Exclusive Glee First Look: Brittany Bans [Spoiler] From the Senior Prom!

Brittany’s quest to throw the most dino-mite prom McKinley High has ever seen on Tuesday’s Glee (9/8c, Fox) leads the lovable dimwit-asaurus to impose some controversial restrictions on her classmates.

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Given the dance’s prehistoric theme, Brit announces that hair gel will be banned from the event because the sticky stuff “wasn’t invented until almost 30 million years after the Upper Paleolithic Stone Age.”

She then turns to a horrified Blaine and sneers, “And, frankly, I don’t like the way you look.”

And wait until you see what Ms. Terror Nova has in store for Santana and Quinn.

Press PLAY below to watch her entire speech, and then hit the comments with an answer to your question: Is this shaping up to be an epoch prom or what? (Also, did you see what I did there? And then before that? And then in the first sentence?)

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  1. WHATTT says:

    I don’t understand how she doesn’t graduate!!! I mean, is this a joke or at the end she is going to be a secret genious??? GLEEE WHAT ARE YOU DOINGGGG WITH BRITT BRITT???

  2. wtfisthis says:

    A Britanny monologue.

  3. fail says:

    ‘It’s mean. It’s bullying, and I won’t accept it.’ HAHAHAHA

    • yikki says:


    • James says:

      kind of like when blaine bullied sam (which was actually 100x worse than what brittany said). Blaine stans are seriously the dumbest people in the fandom.

      • yikki says:

        Sam was being kind of a jerk. With all that male-posturing. So I can see why someone would get pissed at him

        • bales says:

          Funny that. Wasn’t Blaine basically doing the same thing in “Sexy”? Yet he turns around and slut-shames Sam this season. Not liking someone’s hairgel… bullying. Sure. lmfao

          • yikki says:

            Who cares. It’s glee. Besides I don’t reckon he had a problem with stripping. Just Sammy.

          • many says:

            God yikki you are such a moron. If it’s just Glee, why the hell do you care so much that someone insulted poor blaine

          • yikki says:

            Who said I cared? I quite like the whole gel thing. I just like reveling in certain types of glee!fail

          • hello says:

            Be Sexy and “Selling Sex” are two different things.

        • James says:

          Just like Blaine was doing in season 2 right? Quit making excuses for Blaine. He had no business talking to Sam like that and you and I both know that if it were the other way around you’d be lighting your pitchfork right now. Try harder at hiding your thinly veiled double standards and ignorance.

          • yikki says:

            I don’t need to make excuses for Blaine. I can just let you dismantle your own argument.

            psh. I don’t light pitchforks. I quite like Brittany’s part in this scene. Seems dead funny to me.

          • James says:

            Cute, but saying I’m dismantling my own argument without giving a single concrete piece of evidence to support that claim isn’t going to work. Give me one example of a flaw in my argument. You have none. Keep trying.

          • yikki says:

            I don’t really need to? Point is that I support Blaine’s character, and I don’t much care for Sam. Everything else, even your offense at Sam being called a sluthoe is relative.

            I would call sam a sluthoe.

            then again I am also kind of an asshole.

          • James says:

            Oh honey. You are trying so hard.

          • yikki says:

            Honey. So are you.

      • ds says:

        Sam pushed Blaine first, Blaine just defended himself.

    • Will says:

      lmao you are comparing Finn calling Brittany an idiot unprovoked and Brittany saying she doesnt like Blaine’s hair omg

  4. Jess says:

    Love this! I just hope Blaine’s hair doesn’t get a bigger storyline than her, the only senior who has been mute all year. I love Kurt, but Blaine hijacked this show and I hate him. And the comments about her picking on him are so ridiculous considering how this show has been portraying women lately. I think an episode or more about those two not getting along would be hilarious and so symbolic. I’m ready for some girl power!!

    • wtfisthis says:

      She’s mute and gets zero time with the glee stylists too.

      because that girl has these puffy under eyes. Glee are REALLY slacking trying to make her look camera-ready…

      It just really bugs me.

  5. anon says:

    I don’t mind at all getting to see Blaine without the gel because I love Darren’s curls but the way she said ‘Frankly I don’t like the way you look’ Thats not how you go about it. Thats rude, uncalled for, BULLYING. I always thought that Brittany was much better than that, guess not.

