Vampire Diaries Finale Recap: A Night of Shocks!

Vampire Diaries Nina DobrevWARNING: If you have yet to watch Thursday’s season finale of The Vampire Diaries, avert your eyes now. Everyone else, you may proceed….

After an eventful year full of hybrids, Originals, witches and lots of longing looks, The Vampire Diaries closed out its third season with some defining moments. Among the big reveals: Elena chose Stefan over Damon, Alaric was killed (for reals this time) and Elena might’ve been turned! So let’s discuss the episode’s “Holy crap, did they just do that?!” moments!

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MATT AND JEREMY TRICK ELENA | While not as big of a shocker as some of the other things that went down, Matt and Jeremy’s scheme to get Elena out of Dodge was pretty surprising for two reasons: 1) How come no one attempted it before? With no parents or guardians left to talk some sense into her, it was nice to see Elena’s only remaining human forces try to take a stance against the craziness that has become her life. And 2), it required Matt to poison Elena’s drink in order to get her on the road! “Sorry, I over-honeyed to cover up the taste of poison. I suck at tea,” he said.

KLAUS DIES…AND TAKES OVER TYLER! | While Matt tried to take away Elena, Jeremy fed Alaric the whereabouts to Klaus’ hiding place. Despite running into Damon and Rebekah, the vampire vampire slayer was able to put his magical stake in Klaus and supposedly finish him off. Everyone immediately began to freak out that they were going to die, but Stefan and Damon weren’t experiencing any symptoms. Was Klaus a big, fat liar when he said he turned their bloodline? Tyler, however, appeared to be turning inside out with pain as he ordered Caroline to leave. But – twist alert! – he didn’t die because Klaus had taken temporary residence inside Tyler’s body, thanks to Bonnie’s magic mojo! While the spell and Klaus’ “resurrection” possibly saved all of Elena’s friends from dying, it also means Klaus isn’t truly done messing with them. And better yet, he’s now got what he wanted: Caroline, who is none the wiser that her boyfriend is being inhabited by the Original!

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ELENA MAKES HER CHOICE | And it… is… Stefan! After learning that both brothers might die and that they were in different places, Elena was forced to make the difficult decision. “I can keep driving to [Damon] or I can turn around and go back to Stefan,” Matt told her. So she called up the elder Salvatore to confess her feelings. Perhaps it was the nostalgia that came with the flashbacks of yesteryear, but Elena couldn’t say goodbye to her love for Stefan. “No matter what I feel for you, I never un-fell for him,” she told Damon. “I can’t think about forever. I can only think about right now, which is why I have to let you go. Maybe if you and I had met first….” Well, it turns out – Big Twist Alert No. 2! – they had! Before the car accident ever happened, Damon and Elena had a brief, loaded moment in the middle of the street, talking of love and what she wants from her life. “I want you to get everything you’re looking for,” he told her as he erased her memories.

ELENA’S DEATH AND REBIRTH | The once-mighty slayer Alaric crumbled right in his old pal Damon’s arms, which meant one thing: In order to kill Alaric, Rebekah had planted herself in the road and forced Matt and Elena’s car to dive off the bridge. As old Alaric’s ghost visited Jeremy, it dawned on him that Elena was dead. That wasn’t a bump on the head as she had gotten earlier; she had experienced a cerebral hemorrhage. But when Meredith had treated her, she helped her healing process along with some vampire blood, which means – Big Twist Alert No. 3 – Elena might be a vampire now! And with that, we were left with the final image of the season: Elena gasping back to life. Besides the obvious day-to-day implications of her being turned, the change also means big things for Damon and Elena. Now, all his compulsion on her will wear off and she’ll remember everything, including meeting him first and his “I love you” in Season 2. Plus, we’re guessing vampire Elena’s heightened emotions might lead to some Damon cravings.

Vampire Diaries fans, what did you think of the show’s bold twist? Are you excited for vampy Elena? Are you sad to see Alaric go? And should we be worried about Caroline and Tyler’s relationship?

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  1. Samantha says:

    No, Fran. I’m OVER it. She picked the safe boring choice Stefan. Let her keep him. Damon deserves better. If S4 she wants Damon he should turn her down!

    • Sherry says:

      Damon deserves better? Lol.It’s not like he’s such a stand up guy and maybe Damon should stop trying to get his brother’s girl. Elena and him have mad sexual tension and lust but that doesn’t always mean a relationship would work. I think Elena was smart in her decision. Plus I hated the way Damon became this year. I LOVE him and he needs to stop mooning and get back to all the badness that made him so awesome!

      • DW says:

        Sherry, I am right there with you. Pining over your brother’s girl – not cool. Get back to the fun, hilarious Damon who has some of the best one liners in the world. I laughed out loud to season 1 and 2 over the weekend because of Damon. I swooned watching Elena and Stefan. Great chemistry when they hugged, kissed, spent time in bed, any time they were on screen. They can do it with just a look. She never looked at Damon when Stefan was around. It was only when Stefan left this season she looked around. Damon was comfort to her in Stefan’s absence. They were there to hold one another during the emotional times.

        • Catherine says:

          Very well put. I totally agree!

