Finale Ratings: Housewives Goes Out Big, Once Hits 10-Week High, Survivor at All-Time Low

Those Desperate Housewives cleaned up good with their series finale on Sunday night, delivering 11.1 million total viewers and a 3.2 demo ratings — season highs and the show’s best numbers since March 2011. (Because someone, like me, might wonder: DH debuted in October 2004 to 21.3 million total viewers.)

Teeing up that big kiss goodbye, Once Upon a Time‘s first season finale drew 9.5 mil and a 3.2, representing 10-week highs.

RECAP | Desperate Housewives Series Finale: A Trial, Then Tribulations

RECAP | Once Upon a Time Season Finale: Something Bad Is Coming

Alas, the news wasnt as good for Sunday’s other big finale: Survivor: One World (10.2 mil/2.8) was down 21 and 26 percent from last May’s final tribal council, and down 22 and 30 percent from the show’s most recent season ender (in December), hitting all-time lows for a finale.

A few other notes….

* The penultimate episode, ever, of Harry’s Law (7.6 mil/1.0) was up two tenths in the demo. Celebrity Apprentice (5.4 mil/1.8) was down 13 percent and a tenth.

* Over on Fox, The Simpsons (4 mil/1.9), Family Guy (5 mil/2.3) and the American Dad finale (4.1 mil/2.0) were all down, while Bob’s Burgers (3.63 mil/1.8) was flat.

What were you watching this Sunday night?

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  1. Mark says:

    Maybe cause they spent so much time talking to Colton on the finale. People definitely tuned out this season I think a large part because of him. Also, the season was kind of dull. Had some great eye candy with Jay though. Once he got out, my interest in the show kind of wavered with it but I stuck with it till the end. At least I could look at him in the jury. Yum.

    • tripoli says:

      Couldn’t agree more. Final Tribal was dull and boring. Reunion was the Colton show, which was utterly disgusting. He clearly had no remorse over his awful behavior. And it now appears he’ll be back next season. As a long time lover of this show, that may just get me to tune out. That and the last few seasons have been pretty sub par, so odds that next one will be too are pretty good.

  2. Cujo says:

    Not surprised. This year’s Survivor was the worst season yet.

    • AB says:

      Yeah, it was a snooze. I watched Nurse Jackie.

      • Rolfe says:

        Was this my favorite season of Survivor? No. Was it the worst? No. I did enjoy this season, although I’ve enjoyed every season. I thought it was fun to watch someone like Kim control the game the whole time. She may not be the most dynamic character, but she ranks in my top five of best winners. Maybe top three.

        • tripoli says:

          Seriously? Kim? She only won because everyone she was aligned with was too stupid to do anything but blindly follow her to the end. When they stop casting a random bunch of people who don’t seem all that interested in actual game play, we’ll get back to some great Survivor.

          • sincere troll says:

            I agree with Rolfe, Kim dominated every aspect of the game. She won challenges, she was well liked and made most of the strategy decisions. Easily one of the best games anyone’s ever played. Up there with Hatch and Heidek.

            Was the season dynamic and shocking? No. But it was a long way off from a snoozefest like Fiji or Tocantins.

            Tripoli, they won’t start filming the next one for a couple months at least. Now’s the time to let CBS know how awful you think a return of Colton would be.

            I think he’s just a tubby kid who thinks he’s hillarious and isn’t. CBS will pass on him.

    • B says:

      This is the first season I watched in many years, and it really wasn’t great. I kept HOPING they would wake up and take {spoiler – the winner} out, but nope…they just let her lead them all to their own doom. It was predictable just a few weeks in, and they could barely create any real tension and doubt with the editing, no matter how hard they tried. Of course, even that seemed like a half-hearted attempt at best. Most of the people cast were just dimwits!

      • noshinolasherlock says:

        You think they were trying to hide the winner with the editing? She was the front runner from the third episode on. They don’t edit to try to trick the audience. When someone is that clearly winning of course it’s going to look obvious.

    • Paul says:

      People say this ever year.

  3. juliab says:

    I expected more viewers on the Desperate Housewives finale.
    but, I’m happy it did so well.

  4. jasie says:

    Read that Harrys Law was up 25% in viewers. Still think it was a mistake for NBC to cancel it instead of moving it to Reissue after community.

  5. Happy my ladies left us with great ratings Desperate Housewives deserve it. I will miss them.

  6. ByeBye says:

    even though the storyline of THE OFFICE is going in ANOTHER direction (at least per the dreadful season finale), I wonder if Kathy Bates would return now that she is freed up? then maybe I will watch. she was great on it. otherwise, I am not interested.

  7. wrstlgirl says:

    I’m an avid Survivor fan/watcher and this season was the worst they’ve ever had. Boring group of people they put together, and not very bright either.

    • Larry says:

      I totally agree. I’ve been a fan since the beginning. It’s the only reality-based show I watch on a regular basis. But this season is the first time I turned an episode off and I’ve never done that before. I hated this season more than other in the past. Repulsed by Colton -the stupidity of the male tribe -the fact there were so many nonplayers afraid to make big decisions. I was bored nonstop -yet stayed watching just because I was a fan. I hope next season redeems the series because I’m very close to giving up on it

  8. Elyse says:

    I’m gonna miss my favorite housewives!!

  9. greysfan says:

    Awesome for Once. That finale was the best thing i have seen in a while. Mind you that Desperate Housewives finale was something too. It was a good way to say goodbye to them. Loved the ending i really did. I would have liked to see it go out higher but you know what the results are what they are and at least it went out on something decent unlike some series where they would struggle for a 2.0.

  10. Dave says:

    There was time when shows debuted to 20+ million people? What!?

  11. bad kevin says:

    CBS better cancel Survivor way sooner than later. CBS=crappy boring shows :-(

    • Mike says:

      It costs nothing to make and pulls decent ratings. It ain’t going nowhere.

    • Paul says:

      It’s “lowest ratings ever” are still better then most ratings of other shows.

      • Rolfe says:

        I agree. In comparing this season to the height of Survivor’s ratings, it looks like a mess, but no show is ever going to average 29.8 million again. It’s still a top 20 show. I’d eventually like to see Survivor with just one cycle a year. Maybe every Fall we can have Survivor and every Spring we can have an Amazing Race season.

      • bad kevin says:

        CBS = crappy boring Survivor :-(

  12. Mike says:

    I can’t criticize people for watching DH, because I switched off the Kings game to watch the last half hour but, wow, talk about an episode that did not deserve that number. It was a perfect example of why the show outstayed its welcome. Complete naval gazing by Cherry and Co. The ending for the women seemed lazy more than satisfying (though the cliffhanger was fun — and a nice tribute to how the seasons usually end). Overall, just a huge disappointment.

  13. Larry L. says:

    Survivor was a bore this year, simply because they need to make major changes to keep fans excited about the show–and to bring new ones into the fold. They need to revamp the sites they use (how about a cold weather site–sorry, no T&A for viewers to behold), they need to redo the way they pick contestants, and they need some changes to the basic format of the game. If they do that, they can continue for years and years. As it is, this year’s show was one of the five worst, with or without Colton.