Bones First Look: 'Killer' Finale Forces Booth and Brennan to Face a Difficult Decision

Serial hacker/killer Christopher Pelant returns in Bones Season 7 finale (airing May 14, on Fox), and from the worried looks on Booth and Brennan’s faces in the following images, he’s about to unleash his most lethal attack yet.

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In the episode, titled “The Past in the Present,” the imprisoned tech genius (played by Andrew Leeds) is linked to yet another murder – only this time the victim is a friend of Brennan’s. Worse still, key pieces of evidence link the new mother to the crime!

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Scroll through the gallery below and hit the comments with your thoughts, including answers to these questions: Why is Booth getting rough with Max? How scared is the guy on the other side of the door Booth busts down? And what is the difficult choice Booth and Brennan will be forced to make?

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Carmen says:


  2. Jo says:

    Maybe Max’s past is coming into play in this episode, as he might somehow be connected with the whole Pelant thing? He made a point of saying that he’s on the straight and narrow this week; IMO he’s not and never will be.

  3. Naya says:

    the past in the present, anyone else thinking that going in hiding is involved? I mean Max went into hiding a few times…if you want to go into hiding he is definitly the go-to guy… That could be the difficult choice they have to make either all going into hiding or maybe sending their baby into hiding with Max…

  4. Jane says:

    My guess is they are going to send Christine away with Max for her own protection. Booth getting rough with Max is just Booth warning Max to take care of his daughter or else.

  5. Linda says:

    The show is turning into Bones Of Our Lives.

    • Marie says:

      I knew bones was turning into crap but I never thought it get into worse crap like this. Thank god I just stopped watching so I won’t see this crapy season finale. I knew adding pregnancy and the baby was a bad idea. They should just hid emily’s pregnancy. Alot of shows do it all the time.

      • Alanna says:

        Not everyone thinks it’s a bad idea. I think it was brilliant and I’m thoroughly enjoying this season.

      • GSac says:

        Agree they should have skipped the pregnancy. I’d rather suspend belief for a couple of episodes than be saddled with Bones: Parenthood edition.

        • Laura says:

          Then why continue to watch if you’re dissatisfied? Leave the watching to the rest of us who are enjoying it.

        • Lannistark says:

          Out of line! :)
          Parenthood isn’t the most exciting show around but the family drama is well crafted.
          But yeah, can’t imagine anyone but shippers enjoying this season’s baby drama.

      • Lynn says:

        seriously, you don’t watch, why even bother commenting? the show is better than it’s ever been, so it’s your loss

      • Robin says:

        Well, you certainly have a right to your opinion, but since you no longer watch Bones, just fade into the sunset graciously and let those of us who truly love this show and feel the new season added a fresh breath of air to the series, enjoy the show as it is! I, like MANY Bones fans, am an unabashed shipper (why would you keep watching after season one if you weren’t?), and the show was running out of reasons to keep them apart anyway; it was getting a little lame there toward the end with the Hannah storyline! I think it’s regained it’s comic edge, and Brennan is becoming much more warm and much less stiff in her character. Frankly, nothing Hart might have tried next would have pleased the “critics.” Now that we’ve established B&B as a couple, we can go back into new and dramatic story lines with them together. I really like what they are doing! And I think Max may take both Bones and Christine into hiding, which could be why Booth is roughing Max up. Pelant evidently gets Bones entrapped for at least a part of the episode, from a bit in one of the promos where she calls Booth from Pelant’s place. locked in his bedroom. I know I’ll be anxious all summer, but this season finale looks to be a juicy one, none the less.

      • suzyku says:

        This show has added a new and better dimension since they have officially made B&B a couple! IMO you’re totally offbase, glad you stopped watching although that hasn’t stopped you from being nasty and critical!

  6. Julie says:

    No. I have a horrible sinking feeling that Brennan plans to run away with the baby without Booth’s knowledge. He finds out via Max and has to catch up with them. He doesn’t look happy. I hate Brennan sometimes.

