The Voice Performance Finale Recap: The Agony and the Xtina [Updated]

christina aguilera chris mannMonday’s performance finale of The Voice marked the first live show of Season 2 that didn’t feature backstage correspondent Christina Milian yammering about which contestants were trending on Twitter. Unfortunately, that might’ve been because the show’s main social-media heat probably centered around terms like “Xtina’s side cleavage,” “Adam Levine’s t-shirt,” “Xtina texting,” and “99 Problems lyrics.”

Indeed, a tense vibe percolating through the entire two-hour telecast — and Cee Lo’s “No Problems” t-shirt — seemed to suggest that there might’ve been at least some truth to reports of an ugly Xtina-Adam imbroglio earlier in the day. There was the Lady Aguilera pointedly criticizing Adam’s team member Tony Lucca for choosing a song with lyrics she found “derogatory toward women” while boasting her own protegee Chris Mann was “a real man.” There was Adam mockingly ripping open his shirt to show off a ridiculous, bedazzled “Team Xtina” tee. And there Xtina was flagrantly (and hilariously) texting (or Tweeting?) while Tony took a moment to thank the show’s coaches for helping him on his journey.

Whether such antics will help or hurt Tony or Chris in the voting — and possibly open the door for a righteous victory by Season 2 standout Juliet Simms — remains to be seen.

The night featured three performances from each of the four finalists: A solo competition performance; a second song in which each finalist covered/paid tribute to/boosted iTunes sales for his/her coach; and a duet between each finalist and his/her coach.

Let’s delve deeper into the night’s main solos:

Jermaine Paul (Team Blake): R. Kelly’s “I Believe I Can Fly” | Yeah, I know that earlier in the season I compared one of Jermaine’s performance to male childbirth, but with this strained exercise in melisma and melody punishment, dude is now the proud father of two. There’s no doubt Alicia Keys’ former backup singer has the ability to hit notes and sing loudly, but his choices are almost uniformly awful. Those low notes Jermaine rocked on the bridge sounded bizarre, and by the time the Gospel chorus emerged (and we all knew they would) and Jermaine riffed on “every night and day,” it was as if his voice was an elephant being pushed into a closet of a tiny Manhattan apartment. It made no sense, and it was kind of upsetting. Grade: C

Tony Lucca (Team Adam): Jay-Z’s “99 Problems” | Whether or not you find the song’s lyrics offensive, you’ve got to admit Tony made a bold choice turning Jay-Z’s hip-hop anthem into an old-timey blues jam — complete with a dude playing the washboard. It was as if Beyoncé’s husband had decided to make a contribution to the O Brother, Where Art Thou? soundtrack. Tony definitely knows how to feed into and off of the energy of other musicians on the stage, and in some ways, that makes him a more compelling performer than his competitiors. I sometimes wish he’d dial back on the affectations he’s picked up over his decades in show-biz — yeah, we all knew he was self-censoring the word “bitch” in the lyrics, but did he really have to make a facial tic every time he didn’t sing it? — and I still don’t find anything particularly distinctive about his voice. That said, between this crowd-pleaser and last week’s “How Ya Like Me Now?” dude has definitely made a late-season surge that could carry him to victory. Grade: B+

Chris Mann (Team Xtina): “You Raise Me Up” | If Josh Groban ends up taking Regis Philbin’s spot on Live With Kelly, it’s good to know he’s got a capable understudy in Pale Ben Stiller. Okay, okay…so I’m being a little unfair. But there’s no avoiding the comparison seeing how Chris deliberately chose Groban’s signature hit for his final performance. I’d say he did a solid job with it — and this week, he seemed more genuinely into his music, and less deliberately basking in his moment in the spotlight — but it’s never a good sign when you’re getting upstaged by the sign-language interpreter at stage right. Grade: B

