Matt's Inside Line: Scoop on NCIS: LA, Grey's Anatomy, NCIS, Smash, The Mentalist and More!

How will the doomed Grey’s Anatomy character die? Which NCIS: LA agent will be most affected by “playing house”? What bombshell might the Smash finale drop? Read on for answers to those questions plus other teases from TV’s hottest shows.

Grey’s Anatomy | This week’s Ask Ausiello eliminated a few names – Meredith’s included – from the season finale Death Watch, but the other big question heading into that pivotal episode is how we lose a familiar face. Will it be an instantaneous death like gunman victim Reed Adamson’s? Will he/she die on the table a la George O’Malley? Or will it be a slower, agonizing passing? I ran that angle by Jesse Williams during our recent Q&A, and he responded, “I can’t say the how or why but it’s absolutely going to be sad. It was heart-wrenching at the table read, and it was heart wrenching as we shot it.” In other words, no matter who isn’t coming out of that May 17 episode alive, “It matters, and it’s not going to be quickly forgotten by anyone.”

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The Big Bang Theory | I had the chance to screen next week’s season finale, and there’s not much to say here without outright spoiling a few things. But I can and will offer this up: Leonard’s unusual bit of pillow talk with Penny, uttered last night, will be revealed to all and elicit a variety of reactions/opinions. But it is the finale’s final 60 seconds, which have nothing to do with the matter of whether Howard and Bernadette manage to get hitched or not, that present perhaps the sweetest sequence on TV in recent memory and just might leave a big ol’ lump in your throat.

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NCIS | Yes, TV’s most-watched drama has a super-intense, terrorism-themed finale coming up on May 15. But first, this coming Tuesday we must go through with a rite of passage for husband-to-be Jimmy Palmer. How is that going to work? “I have to say, it was a challenge,” series boss Gary Glasberg admits. But thanks to a script by Steve Binder, ” I think we came up with a really interesting way of combining the ticking clock of our terrorist storyline with Jimmy’s upcoming plans – as only NCIS can do.” Of course, Michael Weatherly did tease to me that Abby would be in charge of the stag party – or was the frequent kidder just funning with us? “Abby is absolutely involved, as in theory as Palmer’s best woman,” Glasberg confirms. “And she’s got all kinds of ideas up her sleeve. It definitely provides some lighter moments in the midst of a tense situation for everybody work-wise.”

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NCIS: Los Angeles | Speaking of lighter fare, NCIS‘ spin-off this Tuesday will find Deeks and Kensi undercover as a married couple living in the suburbs — a set-up that showrunner Shane Brennan says fuels “probably the funniest episode of the 72 we’ve made.” And the timing couldn’t be better. As Brennan notes, “It needed to be lots of fun – because the finale comes in pretty hot.” So, will “husband” or “wife” come away from this ruse most affected? That’s a very good question…,” Brennan starts, before settling on Deeks. “Other people may say Kensi, but there’s a moment – I’m not going to lie, a kiss – and Deeks is that one that’s like, ‘Whoa, what just happened?!'” Might the partners get too cozy in their covers? Sounds like it. Says Brennan with a chuckle, “Hetty has to give them a little chat.”

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The Mentalist | As previously scooped here, Patrick Jane will “go off the reservation” in the May 17 finale, as Owain Yeoman put it, robbing the CBI of a key asset. And that’s going to hit one of his colleagues especially hard. “Lisbon (played by Robin Tunney) gets a bit depressed because Jane is gone,” Amanda Righetti (aka Van Pelt) tells us. “We’re left to close cases without Jane and it becomes really frustrating … a bit like trudging through mud.” Righetti also confirmed the finale ends with a cliffhanger, one that may or may not be tied to the coworker that Jane shoots! “We’ll see if we all come back!” says the actress.

VIDEO | Spoiler Alert! Episode 14: Will Smash Snuff Ellis in Season 2?

Smash | Are you sitting down? Because I am here to say that the final two episodes of Season 1 are good. In fact, the finale is pretty great, as Bombshell stages what is perhaps its most important performance to date. Who will play Marilyn at that critical time? You’ll be pulled to and fro on that question for a good chunk of the hour. Along the way, you will also become privy to Ellis’ most audacious shenanigan yet and revisit a B-storyline that will at first make you audibly groan until you see that it actually serves a greater purpose. Meanwhile, (anvil alert!) someone sure appears to be pregnant – which when you think about it, no matter who it is, would have significant repercussions.

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  1. ninamags says:

    That’s a scary looking picture.

