Fall TV Preview

The CW Cancels Ringer and Secret Circle, Renews Hart of Dixie For Season 2

Hart of Dixie RenewedThe CW has renewed rookie charmer Hart of Dixie while canceling The Secret Circle and Ringer.

Dixie joins fellow returning CW series Gossip Girl, Nikita, Supernatural, The Vampire Diaries and 90210.

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  1. shelbie says:

    Sooo disapointing!! I was looking forward to seeing what was going to happen next on ringer!! It wasnt like all the other shows it had so many twists!! I LOVED IT! I was so mad when they cancelled life unexpected but at least the final episode wasnt a cliff hanger! I have also been watching hart of dixie and blah blah blah after every episode I say to my husband we should just stop watching its not a good show!! RINGER we looked forward to every week. So upsetting I wish they would reconsider or at least give us a few episodes to close things up!! Ugh annoying!! Its like Melrose place all over again!

  2. Shivaari says:

    WTF? HOW DARE THEY CANCEL THE SECRET CIRCLE! It was like Harry Potter reinvented only more realistic, another Charmed maybe. Damn I’m so shocked I found out from my friend and just had to look it up. This was honestly the next best fantasy/drama show after the absolutely amazing “Vampire Diaries.” I’m actually surprised at the fact that Vampire Diaries and Secret Circle series had the same authors, but yet Secret Circle got canceled. Wow, best magic/witch show out there and they choose friggin gay Hart of Dixie over that. I wish another network would pick it up, or maybe I should’ve tuned in more in on the TV, rather than watching online. And Supernatural is like running on its gillionth season, geez….They’re gonna regret this for sure.

  3. Caitlyn says:

    Word of advice: If you’re going to cancel a show don’t leave a freakin’ cliff hanger ending. End the finale with a good freaking ending that doesn’t go into anther season. DUH!! I really liked secret cirlce and ringer, but sometimes it was hard to watch because of the other stupid tv shows you got on CW. I think these should be the shows to have another season. Vampire Diaries, Nikita, Gossip Girl, 90210, Ringer, Secret Circle, America’s Next Top Model, and bring back shows that were F’in great in the past. Like Life unexpected, Priviledged, and/or Hell Cats. Screw all the other new shows because I read what they were about and they don’t sound very good, Carries Diaries sound okay, but the others are sound so boring. Even when I watched the trialer I was like “They cancelled my favorites shows for this messed up show!? Come on.” This really peeves me off.

  4. dave whataguy says:

    CANNOT believe they cancelled Ringer. I’m done with CW! Ridiculous.

  5. Carrie says:

    I cannot believe they cancelled the ringer. I wasn’t able to watch it when it first came out but I caught up on it online. Why is it that the first show that had some depth & unpredictability is cancelled. It wasn’t too complex if you actually bothered to pay attention. I am so sick of overdone plots, all the shows seem the same & I can’t stand all the reality talent/ dancing shows. CW needs to look at the ratings & views from everywhere & not just the first time it airs cause not everyone can watch it then.
    CW you’ve made a lot of unhappy Ringer fans.

  6. Nikki says:

    OMG!!! I can’t believe that the CW cancelled The secret Circle but is renewing Hart of Dixie!!!! The secret Circle was by far one of my fav CW shows and they cancel it when it was just getting so good!!! Wtf!!!

  7. Brian says:

    What can we do to get both Ringer and The Secret Circle back!

  8. Janita says:

    WHAT they cant just cancel the secret circle like that if there wasint go

  9. Janita says:

    WHAT they cant just cancel the secret circle like that if they wernt going to make a sason two they should have ended it differently very dissapointed ! I loved that show !

  10. Lexie says:

    Im just soooooo glad hart of dixie is still on! really starting to love that show!

  11. sam says:

    yea!!! hart of dixie one of my and my fiance’s favorite shows :)

  12. michele says:

    OMG! Why isn’t the secret circle coming back on!!!!!!!!!! I was looking forward to the new season! I never watch the cw that much till secret circle came on! I thought that show had a good fan base.i’m shocked it was canceled! It needs to come back!! Thank u for keeping hart of Dixie, if not then I wouldn’t be watching the cw at all! those two are my favorite show on there besides top model but that’s more “reality”than drama. seriously secret circle needs to be brought back!!!!!! Pleaaassseee!!!! I know I sound pathetic but I really looked forward to watching it!

  13. alex says:

    I’m do mad there not gunna air the secret circle anymore that and the vampire diaries were my shows ):

  14. alex says:

    I’m do mad there not gunna air the secret circle anymore that and the vampire diaries were my shows ): please bring it back cw!

