The Voice Semifinals Results Recap: Did the Right 4 Singers Advance to the Finale? [Updated]

katrina parkerCee Lo Green never uses 10 words when he can use 1,300, but on tonight’s semifinal results telecast of The Voice, there was a very direct message in the middle of his intergalactic free-verse poetry. The cat-strokin’ dude was correct: It’s been well documented that his team contained “two of arguably the best contestants on this show” — and it totally blew that one of ’em had to go home under the “one finalist per coach” rule that continues to be the absolute worst aspect of NBC’s fledgling singing competition. (Yes, even worse than Christina Milians and Milians of Inane Questions from the Sprint Lounge!)

Before we get to the results, a few notes on the telecast:

* What happened to the kindly stylist who’d dialed back the crazy on Xtina’s makeup and clothes during the quarterfinal rounds? That person needs to come back to The Voice next week — no matter the cost to the production!

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* I’ve got to admit, I was excited, relieved , and a little surprised that The Voice finally (finally!) acknowledged the existence of its Season 1 finalists, none of whom have had much chart success since coming off the show. Surely, The Voice‘s producers realize that if their program doesn’t become a legitimate launching pad for radio play and record sales, it lowers the stakes of the competition, and puts the entire enterprise at risk, no? I just hope the promotional push for the Season 1 gang wasn’t a case of too little too late.

* If I had to rank the evening’s performances from last year’s final four — and I kind of do, don’t I? — it’s a pretty obvious undertaking:

1) Vicci Martinez (with Cee Lo), “Come Along” | A moody and melodic number from Cee Lo’s war-dancin’ machine. This chick really seems to have grown into her rock-star persona since leaving the show, and maybe with a little help from her coach, she can conquer the airwaves? I’ve already downloaded her EP based on this performance alone.

2) Dia Frampton (with Kid Cudi), “Don’t Kick the Chair” | The juxtaposition of a pretty melody and bright whistling with a jarring suicide reference was perfectly, quirkily Dia. I’m not sure this single is hook-y enough to conquer Top 40 radio, but it’s ultimately got an empowering message, and Dia sounded lilting and lovely as ever.

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3) Javier Colon, “A Drop in the Ocean” | Uff da: 1989 called, and it wants its unreleased Babyface demos back. I may not have been Team Javier back in Season 1, but from the dreary melody to the surprisingly strained vocals on those final runs, this was a disappointment.

4) Beverly McClellan (with Cyndi Lauper), “Money Changes Everything” | Don’t get me wrong: “Money Changes Everything” is an unbelievably great song, and Cyndi looked fantastic. But this duet was a hot honeyed wreck of caterwauling and craziness.

And now, let’s talk results:

Team Xtina
Xtina’s scores (out of a possible 100): Chris Mann, 50. Lindsey Pavao, 50.
Xtina’s scores + America’s votes: Chris Mann, 104. Lindsey Pavao, 96.
Advancing: Chris Mann
Bottom Line: Like Xtina said, this was like comparing “apples to oranges” — or as I prefer to think of it, Andrea Bocelli to Rickie Lee Jones. And the superclose voting supported that idea. Still, if Xtina wanted a team member with a real chance at burning up the charts, I think she shoulda thrown a few more points in Lindsey’s direction. Heck, a 55-45 split would’ve given Lindsey the win, 101-99!

Team Adam
Adam’s scores: Tony Lucca, 60. Katrina Parker, 40.
Adam’s scores + America’s votes: Tony Lucca, 108. Katrina Parker, 92.
Advancing: Tony Lucca
Bottom Line: If Adam had gone the 50-50 route, America would’ve advanced Katrina to the finale. But Adam is caught in a bad bromance. He has been since the blind auditions. The word makes him gag, but still, he’s got to put bros before…talent? It’s official: Adam is the worst. And wasn’t it annoying the way he assumed that by splitting his votes 60-40, he’d doomed Katrina’s chances? I was really hoping she’d drawn 61 percent of America’s vote — just to see the Maroon 5 frontman eat his words.

