Vampire Diaries Finale Recap: A Night of Shocks!

Vampire Diaries Nina DobrevWARNING: If you have yet to watch Thursday’s season finale of The Vampire Diaries, avert your eyes now. Everyone else, you may proceed….

After an eventful year full of hybrids, Originals, witches and lots of longing looks, The Vampire Diaries closed out its third season with some defining moments. Among the big reveals: Elena chose Stefan over Damon, Alaric was killed (for reals this time) and Elena might’ve been turned! So let’s discuss the episode’s “Holy crap, did they just do that?!” moments!

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MATT AND JEREMY TRICK ELENA | While not as big of a shocker as some of the other things that went down, Matt and Jeremy’s scheme to get Elena out of Dodge was pretty surprising for two reasons: 1) How come no one attempted it before? With no parents or guardians left to talk some sense into her, it was nice to see Elena’s only remaining human forces try to take a stance against the craziness that has become her life. And 2), it required Matt to poison Elena’s drink in order to get her on the road! “Sorry, I over-honeyed to cover up the taste of poison. I suck at tea,” he said.

KLAUS DIES…AND TAKES OVER TYLER! | While Matt tried to take away Elena, Jeremy fed Alaric the whereabouts to Klaus’ hiding place. Despite running into Damon and Rebekah, the vampire vampire slayer was able to put his magical stake in Klaus and supposedly finish him off. Everyone immediately began to freak out that they were going to die, but Stefan and Damon weren’t experiencing any symptoms. Was Klaus a big, fat liar when he said he turned their bloodline? Tyler, however, appeared to be turning inside out with pain as he ordered Caroline to leave. But – twist alert! – he didn’t die because Klaus had taken temporary residence inside Tyler’s body, thanks to Bonnie’s magic mojo! While the spell and Klaus’ “resurrection” possibly saved all of Elena’s friends from dying, it also means Klaus isn’t truly done messing with them. And better yet, he’s now got what he wanted: Caroline, who is none the wiser that her boyfriend is being inhabited by the Original!

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ELENA MAKES HER CHOICE | And it… is… Stefan! After learning that both brothers might die and that they were in different places, Elena was forced to make the difficult decision. “I can keep driving to [Damon] or I can turn around and go back to Stefan,” Matt told her. So she called up the elder Salvatore to confess her feelings. Perhaps it was the nostalgia that came with the flashbacks of yesteryear, but Elena couldn’t say goodbye to her love for Stefan. “No matter what I feel for you, I never un-fell for him,” she told Damon. “I can’t think about forever. I can only think about right now, which is why I have to let you go. Maybe if you and I had met first….” Well, it turns out – Big Twist Alert No. 2! – they had! Before the car accident ever happened, Damon and Elena had a brief, loaded moment in the middle of the street, talking of love and what she wants from her life. “I want you to get everything you’re looking for,” he told her as he erased her memories.

ELENA’S DEATH AND REBIRTH | The once-mighty slayer Alaric crumbled right in his old pal Damon’s arms, which meant one thing: In order to kill Alaric, Rebekah had planted herself in the road and forced Matt and Elena’s car to dive off the bridge. As old Alaric’s ghost visited Jeremy, it dawned on him that Elena was dead. That wasn’t a bump on the head as she had gotten earlier; she had experienced a cerebral hemorrhage. But when Meredith had treated her, she helped her healing process along with some vampire blood, which means – Big Twist Alert No. 3 – Elena might be a vampire now! And with that, we were left with the final image of the season: Elena gasping back to life. Besides the obvious day-to-day implications of her being turned, the change also means big things for Damon and Elena. Now, all his compulsion on her will wear off and she’ll remember everything, including meeting him first and his “I love you” in Season 2. Plus, we’re guessing vampire Elena’s heightened emotions might lead to some Damon cravings.

Vampire Diaries fans, what did you think of the show’s bold twist? Are you excited for vampy Elena? Are you sad to see Alaric go? And should we be worried about Caroline and Tyler’s relationship?

