ABC Cancels GCB, Pan Am, Missing & The River

GCB CancelledABC has officially passed on ordering second seasons of GCB, Missing, The River and Pan Am.

TVLine’s 2012 Renewal Scorecard has been updated with the news.

Earlier this evening, ABC greenlit the new dramas Nashville (fronted by Connie Britton), Zero Hour, Red Widow, the Shawn Ryan submarine thriller Last Resort, and the supernatural spooker 666 Park Avenue (with Lost‘s Terry O’Quinn).

Current ABC dramas set to return in the fall include Castle, Grey’s Anatomy, Once Upon a Time, Revenge and the frothy freshman Scandal. Still riding the bubble are Private Practice and Body of Proof.

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  1. ChrisGa says:

    Not really surprised by any of these, though I was hoping against hope that GCB would be one of the bubble shows to get a reprieve. Not alot of fun and campy shows on the air anymore and it filled that niche wonderfully, not to mention a pretty spot-on cast. My official mourning for Cricket and Blake begins now :(.

    • tvdiva says:

      I am right there with you. I downloaded the first season and the soundtrack on ITUNES in their sweet memory.

  2. Testicles says:

    Are you seriously telling me that you’re all shocked a show called Good Christian Bitches got cancelled?

    It was meant as a replacement for desperate housewives, but those type of shows arent cheap. And if you don’t live up to the hype, you’re gonzo.

  3. fmd518 says:

    I just started to enjoy GCB so I am a little unhappy about that one .Pan am the show had potential but it got boring. Missing I really like this show but the creator said that it will have a ending so that is good. The River was alright but not must see tv.

  4. Martina says:

    yeah Private Practice has been renewed

  5. A says:

    Noo, not GCB! :(

  6. tvdiva says:

    I loved GCB. The show had a great ensemble cast that could act and sing, Darn ABC to a year long sermon in a hot church for leaving us with unresolved cliffhangers.

  7. Christina says:

    GCB was a hoot. I’ll miss it’s mindless fun.

  8. Filomena says:

    GCB was my guilty pleasure I NEED GIGI AMANDA CRICKET HEATHER SHARON CARLENE RIPP ZACK and all the other characters on my tv. They can renew the stupid bachelor and dancing with the stars but not this. I think I am gonna boycott ABC. Who’s with me

    • Dawna Downey says:

      ABC has killed to many of my shows too.I am ready to tell them off, and ban them

    • Lisa says:

      they really need to change the name of dancing with the stars to dancing with HAS BEENS!!!! Where the hell are the stars?! I don’t watch but seeing as it airs before castle I always see who is on and i have yet to see anyone who is a start NOW!!! Oh except for some Disney kid who is on a show that entertains tweens!!! Cut the crap and give us GCB!!! They need to revamp how they decide who is watching shows as om many watch on line now or record it and watch it another night!! Start checking out twitter feeds the next day after a show has aired and you will fully understand how much a show is liked!! GIVE US GCB BACK!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Chloe says:

    I kept hoping they might give Pan Am a second chance. Darn. Really shocked & disappointed that they canceled GCB.

  10. Selek says:

    Of course, the biggest problem with “Missing” was it was even close to being realistic. I know, it’s just a TV series you say, an hour of entertainment, but for a show to evolve into these concepts being foisted on us, there has to be a basic reason, the concept has to be seen to work otherwise you run the risk of throwing the audience out of your narrative with “hang on…” questions at your concept’s lack of internal logic. Then there is Ashley Judd, who I love. But sadly, this women has an inability to choose good projects. It’s crap after crap. Sometimes I think she should have stayed with Star Trek: The Next Generation.

  11. S says:

    I’m seriously so pissed that GCB got canceled.

  12. Mary says:

    NOOOOOO!!!!!! I love GCB!!!!! I’m so sad they cancelled that show. I think I’m going boycott ABC. This is getting ridiculous

  13. tvdiva says:

    Body of Proof was picked up for the third season according to Deadline. I wish GCB could be picked up by another cable network.

  14. MsBrownie says:

    I loved GCB, cant say much abt the other shows that were wacked but back off of #SCANDAL get em SHONDA & KERRY the new GCBs!!!

  15. Leana says:

    I agree all those shows can be cancelled EXCEPT, Missing, I really like that show.

  16. Ron says:

    I knew Pan Am would never fly and that The River would dry up! Thank God for striking down GCB!

  17. justin says:

    Please netflix or someone save THE RIVER

  18. Jim says:


  19. Jaimie says:

    LOVED LOVED LOVED GCB!!!! Any chance it could get picked up elsewhere?

  20. Patti Donovan says:

    Wow, more dumbass moves by stupid executives. They keep The horrible waste of space The Bachelor, but get rid of 2 good shows Missing & GCB. idiots!

  21. mia says:

    GCB + Missing!!!! Ugggg.
    These cancellation announcements are just traumatic. I swear, half the stuff I watch has been cancelled.
    What’s the point of watching tv anymore. Its safer to just see what shows manage to survive then watch them. Why waste time getting invested in characters, just to have them taken away.

    • S says:

      I feel the same way. I was afraid to watch Missing because I thought it would get canceled so I decided not to watch it until the first season ended. I watched GCB from the start (and LOVED IT) and now it got canceled. UGH.

    • Dawna Downey says:

      i feel the same way, when they took off Ghost whisperer and Medium, and so many other shows. we all need to stop watching tv all together until they bring them back.

  22. Maria says:

    What why the river
    Geez all that wasted time for nothing

  23. Maria says:

    So I recoded the river now what why not cancel some other crap out on tv

  24. Zack B says:

    Aaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd. ABC Sunday is over for me.