Team Blake
Blake’s scores: Erin Willett, 50. Jermaine Paul, 50.
Blake’s scores + America’s votes: Jermaine Paul, 123. Erin Willett, 71.
Advancing: Jermaine Paul
Bottom Line: There was no way Erin had a hope in hell of getting more votes than Jermaine, so really, Blake’s even split on his own votes was like a nice consolation prize of Rice-a-Roni and a limited edition of Trivial Pursuit. (I loved the birthday girl’s “let’s get drunk!” parting invite to her coach.) Oh, and side note: Blake really needs to stop trying to perpetuate the “Jermaine is the guy to beat” myth. More like “Jermaine is the guy to beat… for a fourth-place finish.”

Team Cee Lo
Cee Lo’s scores: Juliet Simms, 60. Jamar Rogers, 40.
Cee Lo’s scores + America’s votes: Juliet Simms, 112. Jamar Rogers, 79.
Advancing: Juliet Simms
Bottom Line: Juliet would have to be implicated in an ugly rooster-fighting scandal — or really choke next Monday night — to lose out on inheriting Javier Colon’s crown and sash. That said, who else thinks Jamar would’ve provided stiffer competition than Jermaine, Chris, and/or Tony had the producers bent the rules and allowed him into next week’s finale, too?

What did you think of the semifinal results? Did any of the decisions break your heart or make you particularly psyched? Sound off below!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Giorgio says:

    Chris is a million times better than Lindsay who sounds like a dying cat. Chris actually has an original voice. The Lindsay girl is a dime a dozen. Glad she is gone!!! Buh bye!

  2. krtvmnd says:

    Personally I think the judges getting to save players should have ended last week. Let the FANS make the decision now. Chris had a trained voice but how marketable was he? As for Tony (who I do like and own some of his Cds) I think his only good performances were the blinds and the Britney cover. Adam clearly liked him better as he basically said last night. I also preferred Erin to Jermaine.. and as for Juliet & Jamar well I would buy both their cds as I would with Katrina. What I don’t get is the people saying that they are going to stop watching. It is a competition show so of course it isn’t always going to the way we want it to but I still enjoy all the new artists I am being introduced to!! I had a feeling when Tony would make it to the finals when I first heard he would be on. The whole MMC thing and then Christina not recognizing him…. they milked it or tried to. I am hoping for a Juliet win!!! I did not care for her initially but every time I heard her I liked her more and the last 2 performances were incredible!!

    • Name That Tune says:

      Is Chris “marketable” to a mainstream audience? Probably not, but there are LOTS of people with MONEY who like opera and classical music. So, he’s quite marketable to them.

  3. IdaRed says:

    Based on vocal ability alone I am happy about Chris Mann even though he needs some serious work on the personality. Jermaine over Erin was a no-brainer. Would have preferred to see Katrina because Tony is such a “lounge” singer and not a very good one IMO and Katrina’s vocals are superior overall. I think Adam’s been lobbying for Tony ever since Xtina made that ridiculous remark about Tony being supported by the other mouseketeers. It’s a close one for me between Jamar and Juliet and between them I guess it just comes down to (like Adam) who I liked better and that would be Juliet. Even if CeeLo applied the 50/50 Juliet still would’ve one by a couple of points unlike Katrina and Tony. I was happy to see Blake and Xtina give the 50/50.

  4. oliver says:

    I can’t believe Adam didn’t lean more on Katrina with his vote. She so deserves more than Tony to advance to the finals. I mean her last several performances just speaks for itself, enough said. It should have been a no brainer, even Xtina was telling him. But I’m really glad to how America responded towards Katrina. I really thought Tony would get the higher votes as he always was saved by it. damn…i really hope and look forward to hearing a record from Katrina though. I so admire Adam but this is minus points for him.

