Fox Cancels Alcatraz and The Finder

Fox giveth and now Fox taketh away.

The network, which just got done picking up five new shows and renewing a sixth (Kiefer Sutherland’s Touch), has axed freshman dramas Alcatraz and The Finder.

The J.J. Abrams thriller and the Bones spinoff both launched at midseason with much fanfare and decent ratings. But those initial numbers didn’t hold. The Finder was eventually banished to Friday nights, which is where it will complete its run this week.

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Fox has also cancelled Breaking In and I Hate My Teenage Daughter.

TVLine’s 2012 Renewal Scorecard has been updated with the news.

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  1. hannah says:

    Ugh! I loved alcatraz!!! Don’t know how networks are making money by constantly canceling everything! How are we supposed to continue watching their channel when they keep canceling shows!!!??

  2. Truth says:

    Alcatraz was a great concept but they took too damn long to unfold the mysteries. It got bogged down in mediocre procedural crime TV. Now we’ll prolly never know how these inmates survived.

  3. H.A.R. says:

    Hey Ausiello, would you and your awesome connections be able to score an interview with someone to find out what would have happened on Season 2? I really loved this show and I am bummed it ended on such a huge cliffhanger! If anyone could do it, it’s you!

  4. Candace Martin says:

    I loved both of those shows! I am so bummed about this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Kasper F. Nielsen says:

    I guess The Finder…. couldn’t find it’s audience.

    • Kevin says:

      Yuck, yuck…Hey Dummy, It had a good core audience… and lost HALF of it when Fox put on Fridays.

  6. Philip says:

    Any chance netflix picks up alcatraz?

  7. Debra says:

    Well that just sucks.. I watched Alcatraz, every week, I didn’t miss an episode. Had never watched The Finder. I was really looking forward to the second season of Alcatraz. I am VERY, VERY disappointed in FOX. I may not even watch the network anymore…..debra

  8. Tasha says:

    Aw man I was hoping they would keep Alcatraz I really liked it. Only a little bummed about The Finder. Couldn’t they have brought it back and changed the night?

    • Kevin says:

      They changed the night from Thursday after Idol to Fridays at 8..killing the show and viewers who where watching it

  9. Andrea says:

    Dear Fox broadcasting I hope you are paying attention to what viewers are saying. If not let me recap: no one really cares about Touch, people do care that you cancelled Alcatraz and the Finder, and as a network people kind of hate you in general because you’ve continually proven that you’d rather start from scratch than support good quality shows with a decent size fan base. Sincerely a very disappointed Alcatraz fan and former viewer of your network.

  10. sarah says:

    i knew Alcatraz wasn’t going to make it, but I had hoped anyway. Dang it. Just as it was really starting to get into it’s thing,too!

  11. Tkaczow says:

    I wish The Finder wasn’t canceled–it was pretty clean by today’s standards and it made me laugh because of its wittiness. Phooy on you Fox. Why is it I can’t trust networks to keep shows I like on anymore?

  12. ARGH! I LOVED The Finder :((((((

  13. alistaire47 says:

    Shoot, I loved The Finder. Such a nice atypical procedural….RIP.

  14. Kerri says:

    damn you fox!

  15. Jennifer M says:

    Really disappointed in Fox – my family has LOVED both Alcatraz & The Finder, & have made a point of watching or recording every single show. Fox needs to bring them back!!!!

  16. Kristina says:

    Bummer. Both of these were decent shows, but didn’t blow me away so I guess this isn’t a huge surprise.

  17. leahbh says:

    seriously?! touch over alcatraz and the finder?!?! touch is not sustainable long term. ridiculous. i hope we get some alcatraz comics to answer all the questions. :( what a bummer. I’m sad now.

  18. Chatty says:

    The Finder was such a fun show! I loved it. As for Alcatraz, the show got progressively better with each episode; you’d think the success of The Avengers would grant Abrams some pull with the network, but I guess not. Guess original ideas are not “in” with Fox. I will miss both shows very much.

    • Kasper F. Nielsen says:

      Why would The Avengers grand JJ Abrams any pull with Fox? He has nothing to do with the movie.

