Fall TV Preview

The CW Cancels Ringer and Secret Circle, Renews Hart of Dixie For Season 2

Hart of Dixie RenewedThe CW has renewed rookie charmer Hart of Dixie while canceling The Secret Circle and Ringer.

Dixie joins fellow returning CW series Gossip Girl, Nikita, Supernatural, The Vampire Diaries and 90210.

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  1. nyuy says:

    Honestly i’m more upset about the Ringer being cancelled. The time slot was really bad especially as all this shows DWTS on abc, Glee on fox are going on. It showed promise and i loved the story line. Why didnt they atleast move it to another time slot or a different channel. CW sucks man! The secret circle was alright but i can live without it. The time slot was perfect as it came after vampire diaries which a lot of people watch. If they still couldnt bring up the rating given their good time slot then it was time to ax the show. or better yet wait for the season of vampire diaries to be over before coming on the air.

  2. Phillip says:

    Secret cancel one of the few shows I watched. Sad it is cancelled. It is the most disappointing cancellation this season. I have gotten sick of cancelled shows with cliffhangers.

    • pennrandy says:

      Agrred. I suspect shows believe that if they leave a solid cliffhanger, then the network will be less likely to cancel. The networks obviously don’t agree.

  3. Sharinie says:

    I cannot believe they cancelled TSC. It was all I used to watch out of all of the programmes. What losers! I hope it gets picked up by another network.

  4. amber says:

    iam so mad about secret circle i love that show they should at least make a movie to end it that sucks big time they need to bring it back that and vampire diaries is one of the reason i watch that channel anyway i dont give a crap about gossip girl and all that so just cancel that instead

  5. Kaley_T says:

    Glad Gossip Girl is still alive and VERY sad about Secret Circle. This coming from a OTH die hard… come on CW! Get with it! Listen to your fans!!!

  6. Ringer was a great show. I can’t believe they not only cancelled it but didn’t even have it ended. At least desperate housewives had an ending….
    I know lots of people who will be dissapointed that this great show has been cancelled.:C

  7. april says:

    Ringer I could care less about but I loved the secret circle why do they keep cancelling the good shows they need to bring back the nine lives of Chloe king as well

  8. april says:

    I could care less about ringer but I loved the secret circle its seems like u guys always cancell good shows u also need to bring back the nine lives of Chloe king I loves that show to

  9. Stan buzzz says:

    What the heck..i cant believe that cw is cancelling the secret circle…. My favorite tv show…gosh u guys are bunch of disappiontment… I advice you to fold up rather makin people sick……to hell with all ur shows…never gonna watch them again…screw u guys …

  10. Lisa says:

    There will be a whole new crop of new shows next season to obsess over.

    • pennrandall says:

      Not for me. This year has been so disappointing that I will only watch CW for Hart of Dixie. I am tired of investing myself into a CW series and having the rug pulled from under me. I will follow other networks instead. CW is only my network of last resort from now on. I swear they make renewal decisions by having monkeys throw darts at post-its on the wall. They certainly aren’t using logic to make their decisions. This is ridiculous. Goodbye CW. I will not let you tease me again.

  11. Adam says:

    Along with several others the only 2 CW shows I watched were TVD and TSC. I may watch Arrow even though it’s a different actor, but cancelling TSC is a big mistake!

  12. Rose says:

    Seriously??!!!! What is wrong with CW cancelling “The Secret Circle” ONLY after one well put together season??? I’m furious with the decision that was made about that particular show. IF that is ALL CW had in mind was ONE season….and NO MORE…SHAME ON YOU CW!!!!!!!!!!! You had a great storyline going, even all of the people in this blog could have came up with ideas for a new season!!

    I will admit to CW and all the audiences that are upset by the decision made….YOU HAVE NOW LOST YOU CAPTIVE AUDIENCE by taking a way the Secret Circle…Why didn’t you just make A “FULL” MOVIE instead of labeling it a season?! How lame is that?!!! You have wasted a lot of our time waiting for the next episodes, season II, ETC, ETC… You’ll see your ratings are getting ready to go wayyyy down due to your lack of common sense on what your audience wants…So BYE BYE CW!! I’ll give another channel/show my attention now since you’ve decided to maks such POOR decisions. Bad choice because the show was great!!!

  13. Spadge says:

    Loved Secret Circle! :'( it was a good show!

  14. jesse says:

    save the secret circle

  15. sam says:

    Cannot believe ringer cancelled! Will we ever find out what happened :( 90210 is so boring!! bleugh and who watches GG anymore! CW bring back ringer!!!!!!!!!

  16. Tim says:

    I am so mad about CW cancelling Secret Circle. I only looked forward to three tv shows a week and the secret circle, the vampire diaries and supernatural were those shows. All other shows on CW are horrible.

  17. Liz Shelley says:

    Never once watched Gossip Girl, Nikita. RUBBISH. The two I never missed, gone! TSC and Ringer both good shows and a lot more fun. Seriously disappointed in the CW.

