American Idol Top 4 Tackle 'California' and Songs They Wish They Wrote: Who Were Your Faves?

idol top 4This week’s American Idol performance show was a little like a Michael Bay action movie. There were explosions (courtesy of Jessica Sanchez). There were laws of nature and logic being defied (hi, Joshua Ledet). There was a sly, winking heatthrob and a damsel tied to the train tracks (played by Phillip Phillips and Hollie Cavanagh), as well an unspeakable villain — code name: Dr. Yo! — hellbent on leading everyone and everything on a path to ultimate destruction.

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I’ll post a full recap of the proceedings on Thursday right here at, but until then, here are just a few pithy thoughts on the evening’s performances.

California Dreamin’ 
Phillip Phillips: Creedence Clearwater Revival’s “Have You Ever Seen the Rain” | Perfectly fine, in the same way your bowl of breakfast cereal was on Jan. 14, 2012. In other words, you won’t remember it in three weeks — except for maybe the awful “surfin’ safari” backdrop.

Hollie Cavanagh: Journey’s “Faithfully” | I’m not sure Hollie revealing that she needed famed choreography duo NappyTabs to explain the meaning of the song to her will do her any favor with Idol voters. Plus, her voice seemed just a wee bit tremulous for the opening two-thirds, no?

Joshua Ledet: Josh Groban’s “You Raise Me Up” | I’m not sure why the judges didn’t call him out, but I felt like Joshua allowed his emotions to overtake the performance, and as a result, his voice closed up like the branch of your credit union on a Sunday afternoon. Not his best work, and possibly his worst of the season?

Jessica Sanchez: Etta James’ “Steal Away” | Go on with your bad self, Bebe Chez! I’m not sure where Jimmy was to keep an eye out for “age appropriateness” of this 16-year-old’s song choices, but the vocal was pretty stellar.

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Joshua & Phillip: Maroon 5’s “This Love” | Ridiculous fun. Also: Proof that Joshua can really handle contemporary material.

Hollie & Jessica: The Bangles’ “Eternal Flame” | Of course Randy hated it: No one on stage had a Y chromosome! Me? I thought it was really good.

The Song I Wish I Wrote
Phillip Phillips: Damien Rice’s “Volcano” | Talk about the right song and performance at the right time! Phillip’s stripped-down arrangement and whispering intensity really stood out in a field of power belters. This had shades of Kris Allen’s “Falling Slowly,” so in other words, I loved it.

Hollie Cavanagh: Bonnie Raitt’s “I Can’t Make You Love Me” | I’m going to have to watch back a second time, but I felt like Hollie might’ve lost her spot on the bridge, and everything that came after it was being chased by a beast born from the marriage of panic and insecurity.

Joshua Ledet: James Brown’s “It’s a Man’s Man’s Man’s World” | If I knew any language other than English, I’d be using it to try to describe a performance that I’d easily rank in the Top 10 best in American Idol history.

Jessica Sanchez: “And I Am Telling You I’m Not Going” (from Dreamgirls) | By bringing note perfection and gale force delivery to the pimp slot, Jessica pretty much assured us she is not going anywhere on Thursday’s results show. Now you and you and you, you’re gonna love her, even if she did perform like somebody glued her stilettos to the floor.

What were your favorite performances from Top 4 night? Take our poll, then sound off below. And for all my reality TV recaps and news, follow me on Twitter @MichaelSlezakTV!

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  1. Jessica and Joshua for the win. If there is any good in the world then they will be the Final 2. I think Phillip did beautifully on his second performance, but those last 2 performances by Joshua and Jessica were unbelievable. Hollie didn’t deliver her first performance, and then her second performance got her critical feedback, I can’t see her escaping again, especially after a night the other 3 had, but with this show ya never do know.

    • yes says:

      Agree with you-they are great. Very confused as to why Hollie picked the song I can’t make you love me. Dumb-very dumb move.

      • Rollin'Stoned says:

        I Can’t Make You Love Me is one of the saddest songs and I don’t think Hollie got it. It is NOT some young girl singing about breaking up with her boyfriend…..

        • Faz says:

          The girls picked four bad songs. Really bad songs (or awkward in the case of that one Jessica song). If they make it through they will be just lucky.

          • jaxguy says:

            You have lost your mind. P2 was so horrible on Have you Ever Seen the Rain, I almost got sick.

          • TinyTim says:

            People should give Philips a break since he is feeling ill and not vote to keep him.

          • Lee says:

            IMO Jessica was the best of the night.

          • Medic says:

            Jessica is a manufactured, beauty pageant losing phony. All of her emotion is manufactured, her guttural grunting preordained. In other words she’s just a better Thia Meggia.I’m tired of her yelling at me every week. I hope she goes home.

          • endefr says:

            hahahahhaahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha !!!

          • MusicGrrrl says:

            Hollie was great on both songs! Judges com,nets on the second were way off base.

          • Dubliner says:

            I think you were already sick, jaxguy. Phillips was really good on that song.

          • Donne Peda says:

            Medic: Jessica is not yelling at you. She doesn’t even know you. And she’s not a loser. If she’s manufactured it means you are too cause both of you are human being.

          • Lee says:

            @medic: You have to be a MANUFACTURED robot to think Jessica is manufactured. Or, don’t your 5 senses work–including your hearing?!!

          • @TinyTim – dude, give it a freaking rest! I’ve read for literally MONTHS now that Phillip is feeling ill and that he should have a break on his performance. If he’s really that sick that week after week after week his health keeps coming up then he should just drop out of the competition! Personally I think P2 is just a lazy performer and most of his recent performances show it. He cruises thru nearly all of his songs meandering around the melody and no one ever calls him on it. Also, what happened to J-Lo calling him out a couple of weeks ago when she said “she’s seen that performance before”? I say the same thing week after week and yet now the judges let him slide. I thought the duet last night with Josh was just horrible. Harmonies (if you want to call them that) were just terrible – off key and sometimes just absent. P2 and Josh do not sound good together and their duets don’t have any kind of magic or chemistry at all. But of course, the three judges think their duet was the greatest thing they’d ever heard??? I think they are setting up for a P2 vs Joshua final and have been for several weeks now. Unfortunately, Hollie will likely go tonight due to her stumble last night (I’d actually predicted Jessica would go but she knocked it out of the park in the pimp slot last night) and then Jessica will be eliminated next week. This leaves the “two greatest singers EVER in the history of not only Idol, but the world” according the judges.

            Oh, I forgot… Randy said that Steve Perry was one of the greatest singers ever last night so that makes it the two greatest singers EVER – besides of course, Steve Perry.

        • deedee says:

          TOTALLY right on. What was Hollie thinking with that swelling music and choreography?? This is a song that should be sung low-key. It’s about heartbreak and rejection. It’s not “I Will Survive”. Hollie completely missed on this one.

          I was hoping hoping HOPING Joshua was doing this one the same way he did “Ready For Love”. Now, THAT would have been a moment.

          • Amy says:

            I agree with your assessment of Hollie’s “I Can’t Make You Love Me”. Maybe it’s because I usually think of of the Bon Iver version when I think of the song, but it should be so intimate and stripped-down, and Hollie tried to turn it into some huge power ballad. I would also have loved to see Joshua sing the song, though he did a great job with “It’s a Man’s, Man’s, Man’s World”, so I guess I can’t complain about that.

        • beechnut says:

          I think the biggest problem was the tempo. If she had sung this song much slower, it probably would have worked. This is probably more the fault of her “mentors” and the music directors.

          • Donne Peda says:

            IMO it’s not the fault of the mentors or the music directors. It’s her NERVE which most of the time beats her.

          • Jane says:

            ah ha, Donne Peda, I think you just hit the nail on the head as to why I just can’t enjoy Holly’s performances… She’s so nervous that she makes me nervous watching her!

        • Faze Craze says:

          19 is certainly old enough to get your heart broken. I got emotion from her, but just not anything that really stood out vocally.

      • ben says:

        Like Phil Stacey singing ‘I’m going down in a blaze of glory’? lol.

      • TheBeach says:

        I’ve loved Bonnie Raitt for a long time and she reaches into her gut and makes you feel her pain when she sings this song. Hollie just didn’t connect with it.

    • wickerpark says:

      OMG. Jessica Freakin Sancheeeeeeeezzzzzzzzzzzz!!!!!!! Ok now back to voting. Still got an hour 1-866-436-5704 fo the win!!!

      • angelstorm says:

        This ^^^

      • Jake says:

        orrrr 1-866-436-5708 How can you not love her after that second performance????

        • Layla says:

          INCREDIBLE!!! Jessica rose to the occassion and every part of that second song had so much emotion and meaning to it. I’m a diehard fan of hers but even I’m surprised on how she delivered tonight. :)

          • tarc says:

            For 16? Yeah. But compared to any of the other two dozen versions I have? Not really. Amber Riley’s not much older and her cover just slayed. Jessica’s voice just hasn’t matured enough for either of the songs she did tonight.

          • chistosa says:

            I disagree. Both Jennifers (Hudson and Holliday) were significantly better and as mentioned by another poster, even Amber Riley’s cover was better. I was unimpressed and she has an amazing voice. To borrow a phrase from Simon, it was self indulgent.

          • Suggestor says:

            If we are going to trump Jessica’s performance by pulling Jennifer Holliday’s name out, then that’s fine because no one is going to take the Dreamgirls crown from her since she originated that role. However, Holliday was ecstatic and cheered Jessica’s performance last night on twitter, :) stating it had so much emotion and just amazing! So I ‘ll take her expert and experienced opinion on that song than the rest of the planet’s. As far as Amber Riley, not even a contest. Jessica not only gave it the anger it deserved but a sense of frustraed helplessness (which Jennifer Hudson’s lacked). Jessica added her unique take to it, that of a sixteen year old; a fragile vulnerability even with the anger the song required.

          • tarc says:

            Suggestor, we were obviously not watching the same performance.

          • Suggestor says:

            Yes tarc, I was * listening* to the performance. So was Jennifer Holliday. ;)

          • tarc says:

            And Jennifer Holliday said pretty much what I did – great for her age (implying not great for everyone, which is obvious in comparison to the dozens of covers available.)

        • susela says:

          woof. Her second performance had no build, no nuance. She just came out and pummeled us with the song. It’s unfortunate that shouting is now considered singing. She didn’t touch the heartbreak that is at the center of that song.

    • Nikki says:

      Buh Bye, Hollie.

      • gailer says:

        Exactly! I thought they were going to throw PP under the bus this week, but they chose Hollie instead. Wonder why the judges want another wgwg to win?

        • Faz says:

          So you think they actually liked Hollie, but pretended to not like her in order to convince you that they like Phillip? Ok.

        • Miscellaneopolan says:

          They couldn’t poo-poo Phillip’s second performance after he totally killed it. They would have looked like crazy people. They were a little harsh on poor Hollie, but she at least kinda had it coming.