  25. Jacqueline Donnelly says:

    How do you start a campaign to save a show? GCB needs saved it was one of the best things on a Sunday night!

  26. theresa says:

    Three shows that I was loving canceled – GCB, The River & Missing. Sucks.

  27. Ethel says:

    Loved GCB,wish it had gotten a second season but at least we got Body of Proof back!!

  28. Teag says:

    When I read The River was getting cancelled I yelled “cocksucker!”

  29. Rayz says:

    Oh NOOO GCB was such a funny show

  30. Danielle H says:

    So sad about Pan Am and GCB. Kinda shocked they didn’t renew GCB though :(.

  31. Amanda says:

    I am devastated about GCB. First Ringer, now this?? Sad. Two great shows!! Will be buying the DVDs so I can relive them!

  32. Kelly says:

    GCB is/was awesome..but I like Scandal too…

  33. kk says:

    Loved Pan Am and wicked sad to see it go b/c there’s nothing else on Sun nites except Army Wives & Drop Dead Diva and they’re both alternate season shows. I have enjoyed Missing…but what would they do season 2 – kidnap the son again? And a big fat yippeeee for Body of Proof!
    **Also, I’m still torked about them taking No Ordinary Family off the air after only one season seeing as how it was a show I could actually watch with my kids before bedtime that was decent and not in Nickelodian and/or Disney!
    **But SERIOUSLY a show with TRIPLE 6’s in the title?!?!?? Like that’s not cursed and/or protested from the git-go!
    **BTW…what the crud is April 23?

    • Babygate says:

      “**But SERIOUSLY a show with TRIPLE 6′s in the title?!?!??”
      That’s what I’m saying!! Change that title, please!!! It sounds like an interesting concept and it could work if it’s written well, but a name like that is bound to turn some people off. I would like to see Terry and Vanessa and it would be nice for Rachael Taylor to actually work in something that it’s not cancelled, but with a name like that it’s like it’s bound to fail! Have they learned nothing from Cougartown?

  34. SteveC says:

    We loved GCB…. What were they thinking?

  35. Nella says:

    GCB was amazing, I can’t believe they cancelled it!!! I like missing too

  36. fatalsin says:

    i really think gcb should try and sell to TNT they would make a great combo with Dallas

  37. Sam says:

    See this is why people are LEAVING network television! I loved GCB :(

  38. Babygate says:

    The River never had a chance. I tried it and couldn’t get past the first half hour. I’ve enjoyed Missing more but after a couple of episodes you kind of get tired of it. Besides, sad to say, Ashley Judd was the wrong person to play this part. I liked Pan Am but the writing and the direction were horrible. Sadly, it was only a matter of time. GCB, however, I will miss. It was campy, badly written, way over the top and made a mockery of serious religious values as well as poked fun at religious zealots, but it was a guilty pleasure. You couldn’t take offense at any of it because it was just so funny. I will miss Annie Potts. The actress playing Amanda didn’t fit though. She looked 10 years younger than the others who were supposed to be her classmates. Plus, she wasn’t really funny at all. Dang, no more Cricket or Carlene? Dang!!! ABC!! GBC should have premiered in the fall…

  39. fatalsin says:

    i actually dvr’d missing.. and when my aunt asked me why i do that instead of watching when its on… quite simple.. if i record it i can see if it survives and if it dont… i can just delete without getting involved

  40. Paula says:

    I’m so disappointed the GCB is cancelled! I love that show!

  41. Sam says:

    I loved GCB, and Missing. I really really did. A couple of the few shows I still watched on ABC. It’s so sad. I will only be tuning in for Body of Proof and Castle.

  42. Steven says:

    Wooooow, bad move with cancelling GCB. ABC will regret it once they realize they left Scandal instead. So sad :(

  43. Jill says:

    GCB is such a loss. Can’t Kristen Chenowith catch a break!?! I thought it’d slide into the Desperate Housewives niche easily



  45. Lara says:

    Is there any (realistic) way that viewers of GCB can try to save the show? Would producers listen to the fans if enough spoke out? I’ve heard of that happening with shows in the past, like Jericho.

  46. Brit says:

    Really bummed about Missing, I hope it ends well next week. I really liked GCB too but thought the finale was too ridiculous but still pretty funny. I wish they would have at least kept at least one of those and cancelled Body of Proof and some of the Bachelor shows.

  47. Heather Murray says:

    NOOOOOOOOOOOO freakin way they canceled GCB!!!!! Idiots

  48. Katie says:

    Sooo sad to hear! I loved missing, best show I’ve seen on ABC since Greys. I also really enjoyed GCB, great replacement for desperate housewives but I will miss them as well!!

  49. Dawna Downey says:

    ABC Strikes again!! Never say you like a show because that’s when ABC likes to kill them, I hate ABC for teasing me and then taking them away.

  50. angelcake says:

    GCB to Soapnet? This would be a perfect match. ABC Family skews too young (Plus I’m kinda pissed about Make it or Break it being cancelled and Secret Life still being renewed) and I can’t see this on CW. Unless it was maybe paired with Hart of Dixie (Which needs to be renewed). This seemed like a really good replacement for Desperate Housewives.

    • B says:

      Soapnet doesn’t exist anymore. ABC should have renewed it and relaunched it next summer since it would be the perfect summer series if costs are an issue. Unfortunately, I can’t see any cable series picking it up since the cast is so huge.

      • angelcake says:

        Um, I just was watcthing Soapnet earlier. They’e started to run Veronica Mars. I know it was supposed to disappear but clearly hasn’t. So that’s where my thoughts were, since its still chugging along, why not try to get more people watching with new shows that have followings? Its not called Daytime Soapnet.