Juliet Simms (Team Cee Lo): Lynyrd Skynyrd’s “Free Bird” | Based on her entire body of work over the last couple of months, I really think Juliet deserves to take home the Season 2 crown.And while “Free Bird” didn’t have the pitch or showmanship of “Roxanne” — there were moments I thought Juliet was too busy trying to line up the train of her dress with the onstage wind machine — I still can’t help but love the distinctive grit and danger of her vocals. Juliet may be less than perfect, but that’s not really the point. She’s one of those instinctive singers who’s willing to dangle off the edge of the cliff, just to let you feel the rush from your living room couch. Sometimes it ends with a splat, other times it ends with a triumphant climb back to safe ground, but dammit, it deserves to be rewarded. Grade: A-

As for the telecast’s tributes and duets…

Juliet Simms (Team Cee Lo): Gnarls Barkley’s “Crazy” | Relaxed, funky, if not entirely memorable. Grade: B

Chris Mann and Christina Aguilera (Team Xtina): Celine Dion and Andrea Bocelli’s “The Prayer” | How come they didn’t give out a number to vote for Xtina’s side cleavage? Also, when people are sick, don’t they typically cover up instead of baring their torsos? Grade: B

Chris Mann (Team Xtina): Christina Aguilera’s “The Voice Within” | Overwrought x 100 = This. Grade: B-

Juliet Simms and Cee Lo (Team Cee Lo): Steppenwolf’s “Born to Be Wild” | Proof that lighting and background dancers can be loud enough to drown out a pair of powerful vocalists. Grade: C-

Tony Lucca and Adam Levine (Team Adam): The Beatles’ “Yesterday” | Blessed, stripped-down relief. Grade: B+

Jermaine Paul (Team Blake): Blake Shelton’s “God Gave Me You” | Not sure if Jermaine has 99 problems, but having to go country on the performance finale was definitely one. Grade: B-

Jermaine Paul and Blake Shelton (Team Blake): Sam & Dave’s “Soul Man” | How did Blake let this happen? Grade: C

Tony Lucca (Team Adam): Maroon 5’s “Harder to Breathe” | Aggressive face pulling and theatrical whispering makes it harder and harder to vote. Grade: C+

Your turn. Who do you think deserves to win The Voice? Hit the comments with your opinions. And for all my reality TV news, interviews, and recaps, follow me on Twitter @MichaelSlezakTV!

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  1. AT says:

    You actually thought Christina texting while Tony was talking was hilarious? I thought it was immature, unfunny and rude. And I’m a fan of her. Whatever is going on behind the scenes has made the show uncomfortable to watch. That said, I really don’t get why people being rude has become funny to some people when it’s clearly meant to be nasty.

  2. PB says:

    Holy crap, is this writer deaf? Most of those grades are horrid….Just horrid.

  3. Mel says:

    Tony isn’t the only one with celebrity support. Jermaine has Miranda Lambert, Kelly Clarkson and Reba tweeting for him (only ones I saw). Okay not as big maybe as both Justins’ but still.

    Also the only problem I have with Christina is the way she acted towards Tony all season long. Being on the phone was rude while he was thanking her. I’m not saying Adam/Tony way of dealing with it was right either. And I agree with someone above Chris Mann looked embarrassed when she was calling him a real man and kept going on. I think his face was saying, “please be quiet, I want no part in this.”

    Juliet sang ill, pneumonia according to Cee Lo in one of his tweets and if that’s true she did a great job. That is hard. She got all my votes and I hope she wins. I’d be fine with Jermaine winning if she doesn’t, but I really hope she does.

  4. I cast my votes of Juliet. She so reminds me of Janis Joplin and deserves the win. As far as Christina goes, all she did was try to pull a Simon and steer the vote her way by any means necessary. It is a pity that a fantastic singer like Chris Mann will be hurt by it as he could have won.

    • rockmusicchick says:

      I dont see the Janis comparison other than they both sing some form of rock. She kinda reminds me of ashley simpson a lil except Juliet is much more talented and better looking.

  5. Kerry says:

    I was extremely disappointed with all four singers tonight. Talk about bad karaoke. Not one great performance the entire evening. Highly disappointing!

