The Voice Semifinals Results Recap: Did the Right 4 Singers Advance to the Finale? [Updated]

katrina parkerCee Lo Green never uses 10 words when he can use 1,300, but on tonight’s semifinal results telecast of The Voice, there was a very direct message in the middle of his intergalactic free-verse poetry. The cat-strokin’ dude was correct: It’s been well documented that his team contained “two of arguably the best contestants on this show” — and it totally blew that one of ’em had to go home under the “one finalist per coach” rule that continues to be the absolute worst aspect of NBC’s fledgling singing competition. (Yes, even worse than Christina Milians and Milians of Inane Questions from the Sprint Lounge!)

Before we get to the results, a few notes on the telecast:

* What happened to the kindly stylist who’d dialed back the crazy on Xtina’s makeup and clothes during the quarterfinal rounds? That person needs to come back to The Voice next week — no matter the cost to the production!

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* I’ve got to admit, I was excited, relieved , and a little surprised that The Voice finally (finally!) acknowledged the existence of its Season 1 finalists, none of whom have had much chart success since coming off the show. Surely, The Voice‘s producers realize that if their program doesn’t become a legitimate launching pad for radio play and record sales, it lowers the stakes of the competition, and puts the entire enterprise at risk, no? I just hope the promotional push for the Season 1 gang wasn’t a case of too little too late.

* If I had to rank the evening’s performances from last year’s final four — and I kind of do, don’t I? — it’s a pretty obvious undertaking:

1) Vicci Martinez (with Cee Lo), “Come Along” | A moody and melodic number from Cee Lo’s war-dancin’ machine. This chick really seems to have grown into her rock-star persona since leaving the show, and maybe with a little help from her coach, she can conquer the airwaves? I’ve already downloaded her EP based on this performance alone.

2) Dia Frampton (with Kid Cudi), “Don’t Kick the Chair” | The juxtaposition of a pretty melody and bright whistling with a jarring suicide reference was perfectly, quirkily Dia. I’m not sure this single is hook-y enough to conquer Top 40 radio, but it’s ultimately got an empowering message, and Dia sounded lilting and lovely as ever.

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3) Javier Colon, “A Drop in the Ocean” | Uff da: 1989 called, and it wants its unreleased Babyface demos back. I may not have been Team Javier back in Season 1, but from the dreary melody to the surprisingly strained vocals on those final runs, this was a disappointment.

4) Beverly McClellan (with Cyndi Lauper), “Money Changes Everything” | Don’t get me wrong: “Money Changes Everything” is an unbelievably great song, and Cyndi looked fantastic. But this duet was a hot honeyed wreck of caterwauling and craziness.

And now, let’s talk results:

Team Xtina
Xtina’s scores (out of a possible 100): Chris Mann, 50. Lindsey Pavao, 50.
Xtina’s scores + America’s votes: Chris Mann, 104. Lindsey Pavao, 96.
Advancing: Chris Mann
Bottom Line: Like Xtina said, this was like comparing “apples to oranges” — or as I prefer to think of it, Andrea Bocelli to Rickie Lee Jones. And the superclose voting supported that idea. Still, if Xtina wanted a team member with a real chance at burning up the charts, I think she shoulda thrown a few more points in Lindsey’s direction. Heck, a 55-45 split would’ve given Lindsey the win, 101-99!

Team Adam
Adam’s scores: Tony Lucca, 60. Katrina Parker, 40.
Adam’s scores + America’s votes: Tony Lucca, 108. Katrina Parker, 92.
Advancing: Tony Lucca
Bottom Line: If Adam had gone the 50-50 route, America would’ve advanced Katrina to the finale. But Adam is caught in a bad bromance. He has been since the blind auditions. The word makes him gag, but still, he’s got to put bros before…talent? It’s official: Adam is the worst. And wasn’t it annoying the way he assumed that by splitting his votes 60-40, he’d doomed Katrina’s chances? I was really hoping she’d drawn 61 percent of America’s vote — just to see the Maroon 5 frontman eat his words.

