Was Castle's Hot Sex Tempered? Did New Girl Goof? Did Liz's Rap Rock? And More TV Qs!

Fringe Josh JacksonWe’ve got questions, and you’ve (maybe) got answers! With another week of TV gone by, here are some queries we’re going to lob at you, from shows including Castle, New Girl, Parks and Recreation and The Office!

1 | Was there anything better than Peter’s smile when Fringe‘s Olivia said the word “nursery”?

| Can Saturday Night Live please sort out the annoying sound mixing issues for its musical guests next season?

| How is it that the characters on The Killing are able to accomplish so much in so little time? Case in point: Gwen quit Richmond’s campaign, relocated from Seattle to D.C., settled into a new job, moved back to Seattle and rejoined Richmond’s campaign — all in what amounted to roughly four days!

4 | Did our mommas hide from us the version of Snow White where a dwarf would ker-chunk the business end of his pick ax into an adversary’s back, as Once Upon a Time‘s Grumpy did?

| What is going on with Dan’s hair on Gossip Girl?! We wanted to run our fingers through it at first, but this is unacceptable.

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| Who wanted to slap an increasingly whiny Zoe on Hart of Dixie this week and say, “Snap out of it, selfish! You’ve got a good thing going in Bluebell!” Also, why so eavesdroppy, Brick?

| Now that 2 Broke Girls has aired a full season, what’s your final verdict on Oleg — keep or cut?

8 | How much more satisfying would Castle and Beckett’s long-awaited hookup have been had ABC not given it away in the promos?

| Who did the movie-based-on-a-book-within-a-TV-show thing better: Bones or Castle?

10 | Really, Smash‘s Julia? History is history, yes, but did anyone actually think that ending the otherwise vibrant and rousing Bombshell with a grim suicide scene would get y’all a standing O?

11 | How great was it that Abed got a shout-out in this week’s Cougar Town title card joke? And this week’s best sight gag: Grayson doing Michael Jackson moves in the hurricane wind, yes?

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12 | Has Unforgettable ever explained how bionic vision comes as part of the super-memory package? Can Marilu Henner vouch for this?

13 | Can we come up with a term for when a TV show’s opening credits happen to land a cast member’s name on that actor mid-scene? How about when a show sets an episode on the date it airs (e.g. this week’s NCIS: LA taking place on May 8)?

14 | Didn’t the clearly visible freeway in the distance undercut some of the “We’re stuck in the middle of the desert!” drama on this week’s otherwise spot-on New Girl finale?

15 | For a school that hates the Glee club so much, McKinley High’s student body sure got excited and rowdy when they performed at prom, didn’t they? And can we get a collective “Awwwww” at how sweet and adorable Puck was this week?

16 | After the novelty factor wore off – Jack’s hair! Emily’s Fauxlivia-style wig! That guy! No really, Jack’s hair! – didn’t this week’s Revenge flashback feel like 95 percent filler?

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Awake17 | Awake/Alias fans, who knew Marshall Flinkman could be sooooo disturbing?

18 | The Office‘s Nellie — we disliked her a lot less by the end of the season, right?

19 | Was Community‘s fake asylum subplot freakishly believable? And how surprisingly sweet was it when the gang finally realized that Dean Pelton is an integral part of the group?

20 | NBC obviously couldn’t say Knope to renewal, but didn’t that Parks and Recreation finale feel a lot like a series ender? And are we the only ones playing “Catch Your Dream” on a loop?

21 | Can they please release a deleted scene of Liz’s entire pop-up “rap-up” on 30 Rock? With lyrics like, “I reject Chris Brown’s comeback,” it’s bound to be a both entertaining and informative — not to mention honest.

Hit the comments with your answers — and any other questions you care to throw out there!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Mari says:

    8) Nope, the promo actually made people watch.
    9) Castle, no question.

  2. Ashley says:

    1). If the smile you’re talking about is the one pictured, then I’m gonna go with yes. Because that smile is creepy.
    8). No.
    9). Castle. Without a doubt. And I used to LOVE Bones.
    14). Nope. Was too busy laughing. White Fanging is my new favorite non-term.

  3. cjeffery7 says:

    7 – Keep. his ridiculousness with jennifer coolidge is awesomesauce.
    14 – RIGHT???!!!
    17 – I knew he could play a bad guy.
    18 – Yes, but she said something in one episode that was exactly what Michael Scott would say and it kind of bothered me cause it’s like the writers can’t come up with a new type of boss that works effectively. But I enjoy the actress and she’s strange and kind of a wild card.

  4. Fanana says:

    8) nope. I saw what’s coming miles away. The promos just made me even more excited.
    9) I don’t watch Bones, so its not fair for me to choose. Although, I like to add that I absolutely love getting to know the actress Nathalie Rhodes who will be playing Nikki Heat.

  5. CastleBeckettAlways says:

    8) As a fan, it just makes my week a little more exciting (ok makes it EXTREMELY exciting) after watching the ABC promo where Beckett looks like she is going to kiss Castle, but we don’t know about that yet. The CTV promo, on the other hand, killed me, but I still have my doubts because Castle has a way of teasing audiences and not giving us what we want. But it certainly gave all the fans a mild heart attack before the show. But after watching the episode, I must say, the promo certainly didn’t spoil it for me, because their passionate embrace and kissing and the confession fr Kate was so intense, that it is not something a simple 10 seconds promo can spoil.

    As a working adult who understands that cash is king, it makes perfect sense why ABC will want to give audiences a little peak at the kiss. Everything is about viewership, afterall, ABC spent millions of dollars paying their actors and crews and the production. Giving viewers a sample of what is to come is something that can boost it’s ratings for the finale, not just for fans, but for those casual viewers as well. And that was the time when Season 5 was not announced yet, so I am totally for such dangling carrots. Also because I am not residing in US so I can’t help to add to the viewership, so whatever can be done to increase the ratings, to me, is great.

    9) Watched both Bones and Castle’s Hollywood episode. I think Bones goes all out for cheesy and fun at the set. Not quite used to it. The Nikki Heat episode on Castle, on the other hand, is refreshing because it brings about a lot of tension to everyone in the precinct.

  6. d says:

    7. keep Oleg! I love him.

  7. Jennifer says:

    I think Castle released promo to “prove” viewers would get their wish with these two. After all this time “teasing” the show needed to give away a little to get big payoff. We’ve had enough of teasing crap from Bones in past and Bones screwed it up by skipping over the romance and going right for the baby. I for one am ok with how Castle handled it.
    Love Awake and that episode ROCKED!! Jason deserves an Emmy for that episode alone. But that won’t happen now that NBf***enC has cancelled it. Note to NBC: IF YOU WANT A SHOW TO SUCCEED AND DO WELL YOU NEED TO PROMOTE IT AND PROMOTE IT WELL! YOU CLEARLY HAD NO PROBLEMS DOING SO WITH THAT CRAP YOU CALL SMASH, YOU SHOULD HAVE TRIED IT WITH AWAKE!!

  8. airhead says:

    19. they totally had me going there for a second – i was all like ‘what??? all this time and we didn’t know they were in an asylum?’

    21. i would watch it. all 60 minutes of it.

  9. Mary says:

    9) Bones without doubt. It wasn’t only an episode about a book made into a movie, it was an episode dedicated to true fans with all those details, like the victim’s name, the donuts, the 447… A funny episode, HH took the risk and he succeeded.

  10. Krithika says:

    #8 Personally NO. I feel nothing big was revealed as i just saw the US promo and stayed away from the Internet till the main episode was aired. And NO the US promo didn’t give anything away. There was no way anyone could have imagined the intensity of the actual scene. The hookup and the events that led to it have to be perfect for true shipper satisfaction. And it indeed was! The end result was A swoon-worthy, heart-stopping, PERFECT finale!!!

    #9 Definetly the Castle one and not just cos i’m a Castle fan. The execution was just perfect and it didn’t seem quite OTT like Bones. Bang on AWM!!

  11. Sandra says:

    9. Bones! Better in every aspect and full of meaning for the fans

  12. Stephanie says:

    8) Seeing as the episode title (“Always”) was a spoiler in and of itself, I don’t think the promo really spoiled the ending for the viewers. I know it made me even more impatient to watch it. Sure, it would have been nice to have it be a complete surprise, but I didn’t mind the way they did it. And as others have mentioned, the promo really only gave us a tiny hint as to what we were in for. And boy was it gooood. :)

    9) Castle, hands down. Though I wasn’t overly fond of the episode “Nikki Heat” either; the Natalie Rhodes character got on my nerves for some reason. I really liked “To Love and Die in LA” though, where they got to visit the set. The Bones equivalent just fell flat in comparison (not to mention just plain ridiculous – and just when I thought they’d finally stopped that).

  13. Lea says:

    8. The promo just made me more excited about the episode. I still loved it and had repeated viewing of the finale product.
    9. Castle was better than Bones. I just loved the Nikki Heat episode and the LA episode was a lot of fun too.

  14. Carol says:

    #8 – I would’ve watched it without the promo, without a doubt, but if airing it means more viewers, which gives Castle a leg up in ratings and potentially getting a running start with a larger viewing audience next year, I’m TOTALLY okay with it. Would it have been a bigger surprise without it? Yes, of course, but the entire episode was so masterfully put together that even knowing that they were going to kiss did not detract from the AWESOMENESS that was that episode. Seriously. Best.finale.I.have.ever.seen.