  5. Sandi says:

    The thing that just bugs me about Tony, is that he is painful to WATCH while he is singing. I know you have to open your mouth to hit those big notes, but have you noticed how WIIIIIDE he opens his when he sings? Once I noticed it, that’s all I can focus on…so I don’t focus on his singing at all. And I do believe that his friendship with celebrities sending out their requests to “vote for Tony”‘, resulted in him doing as well with America’s votes. imagine if Justin Timberlake had not enlisted the aid of friends to vote for Tony…once America voted Adam would have had to vote 90% for Tony to help him win over Katrina!

  6. JayEss says:

    I have to admit to being dumbfounded about this board’s distaste for Jermaine… He blew me away. Him and Juliette are the clear top two in my mind… Jamar was good but something about him made me question his sincerity… which was completely confirmed by his reaction last night. Classless. Adam can’t win by picking the fan loser… and no setup… Adam just screwed up and got caught up in thinking America loves his song choices more than the Voices on his team.

    • soundscene says:

      A 52/48 split (Katrina/Tony) isn’t really a telling fan vote. Tony beat Katrina in the vote every other week, so I don’t think he could be called the “fan loser.” Last week Tony went first, Katrina had the more marketable song, and Christina basically told America they were wrong if they voted for Tony. It’s not exactly rocket science as to why she got the slight lead this week. She’s a great vocalist, but her lead this week was the exception, not the general rule thus far. Besides, why does everybody think Adam knew Katrina had a slight lead and so was *giving* Tony the spot? Is Adam psychic all of a sudden?

  7. Jen says:

    Perhaps they should consider changing the name of the show from “The Voice” to “The Ego”. Xtina looked ridiculous in her cheesy crown…what is she, at a 5 yr old’s princess party? Adam disgusted me with his bromance nonsense giving the win to that undeserving mouskateer over a CLEARLY superior Katrina. Cee Lo made the right decision. Blake…I have nothing to say about him since he lost when he cut Jordis. Thank you for your attention.

  8. Love you, Michael says:

    I am over this show after this season – especially if Juliet doesn’t win. Chris and Jermaine do not in any way deserve to be in the finale. They have technical skills but no ability to translate them to an actual song or the audience. Tony wouldn’t be there with Justin Timberlake – he is ordinary at best. Last week was the only performance where I thought he killed it – but I think I liked his dancing more than his singing. Katrina had more talent and versatility – there was NO contest there. Adam is an ass – he should have let America choose. America was right. Katrina should have moved forward….

    The only judge who still has some credibility to me is Cee Lo (yes, I have erased Erin Martin from my brain and it was easy). He knows how to assess and judge people in all different styles of music. Adam and Christina just pick/save people they can musically relate to (I mean are just like them) and really don’t know what happened to Blake (I just find it hard to dislike him).

    Lindsay was just hitting her stride. Sad to see her go. Everything about her glowed last week.

    Anyway, can’t wait to read Michael’s review :)

  9. Love you, Michael says:

    ….and I just wish after they pick their teams. America did all of the voting. The judges are seriously screwing this show up. This final four would look completely different if America were voting. Okay – now I’m whining. I am just annoyed at Adam.

    • soundscene says:

      Yeah, the final four might include Pip and James Massone if America got to completely decide. Whiny and out of tune. Yay, America? Katrina and Lindsay certainly wouldn’t be in the final four.

    • Jen says:

      Adam made an asinine decision and I hope he is catching holy hell from everyone today. I hope Katrina goes on to huge success.

  10. A says:

    Adam is truly the worst…a total douche. He has been a jerk to Katrina this whole time. I hope his next record goes in the toilet.

  11. Steph says:

    Okay so yea the voting sucked and some mistakes were made but we are missing two really big things here people. 1) Christina had a giant sweat spot on her @$$ when she got up to say goodbye to Lindsay, karma for the stupid crown I think. 2) Cyndi Lauper was clearly under the influence while performing, which was just sad.

