Desperate Housewives Series Finale Recap: A Trial, Then Tribulations

Spoilerphobes beware: The following recap spells out exactly how Desperate Housewives tied up all its loose ends, so if the episode is still on deck on your DVR lineup, don’t say you haven’t been warned!

And they all lived…well, not exactly.

Desperate Housewives wrapped its eight-season run with a two-hour finale that featured a death, a birth, a wedding, a reconciliation, a dramatic courtroom confession, and (rather surprisingly) all the members of the original poker-playing quartet exiting Wisteria Lane for good. There were at least two guaranteed tearjerker moments (Tom and Lynette admitting they were still in love; Karen succumbing to cancer as a 45 of her favorite song, Johnny Mathis’ “Wonderful Wonderful,” spun on the record player) and plenty of laughs (thanks mostly to Gaby, Carlos, Lee, and Renee).

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And after a “happy endings” montage peeking into the futures of Bree, Gaby, and Lynette, we got an ominous denouement: Susan taking one final drive down her street, with the (many!) ghosts of all those who died over the past eight seasons watching over her, and then a new housewife moving into the Delfino residence, frantically hiding a box in a cabinet.

That last burst of creepy, with Mary Alice reminding us all that “most people just go on, day after day, trying in vain to keep secrets that will never stay hidden,” was the perfect tonal tonic to her prior platitude (“these ghosts watch, wanting people to remember that even the most desperate life is oh so wonderful”). Because indeed, as much as Desperate Housewives will rightfully be remembered as a frothy suburban comedy, it was its seedy (if not always consistent) underbelly that made it a nervier, more interesting series than it might have been coming from a less puckish mind than Marc Cherry’s.

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Anyhow, here’s how the Wisteria Four’s stories (and others) came to an end:

* Susan, meddling to the end, tried to fix up Julie with her hot obstetrician, but while sparks did indeed fly, we didn’t see if they turned into a fire. Instead, the recently widowed housewife packed up her daughter, son MJ, and grandchild and moved north to help support Julie’s dream to get her Ph.D.

* Bree saw the murder charges against her get dropped when Mrs. McCluskey confessed to the killing of Gabrielle’s stepdad, and eventually wound up pursuing a new romance with her defense attorney Quantum Leap Trip Weston. The epilogue featured the duo getting married and moving to Kentucky, where the most conservative of the housewives got elected to the Kentucky state legislature. (Sadly, no final appearance by son Andrew, whose prickly chemistry with Bree frequently resulted in her best zingers.)

* Gabrielle decided to protect Carlos (and Bree) and confess to the murder of her stepfather, until she got beaten to the punch by Mrs. McCluskey. Eventually, she got promoted to head of VIP sales at her department store, and wound up finding herself and Carlos in a reversal of their Season 1 dynamic: Gaby, job-obsessed breadwinner using gifts to placate neglected Carlos; Carlos, petulant spouse, hiring a hot lady gardener (Without a Trace‘s Roselyn Sanchez, in a sly, wordless cameo) to make his wife jealous. Of course these crazy kids worked it out, and the epilogue showed Gaby opening her own personal shopping site, then scoring a show on QVC. (One complaint: Not enough Juanita!)

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* Lynette finally reconciled with Tom — after a few more silly obstacles — in a very romantic scene in the middle of the lane. But then she questioned everything when Dana Delany’s Katherine Mayfair returned from Paris with an offer to launch the US operations of her booming frozen French food business. One problem: The job required a move to New York. Tom accused Lynette of never being satisfied, but in her matron-of-honor toast at Renee and Ben’s wedding, Lynette realized the hole in her heart she was always looking to fill wasn’t really empty at all. She and Tom made up, and then he encouraged her to take the job. The epilogue showed them in a Manhattan penthouse overlooking Central Park, and later playing in that great green space with their six grandkids.

* Renee married Ben after a ridiculous/hilarious snafu where Julie’s water broke — directly on her wedding gown, Gaby brought her to the department store where they pilfered a $6,000 wedding gown, and the duo walked/ran to the wedding after Susan hijacked the limo to bring Julie to the hospital.

* Mrs. McCluskey passed away at home — but only after Lynette, Gaby, Bree, and Susan intervened: Agreeing to help with around-the-clock care for their ailing neighbor so she didn’t have to go to a Hospice facility.