        • casey says:

          Exactly! It was only when stefan was gone, which happened b/c he saved his brother’s life (that alone should have made Damon not try to steal his girl since it was b/c of him that stefan was gone and went all ripper again, he owes stefan his life and going after his girl is no way to repay him) that Damon even became a viable option for her. In season 1 & 2 she noticed Damon, why wouldn’t she he is hot, and she cared for him but she only loved stefan. I hope they don’t tear stefan and elena a part again b/c she met Damon first and he told her he loved her a while ago, I hope she gets mad at him for messing with her mind not fall in love with him. Damon needs someone who loves him for him the good and bad him, and doesn’t try to turn him into his brother like elena did, that fact shows that even though stefan was gone she was still in love with him.

  2. Sherry says:

    Get Damon together with Rebekkah!

  3. Hmmmm says:

    I think that if you have to rewrite history to make a couple happen, then that couple is probably not meant to be together. I don’t mind the idea of Damon and Elena together, but I don’t think the writers needed to change history and put holes in Stefan and Elena’s love story to make that happen.

    • DW says:

      Hard to put holes in Stefan and Elena’s love. He never compelled her. Allowed her to make the choice on her own. She told him first that she loved him. He did not tell her until later. Damon has compelled Elena twice – once to forget she met him because he did not want Stefan to know he was in town and he compelled her when he gave her back the necklace. Elena has always said she cared about Damon and but did not love him. It was the same with Matt. He told Elena he loved her, but she could not say it back because she did not love him. I hate that she strung Damon along to help get Stefan back and to feel consumed and alive while Stefan was gone. Essential she used him and had confused feelings. She never loved him and Damon’s ego allowed him to think that she did. Sure she made out with him, but afterwards she backed away. She felt embarrassed doing it in front of Jeremy. She told Caroline and no one else. This is not the actions of someone who really wants someone.

      Fans can yell Damon and Elena from the roof tops but her heart AND bed belong to Stefan. Damon represents a wild side of Elena. A side that she enjoys feeling from time to time, but is not in love with to keep it going.

      • Catherine says:


      • Hmmmm says:

        I agree in that it doesn’t really put holes in their story, but it still seems unnecessary to me that suddenly she met Damon first. It’s almost like the writers expect us to forget how the show started – with Damon desperately in love with Katherine. The flashback just doesn’t seem to fit with the person he was when the series began. To me, that makes it feel like the flashback’ s only purpose is to make Stefan meeting her first irrelevant and to cater to shippers of Damon and Elena.

        • DW says:

          The flashback about meeting Elena first was Damon’s. It gave him reason to live and fight Alaric. He really had no chance of beating Alaric. He was made to be stronger than any of the originals. A regular vampire, even one at 175 years of age, had zero chance of winning a fight with Alaric. If Elena had not died, Damon would have been dead. Elena’s death weakened Alaric enough for Damon to get an upper hand for a quick minute. Alaric’s death ended the fight. The entire transformation (if it happens) will change the dynamics between the brothers and Elena. What will it mean for Stefan to deal with Elena becoming a vampire when he bowed down to her wishes of saving Matt. Damon is going to blame Stefan, everyone will blame Stefan. I doubt Matt will blame Stefan. I am sure Bonnie will have a say in Elena’s transformation. She will probably come up with a spell to keep Elena from transforming. I also feel that Elena as a vampire equals heightened bad decisions to keep her friends and herself safe. I am sure Stefan will stop allowing Elena to make bad decisions and step up to her.

  4. Samantha says:

    Sherry, I thought those two had chemistry but I think the writers will probably go with her and Matt. Even though I want Damon to move on they’ll keep in this ridiculous ‘triangle’ its pathetic and old but they’ll do it.

    • Sherry says:

      Not the same Sherry who replied to your comment, lol. That was wierd. I posted the comment about Rebekkah so we don’t get confused! Anyway yeah I think you’re probably right.

  5. Samantha says:

    I don’t give a crap about history or the books… Stelena is a bore/snooze. This ‘triangle has gone on way too long! they need to stop doing this to Damon. seriously enough is enough. Why keep teasing? its not right.

  6. Julie plec says:

    Stefan must have a large dong.

  7. Whitney says:

    I get that Damon is hot and he gets all the funny lines so he is going to be the fan favorite. Re-watch the whole first season and see how meant to be Stefan and Elena are. At then end of the da Stefan is way better suited for Elena. They are each others soulmates. Damon deserves someone who will always choose him first and that is not Katherine or Elena.

    • Julie plec says:

      Stefan is …zzzzzzzzz… Oh sorry I fell asleep.

    • Hmmmm says:

      I think that a lot of people are attached to the idea of Damon and Elena as a couple for the wrong reasons, i.e., the actors dating in real life, Damon’s appearance, etc. Based on the story told throughout the series thus far, Stefan and Elena should be a fan favorite couple as their characters actually fell in love. I still don’t really see the love story between damon and Elena although I do see a bit of lust between the two. I just think that people confuse real life with fiction when it comes to this show. Clearly, the true love story of this show is Stefan and Elena.

      • Julie plec says:

        Paging Dr. Fell! Stefan has an acute case of manorexia!

