season?? I can count the amount on 1 hand as of the last episode. Blaine has taken over the whole show and I am so sick of seeing him sing every week it isn’t funny.

      I started watching this show because of Rachel, Kurt and Finn and it is about time the writers went back to basics and focused on these 3 characters again. Much to the disgust of the online fandom Rachel is the favourite female to the general audience…

      • Rachel says:

        I know Rachel hasn’t had that many solos this season (I think it’s 5, 6 if you count that little bit of DROMP she got to sing) but she’s getting a tonne in upcoming eps. They seem to be trying to make up for the lack of solos she got at the start of the season (I think the Xmas ep was her first one), by cramming them all in at the end, which I think is just stupid because people get sick of hearing the same voice over and over again. They need to spread the vocals out a bit more. Having said all that, Rachel has still sung most overall. On one of the fansites, they do a count every week of how many songs a character has sung in this season, and then break it down into, solos, duets, group songs. Rachel is first, followed by Santana, Mercedes and then Blaine. So Blaine does sing the most out of the guys, but he doesn’t sing as much as 3 of the others. I’m not going to get into the whole Blaine debate coz it’s such a touchy topic on the fansites, and I’m pretty indifferent to the character anyway, so I don’t really have much to say. But I don’t really think you can say Blaine has taken over the show, as this season he’s had a grand total of one storyline about him and him alone (anything else has been concerning him and Kurt as a couple) he doesn’t sing every week (although I do agree it’s most weeks) and he actually hasn’t sung as much as 3 other characters. But the main point I was trying to make is that Rachel has a lot more solo’s coming up, and even with her lack of them this season, she’s still sung more than any other character. Which for me personally is great, coz I love her =)

      • Jenn says:

        Wait excuse me when has the focus ever been off those 3 Rachel is one of my favorite characters as well but believe it or not there are other characters who are more popular than she is

      • Elle says:

        Do you know how many solos Quinn has gotten for this show at all?

      • E. says:

        Kurt? Yes. Rachel and Finn? They can leave.
        I agree that Blaine has had a lot of solos but I would take a storyline over all his solos immediately.
        Rachel and that god awfull couple she’s a part of (finchel) are featured EVERY goddamn episode so I’m actually glad I don’t have to hear her sing every episode on top of that too.
        Honestly? I hate it that Kurt moves to NY with them. They have all these amazing characters and couples on the show and they choose to focus on the worst of them.

      • jane smith says:

        Kurt, Rachel & the rest of the cast are wonderful actors & characters. But ‘Blaine’ is captivating. When he’s singing & dancing, he makes me want 2 get up & dance & sing along. He exudes fun & its palpable. His zest & joy is contagious & he’s actually an amazing actor. The casting of Glee is wonderful. I could live w/o Becky’s character, she’s a bitch & I don’t mean that as a compliment. More Blaine I say!

        • Kristin says:

          I second Jane Smith re: Blaine’s sense of fun being contagious. He has such an expressive face when he sings, plus he dances better than Finn or Puck. I’m glad most of the character’s graduated. They’ve run out of story lines for the vast majority of them. Some new blood will reinvigorate the show. Is Sam graduating? I like his voice, so it would be great to have him stay 1 more season. If Sam stays 1 more season, he could find it hard to have a long distance relationship with Mercedes in CA, so he could have new love interests. Will Joe be back? He has a good enough voice to have an occasional solo. Did Puck and Britney graduate? I missed that part, Since Quinn will be at Yale in CT (and she gave Rachel a ticket to come visit her) Quinn could be in 1 episode. It’ll be nice to have a SMALL portion of the show focus on Kurt & Rachel pursuing their dreams in NY so that we see the struggles people pursuing a musical theater career are faced with. It’ll be interesting to see Sue as a Mom and how that changes her. I assume Coach Bieste & NeNe Leakes’ character will return. That way Sue can battle them part of the time instead of always butting heads with Will – that’s made the show too predictable, I think they should get rid of Figgins to have a new dynamic by bringing in a totally different principal – one who’s not on Sue’s side all the time. I hope Emma & Will marry – they can bring back the kids for a special wedding episode. Then Emma and Will can have a baby at the end of the 2012-’13 season or during the 2013-’14 season. I’d like to see them get rid of Sugar – or at least minimize her role. Her character is annoying and she can’t sing – so if they keep her, she needs to be in the background. Seeing Will rebuild Glee Club and recruit new members and teach them will be cool. Mr. Schu hasn’t had as big of a role as in the 1st season and I miss seeing Matthew Morrison sing and dance – he’s so talented and sexy. I hope they can find a way to bring Thia Megia (sp) to the school to join Glee Club, She is mad talented. Also, maybe they can bring Unique into the school, though it would get old to see him do many solos. Maybe one of the guys from Blaine’s old school could either get kicked out or not be able to afford to stay in that private school and could transfer to McKinley. Also, maybe a member of Vocal Intensity could move into the territory for the McKinley school district and start going to school there. They could bring in a couple Freshman and some Sophomores so that those students may stay for 2-4 seasons, plus have the rest be Juniors. I’d like Bieste to find a man who won’t beat of mistreat her. Maybe Sue will even get a boyfriend for awhile. Excited about new possibilities for next season!

      • Barbara says:


      • Balderdashandpiffle says:


  7. Nikko says:

    When will Glee understand that they need to fire all the incompent writers they have if they want to see some change? Guest stars are not the way to go. Haven’t three seasons of this have not taught them anything yet? They keep doing the same, hoping to get different results; this is more of the same: insane.

    • Liv says:

      I agree to that!!! FIRE THE NEW WRITERS!

      • jane smith says:

        If the writers etc of Glee are as bad as your saying they are, why is Glee still so popular? With and/or without guests (although personally, I don’t see the need for guest stars, the cast holds their own) Glee continues to gain even more viewers, so these “bad” writers ect? Maybe NOT BAD afterall; clearly they are doing something right or the show wouldn’t have survived. I agree some episodes are down right cheesy, but on the whole, its a great show & a lot fans agree. “Blaine’s” hair w/o gel last week was so funny! Great job all you Glee writers!

    • Chanelle says:

      The new writers arn’t the reason we have guest stars….
      According to a lot of poeple Glee started to have bad writtings since mid season 1 (though I don’t agree cause I LOVED season 2 but what ever) and the new writers only came in this year which had amazing episodes
      And… Ryan, Brian Ian have an other show. So they don’t have time to write it all. (or apparently care as much :( )

    • Kristin says:

      I agree – and I listed some changes above that I’d like to see next season.

  8. Sam says:

    So all the regulars are gone but Lea/Cory/Chris?? I’m not watching a show without Mercedes, Quinn, Puck, Santana and Brittany.

    • Amber Dianna Mark Naya Heather Jenna Kevin Harry Vanessa and the rest says:

      Down with this, NO Mercedes, Quinn, Puck, Santana and Brittany. Good bye Glee! FREEDOM

      • rod says:

        You do know that they are suppose to be in High School, don’t you? They are starting to look in their 30’s, get rid of them and bring in fresh people.

    • Are you really that naive?? Santana is coming back, Brittany doesn’t even graduate so she will be back, though she lacks talent I guess that doesn’t matter. Mercedes is gone as is Quinn and Puck. Though I am sure they will do guest spots. I am glad those 3 are gone because their storylines were just stupid!

      • Marianna says:

        Yeah, right, Santana lacks talent, i’m still laughing so hard ! She’s like one of the MOST talented on this show and the reason a bunch of people still watch Glee !!

        • Rachel says:

          Erm… the poster said Brittany lacks talent, not Santana…

        • jane smith says:

          When Santana started getting singing parts of Glee, I was blown away. She has an incredible voice, really good. Last weeks Prom episode I was surprised a bit. When Santana & Quinn were finished counting the prom votes, that was the 1st time I actually felt like Santana’s smiling & giggling was true. It took me a while to figure out why. It finally occurred to me that I had never seen Santana be ‘happy’ so it threw me a bit. But it also showed that Naya Rivera has the potential to be a huge actress & singer, that young lady has a very bright future in Hollywood!