    • Christina says:

      I’ll hate Brennan forever if she does that.

      • meg says:

        why? If Booth knows and doesn’t stop her he could lose his job and go to jail. They have a baby and she would be thinking fo plausible deniability for Booth. There is NOTHING i wouldn’t do to protect my kid, and i’m sure its the same for other parents.

    • Jillian says:

      Did you read the caption? it says “Booth and Brennan make a decision together.” Whatever happens they are going to make decisions together. And they love and trust each other so much. Brennan would never do that to Booth.

  7. Rooy says:

    @julie I sadly agree. Brennan always runs. What a loser. Instead of staying, clearing her name, she runs like a coward. Without a second thought to Booth or how betrayed, hurt he will feel. Plus Max has got so old and frail now, he couldn’t protect a fruit fly.

    • Stacey says:

      But Pelant is still on the loose. He’s going after FBI agents, and now is targetting Booth and Brennan. I could see wanting to run to protect Christine. It looks from the pictures, Booth catches up and maybe signs off on it. But is pissed at Max for helping Brennan. It’s angsty, but I can understand why she does it. If Pelant is coming after them…. But then who knows how it all ends… Brennan is now acting like a Mama Bear. And they will do things that they wouldn’t have thought about before…

      • madbengalsfan85 says:

        Pelant is the bigger threat here…and it’s possible that he breaks out of his little tether. If I was Brennan, I’d run too.

    • Mipo says:

      Max is dangerous, he is also smart. Besides that, the episode hasn’t aired and u seem quite upset ! Maybe Booth sends her on the run, he would do anything to protect them.

    • Laura says:

      I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but this episode hasn’t aired yet.So how about instead of calling Brennan a “loser” and spouting your hate, you wait until the episode airs to make your comments? What a concept!

    • Jillian says:

      What about in “Two Bodies in the Lab” when she didn’t want to leave the case? What about “Man in the Morgue” where she proved her innocence? Yes, she does run when has to do with her emotions, but when it’s about a case and she’s in danger or under suspicion for murder…she does NOT run.

      Also…you haven’t even see the episode yet. And you are already blaming everything on Brennan. Haven’t you seen the last episode? Brennan runs up and kisses Booth and says “I do trust you.” Sounds like to me that she does love him and cares a lot about his feelings.

  8. Betty says:

    I definately am getting a “going into hiding” vibe on this. I’m torn if Booth is in on it or not. I can see Bones being “rational” and not telling him for his own good, but she has changed during this season, so I am not sure. The episode looks great, it’ll be a long summer for me.

  9. Pammi says:

    I knew Brennan would break Booth’s heart. That is a man desperate. A man on the edge trying to prove a serial killer guilty. To clear Brennan’s name. And what is Brennan doing escaping, running away, with the baby prolly too, like the self centred witch that she is. Hart Hanson you have Brennan do this to Booth? expect a back lash of hate.

  10. Montie says:

    I think Brennan and Christine are going to have to disappear for a bit with Max. Kind of a witness protection situation.

  11. katy917 says:

    First thing I thought, too, that it looks like Brennan and Christine are running away, but the pics of Bones and Booth look to me like a goodbye scene, not Brennan going without telling him….. it happened to her and as this week’s episode proved, she still bears the emotional scars of that, so I don’t think she would want to inflict that on Booth. But he won’t be happy with her choice if that’s what transpires and I imagine maybe Max planted the idea into her head and when she tells Booth, he’s furious and henceforth the scene with Booth and Max. I hope that whatever happens, they deal with it as a family, as to bring them togther in such a sudden and unconventional way just to tear them apart 14 episodes later……….the would lose the majority of their fanbase in one fell swoop. We stuck by through the rushed relationship and accepted them as a couple without much storyline/background to it, to break them up would be the last straw! Whatever happens, I look forward to the episode very much and am sure I will watch through my fingers on the edge of my seat – the episodes where the main cast are in danger I have found have always been where Bones shines and are always the best episodes that they do.

