What to Watch: The TVLine-Up for Monday

On TV this Monday: The Voice‘s final sing-off, the Broke Girls and Castle hope for sweet finishes, House is AWOL, Bones goes to the movies, Five-0‘s McGarrett and Wo Fat find something in common and more. In addition to TVLine’s  features (linked within), here are nine programs to keep on your radar.

8 pm The Voice (NBC) | In the final phase of the competition, the remaining four artists of coaches Christina Aguilera, Cee Lo Green, Adam Levine and Blake Shelton’s teams perform live.

8 pm 2 Broke Girls (CBS) | Hour-long season finale: Max and Caroline plot to attend a big gala at the Metropolitan Museum of Art so as to have Martha Stewart taste their cupcakes and grant her seal of approval. Steven Weber (Wings) guest-stars as Caroline’s father.

8 pm Gossip Girl (The CW) | Blair enlists Serena to be her stand-in at an important meeting when Blair must be in two places at the same time. Meanwhile, Ivy and Lola team up to help Chuck with a vendetta; Nate makes a decision about the future with Diana.

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9 pm House (Fox) | In an episode directed by and guest-starring Peter Weller (Robocop), the team takes on the case of a Princeton-Plainsboro pathologist who will only let himself be diagnosed by House — who, with Wilson, has mysteriously gone missing.

9 pm Hart of Dixie (The CW) | Zoe blames herself when a friend faces a health crisis; Wade explores the idea of opening his own tank tops-only bar; Lemon plans a sex-ay night with George.

9 pm Eureka (Syfy) | The Astraeus crew tries to overcome their Matrix Eureka experience, while Fargo struggles with Holly’s death.

9 pm Two and a Half Men (CBS) | Episode 200: Seinfeld‘s Jason Alexander guest-stars as Alan’s cardiologist, Dr. Vandalay Goodman.

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10 pm Hawaii Five-0 (CBS) | Just as McGarrett finally gets his hands on arch nemesis Wo Fat, he learns the Yakuza is hot on their trail and wants them both dead. See, even the Japanese mob knows it’s sweeps!

10 pm Smash (NBC) | Tom and Julia scramble to fix the show when the first preview doesn’t exactly bring the crowd to its feet. Meanwhile, Dev seeks to reconcile with Karen, but a big secret — and a missing engagement ring — put that in jeopardy.

Which of the above is must-see for you? Also, hit Comments to offer your own tune-in suggestions.

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  1. Eureka
    Hawaii 5 0 (McGarrett back – yay – can only take so much of Danno to be honest.)

  2. greysfan says:

    Bones and Castle for me

  3. Typhoonred says:

    Hart of Dixie and CASTLE!!!!

  4. Elle says:

    2 Broke Girls followed by Hart Of Dixie followed by Smash. Good night for me :D

  5. F says:

    Hart of Dixie!!!!

  6. TrulyRoxie says:

    House, Eureka, Hawaii Five-0 and Castle for me today. I’ll read about the Voice tomorrow – all of my favorites are gone now.

  7. Emma says:

    Where is himym?? How coul they leave us on a cliffhanger last week and not have an episode this week??!

  8. Eureka most definately (poor Fargo), Castle without a doubt (so wondering how everything is going to go with secrets revealed), Hawaii 5-0 maybe (just to see McGarret back) and possibly Bones but am losing interest again like the beginning of last season

  9. Andrea says:


  10. loretta says:

    Castle, Castle, Castle, Castle and Castle. ‘Nuf said.

  11. Gerald says:

    And the finales start! 2 Broke Girls, Two and a Half Men and the underrated yet uneven Smash.

  12. tahina says:

    House, because only 3 episodes left, and CASTLE!

  13. martina says:

    Castle, of course! This episode’s going to be awesome!

  14. cindy says:


  15. mandy says:

    Castle and Hart of Dixie!!!! (will watch H50 later.

  16. Sue says:

    Bones, Hart of Dixie and Castle..

  17. Lauren says:

    I hate Dev more than Ellis at this point. The bus you keep asking to hit Ellis can happily miss and hit Dev as far as I’m concerned. If Karen gets back with him I will lose all respect for. Really hoping Hart of Dixie gets renewed, it makes me happy when I watch it, it’s such a nice light show.
    It’s a shame yesterday was the week you didn’t have Game of Thrones on, I think it may have been the best episode since it came back. The wildling girls kicked ass!

    • Kristen says:

      That bus can apply to Ivy and Dev at this point… it was written all over their faces that they were well aware of who each other was. Both of their actions are disgusting. What they did was selfish, and I think it will definitely have repercussions. I don’t think Karen will get back with Dev, and I don’t think Ivy will even have the option of taking Derek back.