      • Balderdashandpiffle says:

        Brittany (aka Heather Morris) does have talent – and she could be one of the most compelling characters if they did not continually use her intelligence as a butt of some joke. It is not funny.

    • Millo says:

      Actually, Naya has been confirmed to return, and I think Brittany isn’t graduating, so she’ll probably return, too.

    • dan says:

      This is just a guess, but I’m wondering if Rachel will convince Whoopi’s character to see her perform at Nationals, to give her another chance at auditioning. And when she’s there, she decides she wants Santana in her class too. I’m somehow guessing one more kid will wind up in New York, but I could be wrong.

  9. Kate says:

    So wait season 4 isn’t even here yet and already with the guest stars has glee learned nothing and a show within a show i have a feeling next season is going to be all over the place

  10. Kirk says:

    I’m more intrigued about the “show within a show” format. What the hell could that entail?!

    • Chanelle says:

      Just that we will see the kids in Mckainly and then we will see Kurt/Rach/Finn in New York. Aka the “spinn off” poeple wanted. But in the same show. I’m kinda laughing cause everybody was like WOA This is an amazing idea you’ll be surprised haha. We all saw that coming omg

      anyway yeha ;D

  11. Deidre says:

    Show within a show! Rachel Kurt and Finn in NYC!!!!!!!!!! That is all I wanted out of Glee!!!!!!! Hurray!!!!

    • Sam says:

      It just means that Rachel/Kurt will get screen time in NY but Blaine will anchor the show at Mckinley its a split narrative.

      • reese says:

        Good luck with the McKinley part of the narrative with Blaine leading the New Directions. They’ll probably provide the singing and the storylines that need real acting will be in NYC with Chris, Cory and Lea. LOL

        • helios says:

          I’d be interested in Britt/Blaine/Tina/Artie in Lima too.
          I wonder if these two worlds will ever interact again or not?

          NYC and Lima.

          The narrative seems so split down the middle.

          • bettyd says:

            They all will be back for Will and Emma’s wedding if it is pushed out to sweeps- I mean November

    • Blaine says:

      This is a show about HIGH SCHOOL! not college students!

      • Amy says:

        Actually its a show about the CHARACTERS and they grow up. Do you really want to watch a show about show choir only? It would be very repetitivene.

  12. Amy says:

    So let me get this straight they are gutting the cast but adding more guest stars?

    • Jess says:

      No one is confirmed to be staying or going yet. IMO they will all stay and this whole who is staying who is going stuff is just manufactured to draw interest.

  13. I am already confused by this whole idea and they haven’t even started it yet. This isn’t going to work, how the heck do they do a show within a show?? It just seems so weird and confusing and ARGH!!!!

    Get rid of McKinley and just go with Kurt and Rachel to New York!!!!

    • Amy says:

      Think of the Christmas episode, that was a “show within a show” to a certain extent. Its not really going to be that though just the focus will be split between Mckinely Blaine/Artie/Tina and Rachel/Kurt/Finn. Everyone else is gone.

      • So pretty much they will have McKinley and then New York, then just cut to scenes back and forth between those characters during an episode.

        See that is is must easier to handle then the show within a show. It is pretty much the same show just 2 different locations.

      • helios says:

        I wouldn’t mind that. especially if they get rid of some of the excess chars. and only use TGP winners sparingly.

      • daniesaints says:

        i think it’s not a “show within a show”, but “twos shows in one”… i know some people just do not trust glee writers anymore, but everyone is already judging season4 and they haven’t even started filming it yet :/ give ’em a chance!

  14. Jamie says:

    Everyone in charge of this show suffers from incompetency.