Quotes of the Night
“Wow! It kind of smacked me back!” –Susan, after spanking Lee’s surgically enhanced rear end

“Correctional facility isn’t exactly my dream venue.” –Renee, lamenting Ben’s trip to jail on the eve of their wedding

“Don’t touch me.” –Bree, surreptitiously hissing at Trip after faking a fainting spell during Gaby’s explosive testimony

“I’m wearing a wig and toting an oxygen tank: Does it look like I’m gonna make it to Monday?” –Mrs. McCluskey, nudging Trip not to delay her testimony

“Honey, I’ve always been in charge.” –Gaby, responding to Carlos’ plea that she tell the girls that she’s in charge once their daddy winds up in prison

“I followed him in, I picked up the candlestick, and I killed that son of a bitch.” –McCluskey, making a dramatic courtroom confession and exonerating Bree (Seriously, though, the prosecution just let the old woman off without a slap on the wrist?)

“The women don’t shave and the men carry purses.” –Katherine, describing her confusion over who’s a man and who’s a woman in France

“Carlos, you help the poor and downtrodden, a group of people with a very flexible schedule.” –Gaby, trumping her husband’s calendar

“Mom, I just felt the baby tap out ‘make her stop’ in Morse code.” –Julie, trying to get her mother to stop setting her up with her OBGYN

“You had nine months, and this is the moment you picked?” –Renee, reacting to Julie’s water breaking on her wedding gown

“That’s easy: You and me are doing a tango.” –Carlos, responding to Gaby’s question why other people seem to waltz through life without arguments and drama

“That hole in your heart that you’re trying to fill is already filled: You just forgot. Don’t ever forget. Always rememember how much you wanted to be loved, and are loved.” –Lynette, apologizing to Tom through her wedding toast to Renee

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  1. Sara says:

    The last spin down the Lane with Rex, etc. was great.

  2. WishesRandyCouldn'tSpeak says:

    Great show, great ending. Will miss the four amazing and beautiful actresses, as well is this marvelous and wonderful show forever.

    • JC says:

      I agree. I have been a loyal watcher of DH for the entire run of this show and loved each and every twist and turn. What will my Sunday nights be without this great show!!!

  3. Kim says:

    Poor Susan didn’t get a time jump like the other wives – I was hoping we’d see her happily ever after, either with her kids/grandkids or a new man. She always gets the short end of the stick.

    • brad says:

      Yea they showed her grey haired, in the park playing with her 6 grandchildren.

      • Adanzante says:

        That was Lynette that they were showing, not Susan.

        • allison says:

          Yeah, why did Susan not get a scene showing what happened to her after leaving the Lane? Seems strange that we know what happened to the other three.

          • cesar says:

            Like it or not, Susan was sort of the lead from the beginning, so even if she was the first to leave Wisteria Lane they showed her last because of the ghosts saying goodbye scene, it would’ve been weird seeing her in the future and then back in the present while the misterious new neighbor arrived.

          • JC says:

            I think Susan taking care of Julie, Mj and her grandchild is her happy ending. She is lead after all so it was fitting to show her last anyway this iconic show will be missed its right there with Friends as my favorite tv show of all time :)

          • Alex says:

            We know what happened to Susan . She and mj went to live near Julie and bring up the baby while Julie got her phd . No point showing us it !

    • rita says:

      In the end of the first season (I think), Marie alice said that not everyone in wisteria lane would have an happy ending… so it made me think. the writers gave such good happy endings to every one that maybe they felt the need to not show susan’s futur. she might be the one that got the not so great ending, living alone and finding happiness only in her memories, her kids and grandkids, like she said. I don’t think the writers would show that one tv (mainly because she is the main character after all) and because it would not fit in the last scene… just a thought

      • Stacy says:

        Well Edie died, so her ending wasn’t happy.

      • Aidan says:

        They showed all the ladies, with Susan last (and in present time) because that was the order they were introduced to us in episode one. Also, Susan had already said to her daughter in the hospital that she may or may not meet another man but whether she did or not, she would still have her memories to live with, so it made sense to show her moving away and letting the viewers decide how her life turned out after.