Team Blake
Blake’s scores: Erin Willett, 50. Jermaine Paul, 50.
Blake’s scores + America’s votes: Jermaine Paul, 123. Erin Willett, 71.
Advancing: Jermaine Paul
Bottom Line: There was no way Erin had a hope in hell of getting more votes than Jermaine, so really, Blake’s even split on his own votes was like a nice consolation prize of Rice-a-Roni and a limited edition of Trivial Pursuit. (I loved the birthday girl’s “let’s get drunk!” parting invite to her coach.) Oh, and side note: Blake really needs to stop trying to perpetuate the “Jermaine is the guy to beat” myth. More like “Jermaine is the guy to beat… for a fourth-place finish.”

Team Cee Lo
Cee Lo’s scores: Juliet Simms, 60. Jamar Rogers, 40.
Cee Lo’s scores + America’s votes: Juliet Simms, 112. Jamar Rogers, 79.
Advancing: Juliet Simms
Bottom Line: Juliet would have to be implicated in an ugly rooster-fighting scandal — or really choke next Monday night — to lose out on inheriting Javier Colon’s crown and sash. That said, who else thinks Jamar would’ve provided stiffer competition than Jermaine, Chris, and/or Tony had the producers bent the rules and allowed him into next week’s finale, too?

What did you think of the semifinal results? Did any of the decisions break your heart or make you particularly psyched? Sound off below!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Emily says:

    I think you meant Jamar Rogers . . . and why does America hate the bigger girls :(

    • Meg says:

      America doesn’t. Katrina didn’t advance because of how Adam split his points.

      • MusicGrrrl says:

        America is deaf. That girl cannot sing! Ugh!

        • ET says:

          I was not a Katrina supporter but I do recognize that she is a MUCH better singer than Tony; she has the range, the expression, and the emotion that he lacks. All he can do is smile and dance a little, and depend on the band and backup singers to prop him up. Sorry.

        • Kee says:

          Saying Katrina Parker cannot sing is complete B.S. You need to clean your ears!

      • Tarc says:

        Neither of the judges split vote made any difference – America’s vote was so large the other way.

        • Shel says:

          Katrina got 52% of America’s vote – Adam’s split absolutely made a difference and flipped the outcome.

          • Snsetblaze says:

            You are right. Adam, although admitting to connecting with Tony, possibly was also looking at his chances to win. Let’s face it, there is no way Katrina would if she had made it. For all of the reasons he actually got through, such as his preexisting fan base, Tony actually has a shot – whether one believes it is deserved or undeserved. I like both of them. I’d buy albums from both of them. I agree with one of the coach’s assessment that Katrina was the most improved. I did not vote for either because I just liked Juliet better. But I don’t agree with Slezak that she has it in the bag.

          • Shel says:

            @Snsetblaze: I hear you. Not sure I totally agree with everything you say, but I do hear you. I really just felt the need to point out that Adam’s split vote hadn’t made a difference to the previous posting. lol Adam may have had legitimate reasons (to him) for his decision, but he certainly didn’t articulate them very well. And, frankly, if I were a female auditioning next season, I’m not sure I would even consider Adam…you don’t consistently tell your child they are/were your “least favorite” Ugh.

        • Red in Denver says:

          You need to go back to the scores and re-do your math. Katrina Parker got more of “America’s” votes than Tony did. If Adam’s scores are subtracted from the total shown above, Katrina wins 52 to 48.

    • pria says:

      “Juliet would have to be implicated in an ugly rooster-fighting scandal — or really choke next Monday night — to lose out on inheriting Javier Colon’s crown and sash”

      Um… but she’s a woman.

    • daviduter says:

      Because bigger people are difficult to watch. No one likes seeing people slowly kill themselves and cost American’s billions with their unhealthy lifestyle. Back away from the desserts and eat a damn carrot or something. Don’t tell me there is nothing wrong with it and its not their fault either.

      • saddened says:

        You are the worst kind of person….ignorant.

      • Fred says:

        Why do I picture daviduter typing this out while taking a long drag on a cig?

        • daviduter says:

          Don’t smoke and don’t drink. But if I did any of that, it would be in MODERATION. I am not telling obese people to deprive themselves of a treat every now and then, but get exercise, eat healthy and enjoy a cheat day every now and then. Don’t tell me its not your fault, its a life choice. Unless you are one of the very few who actually have a thyroid or medical problem, there is no excuse.