        • FreeHaley says:

          Maybe they see his votes are soooooo far ahead of the rest that it’s hopeless so they figure we better not dare trash our winner? I think they just haven’t even thought much of Hollie and the home town visits are big and it may just be they don’t wnat her around for that. She last season when they didn’t even botehr filiming back story bit for Haley they had prepared for the other two (and even for James) and they dissed her and gave her 2 seconds home chat time while everyone else got to skype talk for like 2 minutes each.

          • MusicGrrrl says:

            Hollie and Phillip were the best tonight. Why they chided Hollie for having too much vibrato when Jessica”Vibrato” Sanchez has been overdoing it without comment all season is beyond me. And Joshua stunk on both songs.

        • Temperence says:

          I thought Phillip’s first song was good, but his second one was the best of the night.

        • Dubliner says:

          Maybe because they are being fair and recognizing talent?

        • chistosa says:

          Phillip upped his performance this week. Hollie slipped. It has nothing to do with WGWG. Why is everything about bias? Hollie did not do well with her second song. It was a poor choice of a song. And Phillip’s cover of Volcano was his best performance to date. It wasn’t about throwing anybody under the bus. They said it like it is. And Slezak, I almost always agree with you but the girls’ duet was not good. The voices did not meld. The guys brought it this week. Hollie did not. Jessica has a great voice but did not like her cover of I’m Telling You. The Etta Jame song was performed beautifully but so inappropriate for a 16 year old.

          • Suggestor says:

            So tired of hearing what a sixteen year old needs to sing. It’s not overtly sexual. If you heard this on the radio and did not know she was that age it would still SOUND beautifully. She did not write it, she’s telling the story and defining her type of singing for the future. She’s not going to waste her skills and talent on the pop teen songs. Jennifer Holliday stated that back in her day that type of talent was called an “old soul” and they called Jennifer Holliday that. They understood these types of soulful songs picks the voice not the age. By this time next year Jessica will be almost eighteen. People make it like she’s still eleven.

          • tarc says:

            Maybe that’s because people are correct: vocies mature, and people with more life experience sing emotioanl songs vastly more convincingly. Jessica is great, but any vocal coach will tell you she still sounds young, and any listener can tell you after listening to her “I’m Tellling You” that she has no idea about the kind of loss the song speaks of. And that’s OK; she’s still a really good vocalist. You’re just not going to convice people that have heard other versions of the same songs done by women who have lived a life that Jessica doesn’t sound very young.

          • Suggestor says:

            So tarc, you are stating that the origial singer who gave that song life, emotion, maturity, and the awards Jennifer Holliday has no idea of what she is talking about? You’re creating a false premise. And if you state ” any” then you’re also discounting ALL professional producers, former idols and known singers who are hearing opposite from you. You’d have a better argument if you stated YOUR opinion differs from the vast majority of pros who support her. Otherwise, a false premise won’t convince anyone.

          • tarc says:

            What are you talking about?

          • HudsonRiverside says:

            Suggestor is explaining how your bias is blinding you to use absolutes to make a point that has a shaky foundation. Re: “anyone” that means “everybody” and he/she pointed out actual people that disagree with your opinion. That’s all. Now let’s get back to Phillip and how people do the exact same thing when they criticize him.

          • Amy says:

            I thought both of the duets were kind of terrible. The girls’ was better than the guys’ because at least their voices sounded decent together, but both of them pretty much put me to sleep. Actually, the entire first half of the show made me want to doze off – and I almost never say that. Luckily, the trio of “Volcano”, “It’s a Man’s, Man’s, Man’s World” and “And I’m Telling You I’m Not Going” made up for it, though (and I know I should probably move on already, but whatever) I still couldn’t stop wondering what Colton and Elise would have done if they were still here. Urgh, Colton, Elise, Jessica and Joshua would have been such a perfect top 4.

          • FreeHaley says:


            top four should have been Elise, Jessica, Joshua, Colton! (and Hollie for top five)

            missed Elise the most, another travesty like last year, at least Haley got home town visit (even if they forget to prep parts of her back story while arrogantly having more behind the scenes stuff pre-shot for James, Lauren and Scotty).

          • FreeHaley says:

            BTW my +infinity response was actually to Amy

          • tarc says:

            And I’d suggest the bias is people with no real ear for jazz, blues, or anything other than pop music. Pointing out that the Kreuger-Dunning effect in in full swing is anti-bias. I’d offer that Suggestor is biased by age and a fondness of youth and pop music. Which is fine, but if we’re going to discuss bias, let’s be real. According to what’s been said, Billie Holliday would be called a terrible singer, which is, by any measure, nonsense.

    • ben says:

      Agree totally. I was recently thinking of what my ‘all-star’ season of idol would be. These two would be my finale in that, let alone in this one season. Please America, make it happen.

    • jaxguy says:

      their last two songs, and Jessica’s first were the BEST OF THIS Season. They were unbelievable.

      • FreeHaley says:

        Only if you toss in Elise’s Zep, which I actually still think was better than the second songs of both Josh and even Jess. But all three were really fantastic.

        Jessica’s first was very good but not in the same ultimate elite class as the other songs, no way.

        • Dude Gerry Dew says:

          Elise’s performance was THE performance of the season for me. BTW, what happened to Elise’s exit interview?

        • Amy says:

          “Whole Lotta Love” is my favorite performance of this season, though there have been a surprisingly high number of really fantastic ones. Runners-up for me would probably be Joshua’s “When a Man Loves a Woman” and Colton’s “Piano Man”.

      • Temperence says:

        I didn’t think Jessica’s first song was remarkable, maybe less than Phillip’s.

      • tarc says:

        Not even close, jaxguy. Sorry, they were a girl singing mature women’s songs. They were good, but not anywhere near great. Hollie was, unfortunately, far worse tonight.

        • Suggestor says:

          This was a girl verging on adulthood who sang maturely better than most of the contestants regardless of age. A girl who sang it so well that she made te ORIGINAL Dreamgirl a solid supporter and fan. It will be RARE to find another 16 year old to do that. What many of her critics have added all season to Jessica are imagined variables. They will change these variables as she ages. Just watch the future, these critics will never give Jessica her due. She has to be twice as good just to be average. Thank goodness she’s out there not letting the resistance thinkers get her down. Forge on and GET SOME !

          • tarc says:

            In your opinion. As I’ve said elsewhere, she was great for 16, but not great. And this show doesn’t care if you are hampered by age and lack of maturity. I’ve said over and over that Hollie and Jessica weren’t served well by Nigel’s lowering of the minimum age of contestants. Both will be great – when they are older.

          • at tarc says:

            Not true. Jordin Sparks won on being “great for 16”, besting Melinda freakin Doolittle for crying out loud, and just last year Scotty & Lauren came in as 1 & 2 on the “great for 16” vote. The audience votes, and if the audience wants a winner-with-potential instead of a fully-formed-winner (ala Melinda or Elise), then so be it.

            FWIW it’s harder to learn technique than emotions. Emotions – we all have them. Technique – learned over years of dedication to your craft. If you get good enough at technique, it becomes instinctive, and thus an easier tool with which to convey emotions. So if Jessica at 16 is emphasis-on-technique, I’m fine with that. All the more to leverage that at age 21 when she really has a story to tell.

            Finally, I thought that Jessica did convey tons of emotion on the Dreamgirls song. I think she was singing to us, telling us how much this competition means to her. MSlezak’s description of the performance was spot-on.

          • tarc says:

            Just because it happened before doesn’t mean it will happen now (or was right in the first place, as you point out with the amazing Melinda). There are a lot of variables in the Idol voter equation. I’ll also disagree that technique is harder to learn than emotional conveyance. I just rewatched Jessica’s performance, and I’m still perfectly fine with my original opinion that is fell quite short in the emotional maturity category when compared to other versions of the song. And the bottom line is that we’re picking an Idol for right now, not for five years down the line.

    • TinyTim says:

      Joshua either sings amazing or has a hot mess.
      Philips puts me to sleep.
      Jessica is the best singer.
      Hollie is a great singer without the runs.

      So I think we will have a shocker tomorrow!

      • Tess says:

        No shocker…sadly, Hollie didn’t do enough to justify her staying and Phillip did a song to jusitfy why he still is (unfortunately). It’s quite clear the show will do anything to get Josh and Jessica into the final 2 but I doubt they will because P2’s probably got a lock on the votes. At the very least, they will not let Hollie ruin their planned top 3. So yeah, she’s a goner tomorrow.

        Glad Randy took the time to point out Julian Lennon was there too. Ryan was standing right there during that whole Julianne Hough proposal fakeout and didn’t even bother to say so much as a hello. Sad that only Randy noticed he was there.

      • Leila says:

        The only shocker would be either Joshua or Jessica leaving us tonight. P2 or Hollie should be the next ones to go, because they’re not on the same league.

      • Paramour says:

        I agree there will be a shocker tonight…I LOVE Jessica and I think Joshua will be voted off.

    • Suggestor says:

      Jessica slayed and skinned the dragon tonight. And it was delicious! :)

      • Margeaux says:

        IMO Jessica’s second song sounded weak and desperate. Her voice has no power from deep in her abdomen so she sounds shrill and reedy.

    • SallyinChicago says:

      I agree, but I for one am sick of “I am telling you” and Jessica didn’t make it her own. She basically mimicked the song word for word, style for style that the two Jennifers did it. I also have a problem with a 16 yr old singing that song. It’s a song for a mature woman, unless she just wanted to prove she had the chops. But she didn’t have to prove that. I’m not liking her anymore than before.
      I think Joshua is the most improved and should win the competition.

      • TinyTim says:

        If that song is too mature for Jessica then every song Josh has done is too mature for him too. I mean he is a nice guy but he has hardly been around the block yet, maybe not even the first corner or out the driveway yet.

        • Marsaili says:

          But the difference is that Josh is able to convey the proper emotion and connection to the song all the time. I agree that Jessica got the emotion in the Dream Girls song–but usually she doesn’t get it.

          • TinyTim says:

            Josh should sound great on an oldies station, Jessica is singing modern music that sells today.

            Josh has shown us close to everything he has at this point while Jessica can still sing better, so all of the concerns people have (ala Carrie underwood way back when) will disappear as she gets older.

            Many of Josh’s songs have the same build up and screams at the end, an album of that is hard to listen to. Jessica has sung fast and slow and is easier on the ears, her problem is probably the fickle tweens that control music from young artists. She is not old enough yet for the mature viewers and is too young for the younger viewers for a female.

          • Marsaili says:

            Josh has shown us everything he has? He’s freakin’ 19 years old!! He’ll continue to grow just as Jessica will. Geez, it’s amazing how Jessica’s fans are so willing to totally dismiss all the other contestants to make their points. You do realize–you turn people off to her when you do that?

        • chistosa says:

          Tiny Tim, I can’t believe you actually said that Jessica sings modern music. NO! Truthfully, all four of them are good. My problem with Jessica is that she just makes herself someone else each week. Sometimes she is Whitney or Beyonce or Celine but she is a mimic with an amazing voice. But she has not moved me, not once. And I am often bored with her performances. Phillip is the weakest vocalist but he has a sound and style that are identifiable and I believe he has a big future. Hollie is inconsistent and needs a bit more time. Joshua for me is the most consistent and I think he is quite marketable. (although his Josh Groban cover was his weakest performance to date). It will be interesting to see how this plays as all four are so different and appeal to different audiences.