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  1. Chris says:

    I hope everyone realizes that Damon was right again. Elena should not have trusted the Originals. When they thought Klaus was gone, they turned their backs on them, even though they knew something was weird about the fact that Damon and them were alive. And it really wasn’t fair for Elena to make that decision when Klaus has ruined everyone’s life for the past year. Why does she get to make all of the big deals that mean life or death? I was glad Matt drugged her and tried to run her out of town. That was the logical thing to do. That’s why I like Matt. He’s real. Too bad it didn’t pan out…

  2. Shona says:

    Who cares that she met Damon first? He was still a dbag to her and her friends. Plus I found it really funny that Damon met Elena first and yet he didn’t looked too shocked to see that she looked exactly like Katherine? Plus he was all nice and deep? Yet in the first season we see none of that. Sorry, don’t buy it. The writers obviously threw that in so that this ridiculous “love triangle” can keep going on. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again- until someone, ANYONE can explain to me how Elena could forgive the things Damon has done, I will never understand a relationship between those two.

    • lara says:

      I don’t think he was particularly deep – he just that everyone wants that all-consuming, passionate love (which he had with Katherine). And, he was always “nice” (as nice as he can be) to Elena – it’s just that his S1 agenda was always to find and save Katherine.

      I do agree that the meeting really didn’t mean anything – Damon didn’t really change Elena’s life/Elena didn’t change Damon’s life. When Ausiello spoiled that it was a flashback that everyone would be talking about, I thought FOR SURE, it would be that Damon was somehow responsible for the car accident or something. The only thing it really showed was that they had the instantaneous spark that Elena thinks she only had with Stefan. Their meeting first was honestly just consolation prize for Delena fans.

      • Shona says:

        Nice insight lara, I agree with you!

      • DW says:

        i must have missed the spark. All I saw was a two minute conversation. Elena had a polite conversation with a stranger on the road. Small talk and then she left. She had zero sparks when she met him at the Salvatore house. It was, “Stefan home” “oh I did not know he had a brother.” As she got to know Damon she liked him less and less. Damon is big on first meet charm.

        I saw lots of eye contact and sparks with Stefan and Elena at school at the bathroom door. She had a hard time forming a sentence and stood there staring at him. she even threw him a backward glance before she walked away AND kept peeking glances at him in class.

    • DW says:

      Shona, I agree with you. Somehow Damon’s thoughts about first meeting Elena is supposed to mean something. I watched the finale again, and in her phone conversation to Damon it seem like she was trying to be nice letting him down. She knew that she was stringing him along and now feels bad at having to say it out loud. To tell him that she was deceptive makes her look bad and not in a favorable light. she liked the attention from Damon. He made her feel desirable when Stefan was away.

      Also, Damon said to her on the road that she wanted a passionate love, one full of excitement and a little bit of danger. Doesn’t she have that with Stefan? She has remained passionate about her love for Stefan throughout it all. Dating Stefan is always full of excitement and danger, but not in a straightforward way. It is one that deals with these elements as they show up in Mystic Falls.

      Elena has said it numerous times that she wants to have a normal life. She and Stefan had a dinner party with Bonnie, they had a double date with Caroline and Matt, and stole a kiss on a ferris wheel per Elena’s request. Stefan said he came back to Mystic Falls to have a relationship with Elena. One where he can bring her flowers and take her on dates.

      I cannot see Damon doing the same thing. Caroline and Tyler probably would not agree on a double date with Damon and Elena. they might to make Elena happy, but how would it work out? Damon can be charming when he wants, but they all cannot forget what he has done. No one trusts or really likes Damon connected to Elena. Even at dinner parties Damon makes a mess of things. Plotting to kill Elijah, trying to trick out Mason and then stabbing Mason. Stefan is always the one who, because of Elena, not make trouble and try to get along with everyone. Mason died because Damon stabbed him. He wanted to get along and make friends. Damon ruined it.