  6. DK says:

    Pretty much agree with Slezak. I actually stopped watching because the performances were just so disappointing. Made me miss Jamar’s consistently great and exciting sets every week. Was obvious he deserved to be there and was SO much better than all of the final 4, including Juliet who was not great last night.

  7. 30CamdenSquare says:

    It looks like about half of the comments, on here, are about this Christina vs. Tony & Adam. That’s one of many format problems w/ The Voice. There’s no way the coaches should have this much impact on who wins this competition. The focus should always be on the contestants.

    • Bill says:

      Totally disagree. What sets The Voice apart from American Idol–and IMO makes it The Voice a much superior show–is the interplay between the judges and the contestants, and the politics between the judges. It’s a show about people. And IMO Adam, Christina, Blake, and Cee Lo are far, far more interesting and likable than Jennifer, Steven, and Randy.

  8. Chris says:

    I really liked Tony’s performance of 99 Problems just because I knew what was behind it (but he also did a good rendition too). If it quacks like a duck…. She’s been over the top ridiculous in so many ways this season. I got sucked in this season because of one performer but next year if they don’t change the judging panel and reel them in on the stupidity, I won’t watch (if there is a next season).

    JULIET SIMMS FOR THE WIN! At first I was like “FB? Hm . OK must be something personal about this one… I don’t know”. I loved it (with the exception of the flying cape and the ridiculous air/fan shot of the guitarist).

  9. Mary says:

    I wasn’t impress with any of them. Sorry Chris is no Josh. His last performance was not that good sounded flat to me. I do not think they did the prayer very well either. Mike I actually thought Jermaine sounded the best he ever has doing the country song, guest different taste and I thought his and Blake duo was not that bad. Juliet was not on top form tonite, probably because she was not feeling well, but she should win. Adam and Xtina should just do it and let out all their frustrations. They actually are a match made in
    Heaven, between their arrogance and ego.

  10. Mariah says:

    Juliet totally disappointed me last night. She’s an A+ singer, but “Free Bird” was NOT worthy of an A-anything. I know she’s wasn’t feeling well, so I can understand the lack of energy, but still. I wish Chris had a different coach because he’s a wonderful singer and I love seeing a classically trained voice on a vocal competition like this, but after Xtina’s antics throughout the season and especially last night, I want him to lose just to spite her. I feel like Chris winning would just reward her innappropriate behavior and that’s not fair to him. Jermaine has never impressed me and he didn’t last night either. I’ve been a Tony fan since before the show and I will continue to be one. He got all my votes last night and I give him HUGE props for being the only contestant to continue to COMPETE rather than merely picking safe, predictable songs.

  11. WC says:

    I think the drama is actually pretty simple. Christina’s been incredibly bitchy, the guys thought it would be fun to call her a bitch. Does it really have to be more complicated than that? All this gender roles/sexism stuff is a ridiculous smoke screen. Christina might have had a point forevermany episodes ago when she was annoyed with the Timberlake support, but she dragged it out beyond belief and did no one any favors by calling attention to it. I don’t follow any of this crap on twitter, but it didn’t seem like anyone had a problem with the actual show playing support clips from Alicia Keys for Jermaine early on.

    Sad night for a show I actually kind of like as a musician, all of the “counted” performances were mediocre.

  12. Mariah says:

    I’m tired of the Tony/Xtina/Adam drama. I have no idea what started it, but I know who could have ended it – Xtina. If (and this is a big if) her one dimensional critique was legit and not retaliation for some slight we the audience don’t understand, then she should have taken Tony’s “Baby, One More Time” performance in stride and let it go. The feud would have died right there rather than spiraling into this heated drama. Instead, she harped on it, taking every chance she could to publically slam Tony and/or Adam. It’s SUCH crap and it’s only making her look bad. Tony and Adam have responded in the classiest way they can – with their song choices. Tony has gone out of his way NOT to make waves regarding Xtina’s obvious vendetta for him and Adam has never been anything but complimentary and fair to Xtina’s contestants. Xtina needs to freaking let it go and rise above it like the strong woman she obviously thinks she is.