          • tarc says:

            I’ve got to agree – at this point I have zero idea what a Jessica Sanchez album would sound like, and I kinda dread the idea that it would be stuffed with songs that are much too old for her. Joshua certainly has chnaged in the last four weeks and gotten a lot of the screeching out of his technique. With good material (like that Bruno Mars song), he could produce something commercial. Phillip’s already got a sold album with me.

          • Margeaux says:

            ITA JSan is a parrot with no identity of her own. And don’t say she’s only 16, because so was Allison Iraheta and she was totally an individual with a giant personality.

          • TinyTim says:

            Yes Josh is 19 but that music doesn’t sell today, I wish it did but it doesn’t except in the bargain bin. Don’t get mad at me for pointing that out. BTW I think Josh is a great singer, certainly deserves the top two. But I don’t think he should win based on his old style singing. They should have forced him to be modern and pick current songs to prove he is worthy of winning this show. You can only sing the 60’s for so long.

            Hollie, Philip and Jessica went modern when given the chance, Josh picked an old song instead. If he loses it will be because of that, and it is possible he gets voted off tonight. If it happens Jimmie gets the blame for not picking better songs for Josh.

      • idolmama says:

        My husband and I both commented on why Hollie was criticized for singing a song that was too old for her (I Can’t Make You Love Me) but Jessica was praised for her song choice. I just don’t understand the double standard that is going on this year. It has happened several times where one contestant is praised for something while the next contestant is criticized for doing the exact same thing (Elise and P2).

        I think P2’s Volcano was one of his better performances and it reminded us why we initially liked him.

        Joshua’s It’s a Man’s Man’s World was one of my favorite all time performances. Really exciting and He did seem to reign in some of the screeching he tends to do.

        Worried about Hollie. If you don’t understand the lyrics don’t choose the song. What is it with this season’s contestants? It seems as if several times this topic of not understanding the lyrics has come up.

        • darcy's evil twin says:

          And where are the mentors saying, “uh NO! Just no!” They managed to tell Skylar she shouldn’t sing “Knock on Wood” but they can’t tell Hollie and Jessica to pick younger songs?

          • Amy says:

            Am I the only person that doesn’t get what anyone means by “younger songs”?

          • Marsaili says:

            I think so—there are thousands of songs that are more suited for younger people. Most 16 year olds can’t fall back on the emotion needed to properly convey a song—a few can—Jessica can’t. That’s not taking away from the fact that her vocals are out of this world—just that she needs to sing songs that aren’t too big and over the top for a 16 year old girl, she isn’t able to convey the proper feeling for many of the songs she sings.

          • TheBeach says:

            It was a telling moment to me last night when J & P2 were garnering praise from the judges for their choice of the Maroon5 song that Phillip pointed at Nigel and credited him for picking that song. I’ve known for a long time that Nigel has his hand in everything that goes on but I had no idea that he also picked their songs. Scary!

        • A.W. Baimun says:

          The double standards of voting have driven me bezerk since last year’s Hailey-bashing. After Elise, Colton, and Skylar were voted off I hadn’t planned on watching since none of the remaining 4 do anything for me. With Phillips’s trademark gravel being doubled by a higher, more melodic voice (both on his duet with Joshua and his solo Volcano) I really can picture him on commercial radio… but wanted to see someone other than a white guy with guitar win this year. That said, I don’t see anyone left having a Carrie Underwood or Daughtry career… more likely a Chris Allen-ish one.

          • chistosa says:

            There is no double standard for voting. The viewing public votes for whom they wish. They are really not swayed by thte judges at this point of the competition. If you mean double standard for judging, that is a different issue. I understand the point that for one teen they say it was too old a song and for another they do not. But I often agree. Sometimes the lyrics and meaning are too old but the teen really pulls it off. Joshua has amazing connection to the songs he sings as if they were written for him. Hollie rarely is able to do that. Jessica is hit or miss. So I think the critique is made when the song is more mature and the singer does not convey the depth of the meaning. When the teen is able to do that there is nothing to criticize.

        • tarc says:

          Neither of the ladies chose age appropriate songs, and they suffered for it. I love Hollie and was rooting for her, but her pair was just not good on any level. And Jessica did what Jessica does: pick songs way too old for her because they are ‘big’ and famous, and then she does a really good, but emotionally undewhelming version because she tries to parrot to fill in the places she has no experience to fill in herself. At 16, her voice isn’t a woman’s voice, and her life experience is very limited. Both hamper her seriously. She’ll be amazing at 25, but for now… she leaves me flat most of the time, and that’s entirely though her choices. When she does younger songs, she slays them.

        • Amy says:

          “My husband and I both commented on why Hollie was criticized for singing a song that was too old for her (I Can’t Make You Love Me) but Jessica was praised for her song choice.”

          I think the solution for this would be to stop criticizing anyone for choosing a song that’s “too old” for them. Teenagers aren’t stupid. You don’t have to have experienced tons of heartbreak to be able to connect to a song about heartbreak. The reason why “I Can’t Make You Love Me” didn’t work isn’t because it was “too old” or “too mature” for Hollie. It’s because she sounded bland and, frankly, kind of dull. She just didn’t do anything to elevate the performance above mediocre and forgettable.

        • marie says:

          I thought the very same thing re Hollie’s and Jessica’s song choices. Double standard, indeed.

      • Fan of Haley Rhinehart says:

        I agree Sal
        Joashua should win

      • TiaGata says:

        I agree with the part where you say Joshua is the most improved. I believe he is taking his vocal coaches advise and using it well. That is what you call “Idol Progression” – plus he sang the dog itsay out of IAMW. I voted for him until I got too tired to continue.

      • Gregoryd says:

        I agree with the jessica lacking of emotion but disagree with the age thing. Go to america’s got talent on you tube and put Bianca ryan in . She did this song and is much younger than jessica. No comparison she slayed it. Jessica was on America’s got talent and did not make it because of the same problems she is facing now. She just does not have personality and everytime she tries to show emotion it looks staged and fake. It is too bad because I kinda like the kid but maybe she is just overly shy.

    • Musicfan123 says:

      Truthfully, it is all a matter of preference now. What voice or type of music would you love to listen to? Could never see me buying Joshua’s unless he does something like he did with Phillip in Maroon 5 song. Jessica, I know she sang that song better than J-Hud, but would never buy that type of music. I could see myself buying Phillip’s music and Hollie (and Colton). So, I hope Phillip and Hollie are in the top 3. I believe they all will get contracts for sure.

      • Tom22 says:

        I 100% agree with you

        Final 4 is a victory.. past that it is more about musical style preference than “talent” because, even if someone doesn’t have a bias judging one good artist to another is a bit of a fools game that is almost contradictory to the term “artist”.

        A contest isn’t useless though because people can seperate broadly who they think is special out of a large field and there is space for different groups of people to push along those who they appreciate in styles they relate to.

        Just, its silly to fixate on the #1 spot in something like this… its not a race or a sports match with objective points scored by fixed and objectively enforceable factors.

    • Heart Freely says:

      Was it just me or when it pushed in close on Jessica in those last few lines did she look like she was squeezing out a mondo dump?

    • Tom22 says:

      For all the “talent” we have this year in vocal ablity and ablity to learn new songs each week well (there isn’t any stumbling going on)

      … I just haven’t been impressed by almost any songs since Billy Joel week to want to replay them repeatedly. I listened to Hollies river deep mountain high a bunch of times last week interspersing each with a Tina turner original and found I still enjoyed hollies side by side with Tina’s (it wasn’t better, but it was an enjoyable take on the song for me.. but I think its the song and the unabashedly celebratory arangement that I liked… I love celebrations where the voice is the center of the celebration….that just isn’t cloying or cheesy to me the way it is for others)

      It seems like they had more flexiblity than ever in song choice so I’d think they’d have found things that they could make special… Maybe they did for other viewers and it’s just me.

  2. nothisisPatrick says:


    • Apparently it’s not “nuff”, because I still don’t get her. Every time I hear Jessica and Hollie in a duet or group number, it’s clear to me that Hollie has the better voice. And you don’t need the vocal acrobatics on EVERY SINGLE SONG.

      • deedee says:

        I think Jessica has the better voice of the two, but she is just a technical singer to me. Her “And I’m Telling You” was vocally strong, and didn’t move me in the least. Compare that to JHud’s version, which made me cry. Still, She;ll get the hometown visit because most people vote for “BIG” notes, whether they’re backed up by feeling or not.

        • petunia says:

          Will have to disagree. This was the first time I DID feel emotion from Jessica. I was angry because I thought for a second the judges weren’t going to stand up for her. BTW I got choked up

          • Renda says:

            Totally agree, I always feel like her performances are technically perfect, but tonight I got definite goosies

          • kim says:

            I was gonna get mad if they didn’t stand up after their almost sickening constant standing O’s for joshua — they did hesitate. Jessica’s was one of the best of the season.

          • jaxguy says:

            Me too I was about to throw something.

          • Layla says:

            Yea, if you’re still thinking that Jessica was pure technical tonight then there’s a definite blindspot in how you listen and watch her performances. Funny how the two camps of anti Jessicas say she “screams” or she is too ” technical” which kinda cancels their opinions out. Tonight was Jessica making a serious claim for the top.

          • TinyTim says:

            They barely stood up, I thought Randy still had his knees bent. Anyway both did great on the last songs.

          • deedee says:

            Well, Layla, I don’t believe I watch the show with “blind spots”, and I’m certainly not a mamber of any “anti-Jessica camp”. Jeezus, Jessica doesn’t move me when she sings. Maybe she moves YOU but she doesn’t move me. Funny how that works, huh?

          • Gregoryd says:

            They were not going to stand up because the last time they crapped on hollie then kissed up to Jessica and josh they both got put in the bottom 3 and jessica had to be saved. America loves an underdog and I am afraid that may happen tonight.

        • ben says:

          Or, the fact that it doesn’t move you doesn’t objectively mean it isn’t backed up with feeling. Jessica moves me with nearly every performance.

          • deedee says:

            True enough.

          • tarc says:

            And she rarely moves me – though I have little doubt that she will be phenomenal in time.

          • Bobbi says:

            Interesting. Never realized this til Layla pointed it out. Two camps whose opinions directly oppose the other should be arguing with themselves. Whether Jessica is ” screechy, screaming” or she is too ” technical” or add a third camp is she a ” parrot” ? Are parrots parroting the “screech” or the “technical”? But since the parrot is young they may mature to “less screechy” and “less technical” so the world will be a better place! Unless the parrot wears…. very high heels. Yikes!!! I love comment boards! :) :) :)

        • Miscellaneopolan says:

          I think Jessica has had strong emotional moments before (I still think that Stuttering is her best), but her And I’m Telling You I’m Not Going didn’t really do it for me. I think it might have been because she was singing it with a lot of the exact same inflections as Jennifer Holliday/Hudson used on it when they sang it. She was back to being Jessica the parrot.
          But that single tear down her cheek at the end of the performance? Oh, snap. I don’t know if she planned that or what, but well done, Ms. Sanchez. Well done.