  2. matthew c says:

    I just want to know if Teddy on Grey’s is ever going to stop moping around and being all sad sack. Can she have something happy in her life?

    • lacy says:

      I am waiting on it to be Morgan lol.. I say this due to the fact that everyone Alex gets close to gets a little nutty, but with her losing her child I figure it’ll do her on in.

      • Russ says:

        No she is no way a important character on the show, and i think people including myself will be like oh she died… whatever.

    • Billie says:

      My thoughts – Teddy’s story line for basically the entire second half of the season has been her dealing with the death of her husband / coming to grips with being a widow. For that reason I feel like characters who are happily married – Meredith & Derek, Callie & Arizona have a slight edge towards safety over the others. Because it would kinda be like repeating the same story. And even though Cristina & Owen aren’t happily married, right now, I still think that gives them a tiny advantage. Because Cristina would still technically be a widow if Owen died, even if they weren’t happy. And while I liked the “Dirty Mistresses Club” a “Heart Surgeon Widows Club” would just not be cool.

      • JBS says:

        IMHO, I think the fact that because certain characters in the GA universe are not in the best place in terms of their relationships (Teddy, Owen, Cristina, almost everyone else,) they would tend to have themselves more safe as opposed to the happily married characters (primarilly Meredith, Derek, Callie and Arizona.) Why? Well, it’s half optimisim (everyone deserves a happy ending) and half cynical (bad stuff has to happen before the happy ending can happen)
        That being said, if the most recent Ask Ausiello is accurate (which I believe it to be,) then Meredith is safe, which means that by my logic, the death would either be Derek, Arizona or Callie. Any of these 3 dying would be shocking and sad in my book, so I really hope that I’m wrong.

        • Sophie says:

          I totally agree… I’m really scared it’s gonna be Derek, as nothing could be more sad than that on the show. I really hope Shonda disn’t go that way. Meredith & Derek really deserve their happy ending!

          • I agree. I have this bad feeling it’s going to be Derek. Mostly because it’s so up-for-grabs on whether he’s coming back next season. More so than for other characters. But I hope I’m wrong because Meredith and Derek deserve their happiness, and I’d rather them end the show than lose Derek. More because I’d think it’d be better that they move Meredith and Derek away, than kill Derek.

        • EvaneSam says:

          Aussielo did say that Meredith, Christina, Alex and Baley are safe so considering who is on the plane we would be left with Derek, Arizona, Mark and Lexie.
          Mark and Lexie woudn’t be very dramatic in m y opinion so that would leave Derek and Arizona.

          I thought it would be Derek but now I’m more inclined towards Arizona. Here’s why:
          – She told Callie never to leave her/die on her (how dramatic would it be if she died instead)
          – She toook Alex’ place on the place and if she dies Alex would feel like he’s in her debt and would probably stay.

          Then again, it’s Shonda Rhimes, so while we all think that the casualty will be a character from the plane crash the actuall death might occur back in Seatle.

      • carolyn says:

        I think it’s Owen who’s going to kick the bucket. I think this because Kevin McKidd is a very busy person. He has been a major character in several movies and TV series and I suspect Grey’s is holding him back.

    • sam says:

      I’m sorry how long does it take you to grieve, she just lost her husband — some people are never able to move on.

  3. greysfan says:

    Now knowing more, it won’t be Adele as she isn’t a series regular. So there goes that theory out the window. If its not Bailey, Meredith, Alex or Cristina that still leaves a number of regulars. Of all the regulars the former chief Webber is the obvious choice. I would love to see it be Owen though. Can’t stand him. he is irritating and Cristina can do better. I never liked him from the moment he stepped foot in the door.

    As for Smash kill Ellis already. I hate that little weasel and he imo is ruining the show for me.

  4. Q says:

    Its gotta be Avery

      • Anna says:

        I know that you can’t say anything, but do you know who it’s gonna be? And will the fans really think it’s sad? Because there are some characters that the we can’t wait to get rid off.

      • Jamie says:

        I thought Shonda said not to believe what Ausiello said about who was safe?

        • amberjj says:

          that was in regards to ppl thinking derek will be the one to die, because he wasnt listed…..otherwise the ausiello list is right

        • M says:

          Shonda lies. Remember when she flat out said izzie DIDN’T have a tumor….

