The Voice Performance Finale Recap: The Agony and the Xtina [Updated]

christina aguilera chris mannMonday’s performance finale of The Voice marked the first live show of Season 2 that didn’t feature backstage correspondent Christina Milian yammering about which contestants were trending on Twitter. Unfortunately, that might’ve been because the show’s main social-media heat probably centered around terms like “Xtina’s side cleavage,” “Adam Levine’s t-shirt,” “Xtina texting,” and “99 Problems lyrics.”

Indeed, a tense vibe percolating through the entire two-hour telecast — and Cee Lo’s “No Problems” t-shirt — seemed to suggest that there might’ve been at least some truth to reports of an ugly Xtina-Adam imbroglio earlier in the day. There was the Lady Aguilera pointedly criticizing Adam’s team member Tony Lucca for choosing a song with lyrics she found “derogatory toward women” while boasting her own protegee Chris Mann was “a real man.” There was Adam mockingly ripping open his shirt to show off a ridiculous, bedazzled “Team Xtina” tee. And there Xtina was flagrantly (and hilariously) texting (or Tweeting?) while Tony took a moment to thank the show’s coaches for helping him on his journey.

Whether such antics will help or hurt Tony or Chris in the voting — and possibly open the door for a righteous victory by Season 2 standout Juliet Simms — remains to be seen.

The night featured three performances from each of the four finalists: A solo competition performance; a second song in which each finalist covered/paid tribute to/boosted iTunes sales for his/her coach; and a duet between each finalist and his/her coach.

Let’s delve deeper into the night’s main solos:

Jermaine Paul (Team Blake): R. Kelly’s “I Believe I Can Fly” | Yeah, I know that earlier in the season I compared one of Jermaine’s performance to male childbirth, but with this strained exercise in melisma and melody punishment, dude is now the proud father of two. There’s no doubt Alicia Keys’ former backup singer has the ability to hit notes and sing loudly, but his choices are almost uniformly awful. Those low notes Jermaine rocked on the bridge sounded bizarre, and by the time the Gospel chorus emerged (and we all knew they would) and Jermaine riffed on “every night and day,” it was as if his voice was an elephant being pushed into a closet of a tiny Manhattan apartment. It made no sense, and it was kind of upsetting. Grade: C

Tony Lucca (Team Adam): Jay-Z’s “99 Problems” | Whether or not you find the song’s lyrics offensive, you’ve got to admit Tony made a bold choice turning Jay-Z’s hip-hop anthem into an old-timey blues jam — complete with a dude playing the washboard. It was as if Beyoncé’s husband had decided to make a contribution to the O Brother, Where Art Thou? soundtrack. Tony definitely knows how to feed into and off of the energy of other musicians on the stage, and in some ways, that makes him a more compelling performer than his competitiors. I sometimes wish he’d dial back on the affectations he’s picked up over his decades in show-biz — yeah, we all knew he was self-censoring the word “bitch” in the lyrics, but did he really have to make a facial tic every time he didn’t sing it? — and I still don’t find anything particularly distinctive about his voice. That said, between this crowd-pleaser and last week’s “How Ya Like Me Now?” dude has definitely made a late-season surge that could carry him to victory. Grade: B+

Chris Mann (Team Xtina): “You Raise Me Up” | If Josh Groban ends up taking Regis Philbin’s spot on Live With Kelly, it’s good to know he’s got a capable understudy in Pale Ben Stiller. Okay, okay…so I’m being a little unfair. But there’s no avoiding the comparison seeing how Chris deliberately chose Groban’s signature hit for his final performance. I’d say he did a solid job with it — and this week, he seemed more genuinely into his music, and less deliberately basking in his moment in the spotlight — but it’s never a good sign when you’re getting upstaged by the sign-language interpreter at stage right. Grade: B

Juliet Simms (Team Cee Lo): Lynyrd Skynyrd’s “Free Bird” | Based on her entire body of work over the last couple of months, I really think Juliet deserves to take home the Season 2 crown.And while “Free Bird” didn’t have the pitch or showmanship of “Roxanne” — there were moments I thought Juliet was too busy trying to line up the train of her dress with the onstage wind machine — I still can’t help but love the distinctive grit and danger of her vocals. Juliet may be less than perfect, but that’s not really the point. She’s one of those instinctive singers who’s willing to dangle off the edge of the cliff, just to let you feel the rush from your living room couch. Sometimes it ends with a splat, other times it ends with a triumphant climb back to safe ground, but dammit, it deserves to be rewarded. Grade: A-

As for the telecast’s tributes and duets…

Juliet Simms (Team Cee Lo): Gnarls Barkley’s “Crazy” | Relaxed, funky, if not entirely memorable. Grade: B

Chris Mann and Christina Aguilera (Team Xtina): Celine Dion and Andrea Bocelli’s “The Prayer” | How come they didn’t give out a number to vote for Xtina’s side cleavage? Also, when people are sick, don’t they typically cover up instead of baring their torsos? Grade: B

Chris Mann (Team Xtina): Christina Aguilera’s “The Voice Within” | Overwrought x 100 = This. Grade: B-

Juliet Simms and Cee Lo (Team Cee Lo): Steppenwolf’s “Born to Be Wild” | Proof that lighting and background dancers can be loud enough to drown out a pair of powerful vocalists. Grade: C-

Tony Lucca and Adam Levine (Team Adam): The Beatles’ “Yesterday” | Blessed, stripped-down relief. Grade: B+

Jermaine Paul (Team Blake): Blake Shelton’s “God Gave Me You” | Not sure if Jermaine has 99 problems, but having to go country on the performance finale was definitely one. Grade: B-

Jermaine Paul and Blake Shelton (Team Blake): Sam & Dave’s “Soul Man” | How did Blake let this happen? Grade: C

Tony Lucca (Team Adam): Maroon 5’s “Harder to Breathe” | Aggressive face pulling and theatrical whispering makes it harder and harder to vote. Grade: C+

Your turn. Who do you think deserves to win The Voice? Hit the comments with your opinions. And for all my reality TV news, interviews, and recaps, follow me on Twitter @MichaelSlezakTV!

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  1. Puffie says:

    Chris Mann… Overwrought x 100? Are you crazy? That was A.W.E.S.O.M.E!!! He got ALL my votes!!!

    • Snookee says:

      Chris is a mediocre opera singer at best and cannot adequately do a pop tune. Stop voting with your hormones or because the Ben Stiller neanderthal look gets you moist.

      • Marc says:

        I agree with this 200%. He cannot sing to save his life. Really mediocre opera singer, even new students usually are better than him. Bad joke.

        • uh huh says:

          Why do you think he’s on “The Voice”? It’s because he can’t get an opera company to hire him, no doubt.

          • Kate says:

            Thank you! I’ve been making this comment all season long!

          • tripoli says:

            Why do you think any of them are there? Same reason. More than one has been unsuccessful with past record deals or no deal at all. Stop splitting hairs.

          • Sophie says:

            Well…duh! Why do you think any contestant is on any reality singing competition (except for The Sing Off with acapella groups)? All of the contestants on AI, Voice, XFactor, etc. have tried to make it on their own, but have failed. Very few singing artists make it on their first try. So this is no great revelation about Chris or any contestant on any show.

            As for Chris, his genre isn’t my cup of tea either, but his performances last night were the only ones that had any heart. In my book, he deserves the win for that reason. There are plenty of women in their 40 to 60s who buy Groban and Bocelli and who will buy Mann music.

          • dee says:

            An aspiring recording artist has absolutely no correlation to an aspiring member of an opera company, so it is not the “same thing” at ALL. Being part of a company is a steady job, just like any other steady job. Mann obviously cannot land this steady job, so he went to a venue where his marginal talent at what he does, when compared to a bunch of aspiring pop stars, would seem extraordinary. It’s not.

        • Jaxguy says:

          whether you like him or not, and it’s obvious you don’t, that was an idiotic statement. Of course the guy can sing. Stop being stupid.

      • rockmusicchick says:

        he is too 1 dimensional 4 my taste. great he can sing opera nice but for the love of pete sake show us some variety.

        • TinyTim says:

          Tony was very boring tonight, he is not a lead singer.
          Also Juliet is not very commercial, nobody buys what she sings.
          Same thing with Jermaine, he won’t ever sell albums.
          So Chris wins by default, everybody should vote for him!

          • FreeHaley says:

            Wait Chris is the most commercial?? And if Adele is a huge hit why not some 70s/80s rock making a comeback with Juliet? It’s about time.

          • rockmusicchick says:

            lets be honest none of them will be successful just like last seasons bunch. good singers dont always make it…. on this show nor idol.

          • shelbybb says:

            “Juliet is not very commercial, nobody buys what she sings.”
            Just completely dumbfounded at that amazingly ignorant statement. First Tiny, she hasn’t yet recorded anything to buy, second, yes Mr. Tim there are thousands and thousands of people that love her sound and style!
            True, she’s no Katy Perry but hey we’ll just have to get over it.
            Guess I better just stop for now, no reason to make my Tuesday any worse than it already is.