      • Alex says:

        Well I think all those ghosts show who didn’t have a happy ending ?! Beth ! Karl ! Mona ! Alma Hodge ! Orson! Orsons mum ! Mike ! Susan did have a happy ending ! She had her children and grandchild and making a new start for herself

  4. lisa says:

    Can someone name all those dead characters for me? I did not recognize some of them..

    • Sam says:

      Spelling errors galore: Mrs. McCluskey, her son, Mama Solis, George, Mona (I think), Karl, Ellie, Nora, Rex, Aunt Lillian, Chuck, Beth, Martha Huber, Alma Hodge, some guy I can’t remember (is it Pizza Rick? I don’t recall him dying…) and finally Mary Alice. It’s awkward I remember all of this!

      • Sam says:

        Edit: The guy that stood next to Alma is Bradley, Carlos’s S5 boss. Really insignificant character….

      • Kenneth says:

        Just realized they couldn’t have had Gloria Hodge(which would have been great) because Dixie Carter has since died :(

        • marie says:

          She never died. she’s paralyzed and unable to speak, but she’s not dead.

          • that_girl says:

            Dixie Carter died in 2010…

          • dlrose51 says:

            Marie was referring to the character that Dixie Carter played, Orson’s mother, Gloria Hodge, who was paralyzed and unable to speak in a nursing home. The actress Dixie Carter did indeed die but somewhere in a nursing home in fictional Fairview Gloria Hodge is alive.

          • Mary-Frances Burkett says:

            Dixie Carter’s character who played Olson’s mother was paralyzed in the show. Sadly she died in real life.

      • Kathy says:

        Don’t forget Mike, Susan’s current Husband.

      • A Josh Lin says:

        They forgot Betty Applewhite’s son from S2, where he got all crazy over Bree’s daughter, Danielle and got shot in the end. Bree of coz, was the mother of all protectors… Juz a thot. =)

  5. Karin says:

    I completely forgot how many ppl died on this show!

    absolutely loved the final scene! It spoke to the essence of the show: that everyone has secrets!

    Plus it’s what happens in the suburbs. Empty nesters fly the street and new chapters begin.

    Thanks to the crew, cast and writers for 8 wonderful years . Wondering what I’m going to do with my Sun nights now! Bye bye Wisteria Lane- And scene!

    Beautifully done-

    • dee123 says:

      Yes! When you think about how dark the show actually got sometimes i.e Body chopped up & put in a toy box.
      It was quite the bloodbath.

      • Jessie says:

        I know, same here, I was watching thinking, “Wow, there’s been a lot of deaths on this lane!” I was pleasantly surprised to see how many people they got to come back for that scene though. It was a perfect way to remember the last 8 years: “Oh yea, I remember when she dies because of blank, or him, he died when blank.”

  6. So sad that the show has ended.

  7. Mark says:

    I’m sad. This has been one of my favorite shows for so long. Since Freshman year of High School. This show has ended. I have my last college final tomorrow. I stuck with this show for so long and now it’s gone :( Oh well. Time flies, eh?

    • Steven says:

      Same here. Started when I entered high school ended when I finished.

    • zoot says:

      Sounds like you are moving on too…think about all you have accomplished in the last eight years and how bright your future looks. Good Luck

    • Mark says:

      I know exactly what you mean Mark. So much has happened since it started , its like losing a friend.

  8. Ana says:

    I was frankly underwhelmed by the episode until the last 15 minutes. The writing was mostly subpar but the ending made me teary eyed. The irony of a life ending as another was beginning was nicely executed. There’s a sense of a acceptance and satisfaction knowing that the ladies had their happy endings…and while this chapter was closing it was nice to see the new ones that opened.

    • Chris says:

      I feel the opposite way. I liked everything else EXCEPT the very end with everyone moving away. It was tonally wrong (the best thing about the show was how the housewives rallied around each other) and a downer.

  9. Gabriela says:

    Nice cameo by Roselyn Sanchez. She and Eva are good friends.

    • Evan says:

      Yeah but wasn’t it also a nod to the new Marc Cherry (that Longoria is also EP’ing) show that Sanchez will be in I would imagine playing that same character?

      It probably was also a notice that the shows are in the same universe meaning we may see some of the minor DH characters pop up at some point.

