Fall TV Preview

The CW Cancels Ringer and Secret Circle, Renews Hart of Dixie For Season 2

Hart of Dixie RenewedThe CW has renewed rookie charmer Hart of Dixie while canceling The Secret Circle and Ringer.

Dixie joins fellow returning CW series Gossip Girl, Nikita, Supernatural, The Vampire Diaries and 90210.

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  1. Lincoln says:

    What about LA Complex?

  2. Christy says:

    Yay! Hart of Dixie is such a cute show. I’m so happy it’s returning.

  3. Kasper F. Nielsen says:

    Good call by CW. Hart of Dixie’s pretty sweet and I didn’t even bother to watch The Secret Circle and didn’t like The Ringer much.

  4. Tara says:

    So pissed about TSC. I am sick of networks getting us hooked on shows then canceling them. Perfect tie in with VD too. Sure, needed improvement but could have been done. CW cares more about bringing in new shows and hoping it’s another hit than keeping the moderate shows going. Is there a “save TSC” site?

  5. Courtney says:

    WOW Heart Of Dixie over Ringer?? People really don’t like shows of substance anymore…If you have to actually think and follow what is going on they cancel it as fast as possible

    • Alice says:

      Ringer’s weakness wasn’t the plot twistiness. Fringe has twisty plots, and I love it. But I did not like a single character on Ringer. None of them were appealing, I didn’t really root for any of them, so I didn’t care what happened to them and eventually stopped watching. I love SMG but she couldn’t control how it was written.

    • R says:

      You had to THINK when watching Ringer? They spoon-fed you everything via a flashback every 5 minutes to a previous episode. Please. Not even the writers of Ringer bothered to think about what was happening, let’s be real here.

  6. theresa says:

    Happy about The Secret Circle (especially after last nights season finale) but bummed about Ringer. Yes, the show was in the beginning but really picked up after the hiatus. I was forward looking to Bridgett, Sioban & Andrew in the next season.

  7. Pepper Weeks says:

    WTF How can they cancel TSC but keep Crappy Nikkita????? That show is horrible! Why don’t they move shows to the summer so that we don’t have huge breaks? That way you have no competition and you can keep shows that have over a million viewers. STUPID A## CW I CAN”T STAND YOUR EXECS!

    • lyn says:

      I liked TSC but NIkita is a much higher quality show. Better storylines and acting.

      • joeyconnick says:

        I agree wholeheartedly! TSC was okay but Nikita is better in every single way. Every time I watched TSC after TVD, I was like, “Geez… TSC is just a poor person’s TVD.” TVD has some kind of magic that the TSC is definitely missing–which is ironic, of course. :D

        • lyn says:

          Poor man’s TVD! Love that and so true! LOL

        • Ray says:

          TVD was painfully boring to watch this season. I can’t count how many episodes I had to FF through to make it to the end. Meanwhile, TSC wasn’t perfect but certainly began to hit a creative stride towards the end. CW should have taken factors like how promising the next season’s pitch is into account.

  8. lyn says:

    Defiinitely the right choice. I watched all three and HOD was the only one I ended up caring about whether it was renewed. TSC was okay and Ringer just took to long to get interesting.

  9. Pepper says:

    What really surprises me is that people, fans talk about viewership like it’s the only thing that matters.

    I never even understand why this site has articles about how many people watched NCIS: LA. Who cares?

    I don’t know if this is a Hollywood thing, an American thing, or I’m way too naive and the whole world works like this but I don’t see numbers, viewers and money when I look at a TV show. I shouldn’t, I’m not a producer. I see art, creativity, entertainment and these cannot be measured.

    • tripoli says:

      That stuff matters because it plays into a network’s decision to keep a show on air or not. It’s not the only thing that matters, or the only thing that fans talk about. But many TV watchers are a lot more invested and informed about the numbers and how networks make decisions, which is why it is often discussed in comments. And art, creativity, and entertainment can most definitely be measured. TV is a business, make no mistake about it. Networks will do whatever gets them the money and viewers they covet.