      • writerross says:

        Here’s the deal with Christina’s Real Mann: The man doth think he’s All That. He’s got the attitude that vibrates through the screen that screams “Hell yeah I am Fabulous.” Too bad his ego is greater than his talent. If he wins this crazy “contest,” it will be because The Arrogant Christina wrote SHE must win in 2012 in order to get her to work this show. Another quibble: she was giving Adam and Lucca grief about misogynistic lyrics and not knowing how to behave like a “real man.” I am no fan of Tony’s talent. BUT I take strong umbrage with a real woman who thinks she has to display her excessively made-up, pumped-up, popped-out breasts and demand to be taken seriously as an artist. Uh. No. Real Women don’t Have to do That.

        • writerross says:

          Oh. And texting in Lucca’s face knowing all too well the camera was on? A classless, ass act.

          • jessiesk says:

            So adam calling her a f****** c***, and tony and adam wanting to call her a b*tch is classy? Yes her response was probably tacky, but their bullying behavior was worse, and that is what it was, they were both bullies.

        • scrutinizer says:

          ooooh, so well put…lol

        • Tiff says:


        • Natalie says:

          ‘I take strong umbrage with a real woman who thinks she has to display her excessively made-up, pumped-up, popped-out breasts and demand to be taken seriously as an artist. Uh. No. Real Women don’t Have to do That.’

          WELL SAID.

      • Natalie says:

        agreed! If Chris Mann wins then this show has ZERO credibility.

        • Mary B says:

          You know I am so over this show this year. The format does not allow you to really care or invest in the contestants. It is all about the judges. I am not saying Idol is perfect but at least by the end of the season you really care about who you were routing for all season. You are more likely to follow their career and buy their music. Even XFactor did a better job than The Voice with this. I am closely following Josh’s career and can’t wait to buy his music. Same with Haley from Idol last season. With The Voice I have no clue where the finalist are and how they are doing. I just never felt totally invested in them.
          That saying Christina should be ashamed oh herself in the way she acted. She acted like a spoiled spiteful brat and I would never vote for her team because of it. Sad but I can’t help how I feel. I like either Tony or Juliet for the win.h

          • rockmusicchick says:

            See I think that it differs with each countries version… The UK version for instance it is more about the contestants. Do the coaches make a few comments about or towards each other yes but is it mean rude cross the line type stuff no. As for the contestants rather they are on the show still or not they are very social media active or whatever call it. They tweet alot, they update ppl on fb alot, if they have official sites they post on them, they respond to as many fans as can, they do twitcam chats and more. But they are only on the 1st season there.

      • search Chris Mann YouTube video singing heartless by: kanye west. im guessing thats hip hop converted to pop/ r&b possibly.

      • angelstorm says:

        Yeah – when they said “opera singer” I really expected spectacular. Truth of the matter is – he wasn’t all that impressive. Still I thought “The Prayer” was really good but maybe that was thanks to Christina who (sick or not) gave an excellent (and way more subdued than normal) performance.

    • Joe says:

      Chris won the night. I normally agree with Slezak, but I honestly thought Chris won the night with Jermaine in second. Juliet was not good tonight in any of her songs. She picked a guitar song for her final song. It didn’t work. Her other performances were meh. As for Tony Luca, the fact that he didn’t credit the recording artist Hugo for that arrangement of 99 Problems and tried to pass it off as his own showed less class than using the b-word aimed at Xtina. Chris Mann won the night though. He moved me. I hope he wins.

      • anne says:

        I instantly thought of Hugo’s version of 99 Problems as well. I feel like they tried to cover it by starting the song at a different spot than Hugo’s starts.

        • Joe says:

          anne – I know Hugo’s version is a cover, but it’s so unique I figured Tony would own up to it when the judges talked to him. I was really stunned they acted like he came up with that version all on his own. It’s pretty popular and was used in movies and commercials and stuff. I’m not sure how Tony or Adam can be comfortable pretending they came up with that together.

          • anne says:

            Joe – I agree. I am not okay with what they did. Hugo deserves the credit for that rendition. It’s sad that other musicians don’t seem to get that. Wouldn’t they want the same respect bestowed upon them?

          • rockmusicchick says:

            It is NOT Tony’s fault like it wasn’t Chris’ and Adam’s fault on Idol that the judges didn’t know of Hugo’s version. I have heard Hugo’s version many times and I prefer it over the original Jay-z version. That said Tony’s performance last night was not identical note for note musically nor vocally to Hugo’s nor did he have the same energy and attitude vocally as Hugo did in his version and def. not Jay-Zs. It isn’t Tony’s responsiblity to call the judges out for their lack of knowledge nor lack of speaking up if they did know Hugos version. Hugo nor Tony were not the first to cover this track nor in a similar style. Like someone else said more ppl know Jayz version so that is probably why it was said so on the show!

        • Shannon says:

          Adam tweeted that they did acknowledge Hugo, but it was cut.

      • Sara says:

        Christina and Chris didn’t own up to the fact that they did the Josh Groban/Charlotte Church version of THEIR song. Tony Lucca wasn’t acting like he arranged the music. He just went out there and performed. The reason they said it was by Jay-Z is because that is who the public will associate that song with. Get over it. Chris Mann has a very lovely voice, but he has a very limited commercial area, so he is fairly “one dimensional.”

        • rockmusicchick says:

          I agree w/ you Sara. Just because Tony is not some ppls favorite and he has gotten a fair share of attention by some some ppl have to get their panties in a bunch and try to make something out of nothing. I’m sure if their favorite had a similar sound to a song they performed that someone semi known or even unknown covered they wouldnt be making a such a thing about it. They probably wouldnt even mention it. But whatever floats ppls boats I guess.

        • Name That Tune says:

          Replay the tape. Josh G was mentioned at the outset.

          • Jack says:

            He was mentioned at the outset of “You Raise Me Up.” They claimed to be singing the Bocelli/Dion version of “The Prayer.” Chris Mann’s take can’t hold a candle to Jonathan Antoine’s rendition anyway.

      • Bill says:

        Agree with almost every word of this post. Chris Mann was the best of the night. It’s easy–much too easy–to find his operatic style “overwrought.” Given the emotional nature of the songs he sang, underplaying would have been ridiculous. His duet with Xtina was moving, and so was her surprisingly self-effacing intro to it. Totally agree that her texting was outrageous, obnoxious, and repellent.

      • multomusic says:

        adam levine tweeted that the Hugo credit was not included on the air.

      • multomusic says:

        Adam tweeted that the Hugo credit was not put on the air.

    • jen says:

      seriously. I’d vote for him just for putting up with XTina’s spotlight hogging during their duet. Oh heck, I’d vote for Tony just for Tony’s putting up with XTIna’s crap all season. Yeah, I know, but geez!

  2. Snookee says:

    What a bummer of a night. No real WOW performances from any of them. I guess Juliet should win. There’s flashes of potential there at least. Tony is just… very ordinary, in my opinion. Jermaine didn’t have his best night. Chris… bleh, maudlin, predictable song choices. ALL of them.

  3. god, this is a horrible show. why is this crap on while i have to wait till Wednesday to see hollie, jessica ans joshua again :/

    • Anne says:

      If you don’t like, you don’t have to watch it. Also, not liking it doesn’t mean that everyone feels the same way. Please stop speaking on behalf of everyone.

      • rockmusicchick says:

        josh n jessica really? the worst contest on any the coaches teams this season could of sang circles around them n the rest on idol. that show jumped the shark as they say in tv land this season. Im so over that show. i watched it for 11 seasons now im done.

        • TC says:

          Disagree. While I preferred The Voice over Idol last season, it’s definitely the other way around this season. Joshua, Jess and Hollie are better performers than those on The Voice this year-way better.

          • rockmusicchick says:

            Hollie really? I have to disagree there. Jess may have a good voice but I just dont see her selling uber well. I dont see her being the next carrie kelly or chris in popularity and record sales etc.

        • Jaxguy says:

          Jessica, vocally, is better than any singer on either show. So your comments are stupid.

          • rockmusicchick says:

            just because you disagree with my comment doesnt make it stupid but to each they own.

          • MAS says:

            Seriously? Someone is stupid because their opinion is different? There no evidence of intelligence in fact in either opinion save your use of stupid.

      • i dont recall saying i speak for everyone……..

    • Kris Fan says:

      Agree!! Watching The Voice is just a way to tick away the minutes until the real entertainment begins……Wednesday night – HOLLIE or JOSH ftw. The Idol kids are a gazillion times more talented than the Voice crew this year.

  4. anon says:

    Juliet FTW! I’d still accept Mann though

  5. gailer says:

    Thank you Michael! “Ben Stiller!” It was driving me crazy who Chris reminds me of. The best voice is clearly Chris’s, but can he win a pop show? Not sure at all. And wow, Xtina’s antics were one for the record books. lol

  6. *lg* says:

    UGH Christina ALWAYS finds a way to make it about her. Tony’s song choice and version was fantastic. I’ll always be a mousketeer fan, but I’m team Juliet all the way. That girl has a special place in my heart. Juliet for the win!

    • Jamey says:

      I don’t doubt the other coaches are mad at Christina. She has been intentionally mean to Tony since the beginning and has just not been a team player. If Adam did have an outburst, and may not have handled it well, you don’t want someone that is a coach behaving in the way Xtina has this year. Obviously, Cee lo was on Team Adam with the shirt, though supporting Juliet. I understand competition but Christina has not been nice and it has been documented many weeks. She may need to go.