  18. Michelle Whatmore says:

    Soooo upset about secret circle & ringer I looked forward to them every week. I loved ringer please please rethink this. Big in uk. Why is America always doing this with shows like Alcatraz you get into them wait every week to find out the out come then they cancel now we’ll never know what happened to prisoners & their blood

  19. Vanessa says:

    The tcs and ringer were the only shows I watched I can’t believe that they canceled them. Cw just lost a viewer!!!!

  20. Jack Rasheed says:

    The CW was stupid in cancelling The Secret Circle because they should have learnt from Vampire Diaries that the longer these types of shows are on the better the ratings that they get. And from my understanding it was getting reasonable ratings.

  21. TSC back! says:

    I guess CW got some money from “unknown donator” to keep Gossip girl alive.

  22. Anna says:

    Why are they canceling secret circle?

  23. Ivan Djie says:

    Secret circle should be renewed for season 2 and that’s it. Just to give some closure. 13 episodes should do, doesn’t need to be 23. secret circle is way much better than ringer. I dropped ringer after episode 6. I am not sure if CW will change their mind about renewing dropped show like secret circle, especially when it was already announced.

  24. Michellemac says:

    Guess what CW!! I couldn’t wait for Ringer n Secret Circle to come on each week so I could watch them! These two shows were actually my two favorite on your channel. So come fall I’m not watching 90210, or any of my other shows anymore I QUIT CW BYE BYE!! Bring back both of my shows or uve lost a viewer forever honestly bringing another Sex in the City show come on! I boycotted Revolution n Chew n fb all about it n look Revolution is canceled woo hoo…just saying!

  25. sabryna says:


  26. Ugggghhhh!! says:

    Unbelievable! Vampire Diaries and The Secret Circle are my two top favorite shows! Forget it, CW…I’m switching back to satellite cable. I’m truly stunned and disgusted with the Powers-That-Be at CW. They obviously have a bunch of morons working there. Maybe they should try cleaning house amongst their higher-ups and hire some people with a brain.

  27. julzrael says:

    Are you kidding me, Secret Circle & Ringer? There goes my reason to watch CW! And in these comments there sure are a LOT of Secret Circle & Ringer disappointment posts! That is most of what I am seeing!! Way to go, CW! THAT SUCKS, and now I am out of CW viewership!!! I can’t wait to see Sarah Michelle Gellar and all the other great actors from both of those casts again – I will watch whatever station they are on. What a shame that great writing (Ringer) means so little! What a shame!!! <3 Ringer & Secret Circle!

  28. WhiteRaven says:

    get rid of that stupid americas next top model and bring back the secreat circle.

  29. Ashley Nicole says:

    Bad move CW!!! I loved Ringer and The Secret Circle. It would be nice to see both return on another network that will give them a chance. I loved that Kevin Williamson was involved with secret circle and i just knew there was going to be a second season. Come on ABC Family…pick up the series. Ringer was awesome too….hello!!! Sarah Michelle Gellar aka BUFFY. How do u cancel her show!!!! Step your game up CW….u r slacking!

  30. nate says:

    I was blown away by ringer, it was new and different from anything else. The SC was fun also, I liked it more & more week to week. H of D really, really all I can say is someone should b getting a pink slip “or fired”.
    Props to nakita and supernatural hope they go on for many seasons.

  31. Farah says:

    I’m ecstatic because Hart of Dixie has been renewed!
    *dances around like a crazy person*

  32. eeyore says:

    I have not watched the CW since Gilmore Girls took its departure…. not until they came out with Ringer and The Secret Circle (huge fan of the novel trilogy since the 90s). The Ringer is so addictive, its my new soap opera since they canceled Guiding Light. The Ringer filled the void. And, of course, because I like these 2 shows, they get cancelled. No more CW for me. If any other TV broadcasts are skimming this, please consider picking up these shows. You will have many new followers.

  33. Kathy says:

    Watched Ringer regularly. Am very sad that it was cancelled.

  34. Emily says:

    I think that its just stupid to cancel secret circle!!!! So many more people enjoy watching secret circle compared to hart of dixie!! All I know is that the cw channel is hoping another channel will pick it up, and make the second season!!! But in order for that to happen, if secret circle is ever on, you MUST watch it!!!!!

  35. Zee Zah says:

    Are you kidding me?? Cant believe they had the audacity to cancel Secret Circle. I admit it wasn’t the best series at the beginning, but its finally getting good. Where as lets face it Gossip Girl is done. It ended for people 2 seasons ago.. What are they on their 10th season by now? Ive stopped watching they just need to end it. BRING SECRET CIRCLE BACK FOR ANOTHER SEASON!!!

  36. Zee Zah says:

    btw hart of dixie is a horrible show. She’s a bad actor, there is noo plott, and its just retarded. I sometimes watch it just to get a good laugh. WHY WOULD U BRING THIS SHOW BACK… NO SERIOUSLY WHY???

    • WakeupNetworks says:

      Hart of Dixie is a good show it is a comedy with innuendos so you have to listen to what is being said and watch what might be going on in the scene.. The acting is actually good since they are all playing outside the box. most other shows are big city based this is small town and family oriented. Enjoy each week seeing what else is going to happen that is hysterical..