  12. Helen says:

    First Booth looks HOT! Note he kicked down the door, scared the crap out of Pellant. Also note Christine is wearing a christening outfit of sorts. And Booth looks dressed up for it too. *Sighs* now Brennan? you run off and leave Booth to deal with everything, then just stay away. Booth? Apply for full custody of your daughter. You will get it.

    • Christina says:

      She won’t leave the baby. If she takes her, it’s essentially a kidnapping, which really won’t help if she’s already being framed for murder.

      • Stacey says:

        Not if Booth okays it. It sounds like he catches up, and then if she does leave. Booth goes along with. He might not be happy. But Pelant is on the loose. I think he would agree with it….

    • JulesC says:

      Booth has been looking old and haggard to me lately. Just, old, middle aged. That haircut is not flattering.

      • Whew says:

        Yeah, I’m not feeling the Forest Gump haircut. And I like wrinkles and craggy looking guys but DB looks like he needs a facial. Or Hugh Laurie’s departed makeup artist- House looks like his age but glowing, maybe just from the Vicodin sweat sheen? Ahh, nostalgic for the days of House&Bones as appointment tv.

      • BB+B says:

        Twitter didn’t like the haircut either. ;) But I guess the producers couldn’t make DB grow it out. And the Joey Tribbiani method of squinting to emote hasn’t helped either. Really hope he and ED go back to their acting coach.

      • Begorrah says:

        How juvenile you are, good thing I don’t mention how pudgy Brennan looks these days. Get over it, actors age, put on weight, don’t be so shallow.

        • Endameyum says:

          If the show gets mileage out of hot!!!Booth comments, being shallow is part of the game.
          And Brennan’s weight is not the problem- she needs a better wardrobe.

        • Naya says:

          lets not forget that ED just had a baby a few months ago. I actually like that she is one of the few actresses where you actually can see that they used to be pregnant just a little while ago and don’t look like it never happened because they starved themselves

  13. Gail says:

    OMG If Brennan runs away and takes the baby. I don’t think I will ever forgive her. Booth, like others said is not a happy bunny. He does not like what Brennan and Max have cooked up. She does that to Booth? she is dead to me.

  14. Heather says:

    @gail ITA. I don’t see how Booth could ever forgive Brennan. Total betrayal. How could he EVER trust her again when she flees instead of fighting. And spliting their family. Yep Brennan would be on my Sh*t List too. :(

  15. John says:

    So then Booth has hot revenge sex with Caroline! I’ve never trusted that smooth talker. All cher’ this, and cher’ that….

  16. I think Booth sends Bones and Christine away with Max. I don’t think Brennan would want to run. The picture of Max and Booth is probably Booth telling Max to take care of them, and what he’ll do to him if anything happens to them.

    • Stacey says:

      This is what I think as well. I can see Brennan not wanting to leave and Booth convincing her to take Christine and go into hiding with her dad.

    • zonk39 says:

      ive read this scenario many times but havent they promoted it as someone doesnt make it? meaning they kill another person off like vincent. guess we’ll find out monday night

    • Robin says:

      I agree. I think they go with Booth’s reluctant consent. He sees that Pelant is too dangerous for them to stay out in the open. Get a grip, everyone. They don’t plan to split up B&B. Hart and Nathan were just interviewed not long ago about the plans they have for stories next season! And that Pelant would turn everything on it’s head and scare the crap out of everyone for a “little while,” not forever! Jeeze Louise!

  17. JulesC says:

    How much drama can there be? They’re all coming back next season.

  18. Naya says:

    it could be a “you’re already a suspect so leave and protect our kid and I stay behind and clear your name” situation. For all we know, the must fear for Christines life. But I wouldn’t but it past Brennan to try to leave with Max and CHristine without telling Booth. She is very Mama Bear, but also very concious of what a man Booth is. We know he was willing to betray his believes for Brennan (willing to implicate himself at Max trial…) but she also knows he as a older son who knows his dad. Christine may miss a “Dad” if they leave but not “Daddy”. Booth would have plausible deniability and could keep working towards clearing her name

  19. Alanna says:

    This episode hasn’t aired yet, so instead of making such hateful comments, why don’t we wait until we have all SEEN the episode to form opinions?