          • HudsonRiverside says:

            I just watched the Jennifer Holliday and J Hud duet of that song and frankly, there’s no parroting at all. None. Why do people just make stuff up as if you can’t compare it right away on the internet? Not even in the movements. Jessica stood still and let her voice just resonate with emotion. It was just as soullful without losing herself in histrionics. In fact, I found the last third of the JHud and Holliday duet somewhat overdone. They were no longer in the song but like a competion almost. As much as I like their solo renditions, this lil girl stands right next to them. What a talent!

          • Donne Peda says:

            Are you God? You think you know how a person’s feeling or emotion?
            By the way JHolliday tweeted Jessica for a job well done and for being humble.

          • tarc says:

            The song was just way too far beyond her age and emotional experience, and it showed.

        • Snsetblaze says:

          This. She did not build the song. It started off at level 100 so it had no where to go.

        • Marsaili says:

          I definitely felt the emotion from Jessica on “And I’m Telling You”—I could see it and feel it. But it was screamy to me—I really, really liked it—but after the first screamy song, I felt she should have put a little more tenderness or desperation in her voice without the screaming for the second one. It was certainly her best of the season, though! I think JHud had that missing element when she sang it. I do agree that Hollie has the better voice, though—-or maybe not better, but it’s clearer and purer than Jessica’s and you could really hear that when they sang together. Jessica is better technically, though. Jessica clearly chose the better songs tonight, though. I thought Jessica floundered badly on “Eternal Flame” but it could be because she was stuck with the lower register. Maybe they should have switched that back and forth for the girls?

        • Ray says:

          I did not like either of Jessica’s performances,. Her second song had so much screeching I could not make out the words. She has a good voice, but she oversang her songs. I personally think she could be in the bottom two, but Hollie has been in the bottom two or three so often she will probably go home. I have not been a Phillip fan, but I think he did well this week, especially the second song. The Judges were hard on Holly because I think they want her to go home this weeki. Based on today’s performances I think Phillip will be hard to beat. Joshua has the best chance to do that. I was hoping for a female idol winner, but I do not think it will happen this year.

        • Temperence says:

          Jessica’s version was good, but it didn’t get anywhere near Jennifer Hudson’s.

          • darcy's evil twin says:

            I actually prefer Amber Riley’s (“Glee”)

          • Marsaili says:

            Ohhhhh!! I agree!

          • Temperence says:

            Oh, Amber Riley has managed to do near perfect versions of quite a few songs.

          • HudsonRiverside says:

            Actually liked it better than Jennifer Hudson’s which was not even live but in a studio or film edit.

          • tarc says:

            Or Amber Riley’s. Or Jennifer Holliday’s. Or… you get the picture. It was just very promising.

          • Chrissy says:

            Both Jennifer’s and Amber’s version easily beat out Jessica, but that doesn’t mean Jessica isn’t amazing.

          • Joe says:

            What you all fail to admit is Jennifer Hudson’s and Amber Riley’s versions were done IN A RECORDING STUDIO with multiple takes, editing, etc. Jessica sang it live last night. There’s a difference and if you can’t admit that you’re too blind with hate for the little girl to be helped.

          • tarc says:

            @Joe – Why would I admit it when I’ve heard JHud sing it live several times, and that’s what I was referring to. Jessica sounds like a girl in comparison, and there is no shortage of others on this board that have said the same thing. You can reiterall all you like, but the song was clearly too old for her for a lot of people. It just wasn’t great in comparison to any of the versions I have.

        • Donne Peda says:

          Jhud’s version is not a live one for sure. It’s in a movie which can be repeated for a number of tries until it is perfect..IMO

          • tarc says:

            I’ve heard JHud sing it live several times, and, at worst, it was ten times what we saw on Idol. There’s really no comparison. But I have no doubt that when Jessica has lived a while and matured, she’ll be able to tackle it really well. It’s in her vocal wheelhouse, but not her age or emotioanl one.

        • susela says:

          I agree, deedee. Jessica delivers manufactured emotion. She bludgeoned us with the song instead of allowing us to feel it (or feeling it herself). She’s simply too young to understand the nuance of most of the songs she’s singing. I wish she had waited a few years to compete; she’ll be a magnificent performer some day.

        • Tom22 says:

          Jessica’s “Everybody has a dream” was very good because the words fit who we saw (at least most of them) and I think she really does have a dream and that made it come across.

      • Lisa says:

        I agree!!! Joshua screams all the time as does Jessica lots if the time!!!

        • iamraven07 says:

          I don’t know about this. Joshua Ledet screams, yes. HOWEVER, it is a controlled screaming plus, he knows when to pull back and then let us have it. Jessica Sanchez does not scream. It’s called reaching for the high notes. And she does it perfectly fine.

      • Maureen says:

        I agree… Jessica has been doing this for 12 years and Hollie has only been really singing about 3-4 years now…. Not to mention Jessica has been singing “I’m not goin” since she was 4… they even showed video of it this evening. It would have been a problem is she hadn’t done great…:)

      • angelstorm says:

        This is laughable.

      • gailer says:

        ITA! I think Hollie has the better voice too.

      • jaxguy says:

        you need a hearing test. That’s all I can say. NOBODY this year can sing as great as her.

        • Marsaili says:

          In your opinion. I think Joshua is the better singer.

        • Ray says:

          No way. She screeched her way through her songs, especially the second song. It was so bad I could not make out the words. I did not enjoy it. Joshua is a better singer than Jessica, and I like Hollie’s voice better because it is clear and pure.

          • JC says:

            Joshua is way more screechier than Jessica. Jessica is a better singer than Joshua ahkay?

        • Dubliner says:

          Hah. That’s quite a statement. Perfectly daft, too.

      • ILoveMusic says:

        Thank you! Sometimes I feel like I mist be hearing things, but Holly definitely has the better voice. Her tone is so open and clear and her performance unaffected. Jessica has a good voice, but squeezes her throat somit comes out screechy a lot.

      • tarc says:

        Yeah, she just keeps choosing songs out of her emotional depth and ones that are too old for her. She comes off like a girl singing a woman’s song, so they remain unconvincing. When she was singing “I’m Telling You”, all I really thought was that is was completely clear she’s never had a breakup or a real loss to draw from.

    • IdolFan says:

      Off the hook – FANTASTIC! Absolutely took the night!

  3. Gabe says:

    I thought Hollie was amazing tonight! I loved both of her performances!

    • sg54 says:

      I have to admit, I did enjoy them. Unfortunately, I didn’t LOVE them. I LOVED last week, hands down. This week was a bit depressing for me. I think shes leaving, and she’s my favorite contestant. :(

      • Marsaili says:

        I don’t know—the judges threw her under the bus again—last time they did that, Jessica was voted off. It’s going to be close, no matter what happens.

        • CatLyons says:

          I agree. I also loved both of her performances. And I really liked watching her journey in the clips, shows how far she has come. She seemed pretty nervous on the second song though?

        • HudsonRiverside says:

          Nope. Twitter went insane on Jessica’s songs tonight, especially the second one. Not even close to the time she sang a relatively unknown understated song well. Jessica received NEW fans tonight as well as changed some people’s minds on her talent.

          • Ali says:

            1. Twitter always goes insane.
            2. Did these new fans vote?
            3. Generally, people don’t deny her talent, just the genuineness of her emotions or they don’t appreciate the delivery. It’s an opinion and a perfectly valid one.

  4. Jeremy Gable says:

    Phil Phil was only good on that second song because all Damien Rice songs are amazing. To my ears, he’s still the weakest.

    I think we might lose Hollie, because Jessica had a great night. Unfortunately in this situation, it’ll probably be one of the girls that goes home. Which sucks. :(

    • gailer says:

      Yes, so much depends on the song. Why not have the contestants sing the same songs each week? I remember one season I think they did that in the finals.

    • Marsaili says:

      I thought Phillip was terrific on everything he sang tonight. I said last week, he was going to have to really step it up tonight to stay in the competition (fairly) and he really did. He had more energy, he moved better, he seemed to be enjoying himself. I think the fact that he was moving—doing his funky movements he does when he really gets into the song—helped him sing better. He seemed to be holding that back the last few weeks—he’s not moved much and been very stiff and his vocals were stiff and not hitting where they needed to be. Tonight he was fluid all over and his vocals were perfect (for him). I think he’ll be safe, deservedly so.

      • TheBeach says:

        I thought P2 had a very good night, especially on the second song which I loved. Say what you will, pro or con, about Phillip’s singing, range, style (and man, that topic seems to have gone on ad infinitum on this board) but I do love his self-effacing, dry wit. He seems like someone who would be fun to grab a beer with.

      • tarc says:

        I thought he was best of the night – by the tiny hair of Josh going a bit ugly just a little at the end of his first song. Josh’s second song was like he was a whole new (better) singer.

      • Terri says:

        PP was great in his solos. I was embarrassed for him in the group numbers. His voice is so limited compared to the other three.

        • tarc says:

          Not everyone’s voice matches. The duet with Joshua was fine; the girls’ duet was awful. The group? Ugh – as always. Of course, that seems to be cultural: the duets and groups on the UK and AUS shows are usually excellent.

    • Amy says:

      I liked “Volcano”, but mostly because Phillip actually bothered to do something different and interesting. Vocally, I still thought he sounded off in places, but I think it might be my favorite performance he’s done this entire season (which, to be fair, isn’t saying much since I think this is literally the first time I’ve ever liked one of his performances).

  5. Christina says:

    So I guess we can assume that Hollie is going. I’d be shocked if she stayed.

  6. paisley says:

    JOSHUA OMG OMG OMG I am still weepy — take out those contacts, woman (to self) — what an emotionally perfect tribute to women everywhere……

    • deedee says:

      Yeah! Joshua’s first song was SUCH a disappointment (what happened there, baby??), but, MAN, his James Brown number was a monster. I was SO AFRAID he was going home based on round 1, but *fingers crossed* America saw his genius in round 2.

      • Chris says:

        I didn’t think Josh’s 1st performance was bad at all. The problem is that everyone is comparing him to his previous stellar performances-and not the other performances of the night. Josh is amazing and if America is smart, he should advance to the finals.

        • deedee says:

          Amen. I hope he advances and makes the finale. Second place is the best anyone can do this season, but that would be fine with me! As for Joshua’s first performance – I think it wasn’t good overall, not just compared to his previous stellar work. If he was giving those kind of performances all season, he’d have been out several weeks ago.

      • Marsaili says:

        I agree, I didn’t like his first song until the end—but the second blew me so far away, I’m still trying to get back! I was worried after round one that he’d be sent home, too—he definitely redeemed himself!

    • Sheri says:

      Juliet Simms sang Man’s world 10 times ore brilliantly

      • jaxguy says:

        I was just thinking what a great job she did……but that was, in my opinion his best of the year. I am hoping for a Josh/Jessica finale. The two best singers at this point.

