Patrick Wilson Confirms Gifted Man Cancellation, Insists 'I Couldn't Be Happier'

A Gifted Man CancelledAlthough CBS has yet to officially confirm, A Gifted Man lead Patrick Wilson took to Twitter Saturday to confirm that the rookie drama has indeed been cancelled.

“So…shocking to no one, [A Gifted Man] is done,” he wrote. “Found out via email…and not from the network. Stay classy. Thanks to AGM fans! Great cast/crew!”

Wilson then admitted that he “couldn’t be happier” by the news, adding, “As good as it was (sometimes) it was not what I signed on for.”

TVLine’s 2012 Renewal Scorecard has been updated with the news.

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  1. Barrett says:

    I don’t blame him for wanting to jump ship. The show is terrible.

    • Sue says:

      No, it was not. I enjoyed the show and I’m sorry it was cancelled.

      • Bob Genghis Khan says:

        Watched the 2011 fall season show trailers on my Apple TV and thought it was the weakest of all of them…I am sad that Prime Suspect was killed off though from that bunch.

      • Colette says:

        I loved the show…still do.

        • Laura says:

          I loved a gifted man. My son was taken away in Feb & it was one thing he remembers us watching together . I miss him, he misses me& we will both miss “A Gifted Man”.

        • Patti wallace says:

          I liked it too. I was curious where it would go.

        • Alexis says:

          The show is great I love it and I wish that CBS could have gave it one more year.

          • Bo says:

            I am saddened to hear that the show was cancelled. My family and I really enjoyed it on Friday nights. Patrick Wilson is an awesome actor. I hope to see him in something else that is worth my time watching on tv. Big mistake canceling that show.

          • doris says:

            CBS doesnt surprise me.. they like to cancel people, anjd shows (for that matter) without considering the fans.. I am in a plan to avoid falling in love with their shows.. dont want to go throughout this same ‘unclosureness’ feeling. CBS not anymore my fisrt alternative as a channel because of what they did to A Gifted Man.

      • pearl says:

        i really liked the show he was a great doctor on the show i will miss seeing it

      • wilma says:

        I enjoyed it also. I am sorry that he was unhappy but would have been nice to see what it could have been. I am so tired of all the so all tne reality shows on air that really do not show any thing to anyone. All these reality shows do not really teach anyone anything no morals or values just mindless shows and we wonder what is wrong with people in today’s society. Yet when there is something that could be good and maybe teach or show something with value it gets yanked. So damnable sad….

        • agree. I will miss this show. it was slow but I liked that it taught morals and about helping others it would have been nice to see where it went from here.

        • Gretha M says:

          I am sorry to hear it is cancelled. I enjoyed it yes I am also tired of all the reality shows. Just a load of trash really produces cant find good scripts that are clean.. There is still a lot of goodin the world why must we always see what other people do with their time and get paid for it . How about good series e.g DOwntown Abbey Good wife just to mention a few. This was good clean and still had a story line. . Patrick sorry to see you go!

        • Dana says:

          I so totally agree with you. All the reality shows just show us, just how messed up some people are in life and why would people want to focus on that negative attention. It’s so nice to watch a show about how life should be and could be if everyone focus on the positive, It also gave people like me who lost their father a peace of mind.

      • Jessie says:

        Can’t agree with you more.

      • John Bodie says:

        I agree this was a good show and of course CBS cancels it and puts trash in it’s place. Why is every time CBS has a good medical show on for the last 2 yrs they cancel it just to push homosexual lifestyles on us with more shows using it during prime time. These editors need to take a hard look and get back to the values that made this country great and keep this new trash off the air and in the trashcan where it belongs

        • Bob Jones says:

          I love the way you think. If I could I would like this on Facebook.

          • HomoMichael says:

            You’re thinking is dumb. I enjoyed the show very much. As for the other stuff, it’s time for this country to see all the values that work. It’s all based on change as it has for many years. No one is pushing anything, just showing another reality. How do you think we feel with all the heterosexuality being pushed constantly. Ignorant. I did enjoy this show. Sorry it had to go.

        • Sam says:

          You hit the nail on the head. Who watches all that american TV trash? I mean uncomprehensible.
          There got to be something else behind the cancellation. The show was good. I accidentally discovered it on Netflix and enjoy every episode. I do not own TV- there is absolutely nothing to watch.