    • rockmusicchick says:

      All the interviews I have seen that Tony has done with shows like Extra and music sites etc everyone keeps asking him about mmc keeps asking about xtina’s words etc. He has tried to speak about other things on the show like how he thought he did and how well he thought others did etc. And he has taken the more positive way out… he doesnt comment about it or says that he respects her view pt. and tries to move on.

  13. mooori says:

    I really think Christina needs to be taken out of this show as she’s putting a horribly sour taste in our mouths. I’ve been watching The Voice UK and The Voice AU and the judges all talk to and care for each other. They all seem to value each others opinion, moreover are gracious towards each other when they are “defeated”. I feel like I’m watching a huge train wreck when I watch the Voice US. Yes, you are all celebrity coaches but the attention shouldn’t constantly be on you, it should be on the contestants and their vocal progression. The US judges have a particular knack for taking the joy out of the show. It’s selfish and it absolutely pushes me away from watching The Voice if there is a Season 3.

    • rockmusicchick says:

      I too watch the UK version. Its much better. The judges get along better and there comments are the cross the line type and the show is more about the singers.

      • rockmusicchick says:

        they really need an edit button… it should of said “and there comments arent the cross the line type…”

  14. Lisa says:

    I’m not a fan of how much this show has been about Christina’s bad attitude/wardrobe and not the singers. If I want to watch celebs behaving badly, I’ll watch The Celebrity Apprentice. Additionally, the immediate elimination negated the fans’ opinion a lot. And, with each coach being represented in the finale, it sent some good singers home and left sub-par ones in their place. I don’t think I’ll keep The Voice on my DVR schedule next season.

    • rockmusicchick says:

      I too was not a fan of the instant elimination on performance night. When the show got to the live rounds it was supposed to be about what the fans like n want n voted for. Fine they can pick from our bottom 2 but to eliminate on performance night is wrong. I hate that the voice powers added that to the show. It was totally pointless then for instance for Blake to have saved Jordis and praised her so much then next week he gives her the boot cuz oh its what america wanted. Way to show u support n believe in ur ppl. But whatever.

  15. WC says:

    I have testicles by the way, just in case someone thought I was on “team adam” because Justin Heartthrob X told me to be

    Jermaine on Soul Man was by far the best performance of the night. Should have done that for his performance. Fly was pretty weak and reedy until the big notes.

    Yesterday was pretty good, if only because it was good to see a contestant using a guitar as more than a prop for the first time since the blind auditions. Tony’s best performance on the show was in fact his blind audition, which makes me wonder if all the ridiculous drama swayed his attention. He hasn’t been exciting vocally since then, but at least he showed a little creativity. 99 was ok, execution wasn’t perfect. I wouldn’t hate hearing what he does on his own in a studio.

    I love Opera. Chris is ok at it. He may or may not have had the best counted performance, that’s not saying much either way. Christina should have been smarter about getting him to show some ability to sing contemporary pop aside from his iffy job on the Cold Play song. He should have been the one to sing “I Believe I Can Fly” tonight. Hearing an operatic voice do it would have been cool. As is I don’t see why anyone in America would be interested in hearing original music from Chris.

    Juliet was solid but unremarkable across the board. Maybe she deserves a pass for her illness and points for being consistently good. Peaked at Roxanne, but she’s showed more than enough to make me interested in hearing her album, and she (maybe Tony if he actually writes good enough music) is probably the only one with a chance of getting mainstream radio airplay.

    Is that enough rationale to make her the winner? Maybe, given the lack of another standout.

    • Name That Tune says:

      Mostly agree with you, but they panned the audience after Chris sang “You Raise Me Up”. There was Joel Osteen and his wife Victoria. He, of The Lakewood Church. I can easily see Chris transitioning to Christian music and being very successful. That big voice would play well there.