    • Kevin says:

      Abrams didn’t have nothing to do with The Avengers.. that was Joss Whedon . Abrams is on Star Terk 2 and working with Eric Kripkie on a Show for NBC .

  19. Ken D. says:

    Not Alcatraz!

  20. KB says:

    Never fails they always cancel the shows I like!! Finder was just entertaining and Alcatraz was really well written I thought. Agree that it was probably just not on the right night of the week.

  21. Denver Military Dad says:

    This is sad news for Alcatraz. It really could have been a contender. It was killed in its infancy. Finder – meh. Good acting but bad sets /look/writing. Maybe like Human Target -Alactraz will get paroll next year if some of the new fox shows tank. “we’ve been waiting. for a very very long time. “

  22. J says:

    I’m so sad The Finder is gone! I loved its quirkiness and the fact that it wasn’t about murder every week. It had the feel of a procedural but it could go in different directions. So sad to get attached to characters only to have them fade away. :(

  23. dee says:

    RIP Finder. I’ll miss the interactions between the main characters, particularly Walter, Leo and Willa. Now how about finding Geoff Stults a new show?

  24. Tracey says:

    So NOT FAIR. There goes Fox and canceling shows too soon. I loved both Finder & Alcatraz! Fox you really do keep breaking my heart over and over again! Enough already!

  25. Julie says:

    I’ve always had a thing against Fox since they cancelled Firefly…this just confirms it. I’m still in shock that they have kept Fringe around so long. They have a hard time giving good shows a chance.

  26. Kevin says:

    Damn Fox..I watched The Finder when I caught it on. F**king Fox switched the days and times and put it in the Friday Death slot. They should cancel The Cleveland Show and Bob’s Burgers.. They had lower numbers then the Finder. But know they got renewed. So long Fox you have nothing I wanna watch now. Never watched Touched and I won’t either. I hope to god Usa Picks up this series cause it would fit right in on that network.

  27. missmiggles says:

    couldn’t get in to Alcatraz but I seriously miffed at axing Finder .. argh. why does Fox insist on always getting rid of the shows I like??

  28. Aaron says:

    Wow. Once again FOX has proven that it is ridiculous with its choices. Lie To Me, The Good Guys, and now Alcatraz, great shows that never had a chance because of what time slots FOX places them in. Well at least I have one more season of Fringe and then I am done with FOX……………

  29. Bishop says:

    “Firefly” “John Doe” “Drive” and now “Alcatraz.”
    FOX has once again failed.

    They should AT LEAST green light an “Alcatraz” TV movie to wrap things up.

    I’ll be over here not holding my breath.

  30. john smith says:

    thx god..
    that show was AWFULL!

  31. John says:

    Finder was a refreshing change of pace from the autopsy shows.

    Too bad.

  32. Alexa says:

    Never got into the finder, but watched the first episode of Alcatraz on iTunes when it was free and ended up buying the rest. I would have watched it live, but I was in class. That show was awesome. Wish they would have ordered half a season to at least give it another chance. It was getting really really good the last couple episodes.

  33. DJ Doena says:

    Now the creators of Alcatraz have the chance to prove that they actually knew where this show was supposed to go. They can explain what actually happened on Alcatraz.

    Unless they come up with the LOST excuse again that it was just about the characters….

  34. john smith says:

    its time to remake DOCTOR WHO, fox!!

  35. megs says:

    Sad. I liked the Finder. I totally saw this coming, but I’m still bummed. Geoff Stults is so great! It would be awesome if it could find a place on tbs or usa- it would go perefectly alongside psych.

    • Crystal says:

      Totally agree! That would be so cool if USA picked it up. The Finder rocked! Once Bones is over, no more FOX for me.

  36. Kevin says:

    Great theme music, Witty dialogue, quirky characters, lighthearted fun….we’ll miss ya FINDER. ( and hottie mercedes masohn. :D )

  37. A. says:

    OH COME ON! The Finder was a great show! I’m really sad they canceled it :(

  38. Zach says:

    UGH! I was enjoying The Finder on a weekly basis. The chemistry between the actors’ characters was interesting and funny at the same time (referring to Walter’s strange behaviors in “The Inheritance” episode).