      • Miscellaneopolan says:

        I just watched Juliet Simm’s version on YouTube. Then I watched Joshua’s. She was good. Joshua was better.
        Much better.

      • Snsetblaze says:


      • gregk says:

        I saw both and both were great, but Joshua’s was incredible.

      • sara says:

        Lol nonsense.

      • Noelbelle says:

        I was actually thinking Christina Aguilera at the Grammy’s several years ago (still phenom!)….I dunno, my back was turned to the tv for the second half of the show so I was only listening to his performance, but it sounded like a whole lotta holleration (and not in a good way) to me. Top 10 Idol performances of all time? Pshhhhh…. Similar thing for Jessica’s “And I am Telling You I’m Not Going” too. Does anyone remember how Haley did “Earth Song” last year and the judges said she was too shouty? That’s what Jessica’s song reminded me of, except this time I actually would have agreed. Don’t get me wrong, I think both of these guys are INSANELY good singers, but with my back to the screen, my ears weren’t loving it this time.

      • larkwoodgirl says:

        I completely agaree

    • Debra says:

      I agree no one compares to Joshua

  7. Sarrah says:

    Phillip’s second performance was my favorite of the night. I guess jess and josh were amazing but i didnt connect with their performances at all. Apples and oranges

    • Lo says:

      Phillip gave one of those rare Idol performances where it didn’t feel like he was on a reality show, it felt like you were watching a Phillip concert. Definitely in my top 5 performances of the season.

      • NedPepper says:

        To be completely fair (I loved his performance) he sang a really great song. Damien Rice is a brilliant, emotional singer-songwriter. BUT Phillip didn’t reinvent it. He sang within the lines. But he did sing it well. But let’s not go overboard. He didn’t write or arrange that song. He just covered it. Smart move, though.

        • tarc says:

          Well, to also be fair, none of the other three on the show ever do their own arrangements. Of the four, Phillip’s the only one that writes, plays, and sings his own material.

          • Joe says:

            Um, he copied Damien Rice’s version to the letter last night. There was no special arrangement or take on the song. But hey, keep selling soup on here. You’re great at it.

          • tarc says:

            I’ve had the songs for ages, and no, it wasn’t to the letter. But, hey, Joe you’ve had no problem making things up.

          • NedPepper says:

            Tarc, I’m giving your boy credit. I never said anything about the others changing up their songs. I just said let’s not go overboard with the hyberbole. Jeez….

          • tarc says:

            Ned, he’s not ‘my boy’ – Phil’s just a contestant on a TV show that I appreciate. You mentioned that they guy didn’t ‘reinvent’ the song, and I pointed out that none of these guys reinvented any of their songs, but if someone was going to, Phillip has the best potential in that area.

  8. angelstorm says:

    :O My jaw is still firmly locked to the floor after Jessica’s “And I am Telling You” – beyond incredible !!

  9. Beck says:

    I voted for Phil for an hour straight. I hope it works.

    • deedee says:

      LOL, it worked, don’t worry. Phil has been the winner for about 13 weeks now.

      Btw, his second song was the first performance of his I enjoyed all season. So, kudos to P2 for finally getting me to like something from him!

    • S7 Fan says:

      I voted for Hollie for two hours straight. I hope it works. (I wish she had chosen better songs.)

  10. Sandi says:

    Well, the hyperbole was in full effect tonight. “Best singing ever on any show ever.” I honestly hope it doesn’t hurt Joshua because he truly is fabulous. Jessica, though, is equally fabulous and she was on fire tonight. I hope she goes all the way!
    Phil Phil also had a good night. I can’t see Hollie not being in serious trouble. Sorry Hollie fans…

    • FreeHaley says:

      Phil had a very uneven night, worst of the night with his first song (by a small margin over Josh’s 1st), very weak, after two preceding very weak weeks, IMO Hollie has beaten him most rounds for the last few weeks and it is his time to go even if he did finally another really good one with Volcano (but this still wasn’t as good, at all, as Jess and Josh’s best of the night and might not have even been better than Hollie’s first song either).
      But every thread and forum I peek into girls (and yeah some guys too, no doubt, but….) are voting 2 hours non-stop for him so I think it’s another done deal. Oh well. It’s a man’s world all right. Not sure even Jessica can stop him and Juliet didn’t win last night either.

      • Tiff says:

        Hate to say it, FreeHaley, as I usually agree with you, but Phil actually had a great night. I liked him for the first time since Hollywood. Volcano was perfect for him. Of course, then Joshua and Jessica blew him away, but still, considering that Hollie had a less-than-perfect night (the second song was just wrong – she’s got a gorge voice, but it was not the right song for her), I’m pretty sure she’s going home.

        I would still love a Jess-Josh finale, but I’m resigned to a Josh-Phil one.

        • FreeHaley says:

          Yes, but notice that while ‘disagreeing’ with me (my saying he had a very uneven night) you forgot to praise or even mention his first song in your rebuttal. ;)

          I agree he was very good on his second song, but his first one….. yikes. And we both agree that as good as his second song was, and it was very good, it still wasn’t in the class as Jess and Josh’s second songs.

          Yeah Hollie probably didn’t make the smartest choice for the second song, Randy maybe did have a point there, but it wasn’t by any means awful as they made it seem, it was pretty good.

          • Marsaili says:

            I liked his first song. It wasn’t as spectacular as Jessica and Joshua’s second songs—but I didn’t really care for their first songs, either. Poor Hollie. I am really sad for her.

        • Snsetblaze says:

          Both of Hollie’s songs were wrong for her. She reverted to obvious thinking on the second one. On the first one, she did not really connect – she did not understand what it was about (after all, it had to be explained to her). Despite her claims, she’s not really living that lifestyle yet.

    • Miscellaneopolan says:

      Honestly, how many songs has Randy identified as being among the “hardest songs to sing in the world”? Up to HERE I’ve had it with him.

  11. Okay, we have to acknowledge that the sax player looks like Lilly Scott’s twin sister.

    BTW, Josh KILLED it, again. He better win.

    • Vivi says:

      Throughout the whole episode, I thought that was Lilly Scott on the saxophone.

    • deedee says:

      Josh demolished his second song, but, alas, he won’t win. Phil will win no matter what. I’m just hoping Josh makes it through the elimination tomorrow. I’m honestly worried for him.

      • TC says:

        well then stop posting and start voting!! that’s all I’ve been doing for the past 2 hrs

        • deedee says:

          I’m in Canada, TC. Wish I could.

          • Marsaili says:


          • TC says:

            ugh!! well hopefully I’ve voted enough for both of us!!

          • deedee says:

            I’m counting on all you Americanos to push our Joshua through! At the very least he deserves the hometown parade, and all the crawfish he can eat! Sweet thing. He left his soul on that stage every week for our entertainment. He needs the key to his city, and the day declared “Joshua Ledet Day”!

            I <3 Joshua *sigh* :D

    • gregk says:

      As I commented a couple weeks ago, the sax player is Mindy Abair who also was on the show last year.

  12. WishesRandyCouldn'tSpeak says:

    Poor Hollie, that’s all I can say….it sucks that she got a lotta crap for her second song while Philip didnt get any crap for his first song…ah well. I’ve accepted from last year (Haley) that I would love to strangle the judges whenever I see em :), oh and when they just read word for word from their notes on the REHEARSAL night (like JLO did tonight…). Jessica was freakin amazing, Joshua too. Philip did great on his second song too, I really liked Hollie’s first song and I liked her second one too. She was my favorite this season, oh well go Jessica !

    • MamaLis says:

      I love how Hollie’s “moment” became Jennifer’s. As soon as they played again Jennifer’s comment about “picking her to take it all in a year” – she was suddenly Hollie’s biggest fan. Getting all teary and like…’Hollie’s mentor.” In reality she wanted her out the door last week instead of Skylar. Tres disingenuous.

    • pmet says:

      You really believe they are reading notes from rehearsal? I think they have set comments on these contestants and I wouldn’t be so sure the judges even wrote them. Jennifer looks down each week to see what she is supposed to say. “Rehearsal notes” was an excuse they gave years ago for Paula accidentally reading the notes given to her for Jason Castro’s second song before he sang it.

      • WishesRandyCouldn'tSpeak says:

        You’re probs right…I guess I was too generous in saying the judges actually took their own notes :p

    • FreeHaley says:

      Yeah they don’t even try to hide reading their script these days haha, total joke.
      Last year the show just utterly jumped the shark with scripting and fakery. It always was to an extent but nothing like they did when they started the greyhound fleet after Haley (and all they got for it was Nigel’s precious original script saved, when a much more exciting natural script got killed off, and his amazing top two all country had crashed ratings and the show has been down ever since and ever falling and still they don’t get it.)

      • Ramification says:

        The judges should be writing/taking notes I am in theatre and directors always write notes so that they remember points they have to make. I have no issue with this

    • jaxguy says:

      For me, P2 is the worst of the top 12. Never liked him. I’m sure as a person he is fine. HYESTR was HORRIBLE. I mean ear shattering HORRIBLE. Volcano. OK. Nothing special for me. I’ve seen better in a local coffee house. Would never spend money on a record or a concert.

      • Marsaili says:

        Hey Jax, we KNOW you can’t stand Phillip. Seriously, relax, you don’t have to keep reminding us! ;-)

      • Temperence says:

        I guess we’re opposite people. I liked Phillip’s first song, and thought the second was the best of the night – maybe his best ever.

      • tarc says:

        LOL! I thought both songs were great and ran out and bought them. Volcano was the best song of the night, and one of the best of the season.

  13. ashley says:

    “Volcano” was OMG. PP owns me.

    • wordgirl says:


    • tarc says:

      I’ll be buying both song in the morning. I was a big fan of “Have You Ever Seen The Rain.”

    • Sandi says:

      I gotta say it…I was listening to the radio a few minutes ago and they replayed bits of the Idol performances last night. Volcano sounded GREAT on the radio. I just don’t understand people who say “Phil can’t sing.” Of course he can sing! He’s not a power vocalist like the other three but that’s not always what a song needs. It’s also about emoting, connecting with a song, and delivering a powerful performance.

      When you think of a song like “Hey Delilah” (yes, I admitted I like cheesy songs) and how that connected with people, you realize that the vocals were okay but not superb. It was about delivery and emotion connection. If it was purely about who has the best chops, than I wouldn’t have supported Colton from the start.

      Now don’t get me wrong. I’m not hoping for Phil Phil under the confetti shower. In fact, I think for a lot of reasons, that would be very bad for the show and an injustice to the incredible talents of JESSICA and joshua.

      But let the record show that Phil Phil can most certainly sing his rear end off.

    • marie says:


  14. MamaLis says:

    I’m in AZ so I’ve only seen the 1st round. Sounds like Round Two is best. From my living room, it definitely sounded like Hollie was weak in the Journey song. I wasn’t understanding the praise. And while Michael heard Joshua’s voice “closing up,” i though perhaps a vocal coach and urged him to pull-in and use restraint. Which I thought he did nicely. Also enjoyed P2. Yup I did.