          • R says:

            You’re actually extraordinarily stupid. Eating can be an addiction, just like alcohol or drugs. There’s such a thing as Overeaters Anonymous because of that fact. It’s not always as simple as a life choice. It’s a big struggle for many, many people. So eat your words and crawl back into the hole of arrogance and ignorance you came from.

          • daviduter says:

            @ R.
            First, thats a cop out and excuse.
            Second, addictions can be broken with some will power. Get addicted to over eating healthy food. Hell, you can eat a helluva lot more of it than junk.

      • Red in Denver says:

        Putting aside the fact that Katrina P. got more of American’s votes than Tony did, your comment is the most absurd rationale I have heard, to date, for why someone lost a singing contest.

        I can’t imagine anyone watching someone sing is thinking about the costs associated with their health care. It makes more sense to think that ‘thin is in’ and that excess weight is not attractive to most people.

        Not that THAT’s any better of a reason for not voting for that person in a singing contest — it just seems more plausible.

    • aien says:

      katrina got more votes from america. tony is advancing because adam is gay for tony. he wouldn’t let anyone get in the way. he’ll do everything so that his bromance-partner would win. so he gave a much lower score for kat and a much higher score for tony,.

    • Mikko says:

      Michael, Juliet won 121-79 (not 112).

      PS. Dia sounded awesome.

  2. John says:

    Adam chose Tony because he “connected better” with him, but Katrina has more talent and has a better chance on the charts. This is a singing competition, not who you liked better, Adam! His vote stunk and caused less talented Tony to advance over Katrina. I have lost respect for Adam!

    • ET says:

      Right on, John……That makes TWO of us!!!

    • Paula says:

      Yep. Adam made a bad choice. I’ve bought three of Katrina’s songs this season. I’m planning on buying Katrina’s EP (saw it on iTunes) as well, and most likely any other music she comes out with.

      I have no interest in Tony Lucca.

      • S7 Fan says:


      • anitak101 says:

        I totally agree. Although I think Christina A has some personal issues with Tony I totally agree with her on her assessment of his talent. He shouldn’t have been on the show this long let alone in the finals. He is an average talent at best – I’ve heard better at local clubs around here. Katrina had a beautiful, raw talent and her voice was wonderful. She grew with each performance and I couldn’t wait to watch her sing. Tony bores the hell out of me. Feel like I am watching a Disney production. America voted for Katrina and feel badly that she didn’t make it because Adam chose to go with someone he felt more “close” to – just stinks.

    • Ruby says:

      My thoughts exactly, and I say this as someone who normally ADORES Adam. But he gave Tony a better score because of “bromance”? Over a MUCH better singer? He can kiss my butt.

      • Chris says:

        I used to love Adam but his ego has really started to grate on me. His idiotic decision to split his votes 60-40 in favor of Tony left me so perplexed and angry. What was even more ridiculous was his moronic explanation behind his choice. Bottom line, he was stupid and didn’t think this thing through. America preferred Katrina and if it were their choice, she would have advanced. Now this will only backlash on him in the finals next week when he has to hand his “bragging” rights of being the winning coach to Cee-Lo. What a D#$(e

        • omfug says:

          I agree with all of you, Katrina got screwed, she won the audience vote, and her voice is the type that is hot right now with Adele, etc. Tony Lucca looks like someone’s hot Dad, and his voice is nothing to write home about.

        • forrest says:

          I couldn’t watch this week. I remember how frustrating it’s been having the judges decide who advances each and every week. No real favorites of mine made it passed the judges choices, so its over for me. No thank you for this season. This is the tipping point to why I prefer Idol over this show. I don’t see myself investing anymore time in this show in future seasons just because of the judges power of fate and really disagreeable selections of ‘who won this round’. IMHO.

        • Lee says:

          If America liked Katrina that much, then she would’ve won by a landslide and Adam’s vote wouldn’t have mattered. The fact that she had only 6 points more than Tony proved that Tony was just as good–if not better than Katrina. Let’s not forget that Tony never had to be saved by Adam because he was always in the top. Katrina, on the other hand, was in the bottom and had to be saved by Adam twice!