      • Luz says:

        I will just say I was a fan of Damon and Elena from Season one the minute Damon pushed back Elena’s hair when she was sleeping was (now looking back) the moment he was recalling how and when they first met. I’m glad they are dating in real life but its not the reason I like them together I just like bad boys with a heart…

      • DW says:

        @Hmmmmmm, you said it right. Damon and Elena is not a full love story. It is a one sided tragic love story. Damon loves Elena. Elena loves Stefan. Stefan loves Elena. I have always felt that Damon loves Elena because of her likeness to Katherine. Stefan did admit during the summer while he was watching over her, his was curious because of the likeness, but found out quickly that she was not Katherine. Damon pined after Katherine for 160 plus years. Once he found out she never loved him, he went full court press toward Elena. Even trying to force himself on her in her bedroom. He had to hear twice in he same day that it was always going to be Stefan. Poor guy, but that is what happens when you chase after your brother’s girl. He has seen their love, heard their love making, seen the sacrifices they have made for the other, and their determination to find their way back to the other. He has seen their pain when they had to step away because of Katherine (due to his meddling and telling Katherine that he killed Mason) and their joy of reconciliation. Did not matter. The first opportunity he got, he went for it while Stefan was gone .Stefan in the picture, he does not stand a change. Stefan out of the picture, he was able to get close out of Elena’s need for comfort. Stefan back in the picture, he did not stand a chance. Elena never looked his way when Stefan was around. She cared about him as a person and as Stefan’s brother, but she never gave Damon a second look. I keep hearing about poor Damon, he is so lonely, he is so hot, he deserves Elena. No, he does not . He is lonely because of his bad choices in women. He confuses a kiss with love, a kind act of caring as love He does not know a true, real love yet. When he finds it, he will know. Right now, he is just pining for a woman whose heart belongs to his brother. For those who feel Stefan is boring. If Stefan treated people the way Damon treated people, everyone would want Stefan with Elena. He is a solid , stable relationship for Elena. She is the girl next door, She is not some sexy vixen who wants run wild. She wants a normal life, so does Stefan. Damon does not want a normal life. He wants and likes his vampire life. How is that a relationship for Elena?

    • DW says:

      I have been watching season 1 and 2 again. I have to agree with you. They were beautiful together and when they kissed, it was so sweet. When they had intimate moments, it was sexy. They have to find someone for Damon. Chasing after his brother’s girl is not sexy nor is it cool. If a man really loves his family and respects them, he would not chase after his brother’s girl and think it was okay. Damon needs someone who makes him feel worthwhile all the time and respects who he is and does not want to change him. Someone he can hang out with and do his thing. He has to get over his Elena love crush. Allow Elena to be happy with Stefan or whomever she wants. He is not looking out for her happiness. He wants only what he wants. Stefan at least tries to fight it when she makes choices. He knows half of her choices are wrong, but he still lets her make choices. He will step up, I think, in Season 4 to check her on her choices.

  8. Josh says:

    God i hate Klaus why wont he go away? I HATE that he is in Tyler’s Body and i don’t understand how Elena could like a guy who KILLED her brother and how people want Caroline with a mass muderer who killed Elena’s Aunt!

    • DW says:

      It is a little unsettling. Perhaps Damon appeals to her hidden wild side. A part of her that wants to run wild, not think about her friends, and not care. I can see the appeal. In the end she would have to deal with the disapproving glances and comments from her friends and brother. I am sure at every chance they would remind her of the things he did to them. She would either blow them off or listen to them. Stefan may love her, but would he really want her after she rolled around in bed with Damon? Once she does that, Stefan and Elena are over.

    • casey says:

      His killing Jeremy is just the tip of the bad things he has done to her and those she loves; he almost killed bonnie, he fed elena his blood and threatened to turn her if he wasn’t given the grimwore (sp?), he killed Lexi to save his own butt, he wanted and tried to kill Caroline, he turned bonnie’s mom, he turned and hooked up with elena’s mom, killed alaric twice, killed her friend’s uncle and I am sure there is more but you get the picture! Yes stefan did bad things but he never hid from them he owned them and apologized and he did them to protect others Damon doesn’t know how to say he is sorry and everything he did served his own agenda! So i am sorry but after all of that there is no way I could ever buy her truly loving and being with Damon!

    • sara says:

      I am not sure I really get why Delena fans are excited that elena being a vampire will allow her to remember she met Damon first? So what, she did meet him first and even though he made her forget, he was still a dbag to her and everyone else, it obviously didn’t really mean all that much to him or he would have treated her better in season one, he could have made her fall for him even if she believed she met stefan first but he didn’t he was obsessed with Katherine and she fell in love with stefan. I don’t believe anything would have really been all that different had she remembered she met Damon first, b/c he was still hooked on Katherine at that time.I hope she is pissed off that he compelled her twice, he had no right to do that. Stefan never made her forget anything about him, he wanted her to know him, good and bad, and she has seen him at his worst and still loves him, whereas she has seen Damon at his best and is still not in love with him, I just don’t think two memories are going to really change anything! Plus she kept trying to change Damon into stefan and that right there says a lot, that she has always loved stefan and was basically trying to make Damon into stefan 2.0 and that’s not cool. Damon needs someone who will love him for him, not try to make him like his brother, so I hope she stays with stefan and Damon finds someone better.