  12. diaframpton says:

    It’s really weird. When the show started about 2 or 3 months ago, anybody would have been considered deaf crazy if they thought team Cee Lo is going to win. Look at his team now. Not only they are the only can win but also the only one should win or this season will go down the hill like American Idol season 9 (Lee Dewyze – where is he nowww). That will be the same for Jermaine, Chris or Tony if they win the show.
    Cee Lo is on the rise now because he knows how to make a good decision (except for Erin but The Shield Brothers is not good either). His two best are Juliet and Jamar and they are all here right now. Blake used to have Gwen Sebastian, Charlottle Sometimes, Jordis Unga – who can keep it up with Dia Frampton – but he kept Raelynn. Christina maybe didn’t make any serious mistake, just her plan to keep Ashley and Lindsey fell through when she eliminated Jesse (not a wrong decision at alllll – too overrated) and gave some HONEST comments on Tony (what so special about him – I don’t understand). And Adam – extremely good team with Angel, Katrina, Whitney, Mathai. Now he’s gone with Tony – just a shame.
    By the way, am I the only one who love Dia tonight?

  13. angelstorm says:

    A little bummed about Lindsay but oh well – Juliet for the win !

  14. Melissa says:

    Hope Tony Lucca wins! I thought Katrina was ok but we already have an Adele who’s perfect, we don’t need a look-a-like sound-a-like of her too.

    Team Christina: SO glad Chris advanced, Lindsay was horrible. Didn’t like anything she did

    Team Blake: Don’t care. Didn’t like either of them.

    Team CeeLo: I would have rathered Jamar but Juliet is good too. Though this week was my least favourite of her performances.

    GO TONY!!!!

  15. rochelle says:

    What I think that a lot of viewers of the voice don’t realize is that Tony has a pretty large fan base and has had for years. I have purchased his albums and merchandise long before there was a reality singing competition.

    His original music is wonderful and he puts on one hell of a live show. Therefore, I can’t be objective when it comes to his performances on the show because I already know how good he is and that he deserves to win.

  16. david7118 says:

    I’m done with the show and will not watch next season.

  17. Really finding it hard to disagree with all the comments RE Adam Levine.
    He’s coming across as a complete tool IMO, although Christina (Aguilera, NOT Milian. Urgh) has more than her share of catty bullsh*t to match his ego stroking.
    As much as I feel Tony is average (but very likeable & genuine), her comments to him have seemed more like a personal dislike.
    I can see a win for Team Cee-Lo here, but I do think Jermaine has talent, although I wouldn’t listen to him personally.
    Plus Blake is just a cool dude.

  18. TinyTim says:

    Tony Lucca got fewer votes than Katrina.
    Tony Lucca got fewer votes than Katrina.
    Tony Lucca got fewer votes than Katrina.
    Tony Lucca got fewer votes than Katrina.
    Tony Lucca got fewer votes than Katrina.
    Tony Lucca got fewer votes than Katrina.

    He got beat by an unknown but was saved by Adam alone.

    • soundscene says:

      And Adam saved Katrina twice. So… if it weren’t for Adam, Tony would probably be competing with Pip last week. Can’t hate Adam for doing the same thing for Tony as he did for Katrina.

    • tripoli says:

      You do realize she would have been cut weeks ago do to fewer votes? She was saved more than once.

  19. dlferriola says:

    I think Katrina is a much better singer & became more marketable as the show went on. Never liked Tonys limited vocals. Adam make a mistake because he does not have a chance in the finals. Cannot see an opera singer winning either.

  20. Kim says:

    Honestly, for all of you whining that Tony went through over Katrina, the only reason she even made it to the semis was a save by Adam Levine. The public didn’t give her enough votes to get there on her own steam. That reason alone is enough to justify Adam tossing Tony some extra votes. The fact that he had 2 songs in the iTunes top 100 Monday and Tuesday doesn’t hurt either. At the end of the day, it’s about who buys your music, not who votes for you in a game show reality contest. Tony has consistently outsold Katrina on the iTunes charts all season.