  15. Rachel says:

    I would say the confirmation of a show within a show format is the most important part of this article, never mind who’ve they’ve confirmed as guest stars. Fans ahve been waiting for months to find out what this so called ‘revolutionary’ idea for season 4 was, and although most people guessed at the split narrative, this is the first confirmation we’ve actually been given. Guess we’re getting Rachel, Finn, Kurt and possibly Santana’s adventures in NY on one side, then Tina, Blaine, Artie and the teachers back at McKinley on the other. I’m interested to see what the screen distribution will be like – whether it’ll concentrate more on Mckinley, on NY, or give them about equal time.

  16. John says:

    So the only way I see the NY thing being interesting is if Rachel Kurt have NYC adventures that should be fun break up her and Finn but don’t let it be a bad breakup so that you can focus on both those characters individually plus it will be interesting to see them with other love interest

    • Katey says:

      I’m a big Finchel fan but I actually agree with this. No more unecessary drama or cheating! Just make them all like friends who got each other’s backs. And new hotties for Rachel, Finn and Kurt. It will spice things up!

  17. Marcus says:

    This sounds truly awful. Good luck to them with that.

    • daniesaints says:

      As ryan murphy said in an interview, “i can come up with every ideia i want, but i just can’t win”… why is everyone complaining even before they start filming? give them a chance and if you don’t like, don’t watch anymore! let true glee fans enjoy the news and spoilers and haters can shut the ef up!

  18. Mike says:

    I hope Kurt and Finn will get to interact more and have more storylines together when they go to NYC. The Props BTS made me realize how comfortable they are with each other. And it shows in their acting. They’ve come a long way together but we had virtually no Finn/Kurt plots in S3, and that’s a shame.

    • John says:

      I totally see what you mean you kind of forget their brothers and some points because they don’t interact much

  19. jane says:

    kate hudson, is she gonna be finn love interest?

  20. Gins says:

    I find it hilarious how so many of you commenters are hating on the news. If you don’t like the show, then don’t watch it. Stop ruining it for those who actually do love Glee.

    • jane smith says:

      I couldn’t agree more! If you think Glee, their writers, creators & cast members are so bad, change the channel & shut the hell up! As “Schuster” stated at the very begining of Glee, “The definition of Glee is joy, in and of itself”. Touche! All you whiners & bitchers of Glee, are you listening? Change the fricking channel & shut the hell up & let the millions of Gleek fans like myself enjoy being proud Gleeks who love the show! We real Gleeks aren’t interested in your bitching! Shut up already!

  21. Sam says:

    Glee is really desperate lately.

    • jane smith says:


  22. Callie says:

    As a big Lea Michele, Cory Monteith and Chris Colfer fan, I really applaud this decision by Fox and the Glee writers. These three actors are the best of the bunch and their interactions are the best. Trim the cast and concentrate on giving the good actor better plots! Write to the strength of their characters but please make comedy their priority. These three also excel in drama, but personally I feel all of them have impeccable comic timing and should be given more comedy to do. Glee got too gloomy in Season 3. I want The Hilarious Adventures of Rachel, Finn and Kurt in New York City. Can’t wait to watch.

  23. Kate says:

    No more Quinn = no more Glee for me. Same with Santana, Puck, Brittany, and Mercedes. They may be considered ‘secondary characters’ to Rachel and Kurt (who has gotten progressively more irritating episode by episode… I miss Season One Kurt!!), but they were part of what made the show great.
    No amount of guest stars will replace them, no matter who the Glee creators trot out for season 4.

  24. Celia says:

    I love that they are developing the NY part of the cast, because Rachel and Kurt’s adventures in NY is the only reason I’ll be watching. Happy to know that is looking like a major part of the show. I hope the smaller NY cast means lots of Hummelberry duets next year.

  25. Brok says:

    I’m excited for next season. All my favorite characters will be back, and I’ll get to see them mature. I watch Glee to be entertained. Watching this show as a critique is pointless. Just enjoy the craziness and fun this show brings for an hour. Embrace it or watch something else.

  26. J says:

    this is so exciting!!!