          • CanuckNurse says:

            No, she said it wasn’t a brain tumour…and it wasn’t…not exactly. It was melanoma that had metastisized. When cancer moves from one part of the body to another, the cells are still the same as they were in the original location. So if you have colon cancer and it spreads to your lungs, you wind up with colon cells in your lungs, not cancerous lung cells. So techincally, Izzie didn’t have brain cancer…she had melanoma skill cells in her brain. Thus, Shonda did not technically lie….

            So….a character could die, but not stay dead…Mer has already been dead once, after all….who’s to say Derek won’t “die” but come back to life now that he’s renewed his contract for 2 more years?

      • lea says:

        I wish Derek is safe too, so I would stop freaking out.

    • the girl says:

      I think they said it’s not Avery. I am hoping for Kepner, Owen, or Teddy. And yes, I realize how weird it sounds saying that you’re hoping someone bites it. At least I mean their characters, not the actual people.

      • greysfan says:

        It can’t be Teddy surely. All she has gone through to be killed? That doesn’t seem fair to me. I hope it is Owen but something tells me its Chief Webber. You know who no one has mentioned though? Lexie! I know she is supposed to be the heir to the throne so to speak but i wouldn’t be surprised one bit if it was her, well i would be it would be a massive shock but yeah. I guess we can all speculate but i just want to see it already.

        • R says:

          I have a feeling it’s gonna be chief! Webber just made plans to FLY to New Orleans to attend a seminar with Catherine Avery, the final epi includes a plane crash… the character is Not in the hospital ….. this all adds upto Chief Webber – Asta La vista

          Webber has (or had?) it good moments but i would NEVER forgive him for firing Izzie Stevens! NEVER!!!

      • shutuprob says:

        Sarah Drew (Kepner) said recently (here at TVLine or some other Guide for TV) that the Big Death happens away from Seattle Grace and that April is at SGH when it happens.
        I suppose that there’s a chance that that could be a Foiler, but Shonda does’t really send anyone out with outright Foilers and Ausiello and a Wandaful other columnist have both gotten burned by the fans when they’ve done Foilers. But if it *were* a Foiler, I wouldn’t be surprised to see, if Kepner were the Big Death, that should would committ suicide. Especially after last night’s episode, when I went into it *sure* that Cristina was going to be the one to flunk her Boards. Not from any implication from any spoilers, but by making the mistake of assuing that Shonda was aware that, no matter how much residual adorableness Drew brings with her from playing Bright’s girlfriend Hannah on Everwood, Kepner desperately needs a storyline in which she wins big to get the rest of the show’s persnickety fans on her side. (Not me, I’m already there — and I’m a liberal.)
        So, of course, Shonda goes in the totally opposite direction and has her have an Izzie-level nuclear meltdown. (rolls eyes)
        Also, having caught in the credits for last night’s episode that Kevin McKidd, Owen himself, directed it (and handled Kepner’s meltdown well *despite* Shonda not realizing that she needs to write Kepner more sympathetically, to match McKidd’s direction and Drew’s acting), I’m convinced that Owen is safe. That, IMO, more or less leaves Callie, Arizona and Teddy as the most likely remaining suspects for who’s going to die. Unless Patrick Dempsey has decided to move on, in which case, killing off McDreamyhair is the only plausible way to write him out without destroying the show’s credibility.

    • ginadebacker says:

      I bet it’s Derek. :(

    • lorna says:

      i am betting it is webber :( he is sooo awesome.

      • Rudy's mommy says:

        I think it’s either the Chief or Lexie. Adele would not cause a large reaction from either fans or the cast to the point of making them cry. It will need to be someone who has a large following and also a relationship with pretty much everyone in the hospital. That only could be the Chief, or Lexie, seeing as many other’s have been ruled out already.

  5. allison says:

    debra messing on smash is so preggo! and of course its going to be deeks that likes playing house!

    • mischa says:

      I think you mean it will be michael swift’s (if julia is pregnant) or derek’s (if uma thurman’s character is pregnant) I wouldn’t throw Ivy out of the running for this pregnancy though, I could also easily see it being dev’s!

      I think the Ellis shenanigan will be adding peanuts to uma thurman’s smoothie giving her an allergic reaction and the groan worthy subplot will be the adultery storyline…unless that whole adoption thing comes back…or ellis pretending to be straight hahaha

    • Angelique says:

      I don’t think so, I would love that because I love Michael and Julia together but this is impossible, we should know already. I thnk it’s Ivy

  6. Daniela says:

    I don’t know but with all the interviews that Sarah Drew gave and her telling everyone how excited she is to read the script for the season premiere, I kind of want that to be misleading and I want April to be the death in the finale. She’s the one I could bare the most of losing. Followed by Owen, who has overstayed his welcome with this season.
    And yeah, Teddy needs to be happy again! I still can’t believe they killed off her husband so fast after these two really fall in love with each other. I miss happy Teddy.