    Relax, people.

    • Jo says:


      Plus, who among us wouldn’t have similar feelings in that kind of scenario? You’d want to do whatever it took to protect your child, and if it meant running, so be it.

    • TT says:

      Total agreement!

      • CarlagUK says:

        And me!!. For goodness sake let’s just wait and see the episode before jumping to conclusions. Yes, OK, it’s going to be scary, but at least it will make for interesting viewing to finish the series. And a word of advice to loyal ‘Bones’ Fans. Don’t get too inflamed by the negative vibes from some bloggers, It’s only their opinion, which they are after all entitled to give. Keep the Faith.

    • Jamie says:

      Amen alanna i agree 100 precent

  20. Jasper777 says:

    Well, I am pretty sure that a husband does not have to testify against a wife in Maryland, DC and Virginia- where ever the hell they live in the mighty hut. So if Booth can’t help her he won’t hurt her. He sure wouldn’t be forced to hurt her in testimony while he works behind the scenes to clear her name. Don’t be so sure of a baby being Christened in this episode. We have been lead astray by cast members, show creators and directors many times…….think about this one folks.

    • Jo says:

      That might be, but Booth and Brennan are not married, so that law doesn’t apply to them…

      As for the christening, it could happen in this episode. We know that Booth takes the Catholic sacraments pretty seriously, so he’d want it, and Brennan already said a couple of episodes ago that it was ok with her.Christine’s already a few months old, and that’s typically the time people do that, so…

      • Robin says:

        That could push Brennan toward marriage, so that Booth isn’t caught between loving her and having to testify against her….just saying!

  21. SusN says:

    I think that Christine wil go in to hiding with Max. Leaving Booth and Brennan behind to clear Brennan ‘s name.

  22. GSac says:

    This season’s big baddie is even less of a presence than the sniper turned out to be.
    And really, it’s a procedural not Game of Thrones, so what’s really at stake here anyway?
    Can’t the show just focus on good cases and stop the actors from phoning in the performances? One was pregnant, what’s the other one’s excuse?

  23. Poignant Prose says:

    @Jasper777- :-)
    You give this season’s writers much too much credit. That would be an excellent story line, but too creative and too out of the box.

    The story has been told, fans need to think.

    • BB+B says:

      I’d actually be ok with BB getting married if that’s how it plays out. Would be more interesting than lesson #178 on the domestication of Brennan through the Power of Love.

  24. Wendy says:

    I’m intrigued. And in looking at the pictures, Booth does NOT look all that upset with Brennan, so I have no idea why some are leaping to the conclusion that Brennan is a cold bitch to poor, poor Booth. Lord.

    • Alanna says:

      Thank you! Someone who is making sense. We don’t know the circumstances to these photos yet, so I think people should just take a deep breath and stop jumping to conclusions.

    • tia says:

      ^^ THANKYOU !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      brennan is not a quitter …………..that should have been plenty clear to ppl following the show since the past SIX seasons !!!!!!! God.

  25. Abby says:

    I’m not sure what to even say about this. What with DB’s tweets over the past week and the insistance that viewers will be in tears by all TPTB, I just don’t know anymore. They’re kind of in a sucky place with this show. Sure, there are those that are loving the gooey-ness that is the Bren/Booth constant lovefest..but there are plenty that are not ok with overprotective!Booth replacing acting!Booth. Just because there’s a baby now doesn’t mean that all acting ability can go away. I still watch for the crimes and the CAST dynamic. I like Brennan & Booth together but this season has been like one-long-horrible episode. Unless they do some tragic cliffhanger for the finale, I’m not sure I’ll want to tune in next season. They’re just losing me and I’m not even wanting to fight for it anymore.

