American Idol Top 4 Results Recap: Always Gonna Be an Uphill Battle [Updated]

phillip phillips hollie cavanagh idolBody swapping came a week early to Fox. While next Tuesday’s Glee will find the fictional kids of William McKinley High waking up inside each other’s frames, tonight’s American Idol‘s Top 4 results-show telecast brought a number of surprising fliperoos, too.

VIDEO | Idology: Elise Testone on ‘Vienna,’ ‘Whole Lotta Love’ and the Moment J.Lo ‘Crossed the Line’

Joshua Ledet admitted to channeling his inner Phillip Phillips after Ryan Seacrest asked him what language he was speaking during his astonishing Wednesday-night cover of “It’s a Man’s Man’s Man’s World.” Hollie Cavanagh got a taste of what it was like to be Jennifer Lopez when she admitted how “awkward” it felt to just mouth the words and not actually sing while filming the weekly Ford Music Video Indentured Servitude Interlude. And Randy Jackson got to play make-believe rock star by walking down a staged “red carpet” at the top of the show that was filled with dozens of young fans who pretended to be excited to see him.

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Before we get to results, though, a few thoughts on the telecast:

* I can guarantee I’ll still get choked up when Idol is in Season 27 (you know this will happen!) and they play hometown-visit footage featuring Elliott Yamin’s lovely mom.

* That group performance of “California Dreamin'” just reminded me how much Joshua excels when he’s pushed outside his comfort zone. Hopefully Jimmy or one of the judges gives him an out-of-left field choice for Top 3 week. (Randy, if you’re reading this, choose Tracy Chapman’s “Fast Car”! Oh, who am I kidding? Randy doesn’t read!)

* I’m always excited to hear new David Cook music, but “The Last Song I’ll Write for You” might be the hookiest single he’s released in the history of ever. I’ve given up trying to predict what’ll be a hit in a world that’s sent J.Lo’s “Dance Again” into the Billboard Top 20, but if there’s any justice in the world, this is the track that will put the Season 7 champ back on radio where he belongs.

* Speaking of Jenny from the Block, I’m 78 percent certain she gave the exact same performance back in Season 10, except for this time she changed the “words” to the chorus, wore a surprisingly atrocious midnight-blue sequined bathing suit/black tights combo, and managed to work in an extended dance sequence featuring her new boyfriend, Smart Casper. That aside, though, I appreciated the Enough star’s honesty when — responding to Jimmy Iovine’s complaint that Jessica relies too much on “tricks” like growling — J.Lo self-deprecatingly remarked, “The really good singing trick? I wish I could use that trick!”

* Joshua now has two strikes when it comes to unsettling remarks about J.Lo. First, there was that business of him staring at her abs a couple weeks back, and tonight we had him discussing how it was “really hot” that she critiqued him partly in Spanish on Wednesday. Here’s some Spanish-language feedback for ya, Mr. Ledet: NO ME GUSTA!

* And as for Jimmy Iovine’s “spontaneous” reactions to Wendesday’s performances, I have a few thoughts: I’m not sure how Phillip setting down his guitar for this week’s CCR cover was such a huge step in his journey to artistic self-discovery, but then again, I’m not privy to Season 11 voting tallies, am I? Also: I’m glad to hear Jimmy’s overall post-Idol plan for Joshua leans more toward “It’s a Man’s Man’s Man’s World” and not so much in the direction of “You Raise Me Up.”

Anyhow, let’s talk results! For those of you who missed it, there was no Bottom 2, only Ryan Seacrest reviewing each contestant’s Wednesday performances — one at a time — then making ’em wait till the last 10 minutes of the show to make the big announcement. So let’s cue dramatic music, have Keiran dim the lights, and discuss who’s headed to next week’s hometown visit:

Sent Back to Safety First
Jessica Sanchez

Sent Back to Safety Second
Joshua Ledet

Sent Back to Safety Third
Phillip Phillips

Hollie Cavanagh

Was Hollie’s ouster a big surprise? Not really. After all, as the Season 11 dark horse, she couldn’t afford the kind of middling showing she delivered on Wednesday. But that didn’t make her emotional exit performance to “The Climb” — way to bring it full circle from that Season 10 audition, girl! — any less stirring. The kid gave it a good run, and she’ll be missed.

What did you think of Top 4 results? Did the right person go home? Sound off in the comments, and for all my reality recaps and interviews, follow me on Twitter @MichaelSlezakTV!

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  1. WishesRandyCouldn'tSpeak says:

    Did it bug anyone else how Seacrest mentioned “Durbin” as a shocking elimination? I mean I remember his top 4 performances last season (not so great)….if that was shocking and since we all know how much Idol loved Scotty and Lauren, then they’re fricken still implying to this very day that Haley shoulda gone home…I miss Simon.

    • Idol Fan says:

      Well aside from Scotty, The Durbinator is doing the best in the biz from that season. So….

      • Brigette says:

        All that means is that Lauren is doing the worst. Haley & co.’s albums haven’t come out yet. :p And yes, “Wishes,” that bugged me too. I was NOT surprised when Durbs left after the scream-fest that was “Don’t Stop Believin'”.

        • Marsaili says:

          Considering I hear Lauren on country radio all the time, I hardly think she’s doing the worst—she’s touring with Jason Aldean—that’s damn great! I think in the long run she’s probably doing better than James. I hate to compare them, though, Nashville is more open to accepting Idols than the rock world is, these days anyway!

          • darcy's evil twin says:

            You’re correct, Marsaili – Lauren is on country radio and I don’t think there’s a lot of love for country on this message board. People here are still making fun of Kellie Pickler and she has a great career.

          • macy says:

            Where did anybody make fun of Kellie Pickler?

          • Marsaili says:

            A few boards back I had mentioned Kellie Pickler and someone laughed about her like she was nothing and went nowhere. apparently ignorant to Kellie’s huge success in country music.

          • darcy's evil twin says:

            It’s happened, Macy. You may have just missed it in the thousands of comments, LOL.

      • Dubliner says:

        It’s too early to make any judgements based on last year. Haley’s single is a hit and the album comes out in two weeks. Casey Abrams just got signed. Stafano’s got a single out. A year just isn’t quite enough time considering the tour and all.

      • JASon says:

        i looked at the billboard numbers. James has about 100,000 in album sells and lauren has about 270,000 so unless were in the bizarro world Lauren is more successful. So basically James is doing the worst out of all idols except for Stefano. Haley will easily sell better then durbin. If you consider winning over 100,000 of 30 million idol fans a success I guess James is a superstar!!!