    • Linda says:

      I’m thinking it’s April by suicide.

      • Tara says:

        That was my first thought too.

        • Jacob says:

          I think it will be April too. I remember reading an articles a few weeks ago that was talking about the most annoying characters on TV and they listed the years they were on the show (2004-Present, for example). She was listed as 2009-2012.

      • Amanda says:

        That’s what I was thinking. She has been doing so much press, something tells me it’s because it will be her last kick at the can before she needs to find a new job.

      • Lauren says:

        I did think that, but being so attached to Jesus would she really commit suicide? Mortal sin and all?

      • erin says:

        I was thinking April too, but maybe by alcohol poisoning or something following her failing the boards?

        • Rudy's mommy says:

          Actually, if you looked closely at the preview for next week April was celebrating along with everyone else, looking happy. So I think it will turn out that she passed after all. Wasn’t there an exchange between Webber and Mrs. Avery about one not having passed and then he says “But they did pass”? So I don’t think it’s her. Plus, I don’t think she is a character that Shonda would need to worry about in terms of having fans be super upset if she was written out. And she said she was worried and going back and forth over it. Her being written out would be nowhere near the big deal everyone is making it out to be.

      • Dew says:

        Yeah, ’cause suicide is super-cool! Except for those of us who have lost, say, our MOTHER, to suicide. Then it’s not so flippant and amusing a way to speculate that a character will die.

        April is most likely to die because she is the person who has done the biggest 180 in the past 2 episodes. She had sex with Avery and came out as a hard-core Christian. In terms of dramaturge, that type of left-field change tends to herald the eminent demise of a character.

        However, in terms of actor-contracts, Callie is at the 5-year expiration date and no one is talking about whether or not Sarah’s re-upped.

  7. Nechelle says:

    Ok after reading Jesse’s statement and hints from the tv insiders, I think it’s going to be either the Cheif or Derek, because those are the only two people who could die and leave the characters on the show and us as viewers devastated.

    • Lisa says:

      All signs, sadly point to Derek. Last year he said this was his last year and he’s done. Then his publicist candy coated a bit and said he meant it was last yr of his contract. If past history tells us anything, Shonda Rhime will fire ie: Katherine Heigl or Isaih Washington, or kill off unhappy cast members ie: TR Knight and presumably she did same with Patick Dempsey’s character as punishment for his comments last year. The chief dying though sad, wouldn’t be as devastating as Derek dying. The only other thing that would be sad is if she brought back Izzy for closure and then killed her off, since know one would see that coming…but then again..not sure who’d care that much after long absence.

      • sam says:

        Patrick is at the end of his contract. Actually most of them are and it’s frustrating that its all done at the 11th hour.

  8. Jenn says:


    It could be Kepner – maybe it is a suicide after failing the boards and being distraught over her relationship with Jesus.

    I wouldn’t believe what the actor said in an interview – she could just be trying to build up the surprise.

  9. Lee says:

    does abby have a cattle prod?!?!?
    i think that is even gonna scare gibbs lol

  10. theycallmetater says:

    I’m starting to lean toward Lexie. She just made her “I love you” speech to Mark, she’s bonding with Derek and now she dies.

  11. Saint Alicia says:

    Regarding the Mentalist scoop, “And that’s going to hit one of his colleagues especially hard.” I see what you did there…
    If Jane actually slaps Lisbon I’m done with the show.
    As for Grey’s, both Cristina and Meredith passed their boards and neither will die, now Derek just needs to survive.

  12. yumyum says:

    i haven’t watched The Mentalist since Rigsby got his girlfriend pregnant. will Van Pelt and Rigsby ever get back together? :(

    • Kim R says:

      I have watched but not as faithfully as before the above took place. It irritates me a bit that Lisbon really has no control over Jane…at all. Unlike Castle, who does his thing but has respect for Beckett’s position of authority etc., Patrick totally disrespects Lisbon as her role of “team” leader. It always seems like she’s chasing him trying to catch up to his investigation. It bugs me, I must say. :) Alas…it is only TV.

  13. Rachel says:

    I immediately assumed it was Chief Webber, but now I’m not so sure it isn’t Derek. There has been no word if any of them have renewed their contracts, so we really have no idea. I hate to say this, but I’d rather it be Richard than Derek.