  26. Cheryl says:

    They do have a church lined up for something in this next episode. That would be an excellent preemptive move there Jasper. You are correct about the husband /wife priviledge- and it does extend to knowledge prior to marriage. Very clever.

    There has been talk that Angela will prove to be a very important friend during Season 8- she would most likely know where Bones is hiding out and not give it up. SN also said the team dynamic will change for the first part of Season 8. People need to stop thinking that Brennan and Booth can’t be seperated but still in every episode working to a positive end.

    The real sad part is if we have it figured out. Too easy??

  27. Rachel says:

    Since when does brennan always run? Are we watching the same series? Two Bodies in the Lab she refuses to quit the case after being shot at, The Man in the Morgue she stays and insists on finding out the truth, even if that means she killed somebody, and in Judas on a Pole she stays on the case event hough people were hunting her brother. So when precisely has she ever ran before? The only way she would leave is if Booth wanted her to.

    • Alex says:

      I don’t think she is running away; like you say it’s Brennan; she loves to kicks butt! But I guess risking her and Booth’s baby’s life isn’t an option for her.

    • madbengalsfan85 says:

      Christine changes things for Brennan…she has to consider her daughter in regards to these sorts of things

  28. Alex says:

    Finally another good arc! I’ve been watching this show on and off for years, but it is when they build a good story arc when they get me glued to the tv. Out of these set of pictures, I think Brennan & Little Brennan are going into hidding with Max’s help. Booth stays to solve the case along with the Jeffersonian team.

  29. paganbabe says:

    I’ve always loved it when David kicks down a door…..sigh.

  30. Jean says:

    My first thought was that Booth has to arrest Bones because of the evidence Pelant planted pointing to Bones as a suspect. Booth sends Christine with Max to keep her safe until he catches Pelant. Now, after looking at the photos, I am wondering if Bones leaves with Max and Christine. Also, someone beloved is suppose to die. I thought either Max or Hank (Booth’s grandpa), so that would discount Max leaving with them. They have really built up B & B being a family with episodes including Max and Parker, so you know the season finale will have to do with their family being torn apart. I personally love the two of them together.

  31. Lilu says:

    I WISH the new villain was threatening enough to make Bones go into hiding. I think he’s even less developed than the sniper. And based on the stereotypes the pregnancy/baby gave us, I don’t think the writers can or are interested in exploring Bones and Booth in a serious crisis.

    Which, whatever, but they need better cases. Or better jokes. Not the “born in a manger! wacky us!” stuff.

  32. Astrid says:

    Omg I’m so exited but very very worried!!! I love Bones no matter what, but aaahhh May 14 please come fast..

  33. gina says:

    This looks amazing!!! Bones has been so good this season!!!

    and LOL at the people who “hate” the show and stopped watching….. yet still commenting on it… lol and they call Brennan a loser…. right….

  34. Heeriam says:

    Well, there’s no sugarcoating the ratings, even factoring in overall lower numbers for all shows.

    I wish the producers would stop baiting (“promoting”) the show with drama they can’t deliver (see- Gravedigger, dream sex, Hannah, BB getting together). Instead focus week to week on Bones as the reliable and solid show. Feel the same way about HIMYM. Isn’t that what made these shows steady sleeper hits in the first place?

    • BB+B says:

      So much WORD.
      I’m hoping the finale is not much and it’s business as usual. Anything more dramatic and I’m thinking it’ll be like House- using one dramatic event to drum up interest, hoping to drown out all the criticisms about the show. Even fans of the show know big character and story arcs are not Bones’ strength. Go back to the basics!

