House Finale First Look: Someone's Missing!

The title of the episode is “Everybody Dies,” but all of House‘s principal players look very much alive in the following first look at the show’s series finale. Well, almost all of them. 

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Perhaps it’s just a red herring, but Jesse Spencer’s Chase is the only major character missing from the crop of photos Fox just released from the May 21 swan song.

One person who is present and accounted for is Robert Sean Leonard’s cancer-stricken Wilson (and he’s looking pretty healthy). Of course, he could very well be a figment of House’s (Hugh Laurie) imagination.

The following gallery also includes a first glimpse at House’s final patient as well as several behind-the-scenes pics from the final week of shooting.

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  1. Erika says:

    This is going to be so sad :(

    • Scarlet says:

      Why is this series being taking off? I am sure the Producer, David Shore, has many more to write for this series. I will miss seeing HOUSE…..Hugh Laurie is a great actor so is the team.

      • DL says:

        Ratings are flagging, I’m sure Hugh Laurie is excited to move on to different things, and I think Shore ultimately chose to end things on his own terms rather than be beholden to the network’s renewal or cancellation.

      • martina says:

        Well, Laurie’s not going to be in television again.. So sad, but they had to end it before it was unbearable to watch!

      • Intersting thing but Shore and Laurie and the other Producer decided to stop.

        • D says:

          The ‘letter’ that DS, HL and KJ wrote was to save face. They wanted to do a 13 ep Season 9. HL even offerered to take a paycut and the Studio were prepared to make concessions, but Fox didn’t want it. It’s why this final arc is literally coming out of nowhere.

          A more sensible showrunner would have made the decision at the start of the season, and then focused on tying up loose ends. Would have been better for ratings too.

          • H says:

            If they really wanted the continuation they should moving on an other channel!
            Already before season 8,then FOX wanted the cost reduction!

  2. Ale says:

    If they are going to kill Chase, I won´t watch the show anymore!!!…….Oh wait!!!

    • Jennifer anne says:

      Well, if you watched last night’s episode, you would know Chase was not killed off. He resigned. I have to say that I have faithfully watched House for the entire run, never missing an episode. I am sorry to see the end of this show! It is honestly the only show i watch. (i record it weekly)

      • Ok this is what happens in the finale….. Wilson finds out that his cancer has spread 13 comes back they talk about what little time they have left blah blah blah, then the patient that they are working on who is an infamous drug lord on the run apparently has some powerful enemy’s who detonate a bomb blowing up most of the hospital killing everyone except Foreman who was off with chase at the time. there is also a nice shot of every one dead at the end!

        • Colleen says:

          I need to stop reading this stuff! THANKS FOR THE ENDING (if it’s true?) Will totally miss ‘House’. Did not know this was the last Season until a couple weeks ago. Bummer!

  3. Astrid says:

    Uuuhhh Cuddy..?

  4. Mel says:

    No Chase?! And Foreman and Wilson seem to be waiting outside a surgery room. Good thing though: no pics of the parade of cast members past that they’ve told us will be there. Hope the regular cast, especially House, Wilson, Chase, who have been there since the beginning, get most of the spotlight. Sad already. Sniff…

  5. Sheri Reid says:

    House has no cane in that last shot on the steps…

  6. Kimi says:

    I will hate this show forever if Chase is not in the finale!!!!!

  7. Cam says:

    Chase (Jesse Spencer) is the ONLY reason I’ve stuck with this show for the past five years. He MUST be in the finale!

  8. caro says:

    THEY BETTER NOT KILL CHASE OFF!!! I will hate them all forever IF THEY DO THAT!!!

  9. pia says:

    Chase is the best thing about House for me! I hope they don’t hurt him!

  10. that second picture is a bit omnious for me. if Wilson does die, it would be nice if House hallucinated him getting back together with Amber.

  11. Stephanie says:

    People! I get that it might be sad if Chase dies (Wilson, too, for that matter), but did it occur to anybody that they may give him a really good send-off? That maybe – just maybe – it’ll make for a very poignant 2 hours of television? And that since the show won’t be back afterwards, it won’t MATTER who lives and who dies? Since you won’t see them again after this anyway? Just a thought there.