  14. Sol says:

    I keep seeing that it’ll be Arizona, I would certainly be devastated if it is… and now I made myself sad nooo :(
    Part of me thinks it’ll be April. I love Sara Drew and I love April, but that’s the vibe I got from last night’s episode.
    I agree with the other comments though, Owen has got to go.

    Also i’m so happy to read that about Smash, i keep waiting for it to get GOOD and i’m hoping these next two episodes are it.

    • thecasey says:

      I really don’t think that it is April, After making to much drama about losing her virginity and her promise to jesus I really can not see how they could justify her committing suicide as it would be even worse in relation to mortal sins than losing her virginity out of wedlock.

  15. Josh says:

    I wonder what the sweet moment on TBBT is? Does Penny say the L word to Leonard? Maybe its revoling around Shamy or Howadette?

  16. L says:

    Shonda tweeted not to believe this list.I think she might just be hyping it up though.I’ve always found you reasonably credible in the past.I hope so anyway.I could not handle losing Alex.Anyone else is fair game.

    • mischa says:

      I’ve stopped trusting shonda’s comments ever since she said izzie DIDN’T have a tumor…..and low and behold….

  17. ireallyshouldbeworkingrightnow says:

    I was thinking the same thing! She is so unstable it would totally make sense. (Although why someone would EVER question sleeping with Jackson Avery is beyond me…)

  18. carito says:

    After reading this and some other spoilers, I’m pretty positive it’s Ivy who’s pregnant on Smash… Add to that sleeping with Dev and the fact that Derek, who could be her baby daddy, cheated on her with Rebecca…

  19. Anna says:

    Thanks for the Deeks/Kensi scoop. Densi and Caskett are my two fav. Crime fighting duos.

    • Alex says:

      diddo anna. this next week for those two couples; stuffs happening!!!. Hope i don’t get let down though.

  20. Shiloh says:

    What is Abs wearing in that pic? O.o Hope the bachelor party is as entertaining as it portends to be.
    I’m so looking forward to the finale of “The Big Bang Theory”. Last night’s episode was funny and deserved the good numbers in the demo it got. Last week’s wasn’t as funny but the speech Howard made to Bernadette about him being a better man because of her was so moving. I’m hoping that the final scene you’re describing is on the same level poignancy-wise, Matt.
    “The Mentalist” continues to keep me happy. Though, I’m not sure about this slapping stuff, I have enough trust in Bruno Heller to handle it well, and be wise enough to know it needs to be done carefully. He hasn’t let me down yet. I’m very glad Lisbon is missing him. It wouldn’t feel true if she didn’t. Jane & Lisbon are one of my favorite parts of the show. I really hope he misses her too. I’m so interested to see this play out: the teams reactions, how the CBI copes without him, how Jane comes to his senses and gets out of his return to his bad days (I’m really hoping Lisbon goes and gets him back. It would be very true to the show and the characters), how he gets his job back after the big mess and getting fired next week, and I want to really want to see Lisbon and Jane and what happens to them when they’re coping without each other.

    “The Mentalist” is the show that I’m most interested in seeing what happens to all of my favorite characters next season. I know things will be okay on “The Big Bang Theory” and “NCIS” has done similar finales where someone is in danger, they’re split, yada yada before. I guess we’re left wondering who made it out alive after a big explosion? I think it will be good, but I’m not really worried about long-lasting fallout (say more than five or six episodes) because there never is. Thanks for all the great scops, Matt. :)

    • Shiloh says:

      *scoops ;)
      Forgot to say, when they show Jane come back, and when Jane and Lisbon reunite again after being away from each other for so long, I really, really hope that episode is written by Bruno Heller or Daniel Cerone. If it is, I know it’ll be perfect. Love their episodes. :)

  21. smidnite says:

    Abby is dressed as the Mistress Of Ceremonies for Jimmy’s bachelor party.

  22. Leigh says:

    Re: the death on Grey’s, it had best not be how they give Jessica Capshaw her maternity break! Last time’s was awful but to kill Arizona would be devastating!!

  23. KBC says:

    Two ideas on Grey’s death: 1. As someone mentioned, there was an article listing Sarah Drew as 2009-2012. Also, she mentioned in an interview something about how none in the cast know if they’re coming back or not until June when they start filming again… 2. Chief Webber. I’m only suspecting him, because of last night’s ending scene when he was talking to Jackson’s mom and making plans for something in May. (Foreshadowing?)