  10. Juan says:

    I’m so sad that this great show has finished even though I caught up years later, it was such a great show and I loved all our housewives so much, will definately miss this show. Anyways, loved the finale, combined everything housewives is known for

  11. Maddy says:

    I like seeing Mrs. McCluskey standing next to her son at the end. That was a sweet moment. However, overall, I wasn’t thrilled w/the ending. I like the idea of the girls growing old together on the lane, not everyone moving away and losing tough.

    • ByeBye says:

      yeah…but that wouldn’t be realistic. what happens in life is that neighbors move away. good ending.

      • Laura Foster says:

        I agree. But I also think it is obvious that they stayed in touch. The narration merely said it was the last poker game. But Susan and Lynette share a grandchild. I am sure they saw one another. And Gaby didn;t move for another year, so her and Bree were on the lane. I think it was a way of saying life changes and their lives changed (no more poker games on the lane) but not that they never spoke again

  12. Chris says:

    The big mistake in the ending was having everyone move away. I would have loved it if they stayed on the lane, then we saw a new housewife with a secret moving in. So it ultimately kind of sucked for me.

    • Aerilyn says:

      It’s the story of life. People don’t always stay in the same place forever. They move on, they go on to do bigger and better things, they grow apart. Life goes on. It’s just how things are. I loved every piece of it and the ending was very touching.

      • Chris says:

        Well, I didn’t like it. It’s fine that you did, but I don’t see why you felt you had to leave a rude comment telling me that my opinion is wrong.

        • John says:

          What was rude about his/her comment? LOL

        • really? says:

          Seriously Chris, I’m not sure where the “rude” comment is. You’re being a little oversensitive. You don’t like people discussing their disagreements with your opinion, stay the heck off of message boards.

  13. Teddi says:

    A great finale! Was that Marc Cherry playing the moving man carrying thevboxbout of Susan’s hiuse?

  14. Gina Aldeoli says:

    Wonderful ending… I enjoyed the idea that they remained such good friends until the end. Loved the montage of things to come for them and Susan’s last ride around the block – that was intense! Will miss this show and the wonderful actresses who brought them it to life.

  15. Brendan says:

    :( I hate that Andrew kinda faded away and never really came back, his stories were the ones that I liked best because he was not a stereotypical gay character and he brought out the worst (and for the viewers, the best) in Bree because of their fights. Would have loved to see him come back for the finale…

  16. Sean says:

    The show dipped in interest for me after Mike died. I loved mike. But McClusky being amazing and mike showing up at the end was well worth it for me. I also liked how basically McClusky was the main focal point of this episode

    • allison says:

      YES! McClusky was fantastic and it was nice to have so much attention on her as she was a great part of the show even though she was a supporting character. And agree about Mike, not the same without him.

  17. Billy Bob says:

    Awesome finale

  18. Ram510 says:

    Can’t believe it’s over. My min is still think I’ll be right on te couch in September watching Desperate Housewives for another season. They really need a season 9!

    Sad to see it go. Lynette was great as always and the rest of the cast. But I thought for sure it would end with everyone still on the lane

  19. YowzaPowza says:

    I haven’t watched this show since the end of season five, and after watching this, I know why. I mean, just so horribly written it was almost unwatchable. The ONLY good scene was Lynette giving that toast. It was seriously painful. I can’t say I didn’t get a little teary eyed, but it was mostly for the death of what the show used to be, not necessarily that it’s over.

  20. Christopher Marino says:

    Yet another series finale that didn’t top the best ending of all time, “Six Feet Under”…all series should end like that…found this one to be way too predictable…

    • Luis says:

      i don’t think that’s possible. SFU’s finale was THE best finale in tv history. hands down.

      • allison says:

        Completely agree, the bar was set very very high with Six Feet Under. In my opinion only MASH had a finale of the same level. One other that stands out to me is Medium which did an amazing job given that they had very little notice of the series ending.

    • TVFan says:

      I completely agree, that is best ending ever. I break down every time I watch, it is perfect.

  21. Brit says:

    I thought it ended perfectly. All people move on and continue to live their lives, while new ones come in with secrets of their own. One thing I’m unclear on, and maybe I just somehow missed it over the last few episodes, but who killed the cop Bree was dating? Was it Orson? Or did they never say?