  12. Conny says:

    NOOOOO! Why is Chase not there???

  13. What if it’s Cuddy who dies?

  14. Steph says:

    There is seriously no reason to bring Cameron, 13, Kutner and Amber back for the finale if Chase isn’t also there. He’s more important to House than all of them. Besides Wilson, there is no one closer and more like House than Chase.

    • Donald says:

      Oh, really! They made a huge mistake with Cameron. She left and I believe that there are still many questions unresolved about her character. Just watch the pilot and again and you will see it.

  15. I really doubt that the big death of the finale will be Chase. That would literally come out of nowhere, He’s not sick like Wilson, he doesn’t have a dangerous addiction like House, it would be a random death. The fact that the showrunners are even allowing this story to run pretty much proves that Chase will live. I will also be pretty dissapointed if neither House or Wilson die, because those are the only two deaths that would be significant at this point.
    I didn’t notce that House didn’t have his cane in that picture, but that could be a clue that its a hallucination.

    I think the real questions that go with these pictures is why is House lying on the ground?

    • Anon says:

      “He’s not sick like Wilson, he doesn’t have a dangerous addiction like House,..” Exactly…

    • dani says:

      I would actually like it if Chase was the one dying. It’s unexpected, it’s one of those things that just happen. I don’t think they will go there though. I think the one who’s dying (if anyone dies at all) will be the POTW, kinda like a House stand-in.

    • rubytu says:

      and why is he hugging foreman?

  16. iris says:

    If Chase is not in the finale there is no need to even watch it for me :P

    • NotMyBabyWilson says:

      Chase is in the finale because there was a previous pic of him doing surgery with either Foreman and/ Taub. But this arc is not about Chase so I don’t think he dies.

  17. JAMIE says:

    I want a nice ending for Chase! Not something stupid as death!

  18. Me says:

    Better Chase than House or Wilson.

    • NotMyBabyWilson says:

      You got that right. But Chase is not the focus of this story arc. It’s about House and Wilson. Also, Chase does surgery in 822 so I think he’s alive and well.

  19. Fran says:

    No better Wilson than Chase. House is indestructible anyway!

  20. Pam says:

    Chase should live forevermore and have many pretty pretty kids! Those genes can’t be wasted!

  21. Kate says:

    I doubt that Chase dies at the end. If they had wanted to kill him off, they should have done so at the end of “Nobody’s Fault” when he got stabbed. Jesse Spencer also tweeted something awhile ago about filming his last scene as Chase and it was around the time that they were filming the last episode. I hope that the finale focuses on House, Wilson and Chase – these guys have been around since the start and have created compelling and ‘lovable’ characters – they deserve to have the spotlight on them (not the parade of cameos from characters that have already had their send-offs, some have had more than one send off …13, Cameron…).

  22. spotteddog says:

    Wait – I am a bit confused. I see pictures of Wilson with a full head of hair, but I have seen previews for tonights episode where Wilson’s head is shaved. I think Wilson is going to die, and I am ot going to like that one bit. But … everybody dies …

    • dan says:

      The previews of Wilson without hair are really confusing. Especially since he seems to be alive and well in later episodes. What’s going on here?

  23. Karen says:

    I’ve noticed that he hasn’t been in the look back videos, either. Very interesting.

  24. meggo says:

    This looks like a morgue, does it not?

  25. norea says:

    I think nothing really matters if Cuddy isn’t there. After all, the series was about her character. She is the reason anyone watched at all. I pity all you sheep who watched for the character of House or for Hugh Laurie and still can enjoy the show even without the awesome, beautiful and amazing Lisa Cuddy in it. Lisa Edelstein THE QUEEN was the one who made the series. Everyone who thinks differently is stupid and also an evil person. Like, in real life!
    Also, all the amazing, smart, clever, beautiful Lisa Edelstein fans have a project to make her trend on Twitter on the day of the House finale. David Shore will see it and cry forever. And Hugh Laurie too! Just you wait!!!

    • tripoli says:

      Surely you jest. Otherwise, you are completely bonkers.

    • rubytu says:

      I agree that Cuddy should be there. Everything possible should have been done to get her there.

    • Jill says:

      ROTFLMAO, ya right!! funniest post EVER!!