  16. Jaime says:

    I’m such a hypocrite. I’ve said a lot this year during the American Idol run that the singer songwriter/WGWG thing is so overplayed, but I do love me some Tony Lucca. I would be happy with Tony or Juliet winning. Chris Mann is great, but I can’t vote for anyone on Christina’s team given her stank attitude.

  17. Becka says:

    Man…AGAIN the sound engineer should be fired like 20 times over. They consistently don’t bring the vocalists mics up in the mix so you can rarely hear them well over the band. And that says something because most of these folks have significantly powerful voices. It is almost like they want the band to outshine everyone else on stage and it drive me nuts.

    I feel for Juliet being sick. I actually dug her choice of song to end the show with a classic song like that, but it really does feature the guitar. I was kind of hoping she would go to town with some adlibs but with her not feeling well I think she did the best she could.

    I hated all the tribute songs. Jermaine Paul and Blake singing Soul Man…biggest train wreck in the history of ever!

    Christina is a first class wench the way she treats Tony Lucca openly. Now I don’t like the guy vocally, but I think she is absolutely awful to him. Regardless of the issues she has with Adam…it’s about the person…not the coach. And I actually like the cover he did of 99 problems.

    I’m still all for Juliet winning. She has the most raw talent in the bunch.

    • WC says:

      I actually agree with this. Part of it is that almost none of the contestants through the whole show, especially those with the “big” voices, had the ability to bring any power to their lower register. Most of the “power vocalists” were just belters who could do an occasional run and hold a big note. IMO Jamar was the most consistent of the big voices. Juliet probably does the best job of this for the remaining contestants. The mix really did them no favors at all though, I agree that the whole show could have been engineered better.

      I thought Christina actually did the best job at addressing this when she told the weakest vocalist in the show (Lindsay) to try and swallow the microphone on her last performance, it helped her sound slightly better. She’d actually be a good coach if she wasn’t such a bi… wait, that’s offensive to women.

  18. Cleo says:

    Cee Lo confirmed Juilet was performing with pneumonia. Juilet is my IMHO should win, love her and I would buy any album she puts out. The others are good just not my cup of tea.

  19. Eh. says:

    Eh, I’m glad I didn’t watch. I am kinda over Adam’s ego. Thanks for the recap, Michael. I am not over you :)

  20. Emaincharm says:

    I’m actually more of a Juliet fan here but I’ve enjoyed all the singers at one point or another, and am perfectly fine if any of them wins. The whole Christina/Adam fiasco with Tony and 99 Problems though could either win Chris or Tony lots of votes or cause them to lose plenty as well… My personal opinion is that no one can tell the true story of what happened and that we definitely should not trust any of these sources cause they could be fake or biased. I will admit also that while I like both of them, everyone has their bad sides and Adam and Christina seem totally capable of acting like a jerk and diva in real life. I also do not have a specific problem with the lyrics of 99 Problems because so many songs these days have not so wholesome lyrics and they all can be interpreted in so many ways. However if you think that song is, than ok, but it’s not the only song sung on mainstream television by a contestant, coach or any other performer that can be classified that way.

  21. AJ says:

    Juliet was hands down the winner.

  22. Katie @KatieRud81 says:

    First, I wanted to say that if anyone heard the original 99 Problems by Jay Z the word ‘bitch’ isn’t strictly used in that of calling a woman a ‘bitch’.

    Second, I am sick of anyone who says that if you’re a woman who supports Tony/Adam or doesn’t support Christina in this you are only a sheep that follows good looking males around. That attitude is harmful to women more than any song that anyone sings. You know why? It doesn’t allow for the thought that someone could watch the show, see what was put on the screen and side with Tony/Adam because they’re right in this. Christina doesn’t (and shouldn’t!) get a pass on bad behavior because she’s female. If one of the guys treated Juliet like that throughout the season (personally critical) he’d be taken to the shed for it. She’s been consistently rude throughout this season to Tony, culminating last night as she texted/tweeted during his performance/thank you.