    • FreeHaley says:

      yeah I couldn’t believe they had the nerve to rub salt so directly in that wound again.

      • WishesRandyCouldn'tSpeak says:

        I know right? Like at the beginning I banned myself from watching AI auditions this season cuz of Haley but then somehow spotted Hollie in hollywood week and decided to root for her cuz I remembered her…and now that I saw how great all the contestants were this season I was ok and getting over the Haley thing…
        and now this.
        Go F*CK yourself American Idol.

        • FreeHaley says:

          Yeah same here, skipped the first half, peaked in at start of live for curiosity and well in my case it was more Elise that caught my attention and I got slowly suckered into it again.

          Eventually saw that Jessica and Josh have quite the voices too and Hollie really came along at the end (and was never as bad in the middle as they made it sound even if she wasn’t top of class or anything then) and she does have a kinda cuteness and with the “pah-fect” accent and all. Colton wasn’t bad at times.

          But the fact they still think Haley didn’t even deserve top three not so hot. And combine that with seeing more weird uneven judging again this season (if not quite the Haley treatment since when Hollie got it a bit at least she hadn’t done best of the night or anything when she got it and they didn’t quite as blatantly go after Elise, although they didn’t give her full cred for some of her mad skills though either and said some odd stuff that sometimes directly went against what they had said to her the week before or to another contestant just a minute before), not so hot.

    • Mary B says:

      Do you know I read an interview with Durbin just a couple of days ago and he is still bitter about being knocked off at 4th. He felt he gave the best performance and should not be thebonebto go home. He really turned me off. I understand he has a condition and all but still.

      • WishesRandyCouldn'tSpeak says:

        Wow I had no idea about that! He’s as deluded as the judges. SMDH.

      • Sandi says:

        But still what? His condition is Asperger’s Syndrome. I can’t give you a comprehensive explanation here as what that means but let’s just say his brain works very differently than yours and it’s out of his control.

  2. david says:

    p/p rocks i would buy his cd in a heart beat now josh is good but the music he wants to sing wont sell and j/s is great to but to young not alot of people will adapt to her music being that she is youg p/p all the way

  3. Felicia says:

    Everyone seems to forget america voted Jessica off…and she was SAVED!!! she completely messed up the path of everyone else. I’m gonna watch it in 10 mins Hollie was my favorite, the best, hope to see her name in lights :-)

    • Marianne says:

      I still in no way believe Jessica was actually voted off. I think it was all a production ruse.

    • JC says:

      Jessica was not the lowest vote getter that night the producers wanted to create drama. They built up Jessica’s momentum even more and I hope it gets her to the finale :)

    • Sandi says:

      SHE didn’t mess up anyone’s path. She performed to the best of her ability, was voted off, and the judges decided to save her.

      Sometimes the voting public doesn’t pick the “best” singer. Case in point: Daughtry and J Hud both getting voted off early and then having huge careers. Heck, Clay Aiken had to be picked for the top 10 when the audience didn’t put him through and then went on to a fairly successful career.

    • Tommyo2000 says:

      Technically America did not vote her back … you dont get to cast votes against …

  4. Paramour says:

    Hollie will go the way of DeGarmo…She will do Broadway, then fade. She is talented, but not extraordinary.

    • Idol Fan says:

      Except DeGarmo has been doing a lot of things – just not come to light yet. She’s getting ready to release a new album and just finished up an acting gig on TV show that’s been on forever.

    • JASon says:

      Probably right. I’d almost bet my right foot she will play Sandy on broadway. She is Olivia Newton John reincarnated (if ONJ had died that is)

  5. Beck says:

    It needs to be Phil and one of the Js for top two. Otherwise it’ll be like last year’s finale… except for crappy country vs crappier country we’ll have Shouty Shout vs Shouty McShouterson. I want some contrast. Some variety. Some suspense. Phil can do this. Phil and Joshua for top two.

  6. Paramour says:

    I did not watch last season’s finale..when it turned into Hee Haw. I was done.

    • darcy's evil twin says:

      Hmm…what did I just say about “no love for country here?”
      I rest my case.

      • jaxguy says:

        Country fans will buy anything.

        • darcy's evil twin says:

          Not true. They stopped buying The Dixie Chicks’ CDs. ;-)
          People that make comments like that don’t listen to country music. Although I’m a rock fan I do like country. I’m a sucker for a song that tells a story and the music is quite good. Say what you will, but it rakes in the cash.

  7. You cannot say Phillip is better than Joshua. That boy can sing circles around Phillip. If I had my way it would be a Phillip/Joshua final with Joshua winning. Joshua has so much passion and soul when he sings. He’s an amazing performer.

    • Marsaili says:

      Phillip and Joshua are apples and oranges—totally different styles and voices—they aren’t comparable. They are both full of passion and soul—they just show it differently. There is no need to elevate one contestant by bringing down another.

    • Jules says:

      “Better?” “Circles?” “Passion?” “Soul?” “Amazing performer?” Yes-Joshua is. But so is Phillip.

      • jaxguy says:

        Phillip looks constipated when he sings. Ok bring on the slings an arrows, but he does. always grimacing. He sounds strained. But everyone is giving him a pass. They shredded poor David A and last year over the closed eyes, but they let Phil get away with those faces. At least the boards called out Scotty for those goofy faces he made. YUCK

    • CMC says:

      Amen!! I couldn’t agree more. Josh really deserves to be the winner. He won’t be, but should be!

  8. Red in Denver says:

    Would have much rather seen either Phillip or Jessica eliminated. Although Jessica’s voice is technically amazing; by just a few shows into the season, she began to strike me as contrived, manufactured, slickly produced — as though all her vocal pyrotechnics and facial expressions and ’emotion’ were completely staged/contrived. Phillip just seems not all that great vocally, although he’s cute and seems like a nice guy.

    • Marianne says:

      Geez – Phillip is totally “contrived” too. Dave Matthews down to mannerisms, foot/leg movements, and the way he holds his guitar. C’mon now.

      • tarc says:

        Phils own material and his studio songs sound nothing like DMB. If I had to compare, his live performances sound much more like early Joe Cocker, not Dave Matthews, as others have mentioned before.

