New Girl Exclusive: Get a First Look at Season 2!

Although New Girl‘s second season is still (at least) a summer away, Fox is already giving us an exclusive first look at Zooey Deschanel and Co. hamming it up in some super-cute Season 2 key art. In response, TVLine is reading between the pixels with the obsessiveness of a CSI crew!

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So, how can we break down (aka read way too much into) the shot below? Jess and Nick’s body language clearly indicates that they’re digging each other (right?), while Cece’s seems to be saying that she’s still irked with Schmidt for White Fanging her, but she’s considering giving him another chance. And Winston? He’s still just loving life.

What do you think? How did we do? Hit the comments with your thoughts and theories on the new New Girl photo!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Deena says:

    Love it! Love that they made CeCe and regular :)))

    • Alan says:

      CeCe was always a main cast member she just doesnt appear in every episode, usually because she doesnt live with them making it difficult to incorporate her into stories

      • “[CeCe] doesnt live with them making it difficult to incorporate her into stories”… what? In the 3 million TV shows that have ever aired, there have been plenty of characters who don’t live together on the same show. That comment doesn’t even make sense for a nanosecond.

        • Tawnie says:

          Actually the original comment does make sense since the premise of the show is about four people who live together so to incorporate another person into their day to day lives that happen primarily in the same apartment is tricky. Most other shows aren’t about one apartment.

        • Jasper says:

          She has ALWAYS been credited as a main character, but the earlier episodes didn’t always feature her. And it does make sense. Frasier had the same problem with the Roz character because she wasn’t part of the family. If you’re a Glee fan, then think of Terri. She wasn’t at the school, so there was no organic way to keep her around.

        • Kevin says:

          Is there a more ridiculous thing to argue about?

    • joselyne mungarro says:

      I can’t wait for season 2! I love this show and I really hope Jess&Nick get together now, since I feel like they are not really paying much atention to really making them a couple, or maybe they’re just leaving it for other seasons..

      • izzybelle says:

        next season the writer said the 2 characters will have to acknowledge the chemistry they have because their living together so its impossible not to. she also said that doesn’t mean it will end the way the fans want it to! but they will in season to acknowledge their feelings for each other i just really hope they get together instead of drifting apart!!!

    • joe burberry says:

      i think its weird jess and cece both have bangs…. its kinda annoying

  2. Amy Scofield says:

    Ahh Winston’s pink pants. Love it.

  3. Kathleen says:

    Winston – Love the pink jeans and the beautiful smile!!! I think it’s about time for Nick and Jess – so cute together – personalities blend well – who could think of giving up the Schmidt??!

    • Emani says:

      (nick and jess part) EXACTLY!! i mean it took long enough! i just hope they get together and stay together and not end in heartbreak!

  4. Jess/Schmidt could happen. Which triggers Nick AND Cece to be jealous.

    • Deena says:

      Jess/schmidt will never happen cos it would hurt too many people and this is no soap opera.
      CeCe obviously loves Schmidt.
      Nick/Jess will happen some day but I hope not too soon. I like how they played it so far.
      Really one of my faves shows atm.

      • Amy says:

        Nick and Jess all the way. I wouldn’t watch a soap opera type of a triangle/square thing!

      • mine says:

        I agree! I like them to be together, but not at the second season, nor third or fourth. Maybe 5th seasons. I think Jess and Nick getting together so soon in the second season, will ruined the show. It’ll feel rushed… I like how they’re doing the now. Keep it up! I love the humors in this show.. and I wouldn’t want them to be changing anything too quick. This is BY FAR my favorite show .

        For some odd reason The New Girl reminds me a lot of FRIENDS, they all have this chemistry that works together. I love this cast and all the odd personality. THANKS! For bringing back those feelings and shows!

        • beckylr says:

          i totally agree with this! i absolutely love this show and i think its because it reminds me so much of friends, all the character are just so good together! keep up the good work, this show rocks my world!

        • I know! Jess is like a more bubbly, chirpy version of Phoebe! Nick reminds me of Chandler with all the negativity and sarcastic comments. It’s about time some good shows followed up the legend of a series that FRIENDS was.

          • izzybelle says:

            people ALWAYS compare good shows to friends and friends was amazing!!! but to compare those characters isn’t right because jess and phoebe are sooooo different and nick has lots of different sides…. and just nooooo don’t compare them they are in n way the same!!! (sorry) :)

    • izzybelle says:

      ha ha ha love that to happen and jess has considered it (valentines day). sorry but this year the writers have confirmed jess and nick WILL acknowledge their connection!