    • James says:

      neither is blaine actually. Ask Sam.

      • yikki says:

        “that’s totally boyband” is the worst insult anyone can ever receive actually.

        Just look at 1 Direction.

        • James says:

          It’s clear you have nothing concrete to work with so now you’re grasping for straws trying to make your point stick.

          • yikki says:

            And you are too easily offended.

            I stand by the fact that Sam was being a posturing jerk. Or maybe I just don’t care much for his character.

          • James says:

            And I stand by that Blaine is an absolutely self-absorbed asshole with no sense of respect for anyone and his fans are the most annoying people in the fandom. Or maybe I just don’t care much for his character.

          • yikki says:

            Awesome. Now you’re making sense.

      • Adriana says:

        Oh come on! Brittany’s girlfriend is Santana! Get it? The school bully in like every season. How dares she talk about how she won’t accept bullying yet it’s ok if her girlfriend is the one bullying around?!

  6. teresa says:

    Brit is the best character on the show-she HAS to graduate. HeMo back for season 4!

  7. hola says:

    Glee 3×4= Brittany: That’s bullying and I won’t accept it.
    Glee 3×18= Brittany: And, frankly, I don’t like the way you look.

  8. Nikko says:

    I wished Glee would stop creating situations that call for doing damage control, but I guess that’s not going to happen. Love Heather, love Britt, but I’m done watching after Prom. Brittany failing is one of the worst things ever.

  9. Ash says:

    I mean, I don’t disagree that Blaine could lighten up on the gel, but lol @ Brittany “that’s mean and it’s bullying and I wont stand for it” Pierce being such a douchecanoe.

    • many says:

      lol @ blaine “i ran from bullies” anderson being such a douchecanoe to sam, lol @ blaine stans for their dumb double standards and oversensitivity to everything that’s not kissing blaine’s greasy butthole

      • headonisticadventure says:

        You did not just use the word “douchcanoe” and “greasy butthole”

        what are you, 5?

      • Stephanie says:

        Woah now. I don’t necessarily disagree that it’s a bit much to call Brittany’s comment bullying- it was more just really rude, but I do tend to think people are too quick to use the word “bullying” for everything rude these days.

        That said… have you conveniently forgotten Blaine got the living crap kicked out of him for going to a dance with another boy? I’d say that a pretty damn legitimate reason to switch schools, and presumably there was probably more than just that one night as far as bullying goes too.

        I understand that calling Brittany a bully for this is a little over the top, but you don’t need to go making light of anything that’s happened to Blaine (and frankly, his life prior to Dalton does sound like it was probably pretty sucky) just to make the point

    • Sam says:

      Brittany was called stupid. That’s just hair gel. Perspective, Blarren stans.

  10. Sam says:

    Ya’ll Quinn is faking Finn walks in on her during prom and sees, that’s why he yells at her to stand up.

  11. Jess says:

    I wish all I had to complain about was hair gel. Ridiculous.

    • Paul says:


      Seriously, Blaine stans need to chill. Perspective, kids! Brittany doesn’t like the way his hair looks and yes, she said that to his face. So? She didn’t set his house on fire. Take a deep breath, geez -_-
      Even if some people (like me) didn’t mind Blaine at first, the amount of screentime/songs he gets and his fandom is enough to make anybody hate him with a burning passion.

      • anon says:

        She doesn’t need to set his house on fire to be wrong.

        • Katie says:

          You know, it really WAS funny. But all these 12 year olds whining about Blaine’s hair . . . How is this any worse than when everyone was picking on and hating on Rachel for the first two seasons? They hated her clothes and her personality and no one said anything.
          But now there’s an ‘attractive’ boy at risk and it’s all, “Wah wah, can’t hurt Blarren’s feelings.” Ladies; or, rather, girls? Blaine isn’t real.

          • anon says:

            The picking on of Rachel Berry was always unfair. And I will defend that girl every time. Just like I defend Kurt, Blaine, Santana and Quinn every time.

            Because I relate to those particular characters. Just because they happen to be ‘attractive’ boys and girls. It doesn’t invalidate my rights to stan for them.