  9. cb says:

    just watched and wow what a boring ep. I can’t believe how excited everyone is. The last scene was such a stupid way to end the season

    • Julie plec says:

      I know, right? When Bella awoke as a vampire, I was like hmmmm… I wonder if she’s going to go drink bunny blood with Edward.

    • DW says:

      I have to agree with you. The “finale” could have been played out this season instead of watching Damon chase after Elena and Stefan turning bad. Now we have to spend a season of Elena’s vampire shenanigans and each brother trying to teach her their way of living; Elena’s either embrace or denial of being a (I think, temporary) vampire. I have a feeling she will turn bad or either be saccharine sweet. I would love to see Katherine show up and the two hang out and have a little fun. Sure she will remember Damon’s words, but she will also have intensified feelings for Stefan.

      • cb says:

        Seeing bad stefan had to happen and I don’t think the vampire elena will be a shenanigans. I’m glad they finally did it I’ve been waiting since s1 to see it but I knew they wouldn’t do it straight away she had to stay human for a while. It sounds like you haven’t read the books because unless they go opposite of the books I know exactly how she will be as a vampire. I’m still interested in the show and will watch it but the main reason I will probably watch it is to see how elena is as a vampire.

    • Manie says:

      Go to the previous page toward the end, you’ll see my comment… I assure you, I was NOT excited at all by the final… The only thing I found “surprising” was Bonnie pact with Klaus and using Tyler’s body as a vessel! Except that, Episode 3.21 would have been a much better final than this!

  10. sashaW says:

    When Matt asked her about Damon, she said he ‘consumes’ her which was exactly what Damon said she wanted ; “a love that consumes her”, and she acknowledged it, during their first meeting on that fateful night.

    • DW says:

      She did say that Damon consumes her and Damon said the same thing to her. Damon, being Damon, of course was detailing his personality to her in describing what HE felt she should want out of life. It would be something that he would say to any woman. I don’t blame him for that. He was looking at the spitting image of Katherine with Elena.

      In the end, she said she cared about Damon, but still loved Stefan and never stopped loving Stefan. Regardless of the consumption of reckless, wild, and fun filled life she could have with Damon, how long would the wild life run? She would eventually want a settling down period I would think. I am ready for the Damon of Season 1 and 2 again. Not the moping, love sick Damon.

  11. Luz says:

    WOW Vlada great summary you said all the things I was thinking about Damon and Elena and where they are going next season!

  12. DW says:

    She fed Elena vampire blood and she died, but that would not necessarily turn her into a vampire would it? She has died with vampire blood in her system before and did not die. From what they have said on the show, she has to feed now right?

    • Luz says:

      Yes but I’m sure they are going to find some witchy way to make her unturn after she has her way with Damon

      • DW says:

        Either she will have her way or turn to Damon’s way of living. Wild, carefree, and living off human blood. On the other side, she will live like Stefan. My guess, it will be Damon’s way and then guilt. Plus, her feelings about her friends will be intensified. The show will show kisses between Damon and Elena, but I don’t think they will show a bed romp with him. They are trying to come back full circle with Stefan and Elena.

  13. cc says:

    With all of that super human strength of his he couldnt just pull both of them out of that car? Just sayin

  14. Samantha says:

    I loved Damon and Elena WAY before I knew they were together in real life. Get real. I don’t give a crap that they are together in real life. @@ I see more chem and love there but the writers continue the snooze fest of Stelena and trash Damon

  15. Catherine says:

    Before anyone goes bashing either Salvatore, just remember that they are both equally bad as they are good. Especially pertaining to Elena. Personally, I am team Stefan. But i also really like Damon. And although Damon has evolved, let himself fall in love,etc.. Lets not forget that he has repeatedly said how he is “not the good brother”. He told Elena that he doesn’t want to have to live up to anyone’s expectations. And if you really pay attention to Elena’s character, you will see that she wants/needs someone who is good and pure. Who she can trust and not have to worry about them snapping anytime they get mad or hurt. Which is why Stefan is better for her in the long run. Yes, Stefan went off the deep end this season and did alot of things to Elena to hurt her. But he never stopped loving her. I think people get caught up in the whole Delena situation, not because Damon and Elena are actually compatable, but because we all feel sorry for Damon that he never gets the girl. In all fairness, Elena is too timid and pure for him. Damon needs a girl more suitable to his personality. I love Damons character and how far he has come but he deserves a girl that hasn’t been involved with his brother and who will love him and only him.

  16. Michi says:

    Lol I don’t understand why DE fans are complaining she picked Stefan. I’m an SE fan but I wanted her to pick Damon for now. Still, I wasn’t disappointed. Once again Delena gets a BEAUTIFUL backstory. And it can only complicate things for Elena, her-feelings-for-Damon wise (since the compulsion will wear off). As an SE fan, this makes me a little sad because so far, Stelena’s story just pales in comparison to Delena’s. But as a fan of the show, I am BEYOND EXCITED. This show, you guys. So freaking good!

