Exclusive Glee First Look: Brittany Bans [Spoiler] From the Senior Prom!

Brittany’s quest to throw the most dino-mite prom McKinley High has ever seen on Tuesday’s Glee (9/8c, Fox) leads the lovable dimwit-asaurus to impose some controversial restrictions on her classmates.

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Given the dance’s prehistoric theme, Brit announces that hair gel will be banned from the event because the sticky stuff “wasn’t invented until almost 30 million years after the Upper Paleolithic Stone Age.”

She then turns to a horrified Blaine and sneers, “And, frankly, I don’t like the way you look.”

And wait until you see what Ms. Terror Nova has in store for Santana and Quinn.

Press PLAY below to watch her entire speech, and then hit the comments with an answer to your question: Is this shaping up to be an epoch prom or what? (Also, did you see what I did there? And then before that? And then in the first sentence?)

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  1. uh huh says:

    I love you Brit Brit! I don’t like the way Blaine looks, either. Never have.

  2. alex says:


  3. Amanda says:

    Seriously if my prom had the theme Dinosaurs, it really would have been the best prom ever.

    Too bad Brittany ISN’T graduating. How about you report on that?

  4. TheReasonsY says:

    I hereby decree this will be the worst. episode. ever. Just kidding I hope it is as good as last week’s episode!

  5. david says:

    So made that Glee is not letting Brittany graduate. They are failing her without any type of storyline!

  6. bales says:

    Oh my god Brittany, I love you. This was hilarious. Also, lol Quinn and Santana… of course they don’t trust each other. And everyone’s facial reactions were so on point. Loved Santana’s “sheer genius”.

  7. Mel says:

    god this show has gone downhill…. it used to be so good and now it’s so random and all over the place

  8. AnnaKate says:

    Oh honey. You are so cute. Can’t wait to see a non-gelled Darren! If only his hair was long then we’d have a flashback to Darren when-he-wasn’t-famous-but-still-amazing Criss

    • bamabunny says:

      Too bad that from what I hear, “Blaine’s” hair will actually be a frizzy ‘fro without the gel.

    • Gord says:

      The only problem is that Darren Criss without hair gel looks just like Justin Trudeau. That would create much confusion in the Canadian audience. So I guess that Blaine will have to stay home from Prom and Kurt will have to find another Prom date.

      • Elly says:

        I think she tells him to go wash it out in the bathroom, because he comes to prom all locked down with gel despite her no-gel rule. So she forces him to rinse it out

        then bam, afro.

        cold water is not what you should use. he should keep product in his locker.

      • fido says:

        His hair is still short though…. how are they going to give him his fro back?


  9. Kate says:

    I love shallow brittle Quinn

  10. Taylor says:

    Darren Criss without hair gel? Ryan Murphy knows the girls will love this.

  11. Amy says:

    Any info on Quinn faking her paralysis?

  12. Magui says:

    Blaine’s hair is a plot in the senior prom??? Really writers, really??

    • GleeWritersShouldBeFired says:

      Get ready for some Blangst/Blaine existing! Because we haven’t had enough of that!

  13. Claudia says:

    Oh, hey, more gay jokes. You’re so funny Glee. Sometimes we’re supposed to think that crap is awful, and sometimes we’re supposed to laugh. Hint: it’s not funny.

    • uh huh says:

      What does one’s hairstyle have to do with one’s sexual orientation? Or is your position that ANY joke directed at a gay character, no matter what it is about, is a “gay joke”? Cuz if that’s what you think, you’re wrong.

  14. Lily says:

    I can’t believe they gave an entire storyline about graduation angst to Puck and he got an F and all the guys supporting him and he still graduates while Brittany fails and she has not gotten any mention about it yet and Kurt and Blaine got to talk about their future while Brittany and Santana get some dumb sex tape crap….

  15. James says:

    I didn’t think they could make Brittany more stupid. Guess I was wrong. This is overall so stupid and so bad, that it isn’t even funny any more.

  16. John K. says:

    See, now that was FUNNY. Why can’t Glee always be like this?

  17. MarcyAlexander says:

    I’m glad Brittany is using her presidential powers to make Blaine fix that disgusting hair.