    • whatevs says:

      How ignorant these people must be to watch a show for its main character…

    • Dolcetti says:

      I agree with you! The idiot writers destroyed Cuddy’s character and her relationship with House and this killed the show! Season 8 just a big suck with ridiculous rating!

    • Astrid says:

      I so agree! It’s not the same without her!?

    • Dan says:

      LOL. Best post ever. Especially the fact that half the comments agree with it. I am amazed that the Huddy/Cuddy/Lisa Edelstein fans managed to hang on to House as long as they did, considering the fact that they are unable to detect sarcasm.

    • Shyrlie says:

      “I think nothing really matters if Cuddy isn’t there. After all, the series was about her character. She is the reason anyone watched at all.” ROFL!!!
      How old are you? 12?

    • Norea83 says:

      Thanks for using my name to post a comment. You must be one of my twitter fans who can´t stop reading my timeline. Anyway i kind of agree with you. The show totally sucks without Cuddy. One good episode (and not even brilliant) doesn´t make up for a lousy season. We can even ignore reception and look at the numbers…oops i don´t see any numbers. This last episode barely had 6 million viewers. How sad.

      Yeah i´m sure a lot of people are watching for House, the super genious center of the universe and master of the Hughcumber. The thing is Nielsen system seems to be ingoring those people.

      And about Lisa´s fans planning to make a TT for the finale…ummm i don´t think so. We actually don´t need to plan anything to make her trend. Do you remembered when Lisa trended for 17 hours? That´s not something her fans planned. And a couple of days ago Cuddy was trending in France because of Bombshells. Not House, tho. The poor baby. True fans sure tried to make thankyouhousemd and other stuff trend. It never happened.

      Sorry that you are bitter because your show was cancelled and you won´t be able to enjoy your all powerful Gregory House anymore. I´ll enjoy watching him limp until his lackluster end.

      • Cara says:

        LOL. This comment was meant to fit to a real person? Or, well, an internet personality? That… makes it even better. *laughs forever*

      • Craig says:

        “Do you remembered when Lisa trended for 17 hours?” Lisa Edelstein fans are pretty damn cute. The spelling alone makes up for the insanity. I for one do not remember her Trending On Twitter For Hours OMG. But I believe you. I am sure Hugh Laurie, Robert Sean Leonard, David Shore and everyone else who’s still, you know, actually working on something will cry forever if you can make her trend on her birthday. Too bad that they don’t have anything else to do. Well, apart from visiting gallery openings and things like that. Oh, wait, did I confuse something here?

        One more thing: Lisa Edelstein and her fans truly deserve each other.

      • Pia says:

        You are wrong,#ThankyouHousemd trended in France too and #Drhouse was trending on every night when it aired in France. It was not only your precious Cuddy who reached that *ach so important goal. *eyerollz
        Lisa trended so long because her exit announcement was surprising,unexpected, one week before the season7 finale and people were stunned, speculated what was wrong & what will happen in the finale ,even the people who give a flying f++k about her talked about this. It had nothing to do with her popularity, more with the popularity of House and the queston it raised for the future of the show. I mean even if you get her trend on her birthday it will be because of the House-Freaking-Series-finale which happen to be on the same day and i´m one of them who strongly believes she will be in the finale too. So you little, cute LE fanatics can rig every internet poll or spam twitter as much as you want with lisa edelsteins hashtags & very likely the *ach* so bad House gang will support you but it means absolutely nothing. It is manipulated and fake. LE on her own has to prove if she can step out of the huge shadow of House and succeed ( & make herself trend without the influence of House ). At the moment i can`t see it, sorry.

        • Kriszta says:

          1.”Lisa trended so long because her exit announcement was surprising…”
          No,she trended so long because always her has the most fans in House after Laurie!
          2.”It is manipulated and fake.” Oh,yes and likely the low rating of season 8.was manipulated by the LE fans too..
          3.”i´m one of them who strongly believes she will be in the finale too.” In this point I hope you are right!