          • Jason says:

            Adam had no way of knowing Katrina had most votes!he scored before America voted! He went with Tony cause he thought he had best chance to win as Tony had been voted over Katrina in every round!! The bromance thing was excuse for putting through worse singer

          • bfly says:

            The girls this season always had to be “saved” because America had one guy and two girls to vote for and the girls probably always caused a split in the votes… Just a thought. Next week when all the “also-ran singers” have to compete with a true talent (Juliet), who won’t have to split any vote with another female singer, we’ll see who comes out on top!!

          • shamoo says:

            How does Katrina getting more votes prove that Tony is better?? You obviously like Tony, which is fine, but you have to admit that Adam determined the winner, not America.

          • ohreli says:

            I think Lee’s point is NOT that Katrina having more points from the public vote proves that Tony is the better singer (duh!), Lee’s point is that the difference between Katrina and Tony in the public votes this week was not great enough to confirm that Katrina is better than Tony. This week was pretty close as far as the public vote goes, and in previous weeks Katrina was definitely lower, so it is possible to make every argument, INCLUDING the POSSIBILITY that Tony might even be better overall. In statistics this is called a “statistically insignificant” difference, which leaves open all possible interpretations.

    • Joe says:

      Katrina was canon fodder to Adam. He picked her to fill out his team. When the singer he put up against her in the battle round choked and Katrina shined, he had no choice but to put her through. He didn’t lop her off though because he had more objectionable contestants like Pip he needed to use his power to get rid of. I wasn’t surprised w/his 60/40 split because I didn’t think he really liked Katrina. She looked pissed, as did Jamar, when they both saw the coaches spilt the points the way they did.
      The final four is lackluster in my opinion. Jamar was the star of the show & Juliet was the runner up. What’s going to happen now is Tony Lucca is going to win this thing. Christina bullying him for a couple of weeks is the best thing to ever happen to his career.
      Jamar not making the finals is so depressing. I was waiting for them to whip out a wild card or have them be tied or something and let them both go through. I think he could beat any of the 4 in a strict audience vote in the finals.

      • omfug says:

        I knew when Ceelo picked that lame song for Jamar last night that he was bussing him, in fact I knew when Ceelo started giving Juliet real showstoppers (Jamar would have killed doing “Roxanne”, or “It’s a Man’s World” too) that he was favoring her, so I’m not surprized at the point break, but my heart broke for Jamar tonight nevertheless.

      • Shel says:

        Jamar only won 39% of America’s vote against ONE competitor, Juliet. Not sure how that translates into him beating 3 other people in the final. CeeLo’s vote matched America’s.

      • bfly says:

        I don’t think so, dude…Jamar couldn’t even compete with Juliet!! She killed him and didn’t even need Cee Lo’s extra points to do it!! He lost his momentum with a lackluster performance and annoying pretaped interview footage.

        • Joe says:

          Jamar got beaten by Juliet this week. He had been beating her soundly the previous weeks winning America’s votes. If he were part of the finals and picked a better song I don’t think it’s out of the box to think he could have won the show. He picked the wrong week to pick a snoozer of a song.

          • Shel says:

            Perhaps, but Jamar did lose by the widest margin of all four match-ups. I think it can’t just have been the song which, btw, I actually really liked and thought he did a great job on….until Juliet sang.

      • allie08 says:

        I wish Jamar and Juliet could both be in the finale but that isn’t going to happen. But CeeLo’s points didn’t affect the outcome between Jamar and Juliet – she beat him w/o CeeLo’s help. Unlike Adam’s vote which changed the outcome and put a mediocre talent in the finals over someone who actually had a shot at commercial success. Unless Juliet falls on her face and loses her voice completely this win is hers.

        • Snsetblaze says:

          I love Juliet but I don’t agree she has it in the bag. Jermaine scored pretty high despite Blake taking the easy way out. I dislike Jermaine but he did get about 3/4 of the points from America. Someone likes him. And I realize that Erin was just not as strong of competition in the final round.

      • Snsetblaze says:

        I love Jamar. I always thought he was better than Danny Gokey from idol. But I have no problem with the split of the points as That techo rendition of a beautiful song was so cheesy. It was awful. I will say that it was not Jamar’s voice that was the problem, just the arrangement – even so, it was not one of his more exciting performances. There could also be the fact that many of us are tired of getting hit over the head with his backstory whil Juliet’s was just that she was a struggling artist. And then Juliet left it all on that stage and earned her slot. Even without Ceelo’s split, there was a pretty big margin between the two, which surprised me.