    • EllyAnderson says:

      it’s not going to be fixed. he’s going to get mega frizz.

      • Keath says:

        Precisely. #freethefro

        • Elly says:

          no ty. I have curly hair and frizz is just the worst.
          I prefer gel.

          he should just find a really good conditioner.

          • Catherine says:

            You do realize that Darren knows how to use conditioner and his hair looks completely fine when he’s not Blaine. They like making fun of his gel on the show and that’s why they pile it on. It’s not Darren that chooses the ‘do, it’s probably Ryan McIdiot…

          • Kanon says:

            I don’t think they were talking about Darren. They were talking about Blaine.

    • Brit says:

      Nice to know that… what would you think if someone use his power to make you do something you hate? Still good?

  18. Oddangel says:

    All I see is Sam resting his legs VERY close to Mercedes :D YAY! Samcedes!

  19. jjdahm says:

    A story line for Blaine’s hair gel? Jesus could this show get any worse.

    • EllyAnderson says:

      It’s the prom episode. last year Artie spent the whole episode getting interrogated about punch. It’s more filler than it usually is.

  20. fds says:

    So stupid that they’re not letting Brittany graduate. We were told in the first season that you can’t be a cheerio if you’re failing. Also, don’t they keep people who have bad grades from attending prom?

    • Adriana says:

      You have a point about them telling us a cheerio needs good grades, but let’s be serious, Brittany is like never graduating.

  21. fiya says:

    my thoughts exactly rachel.

  22. Géraldine says:

    Arghhh I bet that we will never know why Brittany failed and in addition, for a Senior Class President, it really sucks to see friends walking on a stage to get their diplomas even though you have to stay in audience among parents and Juniors!
    Michael, could you tell us if Heather Morris will be back in S4? And what are the producers & writers intentions about Brittana (will they be still together or do we expect a break up?
    Anyway, Glee sucks a great part of S3 with sexism, double standard and it keeps going with a Senior Class President who fails her final exams!
    THanks Glee and Ryan Murphy! :-(

    • Adriana says:

      I don’t even know why she won the elections in the first place! Plain crazy and silly!

    • Lele says:

      Never know why she failed? Have you ever watched the show? She is as spaced-out as a stoner laying in a field of opium. I’m shocked she would make it past the 9th grade.

      As far as class president, it is a popularity contest more than anything. Of course Brittany would be popular, or at least more popular than those she were running against, considering she was a Cheerios and had slept with everyone.

      Does glee really need a storyline to fill in every little detail when they have so many characters on set. What ever happened to a bit of deductive reasoning?

      • Mike says:

        Brittany has never failed. It is canon that Sue makes sure that the Cheerios have passing grades. And Brittany passed junior year without even being on the Cheerios for half the year. If she was a junior or if there was an actual storyline, like Puck’s, about her failing then okay. But Brittany is a girl and not a boy…welcome to Glee.

  23. Ella says:

    Can’t believe they are failing her. Don’t think I’ve ever been so dissapointed in Glee as isn’t it supposed to be underdogs overcoming things? Obviously not anymore.

  24. Iya says:

    Haha I love bitchy Britt! Too bad the writers suck and don’t care about her (as we can see with what will happen with her in the graduation episode…)

  25. C. says:

    Britt Britt is a fountain of random knowledge lol. Too bad this show doesn’t care enough about the character to let her graduate with the rest of her friends. Great message to send out Glee

  26. Brittana was once cute and funny now she’s too stupid and dump?
    Talking like that to Blaine, seriously, bitch. What the writers have in their stupid minds, it’s out of the blue at least.
    And Santana insults Kurt AGAIN, go to hell.

    I love you Brittany/Heather please be on season 4

  28. riik says:

    Take my breath away is FLAWLESS! Dianna and Naya are perfect on this duet

  29. gfg says:


    – Star member of the National Championship-winning Cheerios – 4 years
    – Member of the Glee, state ranked – 3 years
    – Journalist for The Muckraker
    – Writer, editor, director and star of Fondue for Two
    – (Arguably) Star member of the national champion Brainiacs, an academic decathlon team
    – Prom committee chair
    – Senior Class President
    – Not graduating.

