Two and a Half Men's Ashton Kutcher, Jon Cryer and Angus T. Jones Set For Season 10

Two and a Half Men‘s central trio of Ashton Kutcher, Jon Cryer and Angus T. Jones are thisclose to locking in deals for the comedy’s 10th and possibly final season.

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According to our sister site, the actors will return at their current salaries but with a nice signing bonus attached. For the record, Kutcher and Cryer are currently pocketing around $700,000 per episode, with Jones earning roughly $300,000.

With the deals almost done, CBS can turn its attention to ironing out a new license fee deal with producer Warner Bros.

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  1. jaynecobb2 says:

    I need to get into acting $700,000 per ep.

  2. Kyle says:

    overrated… they don’t deserve this much considering the kind of acting they deliver

  3. joe says:

    They should’ve ended last year,its is it my or did cryers character get more leachy this year? And some of the episodes like the vomit one were just bad, I pretty much keep it on because its between 2 broke girls and mike and Molly

  4. John Berggren says:

    This series makes buckets of cash. Whether you like them or not, the driving forces behind this are the actors (and Chuck Lorre). They deserve to be paid.

    • joe says:

      You right it’s all about the money

      • John Berggren says:

        Of course it’s all about the money. 2.5 Men has never been about “Art”. If you want a great sitcom watch Community, How I Met Your Mother, or Modern Family. But I’m a firm believer that actors should share in the profits.

  5. xwiseguyx says:

    I’d still take this show over any of NBC’s Thursday night lineup.. and it’s making buckets of cash because it’s better…

  6. Magically Suspicious says:

    I know its not the popular opinion, but I like the show a lot better with Ashton. I am watching the show now for the first time in several seasons. I thought it had gotten stale with Charlie Sheen. I do agree with the person that said that Alan’s character is far too leechy now. He’s gone over the edge between funny and annoying. I love Walden and Jake, but Alan could use a rewrite.

  7. Christina says:

    Ashton’s a douche…this show needs to end.

  8. Lisa says:

    I’m a Kutcher fan but I would rather watch a rerun of TAHM with Sheen as part of the cast than the mess the show has become now.
    I don’t blame the actors.
    The show is just not that good anymore.IMHO

  9. guest says:

    how this show has lasted 10 seasons, i’ll never know. Good think the kid is making buckets of cash, b/c I can’t see him having a career after this

  10. MJ says:

    I would love a spin off with Alan and Lindsey living t

  11. MJ says:

    I would love a spin off with Alan and Lindsey living together and having their moms in and out versus the current show.

  12. Danielle H says:

    That kid is set for life if he’s just smart about his money..

  13. Brendan says:

    Angus T Jones has just been incredibly annoying ever since he went through puberity… I hate his character. Makes the show almost unwatchable.

  14. Velvet says:

    I never watched the show with Kutcher and I never will. Charlie was the show.

  15. Adrian Kimberly says:

    What about that delightfully dirty (and straight-talkin’) housekeeper?! She’s a hoot and a half.

  16. Shar says:

    Quit watching when Charlie left. I have seen bits and pieces from time to time. I did watch last night to see Kathy Bates. She was great as Charlie, but the the rest of the show, was awful.

  17. James says:

    Kutcher brings something nice and fresh to the show that it needed beyond booze, girls and drug references. Lorre has actually made it about Walden and his relationship with Zoe, rather than make Walden a playboy similar to Charlie.
    I agree though, 10th season should be it’s last

  18. godzilla's_foil says:

    What a huge waste of money on horrible “acting” and absolutely poor scripts.

  19. RENNY says:

    Now its turning into three men.

  20. Suzie says:

    I like the fact that ATJ has all this super crazy money and he’s not the typical hollywood teen:)

  21. Jack Bauer says:

    28 million viewers wasn’t too bad for Ashton’s debut on Two and a Half Men but let’s hope next season may end up being its last if CBS is going to prove them wrong.

  22. Aidan Williams says:

    This is really exciting news Two and a Half Men is my favourite show and to hear that it is coming back for Season 10 is awesome.

  23. X2 says:

    This show is becoming more ridiculous, i cannot stand Alan and Zooey, Jake has become even more stupid than what he already was. Don’t get me started with the grandmas… This show should have ended last season when Charlie left.

  24. Martina says:

    last nights episode me realise that they should have just replaced the charlie character

  25. I don’t think the show will ever get any better. Without Charlie Sheen it’s awful. The script writers seem to have lost creativity. Maybe Charlie himself was their source of inspiration. None of the situations are funny any more. Alan has become a totally stupid man, completely unlikeable and Angus’ character is unbelievably mentally- challenged. Walden is neither funny nor charming. Chuck Lorre most probably know that “TAAHM” should end immediately, but maybe he’s too proud to admit it.

    • forrest says:

      Basically, “Let’s keep churning these things out as long as the cash register keeps ringing” – Until viewers leave, shows like this will last forever – regardless of who they bring in or how stupidly bad the scripts get. IMHO.

  26. zabzeb says:

    The show sucks..And its not just beacause the Sheen left,the script and the directing has also gone really bad.
    Also,cryer drives me crazy,i hope his character dies in the end!

  27. bill says:

    Taahm nauseates me now Sheen was what made it work. Jake is a retard..and I always hoped Charlie would have killed the leech..forget Walden. Poor writing should be off the air Lorre screwed it up with his ego