          • Issoon says:

            I couldn’t agree more. The show was very good and very poignant. I love the idea of two worlds trying to live together, science and the spiritual aspect of life, the meeting point being the heart. I hope the show, or the theme that was developped throughout will be continued in another series…because there is much to learn from it (and tha’ts what TV should be abou)t. I thought Patrick Wilson was terrific and incarnated superbly a man of science struggling to re-open his heart…

          • Ken picard says:

            I found the show also on netflix. I really enjoyed the show too . Watch every episode. Reality show suck. Not a fan of most of the cop shows. Wished there was more of the show and other shows just like it.

        • DOUG PETERS says:


          • nobody says:

            you need a bullet to the brain, seriously wtf is wrong with you? were you dropped on your head as a child?

            This show blew my mind, I cried during nearly every episode. A real shame things didn’t work out.

      • martha pineo says:

        I just learned the show was cancelled. I loved the show. It at least showed the people still have the capacity to help people that really need it. It was a great show and I loved Patrick Wilson. They could have kept the show and not did Elementary. I don’t think that show will make it. Poor judgement CBS.

      • Robyn says:

        We just had episode 16 broadcast this week in our country. Upset that series has been cancelled. It was very enjoyable :(

      • donna says:

        My family watched it every week. It was awesome.

      • Roger says:

        I thought this was a good show. Hell, better than some of that other crape they have on these days

      • Debbie hardy says:

        We really liked the show. We were looking for more. We would like to see the rest of the story! : (

    • lorraine says:

      I’m not sure what show you were watching but obviously it was not the one the rest of us were
      “absolutely” enjoying

    • Jeanette says:

      The show was very good & interesting, alot better then 2&1/2 Men, Big Bang Theroy and some of the reality shows. I will really miss this show.

    • marie says:

      I beg to disagree.The storyline was interesting and entertaining and the actors were amazing.I’ll sure miss watching it.

    • LibbyB says:

      I just watched this on Netflix and loved the actors and “brain surgery”. I think it was on the wrong channel. Things disappear on CBS.

    • fan of " a gifted man" says:

      what the heck are you talking about…i guess your just to stupid to know the difference between a good show and a bad only 14 and i know better than you! this was and still is my favorite show ever…you learn so much from this show, it has such a good storyline and a great imput on life and should me a show loved by everyone…..there’s no downside to this show.

    • LUIZ CADAVAL says:


    • Jim Bird says:

      My wife and I absolutely LOVED “A Gifted Man”!!! What’s wrong??? No sleezy sex or blood and guts meaness for you? We find ourselves sitting on the edge of our seats every show and thought that we’d get used to it but not yet and we are on the 8th episode. GREAT entertainment.

      • Clean Entertainment says:

        I discovered this show on Netflix. We dropped TV since there is nothing of character to watch. It was like reading a good book. It was hard to put down! I loved how the scientific collided with the spiritual. It was a great plot, perhaps shortsighted in where it might go next, but the writer/producers always seemed to come up with a great plot. I’m sure they would have found something interesting to start the next season. The show will be missed.

    • lyn says:

      No it wasn’t! !! It was an awesome show. I loved the cast and the writing was very smart. Im soooo sad its been canceled. I just saw this show on Netflix and didn’t even hear about it when it was airing. Probably bad PR reps. :(

    • K white says:

      We’ve been watching this series on Netflix and are very sorry to discover it has only one season.We like it.

    • james williams says:

      This was one of the best shows on TV, I have watched e1 4 to 5 times….beats out House. You could not of found a better star than Patrick, he is almost real.

    • amah says:

      No, it wasn’t. Really bumped up that it’s cancelled. Loved the show.

    • I actually enjoyed the show. It wasn’t terrible, I wish it had returned for another season. I mean you gotta admit that show is better than Teen Mom, 16 & Pregnant, and Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

  2. Balaji K says:

    It looks like CBS has announced their new pickups:
    Drama: Vegas, Elementary, Golden Boy, and Made in Jersey
    Comedy: Friend Me and Partners.

    • madeleine apple says:

      I’m not watching any of these new shows. What a waste.
      Bring back “A gifted man”

    • nobody says:

      Elementary is freaking AWESOME and you gotta love Criminal Minds, they’re still going strong and one of the best shows on tv.

    • luann s willingham says:

      The gifted is or was an awesome show. Coming from an intensive care registered nurse who worked neuron with heart. This show was very real and believeable.