  17. AT says:

    It was a good finale for the most part. I do think that it’s clear that “human” Elena chose Stefan, but that it’s become obvious now that Damon and Elena are the end game and that vampire Elena will choose Damon. Especially since she will remember everything. That all said, the ONE thing I did not like was Klaus possessing Tyler. I’m just not excited to watch Klaus in Tyler’s body. I don’t really see that pleasing Klaus/Caroline fans OR Tyler/Caroline fans. It’s just odd. So I’m assuming that Bonnie will be finding a way to resurrect Klaus so he can inhabit his original form. Then I’ll be fine with this twist. Otherwise, just…NO. Oh, and I’m also not thrilled that Alaric is dead. I was hoping he’d at least find redemption before he died, like he could overcome the beast or something and then he does something heroic. But oh well. Certainly he will be missed. Alaric and Damon’s friendship was one of the best things of this show, so I find it strange that they eliminated something that was really working.

    For next season, I really hope that Elijah or someone points out that they are hypocrites (not Damon or Stefan, they know their own hypocrisy, but rather Elena, Caroline, Matt, Tyler, etc….). They destroy an entire blood line of vampires without even batting an eye. They kill Finn, and he, probably better than Damon and Stefan combined, and everyone connected to his line. Could some of them have been good? How many lives did they destroy all because they wanted Elena to be left alone by Klaus? The characters only see what’s in front of their faces, so it would be nice to see who they hurt. Give them a little wake up call that perhaps they are no better than Klaus. It would make for some interesting storytelling. They want the ones they love to live but don’t even glance at the others they may be destroying. What gives them the right to decide who lives and dies? They’re the only vampires who deserve to live? Well at least according to Elena and the gang.

    Anyway, interested to see where they take next season. I’m hoping for some Klaus and Caroline.

    • JULES says:

      It’s interesting how DE and SE fans interpret things different. I don’t see any indication that DE will be endgame.

      • DW says:

        Jules, I am right there with you. DE was a storyline to bring in viewers and keep them engaged. The love story according to the producers will always be Stefan and Elena and the trials and tribulations that go with a true love. They will make up, break up, be tested, and continue to love one another. Throwing Damon in the mix adds to the story and allows viewers another perspective. Elena is a young woman who fell in love for the first time with a man. She truly loves him, but because she is young, she has no indication yet of forever. Their relationship will continue to grow and be tested. Stefan’s character realizes this and allows her to grow because ultimately he wants someone who wants the relationship forever.

  18. Maryam says:

    One word on Elena’s choice……BOO!

  19. cb says:

    she only said if I had met you first MAYBE things would be different. I don’t know why you’re all saying vampire elena will remember everything and be with damon. So what if she remembers that doesn’t mean jack.

    • DW says:

      cb, exactly. She is trying to ease the pain of knowing she strung him along. It is similar to saying, its not you, its me. By telling him maybe if we met first, it could have happened, Does anyone think her parents would have allowed Elena to date Damon? Hell no. He would have had to compel the entire family to date Elena. They met, made polite conversation and he was gone. She wasn’t intrigued by him. Curious because he was a handsome, strange man standing in the middle of the road, but she was not into him the first meeting. He was intrigued by her because of her resemblance to Katherine. I don’t think he checked on her like Stefan did to make sure she was okay after the accident. He met her and did not give her a second glance until he found out Stefan was seeing her. The second time they met, she was polite because he was Stefan’s brother. The next couple of meetings she tried to quiz him about Stefan’s relationship with Katherine, but let him know that she was not Katherine.

      She will wake up, remember things, and still be in love with Stefan. I keep reading posts about remember Damon’s love confessions and remembering their road conversation. She is not going to open up her arms and say, “I’m yours!” He has said he loved Elena to her face at least three times. She never returned the sentiment. Even in the car, she said, I care about you, but I love Stefan. Damon is causing his own pain if he does not realize by now that Elena will always love Stefan. People want some glimmer of hope so their televsion fantasy can play out. I am sure the flirting will continue which is in such bad taste. If Stefan and Elena break up again, it will be Stefan’s doing to allow Elena to explore herself. Now it is time for Damon to find someone else. How many times does he have to hear the same thing? At this point he needs to walk away and find someone who is more his age and type.

  20. superfan109 says:

    When was it revealed that Klaus had created Stefan and Damon’s bloodline? Cos I totally missed that

    • Manie says:

      Klaus admitted it in episode 3.21, and Elijah and Rebekka confirmed in the one that neither them nor Kol had done it, so it had to be Klaus.

      • superfan109 says:

        See I remember the bits in tonight’s episode but I don’t remember it being talked about in last week’s episode. I’m thinking maybe I missed something :(

  21. Dee says:

    I’m so sick of Klaus! Can’t this writing team think of something new?! this season was just as predictable as last season.

  22. Josh says:

    I don’t think her remembering that she met Damon first will really matter. Her feelings for Stefan won’t change.

    I’m just bummed she’s a vampire! Takes away the show’s humanity. Think it was a poor choice.

  23. Lola says:

    I honestly hated the flashback of her meeting Damon first because it ruins the beauty of their relationship! At the time he was obsessed with Katherine and didn’t fall in love with Elena instantly like Stefan did because of her looks… He fell in love, for real, with Elena because she was always so believed in him how good and sweet he is (even though they had random fights, she never really gave up)… and anyhow everyone can see that Damon is a passionate lover, I mean he was obsessed with one woman while Stefan was running around and falling for Rebekas and whatnot… Anyway, Damon doesn’t need stupid flashbacks like that, he is clearly winning this I MEAN COME ON! Also, I know that people always say things like “Damon is a monster, no friends” while he had the most touching scenes EVER I mean come on guys, Alaric, Rose, Stefan! However I don’t want the brotherhood to end cause I feel they are getting closer somehow, so Elena choosing one better not ruin that! Theres always Katherine eh eh? And I am very sad about Alaric bromance man forever!