  15. Peter Mazz says:

    And another good show that The CW cancelled. Another show that the cursed Thursday 9/8 slot taked away

  16. Lorena says:

    Gossip girl, supernatural and breaking pointe are stupid only reason I watch y’all network cause of ringer and secret circle now is not on anymore y’all just lost a lot of fan very sad we like drama from all the shows ringer & secret circle are the better than the other shows feel like is real life

  17. Alexis says:

    This makes absolutely no sense, at all. I understand The Ringer being canceled, but I never saw it coming for Secret Circle. I, along with lots of other people have no interest whatsoever for The Hart Of Dixie, or Nitka, etc. Nor heard of them! The secret circle was a great show, & due to this future known mistake, CW will lose viewers. I can see it already. I have nothing further to say about this ridiculous decisian. -_-

  18. katerina says:

    I cant believe Gossip Girl got renewed again! All they do was to pass guys from a girl to another girl. Grrrr. It is so devastating i wont able to watch TSC anymore. this doesnt make any sense!

  19. linda says:

    im really going to miss the Ringer it rocked and her acting was top notch for playing 2 sisters im sorry CW u dropped an awesome show that needed more promoting and if u watched every week ud been able to follow it pretty well it was addicting i love revenge also glad ppl had sense enough to save that one .. im from canada so most shows from usa i have to watch on line this one ill miss a lot oh well im getting bored of cop shows and stories that over lap like CSI and Law and order ..like the fresh new shows needed time to grow instead of axing

  20. lord herry says:

    am so piss off of cancelling secret circle becuse it;s ma favour series ever HERE in Tanzania secret circle it;s everybody favour and best series,East Africa , Dar es salaam Tanzania

  21. sknapp says:

    This is absolutly rediculous. I love both these shows. Wtf they keep a stupid show named heart of dixie but cancle ringer and secret circle. SHAME ON U CW!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. Jamie says:

    wtf cw!, another show, that I get into and you go, cancel it again….OMG! Can you all get dang fingers out of your dang hears, get with the program! Ringer was awesome…really enjoyed that show, it had me on the edge of my seat. This is so disappointing to hear. I’m not happy with you CW!

  23. mahsa says:

    i realy love this show i cant believe you did it.what will happen to the series?what should we do ? its an amazing show and tou guys just canceled it.its much better than vampire diaries i mean it much better.plllllllllllzzzzZz do sth about it im addicted to this show.RUN IT AGAIN PLLLLLLLLZZZZZZZZ

  24. sara says:

    SHAME ON U CW!!!! you totaly lose a lot of your fans cause of canceling such amazing show.hoe could you do that ???you keep the stupid show HEART OF DIXIE but cancel tsc????you realy need to bring it back.canceling TSC and ringer is the must stupid thinge EVER AND YOU DID IT.I FEEL SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO SORRY 2 U.

  25. samin says:

    i realy dont get it whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy did u cancel the secret circle and keep heart of dixie? LOOK YOU CANT RUN A SHOW AND CANCLE IT AFTER A WHILE !!!! :( WHEN U RUN A SHOW U SHOULD SHOW IT UNTILL IT ENDS NOT BEEN SUCH BITCH AND CANCLE OT AFTER WE GOT INTO IT .U TOTALY LOST UR FANS SHAME ON UUUUU!!!!!

  26. sara says:


  27. helia blackwell says:

    the secret circle was amazing i can’t think of it to be canceled ….
    i loved it it’s to unfair ….

  28. crystal says:

    OMG i am so devastated that secret circle got cancelled :( I WILL NEVER WATCH CW AGAIN :P

  29. Linda says:

    Wow – very surprised Ringer isn’t coming back on this fall…what a shame! I LOVE THAT SHOW – looked forward to it every week! What a disappointment…

  30. Miya Thompson says:

    I agree with just about everyone on here The CW NETWORK has got to be one of the Dummbest Networkers ever really why would you cancle not 1 but 2 of your best shows REALLY Come on get with it people over there running that place you have to be just STUIPPPPPPPPPPPED

  31. Adele says:

    MAD MAD MAD about Ringer!!!!! Such a good, addicting show. CW BAD BAD BAD for not renewing!

  32. Nicole Kucharski says:

    Ugh. You just got rid of one of my favorite Thursday night activities, not to mention my cherished “me time”. The entire secret circle cast had chemistry and the plot line was addicting.

    Just. Not. Fair.

    • Pennrandy says:

      I agree. It seems the CW practices reverse Darwinism – elimination of the fittest instead of survival. Any time a show gets good on CW, it is cancelled. I love any excuse to look at Rachel Bilson and am glad I have another season to do so, but I have to admit that of the three shows, I thought Hart of Dixie was the weakest and through reverse Darwinism, it is the one that stays. Bizarre.