      I hope anyone but Chris wins for many reasons. Don’t think he has been the strongest of the four over the season.

      Juliet has been consistently the strongest – even though sick tonight – rocked the last song. Blake and Jermaine had the best duet.

      WOuld have been an awesome show except for Christina’s meanness, chest and phone…

      • Jaxguy says:

        Chirs is by far the best singer.

        • FreeHaley says:

          He has the best pure voice of the lot but I think he is the arguably the worst singer of the four.

      • rockmusicchick says:

        Juliet reminds me of Ashley Simposon for some reason BUT with more talent and is better looking.

        • Stephanie says:

          I was thinking the same thing as I watched last night – she looks like Ashely Simpson… but soooo much better!

      • Merla says:

        Seeing Christina go would be one of my top wishes for this show. I am pretty much agnostic, but her bearing her breasts and back flab in a cathedral setting while singing a song titled “The Prayer” was just simply rude and beyond disrespectful. As far as her texting while Tony is talking – I’d take her phone away and ground her for 2 weeks – just like any other 13 year old acting rude. It breaks my heart to see one of the most powerful voices of her generation free fall into such a sleazy, tacky gypsy caricature.

      • MamaLis says:

        Ya. I sped through the show but it’s like Xtina just can’t help herself – like she’s compulsively driven to be rude to Tony at every turn. Except too bad. At this point she’s not bringing Tony down – only herself.

      • jim d says:

        yup, yup, and yup…

        • MamaLis says:

          I just watched a few more numbers so I have to add. The texting while Tony was thanking the Coaches. And then the big shout-out of Chris “He’s a REAL man!! A REAL man!!” With the wife and kid sitting in the audience? COME on! It was like when an 8 year old won’t let a fight go. I’m a neutral Xtina fan but she left a baaad taste in my mouth after last night. Yeesh.

  7. Stacy says:

    I am so curious as to what Xtinas problem is with Tony. It’s baffling. And as for disrespecting women, Xtina has done plenty of that in her career (video for Fighter, anyone?). I can’t believe she even had the nerve to go there. Tony had the three best perfmances of the night, although I would’ve liked a different Maroon 5 song-she will be loved?-sec

    • Snookee says:

      Tony had the three best performances of the night? Excuse me for a second. HAHAHHAHAHAHA. Um, not even close.

    • rockmusicchick says:

      He and Juliet rocked it tonight… Tony was better. Juliet was good but not as wow as the previous 2 weeks.

    • Liz S. says:

      Christina’s problem with Tony tonight was that his song was basically him just calling her a bitch. It was obvious him and Adam set it up that way (the team xtina shirt as well.) Her problem with him in general is that she thinks it is unfair that he uses his MMC connections to get people to vote for him. And calling a woman a bitch or a **** c*nt (which is what was reported in that link cited in the above article) is more disrespectful than whatever she has done in the past.

      • Eric says:

        I agree Liz. And seriously, how is the Fighter video disrespectful to women. Seriously.

      • uh huh says:

        Don’t believe that radar online report–it was sent in by someone on Team Xtina. That was some SERIOUS pre-show damage control on her part. Pretty obvious, too.

      • Oh says:

        This x1000

      • Amy says:

        Because Christina in no way whatsoever used the Mickey Mouse Club to jump start her singing career… Let’s be real.

        • writerross says:

          SO this. So many of the contestants on these so-called “new” talent shows have come from some other shows or had major exposure. You think the guy that worked on Carson Daly’s show just HAPPENED to get on The Voice? Or that Jordis Unga from ROCK STAR just happened to get on the show (with the great Paul M. musical director who worked on both ROCK STAR and now VOICE)? These shows aren’t about finding amateurs. It’s about getting ad revenue. The record deal is an afterthought. I love how these singers keep talking about their dream, their dream, this is my dream… I don’t recall a Bob Dylan or a Luciano Pavorotti or a Janis Joplin or a Michael Jackson (Shall I go On?) needing a TV show to make it.. GET OUT there on the road and sing your brains out. Work it. Play everywhere. Sing. Don’t compete. LIVE YOUR DREAM instead of thinking 7 performances over the course of 2 months can make you a star overnight.

      • Jenn Sweet says:

        If the Radar report was true, then she won the fight, Tony was not allowed to say the b word. She could of just stopped at pointing out that 99 Problems disrepects women. But, she had her coffee cup out when she eas critiqiing him, texting when Tony was thanking the judges, and called Chris a real man. That was too much!

        The disrespectful comment was a little much to take, when she prances around with her boobs hanging out. With Whitney Houston gone , I would say she has the best voice in the business, yet she always has a ton of make-up on and the boobs on display. This is disrespectful to women, as well as very ironic because she mentors on a show that is supposed to be all about “the voice”.

        I think Adam is a sleazy, sneaky bastard and by no means innocent. That doesn’t justify her childish behavior. If there is any justices juliette will win.

      • Tim says:

        I think there might be more to the story because Xtina has been pretty cold to him from the beginning. I wonder what really happened backstage at that Mouse Club. I smell a rat.

        • rockmusicchick says:

          Christina acts like a diva now and throws a hissy fit when the attention isnt on her and she doesnt get her way now and this is how she was back then… its been reported many times. But that said mmc aside… they way she has acted toward tony and the others but him esp is just immature.

          • Becka says:

            I totally agree with this. Everything has to be about her. She always tries to sing with her team…stealing the spotlight away from them. Like during the blind auditions, she just felt the need to get up and sing with one of the girls?? REALLY?! The show isn’t to show how YOU sing, Christina!

            I like that Adam didn’t let her get away with all of her snarky behaviour. She is talented, there is NO doubt of that…but she is a flat out wench and I’m happy to see people try to put her in her place. Though it won’t make her be any nicer!

        • a555609 says:

          I’ve thought the same thing all season. Initially I considered she felt like mmc was enough of a springboard for the rest of the gang, but now I think something darker has percolated. Cordial at the auditions, but she progressively got colder toward Tony as each week progressed.

          • TM2Bee says:

            I agree that she seemed to get nastier as the weeks went on. I noticed tonite when they were showing some of the recaps from the blind auditions that they replayed what she said to him. She was very positive and complimentary – before she realized (or was told) who he is. She was pretty fake when she went in to speak with him and it’s all be down hill since then.

            I wondered tonite if she was angry with him because he didn’t pick her since they knew one another from MMC. It may all backfire on her. The bi*chier she got, the better he performed. I think he was the best tonite. I do like Juliette, but she was just a bit off her game tonite.

        • MamaLis says:

          Oh, I’m guessing “something” must have happened way back when. But come on, isn’t it time to get over it? I mean, she won, right? She’s a millionaire superstar and Tony’s covering a JayZ song on The Voice. You won, Christina. Let it go, doll.

      • Sara says:

        Chris Mann has an Idina Menzel connection that has apparently not been very well publicized, but she has been tweeting her support for him. According to tonight’s tweet, he opened for her on some sort of tour in 2008. But, you know, that’s ok because it is to Christina’s benefit. Christina calls herself “Xtina” which I find disrespectful. She pushes sex as a way to gain attention for herself and to market herself. She is no feminist role model. And she has called other women bitches, ever heard of her feud with Kelly Osbourne? She has no moral high ground here.

      • Kasie says:

        I was there in person and not only was she on her phone during the thank you but she was on her phone during his ENTIRE performance, not even looking up for a second. She was so rude and I can’t wait to watch it back on TV to see what parts of it were shown.

      • rockmusicchick says:

        It’s the press/media that always brings up MMC and asking him MMC stuff. Dont get it twisted. He did NOT call her a bitch etc. Just cuz he sang a song doesnt mean he is singing at her or about her. Don’t believe everything you read ppl… unless u hear it straight from him in a video interview or in person you cant believe it. Oh and Christina is ms innocent… she has been nothing but rude disrespectful immature self absorbed n full herself the whole season. This is the voice not the christina show. And lets not forget the way she dresses and dances and some her lyrics and helloooo her video to fighter n dirty. Whatever everyone is entitled to their view pt… hate who u hate and like who u like. When the show is over regardless who wins if any of them are meant to do well they will if they dont they dont. A yr from know we wont care anyways.

      • Jack says:

        Anyone else catch that Christina thought Tony’s son was his daughter??? Also, Adam was right about the real meaning behind Jay Z’s lyrics (although the chorus was originally drawn from an Ice T song that was very degrading to women). It was about Jay Z being pulled over by the cops for a drug bust but narrowly escaping. Basically, it means no matter what people try to do to me, I’m just going to do what I do. Not good in the Jay Z context (drug use), but good for Tony, because Christina has been a jerk to him all season. Can’t help but wonder what went on behind the scenes at MMC…

        • greeneyed says:

          Tony does have a daughter who was there but was not shown on camera like his wife and his son were. Watch his montage and they show a picture of him with her. Also, I find it funny that people are ignoring the fact that Christina did compliment his vocal perfomance on the song before mentioning that she found that part of the lyrics degrading. Do I agree with how Christina has made her comments to Tony, not really, but I at least got the impression that she wanted to make sure the show was about the voice and not who had the best known celebrity backers. I agree that Christina hasn’t been the nicest to Tony and probably needs to think about how she phrases things before she critiques people so that it is constructive and that they can take it and use it to improve.

  8. Owen says:

    I know his personality has had some derogatory comments on these boards, but Chris Mann seems to me to be a class act.

  9. Eric says:

    I was not a fan of “99 Problems”. It seemed like a desperate bid to recapture what happened when Tony sang “… Baby One More Time.” It didn’t seem authentic and it is kind of derogatory towards women, metaphor or not. I don’t think this performance is going to entice people to vote for Tony. I highly doubt Team Adam will be repeating this year.

    • Stacy says:

      Have you seen ITunes?!?

      • rockmusicchick says:

        Ya last checked he is at #14 and moving up fast. His cover was great. He wasnt being nor his twist on the track derogatory. Xtina is the 1 who is derogatory with her plastic chest slezy clothes nasty dance moves and have u seen fighter n dirty… come ON!

        • Eric says:

          I have seen iTunes and I don’t see any singles from Voice contestants in the top ten. I think anytime you are referring to women as “bitches” it is derogatory. I have seen the video for “Fighter”. I am not sure why you are bringing that up, but, it makes sense to you so good on you.

          • Deena says:

            I just checked I-Tunes (11:35 east coast time) and Tony was #11 plus #1 on the rock page.

            As for Christina…I am more offended as a woman by the way she carries herself than at Adam & Tony for calling her out on it. Might not have been the best forum to do it but if she is going to act like that on national television, be prepared for some jabs back. Especially when they are true.

          • Mariah says:

            Last I checked Tony was at #5 and his duet with Adam was at…#8, I think. Obviously, people were inspired to vote for him with their $$.

          • Natalie says:

            Of course women never sing derogatory songs about men! I’m sorry but what makes it okay for women to sing all the hateful songs they want dogging men and men aren’t allowed to do the same? Women call men derogatory things in songs all the time and somehow that’s OK but men can’t do the same?! It’s completely idiotic ideology.

  10. Lori says:

    Juliet sucked on both songs she sang I cant imagine you would give her an A- she was horrible

    • Stacy says:

      Sadly I agree. Loved her up until tonight but found myself bored. At the start of Freebird I actually winced.

      • Merla says:

        Though true, this wasn’t her best night, do not forget all her other performances. She sang When A Man Loves a Woman better than James Brown did (and that’s saying a helluva lot) and her Roxanne made me love one of the worse songs ever written! Haven’t seen a decent female rocker since Benatar and I believe this girl has it.

        • FreeHaley says:

          I actually thought she did really well on Freebird. Maybe she saved her voice a bit on her team performance, but she was sick. In fact she didn’t rehearse a single song. Last night was the first time she performed any of them. She was too sick and her voice in too risky a shape to risk even a single rehearsal.

    • Giger says:

      No she didn’t. I thought both of her performances wiped the floor with Tony Lucca (you are a 36 YEAR OLD MAN singing about “bitches” in front of your wife and young children… please grow the hell up already).

      • rebbec says:

        agree w/you 100%. 1. it was embarrassing watching the 99 probs performance w/my 11 y.o. nephew but an opportunity to school him on the subject of inappropriate misogynistic lyrics. i though xtina was right on with her response(s),; 2. juliet is the only star remaining

        • Dark Defender says:

          So, what did you tell your nephew about Xtina’s hootchie outfits? That’s what I thought… Hypocrite.

      • larkwoodgirl says:

        I would rather sing about bitches in front of my children than be a bitch in front of my child the way Christina did last night.

        • Yo' says:

          I am going to guess you do not have a daughter.

        • mariana says:

          Have you actually read the Jay-Z lyrics? Look them up. They are very misogynistic- essentially a woman is a” bitch, hoe or pussy”. As someone who is interested in women’s issues throughout the world, I could hardly manage reading how women are referred to in this song. And no one on these posts seems to think that is a big deal. It is hard to believe that songs like this are mainstream entertainment- it is mind-boggling. And for Adam and Tony, the 2 “bros” to use this song as a way of equating Christina with the latter words is repulsive. Also, I have never thought of Tony as very memorable but what a crass and disgusting way to get attention. The whole thing is pathetic beyond words especially when women are being forced into literal slavery- to abusive husbands or brothels by the millions. It is reported that the sex slave trade is larger than the drugs trade. These girls are sold or kidnapped at often very young ages and this goes on because they are seen as bitches and good for only one thing. Songs like this are a real problem IMO. Some may think this a soap box but this song has brought up some very serious issues as to how women are perceived and treated.

          • tripoli says:

            Blah blah blah. It’s one word. One that is prevalent in much of music, TV, general pop culture. You are making a mountain out of a mole hill, based on the assumption that the back stage fight actually happened. It’s just a word. One that you have given way to much power to offend you. That`s your issue, not society’s.

          • rockmusicchick says:

            Thank u.

    • rockmusicchick says:

      Her last performance was more like a B-. She was better the last 2 weeks than tonight. Not to say she sucked tonight but she just wasnt her best.

    • FreeHaley says:

      Freebird ruled!!

      What are you talking about?!?

    • Manie says:

      AMEN To that. Seriously Juliet was bad tonight, not bad as in bad bad, but compared to her “Roxanne” everything tonight fell flat. At this point Juliet is being over-praised by everyone; NONE of her performances deserved more than a B+ tonight. That A- is overrated. For me, Juliet proved tonight that she can rock out a “powerful” song, but she can’t keep her voice steady when she does’t scream. I’m sad cause I feel like she let her guards down thinking that she could easily win tonight and didn’t put her 110% in her performance.

      • inverbose says:

        She is a powerful singer, but has been battling through a very very very bad cold all week. They have kept the final four up constantly on almost no sleep rehearsing, and doing press, etc. Tonight proved NOTHING about her talent. And she doesn’t scream, never has. There is a difference between a rockers soul deep wail and a scream. She is Janis Joplin reincarnated, but I am sure you think Janis screamed too.

        • FreeHaley says:


        • Jaxguy says:

          Not to be rude, but have you ever really heard Janis other than the radio? I like Juliet but she doesn’t sound anything like JJ.

          • inverbose says:

            I wasn’t alive when she was. But I’ve seen a lot of her live performances, and she could be her twin. Not the only one who feels this way either, a LOT of people have made the comparison.

          • Merla says:

            As a matter of fact, did see JJ at the Monterey Pop Festival and no one – I mean no one – sounds like JJ. Gazillions have been compared to Joplin and folks, there is no comparison. BUT, Juliette is a great female rocker and I hope to hear more from her in the future

          • Natalie says:

            It’s not her sound, though raspy in a similar way to Janis, so much as it is her stage presence and the way she performs with the same uninhibited passion that Janis always did.

  11. Kirk Sansom says:

    I’ve been a fan of Juliet’s through it all but though most of tonight’s show I was liking Tony Lucca even with the mistakes. That said, Juliet’s Freebird brought me back around….Rock on Juliet!!!!!!!!

  12. Jenn Sweet says:

    Christina’s comments and passive aggressive actions were great comedy. Did she call Tony Lucas’s son his daughter? I thought I heard that, but didn’t see anyone comment online.

    Should win Juliette, will win Chris (boo)!

    • Deena says:

      YES! We noticed that too. After Xtina said that my friend turned around & said, “I thought Tony had a son?” I thought maybe we got it wrong.

    • Liz says:

      he has a son and a daughter

    • writerross says:

      If I were Mrs. Lucca, I hope she politely tells Christina Hoguilera where she can stuff her overstuffed flesh and where she can take her painted on face: there’s a wax museum in need of plastic and glop down the block. Here’s the phone number…

    • grlsrock says:

      That was my biggest OMG moment of the whole show. Calling tonys son his daughter. I am in awe that the focus isnt on that.

    • LL300 says:

      Oh yeah I heard that. She did it on purpose. She also wouldn’t let Adam speak. If you watch the part before Tony sings…Xtina tells him Brittany had a crush on him. Since Xtina has to have so much attention and appears very high maintenance…she was probably jealous. There’s something behind her meaness. I guess she forgets to be a bit humble due to the fact she flubbed the words to our National Anthem.

  13. Deena says:

    Jermaine should have been doing Motown/soul all season. His performance with Blake was my favorite of his and not just because Blake was there but because he had command, was not yelling or being dramatic, and was having FUN! If we would have done that from the start I think he would have had a good shot to win.

    What a miserable narcissist Christina is. Tony completely got better in the last few weeks. While I personally don’t care for Juliet I know a lot of people love her so I won’t be surprised if she wins. And it would be nice to see a woman, A ROCK WOMAN, win a singing competition for a change.

  14. Harper says:

    Xtina’s additude towards Tony Lucca made tonights episode awkward to watch and she seems to keep getting worse. I hope jermaine or tony win

  15. Annie says:

    If the report of the backstage brawl is true, then I find Adam truly disgusting. Having Tony sing “Baby One More Time” is one thing (a fun jab even), but to deliberately and not-so-subtly call Christina a b*tch on national television is crossing a line. I’m glad Christina called them out on that.

    Quite honestly, Tony needs to thank Christina for getting him where he is now. Tony was sooo boring in the beginning of the season and was playing everything too safe. Christina told him this and forced Adam/Tony to think outside of the box, which as led to some great performances the past few weeks. But enough is enough. You want to be classy? Stop being so passive-aggressive in your song choices.

    That said, Juliet FTW!

    • Anne says:

      ^ THIS! Thank you, Annie, for putting into words exactly how I feel. It’s such a shame that it has to come down to this just to get Tony noticed. He’ll probably win :(

    • Charles says:

      You are right and of course most of the women here naturally jump to Adam and Tony’s defense because they think they’re cute while demonizing Christina. Very sick.

      • Christine says:

        except: who is publicizing this story? and who has been making the condescending and nasty comments this whole season? we’re imposing some sort of intent based on sources? when xtina is the one that has been almost full on attacking adam and tony for months? and now we’re saying adam is disgusting?

        • Charles says:

          Just last week Adam claimed to pick Tony over Katrina because he has a “bromance” with him (vomit). He is every bit as obnoxious and trashy as you people accuse Christina of being. You just hate on her because you are jealous of her wealth, fame and power. Women do that a lot to other successful women while trying to prop up tools like Adam and Tony Lucca.

          • Christine says:

            I’m not jealous at all and I don’t hate her. I actually love her voice and her music. I just don’t think we should jump all over Adam and Tony either. In this whole exchange, all the on-air stuff has been Xtina attacking Adam and Tony and not the other way around. You NEVER see Adam attack Chris Mann even though he is much more one-dimensional than Tony. Adam is respectful of all the contestants, so I’m more likely to give him the benefit of the doubt. And fyi, just because I’m a female, that doesn’t make me petty, catty or prone to jealous fits. I am capable of rational thought just like any man.

          • uh huh says:

            TALK ABOUT BEING DEROGATORY TOWARD WOMEN! Read your post, buddy. How obnoxious can you be?

          • Owen says:

            Dear Christine: You’re right. We don’t know if its true (seems to me though, what happened tonight appeared to be a result of what was reported). But, what makes me sad is if we knew for sure, if you, Christine, had seen it with your own eyes, that what was reported was absolutely true, I would bet you would STILL defend Adam and Tony to the detriment of Christina. You would come up with a tankful of reasons why it was okay for a cute guy to be a misogynist.

          • Christine says:

            Dear Owen: It’s like you’re in my head, you know me so well. So glad you’re here to predict the future based on wild speculation that you, yourself, made up based on absolutely zero knowledge of me or my opinions and based on zero knowledge of my sexual orientation, age, maturity level, convictions or my feelings toward Tony Lucca. Well done, sir. Glad we have this cleared up. No need to discuss it further guys, Owen says it doesn’t matter what actually happened, cuz all us ladies haz gotz the crushes on Tony so we all crazy in the brainz now.

          • uh huh says:

            And Owen doubles down on being derogatory and condescending to women. Way to go, boys! You should be so proud of yourselves.

          • Owen says:

            Yep. That’s what I thought.

          • Jaxguy says:

            Even I, who likes Chris best, thought Christina was inappropriately rude tonight. I think she may have hurt his chances because of her blatant criticisms.

      • rochelle says:

        I take offense at this comment. I do not defend Tony or Adam because they’re attractive men; I defend them because Christina has been unfair to Tony and her comments about 99 problems being derogatory towards women while she practically flashes us every week completely hypocritical.

        • Owen says:

          And what Adam and Tony did and said was no where near as bad as Christina being “unfair” to poor Tony. Oh, but Adam would never say that, right? Right? Of course he wouldn’t. He’s a cute rock star. And SOOOO charming on the show. He could never be so misogynistic! Christina is just a rotten female rock star who is being mean to the pretty boys for apparently no reason whatsoever. No reason whatsoever.

        • Annie says:

          I’m definitely not defending Christina because she has gone overboard before in her comments. But just because her previous actions make her comments hypocritical in regards to herself, it doesn’t make them untrue. Whether Tony/Adam chose that song for Christina or not, I can’t defend any man that sings offensive songs about women. Even JayZ said after he became a father that he will never sing derogatory songs about females again.

          • Christine says:

            If that song was picked specifically to call out Christina, then yes, the behavior is disgusting and should not be condoned, but we will never know the truth. But from day one, there’s only been one side of this “feud” that’s been consistently acting out and being disrespectful and no matter what has happened, Adam has always treated Chris well and Christina has been taking her anger out on Tony, which is counter to what this show should be about. All that being said, without the added (and unsubstantiated) context, I don’t find the song 99 Problems derogatory toward women, even with the use of the word “bitch.” I think we, as women, need to focus our concerns on more important issues, like whether or not we will be able to make our own medical decisions a year from now.

        • JM says:

          Uh huh, Christine and rochelle. All ridiculous and judgmental comments really. How exactly is it “derogatory” for a woman to dress sexy? And how is Christina dressing that way ANY different than Adam running around shirtless and using his sex appeal to sell music? He even has a huge reputation as one of Hollywood’s biggest man-whores and yet none of you women have anything nasty or negative to say about him and keep dwelling on Christina. If you are going to judge on wardrobe and actions, Adam is absolutely no “better” than Christina. Let’s just keep it real here!

          • Christine says:

            Look at my comments. I never once mention how she dresses or acts in her videos. Only her behavior toward Tony on the show. Don’t lump me in with anyone else, please.

          • JM says:

            Sorry Christine! I just saw a bunch lumped together in a row and was collecting names. My bad!

          • Mariah says:

            I think the difference, JM, is that Christina blatantly uses sex to sell records while trying to criticize others for doing the same. THAT’S the problem. It’s called hypocrisy and it’s not attractive.

          • dee says:

            But Adam Levine isn’t running around judging others on national TV the way Christina is, is he? He’s not pretending to be some sort of feminist icon, standing up for women’s dignity while dressed like a tramp, is he? That’s the difference right there.

          • Kel C. says:

            ^^ No he isn’t. Instead he’s trashing his fellow coach by using his finalist to call Christina a bitch in front of America. He may not be hypocritical but he’s foul just the same.

      • tripoli says:

        I don’t find either of them particularly attractive and see nothing wrong with the song choice. Unless he actually came out and sang ” I got 99 problems and that bitch Christina ain’t one”, anything else is rumor and kind of silly. Even with the t- shirt, still a lot of gossip and assumptions going on. Not to mention, she’s been a massive bitch all season, so if the shoe fits.

        • tiff says:

          I think it’s pretty obvious that the rumors at least have some truth to them….mainly that the song was meant for Xtina. Adam not only planned his Team Xtina shirt (meaning he knew how she was going to react, which gives credence to the article about the backstage drama), but apparently he wanted Tony to wear one as well. The show didn’t approve of it, but the original intent was there. If that’s not an obvious slam to Christina I don’t know what is. That makes Tony and Adam, in my eyes, childish and absolute losers.

          • Rachel says:

            Kind of makes me wonder if Adam’s been pulling Tony along this whole time in some weird effort to annoy Christina. I never really liked Tony much, always thought Adam gave him too much credit.

      • Miss Otis Regrets... says:

        And yet they berate America for choosing male contestants over female ones across the board…ironic, no?

        • rockmusicchick says:

          It’s not always about looks why females jump to adam and tonys defense nor call xtina out for her rudeness n negativity nor why we vote for any male singer thats been on this show or any other. I personally do not find adam cute, sexy or anything along those lines. He isnt even average to me. He isnt my cup of tea. I dont think he is perfect and I dont always agree with his comments on the show even though he is 1 my two favorite judges. As for tony he is alright I wouldnt say he is cute even back in his MMC days. A good portion of the negativity towards Tony is uncalled for he can not control Adams actions/words/etc nor anyone elses. They did give hugo credit but it was not shown. Tony isn’t the type of person Adam is. I do think that Adam is not as nice as he tries to portray himself on the show. I have read things and heard things from maroon 5 fans. But I put all the bulls**t aside including the issues with Christina aside. Before this week I wasnt just voting for Tony I voted for Erin, Katrina, Jordis, Jesse, James, etc.until they got eliminated. I also voted for Juliet since day 1 til last week but not last night. Just think its unfair since nobody knows everybody here and all the viewers n ppl who vote to assume its cuz tony n adams looks that we back them up n vote. If it was all about looks ppl like James still be here.

    • Beth says:

      I think it’s entirely possible his song choice was NOT about Christina and about a fun song to perform. Christina has a way to bring everything back to her, never lets anyone have a moment…even her own team. Let’s not aid in this. How about the idea that Tony wanted to sing and spin this song?

      • Annie says:

        I agree, this is entirely possible. But if that is the case, I still believe Christina was right in her comments. I do think this song is offensive to women, and I don’t think it was appropriate to sing this on primetime. And for the other three male judges to have no problem with the song choice is, again, sending the wrong message to the public. If the song wasn’t meant to be a shot at Christina, then I do find it hard to believe that Tony, a father and husband, would choose this of all songs to sing in front of his wife and kids.

        • uh huh says:

          You do know that one of the judges is Cee-lo Green, don’t you? And that his most famous song is called F@ck You?

          • Annie says:

            So? No one is singing F*ck You live on finale night. I was slightly disturbed that 99 Problems was sung and praised. But I was even more disturbed at the possibility of this song being directed at a specific female. I don’t think that’s acceptable in any way, shape or form.

          • dee says:

            And no one was singing “b*tch” on finale night, either. Or did you miss the part where Tony skipped the word in every instance?

        • Rachel says:

          I agree – if I were his wife, I’d be reeeaaalllyyyy uncomfortable.

          • Meg says:

            Funny, Tony’s wife tweeted she had no problem with his song choice last night.

      • writerross says:

        Carly Simon’s song, “You’re So Vain” comes to mind in this instance. Christina: you probably think this song is about you. :)

      • Liz says:

        Except that it may be possible, its almost been proven to be about her. Tony is the one who came out and said HMBOT was a jab at her, HE is the one who keeps talking about it, Adam had the team xtina shirt, and the only thing she has done is made one (true) comment weeks ago. And her team has had a lot of moments, including Chris tonight.

    • Sara says:

      Well, when Tony attempted to thank all of the judges, INCLUDING Christina, she was too busy ignoring him and texting away on her phone. RUDE.

      • FreeHaley says:

        She was rude other times to him, seemingly more than reasonable, even if some of her points were ok. But at that point when he kinda just called her out on stage like that with his song and their team xtina shirts not sure you can totally blame her for that at that point.
        Not being behind the scenes it’s hard to know the exact motivations and what went beforehand for sure though. It’s too hard to say as an outsider.

        • dee says:

          The ONLY accounts that ever come out about this stuff come from Christina’s “people.” That’s because she’s the one trying to define the narrative. And that’s because she’s the one worried about her reputation and the way she’s portrayed. And THAT’S because she has reason to be worried.

  16. rockmusicchick says:

    Chris did better when he sang with Xtina otherwise was a Zzzzz. Jermaine gave a 3rd place finish at best. Tonights performance was so 2 or 3 weeks ago quality. Juliet love her she is representing the rocker girls n rock on tv. But my votes and my heart will ALWAYS ALWAYS belong to TONY LUCCA! His version of 99 problems was awesome. It was derogatory. Christina is derogatory with her fake plastic midlife crisis chest and nasty dance moves and not to forget x rated videos like dirty. COME on xtina grow up! Stop hatin’

  17. Shandi says:

    Sorry but all four of these people ROYALLY SUCK. Idol looks good compared to this crap this year. And I am SICK of the judges, especially Adam and Christina.

    • Tim says:

      So true. Even Juliet who is probably the best one, is just ok. I’ve heard countless better versions of Free Bird.

  18. Deena says:

    Did anyone else think Juliet had a total Florence Welch look going in her final performance? The hairstyle (I know it wasn’t red but it was dark) and that long, flowing gown thing? That was the 1st thing that popped in my head. Not a critique, just an observation.

    • Name That Tune says:

      I’m always suspicious of the long gowns. It’s beauty pageant time. It was an almost moment.

    • larkwoodgirl says:

      Juliet’s costume must have been Chosen be Cee Lo. It looks exactly like the over the top thing that he would pick.

  19. Denise says:

    I absolutely LOVED the Tony/Adam duet. Have rewound it several times and will purchase on itunes. Best of the night!

    I finally understand the Jermaine hype and wouldn’t mind if he, Juliet or Tony won. (personally can’t stand opera)

  20. Rollin'Stoned says:

    Feel like voting for Tony just because Ms Side Boobage is such a b*tch to him. Poor Chris was looking a bit embarrassed when she was touting him as a “real man”.

  21. I loved Tony’s performances, all of them. It began with 99 problems, then there was Yesterday and I liked the Maroon 5 song. Juliet sounded very very flat tonight. JP I thought was good as well and Chris…the opera was good but the rest, not so much.

  22. Josh says:

    I think its digusting that girls are demonzing christina And Juliet blows all the boys away but of course to some of the girls posting on here she sucks cause shes female and Tony should not be singing that song with his child in the audience but its okay cause he’s team adam get a life. Juliet killed Tony on itunes last week

    • FreeHaley says:

      But because everyone is getting off that he got to call Christina a B his votes are going wild. What a sneaky and apparently successful little game, a shame. He didn’t do poorly but Juliet brought down the house.

    • uh huh says:

      Women demonize Christina because she’s a demon. Dressing and acting like a cheap hooker is not empowering to women, no matter how famous, rich, or talented you are. It’s just demeaning. Women look at how she carries and conducts herself, and we go “Ugh. Gross.” She does it because it gives you boys a big boner, you know. Women see right through her act.

      • JM says:

        LOL, you are too much. So Adam is allowed to run around half naked and it’s OK because he is a man but when Christina does it she’s a “demon” and “cheap hooker?” If you are a female, your type is the real problem.

      • FreeHaley says:

        Then why do you have no problems with the guys who rips their shirts and off and all? Most guys couldn’t care less. But with you it only seem to work one way right?

    • petunia says:

      I’m a girl and I’m just calling it like I see it. Xtina has been demeaning and dismissive to Tony all season. I don’t feel the need to applaud that kind of behavior just because we both happen to have the same body parts. (Except I don’t go around exposing as much of mine.)

  23. FreeHaley says:

    Wow I have to say I disagree with most of the grades for the performances and man does someone hate The Voice. wow. If some of those had been on Idol they’d have been scored a lot higher, just saying….

  24. FreeHaley says:

    Damn, can’t believe it, but the lock Juliet looks like she has no prayers against the guys. I was afraid when everyone kept calling her a lock last week. Wow even Chris Mann’s single is charting higher and her Freebird was just amazing! Come on!

    Bah, just shows even with limited voting, it just ain’t gonna happen anymore on show anymore (other than perhaps, oddly enough, XFactor).


    Wow, she may even come in fourth. What a sad turn of events.

    Early on she appeared to be in the lead, but now, she’s trailing, seems the singers I like best do better during the EST voting and then fade out.

  25. Josh says:

    Let me make a clearer comment Juliet is the best one Remaining Tony is good but bland same goes for Chris and Jermaine but of Course like AI a inferior guy will win cause hes a guy! Remeber the Audience actually preferred Katrina to Tony.

    • tripoli says:

      Let it go. She barely survived in previous weeks, so getting slightly more votes means nothing. If not for the coach save she would have never had the chance to win the public vote before getting booted. She was mediocre, and clearly, the audience agreed.

      • FreeHaley says:

        SHe won the vote by a large margin last week. I forget, but I think Jermaine was the only one who won by a higher percentage and don’t forget that she also went up against arguably the toughest competition last week.

  26. soflirty84 says:

    I really don’t understand all the Juliet love. To be honest she reminds me of Beverly from last season. She has the rocker chick vibe and growls multiple times in every song just like Beverly always sang that high note in every song. It is too overdone and it’s a cool affect but means nothing if it’s done all the time. I don’t think she’s very good at all. Also, I don’t understand why anyone wouldn’t think Tony would win. He has been the most diverse singer of the finalists. Juliet only sings rockish songs, Chris Mann sings opera or bad pop, I barely pay attention to Jermaine but his style seems the same- too over sung and too many runs. Tony has sang a diversity of songs and rocked them all. I also think Christina is being extra harsh and rude to him. I don’t think she wants him to win cuz she doesn’t want to be overshadowed. She already competed with Justin and Britney. I feel she doesn’t want to share the MMC spotlight with anyone else.

    • FreeHaley says:

      She not even remotely like Beverly! Not one little bit. I never even got the Beverly love myself at all, she was my least favorite of the top four least season and my least favorite when they came back to perform this year. They have totally different voices and Juliet has better control and has some magic spark.

    • 30CamdenSquare says:

      Other than Juliet & Beverly both being female rock vocalists they sound nothing alike. If you don’t like the rock genre enough to hear that they don’t even sound remotely similar, then just don’t comment on it.

  27. FreeHaley says:

    I guess Adam’s little game worked. :(

    • uh huh says:

      If it was a game, it worked because Christina fell for it. But I’m not buying ANY of this, The only reports are coming from people close to Christina. She’s spinning this story like crazy. I wonder why?

      • Liz says:

        Her camp is actually the one that has been quiet about all the drama all season. Tony and Adam are the ones who keeps bringing it up

  28. Josh says:

    Tony Is not diverse every thing sounds the same!

  29. Nancy says:

    I can’t believe Tony Lucca and Adam were allowed to pass off Hugo’s version of “99 Poblems” as their own. Considering Hugo is signed to Jay Z’s label, I doubt Mr. Beyonce would appreciate it. When so many reality singing contestants are able to pass off established covers as their own arrangements (AI’s Colton not withstanding) it does a disservice to the very creditability which these shows so desperately crave.

    • Christine says:

      This happened last season too though, with Dia’s version of Kanye, so I’m thinking it’s more of The Voice than the contestant. And likely because Hugo has no claim to his version of 99 Problems, only Jay-Z. They likely can’t give Hugo credit for a song he has no legal claim to.

      • Mike says:

        Umm…how about the different lyrics in Hugo’s version of the song that Tony sang? Do people not realize the lyrics to Hugo’s version are totally different than Jay Z’s? Would be kinda weird if Hugo or Tony start singing about how they’re african and that’s why the police pulled them over. Totally different song besides the chorus. I really don’t think The Voice should have glazed over this and referred to it as Jay Z’s “99 Problems”….it appears to give Tony way too much credit. That’s fine that Adam tweeted about it being cut afterwards. The damage was already done.