  27. Ana says:

    A show within a show sounds like ‘Smash’. I kind of hope that S4 will be all about Rachel and Kurt in NY because then I can definitely stop watching. I watch for Santana, Mercedes, Brit and the very few Mike/Tina that we get. I mean, seriously, if the focus is on the whole NY/showtunes thing I will be done with this show. What Glee does best is covers, not Broadway tunes. We just suffer through those until we get to the good stuff. Besides, with the move to Thursdays I’m already not watching live so….this might be it for Glee as far as I’m concerned.

    • caroline says:

      Actually I watch for the Broadway stuff and endure the covers, so there is always a different audience for everything

  28. mari says:

    Oh c’mon! Really?
    Love both of them (Sarah Jessica, Kate) but season 4 really will be ANOTHER season on Rachel – Kurt- FInn ? really? the writers alredy wrote 3 season on them now PLEASE STOP. they are BORING, they already said everything about them, their families ecc they have other beautiful characters but they do always the same things about the same characters. Why ?
    I hope will be a storyline about santana, brittany (we don’t know anithing about her family , and this season if she had a LINE in each episode WAS TOO MUCH for the writers)
    I loved glee now I don’t know

    italian-fan (sorry for my english ;) )

    • Chanelle says:

      Your english is fine :P
      Just wanna say that Santana had a storyline this season. She felt like a lead character in seaosn 3 along with Rach/Finn/Kurt so don’t worry about her I’m pretty sure they’ll keep her.
      Though for Brit I don’t agree. I think there’s a reason why she doesn’t talk much. She’s there for comedic release she always were. You can’t really have a good storyline with her AND stay true to her character wich is why in season 2 when she got “her episode” it was kinda stupid. getting high on meds and all. (not saying the episode was bad… just not really emotionnal, I feel like fans are invested in the brittana relationship and santana more then Britany)

      • mari says:

        Yeah I know Santana had a storyline , but what I meant with this post is that we all know the main characters along these 3 season were always rachel kurt fin, was ok but now with season 4 I really hope they’ll focus on all the others. Brittany: I don’t agree with you , Sue is “comedic ” too, but in every episode , almost in every episode, she is there involved and not in the background. For these reasons I still hope , even if I know will not be, in a spin off with rachel and kurt in this way glee have to focus on the others xD. Brittana I don’t really ship them, yes I love them but I always “imagined” another type of girl for santana, but yes I love them.

      • Balderdashandpiffle says:

        Oh I don’t know I think Brittany has a great deal of potential but every so often the writers try to sabotage her by writing stupid and non sensical lines for her to say. If she were so mentally incapable she would not be in the final year of high school she would be in some sort of special education programme.

    • summerdays says:

      They make the show. Sorry.

  29. Anna says:

    I really only watch the show for Quinn and the cast are flawless but I can see why they wouldn’t bring her back that would be hard with them already focusing on NY and everyone else at the high school plus id be scared on what they would even do to her character but maybe if this was a different show her at Yale would be super interesting

    • Barbara says:

      Yale is in New Jersey, just across the river from NYC. If Dianna Agron wants to stay they will be able to accommodate her storyline. Don’t totally say goodbye to Quinn yet.

  30. re says:

    Gwyneth must have got Kate the role since they’re BFFs.

  31. Dizzle says:

    I think the Rachel/Kurt stuff would only remain relevant if it was shot as a reality show that the kids (and teachers) at McKinley High watch – lets face it, Rachel & Kurt landing their own “The Comeback” style reality show wouldn’t even be in the top 10 of Least Believable Things To Happen On Glee.

  32. shouw says:

    I’m definitely not looking forward season 4 . So tired of Finchel . And if there’s no Mercedes, Santana, Quinn, Puck, and Mike i’m not watching.

  33. KSM says:

    I can’t believe they are putting Glee against Grey’s. I can’t be the only person that watches both of those. Sorry Glee, you’ll be DVR’d.

  34. Brock says:

    How is flipping between two different stories revolutionary or different?!

    • benirudd says:

      It’s not. They just keeping Lea, Chris, Naya and Cory around with the hope that fans of these four will still tune in every week in the hope of getting a glimpse of their favorite characters.

      • Balderdashandpiffle says:

        Without Brittany I do not think Santana would be an interesting character and as for FInchel – so bored with it and Kurt has no charisma.

