Fall TV Preview

It's Official: Two and a Half Men Renewed


CBS’ Two and a Half Men is officially set to return for a 10th season, it was announced on Saturday.

The renewal comes after new deals were made with Warner Bros. TV, which produces the high-rated sitcom, and cast members Ashton Kutcher, Jon Cryer and Angus T. Jones.

In its ninth and first post-Charliegeddon season, Men is averaging 15.0 million viewers (up 13 percent from Season 8) and a 5.2 demo rating (up 27 percent).

Still on the bubble for CBS, the only network with any tough-ish calls ahead of it: CSI: NY, CSI: Miami, A Gifted Man, Unforgettable, Rob and Rules of Engagement. TVLine’s remarkably easy-to-use Renewal Scorecard can of course be found here, reflecting the flurry of moves made in recent days, leading up to the coming week’s formal Upfront presentations.

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  1. Omar says:

    YAAAAAAH!!!!! Mennnnn ;)

  2. greysfan says:

    Urgh! How does this pathetic show keep being renewed.

    • Captain Obvious says:

      By increasing its ratings since Charlie Sheen left. It ain’t rocket science.

    • With all the crap that NBC, ABC & FOX brought back , donn’t want to hear no smack :)

      • smidnite says:

        Yeah, NBC loaded up with WAY too many sitcoms; but I’m done with them now.

        • Jessica says:

          Ha I have little interest in NBC anymore. They use to have great shows like Friends, Will & Grace, and ER. Now it seems like every show is lousy. All their sitcoms feel like the same show just in a different shiny package.

      • greysfan says:

        I’m entitled to my opinion and imo Two and A Half Men is the worst show on TV.

        • jc says:

          It’s been the worst show on television for some time–sophomoric humor, predictable lines, and mind-numbingly awful…

        • Thats because Asston Kutcher replaced Charlie Sheen………this show is soooooo dumb and lame. It is not what so ever funny……LOL LOL…………I am still in shock it got renewed……wow……it is the worst show on TV…….I agree greysfan:)

    • its called entertainment if you hate “two and a half men” so much dont watch it dont get me wrong i didnt like the new change up with kutcher but im kinda looking forward seeing allens kid screw up in the army or actually do something right in his pathetic life. Zoe has been a bitch to allen lately so maybe walden will embaress her since allen and walden has becoem such close friends

  3. Praying HARD for the CSIs and Unforgettable… No one cares about comedies. Or, I don’t.

    • Yeah I hope they don’t cancel Unforgettable! All procedural shows need at least a second season to start gaining a steady viewership!

    • smidnite says:

      It’s been about a decade since I’ve been able to watch any 30 minute sitcom for more than a handful of episodes.
      Vulgarity, unattractive stereotypical characters, each episode devolving into the stars doing their same tired schtick….

  4. sheri says:

    This program stinks with Kutcher, Sheen made the show what it was.

    • Exactly. We stopped watching here. Charlie was Two and a Half Man. It was a show about Charlie Sheen’s life. The show doesn’t exist without him.

      • april-ann says:

        I totally agree.

      • João Gordinho says:

        The show is a little different without charlie sheen but it’s still pretty funny. People need to open their horizons sometimes

      • ScrewCharlie says:

        You’re rather behind, and too much of fanboy, whatever SHeen used to do, he’s now losing hard (point in fact: anger management) he’s on too much drugs to be a good actor these days .. Ashton not onlt fills Sheen’s shoes, he’s also outgrown them (as evident by the higher ratings, which is really substantial)

        Oh and it was NEVER a show about Charlie sheen’s life .. if it was, then the only audience woulda of been coke and methheads.

    • Margaret says:

      I agree Kutcher stinks and has since the first day he joined. Why not bring Charlie back from the grave — mistaken identity or whatever to get him back

    • sugaree says:

      Sheen may be an ass but he did help make the show funny. Kill off Kutcher and keep evelyn,berta alan, and get rose back. And make this a year where alan was in a bad dream.

      • lin333 says:

        I agree-Ashton Kutcher sucks, is not funny, and I only watched 2 episodes before I almost passed out from boredom. Keep everyone, but Kutcher, and hope the producers get their heads out of their asses and produce quality shows. No need to pay that loser Kutcher so much money for a poor job-he can’t act and he can’t treat woman right! what a loser!

    • You are sooooooo right Sheri……..Charlie made this show what it is today……I HATE ASSTON KUTCHER……….he is NOT funny and he is soooo stupid………this show is awful……..

  5. Im tired of Two and half men. I used to love but today….nah.

  6. mile says:

    This is just sad. That show needs euthanasia.

    • smidnite says:

      Remember the fact that these guys are the network’s highest paid stars as you wonder how the N.C.I.S. contract negotiations are faring. Also keep it in mind when you hear the excuse that the C.C.I. shows are getting too expensive to keep.

  7. bad kevin says:

    Hate to wonder if Season 10 of Two and a Half Men may end up being its last and I hope CBS must do the right thing to cancel Rob ’cause the Schneider sitcom is by far the worst I’ve ever seen since BLEEP My Dad Says with William Shatner.

  8. bad kevin says:

    Hope CBS has plans to do another four comedy block lineup, this time on Thursdays going up against NBC’s four comedy block night. That sounds like DUH WINNING

  9. m2 says:

    this show is not the same without Charlie Sheen, he was the show. This season has been horrible, i cannot stand Zooey, Alan has become so stupid and annoying and not even funny. Jake wow he is ever stupider than Alan. hope it improves, but i doubt it.

  10. Heidi says:

    I thought A Gifted Man was already cancelled.. don’t know where I read it, though… mm

  11. Tony says:

    I think the 10th season should be its final, just like Friends.

  12. Jelly says:


  13. a gifted man was cancelled.

  14. Aidan Williams says:

    This is really exciting news i am a really big fan of the shows and the stars.



  16. Kl says:

    I used to love that show so much…like the first 4 to 6 years or something but now I just think it’s enough. I don’t find it funny anymore…and isn’t 9 seasons enough?? its a long time

  17. Who Cares says:


  18. Nihaljani says:

    TheY should back Charlie . It will bring all the lost viewers back and attract new also . Please bring him back

  19. Pete says:

    I can sum this show up in just one word. (SUCKS!!!!!)

  20. Dave says:

    OMG really CBS is keeping Two and a half men, and may not be keeping Rules of engagement. The new Two and a half men absolutely “sucks”. Time to Bring back Charlie Sheen, he was the best character on the show.

  21. SAMMY . says:


  22. I am in T-TOTAL SHOCK that CBS renewed Two an Half Men……..OMG…LOL….Asshton Kutcher is NOT whats so ever funny??? He is stupid!!!!! I cant stand him…..he makes me wanna hurl……I love Charlie Sheen and cant believe this show has made it without him????The show is soo dumb……it use to be funny back when Charlie was on it……..now it is just DUMB!!! We ALL tried watching it when it first came on and we could not even get into it…..it was soooo lame and stupid, we all just looked at each other and shook our heads and thought how stupid and LAME it was and turned the channel and have NOT turned it back since……..CBS is making a huge mistake renewing this show!!!!!!!

  23. Brianna dean says:

    I think the show sucks now too I always watch the seasons when Charlie sheen was on the show. Charlie sheen was funny. I agree the shows that are on NBC suck now. I misss watching ER. ER was and is still one of my favourite shows from NBC

  24. Polly says:

    give me CSI: (random city) instead of this -_-