    • Makenzie says:

      Orson was the one who killed the cop, Chuck. He was stalking Bree since the night of the murder. I am unsatisfied. I don’t care about it being completely realistic, the girls should have eventually met up, even if it was on accident or something. 13 years is a long time to make 3 best friends and stay that way through EVERYTHING! I want to know what happened with Susan’s future and Julie and Porter’s baby girl. They just didn’t tie up everything the way they should have. In my opinion, the only question left at the end of that show should have been what was in the box of the new housewife. Very disappointing. But I enjoyed seeing everyone at the end.

      • Chris says:

        Actually it was longer than 13 years since all of them technically lived on the lane before the show started timewise…

        • Meg says:

          And there was a time jump.

          • Amanda says:

            The time jump was included in the 13 years. 8 Seasons plus a 5 year jump.
            But Chris makes a good point about the friendships existing prior to the “time” the show began.

      • Laura Foster says:

        I bet they did. Susan and Lynette share a grandchild who I am sure will have birthdays and graduations. They are bound to meet at one of those. And, it only said the poker games ended, not the friendships. There is an ebb and flow to all friendships. my best friend and I have been friends for 15 years. We live in different states and before he moved we used to meet once a week for lunch. Now we can’t. Sometimes it is a month between phone calls…yet other times I speak to him multiple times per week. I saw the poker games as indicative of a change in their lives, of something that didn’t continue, but not the end of the entire friendships.

    • Rick Shulman says:

      Yes, it was Orson. It’s too bad that his ghost didn’t make it among all the others. And I missed Edie’s ghost as well.

  22. Kris says:

    Loved how they got all the “dead” folks to return for the final drive, when I saw Mike I gasped. But instead of them all slipping away, they should have fixed it so the ladies met somewhere once a year for poker instead of the mystery box. You do not become that close to people and let them slip out of your life forever, no matter what.

    • Laura Foster says:

      I still think it was a way of showing evolution of their lives. They can talk to one another, see one another at birthday parties for the grandchild Lynette and Susan share and still have each other in their lives without playing poker. I have college friends I still talk to but we no longer spend time together studying for finals!

  23. Kiko says:

    I was actually laughing and crying at the first scene with the girls and Mrs. McCluskey.

  24. Chris says:

    I was in tears from the Tom & Lynette reconciliation on… I will miss these 4 women and all their exploits. I feel just as I did when Sex & The City went off the air…like I lost 4 friends.

  25. Theresa says:

    Can anyone give me a complete list of the ghosts we saw at the end? My girldriends and I are trying to figure it out overe here, LOL.

    • Chris says:

      First Group:
      George, Mamma Solis, and Mona Clark [the woman that was hit by the plane that crashed on Wisteria Lane] (Maria Cominis

      Second Group:
      Karl Mayer, Ellie Leonard (Justine Bateman), Nora Huntington (Kiersten Warren)

      Third Group:
      Beth Young (Emily Bergl), Rex Van de Kamp (Steven Culp), Chuck Vance (Jonathan Cake), Lillian Simms [Kathrine Mayfair’s aunt] (Ellen Geer)

      Fourth Group:
      Christine Estabrooke (Martha Huber), Alma Hodge (Valerie Mahaffey), Bradley Scott [Carlos’s old co-worker who has an affair and wife stabs him] (David Starzyk)

      • Chris says:

        First Group:
        George Williams (Roger Bart), Juanita Mamma Solis (Lupe Ontiveros), and Mona Clark [the woman that was hit by the plane that crashed on Wisteria Lane] (Maria Cominis)
        Second Group:
        Karl Mayer (Richard Burgi), Ellie Leonard (Justine Bateman), Nora Huntington (Kiersten Warren)
        Third Group:
        Beth Young (Emily Bergl), Rex Van de Kamp (Steven Culp), Chuck Vance (Jonathan Cake), Lillian Simms [Kathrine Mayfair’s aunt] (Ellen Geer)
        Fourth Group:
        Christine Estabrooke (Martha Huber), Alma Hodge (Valerie Mahaffey), Bradley Scott [Carlos’s old co-worker who has an affair and wife stabs him] (David Starzyk)

        • Theresa says:

          Thank you so much.

