New Girl Exclusive: Get a First Look at Season 2!

Although New Girl‘s second season is still (at least) a summer away, Fox is already giving us an exclusive first look at Zooey Deschanel and Co. hamming it up in some super-cute Season 2 key art. In response, TVLine is reading between the pixels with the obsessiveness of a CSI crew!

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So, how can we break down (aka read way too much into) the shot below? Jess and Nick’s body language clearly indicates that they’re digging each other (right?), while Cece’s seems to be saying that she’s still irked with Schmidt for White Fanging her, but she’s considering giving him another chance. And Winston? He’s still just loving life.

What do you think? How did we do? Hit the comments with your thoughts and theories on the new New Girl photo!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Danny says:

    Cece and pretty boy should get back together and actually have a baby, that would be the best episode.

  2. joegigolo69 says:

    YUP, loved reading the comments…. i agree to the thought that it’s way too early for nick and jess to get with each other in the second season…. this actually is their “HOOK”, and their selling it well too…. uuumm, winston is kinda boring at first but you’ll soon come to realize that that’s his character. for me, he was hilarious in the last episode. he’s just slowly building his character. Schmidt and ceecee was just PER-FECT!!! i’ll definitely be tunin’ in when the second season comes about!!! can’t wait…. LOVED HOW THEY ENDED SEASON 1. hope they can keep this show goin’…

  3. atid says:

    I love it when the group would let Schmidt put money on the douchebag jar!

  4. Yadira says:

    I Love New Girl and im So Glad to Know theres a second season . Since Fox is Great At Cancelling Shows I Thought That was The End Of New Girl. Anywaay I hope Jess And Nick Get together . So Exited For Next Season . Fox Please Keep this Show . ! Dont ruin it and Cancell it Like you Happen to Do woth other shows .

  5. tiffant says:

    i think nick and jess neads to get together they should feel oakward around each other then get together at the end of season 2 then continues with a season 4 then 5,6 ect <3

  6. random person says:

    waiting all season for nic and jess to hook up its obvious jess is clearly in love with him. the question really is does nic feel the same way?

  7. Jennifer says:

    I just want Nick and Jess together <3

  8. mcarolined says:

    i like winston more, but what ever happened to coach?

  9. Candy says:

    I really think that Jess and Nick are gonna end up together! They’re perfect for each other! While Cece is still mad that Shmit for not trusting her. Cece has the right to be mad and I think that Shmit should not have let Cece go.

  10. adri says:

    lol..winston’s head looks so big in that picture..reminds me of the george lopez show, whenever they portray him as a child..lol. love the show, nick and jess will be together!

  11. Tais Lima says:

    Come on! I’m the only one that likes Cece & Schmidt better than Jess & Nick?! I’ve waited the whole season to Cece & Schmidt stay together, and when they finally did, they break up! I’m really hoping that they get together in season 2. Are you listening, writers?!

    • Emani says:

      haha I feel the same way about both pairs of “unnoticed” lovers, i mean when they finally got together… BAM theyre over, i was like, seriously? DARN YOU WRITERS!! but i like that they did that because it added to what could happen in future episodes!

  12. Emani says:

    Nick and Jess have their feet pointed at each other (if you remember that from ep. 5 cece made jess go crazy over the feet situation… find it on hulu.com) they are TOTALLY gonna, and have to, get together! I mean, THEIR FEET SAY SO!

  13. nllt says:

    Loooove Schmidt’s cardi’s ;)

  14. Nicky says:

    the way i see it is that the writers need to prolong the love connection between Jess and Nick and make a more intense sexual and awkward environment around them to a point where they’re tip-toeing around each other without realizing it but they shouldn’t wait to long for the love connection or lot of fans may become impatient and the writers will feel the urge write a story line where the relationship is to forced and end up ruining the show

  15. Kass says:

    The pattern of every show is the same. Weather it be drama or comedy. The love connection between characters is noticed in the pilot of the show. The first season will be all about their chemistry. It will look so obvious to everyone that they have a connection but the 2 people involved will be clueless. In the second season there will be more cluelessness but the friends of the individual’s will start to make comments to them. By the end of the 2nd season 1 of them will realize their true feelings but be too stupid to tell the other one. The 3rd season the other will finally realize their true feelings but as well be too afraid to share them. They will pine for each other and usually in the middle or end of the 4th season they will finally get together. They will be together till the end of season 5 or even 6 and then they will break up. To add more interest to the show. Then they will get back together to end the series. It’s predictable writting but it’s what keeps us romantics coming back for more.

  16. italiangirl94 says:

    oh i love this tv serie so much!!!! i can’t wait for the season 2!!! i really hope that Jess and Nick will stay together because they’re so cute together!!!

  17. jess says:

    The creators of the show are clearly building a relationship between jess and nick but show they are so clear on being friends they don’t even consider eachother being anything else like right at the start with ceecee pointing out nicks feet pointing then they slowly show it throughout he series nick being so critical of the smiley crier teacher and more and more like the night she comes back cos there is no “passion” between her and fancy man that nothing drives them crazy like with his ex-wife then she returns home and nick has Caroline over and they have that big “i hate this and this about you omg you drive me crazy” and a big fiery thing in a corridor but they never show it as them acknowledging any feelings I think they’ll keep doing that throughout the next series producers will keep making more scenarios where there is fire till something possibly jealousy? (usually is) will make them no longer be able to ignore its passssssion can’t wait makes me giggle so much episode naked (her laugh scream) the landlord (the dancing/threesome scene) and backslide (emotional intamicy turning Schmidt on along with everything else and how they make nick watch the video), I can’t even name all my favourites. lol bring on season 2!

  18. ratkoola005 says:

    Jess and Nick have to be together!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    And by the way the second season starts in 25th September. …….or 24th…. or something like that. :)

  19. Dorian says:

    I Liked the first season of New Girl… and I will love this season as well!:) cant wait!!!!!:)

  20. Jala says:

    Who plays Alan in (S2-E2) new girl?