  24. Olive says:

    First though was April – suicide over failing boards and losing her virginity. But I think at the end of the day, it will be Adele or Avery’s mom. More likely Adele, as it’s a character we know and love and would affect the Chief greatly, as he will probably be with Avery’s mom when it happens, setting up years more guilt about the kind of hubby he was and is.

  25. sarah says:

    Smash: Karen is the only on that deserves to be Marilyn. Ivy is very talented but she is a mess and Rebecca is not that good for the movie star actress she is supposed to be.
    I bet that Ivy will be pregnant with Dev’s baby!

    The more I think about the death on Grey’s the more I think it will be Webber.

  26. Cody says:

    I’ve always wanted Derek gone ever since his insinuation that Mer is a whore. And that was season 2. I have loathed him for that long. So losing Derek, which of course will make most people tune, would be no big deal to me whatsoever. I can’t stand the way he pulls away from Mer just because she lives in a “Grey” area, and he only sees things as black and white. Mer deserves better than Derek!

    • Annie says:

      WORD. God there is NOTHING I find redeeming about that arrogant ass. And that was the exact moment I lost all empathy for him, too.

      • EM says:

        LOL. He became McDouche to me in season one! When he gave his speech about HIS favorite things and said, “That’s all you have EARNED for now”, I knew it. I didn’t think about him being married, just being a jerk. Ugh….if he didn’t look like that..I wouldn’t still be watching. Which I am. CRAP!

  27. Linderella says:

    I kept expecting to see Izzie at the boards running into Alex. With that thought in mind, I wonder if the death “away from the hospital” is actually Izzie. One can only hope that Katherine Heigl does return to Seattle GMW and get a proper farewell. If it’s not Izzie, my guess would be Derek or Christina. Either way, the world would not be the same for Meredith. I just don’t think Shonda would kill off Chief Weber before Adele unless they both go out together. Just typing this stuff is grim, grim, grim.

  28. sam says:

    Anyone else think that Kepner’s actions during her exam were totally inappropriate, for her to have any shock that she failed is insane.

    • Gretchen says:

      Exactly! Watching last week, I knew from the moment she opened her mouth that she was the one who failed. I wouldn’t want someone that unstable performing surgery on a fly, let alone a person!

  29. Trista says:

    I think the death would be Teddy. Cristina would never stay at SG if she wasn’t the head of cardio. Also, Teddy’s death would possibly help Owen and Cristina come together because they both loved her, Lastly – since Henry died Teddy’s been pretty messed up.

  30. cookiemonster says:

    Kensi and Deeks go undercover as a married couple? Can’t they just show a rerun of the NCIS episode where Tony and Ziva already did that?

    Kidding, kidding. I like NCIS: LA and I like Kensi/Deeks. Just hope this one is different from Under Covers.

    • AymieJoi says:

      I suspect this will be much better because Kensi and Deeks actually have chemistry and genuinely like each other, whereas Tony and Ziva have more of a Like/Hate relationship and Ziva, more often than not, comes across as mean and spiteful.

  31. loki says:

    The mother is Barney’s Half-sister.

  32. rodriguo says:

    Everybody knew that. his paternal sister is a student in the same university that Ted

  33. HG says:

    Thank you for The Mentalist scoop. Can’t wait for the season finale.. and the summer hiatus will be unbearable, I know.

  34. Thank you by the NCIS:LA scoop. I kind of feel that you answer the question I asked.. Keep up the NCIS:LA scoop/spoilers. I know a lot of ppl don’t talk about NCIS:LA, doesn’t have the same buzz as Grey’s, but we’re still 15 million viewers.

  35. Monica says:

    Could be anyone on Grey’s. Not sure how they can say anyone is safe. I hope all of the originals sign up for another year.

  36. Jennifer says:

    That NCIS LA teaser is the reason those two were on my short list for blind item everyone seems to assume is Castle.

  37. Lori says:

    I hope Karen ends up playing Marilyn on SMASH – it will be awful if it’s Ivy!

  38. dlr929 says:

    I think it has to be Derek which will break my heart.