    • DW says:

      Stefan fell in love with Elena after he got to know her. He said it himself that the resemblance drew him in, but he watched over during the summer to make sure she was not Katherine. He also removed himself from the relationship because he did not want Elena to get hurt after what happened to Vicki, Lexie, and Bonnie. She came after Stefan and let him know that she loved him. He did not let Elena know his feelings the first few weeks they dated and were apart. He wanted this to be Elena’s choice without influence. She chose in the beginning regardless of Stefan being a vampire and she chose in the finale. Damon chose to fall in love with his brother’s grilfriend. Elena was not his to take.

      Damon has won nothing. He has been shot down twice by Elena (it will always be Stefan) AND Katherine (it will always be Stefan). How is he winning? Everyone he meets, compels and sleeps with ends in disaster or death. What a winning passionate lover he is. he has no real sustainable relationship skills. He likes to woo them, sex them, and sex them more. he is also mean to each and every one of them. Elena has seen Damon at his worst and at the nice moments. She still is in love with Stefan and chose Stefan. She has seen Stefan at his worst, and she remains with Stefan.

      He has yet to find and love someone not connected to his brother. He has slept with Isobel (Elena’s mother), Elena’s friend, made out with Matt’s mother, Rebekah, etc. Stefan never slept with Rebekah. Stefan had long gotten over katherine and was able to date whomever he wanted. Remember Rebekah has strong feelings for Stefan. Stefan cared about Rebekah, but he wasn’t about to drop everything and be with her. she was someone he met at a bar in the 1920’s.

      These two are bound by blood. Ending the brotherhood after they have come together again? They have always been close. Katherine and becoming vampires drove them apart. They have learned to love each other again and have come full circle. Even Elena did not come between them. The second time around they were not going to let a woman come between them. It was actual Damon both times that allowed a woman to come between them. He was still mad that Stefan was turned. He thought he was going to be the only one. Katherine only turned Damon because Stefan wanted him turn so he could have his brother to keep him company. Damon only wanted to be turned to be with Katherine. He is still made about Stefan turning because he now knows Katherine never loved him. Stefan continued to reach out to Damon over the years, but Damon refused to speak to him. Instead he tormented Stefan when Stefan decided to stay off human blood.

  24. Luna Maya says:

    I’m happy Klaus is alive, but it won’t be the same with him possessing Tyler’s body. We will miss the actor, the accent, the real Klaus in person. But one thing I’m optimist about is that Bonnie might have preserved Klaus’ body like Klaus’ mother, that’s why they didn’t really show us that Klaus’ body burned up and destroyed.

  25. Samantha says:

    So according to JP Elena will be with Stefan for a little while next season! Oh Joy.

  26. hello says:

    Think i am done with this show now

  27. Janelle says:

    There is a chance Elena might not be turned into a vampire. If Bonnie can come up with a spell using the blood that Klaus took from her, she might not turn… I really hope she does turn though.

  28. airhead says:

    i want delena. and until that happens i will not be satisfied!! (plus… they met first. so i think that says it all, given elena’s little speech)

    • DW says:

      She said “maybe things would have been different if we had met first.” There has to be more than just a meeting. There has to be a few sparks, interest, and a follow up second meeting where they are allowed to get to know one another. Just coincidence that she met him on the road. He compelled her because he did not want it out that he was in town. He did not know who she knew, so he was not going to risk it. I cannot understand why people are holding on to those few words as golden proof that Elena wants Damon. She spelled it out right there on the phone. “It’s not you, it’s me” I am still in love with Stefan and I care about you. I have to cut your ass loose. Peace! She tried to be nice about it, but she knew she was stringing him along and did not love him. There is no reading between the lines. Her choice was made for now. The story is about a young love between a man and woman – Stefan and Elena. their relationship will continue to be tested along the way until Elena matures and figures out who she is and what she wants. Switching from Stefan to Damon’s bed is not going to be an option for her. She will probably share a kiss or two with another someone, but her heart and bed belong to Stefan.

  29. Sydney says:

    Amazing ending. Elena flashbacks with her parents in the car and her dad telling Stefan to save Elena first then Elena telling Stefan to save Matt first. Great scene. Thought Tyler was going to die but didn’t. I think klaus will live on in Tyler’s body. Disappointed that Elena did not chose Damon. I feel that Damon needs to be loved as well. Stefan had his turn already. But there is hope for him and her in the future for sure. Alaric died sad moment but he died because Elena is no longer human. I think being a vampire changes things do Elena will go back to Damon. And the love triangle countinues. I love vampire diaries.

  30. kaleb says:

    Dunno if anyone thought of this, but so much for the doppleganger bloodline. Elena died before having kids, and I don’t think it carry’s on through tyler.