  3. Boo says:

    I want Damon to leave Mystic Falls, enjoy playing with sorority girls, and just be bad. I want a solo Damon, but more badass than Klaus. He needs to be the main villain again. They say that love is a vampire’s greatest weakness, but I want Damon to fight that emotion off, turn it off, even for a season.

  4. S says:

    ^ Oh come on Damon is better than that and do you realize if he goes killing bunch of people n becomes a main villain he’d prove Elena right? … I loved S1 Damon much as the next but I love how much he’s grown and really when they’ve shown his past he’s really not that evil lol

  5. YowzaPowza says:

    I was a little disappointed she chose Stefan. I was assuming the whole point of the flashbacks was that she already had a Stefan-like relationship with Matt, and that clearly didn’t turn out very well, so she’d go with Damon this time. I’ve long considered the Elena/Stefan love story one of the best on TV, so I hope they aren’t done. That said, they really can’t continue this love triangle any longer. So who knows? Also, is Matt dead? I kind of thought Matt died, but after reading all these boards, I guess not.

    • YowzaPowza says:

      Elena/Damon love story among the best on TV, not the Elena/Stefan. Oops.

    • DW says:

      No, she had a Matt type relationship with Damon. She strung Damon along and she strong Matt along and did not love them. She was with Matt just to have someone to be with in high school. as for Damon, she strung Damon along to help her get Stefan back from Klaus. She cares for Damon, but does not love him. Even though Matt and Damon claimed they loved Elena, she could not say it back because she did not love either one. Stefan she loves and at every chance says she loves Stefan.

  6. Sophie says:

    OMG!! What about Alaric!! He was one of my favorites and I wanted him to stick around forever! What are they going to do without him? He’s ruined the town, and cost the Mayor and the Sheriff their jobs, so how will they fix that? He can’t be a ghost! He needs to stick around and make things right!

  7. xdanielliex says:

    Cried though the whole episode!!! Cannot wait until season 4!!!

  8. llws88 says:

    WHATTTTT!! This season finale was everything! WOW! Brought me back to thier first season finale…which blew me out of my seat! This one had so many big moments and you listed them all! I am especially interested to see how the Klaus inhabiting Tyler’s body will play out with Caroline. It’ll be nice to see the actor who plays Tyler stretched in terms of having to play a whole new personality.

    And I cannot wait to see Elena turn into a vamp…I honestly didnt even see that coming…Ive never read the books so I didn’t know this would happen. I do however hope and pray that the love triangle ends…at least for one season! We spent all of season 2 and 3 going back and forth with Elena, Damon, and Stefan. If she doesn’t just stick with one in season 4….they should bring a new love interest for her. Give us a season to miss her connection with Damon or Stefan…NEW LOVE INTEREST PLEASE!!

    Anyways great season finale! Bonnie is breaking free…she will no longer be pushed around…and I like it. As a witch she has so much power…I can’t wait for season 4!!!

  9. Adam says:

    1) Damon was never that nice in the first seasons. He randomly met a girl that looks like Katherine and acted very out of character.
    2) Bonnie could have placed Klaus in any of his hybrids, why Tyler, her friend? Oh yeah, its convenient for story purposes.

  10. Pepper Weeks says:

    Before I start my rant let me just say that I originally LOVED Bonnie but darn you Plec you keep messing her up. The Finale bothered me as far as Bonnie was concerned. She LOVES Caroline why would she take Tyler from her? Tyler has to be dead because when a witch takes someone out of their body they go into the vessel of the other person, Tyler was in Klaus and Klaus’s body burned up so his body has no vessel to be in his soul is either gone or in limbo somewhere. Did she not figure that that was going to happen of course she did or she wouldn’t have swapped them. When she’s talking to Kyler she says something along the lines of I didn’t do it for you I did it for my friends; by friends I can only guess she means Elena and not Damon and Stefan right because if not Plec isn’t righting well. Bonnie doesn’t stick to her guns any more she’s wish-washy to point of Elena levels and it’s annoying as F because she used to be the one person that stuck to their decisions and didn’t really forgive until it was made right. Wasn’t she just pissed at both of them at the dance? Didn’t she say she didn’t do it (help get them unbound to school grounds) for them (Stefan and Damon) but 2 episodes ago but she’ll kill her best friends love and a pretty darn good friend for her “friends”? Don’t get me wrong before the last 4 or 5 episodes I was a Bamon/Stefonnie fan but now I’m just pissed at Plec.