          • Pia says:

            Lol, welcome to the logic of LE-fanatics.
            1.) I don`t deny that she has fans but how do you know she has the most fans? You can`t compare very active internet-Squee girls óf the gossipgirl generation with the real amount of fans. I only see the same girls on twitter with multiple internet accounts. I think in her PCA acceptance speech she mentioned one girl and her three internet accounts,*how embarrassing ?* :) So this twitter thingy seems to be all that important for you why does LE have from all the original cast members the least amount of followers ;) Again Cuddy was popular but so were the others too, their fans are just not all that organized,demanding and attention seeking. I´m not different, i don`t swoon over House,Wilson,chase or JMo the entire day on twitter in every tweet. It doesn`t make me less of a fan of them. I explained above why LE was trending for so long, read and try to see the logic. :)

            2.) Another ridiculus comment where you compare apples with oranges. It is a known fact that LE fans use voting-bots and to be honest you LE-fans are not all that smart to hide it. ;) The disastrous ratings is another very complex story but you should probably compare the H-numbers with the other Fox-shows, maybe you will come to an astonishing conclusion. ;)

          • Cuddy's lawyer says:

            @Pia I think the bot not true! That is the truth,many LE fans voted all days and all nights but this is the internet votes, the others does the same thing!And in 2011 House MD won 4 PCA(included Lisa),so that wasn’t random!
            And the Twitter followers, I think because she isn’t too active she write three times in one year it’s no too interesting….

          • Ellen says:

            One of LE’s fans bragged about using a bot on the old Fox Forum; THAT is how arrogant they are. The only true poll is one where the participants are randomly called by survey groups, not stupid polls on E! where they can vote nonstop.

            I honestly believe that LE’s ridiculous fans have sabotaged her career at this point. What kind of show would want to inherit a demanding, immature, self-centered, irresponsible, vulgar, vindictive, and deluded group of her fans? Who in their right mind would lay themselves open for the rude, insulting group who feel so entitled that their “Precious Stone” must be given a high profile job because they think she is the best, most beautiful actress in the world? Why do you LE fangirls think that actresses like Connie Britton – who is the same age as LE – are constantly working? Do you think it was because LE isn’t available, or do you suppose it might be because she is a great actress who has a devoted and reasonable fanbase?

  26. Paul says:

    My guess is that Cameron comes back because she’s dying, and she wants Chase to perform a possible life saving surgery, it goes well, but she dies anyway from an infection or something that no one could know about.

  27. Jamie says:

    I am thinking “Thelma and Louise”

    • Mila says:

      Nice one! You made me think about it… but doesn’t Wilson look older in the picture where he’s smiling than in the one with Foreman? Is like Wilson dying, years after now and finding House (already dead) waiting for him. I really dont know, lol.

    • luminous says:

      I am with you on the “Thelma and Louise” idea. It would be … reasonable. :-)

  28. Well, for those of you who just watched tonight’s episode, we know why Chase is not in these photos :)

  29. Erik says:

    I got it !! House has to help 13 commit suicide. Remember a while back he promised to do that for her I think.

    • I don’t think Thriteen is sick enough for that to be necessary yet though. She still had between 5-10 years left and that promise was only made 1 1/2 to two years ago. Plus, as was said about Chase, that is not what this arc is about.

    • erin bowers says:

      I’ve got it!!! See HOUSE is too busy killing Wilson SO Chase has to LEAVE to kill Thirteen.
      THEN Taub gets to Kill Foreman and THEN Adams is killed by the the Bowel headed mumbling Chinese Chick and FINALLY Cameron kills her and lastly and most importantly LISA CUDDY comes back to take over the hospital as everyone FAVORITE HBIC and DOM (There is a flow chart in the lobby) EVERYONE DIES get it NOW THAT IS A FINALE i WOULD WATCH !!!!!!!

  30. I just hope it leaves us with a good ending overall. It has been a real great series.

  31. D says:

    Chase is in the finale. I’m guessing JS needed time off to film his pilot so he’s comveniently not there for the next ep. Good money’s still on him taking over from House when he dies/fake dies/or just leaves.

  32. Well, abbreviated season is better than nothing… and considering NBC’s record of new shows over the past couple of years, is it possible one of the new shows will be cancelled quickly and more episodes of either Community or Parks & Rec will be ordered? Didn’t Community have 24 episodes one season because another show was pulled and there was space in their primetime schedule?

