Patrick Wilson Confirms Gifted Man Cancellation, Insists 'I Couldn't Be Happier'

A Gifted Man CancelledAlthough CBS has yet to officially confirm, A Gifted Man lead Patrick Wilson took to Twitter Saturday to confirm that the rookie drama has indeed been cancelled.

“So…shocking to no one, [A Gifted Man] is done,” he wrote. “Found out via email…and not from the network. Stay classy. Thanks to AGM fans! Great cast/crew!”

Wilson then admitted that he “couldn’t be happier” by the news, adding, “As good as it was (sometimes) it was not what I signed on for.”

TVLine’s 2012 Renewal Scorecard has been updated with the news.

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  1. sarbagya says:

    please don’t cancel the show, it’s so good, every one loves it and so do I, I’d very much like to see all the episodes of upcoming seasons,

  2. Cleon Brown says:

    I am devastated that it is being cancelled!!!!! I loved the show.

  3. Katherine says:

    I am devastated over the cancellation of this show. I really loved it. These tv station really need to get their priorities in order…,.I hate reality tv, it’s just a joke! Not happy from Down Under Australia!! :(

  4. Melanie says:

    I started watching the show on the tv, i fell in love with it and i had to downloaded it in my computer. I just finished watching, cant believe it has been cancelled, thats so sad!
    Well, i guess i’ll watch it over and over again till get tired.

    Regards from Argentina.

  5. jennyfer says:

    WHYYYYYY!!!! no no no!!!! i love that show

  6. Kim says:

    I am becoming a little more than pissed about all these cancellations. This was a wonder show, I was so looking forward to the season premier and now I discover that there isn’t one! I am sick of all the reality tv crap!!!! Stop airing great shows and then leaving everyone hanging!! Network jackasses!!!!!!!!’

    • Susan says:

      I agree another crappy reality show. ONly so many stupid in the world. You would think they would run out by now. Or rich lazy people with no personalities that never worked a day in their lives. I hate these useless program. At least this program had a plot. I think some networks have forgot what a plot is. Susan

  7. Allison says:

    My sister and I loved the show! We would text each other – “did u c that?, OMG!, ” these main channels of ABC, CBS, NBC. Have lost my interest. Majority of the shows I watch are on USA.
    Not to mention…. when they cancel a show they always end up putting the same actors back on, Hello?!?!? Why do you think a show flopped? People didn’t care for the cast. This of course is my opinion.

  8. Jerry says:

    Agree with Jeanne that AGM and Terra Nova were two of the best shows on TV. My wife and I were regular watchers. Seems my favorites are always cancelled. At least The Firm is coming back in January; great and exciting show! Will miss Patrick and the rest of AGM.

  9. geraldine walker says:

    Gifted man has just come to british shores, and i love it, dissapointed to c it has been cancelled in usa,

  10. Susan says:

    WOW This was a good show. As a Registered Nurse professional I enjoyed this show. It was fresh and entertaining. I liked the cast and the stories were great. I cant believe that yet another reality show full of crap probably took its place. Yeh that is what we need more of rich people and stupid people reality.?? I think the people that cancelled this show just dont know what a good program is. I actually took the time to watch this program. Perhaps they were not smart enough to understand it. Unlike, Greys Anatomy this program was new and had potiental. Time to shut down some of the other programs before they fizz totally out. Tire of the same old monitoned Greys. Upset in KY.

  11. Clynne says:

    I’m so angry at cancelation after just 1 season. I’m refusing to Watch Any CBS New shows or on other channels included. Let them get there Politics out of the way first. I loved that show, am glad the Touch is Still on another channel. Guess that’s where I’ll be watching from now on. FOX

  12. Caro says:

    Just got into TGM – am in Ireland – I really enjoy it and I am so disappointed to hear it was cancelled – i have always LOVED tv but I am getting bored with it

  13. ed says:

    you really screwed up

  14. Doug graetz says:

    cbs looses another great show and great cast<probably won't watch any more cbs shows,other shows on cbs stink…

  15. astrid says:

    in asia just watch gifted man recentlu, and so saaaaaaad it stop there. why!?

  16. AndrewM says:

    This and Unforgettable gone- bad decisions.

    Just caught up with “Elementary” the touted replacement, which will be lucky to make it to 13 episodes- dire- the whole show felt like I was watching actors with the lack of “acting” of a walk through or table read.

    Will miss this one.

  17. Lynz says:

    Can’t believe a gifted man got cancelled. I knew it had been before I started watching it, but still annoyed. The last episode left me wanting more out of it. Or even give shows a proper ending when they get cancelled, like a conclusion. So frustrating!

  18. sandi says:

    This show was amazing!!!! We watched it every week.get it back on tv CBS!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. Jacque says:

    I LOVE this show!!!!! I am so disappointed that it was canceled!!!!!

  20. Lori says:

    The reason it was canceled is because idiots are abundant in this country, and what do idiots like? Mindless trash, like reality shows, for one.

  21. sue says:

    I watched the series on netflix and could not believe they cut it..I see nothing but mindless reality shows on tv.. No one can write a show with substance anymore and when someone can it’s gone. Get a clue. Networks

  22. sue says:

    Please bring Gifted Man back, enough with reality tv. Get back to writing.