  31. Samantha says:

    How is this even considered a real triangle? So she kissed Damon and had some little feelings. Big deal. It seems to me they’ll always be a tease and nothing more. They’ll never allow them to be nothing more and never put them together. I don’t see how that is even fair to the DE fan base. I mean in most triangles on shows both fan bases get at least half a season don’t they? but by the end the girl/guy makes their decision yet Elena has always been with Stefan. Always. At least on True Blood Sookie got to be with Eric even for a little bit. Dang wtf is with these writers? If they think I can support this show and even like Elena well WRONG. I hate her and their so called writing skill.

  32. casey says:

    I know that there a many fans who are upset with who elena chose but my feelings about are that Damon really made the choice for her…he had all season to tell her and not compel her to forget, how he feels but he didn’t. Many are also thinking that because she is, maybe, going to be a vampire that she will remember everything, that she met him first and that he did tell her he loved her and while this may be true, I hope it upsets her that he compelled her, no matter his reasons for doing it. He had no right to mess with her mind like that, stefan never made her forget any part of him, anything he did good of bad, because he wanted her to know who he is good and bad and to choose to be with him based on what she knows not on only what he let her remember. I hope Damon finds someone who is his equal who will love him for him, not try to change him into stefan, which elena basically tried to do. Plus I m sorry but I could never love a man who killed my brother or almost killed bonnie, wanted and tried to kill Caroline, killed my bf’s BFF for no good reason, killed a friends uncle, killed alaric twice, turned hobbies mom and especially since he did it to save her she feels super guilty, turned and made out (at the very least) her mom, and I am sure there is more. Stefan is not perfect, I am not saying that, but the bad things he did to elena he did to protect her while many of the things Damon did only served his best interests. Plus why would ppl want him to be with elena now, he will obviously always be her second choice and everyone deserves better than that.

    • JULES says:

      I really wish DE fans would read your post and understand it. DE fans just want them together no matter how much it doesn’t make sense.

      • DW says:

        Why put her with someone that is ultimately not going to work just for to please a certain audience? She is not going to roll around in bed with Damon with Stefan in the next room. Not a part of Elena’s personality. Her friends and brother would never approve which equals a lot of days sitting around with Damon watching him drink. She can run for days with Damon, but ultimately will come home and rethink her actions.

  33. Samantha says:

    Yeah lets see if Elena is so perfect when she’s a vampire although I’m sure with these idiotic writers she will be yawn

  34. Alex says:

    bring back Joseph Morgan – now!!! Klaus is not Klaus played by some other lame-ass actor. (An actor who I actually like – but only when he’s playing Tyler. not Klaus!)

  35. guest says:

    I thought she’d choose Damon (was hoping it’d be Stefan) but after her choice was made, it all made sense. She’s never had closure on Stefan. As much as I love SE, I know she’ll end up with Damon but before that can happen, she needs closure on Stefan.

  36. JULES says:

    Thank goodness the writers don’t listen to the rabid DE OR SE fanbases. They’re telling their story, not what you want it to be. What makes you think the writers should bow down to what you want? I think it’s pretty clear that plenty of people love the show without DE happening. A love triangle does NOT have to be about the girl being a couple with both guys. Sometimes it’s a forbidden lust and attraction that makes it a triangle.

  37. Frank says:

    Any chance Elena was wearing a ring and is not a vampire?

    • DW says:

      Ring only works on humans. Elena begin a doppleganger is a supernatural being. Ring will not work on supernatural beings. It was mentioned in Season 2 when she died at Klaus’ hands. Right now Jeremy is the only one with a ring. Alaric’s went into the fatal ash dagger to kill Klaus.

  38. A says:

    Agree with Kitsune Key completely.

  39. thecasey says:

    first off great finale, i really thought it wrapped everything up nicely and gave us somewhere to go for next season. Ok now I have some questions: 1) did Jeremy tell Alaric where to go to find Klaus? I thought Alaric was tracking them with the police? 2) what is it that makes Elena remember all the stuff Damon said to her before? is it the fact that she is a vampire or the fact that she died because if I’m not mistaken didn’t she die before and that the reason all the vampire can enter the Salvatore house.3) Why is everyone going back to the books, the show is completely different and is only slightly based on it e.g. look how awesome Caroline is her compared to in the book, and look at how the originals are different in the series compared to the books.
    Can’t wait to see where they go with next season :-)

  40. Shona says:

    PLEASE PLEASE get Damon to stop mooning over Elena! She doesn’t want him as a long term thing, he needs to get over it and get back to the badass Damon!

    • diana says:

      ur not even making any sense cause damon did everything just for elena both good and bad he wasnt just bad ass damon but ignorant damon at the beginnig when he first came into town nobody wanted to know damon for who he was but for the stories that were told and he had no hope but to conive in what pple believed and elena still believed that there was still hope for damon after all she brought out the good side and extremely bad side of damon…believe it or not im not an elena fan but whatever makes damon happy makes me :D

  41. Tasha says:

    That was intense. So sad to see Alaric die for real but I guess with Jeremy’s ghosty connections they can always bring him back. Did not see Klaus possessing Tyler coming though. When I read that there was going to be a major character death i figured it would be Tyler and Stefan and the gang were turned by another bloodline. Was pleased to see Bonnie get some backbone, although sad it happened at Tylers expense. I really want to explore DE I’m rather over “Self rightous Stefan” Damon is much more fun. And as Elena said Damon consumes her, why wouldnt you choose the guy who consumes you? Its going to be an interesting Season 4 I guess all there is to say now is……. Is it September yet?????