      • Pepper says:

        So do you think that NCIS is more creative, or better in any other way than, say, Firefly was?
        If it’s watched by a lot of people it only means that it’s easy and simple. Like pop music.

        Well, TV, movies are a business – in the US. In other parts of the world, it’s mostly art.

  10. Cat says:

    Not The Secret Circle! Take Hart of Dixie instead!! It sucks so much more!!

  11. ashley19 says:

    secret circle is cancelled. Whats with all the posts about it being renewed. Right at the top people.

    • lyn says:

      When the article was first posted, there was a mistake in the heading and first line of the article listing both HOD and TSC renewed.

  12. Pupi says:

    Riiingeeeeerrrrrr, noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo. Pleaaase noooooooooo

  13. Miv says:

    Ahw, no, Ringer! It was like, the perfect guilty pleasure show. I didn’t have high hopes for a second season, given that the CW always cancels (at least) two shows and the ratings were so low, but still. Oh well.

  14. Lauren says:

    What the hell TVLine stop misleading people with saying TSC is renewed and then a minute later saying its cancelled…

  15. ashley19 says:

    Heart of Dixie didn’t have a lot of High Paid actors except for Rachel. Ringer had a lot of high priced actors like SMG. Secret Circle did have some high priced actors and costs a lot to produce to to Special Effects. I think HOD was easier and cheaper to keep on and had continuous numbers over .5 and .6 in ratings. Glad it got better half way through. Nikita is a great show. They should move it off Fridays.

    • Alice says:

      HOD also IMPROVED it’s numbers over it’s lead-in. Normally it’s the other way around. With a better lead-in than Gossip Girl it could do even better. Agreed, it’s also less expensive to shoot. It’s the only freshman show that got picked up, so they must have a LOT of faith in the new pilots.

  16. Fernanda says:

    Gossip Girl last episode—> 869,000 viewers (0.4/1)
    The season finale of The Secret Circle—-> 1.22 viewers (0.5/2)
    WTF CW!!!

    • its more then just viewers when it comes to CW, for 1 Gossip Girl is thr royal baby because its the first show that made the CW and it has been on longer 2.SC cost more to make and the demo werent good to the point where the CW loved it. It also was not a big over sea seller.

  17. Ursake says:

    good i like Hart of Dixie , sry about Ringer but still Hart of Dixie is better it has it all

  18. Alex says:

    This is too bad. I really enjoyed Ringer despite how ridiculous it was. I hope SMG finds another TV gig! As for TSC, it was more of a guilty pleasure for me. Excited for Hart of Dixie even though the first season has been a bit boring – I have hope that season two will be better.

  19. Caroline Castle says:

    This is terrible, I can’t believe that the CW canceled The Secret Circle o.o what were they thinking?? The CW will never know a killer show even if it hit them in the face. I give up on the CW.

  20. Ray says:

    Eff you you f-ktard, Michael Assiello.

  21. Josh says:

    Man Screw CW they renew Crappy HOD and GG but Cancell TSC the only new Show worth a damn! Im pissed!

  22. Tara says:

    I say start a Save TSC site. Its been done before and can be done again :) I thought the finale was wonderful and although it needs improvements, its a great show. Going to stop watching new CW shows because they keep canceling the ones I like!

  23. D. says:

    Amazing how Ringer and Hart of Dixie are trending on twitter in Italy and they haven’t been aired yet here. (Power of the internet lol) Anyway I’d like to punch Ringer’s writers in the face for having left things as they did, knowing how poor the ratings were.

  24. People just dont understand SC & Ringer yes both were great ideas but when it came down to bussines both were not a success. demo were aweful that what CW look for more then viewers. both cost a whole lot to make and werent preforming well. Also SC was not a big over sea seller nor was Ringer. HOD grew out from it’s lead in,had great demo’s, did not start out strong but grew from there.It’s a cheap show to make. renew a show isnt anymore about viewers but other factors come in place.

