Exclusive Finder Series Finale First Look: Watch Geoff and George Stults' TV Reunion!

Before it wraps its one-season run, The Finder is staging a family reunion — and we’ve got a first look at leading man Geoff Stults teaming up (and horsing around) with real-life brother George.

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Press PLAY below to watch an exclusive sneak peek at Friday’s Stults-heavy series finale, as well as outtakes and interviews with the cast (hot tip: someone wants to be “the meat” in a Stults sandwich).

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  1. Luminosity says:

    So sad that The Finder was cancelled. It was a fun show!

    • RMike Loyson says:

      I hadn’t heard, was The Finder really cancelled by Fox? That’s sad, they will probably replace it with another lame reality show…heaven help us!!!

    • lisa says:

      Yes! I’m so bummed… but will look forward to the finale anyway – I love the cast of this show!

    • Brian M says:

      Typical cancel the fun shows..never even gave them a chance …..ba*tards…

    • cheri says:

      I agree. I have never been a fan of reality shows and so of the dramas are just too intense. With all the stress in everyday life it is nice to have a pleasant entertaining escape like this quirky sorta mystery show. Maybe after some of the new fall shows don’t make someone will bring it back next winter. Good luck to the cast.

      • Rhonda says:

        I agree with this person. We don’t get enough of shows like this where you can laugh and just enjoy how the mystery gets solved.

    • Cindy Ferris says:

      What’s up Fox? The Finder was a great show. Why did you cancel it?

    • Mary says:

      It was fun. Can we get it back? It was a big hit with everyone I know once they found it. M

    • Vickie Devine says:

      Please do not cancell this show. If you want higher ratings….then create a twist in the show.
      ie….everything is always solved in one show…..quit doing that. Add some more drama. Finish one problem in one show, yet add another one, maybe two. In the next show, solve one issue, and let the other search continue thru possbily one or two shows later. Bring in a few more actors that come and go thru out the year. Please bring this show back….it’s wonderful. Bones took some time to acquire their fans….give the Finder the same chance.
      Vickie Devine

      • Katie says:

        USA should pick up “The Finder”. They understand and appreciate “characters”. Like their other shows the characters on “The Finder” are unique, interesting, appealing and entertaining. FOX only knows stupid reality shows. Come on, USA, help us out here. Give us “The Finder” back and give yourselves a winner.

    • fred says:

      this is the best show on and never got a chance on friday I had to tape it and all my friends hate that it is over should have given it a better night and get rid of music shows

    • fred says:

      now i know why every one is going to fx and others

  2. bad kevin says:

    Spinoffs still dead these days and The Finder is one of them just like it did last year when CBS cancel the Criminal Minds spinoff Suspect Behavior.

  3. Michael says:

    Fox moved this show for Touch, a crappy show that seems to only rely on its actor. This show had its actors, a damn good premise, drama, and comedy. I’m not sure what Fox was thinking, but beyond its opening episodes, Touch hasn’t done any better than Finder did on Thurdays. In fact, Finder was on a uptick, growing stronger with episode on Thursday, while touch has only done worse and worse each week. Great call there Fox.

  4. Bon says:

    I’m sad it’s ending. It’s such an enjoyable show with just the right amount of quirk.

  5. Lovemyshows says:

    I thought it was interesting and so different from anything else. This is one reason I try not to get interested in new shows, they never give them a chance.

    • Doris says:

      Actually I thought it was a lot like The Glades. However, I enjoyed it a lot and will miss it on Friday nights. Color me disappointed.

  6. gail says:

    Please don’t cancel please reconcider

  7. M. says:

    Is it wrong that, even though I know they are brothers, I want to watch them make out?

  8. Kasper F. Nielsen says:

    Such a shame the show is cancelled. Would be awesome if some random cable network picked it up, but yeah, fat chance :-(

    • Lu says:

      it would be great on USA along with White collar, suits, etc.

      • sunnysideyim says:

        Oh my god you’re SO right. The Finder would be the PERFECT addition to the USA lineup. It’s such a quirky show! But no way is it ever going to be picked up by anyone else since it’s a spinoff of Bones and that’s strictly a FOX show so I’m sure there’s a big rights issue :(

      • Paul Joseph, Luiso says:

        Yeah…USA Network. Characters welcome! Great idea.

  9. Kevin says:

    GREAT! Good to see you finally do an article on the Finder AFTER its cancelled.

  10. april-ann says:

    That clip makes me wish I’d watched the show, looks like fun. By the way, he will always be Kevin Kinkirk, lol.

  11. Sitting here in the UK waiting for this show because the pilot was completely brilliant, but before we even get the first episode you go and cancel the thing! Why would a network here bother with it now that it has such a short run? Hate you Fox, from all the way over here in England!

  12. Denise says:

    Wrong move Fox. The Finder was a fun show. The only show worth watching is Bones.

  13. cam says:

    what the finder got cancel. i like that show. what happen? i hate when that happens. whats going on with these tv people. that really really sucks. and i dont watch touch that should be cancel as well it sucks.

  14. Roscoe says:

    I’m not surprised by the show’s demise, but I really liked it. It’s a shame to think of all the great story arcs that will never be realized. Walter/Isabel Willa/Gypsies Leo/himself

  15. Scot says:

    “The Finder” is one of the freshest original ideas to come along for quite some time. Fun, interesting and always a pleasure to watch. Truly a shame that it was not continued.