    • Kris says:

      YEY Thank YOU! I loveee Bonnie she was such a cutie and full of excitement to learn the craft and use it for good! Now she is being soooo used and totally ruined! Having that said, I wanted to see more of Bonnie and Damon and less of Damon being hurt by Elena!

  11. Pepper Weeks says:

    Side note Matt is hot!

  12. Ariadne says:

    Come on this actually the first time that the seires follow the books!It it was coming either way…so NO, books and tv show are still two different things!
    In my opinion the tv show is way better!
    And i’m glad that she did not choose Damon ,and that is coming for one of the most loyal DELENA fans!
    I mean if she choose that would kinda ruined her character and 2.season 3 finale was screaming DELENA ENDGAME!
    But i have some questions!I will always choose Klaus to Tyler but i don’t want Tyler to be dead!Maybe i’m a Klaroline shipper but i liked the guy!Plus according to Julie Plec Joseph Morgan is coming back!
    Anyway i loved the episode!It was an emotional roller-coaster!There wass no scene that i did not love from Damon’s goodbyes to Damon’s first meeting with Elena.From Caroline’s goodbyes to Alaric’s Demise.From Rebeccah’s screams for Klaus the AMAZING scene that the drowing was.
    I seriously loved the drowning scene!The direction,the emotion,the soundtrack…everything was just top notch!not just this scene but the episode overall was top notch!
    Also i feel really bad for Damon!In my opinion he was the one that suffered the most loses in the finale!I mean he lost his best friend and the love of his life!He is all alone now!His face when he lost Alaric and realised that he lost Elena too,His face when he was running through the hospitals’s corridor…the whole thing with Damon was so heartbreaking!But nothing compares to the DELENA goodbye!If i knew that those moments were really his final moments i would still cry with no hope of recovering!
    And Elena did not console him!I seriously thought that the whole “maybe if we met first” thing was just making thing worst!Poor guy!
    Who is gonna REALLY love Damon?I VOLUNTEER,I VOLUNTEER AS A TRIBUTE…as katniss put it!

  13. i agree with every one
    come one why stefan!!!he dosnt even care like damon
    really hope she will end up with damon cause if it’s not the show will be reall boring!!

    • DW says:

      Maybe I missed something. Didn’t she tell Damon that she still loved Stefan? Didn’t she tell Damon that she had to let him go as a result of her still being in love with Stefan? Why is everyone so convinced that she isn’t in love with Stefan and there is some hidden agenda about how she feels about Damon? Elena has always been honest with everyone. Damon asked her to tell him who she would chose – she said Stefan. he asked her before and she said it was always going to be Stefan. Hell, he asked Katherine the same thing in season 2, and she said, it is always going to be Stefan.

      Guess what everyone, it is always going to be Stefan. I keep hearing about season 4 and Elena remembering what Damon said and he was first to meet her. None of her feelings for Stefan are going to dissolve. She made her choice which was never a choice at all. She had to come clean and admit that she strung Damon along. No doubt she liked the attention and she and Damon bonded during their adventure to get Stefan away from Klaus,but in all comes down to her feelings for Stefan remain strong.