  3. angelstorm says:

    I liked it. This was the one remaining show I was waiting to hear about !
    Oh well . . .

  4. Loves Her TV says:

    Fell in love with him in Phantom of the Opera, and is a very gifted and talented man. He should not be doing TV series, this man belongs on Broadway.

  5. John Berggren says:

    Patrick would do better on a 13 episode HBO/Showtime style show.

  6. Nicole Heaney says:

    I loved that show! It was 1 of a very few TV shows that I would still watch!!!!! Very disappointed!!!!! Well, looks like I will be spending more time watching movies!

  7. Annie says:

    That’s pretty much it for me and CBS, then. Not one of the new shows sounds remotely interesting, and I gave up on AGM some time back – I totally understand PW’s sentiments about it.

  8. Gretchen says:

    Sad…I enjoyed that show. Sad that CBS would rather keep dreck like Two and a Half Men rather than a smart, interesting show like A Gifted Man.

    • TV Gord says:

      When the “dreck” is one of the most watched shows and the “smart, interesting show” is among the least watched, that’s what happens. Them’s the breaks.

      • uh huh says:

        Actually, Gifted Man was usually in the top 25 in total viewers every week–usually around 9 million viewers. Problem was, it skewed older. So lots of people watched, but they were the “wrong” people. Still waiting for advertisers and networks to catch up with the graying of America, and adjust their key demo age range.

    • Lenna Doll says:

      I agree, Gretchen, and will miss this show allot. . I look at some of the stupid and ridiculous programming on network TV and I am amazed at how far the public has fallen. The so called ”reality” shows get dumber and dumber as well. Thank goodness there are a few cable shows worth watching and movies.

      • wilma says:

        I So agree with you about this. And also the comment about the graying people. Statistics show there are more of us than any other and we needto be heard from too. Our money spends just like everyone else’s.

    • anna niemitz says:

      My husband and I loved it. Can’t believe such an interesting, creative show has been cancelled! It was one of the few network shows we watch.

      • randi says:

        all the good shows get cancelled, seems America would rather watch low IQ reality shows or anything with a gay content..

        • nobody says:

          I love gay content… what’s with all the hate? you guys need to go re-read your book, especially the parts where Christ actually spoke

    • Cary says:

      I couldn’t agree more! Anything with metaphysical substance or depth gets cancelled and stupid shows live on and on!

    • Laura says:

      ”nuf said. Seriously. Yuk Ashton Kiutcherb

    • Dri says:

      Really sad!!! Gifted Man was the best TV show lately!! It’s time to produce and keep shows with more moral and smart content…We watch what we are or what we want to be…Why CBS don’t bring it back??? We “the 9 million viewers” of Gifted Man should matters and should show it…How about don’t buy products that sponsor reality and violence shows?

  9. Michael says:

    Good because NCIS NCIS LA and CM are better

  10. jen d says:

    There is an NCIS:LA? That makes me sad. That show is awful.

  11. Chloe says:

    Typical of CBS to give him the news by E-MAIL!! Cowards. This is typical of them. I gave up on CBS after the way they treated the actors on Without A Trace regarding that cancellation. I feel sorry for Patrick but glad he’s being optimistic. Something better is out there for him.

    • flutiefan says:

      um,, he said that he did NOT hear it from the network. so CBS didn’t give him the news by e-mail. (makes it even worse)

      • J says:

        No, it means that someone lacks ethics, and didn’t allow CBS to do their job, instead doing it for them.

        • uh huh says:

          And what makes you think CBS would have “done their job” and told him themselves? There’s very little evidence that CBS conducts itself with proper etiquette in these matters.

    • smidnite says:

      Considering that over the last couple of years, a LOT of stars claim to have found out that they’ve lost their shows via twitter….

  12. Balaji K says:

    Unforgettable has also been cancelled.

    It also looks like CSI:Miami goes and CSI:NY stays.

    • tarc says:

      As always, CBS greenlights interesting new shows… and then cancells them in a year to make way for another (usually the sixth or seventh) clone of the same long-dead boring procedural. What garbage – I refuse to watch those lame, junky procedurals.

  13. TV Gord says:

    I was never crazy about the premise of the dead wife, but I guess I wasn’t the only one who felt that way, since that aspect of the show became little more than an afterthought as the season wore on. As a medical drama, though, I enjoyed the show. It’s too bad more people weren’t watching.