    • frostbitten says:


    • madbengalsfan85 says:

      It’s the season finale…it’s supposed to be dramatic…figure next season (with it’s full allotment of episodes) will return to normal…just too many stories this season and not enough time to tell them

    • jonstewart4president says:

      Well no sugarcoating, but network ratings are indeed down everywhere, and for Fox, Bones has consistently been their best, or among their best, rated drama this season. Which should tell you where Fox is. Touch, for example, started out in the 3s, but has been getting lower and lower demo ratings, to 1.9s lately. And those 1.9s by Touch are with a lead-in of American Idol, which still has a lot of viewers and pretty high demos (though it too is no longer the powerhouse it once was). Bones has no such lead-in, and pretty tough competition on Monday nights with DWTS; The Voice and yes, HIMYM.

      Though I agree, Bones would be a better show if it knocked off so much of the broad comedy shtick, and went back to what it was in seasons 1-4. And I agree, HIMYM also is suffering from fatigue, and should get back to it’s basics. But *shrugs* oh wells.

      • jonstewart4president says:

        Oh, I meant to say among the best demos for Fox among their dramas. Should have been more specific. Whoops!

    • kindledup says:

      Especially because I agree, with the exception of the 100th episode, Bones is not good at big, dramatic storylines. Gormagon, dream sex, season 4 baby, Booth’s brain tumor, heartbreaking but aborted 1 year apart, Hannah, abrupt pregnancy, housing conflict and magically self building cheap house, etc. The show never lives up to the hype. Either plot points get dropped without resolution or end up anticlimatic. Stick to what works. I watch despite the stupid drama, not for it.

      • kindledup says:

        And re: ratings, notice the best network ratings go to procedurals and sitcoms that happily toodle along. Leave the serious drama to the professionals, i.e. HBO, AMC and FX.

  35. O'Brien says:

    Has anyone considered that Brennan wants to stay and Booth asks her to go? Because Brennan would think she would be vital and necessary to catching Pellant, and Booth would want them as far away as humanly possible. Just throwing that out there. The pictures aren’t necessarily in order. Booth could be begging Brennan to go.

  36. Jean says:

    Another thought. Her leaving with the baby opens up a jump in time. How long will they be separated? Months? Years? Will Booth find someone else since they are not married?Will she? Hmmm

    • Wendy says:

      Pelant goes into S8, so it doesn’t appear to be a time jump. Which is fine. That is just lazy. And I doubt HH is busting up B&B a la Hannah again. ‘Cause that went over so well (serious third party) the first time.

    • Jillian says:

      B&B aren’t breaking up. HH repeatedly said that. And I don’t think Booth would ever cheat Brennan.

  37. gina says:

    Pelant guys is freaky as heck!!! I love this kind of drama!

    I think B&B are solid and whatever they decide, they do it together.

  38. meemoz says:

    Can’t stop loving this show !!!!!

  39. Georgina says:

    Boy people are harsh on this show. I’ll admit, Bones isn’t what it used to be but honestly I can’t name a show that I still love passionately well into its 7th season. Okay maybe BtVS is an exception. You guys complain about the baby but if it were just Booth and Brennan together for season 7 would you have liked the show any better? The answer is probably no. Things have changed and there’s no going back to how it was. You either adapt or move on to something else. Btw I don’t think they could have hid Emily’s pregnancy. She is the female lead of the show, it’s not like she spends a small amount of time sitting in a room analyzing evidence behind some fancy equipment on a huge desk while wearing black all the time. If they did that you guys would have deemed it as ridiculous and another reason to hate the show.

    • Welles says:

      I admit Bones fans are harsh, but having been a close fan for ages, the producers are sorta asking for it, what with the baiting and insulting and deliberate misunderstanding of fans. It’s mutual, or a vicious cycle or whatever. What I mean is, the show sets the tone- Parks & Recreation is in its 4th year and the fans are super nice despite not being shy with criticisms. Joss Whedon gets flames of hate but wins cultish following for his style, etc. If Bones fans are bitter and now just analyze BB romance to death like some lame female stereotype, it’s ultimately the kind of fans the show invited.

    • They could of hid Emily’s pregnancy. Chris Carter did for Gillian Anderson on The X files and Gillian didn’t take along ass maternity leave like Emily did. Gillian had her daughter and went back to work about two weeks later. If Emily was a trooper she could of done the exact same thing!!