    • FreeHaley says:

      Hook your set up to top quality speakers or use some fine head phones with a good head phone amp to drive em, TV speakers can make it hard to make proper sense of things since some of them are far worse than even the worst of the worst stand alone speakers (I’m assuming your talk of in your living room meant tv with cheapo speakers, if not, then I guess we just heard it differently).

      Joshua was totally closed up on the first song and did some weird things with it too, weird vocal mannerism, weird. I agree he often could use more restraint, but this was not restraint, this was closed off mixed with weird.

      Hollie’s voice sang out on the first one.

      • TheBeach says:

        Maybe Josh was holding back a little to save his voice knowing he was going “balls to the wall” on the second one.

  15. Mary B says:

    Love,love loved Phillips 2nd performance tonight. So happy this was a good night for him. Even loved the duet. Great night. Second favorite of the night was Joshua who has never been my favorite. Scared for Hollie. Jessica was also great.

  16. Brigette says:

    Am I the only one who thought the black and white pianos during Joshua and P2’s duet were just a little too literal? This has been a very literal season, but honestly. I’m so jealous that Hollie & Jessica got to swing, even though I agree with Randy that it was weird. For me, Joshua & Jessica won the night, hands down. If either of them leave tomorrow, it will be a travesty.

    • Ange says:

      No, you’re not the only one. I also had flash backs to Michael Jackson and Paul McCartney sitting in the back of a pick up truck… Random, I know.

    • deedee says:

      “Ebony and Ivoryyyy live together in pear-fect harmonyyyyy” :D

      I didn’t even register the black & whiteness of the pianos. What I did think, though, was that they needed 2 piano widths to keep Josh and Phil apart. LOLOL! It was a bit of damage control, this duet, over last week’s Joshua gay speculations — after he rebuffed Phil’s “advances” on the Righteous Bros song.

      • Marsaili says:

        But when they showed the rehersal footage for “You’ve Lost” Joshua was pushing him away there, too, and moving his chair away from him. I think it was all in play. My 16 year old was PISSED at Joshua—-Joshua has been his favorite and he was like I THINK JOSHUA IS A RACIST against Phillip. OMG, I nearly wet my pants after hearing that (shades of this board???) I was like–no, honey, he’s playing—seriously!

        • deedee says:

          Your son thinks Josh is a Hater ‘n Racist? *doubled over, LOLing*.

          You mean the rehearsal footage for this week’s Maroon 5 song? Yes, I noticed that. I think Phil is just one of those instigators who likes to be annoying like a 4 year old. Joshua fights him off, but it’s a losing battle. Their duet this week was way more comfortable (maybe because they were singing about a “she”). Also, when they were swinging after the girls sang (which was super weird!), Ryan made sure to tell the world that there was a Bromance in progress. All to quash the gay speculations, I believe. “See, America? Joshua is not protesting too much! He’s swinging with Phil!” That sort of thing.

          • Marsaili says:

            LOL!!! I don’t know—maybe the producers are trying to force it—they certainly don’t have the attachment that Phillip had with Hee Jun or even Colton (I could not see Joshua with his head in Phillip’s lap while Phillip strokes his hair at ALL!) I think Phillip is a guy who is so comfortable in his skin that he can be goofy or whatever and it doesn’t bother him. I think Joshua, however, is very self-conscious and isn’t so comfortable with a “bromance” type of relationship. Of course, at home he’s a mama’s boy and loved to death by all his older sisters—he’s just a guy more comfortable with girls! It all makes for great “drama” though!

  17. FreeHaley says:

    Wow Jessica had her best night ever! She took the night. One really good and one utterly fantastic!

    Joshua was kinda weird on the first song, made weird noises, weird stylings, not at all one of my favorites of his not great. But damn what a fine second performance!

    Hollie had a great first performance and a very good second one (judge’s too harsh, they had some fair points, but they forget to make them for oh say Phillip’s first song among others….).

    Phillip had another really bad one on his first song, he finally came back after a few week’s absence and had a very good second song, only probably is Hollie was also very good and moreso Joshua was then over the top and then Jessica was even more over the top. So very good turned out to pale compared to the best for the second round so he was still left behind a bit.

    • Suggestor says:

      Jessica got some respect tonight. Joshua came in second butthe night would have been his if not for little miss Powerhouse taking it to the church, down to the valley and back up around the clouds.

    • tarc says:

      I’m not with you this week. jessica’s songs were way too mature for he to manage; she was a solid third place. Phil killed both songs second place, but had the best song of the night. Joshua edge Phil for the best, but only on the strength of some new, non-screechy vocal techniques in ‘man’s World”.

  18. nikkiqm says:

    It was Jessica’s night. For me she won both rounds. Joshua’s 2nd performance was stellar though and Phil’s 2nd performance was the best he has been in a long while, really good. But both guys had mediocre 1st performances and poor Hollie didn’t do bad on either performance but didn’t have a real standout performance tonight when everyone else did. Wish Phil would go home for his less than stellar past few weeks but I think its going to be Hollie especially with Phil having a good performance this week. I’m hoping for a Jessica/Joshua finale but highly doubt it.

  19. pmet says:

    Joshua and Jessica stole the show with their final two performances. The chills ran up and down my legs during their incredible, incredible emotional performances. Joshua, in spite of the over-pimping of the judges, has grown into my favorite contestant. He feels songs from deep in his soul and it’s like an unstoppable force coming forth once he gets going. Jessica is technically amazing and especially showed tonight how she can truly feel the lyrics of a song. Wow. I am still blown away. Third place tonight I think belongs to Philip. Volcano was simply wonderful and a perfect song choice for his vocal style. Hollie, who I have really grown to like a great deal, stumbled tonight and I think it will cost her. My top three in order are Joshua, Jessica, Philip.

  20. Chris says:

    I didn’t really care for “Have You Ever Seen the Rain” but I LOVED Phillip Phillips performance of “Volcano”. Absolutely hands down his best performance of the season (I do hope they were recording that live session – had the right props too – oh you know Jimmy was recording that)! Fanfreakintastic! Loved the arrangement and the cello – gah (everything Steven Tyler said). Yes Jimmy his butterfly did come out.

    Hollie did a really great job with “Faithfully”. A little flat at first but it ended up being so stunning… beautiful soaring to the end (there really is no one else like Steve Perry). To me she finally looked right at home on that stage. I’ve wanted that for her all season.
    “I Can’t Make You Love Me” was good but I really wish she had just opened up full blast and sang the snot out of it. I think holding back hurt more than it helped. I have to agree with what Jennifer said about connecting with that song, using the real moment she was in. I saw a little bit of the old Hollie (the one with her hair up) come back out 

    “You Raise Me Up” I loved the dedication to his father. It was such a moving performance for everyone in my house. What a beautiful song and young man. It was just perfect. I hope that is the musical path he will continue down. (I did not like the lift or the shirt though).
    “It’s a Man’s Man’s Man’s World”. I loved the suit – slick! I really liked the full sound of the violins. Joshua painted a good story and I totally dug the little hand flapping thingie around the microphone and the grit grin when saying/singing “but it wouldn’t be nothing” – so good. However when I saw the judges already backing up their chairs before he was done …. It was really great interpretation but unlike Jennifer I have seen that performance from him before and no Randy it’s not the best performance of any live singing show. I have to say after watching Juliet Simms nail the absolute life out of that song last week; she takes the trophy for me on that song.
    “Steal Away” – BLUUUUEEEZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ baby SSSSSSSOUL baby. LOOOOVVVVEEEED it! She just played in that song down to its last bone. Next to Etta (and do we love some Etta in this household) best I’ve ever heard it done.
    “And I Am Telling You I’m Not Going” – HOLY MOTHER OF ALL THINGS HOLY. JESSICA SANCHEZ took this night of American Idol and blew the damn ceiling and doors off with that performance. YES YES YES YES!!!!!!!!!! Now THAT is the Jessica I’ve been waiting to see since Las Vegas week. WOWOOOWOWOWWWWOOOW! Standing ovation in my house from everyone – hands in the air – and just so damn caught up in that moment we weren’t getting out anytime soon! Clapping so damn loud our neighbors probably didn’t know what was going on. YES JIMMY WE WILL REMEMBER IT FOREVER TOO!!!!


    California Dreamin’
    1. Jessica
    2. Joshua
    3. Hollie
    4. Phillip
    The Song I Wish I Wrote
    2. Phillip
    3. Joshua
    4. Hollie

    • ashley says:

      agree 100% about Juliet Simms owning “It’s a Man’s Man’s Man’s World”. And so weird that both of Joshua’s songs were on “The Voice” within the past week and a half. I think I’m over his screeching.

      • J. May says:

        Joshua doesn’t scream or screech or whatever the he!! you morons think he does! He sings and sings extremely well. Get over it.

      • Cip says:

        Sorry-but I preferred Josh’s version of “It’s a Man’s Man’s Man’s World” over Juliet Simm’s on The Voice- and I loved her. However, there is just something special about Joshua

      • Sheri says:

        Amen. Joshua is SOOOO overrated

        • Miscellaneopolan says:

          Normally I’d agree. I’ve been silently screaming at the judge’s to sit the heck down for Joshua pretty much all season, but his second performance tonight… That was good stuff. One of the few times I actually thought he deserved the standing ovation.
          BUT…IT…WOULD…N’T…BE…NOTH…ING… So great!

      • Andy J says:

        There’s only one owner of “It”s a Man’s World” and her name is Elise Testone.

        • noa says:

          it’s Elise’s world, actually. people shouldn’t confuse the great band Joshua had with him being better. Elise gave me the same amount of emotions and chills without 4000 people on stage with her.

      • gregk says:

        Note that Jermaine, who is somewhat similar to Joshua but not as good, won The Voice.

  21. FreeHaley says:

    The reason the show scks is because the judging is not balanced.

    Phillip had a weak first performance but they loved it to heck (and they were over praising Joshua a lot on his first too) and yeah maybe Hollie’s second song didn’t didn’t allow for quite as many super moments so maybe not THE best choice, so Randy was maybe correct about that, sure, BUT, she did well, way better than they made it sound even if maybe not a bring down the house performance, way better than Phillip on his first song, better than Joshua on his first performance, but they made Phillip, even on his first song sound like the second coming (OK Randy did at least mention a weak start but in the end he made it sound way better than Hollie’s second song and it just wasn’t).

    Once again it shows Idol up for the sham it is. They never give everyone criticism on an equal basis.

    • Chuck says:

      Er, they don’t give criticism on an equal basis because the performances aren’t equally good. This isn’t really hard to understand.

      • FreeHaley says:

        Of course is not hard to understand that they don’t give each performance the same criticism what is hard to understand is that they don’t use the same standards for everyone and one person can hit like a total of two notes on key or make a general mess of things and get standing Os and raves and someone else can rock the house down and get every little thing picked down and two off pitch notes pointed out. They don’t judge on an equal basis.

  22. Merrilyn says:

    While I think Jessica’s voice is all sorts of amazing, I have to seriously question her song choice for “Steal Away”. I don’t think sexually aggressive is the best image/attitude for a 16 year old.