    • Dawnmac says:

      Because being with someone who consumes you gets old after awhile, you need balance. It sounds great in romance novels but in real life it would be horrible way to live. That person is everything to you, nothing else matters just him. Your whole life is focused around him. Than one day you wake up and look around and everyone else that was important to you is gone and it is just you two. Seems pretty lonely to me.

  42. Zain says:

    I’m glad she chose stefen . I’ve always said they’re true lovers

  43. Tee says:

    In that one scene where the brothers were standing there and she’s all oh I know I need to choose, I just can’t lose either of you, blahblah, you would think one of them would have the self respect to not want to be with someone that doesn’t even know if she wants to be with you.

    Elena’s good looking and generally not too stupid (she does seem to get herself into near death situations a LOT), decent to her friends, but generally not interesting enough to be worth all this fuss.

    Hopefully now at least she won’t be a permanent damsel in distress.

  44. sara says:

    She said “maybe” things would be different and honestly it felt like she said it only to make him feel a little better, didn’t really seem like she meant it! I don’t think the who met who first thing is really going to change things, Damon still acted the way he did even though he met her first so why are we supposed to believe that small moment is going to change how she feels about stefan?! Did noone notice that once again Damon told elena what she wants by saying she wants an all consuming love an adventure etc,(he was basically describing himself or what he wants with her) those are not things she said she wanted nor did she agree with him.

    • DW says:

      Sara, I noticed it. He described himself. He has such an ego. I can see him compelling her to believe it and having his way with her to kick off her because she looks like Katherine. I still do not know why they added the little montage to the story line. It was not relevant at all. If Damon met her first, he would have thrown it in Stefan’s face and bragged about it. Instead he lurked around Mystic Falls all summer killing people and then jumped on Stefan. This was as soon as Stefan had made contact with Elena. Once that happened, here comes Damon full of mischief and bad guy swagger.

  45. MaryAnn says:

    Best written season finale of the year! What makes this show so brilliant is the absolutely awesome writing with so many original, out-of-the-woodwork twists and turns. The pacing, the acting, how much the characters engaged our emotions, all were totally satisfying. If the writers can keep the storylines this fresh and exciting, I would not mind at all seeing “Vampire Diaries” stick around for years to come!

  46. ME says:

    I can’t believe people thought there was even a chance she’d even choose Damon. I knew she’d choose the bore because that is how predictable it has become. They will continue to tease DE and use that for ratings. The day Delena happens there will be no turning back to Stelena and the writers know this. I find it so funny when Stelena fans say its just an attraction/lust with DE. IMO, to continue a triangle for an entire run of a series Elena would have to eventually get with Damon for real to make it interesting and worth watching. This teasing with them but have her always choose Stefan is not the way to go and its old now. You either cut the crap and get the guts to do DE or let it go and give Damon a real love interest! TEAM DAMON. I’m so over Elena. So happy she died.

    • Shona says:

      They say it’s about lust because it IS! Elena never seriously looked at Damon until Stefan was out of the picture. Damon fans are so infatuated by their Damon love, they can’t see that her choice made sense right now. I know you love your Damon and I do too, but he has done far too many things for us to believe Elena could seriously be with him. Are those things supposed to just be forgotten? Damon does need a real love interest though, stop having him moon over his brother’s girlfriend already. I also don’t understand how you can watch this show and seem to hate both Elena and Stefan and only like Damon.

      • DW says:

        Shona, I agree with you completely. The mooning over his brother’s girl is tacky and not cool. Yes, Damon is the hot older brother with lots of swagger. He is a fan favorite. They want to see the fan favorite get the girl. I get that, but these two are completely different people who do not want the same things. Coming together and hurting a family member is the makings of a terrible relationship. I keep reading about how Damon deserves Elena because he loves her. Really? He loves her at the expense of his own brother. Even worse, he deserves Elena because he’s hot, or because he is lonely. He created his own disappointments by not knowing how to back off and create his own happiness. He cannot be happy for Stefan and Elena. He wants their happiness and feels he can have what they have obtained by being with Elena. It is extremely off putting. Would these people really root for a friend’s brother trying to break up a happy couple just because the brother was hot? Hell no.

  47. Leena says:

    I wonder which vampire’s blood she used to fix Elena…if he/she was sired from someone other than Klaus that would mean yet another Original they need to keep alive, right?

  48. Mikael says:

    I don’t think Elena remembering everything Damon compelled her to forget will automatically mean she loves him. She might actually be angry that once again, Damon took away her choices. He controls her, whereas Stefan always lets her make her own decisions. Besides, Damon is far better as the bad boy. I think it would be interesting to see Bonnie and Damon together. I hope next season means more Bonnie, and Dark Bonnie!

  49. ME says:

    I don’t see it with Bonnie n Damon but to each their own

  50. Mark P says:

    I am really happy that she chose Stefan. STELENA all the way!
    But for a moment there, I went to the DELENA side during the Damon-Elena flashback scene. It’s quite sad.

    But still, amazing finale! Well done!