    • Christina says:

      This is how I felt about the show. The dead x-wife thing became more of an afterthought after a few episodes, but once they got beyond that the show hit its groove and it was a good fit for Friday night. But I guess if you don’t have 15 million viewers on CBS you get cancelled.

  14. Dave says:

    i watched only because of the cast. Wilson, Benz & Martindale are all SO much better than the material they were given.

  15. flutiefan says:

    i only saw the 1st one or 2 episodes. can someone tell me what it turned into, that Wilson “did not sign on for”?

  16. W says:

    I wonder what he thought he “signed up for”…anything other than a standard CBS procedural? he probably didn’t watch that network because that’s what everyone thought he was signing up for. To be honest it was always a huge surprise when they announced he was starring in this show, just never seemed like a good fit.

  17. The show was far to vanilla for Patrick Wilson who has done some of the most edgy stuff I have ever seen.
    He needed something that really pushed the envelope and should have probably been part of a project that was being shown on a cable network like ShowTime.

  18. blondememphisbelle says:

    CBS cancelled another favorite of mine. Also gone is CSI Miami so that only leaves NCIS and NCIS LA and the only reason I watch NCIS LA is Chris O’Donnell. Stopped watching Men when Charlie left.

  19. Tracy says:

    Rhys Coiro was the only reason to watch AGM anyway. I just hope his new show gets picked up, he deserves a break. He’s phenomenal.

  20. Michael says:

    Gifted Man would of been better if it didn’t feel like House 2012

    • Laura says:

      Not even close! ‘House’ is a legend in his own right. Hugh Laurie rocks, but to a different genre of ‘medical pushing the envelope’. I don’t think Patrick Wilson’s character had any intention to be anything less than a fortunate man allaying his personal matters with genuine benevemt kindness.

  21. bad kevin says:

    I knew A Gifted Man was going to get canceled at the very last moment and CBS deserves it.

  22. Kona Coffee says:

    He shouldn’t be saying that he couldn’t be happier…Producers really don’t want to work with actors that will talk bad about your show…

    • uh huh says:

      His frustration was with the process of making a network TV show. Had nothing to do with the people who actually toiled with him every day to make the show, about whom he’s been nothing but complimentary.

  23. Chris says:

    LOL, he’s being honest that the show was not very good. I appreciate that. I watched it, but mainly for the good cast. The stories were cliched and predictable. The actors deserve much better.

  24. seattlejohn449 says:

    I watched for awhile but the show felt split between the ghost story, the upscale medical center and the community clinic…am a big fan of Wilson and enjoyed parts of the series but it was too broad a canvess and I lost interest

  25. Vero says:

    as long as I get to look at him in another series with LOTS of screentime ;-) I’ll be fine.
    but yeah, I liked it.

    • Susan M. Sims says:

      You bet–everyone says that Patrick belongs on Broadway–I prefer him up close with
      those gorgeous blue eyes!! Great cast–will miss them all.

      • Zoe says:

        I agree with you! I think his eyes were gorgeous! Also, I liked the show. I really miss it. You know that WE can’t controll the network.

      • Stepha D says:

        Hi, I am a netflix person too. I only knew about the show from watching it on Netflix. When I saw that there were only 16 episodes I became deeply saddened. What an awesome show! I could watch Patrick all day. I fell in love with his character and his persona. I will just have to do watch the episodes again and again and again. The entire cast worked well together in my opinion and each episode kept me wanting more….But actually, after episode 16, I got the feeling that the spirit of the x-wife was going to be moving on since her heart died from the taxi crash. I believe this to be a source of closure to the ‘ghost’ part of the storyline. Patrick truly is a “Gifted ” man! I will be patiently waiting to see what the next step is for him…

  26. Nicole says:

    Wasn’t like most reality crap, networks seem so eager to keep. It was different. I must be the only one who got the whole “gifted man” thing… Bummer!

  27. larry field says:

    my wife and i looked foward to friday night for the show tyhat we thought was one of the best on tv. very upset the took it from us,mr.larry field may 19,2012

  28. Deb Lincoln says:

    I am very disssapointed. I loved the story line……..loved the actors, especially Patrick. It was so interesting!. My two favorites ” A Gifted Man” and “”The Good Wife”, enjoyed watching with my husband Mark. He’s going to be surprised

  29. Elaine says:

    I am so upset. I loved this show. Every time I get into a show it gets cancelled. House now this. This is just not fair!!!!!