    • laura says:

      WHAT?!?!? no way will it happen Schmidt had to put $50 in the dochebag jar for even trying to kiss jess. If it was going to happen in the show then would have been the time. It’s like in friends where Joey and Rachel date, it never worked out because of ross. Nick is jess’ lobster.

  5. TV Gord says:

    You’re better at reading things into the picture than I am. I just see what’s supposed to be a bunch of friends in a candid shot. It makes me happy, though. The last scene of this week’s season finale (with the roomies dancing individually to AC/DC’s You Shook Me All Night Long) was a great TV moment.

  6. What irks me about that image is how obviously photoshopped it is. They look like they were all shot separately and copy-and-pasted onto a background. They don’t even look like they’re touching the ground! And Zooey’s head and body don’t even look like they’re from the same original image (not to mention the Angelina tendencies of her right leg…). Note to Fox: they are all really attractive people to begin with! You do not need to edit the living daylights out of them!

  7. I love this show and all of the characters, but I really hope the integrate Winston into the group more, instead of giving him all of the weird side stories.

  8. marinysha says:

    cece & schmidt ♥

  9. samantha says:

    I love this show but I really can’t seem to care about Winston… I’m afraid he’s the “Nate” (Gossip Girl) of NG… it’s like he’s a permanent cast member but the show runners have a hard time finding him interesting story lines, I mean that thing with his new boss was just so boring and so is his relationship with Chelsea (that’s her name right?) they should definitely try to integrate him more with the group or at least get him story lines that don’t make people wish they weren’t watching live so they could fast forward.

  10. John says:

    Does no one else see what Schmidt is doing in this pic?

  11. Allysa Johnson says:

    Nick & Jess <3

  12. Wendy says:

    This show really grew on me, and the finale was terrific. And I actually thought Winston brought the funny big time with his rant. Liz Meriwether also explained that Winston was not fleshed out because a lot of scripts were already written for Coach and had to be reworked. She is hoping to flesh him out better in the new season. Oh, and both CeCe/Schmidt and Nick/Jess have awesome chemistry, but I hope the show lets it burn – at least for Nick/Jess – for a while!

  13. Siobhan says:

    nick and jess have to get together

  14. Kay says:

    Nice! This has quickly become my favourite show. Already excited for season 2.

  15. alala says:

    cece and schmidt <3 jess and nick obviously <3

  16. Valory says:

    I think that they all blend together well. I have laughed at every episode but it seems like the last couple of season 1 were way funnier. I love Nick’s attitude, and Jess’s personality (I just love Zooey tho) :). I hope that the wondering of what is going to happen between them keeps going instead of just coming out with it. This is a wonderful show! I make sure that I have Tuesday nights off.

  17. Nelli says:

    I love itt!!!!!! Can’t wait for it to start again!

  18. Alice says:

    So love Winstons style he so darn handsome..

  19. deenna says:

    idk – just love the show- BRING IT ON.

  20. Joana says:

    I want see Jess and Nick together like girfriend and boyfriend… They have something!!!

  21. Rich Morton says:

    Cece looks a little irritated with Jess…Could that be possible? Is it possible Jess takes control of the loft? Can’t wait for the storyline to develop…Thanks Liz! Let’s try not to emasculate Nick too much though, ok? I mean changing his mind the way he did with Caroline just wasn’t ….right…

  22. Crystal says:

    I need to see Jess and nick together! In real life and the show! They are freaking adorable! <333

  23. ambrwaves says:

    Jess and Cece’s bangs are the same in this picture. Too twinners for me. But I adore this show.

  24. colland says:

    I feel like Nick and Jess somewhat mimic certain behaviors that “Ross” and “Rachel” from “F.R.I.E.N.D.S” I feel that at the end of the series they will be together but on and off through out the entire scheme of things. Where Schmidt and Cece are more like “Monica” and “Chandler” and will be together because it is comfortable and just fits.

    • rumblerooooar says:

      I don’t see that at all! At least not with Cece and Schmidt, their personalities are just so different from Monica and Chandler. And Nick and Jess… Well, we’ll see about that, I guess that could become sort of a Ross-and-Rachel-relationship (with the fights and the breakups and the reconciliations :D). If so, we at least know that it will never get boring!! I love this show!

    • Cort says:

      I’ve actually had the same thought when it comes to Cece/Schmidt or even Schmidt being a combo of Monica/Chandler. The douchy awesome, jokester and OCD genius in the kitchen. Like Monica/Chandler had a kid and it grew up to be Schmidt. I totally see it lol.