  12. Anon says:

    Brittany failing with no build up is the laziest thing to ever happened in this show. If they wanted to keep her in the highschool setting, then they should have given her Puck’s storyline from last episode to her.

  13. Stephanie says:

    Woww Brittany, I mean I am ALL for a gellervention for Blaine haha, but that was pretty harsh!

  14. beth says:

    As a Blaine stan myself, I have to agree that Brittanys’ calling is not bullying. Let’s not overreact. It was meant to be funny and lead to Darren wearing a wig later on so we can all laugh (or come online to whine about the show not being funny anymore or something).

  15. dsada says:

    Put Finn instead of Brittany. Everyone would hate to Finn.

  16. sheh8syou says:

    God… those blaine’s stans. you guys need to shut it up cause any of you have a point

  17. Jess says:

    People that slam Brittany just because some people don’t like Blaine is just juvenile. I love Kurt. I love all the guys. And, I love Darren. I just can’t stand Blaine. Especially when they try to write blangst. He’s basically a well put together kid, but the way they write him makes him seem ridiculous and I can’t take him seriously. All the Brittana hate is just fruitless. Everyone should support the female characters and actresses because glee has become the most sexist show on tv.

  18. Josh says:

    Ill be pissed if Quinn is Faking! Why cant Ryan Murphy let Quinn grow? Im hoping Finn is made to look like an ass cause im tired of Ryan Murphy treating the Quinn charcter like Dirt!

    • Adriana says:

      Why is she faking? So silly!

    • Paul says:

      Because, unfortunately, just like the other female characters, she’s crap in the writers’ eyes. I’m so ashamed of being a guy when I watch Glee. It’s like they don’t have mothers, sisters, and generally females in their lives. And this season is worse than everything I ever imagined Glee could be in terms of stupidity and sexism. The worst part IMO, is that they always make them big bitches before a male character put them in their place because that way, it looks like they deserved it (Santana outbitching herself before Finn outed her, Quinn being all cray cray and putting baby sacrifice books on Shelby’s shelves, the list goes on and on and on). That makes me sick. I know that it’s just a tv show but the messages it sends is so, so wrong.

  19. gabby says:

    do you people not understand that blaine is supposed to be “classic” in the way he dresses and acts…his hair do is a part of his personality. it wouldn’t bother you so much if you understood why it is the way it is. it wouldn’t make sense any other way. he’s very “old man” ish. i think it’s cute..

  20. GleekWawa says:

    OMG people are you real ? Are you seriously making war about hair gel ? I know this fandom can get crazy but Hair gel ? do you see how ridiculous that sound ?

    • Angela says:

      Was thinking the same thing.
      I don’t care WHAT character you support. How about everyone just grow up and realize it’s just a TV show?

  21. Sean says:

    Video’s not working for me….

  22. robertsonmusictech says:

    That’s HAIR?

  23. C*DUB says:

    THANK YOU! Someone must be reading my complaints to the Glee producers about Blaine’s hair gel. Let those glorious curls be!!!

  24. A_sorea01t says:

    this is a TV show not real life ..some of you clearly need to be reminded of this! Love Brittany btw <3

  25. xxsatinangelxx says:

    I just laughed at Blaine’s reaction… his hair does seem to have been styled more and more with Gel lately and as much as I’m all for a little gel the amount he uses is just a bit over board… tho his hair without Gel, with his curls is cute in my opinion.

    Sooooo cannot wait to see this episode. I love Glee and Darren but most of all I LOVE the Brittanisms they’re putting this epi :D

  26. EmilyDot says:


  27. Sydney says:


  28. Mrs.DarrenCriss says:

    Finally… Darren on a professional screen with his sexy hair!!!

  29. donna says:

    can everybody calm down? It’s just hairgel, I like Blaine and I think Darren’s cute. He’s gonna look so much better without hairgel. I loved this scene. Britt is really sneaky and cute, so santana. Also Blaine is gonna be happy and is going to enjoy prom and he’s gonna use hairgel again so, what’s the big deal? Blaine is gonna be happy. And I’M happpy britt has lines so all’s good.

  30. Sya says:

    What about hairspray? ._. Oh, and, yes! I finally get to see Darren’s crazy curls again.