        • CMC says:

          Nope Tarc. Been to countless DMB shows and own every single one of his CD’s (both with his band and acoustic with Tim Reynolds). P2 is a Dave Matthews impersonator

          • tarc says:

            I’ve been the same (though I’m sure my DMB collection is significantly larger), and nope.

    • jaxguy says:

      He gets a pass. I don’t believe the comments here. Crazy. Jessica is contrived and manufacture but Phil is great? EVERYTHING sounds the same with him. Strained.

  9. Paramour says:

    omg…Clay Aiken is on Ed Show talking about Mitt and Obama. He is talking about how it was disheartening that Mitt was a bully in school now.

    • Paramour says:

      I say stay away from politics and sing Clay sing.

      • darcy's evil twin says:

        I’m in agreement with you 100% on that statement. Ghandi probably bullied kids in school. Sing, Clay – just sing.

        • macy says:

          You are actually condoning what Mitt Romney did because “Ghandi probably bullied kids in school”? Good Lord. (rolls eyes)

          • darcy's evil twin says:

            Actually, Macy, I don’t give a flying crap what Romney did in school 100 years ago, and this is NOT a political board (breaking a rule here – sorry, Mr. Slezak and other Idoloonies) but if he did indeed do that it’s not even in the same ZIP Code of Bad Behavior as – okay, never mind, not saying it. This is NOT a political board.

            And the comment “Ghandi probably bullied kids in school” was sarcasm. Just so you know. But he probably did a lot of stupid things, just like all kids do. The point of the posts (mine and Paramour’s) was Clay Aiken should stick to singing.
            you can return to your politically correct life now, Macy.

          • FreeHaley says:

            Why do famous people have to give up the right to speak about politics?? Why do they suddenly lose that right?

          • macy says:

            It’s not about being politically correct, I just don’t enjoy Gandhi being randomly disparaged for no reason.

  10. MA says:

    Oh, my little Hollie bunny. I shall miss you and your super cute self, but way to sing it out, girl!!

  11. FreeHaley says:

    Was anyone else utterly PO that Nigel had Seacrest mention Durbin being sent home instead of Haley as one of the most shocking top 4 eliminations?

    I’m really disappointed Seacrest went along with that and even moreso if he was the one who came up with that, a cheap shot for drama building (which didn’t work anyway, since as soon as that stuff was mentioned it was clear Phillip was safe hah).

    Anyway, the only shock was that Haley got eliminated from top two.

    I guess Nigel is still smarting that his ratings have been down double digits ever since the night Haley got eliminated (it’s probably not all that sure, but whatever the reasons, they did drop heavy double digits exactly then and have never recovered. Instead of trying to fix what they did wrong they just continued on the same.). Who knows.

    A travesty that her elimination is considered a shock her staying by the show still and not her too early exit.

    I was trying hard to look past the show and enjoy J&J’s safety at least, but they had to go there haha. Not bad enough we lost Elise and now, even Phillip over Hollie (although in this case I guess I can understand people on both sides), but they had to go there! hah.
    Oh Nigel, Nigel, Nigel.

    • Marsaili says:

      They were talking about the top 4—not the top 3. He wouldn’t mention Haley as a shocker because she went home in the top 3. It was a shock that Durbin went home—-I was hoping for Haley and James in the top 2 with Haley for the win! I doubt that Nigel carries any animosity towards Haley—if he did she wouldn’t have been one of the guest singers this year.

      • WishesRandyCouldn'tSpeak says:

        The show considered James’ exit as a shock last year cuz they were expecting Haley to get the boot at that time. And you can’t say it shoulda been lauren or scotty from the show/judges/producer’s/nigelbitch’s point of view cuz we all saw that country finale (actually I skipped it :) ) .. I think that’s what FreeHaley meant.

        • WishesRandyCouldn'tSpeak says:

          But yeah although I didn’t like James and was glad he went when he did, a Haley Vs James finale woulda been very exciting to watch!

          • FreeHaley says:

            I thought James pretty much lost the plot the last few weeks but yeah he still put on a show. I’d have found Haley+James more exciting than Haley+Scotty. I actually think Scotty was the dullest of the top four.

        • Marsaili says:

          Oh ok, gotcha!

      • FreeHaley says:

        They meant that is was a shock that James got dumped instead of Haley for top 4 (and they didn’t exactly make it seem like a tradgedy when Haley got dumped top three week, JLO’s eyes were dry for the first time in weeks and Randy kinda just say there, only Steven seemed kinda really upset and ticked off about it.) since you know there is now way they meant it was a shock he got dumped over their two ultimate pets.

        OK, well probably it wasn’t Nigel taking revenge or anything, ok, but it shows at least the problem that they still think people like Haley or Elise and the like, with mad skills and training, are throw aways. Kinda sad.

        (Maybe he brought her back for her performance to try to appease all the people who got PO last season, but the statement still potentially shows TPTB don’t really respect her, unless it was maybe just Seacrest who came up with that, maybe even spur of the moment to add something to Daughtry’s mention, without thinking through what it said about Haley, so maybe it wasn’t planned and was just an innocent spur of the moment thing or even planned without thinking it through the extra level and nothing bad was meant) or maybe it was Jimmy he wanted her back since she is part of the main Idol production company I think.)

        • Mary B says:

          I am a total Haley fan and really wanted her to win. iI still follow her career but there were alot of James fans who really got upset when he got eliminated. My granddaughter loved him, liked Haley too but loved James and stopped watching the show after he was eliminated. He appealed to a lot of pre-teens and teens more so than Scotty. None of my granddaughter’s friends could stand Scotty. My son actually stopped watching then too. So to some it was a shock when he was eliminated. Though I was never personally fond of him he had a huge fan base.

        • Meghan says:

          Ryan did sort of pause and added in “like Durbin” after he finished his sentence about Daughtry. So who knows, maybe he did just think of it spur of the moment?

  12. Gojess says:

    Go jess!!!!!!!!!!!! She has the young girls vote if you ask me
    I’ve been waiting for hollie to leave for weeks!
    Pp isn’t my fav but pretty good

    I still wish Colton was here

  13. Phil For The Win says:

    Jessica+Joshua+Finale=ScreamFest 2012=FAIL

  14. Sadface says:

    Stop with the racism
    You sound like a bunch of jr high boys:(

  15. Paisley says:

    Puh-fect outcome Our Brit-Texan went out on a high note literally and we have a fantastic Top Three I want Joshua to win or Jessica I like P2 a lot but J and J have the Chops

  16. Does anyone know a person who does not watch IDOL? Does not know about these kids on the show? Make the person here the music of these kids performances….NOT SEE PERFORMANCES ok….Just LISTEN to these kids singing….I’d like that person to judge the best singer there is….NO faces, NO Preconceptions ..Just voices like the good old days….