          • allison says:

            Who was the child with McClusky? I am sure I am just forgetting that she had a child who passed but cannot remember.

          • Chris says:

            Your welcome Theresa…the guy in the last group was tough to remember…thank god for Wikipedia

        • Angela says:

          Wow, good memory! Thanks!
          I wasn’t feeling well yesterday, so I was just listening more than watching, and dozed off a bit towards the end. But it sounds like it was a nice wrapup-I like the idea of someone new moving in and already having a secret to hide, that’s a neat touch. And I’m kinda glad I missed seeing McCluskey’s passing, because I know that would’ve gotten me all choked up.
          This was one of my mom’s favorite shows, but I used to watch it with her-it certainly had its intriguing stories and mysteries and drama. So weird to know this won’t be on Sundays anymore. Been a good run, farewell, housewives, and Wisteria Lane.

  26. Jaime says:

    I cried like a baby. It was worse than George’s death on Grey’s Anatomy. :'(

  27. Kalee says:

    Really going to miss Desperate Housewives. :(

    Beautiful ending if a bit too dark for my personal taste (I would’ve left the final scene in but still have the last frame on Mary Alice with HAPPY music).

    I’m just not sure if I like the loose ends with the supporting characters (Bree’s kids, the majority of Lynette and Tom’s kids in the final hour, Orson’s quick departure, Paul and Zach, etc.). Heck, I’m still against the silly final story arc with Bree gaining her final love interest IN THE LAST 5 EPISODES EVER. I mean, poor Orson. It’s not bad enough he got paralyzed but to come out the evil guy to never re-appear again after spending at least 100 episodes or so only to be replaced by Scott Bakula to take all the credit. WTF. I know Bree has always been shacked up with a new man for every arc, but give the woman a decent send-off not already done before!

    And I don’t like to think that the four women never get to do another poker game let alone move literally to the North, South, East, and West. They’ll always have Skype?!

  28. what an amazing ending to an amazing show, I’m really gonna miss it.

  29. Lambsilencer says:

    I kind of figured that it would end with all of the ladies moving away, and a new moving truck arriving, with Mary Alice saying that “it never really ends, but that’s another story…”.

    I was not far off, and actually like the quasi-cliffhanger ending we got. It’s very fitting for the show, and for life in general.

    It was a great, if sometimes bumpy, ride. Farewell, Wisteria Lane.

  30. Mimi says:

    Three things ruined the ending for me: Mike’s dead, Katherine/Robin break up and when Mary Alice said that they were never going to have a poker night again! Why did she say that?!?!
    But Ms McCluskey was great! Love her character from the beginning!

  31. Found Mrs. McClusky’s passing to the tune of Wonderful, Wonderful very touching. Having parents of that age it tug at the heartstrings.

  32. New Here says:

    I think the way it ended was ok it was more of a set up for a spin off series’s Marc Cherry should’ve started a spin off instead of that maids show

  33. Evan says:

    Only downside for me to the whole show was wondering why Susan didn’t get a future jump like the other housewives?

    • Kenneth says:

      Perhaps she alludes to that when she’s talking to Julie about putting aside dreams and living with your memories?

  34. Jess says:

    Where was Carolyn Bigsby (Laurie Metcalf) ?!

  35. Robb says:

    Who was the little boy next to Karemn McClusky?

  36. Ronnie says:

    From what I understand, they were trying to get as many of the “deceased” actors as they could for the finale, but some of the actors like Laurie Metcalf (Caroline Bigsby) and Mechad Brooks (Matthew Applewhite) were unavailable. Still a great ending for the show.

  37. chris says:

    No Ida Greeburg?…she died saving Tom and his kids during the tornado

  38. dlrose51 says:

    There were a number of “ghosts” missing from the last scene, some of which were more significant characters than some that were there like Carlos’ boss Bradley & Kathryn’s aunt Lillian. Here are some I remember that weren’t included:

    Ida Greenberg: Lane resident, close friend of Mrs McCluskey, who died in tornado.

    Victor Lang: Politician & fiance of Abby, who tried to kill Carlos, but was killed in tornado

    Alejandro Perez: Gaby’s abusive stepfather, killed by Carlos & buried by the housewives.

