Fall TV Preview

NBC Renews Whitney For Season 2

Whitney RenewedNBC has renewed freshman sitcom Whitney for a second season, TVLine has confirmed.

Though even TVLine acknowledged that the Whitney Cummings-fronted comedy got off to a rocky start, it eventually gelled into an appealingly quirky neo Friends. (At least Acquaintances.)

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The show joins the already-renewed Parks and Recreation, Up All Night30 RockCommunity, ParenthoodLaw & Order: SVUSmash and Grimm.

TVLine’s 2012 Renewal Scorecard has been updated with the news.

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  1. Davey says:

    This is a bad decision. I hope it dies quickly next fall. Meanwhile a better show with a likable star, Harry’s Law, was cancelled.

  2. Selek says:

    Word is, much like Community, the Whitney pick-up was for 13 episodes only.

  3. jon says:

    Probably the worst show of last season, that didn’t get cancelled.

    • jon says:

      but I’m glad it got renewed for the people that actually have good taste… I’m just jealous that I don’t know how to handle my remote to tune the picture with the sound so I would understand what good tv is all about…

  4. Paige says:

    I’m a bit shocked but pleased. I was hoping we’d get to see if anything might happen between Mark and Roxanne. People really should give the show another chance it really got it’s footing later on.

  5. Spencer says:

    No. Although, I am happy Parks & Rec. has been renewed, instead of getting picked over this crap.

    • Spencer says:

      Well actually I meant although, I am happy Whitney has been renewed, instead of getting picked over this Parks & Rec crap…

  6. Very happy to hear there will be more Whitney!

  7. jennifer says:

    Whitney started out ok but got better as the season went on, Up All Night started out great but was a little disappointing by the end it just was not as funny. I liked Chelsea and got a laugh from it each week. Whitney, Up all Night, and Chelsea were up against ABC wed nights of comedy.

  8. Why do they keep making these dumb moves. It doesn’t matter if Whitney had similar viewership to other shows, it’s a new show and that viewership will be dead by next season. They should have canned this and given their vets shows proper send offs while they built up “Decent” freshman shows. NBC is not going to have anything after next year. Their whole comedy block will be dead, 30 rock, parks and rec, office and community are all seeming to be heading into their final seasons and NBC needs start looking closely because those are the only shows worth watching besides a couple select dramas (Awake, Parenthood.) None of their current freshman shows are going to perform well enough in this next year to warrant a third season. They better hope they picking up some good fresh comedies this year.

    • schmoe says:

      ” it’s a new show and that viewership will be dead by next season. They should have canned this and given their vets shows proper send offs while they built up “Decent” freshman shows”

      As you see it. I see it differently. Office lost their star character last season. 30 Rock will likely lose Alex Baldwin after this season. The ratings on those shows aren’t going anywhere but down. Community has never been a hit show. It has likely reached its max potential Its ratings are as poor as the freshman shows. Community had better support when it was a freshman show than these freshman shows are currently getting. What show wants Community as its lead in knowing that it brings low ratings and snobby fans. The only hope NBC has left is with new shows and freshman (soon to be sophomore) shows.

      • I wouldn’t call us snobby fans. Community has the fanbase other shows will never find, while that doesn’t translate to ratings, those fans still watching it will follow it till it dies. 8 o’clock is very competitive slot. But yes what I’m saying is that they do need to focus on new shows, not Whitney or Up All Night, but the ones they are bringing in this year. They have no new shows that currently have the lasting power of any of the four on their comedy block. Tina’s contract as well as Baldwin’s is up so it is safe to assume this will be their last season. I’m calling it now that it will be the final season for each of those shows, however, I think Parks may be able to pull another half season depending on how well it does.

        • schmoe says:

          “They have no new shows that currently have the lasting power of any of the four on their comedy block.”

          I think you categorizing too widely. Lumping in Community with Office and 30 Rock, and lumping all the new shows together as ‘freshman’ shows.

          I agree that Office and 30 Rock were once good shows, although I seem to recall that 30 Rock was usually tagged as ‘the good show nobody is watching’. (I am recollecting old brain cells, I may have it wrong). If anything, we can categorize these two shows as on-the-decline.

          Community is not in that league. It has never gotten great ratings. It has never been the bedrock show that the network builds its Thursdays around. Its only real asset is its loyal fan base, but since the base is small, that’s not much of an asset. Its lasting power is solely the result NBC generosity. Any show can last three season if the network is willing to put up with low ratings.

          I have not seen enough Parks and Rec to comment.

      • Angela says:

        We’re not all snobby, I promise.