    • Marsaili says:

      My mother started watching for the first time ever last week. She’s rooting for Phillip and Joshua. She said Jessica was screaming too much for her and the song choices were too old. She said Hollie was cute but needed more self esteem while singing but she had a beautiful voice. She said if she could have, she would have gotten down on the floor to testify when Joshua was singing! She said Phillip sings great bluesy songs and she really liked how he sounded.

      • Marianne says:

        Hmm…your mother thinks Jessica’s song choices are too old, but not Joshua’s? I’m confused.

        • tarc says:

          Jessica’s choices *are* too old, as everybody including Jimmy Iovine have said. Joshua’s voice and life experience is more advanced than Jessica’s, and it’s clear from his performances. That four years makes a world of difference.

          • Jaxguy says:

            I don;t buy charm, I buy music.

          • Jaxguy says:

            yeah too old. Again too freakin’ stupid for words. NOT everything she sings is that old. What do you want her to sing? Name something that suits her voice that you consider young?
            Go have an affair with your boy Phil. He’s waiting with his guitar in the local coffee house. You won’t even have to pay. Just buy a cup of coffee.

        • Marsaili says:

          Maturity-wise, Marianne, not age of the song. She didn’t think Jessica should be singing songs about things she can’t understand yet—which seems to be a universal thought amongst people who can look at her clearly and see what she is—a young girl with a great voice who has a lot of growing to do yet. Many of the songs were beyond her age and maturity and I know you are gonna say “what’s she supposed to sing, the Mickey Mouse Club theme?” but no–there are thousands of songs that she can sing that aren’t about love and heartache and sneaking out to have sex.

          • ClickMe says:

            Let Jessica sing whatever she feesl like singing.. and vote her off if those songs she performs are not listenable or really bad. End of the story! Why argue? Is “Hit Me Baby One More Time” an age-appropriate song for her and would it be acceptable?!

            Phillip for the win! The guy has charm!!

          • Suggestor says:

            Thousands? Name FIFTY that would showcase her powerhouse voice, recognizable vote getters, and fit in the themes they have offered this year. Songs that are… most importantly, cleared by idol. This way we have an idea if this is even logistically possible.

          • Tim says:

            Love and heartache are the theme of about 99% of the songs that are written.

          • Meghan says:

            “Steal Away” is a song about sneaking out to see a lover that your parents don’t approve of. Isn’t this what teenagers throughout the ages have done? It wouldn’t make as much sense for a late 20’s/early 30’s singer because they are past that point in their life. I thought it was perfectly appropriate for Jessica.

        • jaxguy says:

          I think the song choices being too old argument is stupid. Fantasia won iDOL based on her performance of a song written in 19-freakin’-35. Great music is great music. Age has nothing to do with it. Most modern songs on the radio are garbage anyway. Great vocalist are great vocalists singing any great song. Yes I am a Jessica fan. But my argument is not for her, it’s for this hypocritical view of music. If you sing a great song, greatly, you will win me over. That’s why I love Josh and Jess. It’s a Man’s World is 46 years old and I defy anyone with proper hearing to say Josh’s version wasn’t just about brilliant. Great son, great vocal. SHUT UP ABOUT THIS OLD SONG CRAP. Name me a song from 2012 half as good as either of those classics and then we can talk.
          When Josh, Jessica and Phillip get signed, and they will, they will be given contemporary music to sing.
          For me the competition is about who has the greatest voice.
          They will get plenty of crap to sing on their first records.

          • MA says:

            As I recall, by the time she was on Idol, Fantastia was a single-parent with a young child, who had dropped out of high school and had also been raped. She was able to sell songs about love, loss, heartache, etc. because she had lived, even if she was only 19. That’s unusual. Most people who are 19…or 16, in Jessica’s case…or 18, in Hollie’s…have not coped with so many difficult or traumatic things. So when they sing songs about them (or write books about them or whatever), they have no experience to back up the emotion they’re trying to sell. There are always exceptions (Joss Stone and Jonny Lang are two I can think of), but that’s the rule. The problem with Jessica and Hollie’s song choices are that they don’t fit their ages and life experience, not that the songs come from another era. The girls clearly have good taste in big, beautiful, emotional songs, but they can’t sell them because they’re young, sweet, and innocent (as they should be, of course).
            And that’s as nice as I’m going to be to you, jaxguy, if you continue being rude.

          • Marsaili says:

            Jax, try reading before spewing your verbal diahrrea, I was speaking of songs that were too MATURE for Jessica—not too old in years.

          • tarc says:

            Boy, that reading comprehension needs some work.

          • Jaxguy says:

            Tarc, Marsha and Ma you proved my point about stupidity. You give passes to people you like but trash the ones you don’t. YOU DON”T LIKE JESSICA so you give some dumba%% excuses for why. That’s ignorant. If you have such a problem being sold on a great performance it’s your shortcoming not the artist. If you didn’t know Jessica and Hollie were young and just heard them sing you would not say the same. A young lady I work with has spewed the same crap you people did, and although she has not watched every episode, I played a Jessica song without commenting on anything about it she raved about how great it was. She said too bad Jessica is not as good as that. When I showed her the video she was embarrassed that she had loved what she formally thought was “boring” and “too old for her.” Too bad we know so much about the singers maybe we wouldn’t have preordained notions of maturity. Would you that Jackie Evancho was 11 or whatever if you only heard her voice?

    • Marsaili says:

      Oh well, I missed the not seeing them bit—but she was only seeing them for the first time so she wasn’t prejudiced either way.

  17. Gale says:

    Hollie was the right one to go home – she imploded on her performances this week, just when the others stepped it up. “…and also something Jennifer Lopez did” made me laugh! Is anybody else getting tired of her saying “it’s crazy..”

  18. dj says:

    I thought Hollie’s exit was the classiest I’ve ever seen on Idol, the way she hugged each contestant in turn and shook the judges’ hands while doing a beautiful vocal on The Climb. She has come a long way from that tearful audition in season 10. What a pro.

  19. joelscorp says:

    I just wish Jimmy (who is absolutely necessary) and the judges would shut the hell up about “your first album,” “your contract”, “I’d sign you immediately”, “Jimmy,give this one good songs” to all three. Hello — uhhh, doesn’t it mean anything to be a winner on this show? Who would care who wins if the judges keep telling us they’ve all got contracts waiting for them regardless? I’m not sure I do. Any suspense left is like the water left in my tub after the shower.

  20. JC says:

    Tommy Mottola is interested in Jessica? that is saying a lot :)

    • darcy's evil twin says:

      Hopefully to produce a CD – not to marry her.

    • Marsaili says:

      Yeah, I’d run as far away from him as I could—look what he did to Mariah! Tommy Mottola needs to stay far, far away from young girls!

      • darcy's evil twin says:

        Now he’s married to some young Mexican singer. Well, I say young – I think she’s about 40, but that’s 20 years younger than he is.

    • Blahh says:

      yah… a lot of professional singers like Jessica…. namely Adam Lambert, Akon, Jennifer Holiday (who tweeted yesterday to vote for her), Haley Reinhart (my fave), Kris Allen (im surprised she likes Jess..) and a whole lot more…

  21. darcy's evil twin says:

    Okay, I’m starting the official American idol/TV Line Drinking Game.
    Every time someone uses the word “racist” in a post on these boards, everyone downs a shot of bourbon.
    Every time someone calls someone else a “hater” in a post on these boards, everyone downs a shot of scotch.
    Every time someone uses the term “WGWG” everyone has to drink a beer.
    If you down a bourbon, a scotch, and a beer in that order you have to sing George Thorogood and the Destroyers’ “One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer”. the whole song.

    • Suggestor says:

      Add ” too young” ” age appropriate” ” screecher” “screamer” “can’t connect” ” mimic” ” parrot” ” technical” and you have a real drinking game.

    • Robin says:

      I would be wasted by the time I scrolled down the first page!

    • macy says:

      Darcy, you’re the one who usually uses the word “racist” first, usually something like, “I guess people are gonna call me racist now…” You frequently say something like that, when no one has called you racist. As a matter of fact you were the first one to use the word in this set of comments, when someone brought up In Living Color, and you said something like, “People who watch it will probably think it’s racist….” ???????

      • darcy's evil twin says:

        Macy, you must be a product of some uber-politically-correct school where humor and sarcasm are a lost art and everything is puppies, kittens, rainbows, and kumbaya. I just don’t quite know what else to say. Doggone it – thanks to your post, I’m drunk on my backside.
        And yes, people did call me a racist when I didn’t care for HeeJun’s singing. I decided I must be racist so I fired my Asian stockbroker just to prove it to myself.

        • Mary B says:

          OMG! You are just too funny. Love it.

        • Marsaili says:

          ….puppies and kittens, rainbows, and kumbaya! Gee, if only such a place existed! We could send all the Blue Meanies there and they could come back as nice people!

        • macy says:

          ONE person ONE time said you were racist. But you’ve repeated “everyone here calls me racist” about 72 times.

          • Marsaili says:

            Macy, do you just come here to pick on people? I never see you say anything of value other than to pick on the same people over and over again. What is up with that?

    • Marsaili says:

      OMG Darcy, I’m a light-weight, I’d be drunk in 5 minutes! ;-)

  22. ronnelp says:

    It’s obvious from the judges that they want thw two J’s in the finale. Remember what JLo said when Josh and Jess did the duet. It’s like the finale thing

  23. Syl says:

    Boo, my Hollie! Not sure who I’ll vote for now. Jessica used to be my second favorite, but ever since the judges told her to sing like Joshua, I haven’t really enjoyed too many of her performances. Joshua is definitely not to my taste and am kinda mad what her copying of his style has done to her. Phil was my third favorite, so I may just split my votes between him and Jessica. I’ll see after next week’s performances. So sad about Hollie. :(

    • Suggestor says:

      Jessica has sung that way long before Joshua. Watch the Vegas trio, and some of her youtube vids. Her first live performance had all of that.

  24. JASon says:

    ANyone think Joshua breaking down and crying will get him all holly’s voting block. He may have won with that show of emotion

    • deedee says:

      Nah, I’ve already seen plenty of Hollie fans who have washed their hands of the show, are refusing to watch the coming “screamfest”, etc etc etc. Idol fans are ruthless!

      But what a sweet tender moment for Josh and Hollie. *sniff* Oh, Joshua. The streaming tears only make you more adorable. :'(

  25. LB says:

    Based on last night’s performance, YES! The right person went home.

  26. Corey says:

    3. Joshua – eliminated next week
    2. Phillip – final 2
    1. Jessica- new American Idol 2012

    3. Phillip – eliminated next week
    2. Joshua – final 2
    1. Jessica- new American Idol 2012

    Already right about the top 6 elimination (elise, skylar then hollie)…

  27. darcy the slutty twin says:

    Very sad that the magical creature Hollie Cavanagh has ended her run on Idol. I am, however, taking comfort in the fact that PP and his peepee will continue to seduce me in the coming weeks.

  28. JASon says:

    SLezak you sure have loyalty to David Cook!!! That song was an offkey boring mess! and I was a fan of Cook on Idol!!! Subject Change Idol sucks for never having Carly Smithson and her band We’re Are The Fallen on Idol. Best post Idol album ever!!!!

  29. Steve says:

    As much as I like Phillips style and he is a very singer but he has a single genre and it is not nearly talented and diverse as Hollie’s voice. This was a mistake!!!! But I don’t believe Hollie would make it to final two. It’s goes without doubt that Jessica and Joshua will be in the final two. My vote will be for the young soon to be DIVA Jessica as she has more diversity than Joshua. Both are extremely talented and deserve to be in the final…but you have to look at whose has the mega star capability and that is Jessica. Look at some of the past year winners that had very little diversity. Both will be stars with contracts!

  30. Sarrah says:

    apparently now on top of his kidney issues, phil’s liver has been recently giving out. Geez…this guy can’t catch a break.