    On principle, I don’t mind having fewer but quality episodes – shows from the UK are only 6-8 episodes and the ones that I’ve seen are great despite the shortened seasons. And Parks & Rec were only 6 episodes, I think? So it wouldn’t be bad to have quality episodes but fewer of them, than have 5 great episodes and like 15 stinkers.

  33. Mike says:


  34. Danielle says:

    It could be Chase that died. He posted a picture on his twitter account beginning of April and it looked like he was being operated on complete with hospital bracelet and hair net thing.

  35. manu says:

    Chase quit in tonight’s episode.

  36. Kriszta says:

    Yes,someone’s missing CUDDY!!!

  37. James says:

    I’m thinking house has been dead for some time and is starting to realize it

    • Mila says:

      My first theory, that’s what I thought, maybe when he was shot… or when he hit Lisa’s house with the car. When Wilson dies he realizes he’s been dead for a while. I can’t wait to know, lol.

      • Roxi says:

        i don’t want “Lost” finales!

        • Mila says:

          Me neither but I still think that House in those stairs… is dead (IMO) and Wilson looks older than he is now so… they are finding each other after a long time… or not that long, and all those dead people … maybe 13 is also dead in the scenes she’s in… they are all finding each other after dead… Oh G… it really sounds like Lost, lol… forget it!

  38. Jo says:

    I think they wanted to kill House,but in this case they should bring back Cuddy!After LE refused the return,rather they will kill Chase and bring back Cameron!

  39. Mia says:

    Chase is always the best! And Wilson is now as good as DEAD!

  40. JoAnn says:

    I hope Chase is in the last two episodes. It would really be awful to have to put up with the bad character and bad acting of 13/Olivia Wilde and not at least have Chase there to make up for some of the hideousness that is 13. They kick Chase to the curb to make room for her? The showrunners are idiots if that’s the case.

  41. WTF says:

    They sent Chase away before the end!!! WTF is wrong with those House writers???

  42. Jules says:

    Enough with the Cuddy/Edelstein backlash!
    She declined and that’s final…so some of you who still upset, go cry elsewhere…bcuz with the past 2 & last 2 remaining episodes, we really don’t need her presence anyway…
    Just having that amazing/best chemistry & story arc between House & Wilson beat everything…simply priceless!
    And finally, RSL shine & deliever his best performance since ssn4 (at least) and every scenes with HLaurie are superb…
    Now, I’m dying of a suspense overload having to painfully wait until nxt Monday to see what’s wrong with Wilson and the rtn of 13 (even for 2 scenes, I’m sure it’s worth it)…

    • Cuddy's lawyer says:

      Jules you are an local moderator here or what?If not,please shut up and enjoy in silence the House-Wilson gay parade!

  43. It will be ok whatever it is. We’ve all been very lucky to have had the fun of watching this great piece of theater. “Our revels now are ended…”– Prospero, Shakespeare’s Tempest

  44. Kelly says:

    Worth noting that no one is actually making eye contect with Wilson in the pictures other then House… maybe he is a figment of his imagination…

  45. Tracy Murray says:

    Well. , in the second picture, Wilson looks quite happy and healthy , perhaps he just got the word from Foreman or some other doctor that he is cancer free, no wait, I read some comments that Wilson’s head is shaved ( undergoing chemotherapy ) , maybe House is having a hallucination after all, or there is a big time leap in the final episode, a year or two, House has been gone again and for some reason, he comes back to PPTH and finds his bff alive and well, as for the photo of House lying in the ground in what looks like a bombed out building, well, the whole last two seasons could have been a dream and the good doctor regains consciousness after being knocked out by a fallen ceiling from the doomed brownstone in Trenton. There is also the possibility that the hospital will be destroyed, via arson or bomb, by the POTW or someone connected to him and House is the only one ( of the regular characters or just himself ) who survives.

  46. Frybread53 says:

    Perhaps House and Wilson had already died in the wreck.

  47. Frybread53 says:

    House fatally overdoses as a part of the chain of events after confirming Wilson’s fate.

  48. Aida says:

    After all this I’m hallucinating too.

  49. Someone that used to watch House says:

    Show sucked after season 5 stopped watching what if the whole show after he got shot in Season 2 or 3 dont remember was him in a coma and then he dies?