    From tumblr.

    • Linda says:

      She thinks the square root of 4 is rainbows.

    • James says:

      Yeah. Because she is terminally stupid. Which this clip just showed an example of.

      • gfg says:

        But she can’t be on so many things if she’s not graduating. if you have bad grades, you can’t even attend prom.

      • Mark says:

        Did you not hear her entire historical speech and use of elevated vocabulary or are you just deaf?

        • Jo says:

          Please. She ate a candybar out of a cat litter box, that she thought came out of her cats butt. She’s one of the stupidest characters in television history!

      • Sam says:

        Finn cheats off her and he’s graduating. Puck failed his test and he’s graduating. She graduated her junior year when she wasn’t on the Cheerios.

    • Jo says:

      Because she’s as dumb as a box of rocks!

    • Sha says:

      who cares about what clubs she’s in? Most are due to her popularity anyways. Graduating high school is actually attributed to… how well you do in your CLASSES.

  30. Abby says:

    I bet all other seniors in that room don’t even know about pre-historic era that’s why I don’t see how Brittany isn’t GRADUATING. she’s obviously a genius! She’s a book genius. She’s even part of the Braniacs! I really don’t see any LOGIC around Glee anymore. Brittany deserves to graduate!

    • alaraelizabeth says:

      I would agree that she SHOULD graduate, but if she graduates, then its less likely that she will be back. From the rumours I hear, the graduating members will become more like guests, visitors (akin to Jessie). If they’re failing her, which I haven’t heard yet, maybe it means she is a shoo-in for season 4?

      • Mike says:

        I think it is the opposite. Rachel, Kurt and Finn are graduating and I don’t think RIB would have them just be guest stars. When they made characters juniors and seniors they still had the spin-off as an option and now that is gone. I could see them getting rid of the high school format all together.

        • alaraelizabeth says:

          That could also be true. I was just going off of the rumours I had heard, but I do agree with the spin-off as an option when they started the show.

  31. mari says:

    britt waaaaaaaaaaaaaay smarter than any of the dudes! Glee sucks for not letting her graduate!

  32. Sti says:

    how does this girl not graduate? she’s a genius!
    (and lol at her saying what i’ve been thinking all along about Blaine)

  33. schnappi says:

    I usually like Brittany, but this scene is beyond stupid, the class president can’t make up random rules and turn students away for using hair gel. It doesn’t even make sense, does she ban hairspray, deodorant and dresses, too? What about glasses … or wheelchairs?

    I would like to see Blaine without hair gel, I HATE his hairstyle but that doesn’t change the fact Brittany’s “rule” is silly and not enforcable.

    • Sam says:

      Poor Blaine, he’ll die without his hair gel.

    • Tracegal says:

      It is a TV show people! Chill

      • schnappi says:

        It’s a tv show?! Who would have thought …

        What an annoying comment, why do some people feel the need to post stuff like that every time someone dislikes something? It’s not even an argument, it’s a fact that has nothing to do with the criticism.

  34. Jimmy says:

    Heather needs to stick to one-liners. She just cannot carry a whole scene.

  35. Britney says:

    Praise Brittany for her slamming of Blaine and adorableness.

  36. Mike says:

    I prefer Darren without hair gel, so yay Brittany. It is so sad that the senior class president is failing. Why make Brittany a senior at all if you were just going to fail her with no storyline like Puck’s? Silly Glee.

  37. BrittanaIsEndgame says:

    Gosh Blaine Stans. Shut your Computer, go for a walk for fresh air! It’s nothing wrong with the hair gel joke! It’s cute and funny!!! Stop taking everything so serious lol

  38. Sarah says:

    poor Blaine): It’s okay baby, I love your hairgel!(:

    • mali says:

      Poor him… One of his friends made a joke about his hair!

    • James says:

      poor blaine… he slut shamed sam for helping his family and never apologized but poor him for getting something as trivial as his ugly hair made fun of…. aww………

      • yikki says:

        lol dat sluthoe.

      • hm says:

        gosh, let it go already.