        • cyndi says:

          Let’s not forget that Juliet has already had 5 record deals. Struggling artist she may be, but she has had chances before just like Jamar on Idol

    • allie08 says:

      Does anyone else wonder if Adam also tossed a few points Tony’s way to spite Xtina’s comments from the night before? She basically challenged him to pick Katrina over Tony. I doubt that was his entire reason but I do wonder if that plays a small, spiteful part.

      • Shel says:

        What WAS that with Xtina? She was the only one to do something like that to one of the contestants and Tony is the only one she did it to…really strange. Would love to know the story there…maybe she’s gotten her knickers in a bunch over JT’s support of Tony?
        On the flip side, maybe Xtina said what she did to signal to America to vote for Katrina…maybe she knew Adam would do what he did. But it was a misstep either way – she should have just said SHE would vote for Katrina herself.

    • Barbara says:

      Yes, I agree. He should have been a man and voted 50 50 and let America decide. If Tony was that great, America would have decided. Tony is not going to win, but at least Katrina should have been there and she is more humble and a better voice and is sweet.

  3. asherlev1 says:

    Ugh. Katrina and Lindsey out because of Chris and Tony? Lame. So Lame.

    At least Juliet won.

    But. WOETPEH. Yeah, this is what I get for getting semi-invested again in this show for one night.

    • bfly says:

      I agree about Lindsey and Chris! That vote really sucked! Christina should have given Lindsey extra points as she is much more current and more likely to sell records with her own material! The Tony/Katrina vote stung less as I was totally on the fence with those 2. I wish Adam had not given Tony more and left it completely up to America because those 2 were so evenly matched.

      • mrOCD says:

        Christina is ridiculously dumb for not favoring the “current” artist in her team. Lindsey should have gotten those few extra points and made it to the Top 4. Then, at least, we’d have TWO people in the Top 4 worthy of being there.

    • dj says:

      Yes, lame is the word. I think Lindsey and Katrina are more marketable, but it was smart of Christina to have Chris do Ave Maria. People really connect to that song. Voting against that is like voting against Bing Crosby and Christmas. I think if he’d have tried another pop song, he’d have gone home. I don’t think he has a chance to win the whole thing. I agree with whoever said Tony looks like someone’s hot dad, but his voice isn’t that good. At least it hasn’t seemed that good on the show so far.

    • syb says:

      Yeah that’s ridiculous. There were a lot of interesting and talented people that went down this season in favor of mediocre and forgettable.

      Juliet better win this thing. She really has no competition now that Jamar is gone.

      I really do think giving Tony 20 points over Katrina, who totally outperformed him is to keep the drama between Tony and XTina front and center. I wasn’t nuts about Katrina. She’s a little too Adele-derivative for me, but at least she has some demonstrable singing talent.

      Will miss Lindsay. She wasn’t always great, but she was very often the most memorable.

    • sfbsailor says:

      Let’s face it. Chris has a nice operatic voice, but its average, not outstanding and there’s not that much market for that type of voice unless you’re Josh Groban of Andrea Bocelli. Lindsay has a unique and highly marketable voice. I hope she gets a record deal!

  4. Elise says:

    I’m sure that he meant Jamar…totally agree Slezak, Levine is the worst!

  5. jgrant794 says:

    Couldn’t stand Jamar, glad to see him gone. I’ll take Jermaine or Juliette as the winner. No interest in the other two.

  6. Spycigal says:

    I’m so sad Lindsay didn’t make it but I think she’ll go onto be successful, she’s already done so well each week on the charts! I wish Adam had voted 50/50 then we would’ve had Katrina in the Final – she’ll be more successful than Tony – what was up with Adam giving Tony more points cos they have a bromance!!! So glad Juliet is in the final, she should win it all! I wish Jamar was there instead of Jermaine!!!

  7. Dawn W says:

    I am sooo mad that jamar did not make it! He was my pick! So sad!