    Wayne Davis: Kathryn’s abusive ex-husband, who killed Ellie Leonard, but was murdered by Kathryn, who’s claim of self-defense were backed by the housewives

    Matthew Applewhite: Son of Betty Applewhite & boyfriend of Danielle, shot by police while threatening to kill Bree.

    Patrick Logan: Ecoterrorist, ex-boyfriend of Angie Bolen, real father of Danny, killer of Iris Beckley, killed when the bomb he forced Angie to make and which he intended to kill their son kills him instead.

    Felicia Tilman: Sister of Martha Huber & mother of Beth, killed off the Lane when she spills Beth’s ashes & loses control of her car, driving head-on into a semi.

    Noah Taylor: Biological grandfather of Zach Young, who is killed by Zach when he turns off Noah’s life support.

    • DZ says:

      Felicia Tilman had a major arc and they should have shown her ghost. Most definitely.

    • Stacy says:

      They also forgot katherines daughter who was killed when the furniture fell on her and was the woman who Marie Alice killed in there? Plus, I can remember most of the faces, but I can’t remember how some of them were part of the show….it’s been a long 8 Loved the ending and the music chosen was great, really going to miss the show.

    • marie says:

      don’t forget about Edie!

      • How about the handyman who had the heart attack — can’t remember his name–one of the Bladwins, I think. DH wasn’t perfect, but the writing really had its’ high spots. Planned my Sunday nigths around it.

  39. JGM60 says:

    I’m glad a lot of people enjoyed the finale, but I must say I’m among those who were sorry the writers had them all move away at the end. I don’t understand this need to make huge changes to a story just because a series ends.

    Many argue that their moving away is more realistic — I find this very humorous! DH has never been big on “realistic.” One ten-minute snapshot had Susan stealing a limo while Gabby and Renee steal a dress (and no security guard could outrun them?), and neither action had any repercussions. Or how about just calling an ambulance for Julie as she waits at the store?

    Anyway, I don’t care about realism. I just wanted the show to end with life as it was in their little fictional world.

    • ChrisGa says:

      Yeah, I have to agree, everyone moving away–despite it being a “real world” scenario–didn’t at all fit the tone of the series in the least. The logical conclusion for this particular show would have been for the four pricipals to remain on WIsteria Lane(the whole new-neighbor-with-a-secret set-up seemed too obvious) and live happily ever after there. That was the one false note for me in an otherwise decent wrap-up(and the final drive by Susan down the lane with ghosts of previous characters was a nice touch, though I’m kinda shocked Felicia Tillman wasn’t there considering she was somewhat of an ongoing element throughout the show’s run plus I know how fond Marc Cherry is of the great Harriett Harris). Still, I’m glad they decided to wrap it up; it probably lingered on for a couple or three seasons longer than it actually should have considering it hasn’t been great in several years. But, back when it was, it was definitely one of the best shows to grace the medium.

  40. DZ says:

    So, your mom is on trial for murder and you can’t come to support her? Looking at you Danielle and Andrew. And I just can’t get over that Katherine, who was CRAZY over Mike, came back to the lane without as much a mention of him. No condolences? No shock over his death? Nothing?

    • Lily says:

      About the katherine thing i thought exactly the same! why did she had to break up with robin and be like in the first episodes? Her character had changed so much by the end! And mike! Come on! So unrealistic

    • JJ says:

      Nice catch. Did not realize this until you point it out. Totally unreasonable.

  41. dlrose51 says:

    There were a number of “ghosts” missing from the last scene, some of which were more significant characters than some that were there like Carlos’ boss Bradley & Kathryn’s aunt Lillian. Here are some I remember that weren’t included:

    Ida Greenberg: Lane resident, close friend of Mrs McCluskey, who died in tornado.

    Victor Lang: Politician & fiance of Abby, who tries to kill Carlos, but is killed instead in tornado

    Sylvia Green: Kathryn’s 2nd husband Adam’s former lover, who follows Adam to the Lane from Chicago and dies when the tornado sucks her out of Bree’s front door.

    Alejandro Perez: Gaby’s abusive stepfather, killed by Carlos & buried by the housewives.