  25. danni says:

    the season finale made me want nick and jess to get together fast!! they are so cute together!

  26. Katie Nickoley says:

    Do you guys think that Cece will go strait back to Schmidt again? Perhaps they will have an arch in season two using that drama.. what do you all think? Also, does anyone know the name of that model that played Gino?

  27. Cristiana says:

    Sorry to say this, but to me Winston seems to be useless..

  28. Katie Nickoley says:

    Seriously though, I’ve been trying to find out the name of the actor that plays “Gino”.. anyone know anything?

    ALSO YES on Nick and Jess!

  29. Christina says:

    I love Winston!! I think he’s hysterical!!!!!

  30. Kass says:

    They’re gonna make us wait for a while for a Nick/Jess union! It’s gonna be awesome! I love all the characters individually – they’re all just as important as the other. One of my FAV’s. :D Can’t wait for season 2!

  31. I am really really hoping that Nick and Jess Get together in the next season because that would be EPIC and too adorable for words! … I felt the tension..I hope I am not the only fan that agrees? I did not miss a show! faithfully addicted…. can’t wait for the next season….

  32. Jennifer says:

    i can’t wait for next season!! this show is soo funny, and i am hoping that nick and jess finally get together!!

  33. Amy says:

    Nick and Jess look absolutely adorable together in the pic! I’m a hug fan of this pairing!

  34. dayanara says:

    I have seen every episode of New Girl and do not recall a Gino…there was a Gina…What did he do on the show?

  35. Jill says:

    I love Jess and Nick and sooooo want them to get together but I think they’ll wait a while before that happens. They gotta build us up a bit and they’ve already laid the ground work for a possible relationship between nick and Jess (obviously) so fingers crossed…. Anyone remember Ross and Rachel????

  36. TheLonelyPlace says:

    Love the picture! Nick is getting fitter now I see.

  37. hw216 says:

    The feet! It’s all in the feet!

  38. Chermiah says:

    This show mskes me laugh out load…over and over!

  39. Danielle says:

    I want to see some JESS&Nick action!!! AND I APSOLULTY LOVE SHMIT and CEE

  40. katie says:

    Ya Schmidt and Cece are GREAT! But honestly, if a guy sleeps with your best friend and THEN breaks up with YOU! Your pretty much letting go of all self respect to go right back to him… SO since I LOVE Cece, I really hope the writers make a story line out of this drama..

  41. Jewlz says:

    Just watched the entire first season in 2 days. Really cute and funny. I’d love to see Jess and Nick get together. And Cece and Schmidt are a great couple because they are sooo different.

  42. camille says:

    i soooo love nick and jess but season 2 is not the right season to bring them together as boyfriend/girlfriend.. its too early for that,, and i like the way they take it slow to bring those two together, its kinda thrilling and makes me watch the upcoming episodes,, its exciting!!! <3

  43. My questions is: Is NEW GIRL the new FRIENDS? Discuss.

  44. Maria Dolores R. Reynaldo says:

    I love jess and nick…so cute and hoping for the season 2 will give them a chance to be Together! :D

  45. Gabis says:

    I think that Jess and Nick should to stay together but don’t the first it 2 seasons in the last almost in the 3 seasons!

  46. Emma says:

    Hey, does anyone know the exact date the new season starts? Please comment, this show is too good :D

  47. Tika says:

    I’m so excited, I was so sad when the first season ended. I’m like, this is the best sitcom I have seen in a really long time. It’s so refreshing, Jess was made for Zooey. I could possibly see the Nick/Jess relationship, but not yet!! The show just started and I hate when they group of the main characters with each other so soon. They need to develop more!!! Winston is really hilarious and I love his character…those pink pants are really cute, I totally want a pair. Does anyone know where I can find them?

    Schmidt and Cece. I LOVE them together, especially Schmidt he is really incredibly funny and cute and I just love it.

    I can’t wait, I need an exact date and time, I’m totally gonna hooked to the second season just like I was for the first.

  48. emma says:

    WHEN will go out season 2?????
    New girl is really grat show!!!!!

  49. Rosanna says:

    cece is annoyed that she is falling for shmit because jess seems closer to shmit than she is (in the pic), and therefore could damage jess and shmits crazy friendship. also the connection between nick and jess conveys an obvious want for each other however i feel there closeness and good friendship will deny a proper relationship…well one that nick can enjoy!!!

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