      • Georgina says:

        So there’s a definition for being a trooper now? That is going back to work 2 weeks after having a baby? Maybe Emily just decided that spending time with her baby was more important than doing a stupid show that people dislike so much.

      • raven says:

        Maybe, just maybe, Emily, as a new mother wanted to actually…..wait for it……spend some time with her baby. Maybe she actually thinks her brand new child is more important than her job.

  40. jonstewart4president says:

    I’m very glad the show is FINALLY getting back to doing more drama. So tired of all the comedy and filler episodes. Yes, they were cute the first one or two times, but over it. And this next week will be yet another fluffy episode. Ugh.

    So thank goodness for some crime! and drama again. The show needs to lighten up with the lightening up. Too much comedy in the dramedy lately, for me.

    And I know the season has been odd in it’s scheduling and writing due to Emily’s pregnancy, and later maternity leave, and all the weird hiatuses that networks seem to do lately. But that being said, next year won’t have that to deal with, so I hope that the show takes this dramatic finale, and runs more with THAT tone for at least part of next season.

    • Tubebrain says:

      Well, hopefully, the failure of The Finder will convince HH that the quirky humor is not to road to success. We have USA for that.

  41. shockpop08 says:

    I hope it’s completely different that what everyone is speculating. That would be great! Hart Hanson said that “they debated what the last image of the episode would be.” That sounds intriguing. Any guesses?

  42. Amy says:


    This looks so good. I’m so excited!!! I’ve fallen in love with this show all over again. It’s been so good this season. The first Pelant episode was brilliant. Can’t wait for this installment.

  43. My guess is this:

    Remember when Brennan got her father off his charges by making it look like she herself was more of a suspect? Pelant has worked it so Brennan will be prosecuted for a crime. The tough decision? Keep Max’s secret and let Brennan go to jail and risk her being convicted, or tell the truth about Max’s crimes and send him to prison for life.

    I don’t think Pelant will be out to kill any of them, I think in this situation he might prefer this kind of torture.

    • Jailyn says:

      The flaw in your logic: Max wouldn’t be able to be tried again for those murders. It’s the whole double jeopardy thing. They’d have to find completely new evidence that was never used before…more than just based on what someone says.

      But you’re on track with your thought. Pelant murders someone (a person linked to Brennan), and tries to frame Brennan for that murder. As stated earlier in this article (and in the press release), “In the episode, titled “The Past in the Present,” the imprisoned tech genius (played by Andrew Leeds) is linked to yet another murder – only this time the victim is a friend of Brennan’s. Worse still, key pieces of evidence link the new mother to the crime!”

      It really has nothing to do with Max. Unless he tells Brennan to run to avoid being arrested and put in prison. But that’s just a guess…

  44. Cheryl says:

    @villagevegan Then why kill one of Brennan’s friends and make the evidence point to her! No need- just rely on the case from her freeing her Dad.

    Pellant gets too close to killing Brennan or shows B&B he has the ability to kill them or the baby at will, they won’t see it coming. I think this may scare Brennan enough to have her run with the baby. If (and that is one big if, consistantcy sucks on this show), IF the writers have built her up so much with her needing a picture of the child every hour, then there is the set up for her having to go hide with the baby no matter where she goes.

    • Christina says:

      Exactly. They’ve set her up to be this crazy overprotective helicopter mom. It’s not about the baby’s well-fare as much as it is about her peace of mind. I don’t know if Pelant even wants them dead, I think he seems more like a guy who wants them out of his hair i.e separated. So by running Brennan would give him exactly what he wants.

      • Wendy says:

        Except the press release explains the motivation for Brennan. I won’t say what it is, as I don’t want to spoil anyone, but the setup for her to run makes sense beyond being an overprotective mother. And that Pelant is a dangerous freak.