    The reality is that while Katrina has a good voice, she is incredibly stiff on stage and just not quite ready for prime time yet. She needs more seasoning. And she needs to develop her own identity before she can succeed in the musical marketplace. Right now, Katrina borrows the identity of whoever’s song she’s singing (hence the constant Adele comparisons). She’s still trying to figure out who she is as a singer. She has great potential, but she’s just not there yet.

    Tony on the other hand, I can pick him out vocally from other singers when I hear his songs in a mix. He has his own style (if you download his original stuff, this is quite clear). He is also a seasoned entertainer. He knows who he is musically. He may be using The Voice to fine tune his musical persona, but the essence of who he is clear. Additionally, his performance on Monday night was entertaining. He puts on a good show and that is part of selling music and putting fans in the stands when it comes to selling concert tickets–something that is important for any singer. The simple reality is that music isn’t just an auditory experience these days. It is a visual one as well. And Tony is both pleasing to the ears and eyes.

    As much as I like Tony’s music, I fully expect Juliet to clean his clock next week. She’s fabulous. And I’ll happily buy her album too when it drops. There’s room in the marketplace for both to succeed (and even Katrina). Shows like these are a great platform. But, what you do with the platform after it is over is what determines long term success. If Katrina can hook up with a good songwriter and a good producer, she could eventually have some decent success down the road. But, she has to figure out who she is first.

    • soundscene says:

      I agree with all of this. Your assessment of Tony and Katrina. And, even though I’m not a Juliet fan, I also expect her to win next week. I never thought Tony would win it all. I knew that his “frontrunner” status in the beginning would lead to backlash in the end. Happens on nearly every season of every singing competition show.

    • Van says:

      Um… as usual a woman in heat writing about how unique Tony is… He doesn’t sound any different than most folk artists. Sorry, but I think you need to get some

  21. TheReasonsY says:

    1. Slezack is right that it is too late for Season 1’s “stars” they are basically all new artists so best of luck. 2. Tony and Cee-Lo want to win. The only TRUE measure for how these contestants are doing is looking at iTunes digital downloads. Calling 10 times etc means nothing to the bottom line and an artist’s continued success (i.e. Taylor Hicks and every idol contestant since). This way if their singer doesn’t win the show they can still win (i.e. the Gaykin, Miranda Lambert, J-Hud) by saying THEY recognized the talent.

    • MamaLis says:

      What are you talking about? Chris Daughtry? Adam Lambert? Scotty McCreery….Kathrine McPhee is on freaking NBC Smash!

    • tripoli says:

      How but you stop being an ignorant ass and refer to people by their actual names, and not by some rude nickname based on sexuality.

  22. MamaLis says:

    I don’t usually watch this show but I watched last night with my son. Why is no one talking about the train-wreck performance that was Cyndi Lauper & Beverly? We actually had to rewind a few times, we couldn’t believe what we were seeing. I think Cyndi was TOTally messed up! Besides the fact that they were both screaming… do you know how many times Cyndi actually HIT Beverly? Like… 3-4 times. She would just give her a big ol’ hit/push to sing. LoL By their last riff in front of the drums, you can actually see a look pass through Beverly eyes like… wtf? Then Carson says, “That was fun.” To which we added, “And by ‘fun’ I mean, the scariest thing I’ve ever seen on this stage.” lol

  23. Terry says:

    I’m convinced!… Beverly McClellan from Season 1 and Tony Vincent from Season 2 are the same person. Check it out for yourself… Has anyone ever seen them in the same room at the same time?

  24. Tiff says:

    I like Tony, but honestly, Slezak is right: Adam is the worst. After weeks of not giving America the power, Adam still couldn’t stifle his control-freak tendencies. And yeah, the way he was talking like Katrina lost when he gave her only 40 points…America has a say, too, doofus!

    I felt bad that Cee Lo did the 60-40 thing on Jamar – the least he could have done was a 55-45, especially since Juliet would have won anyway. But I guess he didn’t want to take chances. Anyway, I’m super glad that Juliet’s in the final. She’s clearly better than all of the other guys. If she doesn’t win, I will hit something.