    Do I wish that they both dropped this vendetta thing early in the season to prevent awkward TV watching? Sure. But I can’t fault Team Adam for taking this dig.

    I haven’t voted, but am hoping for either a Jermaine or Tony win.

    • Natalie says:

      I agree with you ONE THOUSAND PERCENT. I’d be happy if anyone but Chris Mann wins. Christina has no taste, not in clothes, men, style and makeup choices of any kind and certainly not singers. She also has no filter whatsoever. I’m so sick of her attitude and down right rudeness. Adam may come across as a pain in the butt at times but at least he owns it. Christina doesn’t see how awful she is and that is SO much worse.

    • rockmusicchick says:

      Well said Katie I totally agree with you. Thank u for calling out some things said. Ppl so assume cuz there are guys on the show all women who vote only vote and only defend these guys cuz they think they are cute. To me same thing could be said about any male/etc viewers they only vote for juliet n other females cuz they think they are hot and want to bang them. But that would be wrong to say and to assume all are like that and to stereotype ppl. Not everyone votes for n supports one the singers on the show cuz their looks. If it was about cuteness and looks then wouldnt james still be on the show or erin martin? And just because Adam or any the judges might be our favorite or we like their team doesnt mean we think they are cute nor agree with comments made and what these coaches have done. Sorry hard to not say judges when your used to watching other music shows. But ya anyways thanks for posting Katie.

  23. Lindsay says:

    On The Voice, there are coaches, and not judges. The point, for the coaches, is to win. The creators of The Voice chose to utilize Twitter and other social media outlets to promote the show, and it’s only fair that the coaches should be allowed to use social media outlets to campaign for their respective contestants. As for Adam and Tony using the MMC connections to their benefit, more power to them. It’s a good strategy. Last night Juliet talked about her former record deal that never panned out, and Jermaine has mentioned his history as Alicia Keys’ backup singer numerous times as well. So yes, Tony might get some votes because of his coach’s “strategy,” but the other contestants might get votes because of their coaches’ strategies as well. And to me, Christina’s continued criticism of Tony Lucca’s talent, seems just that, a strategy.

  24. nicole says:

    Let’s remember Juliet had pneumonia last night. She STILL rocked. She deserves to win.

  25. tomitweets says:

    As a viewer, watching the finalists, I should not have to care about what happened between Adam and Christina. What happens off stage should stay off stage. Christina was mean, nasty, and rude…and that’s all the average watcher will seen. And Adam’s reaction came across as funny. Guess what? I never heard 99 Problems before, and I had no idea the lyric is “bitch.” Loved the performance. I’ve always enjoyed her voice. Not so much her now. What’s next princess? cyber bullying? I had not been voting, but you bet I cast all my votes of Juliet (who should win) and Tony (whose performances I actually enjoyed, although he is not ‘the voice.”). Hell, I thought Katrina should have been Adam’s finalist, but Adam went with Tony on strategy (IMHO).

    Once again, the world revolves around Christina Aguliera. But it doesnt. If she did not come back next season, I would not miss her one iota. Sure as heck I would miss Blake, CeeLo, and Adam–even tho I have not agreed with some of their picks and saves.

    Two of my most hated songs–the Groban one and the R Kelly one–of course had to be sung. ugh.

    But I totally enjoyed the silliness of Soul Man. They went into it as The Odd Couple, and it was way fun. And I think Jermaine singing Blake’s song was the first time all season I have truly enjoyed Jermaine!

  26. Annie says:

    Tony Lucca’s version of 99 problems would have been a bold choice if this version hadn’t already been done by Hugo. I love when artists take other genre songs and fit them into their wheelhouse, but give credit where credit’s due. Lucca did not do anything unique with the song, if anything they should have said, “Tony Lucca singing Hugo’s ’99 Problems,'” not Jay-Z’s.