      CW should have kept Secret Circle which got better each week, had a good developing cast and fit with Vampire Diaries. which had a slow start too .. The last show made you want to see how the other “family” would interact.. CW was definitely not smart in removing SC and should bring it back at least for closure!!

      They should definitely cancel GG, Top Model, the ads fro La Complex and Catalina look awful, there might be others..Will miss One Tree Hill they had a good run.

      • pennrandall says:

        Wakeup, enjoyed your comment but small disagreement about Hart being a family show unless you know families that encourage watching shows with healthy doses of sexxx each week. The final episode shows unmarried Zoe in bed with Wade while George comes to the door to tell her that he broke up with his fiance so he could bed her because he discovered his white fiance was sleeping with the black town mayor while he was away. Family show? Good writing, great acting and directing, but this at least is PG-13 and not a family show. Not long ago a show like this would be R rated.

  37. Mike from MA says:

    Ringer and Secret Circle had such great potential. Huge mistake cancelling these programs. They both deserve another season!

  38. Julzy says:

    YAY!!! Last episode of Hart of Dixie Season One will air here in Australia this Saturday…I’m glad to know it won’t be the last episode I ever watch…never watched Ringer so I don’t care…did watch The Secret Circle but I won’t miss it too much…

  39. zekes says:

    I can’t believe Ringer is cancelled! That is the most gripping tv program I’ve ever seen. I don’t watch tv and Ringer convinced me to return. If the twits at CW are going to cancel the best show since sliced bread they they lose my vote as a great broadcast centre. Someone else should pick Ringer up, they would have a lot of people watch and support them if they did. I watched the first few eps of Secret Circle and it was good, I really got into it, but then I dropped it and as it’s going to be cancelled there’s really no point in carrying it on. As long as they don’t get rid of Nikita I’ll be fine! Hurry up with the next season!

  40. Ashley says:

    well TSC did say it was cancelled but they did say if they got enough signatures for the petition and the help of The Make A Wish Save A Witch Foundation plus there were other petitions and complaints to the CW’s channel so the could have brought it back and might changed their minds.

  41. Brittany says:

    Wow.. The Secret Circle was the best supernatural show that I’ve seen in a while. I hope they reconsider. Please let them reconsider..

  42. bobby says:

    i loved life unexpected, but i got over it, this (the secret circle) i don’t think ill ever get over….

  43. maina says:

    wth they have to bring back tsc

  44. Trent says:

    I cannot believe they cancelled Secret Circle after that finale. So it didn’t go along with the books? Neither does Vampire Diaries but I think the show’s way better than the books (sorry, LJ Smith, but the producers of The Vampire Diaries did an amazing job). I read the first two books of both series and thought the shows were much better. And I agree with all the people who said shows like Gossip Girl and 90210 should’ve been canceled; besides the low ratings, they’re full of trash that no one needs to see (not that The Secret Circle and The Vampire Diaries don’t, but not nearly as badly). I noticed someone said something about the ridiculousness of Hart of Dixie being renewed; I actually like that show, but that may be because I live in Alabama. :) Anyway, my biggest question is, if you know you’re gonna cancel a show, why not write a halfway decent series finale? Don’t end it with a huge cliffhanger (The Secret Circle, Alcatraz, Heroes, Persons Unknown, etc), multiple loose ends (The Cape), or main characters getting killed, leaving, losing their minds, etc (Chuck). I will say, though, CW deserves some respect for what look like two really awesome new shows in the fall: Beauty and the Beast, and Arrow.

  45. JenovaProject says:

    I really love secret circle. There are hundreds of hours of crappy reality tv shows and half hour sitcoms, so let’s cancel one of the best shows on tv to have more of that. Bleh. I’m done with CW now. This is a joke.

  46. BJ says:

    Are you kidding the Secret Circle. Do these comments not mean anything to you executives that make decisions on cancelling a show or keeping it. We loved Thursday night and waited for the Secret Circle. Perhaps all of us making comments should not watch the CW for awhile and see what the ratings for them. They would rather keep shows that no one really cares about 90210 give it up. Same story plot just different people.

  47. Miss_kno_it_Allz says:

    I agree this news sucks!!

    I don’t care abt any of the other shows.

    I never have and never will watch any episodes of the crappy shows they are returning in fall.

    If Ringer season 2 comes back, that will restore my faith in CW.

  48. Sky says:

    Wow secret Circle was amazing. But i love Heart of Dixie

  49. Louise says:


  50. rachelle says:

    i’m tired of the CW cancelling all the good shows . TSC was honestly a little slow at the beginning , but then it started to speed up and it really gained me attention . i cant believe that theey cancelled such a great show and im tired of watching shows on the cw hoping that it wont come back with another season . we should all send letters to the cw tellibg them that we wont watch any shows on their network ! if we all do it we can make change . as well be sure to send letters to abc family, netflix, and mtv . keep the circle