Hart of Dixie Season Finale First Look: Zoe and Wade [Spoiler]!

Wedding bells are ringing on the season finale of The CW’s Hart of Dixie, and we’ve got a sneak peek at the multiple brides(!) and a waterlogged Zoe and Wade.

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In “The Big Day,” airing May 14, Lemon and George prepare to walk down the aisle, but if the following pics are any indication, it’ll be far from a smooth trip. Meanwhile, Zoe/Wade fans may want to overnight Mother Nature a gift basket for the perfect storm she sent the unrequited couple’s way.

Check out the gallery below and then hit the comments with your thoughts.

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  1. sarah says:

    After N.O. and last week all I have to say is, ZOE AND WADE! ZOE AND WADE! ZOE AND WADE!!! That is all <3 <3 <3

  2. Nina says:

    omg, first a jack/emily almost kiss in the revenge promo and now this? Thank you T.V Gods! <3

  3. That had better be a dream sequence! Not the Zoe Wade stuff just the George with 2 brides stuff!

  4. i really don’t like wade.

  5. Sarah says:

    Has anyone done more for the tank top than Wilson Bethel? Goodness gracious. Thank you for bringing him into my life, Hart of Dixie! I cannot wait for the finale. I hope The CW renews it!

    • spatrickcreative says:

      Only Ben McKenzie from the OC. And I’ll gladly take either of them!

    • Kelly says:

      I don’t have a good feeling about them renewing it….but I truly hope they do! But if we end off with Wade and Zoe hooking up I will at least take pleasure in that!!

  6. Velvet says:

    I look forward to Hart of Dixie each week.

    • Nancy jo says:

      I am so so so so so so happy its back for a second season i just hope that they play it more then once a week ! ! I am totally HOOKED ON HART OF DIXIE !!!!!!

  7. Rebecca says:

    I really don’t like Lemon. And as a southerner, her fake southern accent grates on my nerves. That being said, I don’t necessarily want George to leave her for Zoe, if he doesn’t marry the annoying Lemon, he needs to be alone for a while. On a totally different note, why do both Lemon and George refer to Zoe as ‘Zoe Hart’, everytime they mention her? Why can’t they just say ‘Zoe’, I can’t imagine there are 100 Zoes running around Blue Bell. Just wondering…. :)

    • Beth says:

      I agree there are no redeeming qualities about lemon. I can’t stand when she talks!

    • John says:

      From some backstory references between her and George and Wade (the prank ep.) there seems to be a “fun”, less tightly wound, Lemon deep in there somewhere that’s just gotten buried.

      • Rebecca says:

        I agree, that side of Lemon needs to come out more, maybe then I wouldn’t find her so very annoying. She was actually kind of fun in that episode. Or maybe she needs to get a job or something, all she does is the Junior League type stuff and plan her wedding. Even a modern southern girl works.

    • Amy says:

      Unpopular opinion here, but I love Lemon! I actually think she deserves better than George. I know Lemon has flaws but I love her because of those flaws and probably because I can relate to her as an older sister :)

      p.s. Zoe/Wade perfection has actually made my day <3 <3 <3

      p.s. again: I know right, its annoying that they always call her Zoe Hart, rather than just Zoe. Wade does it too a few times, and George and Lemon do it all the time. No idea why!

      • Mady says:

        I like her too, weird.. I think she should stay with George.. I’m so looking forward for this episode., wade and zoe..

    • chelsea says:

      for lemon at least: because when you hate someone’s guts you tend to say there whole name in disgust. at least i do…..hahaha. it’s also partly because she’s an outsider to them, like a foreign species

  8. Beth says:

    Has it been renewed yet? If not it needs to be! It is totally filling my OTH void :) love wade and Zoe! They have way more chemistry than Zoe and George.

    • Amber W says:

      May 17th Rachel Bilson on twitter said they would hear if the CW was going to cancel it or renew it.

    • Melissa says:

      I agreed! . Zoe & George they’ll get tired of each other way to soon if they get together! I believe Wade makes Zoe crazy in a good way sometimes, because she knows darn well he’ll just keep making her want more their is just something about him that makes a girl NUTS about him . I don’t understand why anyone thinks Zoe goes well with George …. I think George belongs with someone , with Lemon sometimes I wonder about that , why end Lemon & Lavon there is a passionate love going on that just STOPPED and yeah they seem to think George needs to be with her . I think Lavon is HOT as well I want to see Lavon happy lol I hope I am spelling his name right lol.

  9. Dominique says:

    Those Zade pictures make me SO happy! <33 They are a much better fit for each other and God knows we Zaders deserve some good, cute scenes again after all the crap we've seen since it came back from the big Hiatus.

  10. Ashley says:

    Yes, Zoe and Wade! Love them together, these pictures are making me excited for the finale!!

  11. Tom says:

    So the Castle season finale promo featured a drenched Beckett. Now this promo features a drenched Zoe. What’s the deal? Is drenched the new black?

    Seriously, it seems like the same themes have a way of creeping into multiple shows. Does someone put out a memo or something?

  12. What if Lemon & George getting marry & next them is Zoe &Wade getting married,maybe wade was just cut off =)

  13. Lacey says:

    I hope George and Lemon don’t get married. I’m torn between Wade and George as to who Zoe should be with because she has such great chemistry with them both.

  14. Kat says:

    Zoey needs to be with George!!!! They are so perfect together! Plus, she and Wade would never last! He’s a bad boy who will never grow up and he’s not smart enough or sophisticated enough for Zoey. She’d end up dumping him for sure!