  16. Mary says:

    I will miss Finder as well! I always looked forward to watching it right before Fringe. I could get some good drama and comedy before some great sci-fi drama!! After Fringe goes away next year I won’t have to bother turning to Fox at all. That just sucks!!

  17. Jaime says:

    Really hate that Fox is again canceling a great show. However, it follows in the footsteps of other great shows that went before it, ie Human Target and Lie to Me. Great shows with great actors. Think how great it would have been if Fox aired The Finder after Bones! Instant audience!! Oh well….Thanks for at least one season Fox.

  18. CAM says:

    This is why I hate getting invested in any new shows. They bring in a great show with an awesome cast, then cancel it after half a season, but keep shows that are not even half as fun. Really hate FOX for this one. It was a great show and a fun watch. RIP I will miss you!

    • Paul Joseph, Luiso says:

      Yeah…y’know, I think I’ve about had it with FOX. No more House, The Finder is gone and I never enjoyed bones or Fringe. Even The New Girl has degenerated into a dirty sex comedy and we really just don’t have enough of those, so goodbye FOX…I’m done.

  19. Beth says:

    It is such a fun show to watch. I was so disappointed to learn that FOX cancelled it.

  20. Citygirl says:

    Why do all the shows that are ENTERTATINING get cancelled???? Realty shows are lousy to wtch.

  21. Linda says:

    Again!! Another great & original show cancelled! Probably going to replace it with some stupid reality show. What a waste, don’t they see us normal people are SICK of reality tv, it SUCKS!! Bring the Finder back!

  22. amanda says:

    i cant beileve this show is ending i love this show!!! i cant beileve FOX cancelled it…

  23. kelly says:

    I am tempted to just turn off the cable every show that is good and entertaining is cancelled for stupid crap if I have to see one more reality show advertised I think I’ll scream

  24. Alex Agostini says:

    Really not liking FOX. REALLY REALLY NOT LIKING FOX!!!!!!!

  25. Really liked THE FINDER, hate reality tv. FOX messed up letting THE FINDER go.

  26. Hi April-ann Even thought the Finder was not shown in my Country Australia and now that it has been cancelled it probably won’t be.
    I still think the same as you he will always be Kevin Kinkirk to me but my god he has changed a lot I guess the years do that to you.


  27. coolone1 says:

    save the finder

  28. kathie says:

    i am shocked, i believe the finder was so original,had such great writing……FOX you are really stupid….this show was a gem….and the person above who mentioned the great story arcs got it right…..now we will never know……sad……..

  29. Baylee says:

    Here we go again… Thanks Fox for canceling a quirky, fun show, full of good characters and enjoyable “no brain drain” stories. I’m sure you’ll find another foul-mouthed cartoon or reality show to enrich my tv viewing. Thank God for USA Network!

  30. Lee Clarke says:

    I hate FOX. I try not to watch it because of their completely biased news programs. However, I made an exception for The Finder. It was original, funny, and very well written. Why on earth would FOX cancel a show like this? I am so disappointed.

  31. Volcfom says:

    I really hope a cable network (USA!) picks this show up. It might be the cancellation I’m most upset about this season.

  32. BigAl says:

    I am surprised this show was cancelled. It was one of the better shows on Fox. This seems like a poor decision for more advertising revenue. Greed comes at the cost of good taste.

  33. scott says:

    get clue FOX people want to watch this awesome show

  34. Dyan says:

    Fox! Listen to all the comments about how much people liked this show! Read the comments on its Facebook page! Save this show! It’s terrific!

  35. Ange says:

    Love the Finder! Fox Sucks!

  36. FinderFan! says:

    I forgot that Fox cancelled my other favourite show “Lie to Me”. Well, I love “The Finder” and “Bones” so I guess Bones is next. I find “Touch” boring, so it should be renewed for the next 10 years and they’ll just add another stupid reality show instead of quality t.v. like “The Finder”.

  37. Joris says:

    Why did they stop the finder? Its the funniest show around! I really liked the goofy walter, the pretty isabella, smart willa was real funny and leo.
    Who decides wich shows get cancelled? There are many shows i would cancel instead of the finder!

  38. jj says:

    Husband and I just found the show on hulu. Love it! Really cancelled? We’re ready for season 2!

    • Paul Joseph, Luiso says:

      I was thinking of starting a email campaign to the USA network to get them to pick it up. What do you think?

      • Annie says:

        Great idea! Let’s go for it. The Finder is too much fun to lose.

        • r says:

          i’m with you. lets do it. lets drop fox’s rating to zero. i’m so sick and tired of the fox network. they really stink right now. and they deserve a rating drop big time to wake them up.

  39. Brad says:

    Hd the final of the finder on DVR. Fantastic final. Can’t freaking believe they canceled the show. How ignorant! Shame on you FOPX!!

  40. Mare says:

    We want The Finder back. Come on, Fox. Give us at least one good show to watch on your network.

  41. Michelle says:

    I can’t believe with the crap shows fox has on they cancel one of their best shows. What next are they going to cancel the only other family entertaining show Touch? I wsh another station would pick it up, it was funny and entertaining, not that other crap you call funny.

  42. Laurie says:

    Fox is why we don’t have cable. Why pay for the junk they keep?
    Did they air The Finder out of sequence like they did to Firefly? Great way to decrease ratings to sabotage a show’s success. Grrr!