    • Carrie says:

      Exactly why I am hoping that it plays out as follows….Karen gets to play Marilyn after Uma overdoses/disappears into a smoothie which will devastate Ivy, who deserves a dose of her own medicine and Dev gets kicked to the curb when Ivy spills the beans in a jealous fit. Dev started out as a supportive partner and quickly devolved into a typical insecure neanderthal who is driven by his fragile ego into making really bad choices. Perhaps Dev will go postal and take Ellis out with him freeing up screentime for the macho man candy that is Nick i.e. Thorsten Kaye.

  18. Zed says:

    Hart of.dixie

  19. Kate says:

    Castle! It’s just plain ‘ol embarrassing how excited I am for this episode!

  20. JJ says:

    Exited about Broke girls :) also smash for me

  21. Jo says:

    Excited for Smash. I want to see some of Bombshell!

  22. bad kevin says:

    The Voice & Hawaii Five-O.

  23. sarah says:

    So freaking excited that Alex is back on Hawaii Five 0!

  24. Bella says:

    Eureka and Castle

  25. Brandy says:

    2 broke girls, Gossip Girl, Hart of Dixie, Make it or Break it

  26. Anna says:

    How in the world can anyone not want Dev and Karen to be together. Dev is the one showing all the love. Karen is so torn up about the show, she can’t see how much Dev loves her. She has not even been worried about how his job is affecting him.

    • Danielle H says:

      Until he cheated with Ivy like a pathetic little bitch. I loveeeed Dev, and now I want to punch him.

  27. Jules says:

    Only 3 episodes left (sadly!)
    Kind of a part2 of The C word…. A Road trip(or Bucket list)
    for Wilson & House…best bromance/chemistry on tv…

    The rest can go to hell…

  28. Sue says:

    House gossip girl n hart of Dixie

  29. JJ says:

    The ONLY shows I’ll be watching tonight are Mike & Molly and Hawaii Five-0. The rest are old and stale and starting to “smell,” newer shows like Smash, well, they’re NOT smashing for me.

  30. sandy says:

    YOU need to promote Bones’ is the best show ever. Also they were forced to take this time slot against already established shows , That seems unfair to me because they are better than the other shows at8:00 on Monday’s!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. Justin says:

    I’ll be watching 2 Broke Girls, Hawaii 5-0, Bones, House, Eureka and Lost Girl tonight.

  32. Joyce Smith says:

    I will watch the 2 Best programs on Monday Night- House and Hawaii 5-5

  33. A says:


  34. Chloe says:

    Castle and Eureka!! Will watch Smash tomorrow on OnDemand.

  35. wrstlgirl says:

    H50 and Castle for me. I bailed on that Bombshell show Smash :-) It just gets more and more riduc each week. Kudos to those who are stilling hanging in there, I couldn’t take it anymore.

  36. D says:


  37. gcem says:

    I am so disappointed in this last season of Eureka. I expected better. And to kill off Holly is just inexcuseable. She and Fargo deserved to ride off together hand-in-hand into the sunset. Well, here’s hoping Fargo will recover and ride off instead to Warehouse 13 and a waiting Claudia.

    • I was also really upset that they killed Holly. I understand that she was the only one who wasn’t a series regular but damn, Fargo should finally have gotten some freaking happiness. I know they didn’t know this was the last season when they filmed it though so I’m trying to be understanding.
      As for me, I’ll be watching Bones, Eureka, Make it or break it. Smash I’ll probably watch on Hulu eventually.

  38. Juan says:

    Castle finale for sure, I cant wait for this episode, also Lost Girl, Smash, Secret life

  39. l says:

    Two broke girls, 2.5 men, Mike and molly…bones later! :)

  40. Velvet says:

    Hart of Dixie
    Lost Girl

  41. Castle for moi! Getting it at 8AT (7ET) thanks to CTV Halifax! #ProudMaritimer I’ll try my best not to run on Twitter and spoil everyone! :D

  42. H says:

    3-2-1- HOUSEEEE!

  43. Chris says:

    I am sorry but you really must have hit rock bottom and desperateness when you have Martha Stewart on as a guest.

  44. Natalie says:

    Definitely “Castle” and 2BG for me tonight. As always, thanks for the update, Matt. :)

  45. maryploppins says:

    Castle!! This episode BETTER live up to its LSV rating …

  46. Jaimie says:


  47. lariet50 says:

    What is going on with Kat Dennings’ boobs in that picture? It’s like they’re taking over the world.

  48. Vannesa says:

    CASTLE, House, Hart Of Dixie, Smash and The Voice. ;) :D GO CASKETT GO!!! ;)