  35. Boiler says:

    Not sure Mr Reilly has a clue about Thursday nite?? Are they trying to kill the show??

  36. Jack says:

    I bet we will know everything there is to know about season 4 before season 4 is even out I would of really loved to hear about the other seniors but glee chooses to focus on the main people they’ve been focusing on for 3 season so very disappointed I just hope in the season finale we get info on what or where the other people are going

  37. Felicity says:

    “Glee” could work as a continuous high school setting if they had done what “Degrassi” does best – consistently introduce new freshman characters so that we get attached to new people and their stories before the old ones leave and see how the Glee club could continue without Rachel, etc. “Degrassi” also has followed the more popular characters to college for a little while before completely writing them out.

    • Deena says:

      Excellent point! While following some of the original cast after graduation lasted only a few seasons (and they needed to do that for an adjustment period), Degrassi has remained on the air for I believe 10 years now due to exactly what you said.

    • benirudd says:

      “Degrassi” this “90210” that?! Most people don’t even watch Degrassi or 90210, for that matter.

      Glee became a phenomenon, YES A PHENOMENON! because it was like nothing we’ve ever seen on tele.

      So yes, I don’t give a F*ck about Degrassi or whatever show you want Glee to emulate.

      I just want Glee to keep surprising me. And not following the “Degrassi” mold would do that!

      • Deena says:

        Settle down! Degrassi has been on for 10 years and Felicity was just making a point that in order to not freak people out about their favorite characters leaving is to introduce underclassman continuously so fans get invested in them. This way it is not as hard when upperclassman graduate. That’s all. It was a format suggestion. Not content or anything else. Not comparing the 2 shows so chill out!

  38. Marissa says:

    Seriously another season of Rachel, Kurt, and Finn??? I love Rachel, she’s my favorite character but I was prepared for her and the boys to LEAVE and make guest appearances back at McKinley. I don’t want to watch what is happening to them in New York when we could get a boatload of new characters with new, fresh storylines at McKinley. But nooooo the high schoolers will be the backround to the New Yorkers.This was probably the worst idea GLEE has ever had.

    • GLEE is about the original characters and the ones thi sseason glee is popular because of who they started with it wont be GLEE if you fire all the old characters and replace them with all new ones if you like glee then you should be happy with the characters alrighty there if you replace them its just stupid and not glee at all you might as well be creating a whole new show. they should show them in newyork but also have them at mckinly. they shouldnt get new writers either you should stick with the old ones you dont replace the writers its stupid and so is the glee project. also the wwriters need to pay attenition to storylines blaine is supossed to be a senior in season 2 they mentioned a couple times he was a junior and he obviously didnt fail. i love glee its my fav show im obsessed! but they do make huge mistakes and season 4 will be compleatly different but they should be keeping alll the characters and the characters they alrighty have are what make it popular dont dump them out and replace them or else just make a new show cause then it wouldnt be glee!!!

      • they shouldnt get all new characters and show the old ones occastionally or else its not glee

        • benirudd says:

          Agree. Glee is not about McKinley High School. And I’m tired of people saying that they should just replace the original cast. RIB is already making a mistake by saying that the focus will remain at McKinley and NOT at the original cast. We love Glee because of Chris, Lea, Naya, Dianna, Heather, Amber, Cory, Jenna, Mark, Kevin and Darren. That’s who MILLIONS of viewers tune in each week to see. The fact that the Glee Project dont get that type of ratings should be a clear indication to Ryan, Ian and Brad that just because we tuned in the first 3 seasons doesn’t mean we will tune in season 4 to watch TGP winners.

      • benirudd says:

        It’s called GLEE. Not Glee Club.

        Look up the definition of GLEE: “Great merriment or delight caused by someone else’s misfortune”.

        Glee has NEVER been the about McKinley High School but rather about a group of individuals [YES, the original cast] who, despite constant onslaught of misery and misfortune, found their voice and joy through their love and expression of music.