    • iamraven07 says:

      Here we go again with the age thing. Just get over it. When someone shows a great vocal on a song, and shows the right emotions, it’s great. I wonder why people always bring up the age issue. I already got over that weeks ago.

      • deedee says:

        Err, no. The ‘age thing’ is hard to get over, so I won’t be over it any time soon. I know many people here thought she displayed all the appropriate emotions on the Dreamgirls song, but many of us here think she did not. It’s not because she’s not a gifted singer, it’s because she’s in high school and is singing songs that are not in her emotional horizon. So, for me, the only thing Jessica displayed was her vocal agility. Hollie did the same with ‘I Can’t Make You Love Me’. These are mature songs that require a mature singer to do them real justice.

  23. FreeHaley says:

    s way over-praised Phillip, especially the first half of the show where he was not so hot.

    His Volcano was actually pretty good though, first time he has had a nice one like that in a while. But calling it one of the singular moments of the entire American Idol run since season 1 was over the top, so even when he did quite well, they still over-praised him.

  24. Mike says:

    I loved that Jessica stayed planted the whole song. All her emotion and energy had nowhere to go but through her voice. Whoever told her to stand still on that stage should be commended.

  25. Gabe says:

    Wait people liked Joshua’s “It’s a Man’s Man’s Man’s World”?? I thought it was a lot of holleration and was overwrought… He was grunting and screaming and I didn’t enjoy it even a little… Loved Jessica though, that girl can SANGGGG! Seriously she busted out on that song in amazing fashion!

    • joy says:

      I am a big fan of Joshua..but I do agree sometimes he can go way way way overboard…He is a fantastic performer and I would love to see him live but I dont need to be yelled at vocally all the time.

    • Vivi says:

      I am the complete opposite. I got chills…CHILLS…while watching Joshua’s “It’s a Man’s, Man’s, Man’s World”. Gosh, it was amazing. Jessica’s 2nd performance did nothing for me. Yes, she sang it well. Her voice was strong. But it didn’t stir anything inside of me. After she was done, I was like, “Okay.”

      • Miscellaneopolan says:

        I agree. I think part of the problem with Jessica’s second performance was that she started too big. There was no place for her to go. Also, the song is really overplayed. When I heard Ryan say she was singing a hit from Dreamgirls I was really hoping it would be “Listen.” That’s a little less well-known and has more tones to play with.
        Joshua’s James Brown cover, though… jeez. It was an out-of-body experience listening to him. In a good way. A GREAT way.

      • deedee says:

        I feel exactly the same way. Joshua slayed me dead.

        Jessica, however, lost me half way through her second song. She rushed the lyrics, had no dramatic pauses between phrases, didn’t build the story on a song that was all about the story … meh, she left me cold. Great voice, though. No denying that.

        • Ray says:

          I thought Jessica screeched her way through the second song. So bad, I could not understand the words. I did not enjoy it. Joshua is a better singer. And truthfully, I like Hollie.s voice better.too.

          • Suggestor says:

            Understood every bit of Jessica’s second song. It built up great for me. Instead of just using the high notes, she stayedthere but then she bent them and wrapped a ton of layered emotions into just the way she expressed every syllable. Oh wow, just WOW!

          • Stormy says:

            ITA Ray. She seemed desperate and weak alternating with screechy and shrill.

          • tarc says:

            She mumbled some in the Etta James song, but I thought her enunciation was better on “I’m Telling You”. She does tend to mumble at times.

      • tarc says:

        I think Joshua’s second song showed a lotof growth – there was no screaming or missed minors gone ugly there at all. We got to hear him try some new vocal techniques that suited him. It was a fantastic number. I still though Phillip edged it by a hair for best of the night with Volcano, but they boys really killed their songs. The girls, not so much.

    • Kirk Sansom says:

      It was done much better by Juliet Simms

      • Sandy says:

        My opinion: it’s a draw. Two very fearless and very different performances!

      • FreeHaley says:

        Very close, but I guess overall Juliet does win by a little.

      • ben says:

        I don’t really care who wins out of Juliet and Joshua, I just like someone who can admit to watching both shows without needing to comment about one being ‘better’ and the other one being ‘dead’.

        • MamaLis says:

          Ya. Let’s not compare. Juliet ROCKS. But loved loved Joshua. Totally different performances. Tonight I was enthralled with Joshua!

        • ben says:

          I’m ok comparing the singers, thats all good… I just like the fact people do watch both. Sometimes it seems like a war out there.

      • TopCat says:

        disagree-preferred Josh’s version a lot more

    • J. May says:

      You probably liked Sanjaya. You don’t know good music when you here it.

  26. mnoir says:

    I think poor Hollie’s in trouble. I’m not sure singing Journey is a good idea on this stage because all I heard was some buddy on the panel just kept talking about how he was in Journey and OMG did you know that he was buddies with Steve Perry?

  27. joy says:

    Thought everyone did a great job…but I am over Jessica…Sure we know she can sing but it has also come to the point where I am so so so so bored by her..It is like she is on repeat every week. She also seems to come off as a nice girl, but I really real like she is not genuine all the time.

  28. joy says:

    Think that she is not genuine all of the time

  29. FreeHaley says:

    1. Jessica
    2. Hollie
    —— big step down
    3. Joshua
    — another step down
    4. Phillip
    1. Jessica
    2. Joshua

    —big step down, although in this case 3 and 4 were still really good it was just that 1 and 2 were just super phenomenal, really rare form

    3. Hollie and Phillip

    1. Jessica – wow she really came into her own (other than slightly thin in chest voice, really outstanding, wow, still miss Elise though damn, but at least Jessica would certainly be a legit winner all the same, for once)
    2. Joshua and Hollie
    3. Phillip (he returned in his second song, very good, but his first was another really weak one and I mean Jessica and Joshua just made very, very good seem average)

  30. kim says:

    Jessica Sanchez was amazing — showed more personality here. I loved Philip’s Volcano. Hollie wasn’t as good as last week

  31. catie says:

    am i the only one who didn’t like jessica at all tonight. i love her voice, but i absolutley despise her growling. some people can growl like haley that sounded awsome with her voice. but not at all with jessica it just sounds like she’s trying to have soul but i just can’t stand it. i usually love her voice, but tonight i did not understand the hype. same with joshua i felt like his last song was just vocal overkill. the best idol performaces i have ever seen are much more subtle, restrained, and simple.

    • joy says:

      You are correct with your whole statement!!!

    • ashley says:


    • Kirk Sansom says:

      When Joshua and Jessica come on I tune them out and clean house or do the dishes. Only once or twice have I enjoyed their music. The song Josh sang by India Arie was probably his best.

      • M says:

        Tonight my mom asked me how was Jessica’s 1st performance ( I didn’t her 2nd performance) my reply to was her was “meh” and to that I added, it doesn’t matter how well Jessica does I just don’t like her, I just don’t get her. I get that she’s can sing her way out of any song but I just don’t like her. LOL

        My mom doesn’t really like her either she just probably wants to see if my opinion will change LOL

        • jaxguy says:

          i’m sorry you have NO taste. too bad

          • Marsaili says:

            Shut up already. Geez. Let people have their opinions without being attacked! You do nothing but smear Philip over and over and over again–yet someone has an opinion about Jessica that you don’t agree with and you are insulting them. How old are you anyway???

          • Ray says:

            You are so annoying. Stop making judgements about people. I did not enjoy Jessica at all, especially the second song. She screeched her way through it and it was hard to make out the words of the song.

          • Temperence says:

            From what I’ve read here tonight, you have some personal problems.

          • me says:

            I agree! M and deedee, they are both deaf and stupid!

          • Temperence says:

            I was referring to jaxguy, the one that insults people for no reason.

        • Rhicter1 says:

          Who do you like, if I can ask? And is his last name the same as his first name?

    • Mary B says:

      I agree with you. I think Jessica and Joshua are truly talented but I wish they would dial it back a it. It could be very unpleasant to the ears. Every one prefers different music and that just is not my favorite.

      • Davey says:

        You’re probably the same person who wrote last week that she was a robot.

        • Dubliner says:

          She does lack emotion sometimes, so that would make sense. There is something about her that’s artificial – but it’s been getting better the last few weeks.

    • MamaLis says:

      I thought both Jessica on the 2nd song and Joshua were A-amazing! Towards the end of the song when Jessica did the four octave change – all in one breathe – it was crazy! Growling or not, I felt like she really dug into that song from her soul.

  32. Lo says:

    I was totally off the Phillip train last week, but my god his second performance was fantastic! Not sure I want him to win, but he definitely deserves at least Top 3 after that.

  33. FreeHaley says:

    I liked both duets, Phillip sounded good on part of it, but over-shadowed on other parts of it.

    Unlike Randy, I liked Eternal Flame, there were a few weird harmony choices and a couple times you wished they went to the high note, sure, but those bits took up 10-15 seconds of the entire song, at most, and the rest was great. And nice to have some 80s Bangles on the show.

  34. Maureen says:

    I’m hoping for a Phillip & Joshua finale. Phillip is the only person whose album I would buy. I just don’t feel anything when Jessica sings. And I thought she totally oversang that last song.

  35. Sunshine says:



    Kk. Back to voting

  36. FreeHaley says:

    Although I had a few differences with Slezak’s quick take, I generally was back on board again, funny how as soon as his favorite Skylar is gone, he seems to start writing sense again haha.

    • ben says:

      Actually, although I do think Michael overrated Skylar, I’ve never found a season where I agree with him more often than this.

  37. chris thomas says:

    Juliett Simms owns Mans, Mans World.

    • FreeHaley says:

      Yeah she rocked that!! (A travesty she didn’t win. We finally had a legit winner and oh well…. and good if very generic winner. blah.) For a long while in, I thought she was def better than Josh on it, although by the end it was a hard call.

      • J. May says:

        Joshua was much, much better.

        • FreeHaley says:

          No way, if anything Juliet may have been a little bit better, it was close though.

          • Tiff says:

            Guys, I can’t decide. I love them both, and I’d rather just call it a draw. They’re very different.

            Joshua killed it tonight, even with You Raise Me Up. I have this weird feeling that as soon as Uncle Nigel saw that on The Voice, he was like, “Joshua, you’re changing your first song.” He was SO MUCH BETTER than Chris Mann.

  38. Bill says:

    American Idol Top 4 Recap : Jlo to Hollie “You know Baby we’ve always believed in you”….
    Randy starts the “Bus” (Or Ice Cream Truck)…Steven shifts it into reverse! AI at its finest ask Haley!

    • FreeHaley says:

      so blatant, if they had called out Phillip and Joshua for their first songs too then ok, but as they played it, yeah they got the grey hound fleet out again. And I love the BS they told her on her first song that they were always on the Hollie train every week, yeah….

  39. Marlex says:

    I thought Hollie won round one by a hair over Jessica. PP was generic PP and it sounded to me that Joshua was singing too low on “You Raise Me Up.” Hollie and Jessica both did well, but I just connected more with Hollie.

    Round two was really good for everybody, except for Hollie.