  14. Kris says:

    LOL so now that Elena chose Stefan and Alaric is dead… are the writers gonna hook Damon with Meredith like they always do (hook him up with every chick other than Elena!)… lol actor couple switcharoooo! Other than that, I think that the story was more interesting when she was with Stefan, given that season 1 and 2 were better because Damon was all badass and Stefan wasn’t all weird and cold… Also Caroline will never choose Klaus, so if they were planning on hooking them up by killing Tyler that is sad and disappointing because I dunno about anyone else but getting together with a killer that ruined so many lives just because my bf is gone is just weird. That goes for Damon as well… I mean people might see more “chemistry” but I feel that also has something to do with Nina and Ian being actually together… Anyway, I love her and Stefan because she was genuinely happy I mean watch season 1 and 2 again, and now she is all sad and weakened but I feel it’s not because of Damon but because Stefan was gone! I love her and Damon as friends, he is being all parental and she is acting like a child XD but he takes away her decisions and Stefan never did! He made her free and safe and they are truly in loveeeee!

  15. me says:

    I think this finale flopped. I love the Vampire Diaries, I really do. And I wanted so much to like the finale but I didn’t. Everything was done before. The Klaus-body switcherwoo. Alaric dying again (like why? He had the best send off ever a few weeks ago! So this was so completely anti-climactic), and I feel that Elena dying and coming back as a vampire wasn’t “a natural progression of her journey” as Julie Plec said in an interview. I felt like it was the end of the episode just for shock factor. There was no build up this season about her changing, no conversations with anyone about what it means to actually pick one of the Salvators, seeing as they are vampire and she is not. Like anything, any sort of build up to this, maybe even a threat to kill her. The past episodes were so focused on one of the Originals dying, that Elena life felt so safe. So, I don’t know, her becoming a vampire was just a shock factor for me and not progression. And lets be honest, how many characters before her became vampires? When caroline turned, that was huge because she was the first non-magical to turn, and even Tyler is a hybrid, so thats sorta interesting. I get Elena is the lead and we’re supposed to care more about her but like, this has all been done before. The Damon flash back was also predictable. It was basically an element to throw in there to keep Damon in the picture even after Elena chose Stefan, which again has been done before. I just felt no progress in this episode and I left it feeling like there was nothing I was looking forward to when the show came back. Dont get me wrong, I will watch it because honestly, I love Damon and Elena. They have built that up well, but its time to end the triangle. Humour us with some Stefan and Elena time, sure whatever. But end it, soon. and no more, this is their last go-around. And legitimately outline a good story for Elena and Damon. Like enough. And please, PLEASE come back with a villain. Like Klaus is over and done with. All the Originals are over and done with. They’re not scary anymore. And this “evil darkness inside you” is not a villain. Just come up with something!!!

  16. Sharna says:

    Can a damon/delena fan answer this for me please? Ppl love Damon cos he has the whole bad boy thing rite? That’s what I luv bout him (even tho I prefer stefan nd ship stelena – they are epic) but when elena nd Damon r together he is the good guy nd hero she wants him to be, why would a Damon fan want him to be in a relationship that pretty much changes the major aspects of who he is and where she is always gna feel sumthing for his brother? Please explain :)

    • diana says:

      firstly damon is good in the inside naturally and he just does all those bad stuffs to reduce pples expectations…..if too much goood is what damon posses then “GOOD” is what everyone wld be expecting and as he said in season3 episode 19 he cant leave up to the expectations of pple cos once u start doing good then thats what pple wld expect forom u all the time and he cant live up to thier expectations….yh and thats what happend to stefan he was too good and thoughtnhe could live up to the expectations of pple but instead it brought danger to his life and for elena she always wanted danger and passion in her life soooo i gues it explains it all……..

  17. Rose says:

    I realy want to see this season!)

  18. diana says:

    its team delena and she died after she got married to damon and it all becomees really sad when the double ganga looks exactly like elena….then damon dies

  19. Thana says:

    I don’t understand .. Is Elena going to marry Damon ? And he will die !!!!!… I don’t want this I don’t want Damon to die >>> Why you read the books ? Because the books make the one thinks over and over … Every one DO NOT read the books and just enjoy the series (DELENA team