      • Dee says:

        I am so sick of ‘slut shaming’ getting applied to every damn comment that doesn’t go, “Oh, what a hero you are for having indiscriminate sexual activity”. Yes, Blaine should not have made that comment, but I happen to recall Sam calling him “totally boy band” and then demanding that he do a sexually provocative dance move. I suppose Blaine was simply supposed to say, “Okay. It doesn’t matter whether I’m comfortable rolling my hips on stage or not. You’re the boss.”
        Let’s not forget that Sam also told Quinn that giving a baby up for adoption was a “Rich White Girl Problem” and then shamed Joe for not being willing to have sex with Quinn. If anything, it’s Sam who shames people for their level of sexual activity.

  39. Joey says:

    Brittany is the best!

  40. Megan says:

    Ugh must Blaine have some sort of storyline in EVERY episode? His hair gel, really? Enough with the boring blaine – and give us an explanation as to WHY this girl does not graduate…

  41. Kini says:

    That was just mean… I don’t think I’m gonna like this episode at all :(

  42. Anon says:

    I want to punch Brittany in the face. Sorry (not really), bit I do.

    • Sam says:

      Man, this hair gel thing is serious.

      • anon says:

        It’s NOT about the hair gel oh wise one. Brittnay is just irking me more and more. Nothing to do with Blaine. Stop assuming.

          • anon says:

            You can “sure” me all you want. Fact if the matter is the only reason people are making excuses for Brittnay is because she is a hot lesbian or bi on Glee. If she wasn’t as good looking, you all would be saying something similar. She’s annoying as f**k. Get over it. I also find it funny no one mentioned hair gel until YOU made your comment.

  43. K says:

    Hahaha.. Way to tell off Blaine. Good job Brittany. I really hope they aren’t failing her. :( maybe she’s a secret genius and already graduated.

  44. lucy says:

    There’s some seriously cray-cray tweens here… God. It’s a joke – Blaine Stans please … just stop

  45. Babygate says:

    Brittany has quickly become one of my favorite characters in Glee. She’s so funny without trying to be. It just seems so organic. She’s smarter than they give her credit for. When she told Santana a couple of weeks back, ‘just tell me how far you are willing to go to be famous” she put a giant mirror in front of Santana and made her realize what she was doing to herself. Brittany never judged her or put her down. She supported her while making her realize the error of her ways. That was genius!

  46. Nikko says:

    Look at Glee, doing damage control, again. The only thing they know how to do right besides the double standards they’re so fond of. Not letting Brittany graduate? Worst mistake ever. If TPTB think only the Brittana fandom is pissed, they got it wrong. Heather/Britt is a fan favorite, they managed to pissed the whole fandom. It’s sad how much underused and sidelined Heather has been this season.

    • Luna says:

      Maybe they thought we would all be happy that she’s on the show another year. :/

    • Kenny says:

      I thought they’re not letting Britt graduate because she IS a fan favorite and they want her to remain in McKinley.

      • Mike says:

        They should have made her a junior then. It is just crazy that on a show that is supposed to be uplifting/fun they fail a student when it hasn’t even been a storyline. Even Brittany winning the election had nothing to do with Brittany and everything to do with Kurt and Rachel.

  47. dafuq says:

    lol that was awesome!!
    If only they would let Brittany graduate… *sigh*

    • John says:

      Doesn’t “graduate” = OFF the show?

      I like the character so her staying is a plus, IMHO.

      • Mike says:

        Rachel, Santana, Kurt and Finn are graduating and they are the only four, so far, confirmed to be on season 4. Jenna, Matt and Kevin said they don’t know if they will be on next season and they are two juniors and a teacher. There is no way to know if they are keeping the high school format at all. When they made the cast juniors and seniors the spin off was still an option and now it isn’t.

  48. Jen says:


    I’m so pissed she’s not graduating

  49. L says:

    LOL, “the new girl Joe” was her inspiration hahaha.. too funny, can’t wait to see this prom

  50. Adam says:

    Klaine vs Brittana fight in the choir room Santana vs Kurt and Blaine vs Brittany. Let the games begin.