    • Katherine215 says:

      Meh. When the show first started, I totally wanted George and Zoey together (love me some Jason Street). But Wade and Zoey have so much more chemistry. George is just too boring and too much like Zoey for my taste. Opposites attract and all, I guess.

      My favorite part about Wade is that he is starting to grow up. I really hope they pursue that whole opening a bar/restaurant storyline with him. Zoey being smart and sophisticated is good motivation for him to reach his potential!

      • Mollie says:

        I totally agree with you! Wade and Zoe have much more potential in terms of challenging each other and making each other discover a different part of themselves, character wise. I think there’s a better overall story to be told with those two…and let’s face it, when you get right down to it, they are just more fun together, which makes for a more entertaining tv show IMO.

    • jae says:

      shut up

  15. Lori says:

    I hate Lemon and I hate Wade! Why doesn’t the CW get these two together and have them move to Texas!

  16. MMAx says:

    In Mexican they say “Beso Beso Beso”

  17. britt says:

    My prediction: George will ditch Lemon during the wedding for Zoe but at the same time Zoe and Wade will be getting together… maybe?

  18. Amber W says:

    These spoiler pictures seriously gave me the shivers! I love Zoe and Wade and have been waiting forever for the both of them to get closer. The chemistry they both have is awesome! Love Hart of Dixie, there’s no show like it on anywhere! Please renew it CW for a 2 season!

  19. Jeanette says:

    Please renew!!

  20. *lg* says:

    I have to add a comment because I love this show too much not to. CW, please pick up this show. The quirky characters and just feel goodness of this show are extremely refreshing and enjoyable.

    ANYWAYS, I’m a HUGE Zoe and Wade fan. Their chemistry is undeniable, and although George and Zoey at first had a nice repoir, I HATE the way she has been acting around him lately. It’s a bit pathetic. And I’m sorry, no man would be fit to date right after a broken engagement, let alone someone who has just gotten out of a 15 year relationship. She should have had enough sense to see that was a bad idea. Where is the intelligent doctor that I’ve grown to love?

    Also, I’ve been waiting for a Zoey and Wade genuine hook up since the 4th episode. This needs to happen and it needs to happen soon. Those pictures better not be tease.

  21. LA says:

    If she ends up with george the show will be over , Zoe and george would just go back to NY , but if she ends up with wade it gives her a reason to stay in Bluebell. Also I read that the finale will end with a cliffhanger??? Wonder what that will be :)

    • Tia says:

      My idea: What if Zoe went back to NYC and George, after leaving Lemon at the alter, went to NYC and found Zoe at their favorite restaurant. And her seeing him, their eyes meeting was the finale.

  22. carol says:

    simply loved the pictures! wade and zoe! I’m also waiting for their hook up since the 4th episode. CW please renew it! :)

  23. Em says:

    FINALLY!!!!! :D

    NOW! Let’s get this kooky/sexy/cute relationship going ;)

  24. TheLonelyPlace says:

    This better get renewed and more Zoe/Wade please!

  25. Ella says:

    Wowwwww, Wade looks so hot.

  26. Laci says:

    I love this show!! I think George should leave Lemon and go back to NY for awhile and Zoe and Wade should hook up. But I think Zoe and George are meant to be together and Lemon and Lavon (?) should get back together. Plus Lemons mom should be making an appearance soon right? I think she feels more comfortable talking about her to Lavon instead of George.

  27. a y says:

    ahah … Hart.. Dr. Hart.. Hart of Dixie..The most likely reason they say her name is because It’s a promo for the show.. It makes the most sense to see George and Zoe together because in the show they have been made to be the perfect couple while poor Wade has been made to be the sex object of the show. Who know’s what kind of trash we will be watching on the last episode so that the CW can keep their rating up. Hopefully they can stick to something a little less cliche. They have been trying to break some of the racial and cultural barriers down but I would like to see them work a little harder.

  28. Melissa says:

    Me I would like to see Lavon & Lemon , Wade & Zoe I don’t care what the Wade haters think ! And For George why not find a new girl from his past not liking the Zoe & George thing at all ! Yeah Lemon can be hard to like and all but she has grown on me as well . Just like Klaus has grown on me in TVD lol Get over George & Zoe Fans she belongs with Wade , as Lavon belongs with Lemon lol :-P

  29. V.P. says:

    RENEW. This show is awesome and I’m addcited. Thanks to this show Mondays are not all that terrible anymore. Love all the actors, but I’m a 100% Zoe and George team! :)

  30. Mollie says:

    I really love this show too and I hope the CW picks it up – it’s the only show with a romantic comedy vibe…reminds me of Gilmore Girls.

    IHope we finally get a real Wade and Zoe moments, the characters and the incredible chemistry they built up deserve it so much. I feel like Wade and Zoe have much more potential in terms of character growth and making each other discover a different part of themselves. George fits Zoe’s big rational plans the way she used to be, but Wade challenges her and opens her up to a more carefree, emotional aspect of herself. I think there’s a better overall story to be told with those two…and let’s face it, when you get right down to it, they are just more fun together, which makes for a more entertaining TV show IMO :)

  31. Meggie says:

    George and Zoe all the way

  32. Jones says:

    Zoe and Wade FTW!

  33. Katie says:

    My predictions for season 2:

    Lavon and Joelle
    Zoe and Wade
    George and Lemon (I think they’ll get married, but it’ll be short lived and they’ll both realize they’re not meant to be together.)

    By series end, it should be:

    George and Zoe
    Lemon and Wade (I think this is going to be the Joey/Pacey relationship of the series – the unlikely pair become friends when their respective loved ones leave them. Then the inevitable romance develops.)
    Lavon and Anna Beth