  31. I says:

    If Jessica wins this season, she will break records in history of American Idol:

    1. First Latina-Asian-American winner
    2. First female winner in 5 years
    3. First ‘eliminated-then-saved’ winner
    4. Youngest winner at 16

    Like Heejun says, AI is somewhat like Hunger Games, all of the are skilled and great but only one has to survive. I am hoping that Jessica will be the ‘Katniss’ this season. :)

  32. Venus says:

    The lyrics of “California Dreamin” managed to change when it was Joshua’s turn. I Got down my Knees and began to pray, was obviously changed to fit his religious beliefs. Never heard of any show ever doing that before last night. HE HAS GOT TO GO. I’m so sick of his Gospel hollering but commiting a lyric change to fit his beliefs is absurd. Face it Jimmy Iovine tells us who will win. Hope PP wins cuz this show is absurd to anyone over the age of 30

    • darcy's evil twin says:

      Good grief, in the name of everything holy, that was a silly post. Half the people out there probably think those ARE the lyrics. That’s the best complaint you can come up with about Joshua? It’s not uncommon for Protestants to change the words in “Let it Be” from “Mother Mary” to “Blessed Jesus”.
      (The actual lyrics are “I got down on my knees, and I pretend to pray”).

      Hopefully they’ll do one more CCR song on this program and P2 will sing “Bad Moon Rising”. He can sing about how “there’s a bathroom on the right”. (I still remember my dad, when I was about 11, asking me, what ARE they lyrics to this song????? It sounds like he’s singing that there’s a bathroom on the right!)

      • deedee says:

        See, I learned something last night: had no idea it was “pretend” to pray, not “began” to pray. I though Joshua mis-sang until the back-up Idolettes repeated the word. Btw, I agree with Michael that when he’s forced to sing out of his comfort zone (like on these duets and group numbers), he does an excellent job.

        • MA says:

          I totally thought it was “began” too! I guess “pretend” makes more sense in the context of the song, but I had no idea.
          Ha, darcy!

    • darcy's evil twin says:

      Oh, and by the way, we Christians get just as tired of folks like you foisting your beliefs on us in a rude manner. I have absolutely no problem with anyone else’s personal beliefs but I do expect people to be polite.

    • macy says:

      I believe Joshua did sing “and I pretend to pray”, the original lyrics.

      • NedPepper says:

        I just watched the show. He said “and I pretend to pray.” And I thought, is it pretend or began? I’ve always wondered. I guess it’s pretend.

    • deedee says:

      @Venus, please do tell me how the lyrics “got down on my knees and pretend to pray” — “fits his religious beliefs”? In what religion does “pretending to pray” play a significant role? Does this actually make sense to you?

      • darcy's evil twin says:

        Okay, so it sounds like Joshua did sing the correct lyrics. I’ll go back and check in with my DVR as well when I have the time.

  33. Kay says:

    I guess AI has solved it’s black male problem it had for a few years. Joshua is a great find. Too bad that it still has the WGWG problem.

  34. Whimsical says:

    No, the right person did NOT go home. Phillip should’ve been gone weeks ago, after a series of bland, indistinguishable perfomances-seriously, he made every song he sang sound exactly alike! (Not to mention, if you’re too “sick” to live up to your Idol responsibilities, you’re too sick to be on the show, period).

    But we all know the teenage girl demographic will never vote out the wgwg. Ah well, it’s probably a blessing in disguise- very few of the Idol winners have gone on to do well, while the ones with actual talent have shone, no matter where they placed- Daughtry came in fourth too, remember.

    In a few years, Hollie will be at the top of the sales chart, and everyone will be going “Phillip who? Oh yeah, that guy who won idol that one year. Whatever happened to him?”

  35. teatime says:

    I am sorry to see Hollie go. Now we just have “judge’s pick Idol.”

  36. teatime says:

    i loved everything about David Cook’s performance. The Last Song I’ll Write For You is a very catchy song with a nice melody. Great vocals without over singing!

  37. Scout says:

    “Hollie Cavanagh got a taste of what it was like to be Jennifer Lopez when she admitted how “awkward” it felt to just mouth the words and not actually sing while filming” Oh Michael, you crack me up! :)

    Anytime Joshua talks, it seems a bit uncomfortable to watch and hear. I think I may be more uncomfortable than he is. He is just a dude who likes expressing himself through his art – singing, talking is not really his thing. And all that nonsense about him lusting after JLo…. um, please ask Nigel to stop trying to convince me Joshua is straight. That is a stretch. No that I care, but really. It just makes me sad that they feel he needs to do that. Just let the dude sing – I am good with his shyness, ambiguous sexuality, etc. This is not a personality contest [to me, anyway.]

    • darcy's evil twin says:

      When Joshua sings, he turns into a completely different person. It’s an amazing transition. Who would ever listen to him talk and think he could deliver “It’s a Man’s, Man’s, Man’s World” or “When A Man Loves a Woman”? Especially the part in the latter performance where he dropped his jacket on the stage.

    • deedee says:

      Yes, it’s the shyness and reserved offstage personality that makes his performances even more exciting for me. I’ve said this before, but it’s like Michael Jackson. He was notoriously shy and quite socially awkward, even. Then he got on stage and tore it up like nobody before or since. Joshua has that quality as a performer – the ability to transform himself, and hold an audience in his hand. Loved how Seacrest asked after “Man’s World” what happens to him when he makes that transformation, and Josh just shrugged and quietly said, “I dunno, man”. LOL! He’s a gem.

    • NedPepper says:

      Yeah, either Joshua himself isn’t ready to come out or Nigel doesn’t want to address the issue. Adam Lambert all over again. (We sure were shocked when he came out….and we were once again shocked when Clay Aiken came out…seriously, no one thought otherwise.) Regardless, enough with the awkward “lusting” for JLo. No one is buying it. And no one cares if he is gay. What they care about are his performances and singing, which are out of this world good. Although a part of me wishes at least one idol contestant would say, “I’m gay and it’s no big deal.” What is this, the military?

      • tarc says:

        The trouble is that it would be incredibly unwise for Joshua to come out on the show. We’ve seen it over and over, on virtually all reality shows with public voting: the gay guy gest screwed. Even if it sways just 5% of the vote (and it appears to be larger in most cases), it’s enough to send someone home early, or tip the finale to someone else. There is a whole swath of people that spend large amounts of cash, time, and effort in so many ways to harm homosexuals in everyday life, not voting is a certainty.

        • NedPepper says:

          Season One of the Voice shows that you can be gay and out and if people like you, you can make the finals. Vicki and Beverly did just fine. Although, I get what you’re saying. Maybe coming out mid-season could hurt someone. But being honest from the beginning? I’d love an Idol contestant to do that. If they’re even allowed.

          • darcy's evil twin says:

            I’m not sure we really need to go there on “Idol”. A lot of young kids watch the show (like my ten year old niece). They probably don’t watch The Voice (I can barely stand that show). I don’t think it’s necessary or pertinent. Besides, we should leave Joshua alone since we don’t know anything for certain. Poor guy. Joshua is 19. Not sure how old vicci Martinez is but I’m sure she’s older than 19.