  31. Naomi says:

    i love how tina is shaking with laughter in the background

  32. stenia says:

    blaine looks fine girl, what are you talking about?

  33. yyhvggj says:

    you know that you are fighting over a fictionnal story,right ?

  34. STW says:

    Finn looks like he totally approves of the menu! Love the hilarious Brittanyisms!

  35. callie says:

    Blaines looks and hair only went down-hill after becoming Kurt’s boy toy.I hate hate hate his Kurt look.Lets go back to manly hot Blaine!!!

    • Grettbeg says:

      eh manliness is overrated. I like him slightly fey, but he does need to stop letting Kurt pick out his clothes.

  36. Mafalda says:

    this is going to be a good way to see Blaine with a different look :D sexy <3

  37. Rumbleroar says:

    Maybe we’ll get to see his beautiful curls!

  38. brianne says:

    I love Darren but don’t really like Blaine so don’t really care about that. But…

    Doesn’t anyone realize that her failing is a good thing? All the people who are graduating are leaving the show. Wouldn’t that mean that Brittany will still be on the show?

    • blainer says:

      You’re missing the point. They’re sacrificing the integrity of the character, maybe even endangering her relationship with Santana. And reinforcing the fact that she is academically sub-par, instead of the secret-genius angle they sometimes play.

      And if brit can’t pass this year, how will she pass next year??? Something in the way her mind absorbs information will have to change. Otherwise what’s stopping her flunking all over again?

      • brianne says:

        All they have to do is write in that she gets help next year. I’m missing No point. I see that they wanted to keep Brittany next season so this was the way to do it. And they always portrayed her as dumb so it’s not really farfetched. I think everybody is getting so worked up about her failing and not seeing the bigger picture that Brittany is a favorite so they want to keep her around. You can’t be on the show if you graduate.

        • blainer says:

          It’s just disappointing, that it’s just because they want to keep her, that her character should fail… even if she isn’t that bright. Neither are Finn or Puck.

          • brianne says:

            They aren’t. Lol. But I’m glad they are graduating because that means they won’t be on the show anymore. Finn, Kurt, and Rachel annoyed the crap out of me.

          • Adriana says:

            Brittany is just too much to be true. I thought it was funny at first but have to agree it’s not so funny anymore.

    • blainer says:

      I’m the opposite. Love Blaine, but just see Darren as a normal guy. XD

  39. Adriana says:

    She should have banned make up too!

  40. matthew c says:

    Blaine and Puck are the two sexiest guys on GLEE!

  41. Kitty says:

    I just wish she would ban those short pants. And the bow ties. But especially the short pants.

  42. J says:

    Brittany rocks!!

  43. Dani says:

    Now now, Blaine’s a good looking guy, he just needs to lay off the hair gel. When he doesn’t have his “hair helmet” going on, his hair looks really good. I was kinda hoping that there would be something about Kurt letting slip that he really liked Blaine’s curly hair better without all the gel.

  44. sammysamara says:

    wow all of these rude comments. I thought it was funny especially at the end when it showed mike because he was gonna wear gel because Tina told him to.

  45. Jen says:

    Brittany is an IDIOT!! I cannot stand her!!

  46. Sammy says:

    All these comments are more amusing than the clip. Keep going so I can see you guys getting mad at each other over a tv show and different opinions.

  47. Me says:

    Oh God are people actually whining about the hair gel thing? It’s just like when a guy says to his girlfriend “I don’t like it when you wear heaps of makeup.” Get over it bitches.

  48. BAbanerds&son says:

    She should ban all the girls from shaving their pits. :)

  49. Sweetest66 says:

    Finally we’ll get to see Darren with all of his great curls!!!!!! I love him, and i love Blaine (he’s my favourite character) but i think he looked so much better in season 2, with just a little bit of gel. Now they’re exaggerating…

  50. Jake says:

    As usual, people are taking what was an amusing line and turning it into a “Blaine sucks” or “You’re so mean Brittany!”. I wish people could go five minutes on this show without it turning into a flame war, for a show which is meant to be about support and positive reinforcement, it’s amazing to see how many cyber bullies there are.

    You’re clearly not getting the message of Glee and should just go be an asshole somewhere else.

    Also, FYI, it is possible to like Blaine and find this scene to be funny. Shocker, I know.