  25. Tara says:

    Maybe even just move TSC to Fridays? I’d take anything at this point.

  26. tvismyradio says:

    Absolutely gutted about Secret Circle.

  27. I’m really klind of shocked, but the CW never really makes good decisions. GG is dying. HoD is just not good, but must be cheap to make. 90210 is horrendous. TVD and Ringer were the only shining stars for me. Oh well, other networks have better shows anyway!

    • Summer says:

      I completely agree. The CW is the worst.. So over it. I will be tuning in to finish Gossip Girl but that’s it.

  28. Rhonda says:

    yeahhhhhhhhhh….for Heart of Dixie. And now Zoe and Wade: Just do it!

  29. Danielle says:

    Nooooooo i love secret circle :(

  30. arianeb says:

    Heads up casting directors, The Secret Circle had six talented young actors who deserve some good roles.

    I watched both Ringer and The Secret Circle, in fact they were about the only things I watched on CW. Both were enjoyable at the “guilty pleasure” level. Both had strong openings, then a weak first half of the season, followed by a strong second half of the season.

    Hart of Dixie reminds me of Northern Exposure, except set in Alabama instead of Alaska. I only saw a few episodes.

  31. Jessica says:

    So happy about HOD, that show is cute. Sad about Secret Circle, I really liked that show. I watched Ringer, but can’t say I was all that attached.

  32. kristina says:

    given how hard they worked to keep nikita around for three seasons it sucks that they barely even tried to save the secret circle which was really improving. even if it was expensive to make it has a loyal following im just shocked they didnt try a shortened season or a move to fridays or something.

    • kristina says:

      nothing against nikita fyi ive never seen it but i know its always been on the bubble but they still kept it around thanks to the fans. just sucks the same cant happen for the secret circle. its been trending above all the other shows on twitter in the US people are pretty upset

  33. sabrina says:

    I’m so glad HOD got renewed, although it’s definitely a surprise that TSC got cancelled considering the rating were pretty good in the fall before crashing in the spring. It definitely makes sense for the CW to rather cut their losses on TSC now rather than let it hang around for another season.


  35. Eliza says:

    Yay for Hart of Dixie!!!!
    So thrilled!

  36. JC says:

    “TSC” is trending on twitter and a large percentage of the tweets are in Spanish or Portuguese. I had no idea TSC was so popular on the Iberian Peninsula and in Latin America.

  37. Josh says:

    im a little pissed off at the cw they keep canceling good shows like The Secret Circle.
    im tired of investing my time in these shows only for stupid networks to keep canceling them. i swear i will not watch any off the new cw shows until i know there going to get another year or two.

  38. RecceR says:

    This makes no sense at all. Heart of Dixie had the worst premiere ratings ever on The CW and never went up in the ratings, even hitting several series lows. The Secret Circle was the #2 series on The CW and never saw ratings dives even close to what Heart did. This was a piss poor decision and I have no doubt they will be kicking themselves when Heart’s ratings drop even faster next season. I’m done with all new series on broadcast TV (stopped watching new shows on ABC & FOX for this TV season); this is pretty much the final straw for all the networks. Instead of letting a series grow, they cancel it and expect people to jump into a whole new one just to have it cancelled as well? New shows on broadcast TV will not be on my schedule this fall, and I STRONGLY URGE everyone else to do this. Teach the idiot suits a lesson.

    • pennrandy says:

      I agree. It is so frustrating to watch a show grow and then get cancelled. Networks don’t seem to realize or care how much an audience invests time and energy into following a show, its story and actors. I know Ringer would have grown too. Secret Circle was a strange choice to cancel. I hope some other cable network picks these two up. They would be a bargain and prove CW doesn’t know what it is doing. Not all five of the new CW shows for next season look like winners, and SC and Ringer would do far better than most (or all) of the new shows. Who is making the decisions over there?!?