          • FreeHaley says:

            “go there”
            “a lot of young kids watch”

            Come on. What kind of talk is that? Seriously, imagine replacing the word “gay” in the above paragraphs with anything else and then would you seriously have made such comments? That’s treating it as something shameful to be hidden from sight until people can properly manage to handle it or something and if that is how you teach it to kids how do you expect them to act when they are a bit older but probably go around and treat the gay kids in their HS as freaks.

            (BTW, I’m not on some radical agenda either, since I’m straight (even if my all my posting to this forum doesn’t make me seem like it hah, I think I’ve already gotten four or five “you go girl”s haha)).

            Anyway I often agree with your posts but this one seemed a bit out there.

          • FreeHaley says:

            Also @ DET – That said, you do have a point that everyone should just let it rest, whatever he is, he is and all this talk has to be a bit uncomfortable whether he is or isn’t.

          • NedPepper says:

            I just made the same realization on the next page. I forget he’s 19. He seems so much older when he sings. I do disagree with you about people not coming out because kids watch the show. I don’t agree with that at all. Kids shouldn’t know that there are homosexuals in the world? Why? And kids watch the Voice too.

          • tarc says:

            And didn’t WIN. All it takes to ruin a win is a few percent of bigots.

          • tarc says:

            Oh, and i’m all for people being who they are (at all times). But there is a reality here that being gay in America today will cost you – big time and in so very many ways – and that’s reflected in the voting of virtually all of the reality series. Of all the demos in the US, the younger you are, the more gay-positive, so there is no justification at all for hiding gay folks from kids. The world is the world, and it’s hard enough to navigate without whole important swaths of it being left out.

    • Sha says:

      if he is, great. If he isn’t, that’s great too. I worry though about him addressing the topic at all because it might ruin his career and as a fan, that would be just be awful. I hope he does not address it because he doesn’t owe it to anyone.

  38. Nate says:

    I am shocked! I fully expected, after beating out Colton, Elise, and Skylar, that Hollie would survive until the finals. Oh, well. I’ve just come to expect that all of my performance-based hopes and cyncical predictions are doomed to failure. My guess is that it is a Joshua-Philip final now (a “buddies” type final we haven’t seen since Ruben and Clay), but Jessica has been full of surprises, so anything could really happen!

  39. GRL says:

    OK Let’s all be clear… This year was a total joke and all the Judges did, was read canned (scripted) comments. JLO has the audacity to comment on not hitting the notes “just right” while she goes on the show and lip syncs! Randy gives the wise advice to the viewers “vote for your favorite” one week, and “vote for the best” the next week. What is it Randy? No wonder Randy is the lowest paid Judge after being on the show for 11 years. Steven Tyler, at the age of 64 do you understand what the youth of today is really listening to? Not really sure how many people are going to be walking around with a Joshua play list on the IPhone… Lastly, The producers of the show, SHAME ON YOU for taking a show that was once a great production and somewhat believable and running it directly into the ground.
    Get ready for Season eleven’s winner to wind up in the $3.99 CD bin at Wal-Mart near you!

    • deedee says:

      Oh, come on. Not much has changed about Idol in YEARS. The judges always read from a script. They were always mere puppets of the producers with no real decision-making power of their own. They’ve always been outside of the current music scene, with the same oldies being offered year after year after year.

      Fact is, it’s hit or miss with these contestants in the real world, and always HAS been. Idol got super lucky that their very first winner became a huge mainstream hit. Kelly Clarkson added legitimacy to the brand, and they’ve been trying to duplicate her success every year. But only a handful of contestants have made a big splash – as we all know – and it had little to do with their actual placement on the show.

      The show succeeds brilliantly in its primary purpose: to be an entertaining reality singing contest. They know how to put on a fun, infuriating, addicting program. What happens after the show is left to market forces, so if season 11’s winner ends up in the 3.99 CD bin at Walmart, it is mainly out of the show’s hands.

  40. katie says:

    If Phillip wins Idol is in trouble. Why enter if you are anything but a white guy with guitar. Yes, he is cute, but he is not nearly the best singer, I would put Kris Allen, David Cook, even Lee Dewize way above him, and look what happened to them.

    • Marsaili says:

      What DID happen to them–oh Yeah, Kris Allen—just released a new album. David Cook—just released a new album. Lee Dewyze—working on a new album in Nashville. YET, they are all making a living with their music. Oh, wow, such failure. NOT!!!!

  41. Jeannie says:

    Holly has more class in her little pinky than the entire Upper East Side. All of us woman should aspire to be even half the “Lady” she is at her tender age.

  42. Fast Car by Tracy Chapman — love that song. Would love it if one of the judges could give Phillip Jolene by Ray LaMontagne — now that it’d be nice.

  43. Amy says:

    NOTE TO HOLLIE: Sad to see you go, and great going, making it to Top 4. You well-deserved to be there, all the way.
    You are going to feel cheered up and grow even more on tour, as you hear the love and support from those audiences across America, that, I think, have been there all season for you! Next stop Idol tour. Keep goin’ Hollie.

    I know…corny post. But just felt like getting that out…it was tough to see such a sweet & talented singer look so disappointed…and I do think tour’s gonna help her grow, give her new confidence, and show her she had lots of well-deserved support this season.

    • Amy says:

      Oh!…and one more thing….her exit “The Climb”….was….flawless! Graceful, gracious, vocally perfect, emotionally moving (and NOT just because it was sad to see her go, but by the way she sang it), powerful. I seriously want an Itunes recording of it!

  44. jaxguy says:

    This is for all the Hollie fans. Hollie has a beautiful voice. I really like her. The main problem for Hollie was not song choice and all that, it was simply that she had a few pitch blunders. I think it came from nerves. When she was on, she was wonderful. I would love for her to have at least made the top three. It would have validated that America loves singing. But alas poor Hollie went home. I do hope someone signs her. I would love to hear her sing again. The female singers were very special this year. Elise, Jessica and Hollie were three of my favorites. I still think only one male is as good vocally as those 3 and that’s Josh. I agree with the order in which the females have ended up only I hoped at least 2 girls would have made the top 3. I really liked Colton too For me he was modern and had an interesting voice. He’s just not as dynamic a vocalist as the others.