    Definitely, Juliet vs. Jamar would have been way more interesting than next week’s finale. But hey, I’m just happy that we’re probably going to get a winner with an album that I’ll actually buy.

    • tripoli says:

      America has been saying for weeks that she should get the boot. She was saved by Adam, more than once. Try to keep up.

      • Van says:

        No, America has not… women in heat and guys who wear plaid and beanies in the summer did. Sorry to disappoint you, that when it came down to the final two America said “No,” to Tony Lucca.

  25. Mariah says:

    I think it’s an utter cop-out that the coaches are allowed to split the votes 50/50. I give Adam and Cee-lo kudos for actually DOING THEIR JOB.

    I’m so sick of all the whining about the rules – and I’m sick of Michael continulously encouraging it. Aside from the mid-season addition of the instant illimination rule – which I think was brilliant and led to a definite improvement in the performances from that point on – the rules have been in place from day one. The Voice, like DWTS, has always had the judges/coaches fail-safe built into it to keep the show from simply becoming a popularity contest. It’s never BEEN all about you, America, nor should it be. You’re fickle and prone to short attention spans that reward things in the moment that can’t be sustained over a period of time. Case in point, Katrina. I loved her. I thought Adam was absolutely correct in that she’d shown the most improvement. But she needed to be saved EVERY FREAKING WEEK. Tony never did. The fact that she had a sudden spike in support for a decent albiet unimaginative rendition of an iconic song doesn’t mean she’s got a chance in hell at winning. Tony, with his consistent work and support throughout the season makes more sense. Adam made a very logical choice based on the competition thus far.

  26. David says:

    1) The judges made their choices before America did. Get off Adam’s back.
    2) Many of us have favorites that went out earlier. I wasn’t pleased by Ceelo’s choice of Cheesa over Tony Vincent. We need to get over it and vote for the people who are actually still in the competition.
    3) Juliet isn’t necessarily a lock for the winner. Let’s see how the contestants do with original material next week.

  27. Sha says:

    “Jermaine is the guy to beat… for a fourth-place finish.” Priceless

  28. Fernando says:

    Gosh, the finale can be either awesome (with Juliet winning) or really disappointing (Jermaine being the winner).

  29. xwiseguyx says:

    I was disappointed – only with these comments. Tony did a better performance overall and deserved the point spread. Chris is evidentally an acquired taste – which I acquired from day 1, but I don’t understand how ANYONE can call Lindsay talented… she is off key half the time. It was a joke hearing her compared with the others doing the group singing numbers. She clearly is out of her league and Chris benefitted from that because although he is one of my favorites, I do realize that young 20 somethings are going to not appreciate his diverse talent. All in all – the final 4 are the right 4..The only songs I downloaded were the first week during the blind auditions – Chris and Juliet and amazingly enough, they made the finals.. meaning, I’m right on with America. (Okay, I later downloaded Tony’s Hit Me Baby version because it was a guilty pleasure, but don’t tell anyone.)

  30. justafan says:

    seriously slezak…what did you make in math in school… you do realize the 2 numbers for the contestants MUST end up being equal to 200 right? i think you should go back and look at your numbers for teams blake and cee lo… 194 and 191 do NOT equal 200 any way you look at it…

  31. FreeHaley says:

    Hah, interesting song choice for Tony given the whole thing going on, whatever it is, with him and her.

  32. Beth says:

    I wasn’t very happy when Jordice Unga was cut (not sure if I am spelling her name right…sorry if I’m not). I remember when she was on from Rock Star Inxs. J.D. Fortune won Rock Star Inxs. Brooke one of the commentators on Dancing with the Stars I’m sure would remember Jordice. Jordice is a very good singer and to have cut her because of the votes one to two weeks prior was just lame Blake. The other singers on your team were not as good as her. I believe she has a great career ahead of her. I hope she knows it.