  27. RD says:

    Having watched all of the performances over the past weeks I have come to this realization.I don’t care who wins.None of them are great.Ultimately I guess it’s been a waste of my time.Oh well….

  28. Natalie says:

    I’ve thought you’ve been way off with your comments on Jermaine all season long, and once again you haven’t failed to let me down. Jermaine’s performance of ‘I Believe I Can Fly’ was spectacular, and makes the R. Kelly version look like child’s play. He was so delicate with the melody in the beginning, so restrained…it was beautiful. And then he unloaded the full force of his voice toward the end, I was blown away. Chris Mann is HORRIBLE. How this ghastly ‘singer’ and his incessant vibrato made it past the battle rounds is beyond me. a ‘B’, really?! Don’t get me started on Christina either…I hope the show replaces her in the off season. She’s spiteful. Even when complimenting Tony, she still manages to make little jabs here and there…like accidentally calling his SON a daughter…you could see the shock on Tony’s wife and sons faces. And Tony didn’t say the word she was so offended over…who cares if he sang it anyway…I didn’t and don’t find that word even remotely offensive, even when aimed my way…all I have to say to that is ‘And?! You’re just figuring this out now?’ Own it ladies…it’s very liberating!

    • Natalie says:

      I know my comment makes me look like the biggest Jermaine fan, but I’m not. I am actually a Lindsay Pavao/Jamar Rogers/Tony Lucca fan. Just to set the record straight…I think Jermaine has a killer voice even though I would probably never buy an album(it’s just not my style of music). I also do not place votes! I think the whole voting system is idiotic. There should be a limit to how many times one person can vote and I believe that because there is no limit, it skews the votes the contestant receives, thus does not fully represent the viewers opinions as a collective group. All it does is show the sheer dedication of specific fan bases.

      • rockmusicchick says:

        are you talking about voting on Idol? Because on The Voice there is a limit 10 per phone line, 10 per text, 10 per facebook, 10 per the voice site and 10 per itunes. So max anyone can get from 1 fan if they used all methods be like 40 or 50 votes. Unlike Idol where you can vote the whole voting time in all voting ways.

  29. Marilyn says:

    Well, what I don’t like is the way this personal feud or whatever it is has taken away from the singers on The Voice. This shouldn’t be about Christina and Adam and Tony; it should be about Jermaine, Tony, Juliette, and Chris. Michael didn’t like Jermaine; I liked him a lot, second would be Juliette, third would be Chris, and, for me, just based on what I like, is Tony. They’re all great; hopefully, this show will improve their lives.

    • FreeHaley says:

      I liked Juliet the best. It gets harder to call after that but perhaps Jermaine then Tony then Chris. Chris has the best pure voice from a certain standpoint but doesn’t seem to be wielding it in ways that entirely work out so he comes off as a run of the mill opera singer and a very odd pop singer.

  30. Virginia Brandon says:

    I didn’t think Juliet picked the right songs yesterday but I do think she’s the best out of what’s left. I don’t understand what Xtina’s problem is with Tony but perhaps he pulled her mouse ears one too many times. Or maybe he liked Brittney best. Or maybe Adam Levine likes Blake better than Xtina. Nevertheless, the dislike for Tony and Adam in general on her part is more than obvious and when she’s criticizing a song for being derogatory to women, maybe she should look at herself in the mirror because, as a woman, I find her attitude and her cleavage, derogatory. And for that…I almost hope Tony wins, or at least comes in second.

    From his interviews, I’m pretty sure Tony “gets” her and I doubt there’ll be much hugging and kissing at the Mouseketeer reunion.

  31. Erin says:

    I loved last season of the voice, but this season has been super mediocre. I thought the contestants were supposed to sing an original song in the finals? And the obviously staged drama between Tony and Christina is super annoying. I didn’t even bother voting last night, but I hope Juliette wins.