    • Amy says:

      Totally agree with all you say about wanting Hollie to make top 3, validating “singing” voices and wanting to hear more from her. (I also felt she needed the trip home more than a P2, who’s already got a strong sense of self and maturity, much as I’m sure he wanted to stay too.)
      I do think in some cases it was song choice, sometimes nerves, and sometimes maybe just going to take some time and experience…but overall there are many beautiful aspects of her voice. And she’s charming, beautiful and sweet. I think we’ll see more.

  45. Steve says:

    Honestly who is truely going to be happy if Jessica wins? I have been involved in music for over 20 years and I honestly don’t see a thing I like about this girl. Let’s put aside that she is over dramatic and EVERYTHING she does or says or 1000000% scripted from either her parents or the powers that be and that makes me sick. Be able to singing a note doesn’t make you a great performer. If you closed your eyes and listend to her and KNEW it wasn’t the golden child of AI you would see that her voice is not nice to listen to. I don’t get it the judges, producers etc… wanted you all to drink the Jessica cool-aid and now your all running back asking for more. So sad.

    • Sandi says:

      You’re absolutely right Steve. Because you don’t like her voice, no one would be happy if she won. We’re all delusional if we don’t share your opinion.

      BTW, how is it that you’ve decided her parents and producers have scripted everything she’s said? Do you have some inside information or are you creating an imaginary personality for someone you see through your television set?

    • CkkkkkkkD says:


  46. Steve says:

    Here is another example of how the Judges have already chosen their finalists and will make sure the voters know also. Hollie got bashed for not having enough “life” experience to sing that Bonnie Rait song but the judges PRAISED Jessica for singing the Dream Girls song. Last time I checked a 16 year old has not experienced half the stuff that song proposes.

    • jaxguy says:

      I have to agree about the critique of Hollie. I think if you can sing, you can sing. Bianca Ryan sang the same song on America’s Got Talent when she was 11 and it was one of the best things I have ever heard from an 11 year old. Then Jackie Evancho came along and she was equally amazing. So the whole age and maturity argument is lost, at least, on me. I respect greatness at any age.

      • CkkkkkkkD says:

        Steve is undoubtedly stupid… She didn’t need experience to sing that song. Oy! So once again…. STFU Steve and go bate yourself. HAHAHAHA.

  47. Steve says:

    hope y’all realize that they never said Phil was in the b2…just more producer manipulation. if he wins, and he’s obviously the fav with the tween and teen girls, that will be the fifth straight wgwg winner and probably another contestant who stand the chance of not breaking out and being eventually dropped. Im dying for a jess/josh finale but I doubt it will happen…but jimmy has already said they’re all getting record deals…i just think josh or jess have a great chance of success if they get the right songs and marketing. (btw – where is melanie amaro’s record? I hope the finalists get original single – and one thats good for a change….interesting another article said voice producers upset that jermaine won – another boring black guy who probably will fail again…poor javier didn’t even appear on the last episode to crown his successor. They wanted juliette or even jamar and are looking at revising the format …thats been one of the things Ive hated bout the voice- its 4 separate competitions so you can’t have 2 finalists from the same team; also too much coaches input instead of viewer votes; and the contestants perform so few times that you can’t really get inspired by them – plus so many of the contestants are people who have had multiple record deals and have failed every time…there might be a reason for that

    • connerc says:

      They will probably time Melanie Amaro’s record with the start of season 2 of X-Factor to give maximum exposure to both.

  48. ladyhelix says:

    Indentured Servitude Interlude INDEED!! The Ford shoots have gone from being lame to being humiliating they have surpassed even the group songs. Nigel needs to get creative and find something else for the kids to do on Sunday. Watching them volunteer in a soup kitchen would probably be more interesting for us – and for them!!

    • Amy says:

      Agreed about the soup kitchen.
      However, that wouldn’t pay the bills…like “Mr. Ford and Mr. Coke” do.

  49. Jessica says:

    Hollie wasn’t a surprise. She’s been great and any other year she might of been in the finale. Talent is really good this year. Who i wanted gone was Jessica. Maturity is so important over a good voice when trying to send out a message in singing. Shame that didn’t happen and know she can end up winning. I’m not liking the lies about some performances being live. I get sets have to be put up but come on don’t lie about it when it’s so obvious.

  50. NedPepper says:

    We knew it was Hollie going home. What will be heartbreaking is next week when Joshua goes home. There was a comment Wednesday night where someone said “I’ve been voting for Phillip for over an hour. KEEP VOTING!!!!” I think that pretty much says it all. It’s slightly creepy how obsessed people are with that poor kid. I hope they buy his album and prove it really is about his music. We shall see.

    • Loni says:

      I totally agree that it’s creepy. I read on some other board about how some Phillip fan had voted 10,000 times on his/her iphone in one night. Gee, hearing that is really discouraging, how are my 20 votes supposed to matter for anything then, just because I don’t have an iphone??

      • yep says:

        vote more then

        • NedPepper says:

          I discussed this a couple weeks ago on this board. I stop at 50. I feel ridiculous even doing that. I have other things in life more important than making sure my favorite contestant wins a show because I voted an obscene amount of times. It also seems…unfair. Like rigging an election. Just the feeling I get Again, I hope the votes translate into sales for this kid. I knew they would for Scotty. He’s a country fan’s wet dream. (God, baseball, South, God, and Conservative). But Phillilp’s style is not exactly pop music….

          • Sha says:

            I agree with your comments. The voice may be the lesser show but in terms of voting, it is superior. 10 votes per person (even if it’s by 3 different methods – call, text, and online) is a much better way of voting. But Idol will never go that way because they will never give up the bragging rights about the ___million votes each season.

        • CMC says:

          Okay yep. Like the average American adult doesn’t have anything better to do on a Wednesday night than vote 10,000x for thier favorite contestant. It’s called “responsibilities” like kids, housework, real work, etc.
          I typically don’t vote unless I absolutely love a contestant. And I voted for Josh the last couple of weeks because I think he’s by far the best contestant on Idol in the last couple of years, but I certainly have better things to do than figure out ways to beat the system and power vote. If Idol was smart, they’d put a limit on the # of votes a person can cast (they do when you vote online) to eliminate the chances of those less talented getting through. It’s that simple

    • tarc says:

      I usually don’t vote (I’m usualy out on Wednesdays), but after seeing all the haters here, I’m going to make a point of being home and voting as many times as possible. LOL! You can thank Joe and jax and a couple others.