      • kristina says:

        AGREED! some of the new shows look so stupid! maybe its just how they are being pitched but TSC seems like a better choice still

    • kristina says:

      yeah i am so suprised at TSC bc it had been doing so well in the ratings compared the everything else. i know ratings arent everything but i think it had a pretty solid fan base and even if it was expensive to shoot they could still possibly gain from the show. i really didnt think theyd actually cancel it.

      and agreed im officially done watching new shows from networks that have some kind of cool mystery and a little sci fi (which isnt my fave genre per se but i love fringe and lost and i love the mysteries in these type of shows) when they just cancel it before giving it a chance. i LOVED flashforward (canceled), then got into the event (which wasnt as good, canceled) then started alcatraz which i was a little behind on but am no longer bothering catching up on now its canceled. So not worth the investment anymore. i was really invested in TSC though so this one really sucks.

  39. Starkus says:

    I dont understand. I thought the Secret Circle was doing good following the Vampire Diaries. I thought the show was great. And I was so excited for the second season with the cliffhanger that they provided us with.
    Not as sad about Ringer but I am disappointed that we didnt get to see the confrontation between Bridget and Shobain (sp?) since it ended with her finding out shes still alive.
    Why cant they tell them beforehand so they can wrap it up at the end of the season so we’re not left with all these questions.
    The CW better get some kick ass shows next year to make up for the void in my DVR right now….. :(

  40. Breanna says:

    Secret Circle should be shoped around to other networks. ABC Family??? Come on it was one of the best shows The CW had.

  41. Fernanda says:

    Kevin Williamson should put TSC actors in The Vampire Diaries season 4. Do you imagine that if they escape Chance Harbor to Mystic Fall and get Bonnie for help??

    Or even better.. TVD producers could cast Phoebe Tonkin as a witch or bad ass vampire

    • Rob says:

      i was thinking the same thing. There seemed to be clues on both shows that a crossover was forthcoming (of course, that could have just been wishful thinking).

      • Fernanda says:

        I remember in two episodes of The X Files, Chirs Carter could finish Millenium and The Long Gunmen after their cancellations.

        I hope the same thing happen in TVD

  42. Anisha says:

    UMM WTF why was The Secret Circle cancelled?!? BRING IT BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  43. megan says:

    NOOOOOOOOOOOO!! I can’t believe that TSC is cancelled how dare they dangle it in our face that it has been renewed then one minute later it is cancelled. It is and AMAZING SHOW!!! I think it may have just had a bad time slot after VD that the show didn’t have a chance to prove it’s worth. It really sucks getting us hooked like that only to cancel.. I wanted to see what happens next and what happens with the new incoming witches and if Adam turned to the dark side. Wanted to see what they revealed about Mellissa’s parent’s since we have yet to explore them…. It should at least get another 13 eps to give the viewers a little closure and perhaps give it a chance to boost its ratings.. before totally canning the show….

  44. mia says:

    I’m glad for Hart of Dixie, but I would have sacrificed it for a second season of Ringer.
    They can’t leave the story on that note!!! I need more!!! It was the one show I could not wait to see each week!!
    I beg the CW to reconsider!!!

  45. jericho says:

    Really surprised that Secret Circle was cancelled. I think its safe to say that no one in the Williamson camp thought that it wasn’t going to get another season. *Spoiler*I mean, the damn finale was a semi cliff-hanger*Spoiler*. The show got better and better as the season went on. It wasn’t super great television, but it was highly entertaining, and quite frankly, it had a ton of “beautiful young faces” which is what CW is all about.

    The CW better have something better coming down the pipeline to replace a good show and a good companion for TVD. Or will we see Nikita move back into that slot?

  46. Jess says:

    The Secret Circle and The CW are trending worldwide on Twitter, even TSC is trending in countless countries. People really want the show back on the air!

  47. JAO says:

    SC was a great show with so much promise for season 2. TNT, please pick it up.

  48. bobby says:

    the cw hasn’t confirmed any of this? hopefully…

  49. Sad about Ringer….but Nikita will have a 3 season!! Yay!! more Michael, more Sean, and please MORE OWEN!!!!

  50. WAWitch says: