Report: NBC Poised to Renew Community, 30 Rock and Parks and Rec – But There's a Catch

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30 Rock Tina FeyNBC is looking to bring back its Thursday night comedy block — with some caveats.

The Peacock network is nearing a deal that would see 30 Rock return for a seventh and final season of 13 or 14 episodes, per our sister site Deadline.

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Last month, Rock‘s creator and star Tina Fey told the ladies of The View that the end was “visible on the horizon… We can’t do this for 35 years.”

Meanwhile, Deadline reports that Community and Parks and Recreation are also expected to be picked up for an abbreviated (and hopefully not final) fourth and fifth season, respectively.

Comments (108)

  • Considering that these 3 shows are the ONLY reason I watch NBC anymore this is kinda disappointing. I am glad that we will get something but these shows especially park and rec and community deserve more! Please don’t tell me that the Office (once upon a time my fave show; now just a shadow of itself) will be getting a full season while these shows only get 13 episodes. Since season 2 of p&r there hasn’t been a bad episode. it deserves better. And community is the only show that can be cartoon like yet still tug at your heartstrings when needed. Well 13 better than nothing i guess…..

    Comment by irishrose4583 – May 8, 2012 04:21 AM PDT  Reply To This Post
    • YES! yes to everything you just said.

      Comment by Spencer – May 8, 2012 07:17 AM PDT  Reply To This Post
  • I love and watch them all but Parks and Rec is the real stunner in the lineup it goes from strength to strength every week!

    Comment by Ryaneco – May 8, 2012 05:29 AM PDT  Reply To This Post
  • Short season makes the writers work harder and the result has a much better a chance of being a better product. 22 episode seasons just leads to more garbage episodes. “Community” is the best example of this – about half of their episodes are very good and the other half are just tedious retreads of material they have already attempted in one form or another which is a waste of time and can lead to some real garbage epis. DirecTV brought “Call Me Fitz” from Canada to the Audience Network and that show (Jason Preistly’s greatest part, greatest show) is a shining example of how you can have a twelve episode season and every episode can be necessary to tell the season story and phenomenal. No filler episodes makes for a better season.

    Comment by BHM1304 – May 8, 2012 05:54 AM PDT  Reply To This Post
  • Aren’t these top-rated shows on their network? I seriously do not understand NBC. This is the first time I’ve watched a full two hours of NBC shows on Thursday nights in years. Are they doing this so they add more crap like Whitney?

    Comment by Amy – May 8, 2012 06:47 AM PDT  Reply To This Post
  • I swear to God, if this ends up being the final season of Parks and Rec., I will die. That is my favorite comedy of all time! But I am happy 30 Rock gets an official final season instead of just getting cancelled.

    Comment by Spencer – May 8, 2012 07:14 AM PDT  Reply To This Post

    C’mon, NBC. Ron Swanson, Tom “Tommy Fresh” Haverford and Andy “Burt Macklin” Dwyer are some of the funniest characters played by brilliant actors you’ve showcased in YEARS!

    Don’t abbreviate a funny, smart comedy. Viewers like shows they can enjoy again and again (via DVR, Hulu, iTunes.) Stick with comedies like Parks and Rec that withstand the test of multiple watches.

    Comment by trish – May 8, 2012 09:11 AM PDT  Reply To This Post
  • Stoked all 3 are returning.

    Comment by Nadine – May 8, 2012 09:19 AM PDT  Reply To This Post
  • NBC should cancel The Office!! I’m ok with 30 Rock getting a shorter season, but why order short seasons of Community and Parks and Rec. Let them get enough episodes for syndication…geeze NBC!! On a side note, I’m gonna laugh long and hard when the new comedies on NBC ordered for the Fall have been cancelled by Mid-Season!! Then they will order more eps of Community and Parks and Rec.

    Comment by MichaelS – May 8, 2012 09:24 AM PDT  Reply To This Post
  • Parks and Rec is the strongest show in the lineup, don’t understand why they keep putting it to the side or scheduling shorter seasons.

    Comment by J – May 8, 2012 02:31 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
  • Fringe was only renewed for 13 episodes. That brings the series to 100 episodes, was is the number networks like for syndication. If any series gets renewed – whether for 13 episodes or 22, it is a good thing vs. being cancelled.

    Comment by tvdiva – May 9, 2012 06:55 PM PDT  Reply To This Post

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