        • rockmusicchick says:

          not that many ppl at least that watch the voice may know who hugo is and heard of his version. alot more ppl have heard of jay-z and his original rather cuz they are fans of his or they like beyonce so they checked out his tracks or whatever. I think that for now on The Voice and Idol need to under the contestants name put the track n who its by that way ppl cant get their panties in a bunch when due to editing or lack of acknowledgement etc its still there.

  30. zombiehugs37 says:

    I would like Juliet to win, but will take anyone over Tony at this point. Immature song choice on his and Adams part. Tony is nothing special without all this drama to get him some votes, and Adam picking him simply because he liked him more is one of the most stupid things I have heard. Christina may have not been team Tony but he does have an unfair advantage in using his connections to get votes and that could bother any competitive person in this kind of situation. Really the show probably shouldn’t have let him through, but what’s a reality show without some unnecessary drama.

  31. rochelle says:

    Anyone else notice how much Juliet looked like Ashlee Simpson before the nose job?

    • gailer says:

      With the blonde hair, she reminds me of the youngest Brady Bunch girl, Cindy

      • writerross says:

        The blonde was gone tonight and she went back to brunette for the last show. I didn’t feel her voice tonight. I feel bad saying that. She’s usually much more all out there…

  32. Dan says:

    Tony has done nothing but rip off arrangement of other songs and pretended like he was so “original” in the process. His fans are but lust crazed women who will swallow whatever someone “cute” sings and act like they are the second coming. Since women have hijacked this show like they did Idol he will probably win and then his album will flop because his fawning female following are too cheap to shell out bank for the lame album that will follow. It’s quite obvious why Tony has been in the business for twenty years and not gone anywhere despite all of his connections. He’s simply NOT THAT GOOD. His voice is generic and he rips off other people’s work.

    • rockmusicchick says:

      Well the same thing can be said about men who watch the show. They only voted for the female contestants like erin martin and vote for juliet cuz they think they are hot and want to bang them.

    • rockmusicchick says:

      It’s not always about looks why female viewers jump to adams & tonys defense nor call xtina out for her rudeness n negativity nor why we vote for any male singer thats been on this showe or any other. I personally do not find adam cute, sexy or anything along those lines. He isnt even average to me. I dont think he is perfect and I dont always agree with his comments on the show even though he is 1 my two favorite judges. As for tony he is alright I wouldnt say he is cute even back in his mmc days. A good portion of the negativity towards tony is uncalled for he can not control adams actions/words/etc nor anyone elses. They did give hugo credit but its was not shown. Tony isnt the type of person Adam is.I do think that Adam is not as nice as he tries to portray himself on the show. I have read things and heard things from maroon 5 fans. But I put all that bullsh*t aside inclusing the issues with christina aside. Before this week I wasnt just voting for tony i voted for erin katrina jordis jesse james etc. Until they got eliminated. I also have voted for Juliet since day 1 til last week. Just think its unfair since nobody knows everybody here and all the viwers n ppl who vote to assume its cuz tonys looks n adams looks that we back them up n vote. If it was all about looks James would be here still or had lasted longer. Not to say he is an awful singer with no talent the kid was alright. But ya just saying.

      • Christine says:

        Exactly. I voted (via iTunes) for Tony the last couple weeks, but up until then I was rooting for Ashley de la Rosa. Still bummed she’s gone…

  33. Mía says:

    ew that’s Hugo’s arrangement of 99 Problems. Go away, Tony

  34. Pedro says:

    I think we know from these comments that Jermaine isn’t going to win. His name is just not coming up at all. LOL

  35. lisa says:

    I actually liked soul man. Probably my favorite Jermaine performance (ok, that’s not saying much).

    Juliet wasn’t at her best tonight, but she has earned the win all season.

    It will be awful for this show if Tony wins because of the X-Tina feud. Remember why the feud started? Xtina called Tony one dimensional, which was very, very true. Maybe that’s why reality show judges don’t give honest feedback. People (or at least bros like Tony and Adam) can’t take it.

  36. rochelle says:

    I’ve been on tony Lucca’s side since 2002 He killed it tonight and I’m hoping for all good thing for him.

    • rockmusicchick says:

      I too have been on tonys side but before 2002. I support him and like his music. That said if he were to give a performance that I thought was bad I wouldnt vote for him. Just because what coaches/ppl have said, what celebrities tweet about him, his looks, etc. is NOT why I voted for him. I voted every week for who I though did the best and the singers whose performance I liked. Tony isnt the only 1 I have voted for since the season began but he is the only 1 i voted for last night. Tony n Juliet to me are the best singers of ones coaches picked to be on show.

  37. Manola says:

    Slezak, what happened to your love of melody? 99 Problems was unrecognizable. He & Phillip Phillips, GUILTY!

  38. Jason Crider says:

    I am professionally, disgusted with Christina Aguilera. She was RUDE to TONY & ADAM on several occassions. To say his song was degrading to women??? It was a metaphor Christina you would learn those in school! Secondly, get over yourself perhaps mant thought you were degrading in the MOVIE ummm BURLESQUE country girl goes BURLESQUE and sleeps with DRESSES pretty much like a slut several times in the movie! Who are you to give feedback about degrading perhaps you should apply some of your own slapstick to yourself…..I personally, think Tony or Jermaine wins….anyone but Chris Mann! I do not think as long as she is on the show any of her contestant’s will win…WHY?? Her attitude is that of a STUCK UP HAS BEEN MOUSKETEER!

    • Rachel says:

      How is saying you hate women a metaphor?

      • Christine says:

        Where in the song does it say “I hate women”?

        • mariana says:

          Jason and Christine- have you actually read the Jay-Z lyrics? The word “bitch” does not mean a “bitchy” woman- it means like a bitch dog. He also says “arm-strong a hoe” and then refers to women as “pussy”. And this is not degrading and hateful to women?!!!

  39. Kim says:

    If there is ANY truth to that linked article, Adam and Tony should truly be ashamed. Wow, that is just deplorable. Of course Tony has lots of adoring female fans who would take up for him if he kicked a puppy but that doesn’t look good at all.

    • uh huh says:

      I think there was a fight. I think that’s where the truth in that story ends. Why? These words in the first paragraph: “a source close to Christina exclusively tells” Team Xtina felt the need to get this out BEFORE the show. That’s called damage control. You don’t go into damage control mode when you’re not the one who screwed up.

  40. Ian says:

    The same women on here bashing Christina were also on the Idol boards bashing Elise for her “bad attitude.” I recognize the names. Naturally to these women it is OK for a man to call a woman a “bitch” (even in front of their own child) but rake Elise over the coals every week for a simple facial expression or gesture. Many of the ladies in here set their own gender back about 50 years.

    • Owen says:

      Right? I’m actually floored by a scary percentage of the women on here defending these guys’ actions. And of course, if you call them out on it, then YOU’RE the one being hostile toward women, not Adam and/or Tony. I am heartened though to see the amount of men on the boards coming to Christina’s defense.

      • tripoli says:

        So should the women shallowly assume that all you men who are defending Christina are doing so because you too are silly little fan boys, controlled by your appreciation of her heaving bosoms? Cuts both ways, boys. How about you grow a pair and stop bashing the female commenters based on ridiculous rumors and silly reasonings behind why someone is a fan of any of the male contestants.

    • VOICE says:

      A lot of Christina Aguilera fans call other female celebrities a “b*tch” and other terms all the time. Now a lot of those same people are being hypocrites saying it is wrong to use that word just because it involves Christina.

  41. allie08 says:

    I loved Tony’s performance of 99 Problems… although I couldn’t understand much of it. I had never heard the song & just loved the arrangement so I thoroughly enjoyed it. I looked up the lyrics after the drama on the show and thought xtina was overreacting until I checked out your link. It is a real shame that two ego maniacs like Adam and Christina can’t control themselves enough to do their jobs. I like them both musically but I am getting tired of their drama….

    • Yo' says:

      I think Tony Lucca will – and probably should – win this competition, although I find him a little obnoxious. But the lyrics to that song are singularly insulting: I looked at the Hugo version and the JZ version. Metaphor,,my sweet bippy. The fight between Xtina and Adam is probably a bit of a set-up and makes for good TV, but, that said, I am on team Xtina.

  42. Red in Denver says:

    Christina is SO NASTY towards Tony, you have to wonder if there isn’t some type of ‘history’ there …. Did he upstage her on the Mickey Mouse Club or something??? Jeees!

    I personally am not all that impressed with Juliet; and I AM impressed with both Chris and Jermaine — so am clearly out of sync with Slezak. I loved Mann & Xtina’s “The Prayer” — such a beautiful song.

  43. Raymond says:

    Why start off by trying to be negative about Christina Milian talking about which singer is trending? Uh, In case you missed it that’s her job

  44. Brandon says:

    Lots of twisted females on here. Get a grip girls. Christina is not derogatory to women at all because she got where she is based solely on talent and an oustanding voice. Laying judgment on her for how she dresses is ridiculous. You are just as bad as misogynists so take your feminism stick and shove it where the sun don’t shine.