    Wayne Davis: Kathryn’s abusive ex-husband, who killed Ellie Leonard, but was murdered by Kathryn, who’s claim of self-defense were backed by the housewives

    Matthew Applewhite: Son of Betty Applewhite & boyfriend of Danielle, shot by police while threatening to kill Bree.

    Patrick Logan: Ecoterrorist, ex-boyfriend of Angie Bolen, real father of Danny, killer of Iris Beckley, killed when the bomb he forced Angie to make and which he intended to kill their son kills him instead.

    Felicia Tilman: Sister of Martha Huber & mother of Beth, killed off the Lane when she spills Beth’s ashes & loses control of her car, driving head-on into a semi.

    Noah Taylor: Biological grandfather of Zach Young, who is killed by Zach when he turns off Noah’s life support.

  42. Nor says:

    How could Bree get elected to a RED state with her background? Its the only thing driving me crazy about the final. With the trial, drinking, failed marriages, etc her opponent would have a field day!

  43. Kelsie says:

    Loved every moment of it. Definitely shed a few tears at the end. So sad to see this show go. :(

  44. Cristy says:

    I cannot remember what happened to Paul. Can someone help me with that one? I think it was bittersweet that the girls won’t have another poker game, but it reminds us of what Karen’s hubby told Tom – that you aren’t guaranteed future time with those you love – appreciate every time you have together. Life changes.

  45. S says:

    I dont know about everyone else, but part of the finale (part 2) reminded me of Ugly Betty. It’s like they ripped off some of it but didnt pull it off like Ugly Betty did. The star of the finale was Vanessa Williams, who came from Ugly Betty lol.
    Overall, it was decent but I expected more. I almost feel like a ‘best of’ would have been better. I dont know, I dont think I’ll miss this show as much as I thought. I think DH just ran out of stories and material. And I really HATED that they seperated and moved on. My favorite thing, other than the crazy drama, was the friendship and I think it’s awful how they were all seperated. Terrible choice.
    The only scene I felt had some substance was when McCl. died and the VERY last scene with the dead ppl and the girl who hid more – that was perfect.

  46. Kay says:

    Whose ashes were those at the end ????

  47. Kenneth says:

    The look on Roy’s face after Karen died just killed me.

  48. Mandie says:

    I will really miss this show 4 different ladies and each one I could relate to maybe thats what got me so hooked just the best show ever … was so sad to see karen go broke my heart and mike’s ghost .. at the end when the girl who bought susan’s house is hiding something are they going to do a new series with different women … is this leaving the door open to do this or was this simply .. the end .. anyone know?

    • Christine says:

      Hi Mandie
      I will really miss the show too~I was thinking the exact same thing about the young woman with the box that bought Susan’s house. I would love to see a new show begin, along the same lines as Desperate Housewives. One can only cross our fingers and hope for the best! Desperate Housewives will most definitely be missed and hard to replace.

  49. Mayra says:

    I hated the fact that they grew apart over the years. I mean, yeah, probably still friends, but the fact that there were no more poker games implies that they didn’t see each other very often. I know this is life, but still… 20 years of friendship is not something you just put aside.

  50. JJ says:

    How many Bree’s husband/boy friends/lover/suiter died. I think 5? She had 2 lawyer lover/boy friend. 1 dentist, 1 policeman, 1 pharmacist, what did her first husband do? She is a conservative lady, but …

    • dlrose51 says:

      Bree’s first husband Rex, a doctor, was killed by George the pharmacist, who in turn overdosed on pills as Bree watched. Chuck Vance, a cop, was run over by Orson, Bree’s 2nd husband, who was a dentist. Bree assumed that Orson’s telling her that she’d never see him again meant that he was going to commit suicide, but what he was actually meant that he was going to set her up for Alejandro’s murder. He’s still alive as is Tripp her last, lawyer husband. So of Bree’s many “significant others,” only 3 died.

      • JJ says:

        Susan’s ex-husband was her boy friend, too. He was killed in an air plane crash. That’ll make it 4.

        • JJ says:

          Olson became handicapped for the same airplane crash. If I were a man, I will not stay near Bree.

        • dlrose51 says:

          I’d forgotten that Karl, Susan’s first husband, had an affair with Bree prior to the plane crash. In fact, Orson & Karl were fighting over it when the plane crashed.