        Seriously, I’ve never seen “Whitney” so I can’t comment on the show itself, but is there any reason people feel the need to come in and start insulting people’s TV tastes? I’m seeing this attitude in many of the renewal threads, people’s intelligence being insulted because they like this show or that and it’s really annoying.

        I too love “Community” and want it to have a full fourth season, but I also know it’s not the fault of the people on “Whitney” or the fanbase for why that is, so people need to quit dumping their annoyance or anger or whatever on them.

  9. Selek says:

    Here’s the thing any show, both new and old might want to consider. TV and movies run in their own special universe called “hyper reality.” But they still should function on some sort of internal logic. Shows like “Whitney” are not even close to being realistic. I know, it’s just a TV series you say, a half-hour of entertainment, but for a show to evolve into the concepts being foisted on us, there has to be a basic reason, the concept has to be seen to work otherwise you run the risk of throwing the audience out of your narrative with “hang on…” questions at your concept’s lack of internal logic. Sadly, this happens to a lot of show I try to watch. It’s sometimes amazing that science fiction shows like Fringe are more real than this show.

  10. Who Cares says:

    Is this a joke?

  11. big fan says:

    The people that didn’t like Whitney obviously never watched it OR are the same douchebags that like glee. This show is fresh, hilarious, and edgy. NBC…. Thank you for having the balls to renew a good show!

  12. samantha says:

    you have GOT to be kidding me.

  13. davidsask says:

    The show did get better as went along, i would not give it a full season pick up though, its also cool they made a character gay who is also of color so hopefully that gets explored more!

  14. John Moshier says:

    when it first came on it was a real train wreck but as the weeks went by charecters developed and became a real good show

  15. Winston5 says:

    NNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!! Seriously, wtf?!??

  16. Pat Mctaet says:

    So glad it’s renewed. Such a funny show. The characters are like real people. Give it a chance watch it

  17. ald says:

    Worst. Show. Ever.

  18. Scotty says:

    Whitney & 30 Rock are the only two sit coms worth watching. Very glad Whitney renewed. Razor sharp writing and performances! For something this sharp you have to go back to “He & She” (CBS, c. 1970).

  19. Keri says:

    I loved Whitney! I’m so glad it’s back! If you don’t like it, don’t watch it. :)

  20. Nick says:

    i like this show, so funny. THANKS FOR KEEPING IT!!

  21. Fish says:

    oh…am I not so surprised. who doesn’t love whitney?

  22. brittany says:

    I watched the first episode On Demand and fell in love with this show. I ended up being glued to my tv all day and watched the whole season in one day! Super stoked for season 2!!!

  23. Tannner says:

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE whitney!!!!! It is so clever and funny!!! I am thrilled for season 2!!!!!!

  24. Tony says:

    I am excited they are bringing it back I have to admit I was waiting for this show for over a year before it started as a huge Whitney Fan and love it. It is by far my fav show on NBC. My only hope is that even as great as it is the second season allows a little mre of her famous venom in the episodes and does not try to sweeten up too much. But I am soooooo happy its renewed I hope it lasts for 10 plus seasons!!!!!!!

  25. Ed says:

    We absolutely love this show. For us, it’s a lot of laugh out loud.
    When we watch reruns we’ve already seen, we crack up all over again.
    I only hope NBC gives it a great time slot so more people can discover it’s
    goofy brilliance. If so, it could be around for years. The whole cast is wonderful.

  26. mary says:

    am so glad to hear it’s been renewed. I think it’s a funny show…and I love Alex

  27. I CANT WAIT FOR SEASON 2!!! whitney and alex remind me so much of me and my girlfriend, i just find it weird that we started dating on the same day the show premiered, 22/07/2011 (UK date format). i have watched every episode and i cant wait to see more!!! :)

  28. Abbie says:

    I love Whitney! Me and my fiancee have been waiting forever for the news as to whether or not it’s gonna get a 2nd season. Whitney is freaking hilarious! And to those that say Whitney sucks or whatever, find something else to watch. There plenty of other channels to watch.

  29. Mars says:

    People are always going to talk about one show or another,hey I met people who hate Friends,Seindfeld,Breaking Bad,The Spranos,Dexter and so forth.If people don’t like Whitney change the channel watch your shows.I think its great Whitney is coming back yes it got off to a rocky start but it got better and I will be there with bells on.

  30. Jenny says:

    THis show makes me laugh so hard!

  31. sara says:


  32. Jill says:

    love this show

  33. Samantha says:

    I am glad it’s still on! It was a rough start but then got extremely funny! I would be sad if this show didn’t last. I have never laughed so hard as I did in the last 2, 3 episodes! WAY TO GO!! TEAM WHITNEY!

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