  39. JBS says:

    Figure this would be as good a place as any to offer my thoughts on who’s going to die on GA.
    1. It has to be a series regular, which in my book is a doctor, so the death can’t be Adele (and if it is, I’ll feel cheated as a fan)
    2. The Ask Ausiello list (which I believe is quite accurate) states that Meredith, Cristina, Alex, Bailey, Jackson & Mark are all safe, so happy faces all around because of that :) :) :)
    3. I personally think that it would be too easy to kill off either Teddy or Owen because of all the stuff that they’ve gone through this season (Teddy losing her husband; Owen going through quite a few marital problems.) They deserve some sort of saving grace, so I don’t think it’s either of them.
    4. To kill off either Richard or Derek would be devastating on many levels. Just consider the effect that either one of them dying would have on Meredith. If Derek dies, Mer loses her husband. If Richard dies, Mer loses the closest thing she’s ever had to a dad. While it could happen to either of them, I don’t see it happening simply because it would be too cruel, even for Shonda.
    5. Callie and Arizona have pretty much been happy all season and not much has been said about their whereabouts in the finale. That could be a set-up for the shocking death being either of them, but I don’t think it is.First of all, they already went through trouble last season and if anything, Shonda could be preparing something that happens to them next season.
    6. April just failed her boards, puched a guy in the face, and had sex with Jackson…twice. There’s just too many potential storylines that they can write for April next season. Plus, due to Sarah Drew being pregnant most of this season, April really didn’t have much of a central story arc. Therefore, I’m deeming her too valuable to next season to kill her off right now.

    Using the above, I think the death is going to be Lexie. Why?
    I.Well, she’s a doctor and therefore a series regular.
    II.There hasn’t been anything said that she’ll definitely be back next season.
    III.She hasn’t been through enough this season to justify needing a saving grace (Just my opinion.)
    IV. Her death would be a shock to the fans (I think at least) and to the rest of the characters (especially Mark, Meredith and Jackson).
    V.Plus, hasn’t it be said that the finale is going to be bittersweet for fans of Lexie/Mark? I think the epitomy of bittersweet would to have them reunite and then have her die all within the same episode.

    No matter how it all goes down and no matter who dies, this will probably be one of the most dramatic Grey’s Anatomy season finale episodes ever.

    • Tracy says:

      Next question is which of the originals will not return for Season 9 because contract talks failed or the actor wants off the show? Most likely candidates to me are Dempsey, Oh and possibly Pompeo. Dempsey and Pompeo have the highest salaries, Oh and Dempsey are the most marketable for other shows, and Pompeo may want to spend more time with her family and do other projects. It will be interesting.

      • JBS says:

        You’re absolutely right. Just because a character isn’t dying doesn’t mean that they’re returning next season.
        I’d actually add Jessica Capshaw to the list you have becuase she has 3 kids who I believe are young and she may ask to be written off the show due to wanting to spend time with them.

  40. alex says:

    not one of my shows is mentioned here.

  41. JC says:

    For the Grey’s death, I think Lexie’s definitely a possibility, but I’d feel cheated if it was as she’s had basically nothing to do for much of this season and is now on the verge of potentially sorting things out with Mark. I think Lexie’s death would hit Meredith hard as well.

    As much as I dislike April, I don’t think it’ll be her after she’s been a focal character for the last 2 episodes. It wouldn’t be devastating to enough of the characters if she died. And I think the same goes for Teddy – would it really be as devastating as this death is said to be if she was the one to be killed off?

    Several hints point to Owen and Cristina’s relationship being unresolved by the end of the series, which makes me think Owen’s safe alongside Cristina. Even if Sandra Oh decides not to renew her contract, I wouldn’t be surprised if she agreed to guest star in the first few episodes of season 9 to tie up loose ends in Cristina’s story, or even just to be a recurring guest star in general so she has more time to pursue other projects.

    I don’t think Callie will be killed off unless Sara Ramirez has asked to leave. They’ve done near-death Callie too recently for it to have a huge impact and although it would obviously be devastating if she was killed, I think after 7.18 she’s on Shonda’s list of characters she can’t kill (I think Meredith, Cristina, Alex and Bailey also fall into that category).

    That leaves Webber, Arizona and Derek potentially in danger, and I think any of them could be the character killed. I wouldn’t be surprised if Patrick Dempsey has decided not to renew his contract, and if Jessica Capshaw has decided to leave. It would be cruel to split up Derek and Meredith, especially if many people’s suspicions that Meredith is pregnant come true, but it’s the only route Shonda could take in my mind if PD has chosen to leave, and it would certainly be a tear-jerking death.

    It would be similarly heartbreaking and shocking to tear Calzona apart after they’ve had such a quiet, happy season, but I have a suspicion it could happen…

    Webber dying would be a shocker as well, and I don’t think he’s safe just because of hints Adele is returning in season 9 – having Meredith helping her after Richard is gone would be a very emotional storyline in itself…

  42. St.Jon says:

    How could it not be Derek since Patrick Dempsey already said he’s not coming back next season?