  33. mrbill1 says:

    The CW is for loser shows and loser viewers. These are shows that weren’t picked up by the powerhouses, with good reason.

  34. Kate says:

    Hart of Dixie? Really? Although not heartbroken over Secret Circle (I would only watch it once in a while), I absolutely think it was a good show. Loved Ringer. Oh, but the terrible acting with let’s make fun of Bama gets renewed? I don’t get it.

  35. Жаль, что Ringer закрыли, конец был не вполне понятным :/
    Но хорошо что продлили Hart of Dixie

  36. nikkii says:

    I am really upset set that cw canceled Ringer. My family loved watching the show. It was the best show cw had. Please reconsider and bring Ringer back.

  37. Karissa says:

    I do not understand the reasoning of cancelling these great shows. One of my favorite shows last season was TSC and really looked forward to seeing season 2. What seems to be going on with these networks? Do they only believe watchers want to see mostly reality shows? It seems that anything that is entertaining and has a great storyline gets tossed. This is not the first time I have been thoroghly discusted by what CW has cancelled and then left for us to watch. I am about done with watching CW. They need to make better management decisions.

  38. arefeh says:

    hey there. if there is a curse on blake and conant to be together there must be bitween diana and adam too. and since they have been together already and nothing bad had happened they mustve known john tricked them with the elixir and all. seems like they are smart enough to know it !!!! I like this tv show but not as much as the vampire diaries. thanks.

  39. Amy says:

    Sooooo mad ab ringer being canceled!! It was one of my favorite shows!!! Gossip girl is the ultimate dumb show it keeps getting new seasons they sld cancel that junk! Secret circle wasn’t interesting to me so not surprised it got canceled! But ringer!!! No way!!! It was soo good and I was so looking forward to the next season! WHY DOES THE CW CANCLE ALL THE GOOD SHOES????? I’ve gotten to where I don’t watch anything on the CW any more except 90210!!

  40. evelina says:

    i’m from Sweden and i like to watch the secret circle and it’s ashame that ir’s not gonna be anouther season….After the last episode of season 1, was i exited about season 2.. but no it never came..and it never will :(

  41. Joanne says:

    I was waiting, waiting, waiting…hoping CW would change their mind about Ringer…doesn’t
    look like it’s gonna happen. What a Great show! I agree with alot of others here…CW doesn’t know what they’re doing when they cancel great shows like this, and keep others that are so inocuous…And, as previously questioned…how do they know what I’m watching unless they’re “secretly” watching me watch (I always DVR)…Big brother at work?

    Guess I’ll be looking for a new “favorite” channel…

  42. Nour says:

    when things start to get more mouth dropping they cancelled Ringer !! WHY !

  43. lilly says:


  44. Bell says:

    I miss ringer so much, they shouldn’t drop off in the middle of the series!!

  45. Erin says:

    Ringer and Secret Circle were my two FAVORITE shows! We should all demand they come back like they did with Cougar Town! Grrrr they both ended in cliff hangers! WTH!

  46. Cassandra says:

    I’m just going to quit watching cw!!! everytime I get into a show then cancel it its such a piss off!

  47. Julie Robtoy says:

    I, like so many others, despise “Reality TV”, get real, it isn’t anyone’s reality. It’s all so fake, and a waste of air time…and my time. There are enough singing, and dancing shows on the air as well. Enough already !!! I was so happy to find a few shows on the CW to watch that were exciting, and then some nitwit, with his head up his ass, cancelled them. I so enjoyed Ringer, and TSC! I was looking forward to watching it this season, but alas, that won’t be happening. It was asinine to cancel these wonderful shows. I do tune in for Hart of Dixie, but it is a tad cutesy, and some what predictable. Why oh why, did you screw with perfection? Haven’t you ever heard, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”? The only thing I can say to the CW programming Execs is, GET YOU HEADS OUT OF YOUR ASSES, AND FIX THE MESS THAT YOU HAVE MADE! Why make enemies, when what you need is friends?


  48. Anita says:

    I am so so so dissapointed in the secret circle being cancelled how could they I absolutely loved this show had me hooked from the very first episode I was for sure there would be more seasons I’ve beed anxiously waiting how could they end a serious after such a good season finale now ill never know what happens. Why start a new series and get people invested in the story and characters just to cancel it on them. Bring it back please. This has been one of my all time favorite shows evenafter just one season.

  49. molly317 says:

    I have just heard the news about the Ringer being cancelled. I am devestated. I was really hooked on that show and have been waiting with giddy anticipation for it to return. What to do?

  50. Teri says:

    I am so upset with all of these networks cancelling shows with NO FINALE !!!! They leave you with a clifhanger and then DROP THEM !!!! WILL TOTALLY MISS RINGER !!!!!!