    It’ll be both real sad and great seeing the Stults brothers working together again in the series finale since their days on 7th Heaven.

  39. Jeanma says:

    I won’t miss Alcatraz too much. The Finder was growing on me, it’s quirky and I love quirky.
    Touch gets renewed with Keifer Sutherland doing his 24 Hour thing running around but this time constantly screaming Jake! Jake!

  40. Beckstle says:

    Sad for Alcatraz, but I am relieved they kept Touch. Feels like a good call on The Finder. Sorry, but it’s story was a long-term road to nowhere. The “premise” alone…

  41. Renee says:

    I truly hope Fox goes bankrupt. I’m going to piss a lot of people off, but Fox should not have renewed Fringe. When you renew a show that lost you money and cancel a show that made you money, you prove to the average fan that only Fox executives preferential treatment has value. If it isn’t a reality show or Fringe Fox network doesn’t value you. It’s obviously going to take a while for me to stop feeling so bitter about Terra Nova’s cancellation, so while I did enjoy The Finder it’s a relief they cancelled the last show I watch on that network. I’m now free from whatever BS they pull. Crash and burn baby!!

    • Viola says:

      WB and Fox had certainly come to a new deal which is NOT losing money, hence the 13-episodes. Although I will admit that preferential treatment has something to gain.

  42. theresa says:

    Was loving Alcatraz!! The characters were good & the show was picking up. Ugh!!!!!! Another show gone too soon.

  43. alikatster says:

    The finder started strong, unfortunately, it got pretty weak as the season went on. my husband and i will miss it.

  44. Alex Agostini says:

    FOX does it again. I’m going to keep watching the shows I already watch on that network but not going to try anything new. “Human Target,” “Firefly,” “Space: Above and Beyond,” and now “Alcatraz” and “The Finder.” No more new shows from FOX for me.

    • Renee says:

      Human Target, Lie To Me, Terra Nova and now Finder just these last seasons…I’m right there w/you. The Finder was literally the last show I watched on that network. I’m free now (except for football). And hopefully decisions about football are above the pay grade of these myopic executives.

  45. Annabelle says:

    Alcatraz was just finding it’s footing and was shaping up to be one of those awesome shows we’d look forward to for years to come :( CAN NBC pick it up, they could use a show with an awesome cast and story lines!!!!! I am so bummed…

  46. Annabelle says:

    I hate that networks don’t give shows a fighting chance to survive anymore :( Seinfeld (and other shows) would have been canned first season too in this day…and Seinfeld etal is a beloved show that millions still watch today – and they haven’t made a new one since 1998!!!

    BRING BACK ALCATRAZ – let’s start a write in campaign…what can we bombard FOX offices with?? Rocks…time for a fan revolt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  47. I will continue to watch Bones on Fox but I will not watch nothing new on Fox again. I hope all there new shows bomb next season. I know that sounds petty but I;m feeling petty against Fox at the moment

  48. Note to Fox: Sometimes – when it is quality – it takes time to develop storylines and characters. This was the case with Terra Nova previously and now Alcatraz. It was just hitting its stride. Great storytelling. As usual, brilliant performance by Sam Neill and others. Very disppointed, sad and yes downright PO’d about Alcatraz’s cancellation. Fans deserve better. Hopefully another network will be smart enough to pick it up.

    Bitter that more crappy shows get to continue season after season.

    I am grandfathering in Touch and Fringe, but those are the only 2 shows I find worth watching on Fox now. Otherwise done. So is my rant. Thanks.

  49. Sarah says:

    Been annoyed about Alcatraz being axed all morning. Really annoyed. It wasn’t given enough time and the premise was very good. Liked the cast and thought they were all good too. After Fringe has finished its’ run, I’m going to boycott Fox compeltely – once I know which their shows are – coming from the UK. Alcatraz does well here, so does Fringe. I can’t believe they renewed Touch over this.

  50. Amanda says:

    Can we please bring Chicago Code or Tera Nova back please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!