  45. Livvy says:

    I wonder if Booth will be the one who exits. David B. Has been tweeting hints of leaving and moving on to new oportunities. Hart Hanson tweeted an idea of bringing back Agent Sully. That would kill the show.

    • Wendy says:

      I doubt it. Before Bones’ remewal, DB tweeted some pic tweets with “8” in them, etc. I think he is staying. Now, whether those opportunities after after that? I can see Bones done after next season. And Hart Hanson has mentioned Sully now and again on Twitter for a while now.

      • madbengalsfan85 says:

        I know the crew mentioned doing two more seasons during Paley

      • Wendy says:

        Make that *are* after that… But, if below is right and the crew mentioned two more seasons, I’m guessing DB is playing with the Twitter peeps again.

    • madbengalsfan85 says:

      Think DB may be trolling

      • Wendy says:

        Hee, yeah. I don’t think it’s malicious, but he did that before. I remember when he tweeted about leaving (and showing boxes), people freaked for DAYS. Come to find out, it was about Booth leaving his apartment for a place with Brennan. And the boxes? In Brennan’s office during that scene where she fell and Booth had to come and help her. David likes…inciting interest,.

      • Toys says:

        And the kind of response, freaking out over when common sense tells you he’s not leaving the show, it says a lot about the kind of audience he’s playing to. Word on whoever above says the show deserves whatever fandom it’s left with now.

  46. suzi says:

    I think that perhaps Brennan is being arrested in the pics, and that Booth is warning Max not to take matters in his own hands, as he has done in the past.

  47. MorganBaby says:

    I’m really not sure what will happen in this episode, but hints have pointed towards marriage.
    Also, in some pictures, Booth is wearing his Cocky belt buckle, he has not been wearing it. So does this mean he put it back on or will we be seeing flashbacks, hence the “Past” in the title.

  48. Gina says:

    Boreanaz isn’t going anywhere, he loves to stir people up. About all he can do for fun since he is tethered to the home front these days. Neither he or Emily would leave six digit paychecks for every episode they send to the editing crew. They are not that stupid.

    Boreanaz should kiss the ground in the Fox lot everyday he goes to work. I can’t think of another actor that was outed as bad as he was and sued by several women associated with a series show and still have a job on that same show. Certainly not one still accepted with open arms by the show creators when he touted to the women on the set that he was the “boss” and could make “things happen.” for them.

    Lucky, lucky guy. Shown a lot of grace by everyone that is around him on the set.

    • Wendy says:

      DB admitted to an affair. While that sucks hard core, for himself and his family, the other stuff sounds like hear say. Maybe it did happen. Maybe not. But no one here was there and knows for sure. And if it did, it doesn’t make me think much of the chicks involved, either. And considering how well he and ED seem to get along, I think things are gray where things are concerned. And, anyway, that crap has zip to do with the topic.

      • Toys says:

        Tough going. Don’t want tawdry scandal attached to your public persona, don’t sleep with Tiger Woods’ castoff during wife’s pregnancy. It’s a tv show promo, not a thesis dissertation, people will chatter.

      • Jillian says:

        We know David had an affair. He admitted that…but that’s all we know. We don’t if the other stuff really happened. Maybe it happened. Maybe it didn’t. But I agree with Wendy. He has such a great friendship with Emily and everyone on set, I find it hard to believe that a lot of those things happen.

      • suzyku says:

        Totally agree with you Wendy! Gina sounds like she’s kind of petty and bitter!

  49. Jillian says:

    Why is everyone saying Brennan is going to break Booth’s heart?? Has anyone even seen the last episode? She runs up and kisses him…and tells him that “I do trust you.” She loves him. She trusts him more than anyone. She would never just leave and not tell him.

    Also…the caption says “Booth and Brennan make a decision.” To me…it looks they deciding whether or not she should leave and saying good bye….and Booth telling Max, “If anyone happens to them…”

  50. William Branson says:

    Pellant is evil, but so clever. It’s fun to watch him display his superior intellect. I hope he continues his evil ways into next year’s episodes. Creepy and intense.