    • peter says:

      he never said he was leaving , he said ”i prefer race more than act maybe we can work something out … for me to do both !!! or something like that

  43. Dags says:

    The Chief is gone.

  44. Jumb says:

    To the people saying Kepner would commit suicide, that just couldn’t happen. After she told of her love of Jesus, and the guilt she felt after Avery, she wouldn’t kill herself as that is a sin which God wouldn’t forgive. Sorry to sound all religious but it would be against her nature to do anything that drastic.

  45. Hanna says:


  46. peter says:

    the chief will be on a conference or whatever with jackson’s mother so maybe is him !!!

  47. Ivy says:

    Am I the only one who thinks Derek can’t die? I mean, this whole show started with Mer and Der’s love story, whether some of you like it or you don’t, that was always the main storyline…I mean, I would just find it selfish and horrible of Shonda to kill him off after eight seasons, don’t you think? After all he and Mer have gone through…

    • JC says:

      Yes, it would be horrible, but I don’t see any other way around it if it’s true that Patrick Dempsey has decided to leave and if Ellen Pompeo decides to stay – Derek wouldn’t just walk out on Meredith after all this time.

  48. peter says:

    let’ see what will ……hepens

  49. nicole says:

    I really do think that Julia is the one that’s pregnant on smash. I don’t understand why people are saying we would already know by now because surely not a lot of time has gone by since michael was on. It would also make sense because she’s trying to adopt a baby and all. I don’t think it will be Karen or Ivy because they’re still trying to be Marilyn and i don’t think they would be irresponsible enough to get pregnant.

    • I agree completely, and don’t know how anyone could think it is Ivy-and-Dev – they just laid eyes on each other and the events of the next two episodes all go down in less than a week, previews run directly into openings. Ivy-and-Derek is a possibility – I really like the couple and think it could really be interesting to watch the story play out – and also possibly Karen-and-Dev, but mostly Julia (and Michael, but it really doesn’t matter as they will speculate over it for months, could even be Frank’s).

      • Kat says:

        I agree as well, I don’t think it being Ivy or Karen would make sense because as long as they focus on a musical next season that would put one of them out of commission for most of the season and therefore eliminate the competition aspect of the show, I also agree that both would be being careful not to get pregnant while going after the role of a lifetime. I think that Rebecca might be a possibility but not very likely; I think that it would depend on what direction the writers are planning to take the Ivy/Derek relationship in. Julia does seem to make the most sense partially because of the adoption but mainly whether the baby would be Frank’s or Michael’s and that one way or another Michael would find out and they’d have to deal with the fallout, especially given that his wife doesn’t know about the affair and that he might see it as a reason to try and get back together with Julia again but in a more permanent way.

  50. January says:

    Just some thoughts on the Grey’s death..
    1. Chief. Like someone above pointed out, he’s going to be flying to Florida. Judging by the title, that flight goes down. Shonda has been known to do “dream” sequences, and I could easily see her allowing the Chief and Adele to die at the same time. Similar to Mer and Ellis, as well as George And Izzie. It would be “romantic” to send them into their afterlife together, in the happy place that they always wanted to be.
    2. Derek, for reasons people already mentioned.
    3. I don’t think it’ll be Kepner, Lexie, Callie, or Arizona. Kepner and Avery are sure things when it comes to their contracts and being around next year. I don’t think Shonda would risk killing Kepner off, since we already may be short on cast members next season. Also, since many people may be leaving, Lexie is the “Grey” connection. If Mer doesn’t come back, Lexie could carry on the show’s name and become the lead. IMHO Callie and Arizone are safe because they are one of the most influential lesbian couples. I hate to say it, but I don’t think Shonda would kill them off because she likes the positive light their relationship shines on gay marriage. I personally love them, and would be devastated to see either one of them die. Just my thoughts, please don’t hate me for them! : )

    • Figured I’d tag on to this instead of starting a new thread…
      I totally agree with your number 1. It’s got to be the Chief, all the way. He’s the only character that could die and it totally rock the entire hospital. It would also keep the doctors (those that passed their boards, anyway) from leaving Seattle Grace. And I also agree that he could go down in a plane since they spent so much on the scene where he’s going over travel and meetings with Avery’s mother. Plane, or at the hands of Adele. He has said she doesn’t remember him, and seeing him upsets her more than anything. He could visit her to say goodbye, and she spazz out and kill him.

      Scenario 2 might be far-fetched, so I’ll stick with Scenario 1.

      Chief FTW.