        And if you insist that Glee is indeed about a Glee Club, do some research and you’ll find that most Glee Clubs don’t even exist in high schools. Now that does not quite fit your VERY narrow definition of “Glee”, does it?

    • Random says:

      GLEE is about the Glee Club at McKinley High School. Yes we became attached to the actors and characters that started the show but whether the fans like it or not eventually high school ends and kids graduate. And they wouldn’t be getting rid of the whole cast. If they were going to do a show about high schoolers that followed them out of high school they should have called it something else. The fact that the show is called GLEE implies that it centers around the Glee Club no matter who is in it.

  39. Stanley says:

    Kate Hudson will be the mom of Britt I’m calling it now!

  40. benirudd says:

    RIB think that by keeping around Lea, Chris and Cory, and then showing them only occasionally in NYC, with the main focus on still on McKinley (and the TGP winners), they will keep the fans coming back for more every week, they are in for a rude awaking. The fans fell inlove with the original cast and their stories, they want to see THEM in Season 4. I don’t care about Sarah Jessica Parker or Kate Hudson. All I want to know is how Quinn will fare at Yale, Kurt and Rachel NYADA adventures, how Santana and Brittany relationship evolve after high school. I don’t want to get to know new characters, and I refuse to care about them.

    • i compleatly agree finally someone who understands the meaning of GLEE not “oh lets get rid of all the old characters and replace them wiht new ones so its not even glee anymore” its like seriously glee started with amazing characters and we love them and the writers will and should stick with them! :) anyone who says they should replace all the characters are obiously not real GLEEKS or any fan of GLEE! :) I <3 glee i could care less for kate hudson and jessica parker as well!

  41. Lorie says:

    I don’t know why they chose Kate, but I’m looking forward to seeing SJP.

  42. Jay says:

    Kate Hudson as Quinn’s big sister? Living in NY perhaps? Good way to keep Quinn involved. Who knows!

    • Kate says:

      I was thinking the same thing… I hope it’s true!! If Quinn goes for good, I’m out. It’ll make my 9pm Thursday TV viewing choice easy — Grey’s all the way.

  43. joe says:

    And after this news I moving on after gradution,I might do it before then

  44. Gord says:

    Season Three has been a HUGE disappointment. The show has already gone to the dogs. It doesn’t matter what “BIG NAME” stars they add for guest appearances. I won’t watch it. All the show is about is pandering to the whining “shippers” and SQUEEING fan girls. There is no comparison between Degrassi and Glee – Glee is boring, boring, boring.

  45. Ryan says:

    I, for one, am super excited about this news! Does nobody remember how awesome Anne Hathaway was as a guest star? She was the best of them all! Totally Emmy-worthy! Everyone had their doubts when it was announced that she’d guest star on “Glee,” that it was just stunt casting to stir up publicity, but boy were they wrong! So I’m excited about these two big stars being announced as guest stars for next season! This is really promising! Season 3 hasn’t even finished airing but we’re already getting season 4 guest star news? So awesome!

  46. I might have to give up Glee. There’s no way I’m giving up Grey’s Anatomy or Person of Interest. Not to mention The Office.

  47. AngieD says:

    Some guest stars are better than others. Idina Menzel, Jeff Goldblum and sorry- I-can’t-remember-the-other-dad’s name right now were wonderful choices and really fit the storyline, as well as not dominating their episodes. The purposes of their characters made 100% sense. Kristen C and Gwynth Paltrow were good in their roles, but the episodes were too much about them. Ricky Martin was great in his, but the episode was too depressing since it was about Mr Schue’s teaching career. Nene Leakes actually worked as nice foil to Sue. We’ll see how Gloria Estafan and Lindsay Lohan do…..just as I’ll wait to see SJP and KH in their roles before judging

  48. Deena says:

    If they want any guest stars next year, PLEASE bring back Matt Bomber as Cooper Anderson. That was the best freaking episode all season. It’s still on my DVR because it’s the only one that made me laugh for most of the episode the way Glee used to do.

  49. nicole says:

    Oh that’s nice.. Still not giving up greys though.