  30. Jeanne says:

    A Gifted Man and Terra Nova were the two best shows that started last fall, now there is nothing on TV that is any good. I agree, everytime they put some show on that is different than all the cop shows and CSI’s, murder investigations it is cancelled. Why is that?

  31. Cathi says:

    who was the idiot that canceled A Gifted Man? Why is it everytime a good show comes on they cancel it and 9 times out of 10 replace it with a stupid show? CBS is getting worse and worse to watch, only one show on there to watch, will not mention it before they decide to cancel that one too…..

  32. deb hocks says:

    i enjoyed the show very much, it was better than some of the other trashy shows

    • Jill says:

      I LOVED THE SHOW!!!! Very sad its been cancelled, and yes agreed, definitely better than some of the other trash they call “TV SERIES” on TV.

  33. Roni says:

    I really loved this show! Really hate when networks cancel shows and leave us hanging. Maybe the show’s failure was put planning and research. The show was really good. One of the few new shows I like

  34. Xw says:

    I moved the show and why stop it?

  35. Xw says:

    I loved the show and why stop it

  36. jacz says:

    too scripted…liked the concept needs better writers and actors commited to their role. if main character “couldn’t be happier” no incentive for cast.
    wilson seemed trapped in the role kinda came across as constipated. think its worth a revisit, go back fo th drawing board, focus on th end game.
    tough idea to tackle need commited team of writers & directors. let viewers kbow its not just another dr show!

  37. Mindy says:

    Swear I am.done with CBS, except for Hawaii 5 0. -Hate Two & half men

  38. Cindy Cooke says:

    Loved “A Gifted Man”! So sorry it’s cancelled!

  39. Lynn Wulff says:

    Patrick was terrific & so convincing in that role. CBS makes bad decisions. Just about done w. ALL network TV!

  40. jsmls says:

    My wife and I looked forward to Friday nite TV starting with A Gifted Man. Cast was excellent fit for a show about urban medical and human problems. We were surprised and very disappointed. Please, no more reality shows or supposedly funny sitcoms. CBS is starting to get as bad as ABC and NBC for evening TV.

  41. JB says:

    So very very disappointed this show has been canceled it was so good and different and interesting!!! my husband and I loved loved loved it! So sad!

  42. davidrawker says:

    I was hoping that the show could at least have the opportunity to show that traditional medicine can exist in the world of evidence based medicine even in the eyes of skeptical doctors like Holt. :/

  43. cheeky says:

    i guess it is better than the new dog show “dogs in the city”…

  44. cheeky says:

    loved a gifted man show very very much. i actually miss it too much

  45. Lisa says:

    My mom and I loved A Gifted Man, and we are sad that it was canceled! It was a wonderful show, and the actors were very good! It’s too bad all of the reality shows are thriving, even though they are a waste of time and money! :(
    Lisa from Indy

  46. stephensears says:

    I loved the show. Did not like the dead woman thing, but it was still a great show. Loved the female lead with the great hair.

  47. Donna jones says:

    This was one of the best shows. I couldn’t wait to Friday night gonna miss that handsome man wow!!!!!

  48. IanD says:

    Ouch, not seen this series and as it was about to air here in the UK, thought I’d check out some comments. Seems if it’s been pulled, it’s hardly worth watching.. however the comments on here I find deja vu about what is being aired lately. Reality shows are dragging across the bottom of society now, documentaries are love and hate affairs, and as someone suggested, we seem to have a minority of gay people in the world, becoming far more dominant on the tv recently. How is that… is it supposed to insinuate the minorities need shows..? If so, lets have something for everyone and start pulling some of those other shows mentioned. Moan over… got little but 60 odd days of Olympic tv now anyway..

    • Gale says:

      Couldn’t agree more. I do hope that you take a glance or two and give the show a chance. It was something that I enjoyed most Friday nights.

  49. marie says:

    It’s really sad when netwoks cancel good shows.A Gifted Man had an interesting and entertaining storyline and the actors were amazing.I was looking forward to watching it again.Guess I’m gonna miss it.

  50. andreea says:

    I am from Roumania,I didn’t saw this movie on TV,I watch it online and I am so sorry that was cancelled and I can’t understand why because is a good story,very good actors and a lot of things to learn from it.I will miss it a lot and i hope,maybe,seeing our comments,they will change their minds