Exclusive 90210 First Look: Max's Bachelor Party!

The 90210 guys are throwing a bachelor party for the newly-engaged Max in this Tuesday’s episode (8/7c, The CW), and we’ve got your first look at the booze-filled festivities.

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Much to Naomi’s dismay, Liam, Navid and Co. plan a shindig to celebrate their geeky pal’s impending nuptials — but the tame-looking hot shot below is deceiving. The fun-filled evening actually ends in a trip to jail(!) for several of the attendees. (Blame Silver.)

Hit the comments below with your thoughts on 90210‘s pre-marriage party.

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  1. Tara says:

    What’s with every teenager on the show getting married or trying to get married? I wish this show was a more realistic look at college life. It is getting way to kooky and zany.

    • ana says:

      Well not every teen on this show is getting married besides they are all 18/19 and when I was that age 2 of my friends got married and are still married today so it does happen.

    • Kendall says:

      At least getting married right out of high school is more realistic than an 18 year-old owning and operating a bar and hiring an underage waitress and routinely serving to under 21s like it’s nothing.

  2. sarah says:

    Looking forward to this episode!

  3. girl89 says:

    lol! another wedding in the finale? XD

    But I’m still happy that Max is back.

  4. Peeta says:

    I think this episode will be funny.

  5. Martin says:

    I love the show, this year isn’t as good as previous, i enjoyed all the Annie and Naomi storylines and Ivys’ stuff with Raj, the rest was a bit meh.

    Is it just me though or did this season seem like the writers went into a room at the start of the season and said “Ok, which characters haven’t been together yet??”

    Liam and Silver, really??. Do hope she doesn’t end up with him, and what he did trying to convince Navid to go back to Princeton, what a dick.

    Also, Adrianna can do so much better than Dixon, wouldn’t mind an Ade/Austin hookup too much.

  6. Martin says:

    i like the chemistry between the two, and he might not be the greatest but, imo, he is better than Dixon

  7. Neuyiz says:

    I want maxomi. Not maxdison. *sadface*

    • MelissaNoa says:

      Me too. :(

    • april-ann says:

      Or “Madmax” lol. I’d rather have “Naomax” too, but I’m not surprised by his engagement to someone else. Naomi always seemed to me to be more into Max than he was into her. Case in point: his utter and complete jubilation upon learning that she was in fact not pregnant. There was no mistaking that reaction for just sheer relief. This clear indicator of being overjoyed at the thought of not being tied to her in some way for life was not lost on her. Also, why would the “guys” be throwing Max a bachelor party anyway? Was there ever any interation between them?

  8. Ella says:

    I want Liam and Naomi back together! Seriously? ONLY girl Liam had chemistry with on the show. Everyone else makes him boring and/or dumb.

    • Kristen says:

      Wait… but even when Liam was with Naomi, he was flirting with Annie. Annie is the only one he was consistent with. Minus the fact that this entire season has trampled all over that. I’d actually be happier with Liam gone. I’m loving Annie and her new guy. Yum! I like Naomi with Austin. I like Navid with Silver, b/c they are the two most useless characters ever. Wait, maybe Liam can jump to Ade now… or has he already gone there too? Or maybe Silver and Ade? Silver’s already run through all the guys, maybe they can start her on the girls now.

    • AmDazzle says:

      Oh my god! Finally someone else want Liam and Naomi back! I’m such a fan of Liam and Naomi and I’ve been wanting them back together ever since season 2! I agree she was the only girl he had chemistry with. Lannie is SO boring. To ‘Kristen’ sure Liam was slightly flirty with Annie in season 1, but not when he and Naomi had their prom together! Their connection was AMAZING. And the effort he went to to be with Naomi through S2 was adorable and they both truly loved each other! Plus, they were hot – we haven’t seen sexy bad boy Liam in so long! I want Liomi back! <3

  9. a says:

    ella yes but only if liam and naomi get together while he’s dating annie to recreate the original kelly brenda dylan love triangle

  10. MelissaNoa says:

    Supposedly there is going to be a wedding during the finale and it’s not who we expect… I really hope it’s not Ivy and Diego so he can stay in the country. Ugh.

    • Elyse says:

      i never even thought of that! i hope they don’t do that. Raj and Ivy i understood but her husband just died and i think it would be tasteless to have her remarry so fast!

    • Sara says:

      Can they just get rid of the Diego character period? I’d hoped they had gotten rid of him when Raj came back and he was gone. Then like a bad penny he shows up.
      I used to really like Ivy, but it’s like they’re really not sure what to do with her so they just keep throwing storylines at her to see what sticks.

  11. Tara says:

    I think this whole season has been a complete mess. None of the current couples have any chemistry. Liam falls in love with any girl within 10 feet of him. Liam used to be a badass, but now he only plays the lovesick fool. I only ever liked him with Naomi and that pairing lasted all of 20 seconds. Silver just gets thrown around from guy to guy. Who are we supposed to root for?

    • AmDazzle says:

      SAME! I really want Liam back with Naomi! Their relationship should be brought back – see my comment above :)

  12. Jared says:

    Judging from the photo above..is it possible Liam and Navid are friends again after last weeks episode??..