  23. valerie says:

    i do miss the show i enjoyed watching it with my family i will miss it

  24. finadevil says:

    Every week, I am waiting for Thu to watch a gifted man (in Thailand). Just learnt from website that it had been cancelled. So sad, it made me loss my happy time. I love the story, each actor/actress shows their characteristics very well, moral, greatful, kindness is decrease from society every day, the good story would help to upgrade our thinking even less or much. I would glad if it come back.

  25. Smith says:

    I hate when good shows are cancelled. I am really sadden. Wish it would come back.:-(
    I watched the first season on Neflix and am hooked. But….no more.

  26. Cheryl says:

    I was looking forward to the season finale of A Gifted Man tonight and thought I would find out how long I would have to wait for season 2. Now I am totally gutted to see that it has been cancelled. It’s one of the best shows on TV, my daughter and I are really going to miss it. Seems like all the best shows are cancelled whilst mindless drivel continues. Honestly! Who makes these decisions?

  27. Kevin says:

    Such a pity to see the show cancelled. Tv producers are fixated with trash reality shows that only appeal to the mindless. Along comes a decent show, has possibilities and values and a story line, all the things missing from reality shows, and they bin it. Well done to the idiots.

  28. Tammie Yarborough says:

    My husband and I, miss seeing the Gifted Man. The show had great actors, and interesting stoyline . We are, hopeful to see this, or something close to the same show, with the same case of actors .

  29. MARIE FRAZIER says:


  30. eddyjames says:

    I guess my taste in shows is terrible. The ones I like seemed to get canceled soon.”Lie to Me” “Star Gate Universe” and a dozen others. While the ones I wouldn’t watch on a dare stay on season after season.

  31. Sigh says:

    I guess I am the last to know. I love this show and Patrick!

  32. Barbara says:

    My family and I enjoyed this one together. We don’t normally watch medical shows but this one was pretty good. The storyline, the characters and the paranormal twist were all good reasons to watch it my opinion. But there is also a good reason why I found it on Netflix and not on CBS.

  33. Lori says:

    WOW awesome show sorry to see it is canceled just finished watching on my ape TV on netflicks. What a great contrast the medical field collides with the spiritual I ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT ! BRING IT BACK PLEASE !

  34. Eric says:

    Agreed with most of the posts. If it offers an intelligent story line and good morals, it must be cancelled. Very sad with this decision.

  35. Lynn Stringer says:

    Sorry to hear that show has been cancelled. I’ve enjoyed watching the episodes with both my daughters. It is VERY rare that we ever like the same thing on TV. Hopefully there might still be a chance that the decisiob is overturned.

  36. Val says:

    I’m very sorry to hear hat this is over I just found it on Netflix and I’m loving it

  37. Herman says:

    Excellent show, a shame it was cancelled. People like “pizza-style” shows, the minute they show “broccoli-style” shows they get bored. C’mon people, THINK!

  38. Ashley says:

    I’m so disappointed ! I watched the first season on Netflix, loved it. I feel cheated and left hanging !!!!

  39. Sharon says:

    I love this show and am very sad that it has been cancelled. :-(

  40. fanfair says:

    I just watched every episode on Netflix and sorry I didn’t know about it till now. Great family show and the chemistry with the cast was great. I hope to see them all on something great as they deserve it. Just love Jennifer Ehl and hope to see Patrick in something soon. Great talents. Writing could have been a little less predictable but not cast fault.

  41. A says:

    I am sad to see it go. I’m tired of reality shows. And I’m tired of shows focusing on sex so much – like 2 and a half men. There are others that do the same. It didn’t center itself around sex or sexual innuendos. It centered on doing good. There isn’t enough shows that are appropriate for kids to see. I am sorry to hear that Patrick Wilson wasn’t happy.

  42. Jane says:

    I just found this show on Netflix a week ago. I loved it! Really wish they would bring it back! There are so many viewers that don’t watch regular tv when it is on. I watch Netflix or Hulu. Maybe that has something to do with the network knowing how many people really enjoy shows. Cable tv is just too much money for me right now. Maybe writing to the network and voicing our opinions would help? There have been shows in the past that I loved and they canceled those also. There must be a way to gather people that love these shows and express our opinions besides doing it here.

  43. Lee D. Owen says:

    Bring it back!!! There is TOO much drivel on the network to sustain us!!!!! What do the critics know???? Not much, apparently….We know what WE want to see!!!

  44. I found this show on Netflix and watched all f the episodes in one day. I loved it!

  45. Roma Red Thunder says:

    Love the show it was nice to see different points of view when it comes to healing..A persons body or there soul. We as people are not one size fits all. And thats what ill miss most from the show. We are all different, but the same. SPECIAL…

  46. Glenda says:

    I just found the show on Netflix. I loved the show and all the stars on it. All the trashy shows like the Kardashians stay on and this one gets cancelled. Unreal.

  47. Loretta says:

    This show was a keeper! I looked forward to watching it on netflix nightly!

  48. sammy says:

    great show

  49. slin21 says:

    If anyone has any sense at all, they would pick this show back up and keep it going. It was excellent, intelligent and thought-provoking. Patrick Wilson was an exceptional actor, very believable in his portrayal, and the show came together perfectly. I miss the show very much. Will someone please do the right thing and get the cast, production crew back again and keep it going!

  50. M. Meyer says:

    I couldn’t agree more with slin21. My husband and I started to watch the show when it was on Netflix. Thought we would give it a try. We couldn’t wait to see the next episode everyday. Please bring it back !!!!!!!!!