  32. Christine L says:

    I thought last season that Adam and sometimes Blake treated Christina disrespectfully. It seemed like they thought it was a boys’ club they were letting her hang out in. But at the beginning of this season, they seemed to have gotten over that. I can’t understand why Christina has treated Tony they way she has so I do think Adam has a right to be angry with her. However he didn’t choose a very adult way to handle it. He should have discussed it with her off camera. I did google the lyrics to 99 Problems and I do find them offensive. I think that for a show that’s on so early in the evening, there have been some other inappropriate songs and the swearing by the judges is uncalled for as well. I thought Chris, Jermaine and Juliet out sang Tony last night. It might help that i wasn’t looking at the TV while i was listening.

    • Name That Tune says:

      Yea, 99 Problems and Adam’s T-shirt just came across as 2 teenage boys trying to cause some trouble.

  33. Sarrah says:

    i’d take phillip phillips over any of the voice contestants and that is saying a lot.

  34. monssstr says:

    THIS VERSION OF 99 PROBLEMS IS NOT TONY LUCCAS, HE STOLE IT FROM HUGO. I can’t believe people even care about what Christina said and is not being nice, her opinion has some merit, she’s entitled to it, so whatever. HE STOLE THE RENDITION AND PASSED IT ON AS HIS OWN. Gross! I’ve liked Hugo’s version for a long time. This is the worse case of stealing – commercial richass TV show making “artists” stealing from less recognized artists, who actually make good music – makes me sick.

  35. Manola says:

    Xtina is the new Simon. It’s refreshing to find a judge that is not throwing the same platitudes time & time again.

    Adam has made beaucoup errors in judgement this season: not picking Orlando, choosing whitebread Tony Lucca vs Katrina…

  36. syb says:

    Not in as much agreement with MS as I usually am, although I agree with the conclusion: Juliet should win.
    Juliet’s voice was clearly affected by whatever ailed her. Definitely missed the rich high notes. But she’s still a great performer with a great sense of vocal interpretation, Didn’t care for the choice of Freebird (or the silly oversized costume train) but she made the anthemic song work in a sort of rock emo style, and it was the best performance of the night for me.

    I also liked 99 Problems although the guy is just not a great singer, I thought Soul Man was fun, and Chris Mann did a credible job on the Groban song, but yuck, I hate that style.

  37. Michael says:

    I’ve not seen so many jealous women on a message board in a long time. Hope you all are happy with another generic “hawt” WGWG winner who is not even half as good as the mediocre Phillip Phillips on Idol.

  38. sandi says:

    I think the contestants on the voice were terrible. I haven’t watch a week yet that they weren’t out of tune

  39. Scout says:

    Hm…. I just watched parts of this this on Hulu. I am glad I didn’t waste 2 hours on that underwhelming nonsense. Juliet was so dull last night. I thought Tony was contrived and just trying to cause a stir. Lame that a 36 year old dude has to get attention that way. I saw Xtina’s comment – I can’t see what the big deal is. All she said was the content of the song was derogatory – what is the big deal? Is she not allowed to have an opinion? Adam is much more obnoxious – and no one gives a crap. Based on Juliet’s performance last night, I don’t really care who wins. They were all underwhelming so let’s call it even. I am glad I took this off my DVR and I will happily not watch again.

  40. Katie says:

    Has it brought up that both parties (Xtina & Adam/Tony) are in the wrong? Xtina’s personal vendetta against Tony has been apparent all season, and that’s terrible. However, the lyrics to 99 Problems are offensive, and Xtina was well within her right to comment on that. And this is purely speculation, but I think Adam and Tony picked such a controversial song because they knew what kind of drama it would trump up in Tony’s favor. This is *supposed* to be a talent competition and nothing should be based on how much drama can surround a contestant. I hope Juliet wins, but I’m prepared to be disappointed.

  41. Tiff says:

    Seriously, America? That was not expected. Well, anything’s better than Chris Mann, I guess, but I really thought Juliet had a lock on this. My guess is that Jermaine got the country vote. I thought he was good last night, but not great. But then, I’ve never understood why people like him. Oh well.