  45. Laney says:

    Seriously? Christina has an issue with “99 Problems” because it contains b***h? I’d refer her to the lyrics of a little song called “Keeps Getting Better”, sung by… oh, yeah, that’s right — Christina herself.

    Speaking as a woman myself, I’d suggest she get down off her hypocritical high horse and own up to the behavior that caused Adam and Tony to call her out in the first place.

    • rockmusicchick says:

      I agree… not to mention her videos for dirty n fighter… her dance moves and what she wears most the time. Her attitude sucks. And just because she and adam have sexual tenstion and are having issues behind the scenes does not make it right to take it out on tony. Its so easy to take it out on ppl u know. She needs to grow up.. this isnt the christina show its the voice.

  46. Name That Tune says:

    Ok, so Adam & Xtina don’t like each other. I don’t care. That’s a distraction. Tony can sing, but he is rather plastic & lacks originality. He’s bland. But he is this show’s WGWG. Probably will win.
    Considering all 3 performances, this is how I rank them:
    #4 -Juliet
    #3 – Tony
    The 2 best singers were Chris & Jermaine. I was able to feel Jermaine just enough to shed a tear. But Chris gave me those “Goosies” JLo keeps talking about. Sad part is most people are gonna hold Xtina against him.
    Anyone notice Joel Osteen in the audience? I’m thinkin’ Chris is gonna get a lot of Christian voters. I don’t think he wins, but he is gonna be successful in that market.

    • FreeHaley says:

      The problem with Chris is he is not actually good enough to be a real opera singer and he refuses to learn how to cross over to pop.

      • Name That Tune says:

        He really doesn’t need to be a “good opera singer.” He needs to take those skills he has from being classically trained and find the right song. And emote when he sings. I saw a show at our local theatre 3 years ago that featured 3 classically trained black female singers. They sang every genre – rock, pop, jazz, blues, opera, musical theatre. ALL of it sounded fantastic. If you can sing, you can sing anything. He can sing. Where he has lost me is in feeling connected to the song. I felt the connection tonight.
        With his good looks, he can be successful.
        Hey, people still find Tony Bennett fascinating, & he sings nothing current.

        • FreeHaley says:

          The problem is that I don’t feel he like sings songs in the proper style. He always tries the same style and it’s awkward for a lot of things. Not that he is alone some of the greats, such as Pavarotti, and really a clear majority of opera singers made the same mistake and tended to sound kind of lame when they tried cross over pop or other genres. They treated it all like opera and it just plain sounded weird. Audra McDonald can switch styles better but I guess she wasn’t quite so much purely brought up as an opera singer.

        • FreeHaley says:

          Yeah emoting is important as just look at Andrea Bocelli, marvelous voice, and you here him sing for the time even, a song, and it’s wow, but then the next song sounds exactly the same, he does the same exact things to it and you are like hmm and then he does ten more with the exact same everything, and it’s ok, enough.

  47. Lois Benton says:

    “Soul Man” was hilarious, one of the best performances of the night. I don’t like country music, but Blake Shelton is extraordinarily generous and sweet with his team. If Juliet doesn’t win, I hope Jermaine does. Still, he only individual song I even liked a little was Tony Lucca’s. What boring, bad song choices. Christina doesn’t appear to be concerned that America won’t find her to be an unpleasant, difficult woman. But Thank God for that, because her attitude makes the show interesting. Christina, the coach you love to hate.

    • FreeHaley says:

      I did like Soul Man I was surprised that Slezak gave it such a horrendously low mark.
      It was fun and entertaining.

      But Juliet FTW!!!!

  48. Davey says:

    I like Juliet a lot but her Freebird was a a bore. A B- would be generous.

    • Sarah says:

      my thoughts exactly. Juliet has been my favorite but that was a karaoke Freebird (Freebird is such a bad idea anyway unless you’re going to absolutely kill it) and I’m starting to wonder if her lack of range isn’t just too limiting. Though I like her distinctive voice, not sure she can carry a melody well enough (like Pink for instance) to make me want to listen to an entire album.

    • rockmusicchick says:

      I too would not have gave her a A- for free bird. Now her performances the last 2 weeks prior yes but not last not. It was a B or B-. That said I love juliet she has been my fav girl the whole season.

  49. stephanie says:

    Has it ever occured to anyone that maybe Christina has nothing agains Lucca besides that he has a huge fanbase from mmc therefore it is unfair to compete against any other contestants.
    Tony is my type of music, but I would never vote for him. The show is called the voice. Juliet is amazing every performance and so so different.Chris man has a beautiful touching pure voice that couldnt be more perfect. if Juliet or Chris does not win this, I will not be tuning in next season.

    • rockmusicchick says:

      well same thing can be said about christina she shouldnt be on the show either cuz she is from mmc too… she can get all her famous friends to vote for her ppl and get their fans to vote for her ppl.

  50. Celeste says:

    A post on Twitter sums up the sad fate of this show:

    Fan: @CeeLoGreen ok, cee lo, both justin timberlake and justin beiber are campaigning for tony lucca. who you got for @JulietSimmsALL?#thevoice

    Cee-Lo: @mz_gael all we have is talent and fate. Even if it caused tony to win miraculously it wouldn’t be respectable in my book

    Cee-Lo: “If heart& soul doesn’t matter and celebrity friends tweeting for you does then **** it all @JulietSimmsALL I will sign her myself AND I CAN”

    I think that says about all that we need to know about The Voice. Poor Chris, Jermaine and Juliet don’t stand a chance against Tony’s celebrity support. That is what Christina was trying to call out at the beginning and has been branded a “bitch” because of it.

    • Renee says:

      I’m fine with Cee Lo’s tweets but your comment is such bull. Tony is not my fave – at this point it’s prob Juliet or Jermaine. However, Christina has been unprofessional, petty and mean-spirited in her comments to Tony from the beginning – absolutely zero to do with celebrity support. Most likely due to some perceived slight when they were kids with the situation aggravated by Adam Levine who has issues with Christina and isn’t known for the best judgement when he’s annoyed. So please spare us Christina as anything but childish and self serving.

      • Celeste says:

        I don’t agree. Christina had every right to call into question the celebrity support Tony has been receiving. Timberlake and Bieber are huge names with devoted female followings who will do their every bidding if they ask. This is naturally going to boost Tony to the win. Just wait and see what happens tomorrow. If Tony wins it was not earned via talent, which he actually has much less of than the other three singers.

        • rockmusicchick says:

          All final 4 have celebrity support so ya

        • tomitweets says:

          Don’t forget, Tony came in with a build in fan base. I was supporting Tony Vincent because I knew him already.. saw him perform We Will Rock You in Vegas.

    • Sheri says:

      Nobody ever reads responses to messages on this board. I already predicted Adam scewering the vote via Twitter last Tuesday. He did thar last yeat w/ Javier who desperately needed Bieber supporters. This year, Tony has even more support– his Timberlake, Luccadoes, and Bieberites. Adam needs to go–he jacks up the vote. he’s also the most smug, stuck up coach of them all.

    • Kim says:

      Do you have any idea how many “celebrities” have been tweeting in support of Jermaine this season? Alicia Keys is perhaps the heaviest hitter among them and yet Christina doesn’t seem to have a problem with that. I counted at least 7 last night in my twitter stream advocating for Jermaine last night alone. And at least one for Chris Mann (apparently he sang as part of the Warblers on Glee at some point). I’m sure even Juliet has gotten her share of celeb tweets. To me this is just whining.

      As for Christina’s attitude towards Tony, she’s been nothing but bitchy to him all season. She could have chosen to take the high road where he’s concerned even if she didn’t like him. Yet she’s done her damnedest to bring him down all season. The woman is a first class narcissist who has to make everything about her. I have very little sympathy for her.

    • RedInDenver says:

      If, in fact, Xtina was trying to ‘call out’ the celebrity support as unfair, WHY DIDN’T SHE JUST SAY THAT, rather than all the seemingly mean-spirited stuff she’s been saying consistently these past few weeks regarding Tony? Tony isn’t my favorite, but, even so, I’ve lost a lot or respect and/or admiration for Xtina.

      Sometimes the old saying ‘familiarity breeds contempt’ completely FITS. I was better off knowing nothing about her, other than what she shows in her performances. She doesn’t seem like a very nice person.

      • FreeHaley says:

        It’s hard to say. It seems like she could have just called that out without coming off the way she did. OTOH, we don’t know what went on behind the scenes to have her get so annoyed with Tony and Adam. Perhaps they did something behind the scenes that explained the big chip on her shoulder and the way she went about it. Then again perhaps not. Maybe she was just plain out mean and they had enough and were calling her on it. Who knows.

        I read that one person who sat behind Adam said that during the break Christina leaned over and basically said, I forget the exact words, but it was along the lines of “really? just a metaphor? look at your shirt and what was said earlier, you know you were referring directly to me.”

        Anyway again who knows. It’s weird how she seemed friendly with him before live taping and then weeks or months later when it got to the live shows she was so icy. as you say you can point out some things but it doesn’t have to be with such ice. But I guess none of us know where the ice came from and whether she had any legit reason or not.

        But enough of this, let’s get back to the singing.