    That being said, although Hollie didn’t do as good on her second song than she did on her first one, I didn’t get the judge’s critiques at all. JLo is telling her she shouldn’t connect with the song on a personal level but on a “please don’t send me home” level? WTF?? Then Randy’s complaining she didn’t pick a song that would play up her glory note ability, even though she showed that off on the first song. So much for showing variety. I guess that’s why he’s so into PP. It really smacked of Hailey getting torn about last year for her “inspirational” song.

    I thought PP was the best he’s been in weeks on Volcano.

    Hollie’s in trouble since unlike everybody else, her first song was her best one. If enough of Skyler’s voters go to Hollie, she may have a chance, because although Jessica was great tonight, I don’t think her performances are going to garner a lot of Skyler’s voters.

    • Kirk Sansom says:

      I voted for an hour for Hollie but I doubt it will help. I loved Haley’s Earth song last year and the judges were sooooo mean.

  40. NedPepper says:

    No Phillip hate tonight. He sang the hell out of Volcano. Damien Rice is one of my personal favorites, and at first I thought he was going to do what he did to The Letter. Not so. This was the perfect song. I will admit it. He just sold me. The pressure got to Hollie tonight. Joshua’s first song was not great, but came back strong. Jessica was solid.

  41. Kirk Sansom says:

    Bottom 2 Hollie and Joshua
    Hollie goes home. Even if she had been stellar the judges would have found something wrong about it and nit picked the poor girl to death. Send her home so Jennifer doesn’t have to keep being so hypocritical.

  42. JC says:

    Vote Vote Vote!!! for an all girl finale Jessica was absolutely pitch perfect as always I want her to win it!!! and she can!!! and please vote for Hollie too she showed a lot of growth and she deserves to make it to the top 3 :)

  43. FreeHaley says:

    Sadly instead of the deserved Jessica, Joshua, Hollie it sounds liek Phillip is a shoo-in, reading comments, one very good song out of three weeks is enough apparently. And as good as it was, the thing is it wasn’t a match for Jessica or Joshua’s best tonight and arguably not any better than Hollie’s best tonight, plus his first song was easily the weakest of all, although Joshua was right on his heels with his fairly poor first song, I agree with Slezak one of his weakest of the season, closed-off, weird, not good. But of course the judges love those two performances and don’t point out the problems while makign sure to point out every little problem with Hollie’s second song and making up a few to add in on top…. this show plain scks and is as I’ve said for a while now, fake and scripted nonsense.

    • Marsaili says:

      I don’t agree he’s only had one good song out of three weeks. I really liked The Letter—I liked Fat Bottom Girls and The Stone. I liked his songs from the top 7 week. It’s all subjective, though.

      • takakupo says:

        “The Stone” is definitely debatable. The other two, not so much. Volcanoes was quite exceptional. I have to agree with FreeHaley up though. One solid performance does not qualify a spot in the top 4. Hollie, Jessica and Joshua have all had tremendous performances. Not so much Philip.

        • tarc says:

          In your opinion. And I’d say one bad performance in the last four weeks makes a Top 2 contestant of Phillip Phillips. Of course, we’ll see shortly. :)

  44. Chuck says:

    It was a good night. Leaving aside the duets (and even those are getting better–Phillip and Joshua were way better than that ridiculous display a week ago), the only performances that were even “just OK” were Phil’s and Hollie’s first songs. Volcano was far and away Phillip’s best performance of the season (I haven’t been much of a fan), and both Joshua and Jessica killed it at the end of the night. Jessica did well on the Etta James too, but I would have liked to hear her on at least one youthful song.

    I thought the judges attacked the wrong Hollie performance; to me the second song was a good deal better than the first. But even though she has nothing to be embarrassed about, tonight or all season long, it’s obvious that it’s her time.

  45. Tina lynn says:

    Jillip+swings=Scene Stealers

    • darcy's evil twin says:

      That was funny! I thought we saw more of the contestants’ personalities tonight than we’ve seen in the past.

  46. Jane says:

    I think we can close the argument on what Joshua could bring to a song already tackled by Elise Testone and Juliet Simms this year. I actually teared up during his performance which hasn’t happened on idol since I cried alongside Fantasia when she sang Summertime. I really enjoyed PP’s second song which I’d never heard before. If that’s the kind of music he wants to make, I might change my mind about him. Jessica performed the ultimate Diva ballad with all the passion she could muster and did the song justice. I’m afraid it’s the end for Ms. Hollie. Better to go out after a few solid weeks than hang on and take another spot from someone more deserving.

    • noa says:

      allow me to re-open the argument. while i LOVED the staging and all the instruments and the band was stellar in general- as far as vocal performance, i still prefer Elise’s version. i just like her voice more. i can’t, just can’t, get into the Joshua experience. i think the entire performance WAS better than the one in Vegas, but Joshua doesn’t get the credit for that alone.

  47. SteveZ says:

    I would have LOVED Hollie’s song choices FOR SKYLAR. Hollie did OK, but Skylar would have ROCKED it. I miss her.

  48. joseph says:

    GOOSEBUMPSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!! all over my body.. OMG! JESSICA SANCHEZ stole the night!… go jessica! go for the win…!!!

  49. Pablo says:

    Tonight was the first night since I started watching back in Season 3 that I chose not to watch Idol. I think that the remaining four are in fact reasonably talented. I just can’t get excited & get behind one of them. In the past when my favorites have been voted out early, I normally watch through to the end, because I can normally back at least one of the remaining finalists. This year, I loved Elise, and wasn’t surprised she got booted… but then when Skylar left, I just have had trouble getting excited about a contestant. Again, I do think they’re talented– but no one’s getting me excited. It’ll be interesting to see how the rest of the season plays out; it is pretty unpredictable.

    • Ray says:

      My sentiments also.

    • macy says:

      I understand exactly — but you missed a REALLY good show! I had real love for only one of the contestants prior to the show (meaning in theory I would only enjoy 25% of the show — haha!), but last night for some reason I told myself that I was going to go in with an open mind and just enjoy the talent, whether that singer was my favorite or not. Anyway, that approach made it so enjoyable, and two of the contestants really grew on me just from this one show.

  50. gina says:

    Honestly? While I love Hollie’s voice, I’m calling Phillip the winner for tonight. That was really good, IMO. Now, I know very few people agree but, while I didn’t mind Joshua doing You Raise Me Up, since he was reining himself in a bit…I absolutely couldn’t stand him or Jessica with the screaming/screeching/growling. I’m seriously thinking, for the first time in years, of NOT watching next season if they choose contestants who sing as if they are having painful trapped gas throughout and awarding this type of performance with the most bizarre hyperbole I’ve heard in…well, 100 years!!!! Why is screaming or grunting or groaning more “authentic” than singing the flipping song without idiotic runs and gimmicks? And, I have to say this about Jessica’s last performance. It was SO disconcerting to see Baby Jessica (the real baby Jessica) singing the song with the same growl. I got a very Toddlers in Tiaras vibe from that whole clip that made watching this version really uncomfortable.

    • Chris says:

      Seriously-Phillip the “winner for tonight”-because he had one good performance? My, in reading some of these posts, it’s very apparent that we’ve lowered the bar when it comes judging P2. It’s like giving the “C” student an “A” on a paper because it was “B” material. Talk about grading with a curve. So sad and unfair to the other contestants who are clearly better than him (and yes-even after his second performance).

      • jaxguy says:

        Chris agree 1000%

      • Mary B says:

        Sorry but I agree with Gina. volcano was my favorite of the night. I thoughtbitbwas terrific. He did not have to over sing. As Steven said it is a song you can listen to over and over. No way can I do that with Joshua and Jessica’s songs. I would get a massive headache. I find Hollie’s voice so much more pleasant than those two. My opinion.

      • Marsaili says:

        I don’t think he had only one good performance, I think everything he did tonight was fantastic! I don’t think it’s fair to lump Phillip against power belters like Joshua and Jessica and judge him less because he doesn’t belt out all his songs—he’s a totally different type of singer and he should be compared on talent—which he has in spades. They aren’t better than him—they are different than him.

      • Aaron says:

        This x1000…I’m generally perplexed at this incessant and strange praise for Phillip Phillips. The “C” and “A” student metaphor is perfect in describing him. Yes, I really really liked his cover of “Volcano” and if I’m being honest, it’s probably the best of the season. But in no way is his “best” in the same league as Jessica, Hollie, or Joshua. You may like his style of singing, or coffee-shop type genre, or his good looks, but let’s please not delude ourselves into thinking he’s some musical genius. There’s a million of his hipster style self performing at your local community college talent shows across America.

        And on a side note, being a child of the ’90s who religiously listened to Dave Matthews in his prime in the mid to late ’90s, I find the comparisons between the two frankly insulting. While Matthews has a gruff and atypical voice, he’s a brilliant lyricist and great song interpreter who can ACTUALLY sing and construct a melody…and, wait for it…stay on pitch while doing so! Plus, his range is far greater than Phil’s (Dave can actually hit a falsetto!). Can you tell I’m a little baffled at this lovefest for Phillip Phillips??? People, get over yourselves, he’s NOT GOOD!

        • Aaron says:

          Correction, *his* best of the season. No way is it lumped with Elise’s Zep or Josh’s Man’s World or Hollie’s Rolling in the Deep.

        • Dubliner says:

          He’s damn good in my book. Most of what you said isn’t close to being true.

      • Dubliner says:

        I’d give the A-student an A+ for the last song alone.

    • Temperence says:

      I thought that, too. Phillip stepped it up tonight.

      • TheBeach says:

        I thought the production values on “Volcano” were terrific. Shooting P2 in profile with the large mic and the supporting singer slightly blurred in the background made it feel like it was being filmed in a recording studio…way cool. I’ll take that production over the flashing lights, smoke and multitude of choirs any day.

    • TheKing says:

      Gina, your taste of music is of the baroque period. Like the human race, music evolved and changed for the artistic and aesthetic purposes. So learn to grow up! Music is a living language of the soul: it develops, improves, progresssess,and find its way to create new things. That is how to be a real artist. Never to be the same. Always new and goes against conventions and what is always acceptable – this is the real essence of art, may it be painting, dance, fashion, architecture, sculpture, floristry, design, cooking or music. Always try to be different in making difference. So try to educate your self about this!

      • gina says:

        Please educate Yourself and lose the condescending tone in speaking to someone. Even through a message board. I am not a child. And I have a musical background (which is beside the point and none of your concern). Music exists to touch one’s soul. And, it’s also PERSONAL. Personal preference. My feeling that Phillip did a good job (and, yes, the best of the night–FOR ME) means I thought just that. He did the best of the night, IMO. I listened and felt his performance. I have been absolutely no fan of Phillip throughout the season. I did not pick up the phone to vote for him last night; nor do I intend to vote for anyone for the remainder of the season. So, your precious…Jessica or Joshua is safe from my stinking little vote. I’m just expressing my opinion. I will never personally like the screaming style. I will never consider shouting, screaming or grunting lyrics at me “art.” Subjective opinion. And, truly educated people know that every “opinion” can be valid…all at once.