Kristian Alfonso Inks New Days of Our Lives Deal

Days of Our Lives is not giving up Hope, as star Kristian Alfonso has inked a new deal to remain with the NBC soap.

“I love my Days family, I love my job and I love our fans,” the actress said in a statement obtained by The Hollywood Reporter (who first broke the news).

Alfonso has portrayed fan-fave Salem detective Hope Williams Brady — and half of the super-couple, Bo and Hope — since 1983, after the character suffered a case of SORAS (that’s “Soap Opera Rapid Aging Syndrome,” for the uninitiated).

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News of Alfonso’s re-upped contract comes the same day Days netted 15 Daytime Emmy nominations, including a nod for Outstanding Drama.

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  1. dee123 says:

    Well that’s great but the rumour was Peter Reckell was leaving….

    • Sobe says:

      Im glad that kristian is staying, she been on so long it wouldn’t be the same if she left! Is peter staying? why is days letting the most important characters on the show leave? Stop bringing in new people just write better stories for the characters that are already on the show!
      The one character you could take off is stefano!!

      • Wanda says:

        Really want Peter to stay also, they should do what it takes to keep him, they can’t not have Bo and Hope and Peter Reckell is BO!!

        • Sobe says:

          I’m so happy my show is back on monday!
          but did peter leave already?
          How r they taking him off the show?
          How can u leave a show u grew up on!
          Damn I wish I could work on that show I love to!
          They need to get rid of the boring characters on that show!

        • I don’t think they should let Bo go even if for only a month. Pay him what he deserves. Bo and Hope are the show and they keep me watching it. I have watched it since the day it began and so has my sister, taking Bo off really makes me wonder if I should continue.

          • Sobe says:

            I missed mondays episode. watched Tuesday I was wondering how he was leaving the. they just fired him from the police dept well maybe that’s a good thing because if they get more money then his brother can hire him back. I’m glad they didn’t kill off the character but if they did and didn’t find the body could always come back! that’s the soap operas for you.. well I wish Peter reckell all the best!! ;)

  2. Gee says:

    Good for her! I hope they utilize her.

  3. Teag says:

    I just clicked on this to say that she’s hot.

  4. TrulyRoxie says:

    I stopped watching Days years ago because I couldn’t stand her. Guess I won’t be starting to watch again any time in the near future!

  5. Meghan says:

    Great news, glad to hear it. Hope is one of the longest-running current characters and the heart and the soul of the show now that Alice is not there.

  6. allie08 says:

    I haven’t watched Days in probably 15 years but I had to comment on Hope’s picture – she hasn’t aged a day!

    • Sobe says:

      She looks good for her age whatever it is! She been on the show since she was 18yr old!
      U go girl!

  7. april-ann says:

    Wow, SOD flashback from college! Kristian Alfonso and Peter Reckell! Are they both still on there?? I used to read articles about how they hated each other, well maybe time, growing older, money and those ever dwindling offers finally got to them. Even though I have never watched that show, I totally acknowledge its unconditional loyal following. Kristian Alfonso has always been undeniably beautiful and all shows who got her even briefly were lucky (Who’s The Boss?, Falcon Crest). I’m happy for you fans. Makes me miss AMC and OLTL even more.

  8. Leslye says:

    DAYS would not be the same without Hope and Kristian. Let’s hope tomorrow brings news of Peter’s re-signing as well. She gets more beautiful by the day.

  9. Jen says:

    Yay!! Hope Peter stays. I love Bo & Hope.

  10. Nick Lombardo says:

    I want to be hopes new Bo !!

  11. Rhonda Ely says:

    Then I’m gone. ESPECIALLY if you mess with him and Hope again. If you people would EVER give us something to believe in we might continue to watch. Why do you think we watch these things? To escape from reality and search for hope in people like Bo and Hope. If you have no anchors in the show anymore you have NOTHING. If the good guy never wins and love no longer “conquors all” then we have no reason left to watch. Hiring writers who weren’t old enough to know the history of these characters and what they would and would not ever do was your first mistake. Hiring people who wouldn’t care enough about their job to really read the story lines and scripts of the past and do their home work and not managing it sooner was paramount. It would be different if he left the show and they rode off into the sunset together again but you insult our intelligence by writing that he would cheat on her with CARLY for the love ot God. I am shocked he didn’t leave sooner. Alice Horton always told us that “love conquored all” and THAT was the basis, backbone and mantra of your show and then you THREW IT IN THE TRASH I don’t know how many times over, right along with Dedra Hall and Drake Hogesty and your class. I read Peters comments. He stepped into this role when he was younger and other’s were moved aside so he could do so and now he has to step aside because his place has fallen to someone else in much the same way. If tha’ts code for you are canning him for the salary of some young guy……… need to MATURE enough to realize that the kind of charisma Peter Rekell has DOESN’T AGE! The kind of attraction he elicits from women with his boyish charm and white knight persona is AGELESS and while Rafe and some of the younger guys are great and gorgeous there is NO Rafe or EJ. Lucas, Chad {puke} or Daniel {no thank you} that can compare at ANY AGE! You fools. You fools once. You fools AGAIN!!! 38 FRICKIN YEARS and I’m GONE!!!! That’s what you’re gonna get ACROSS THE BOARD! Wait and SEEEE. You deserve what you get. Your Days {without Bo} are numbered…………and PLEASE….DON’T disrespect the iconic character that Peter Rekell created or Peter himself or Francis Reed {for God’s sake} by trying to replace him with another Bo AGAIN!! That doesn’t work. SURROUNDED BY IDIOTS!!!!!

    • Rhonda Ely says:

      The above comment was a comment I copied and pasted from a site on which I was complaining about the empending exit of Peter Rekell

  12. Emma says:

    I love days expressly scent Kirsten came back.. I hope she never leaves. Love her with Brady. ..

    • Liz says:

      Oh heck nooo u know she’sevil as hell just using him but he is to dumb to figure it out! but that’s how the soaps are!! just hope they don’t drag this story too long!! Kristen just wants to break up Marlena and John!!!

  13. Liz says:

    Im glad they brought Chloe back!! but I hope it’s not going to be a wrench in Daniels relationship with Jennifer because that would suck they just now got back together! about time will is getting some backbone and stand up for himself!! but he should have told Sony about the baby he would have understoodand help him make the right decision!!

  14. Bernadene says:

    Yes I wonder why is all the good actor and actress leaving the show’ I love hope and Bo role’ and everyone on days of our lives’ I love Kristen Alfonso jewelery it’s so beautiful

  15. Russ says:

    Wow, it’s 2015 and looking back at DOOL, it certainly has hit a low crud in the basement of crap. Lets have more teenager and 55 year old ” love” ( JJ @ Eve), and come on! MORE GAY MARRIAGES, in memory of Tom and Alice Horton! Give up DAys for Lent!