  8. queen bee says:

    sad about Jamar Rogers :(

  9. JVC says:

    I wish the show would surprise us and go the x-factor route. Jamar and Juliet were the only ones I was rooting for throughout the competition, more towards the former. But it was a tight race, and last night Juliet was better than him. Give Cee Lo credit for being the only honest coach in terms of scoring. While I’m sad that Jamar is out, I’m throwing all my support for Juliet to win. Seriously the show will have lost a huge chunk of credibility if Juliet doesn’t win, or at very least make top 2.

  10. lisa says:

    I really think Erin and Lindsay should have advanced instead of getting the boot. Bummer.

  11. Erika says:

    I wanted Juliette, Lindsay, and Katrina to advance. I could care less about Blake’s team. Jamar should take Blake’s team’s spot. I’m super mad at Adam. I thought that Tony really had the public vote in the bag, and the fact that he actually didn’t makes me even more mad that Adam tipped the scales in his favor.

    • mariana says:

      Me too! Lindsay is very interesting in a good way and I have become a big fan of Katrina- she has grown so much. And apparently Katrina was also growing in popularity with the other voters. I cannot believe what Adam did- he truly is an idiot picking “his bro”. Tony Lucca to me, is one of the least memorable of all the singers, I could never understand why he hasn’t gone home already. Now we don’t get to see what Katrina would have done next week because you can see her confidence increasing so much- Adam- ugh!!! to you. At least Juliet made it and I do think she is the best overall of all the singers at this point. I was sad to see Jamar go but I definitely preferred Juliet. I have to say it for the third time: Adam- I have lost respect for you and all your never-ending babbling.

  12. Bobbie says:

    Sorry but I am ecstatic Jamar is out! I couldn’t stand him and his stank, entitled face tonight after hearing the bad news just goes to prove what a phony he truly is. Yeah right, some “inspiration” you are. About as much as your buddy Danny Gokey. They both make me nauseous really. I was pissed at Adam for what he did. I think he thought Tony was going to run away with it when (surprise!) Katrina actually got more votes. Tony’s voice is so ordinary and forgettable.

    • writerross says:

      Jamar looked ANGRY and his distance from Cee Lo at that last stage hug was frightening. Jamar thought he had this one nailed. I hope he stays clean and sober and healthy and keeps on singing.

    • dan says:

      Jamar has a totally pissed off expression. It was like he assumed he was going to win. I’m so glad Juliet won, and that Ceelo gave her the extra points, she deserved it for all the emotional manipulation he was trying to pull.

      • Snsetblaze says:

        And she did not even need the extra points. It might have been closer between the two all along than we thought but we will never know because when the judges did the instant eliminations and then also chose a person the next night, America lost its power to really choose its preferences.

  13. zombiehugs37 says:

    I would have liked Lindsey and Katrina to advance. I think all the judges were fair in their scores except Adam of course… I am shocked he was the reason Tony will go on rather than Katrina. Now that all my other favorites are out I’ll have to hope for Juliet to take it.

    • ET says:

      I think that Adam just lost the respect of one HELL of a lot of his fans…..

    • MusicGrrrl says:

      Tony’s voice may be “ordinary” (not!) but Katrina was just plain off key. She was painful to listen to last night. Good riddance!

      • Becka says:

        Um if you listened to The Fugee’s and Katrina’s performance of that song side by side, you’d realize it was almost spot on. Yeah she stumbled in a few places, but her rendition was so close to the original.

        • soundscene says:

          I agree she was spot on. But the fact that she was SO close to the original is what bugged me. She’s a great vocalist, but I don’t think I ever heard Katrina sing Katrina. I heard Katrina sing other artists very well.

      • wolfenstein says:


      • Kee says:

        You’re TONE DEAF.

      • Marc says:

        you are just plain crazy. no way was she of key. she was #9 on the pop charts and 40 points ahead of Tony on overall iTunes, so clearly you are in the minority (ooh, that’s right: Katrina got majority of votes too! )

    • Sophie says:

      Adam lost fans tonight. He will regret this decision. There are lots of Katrina’s fans out there who buy lots of Maroon 5 music. Watch the sales dip Adam. Karma sucks.

      • Ruby says:

        LOL Nobody cares THAT much. I liked M5 long before this, and I’ll like them long after.

        • CX says:

          I don’t know… Maroon 5 hasn’t put out any great records lately…

          • bfly says:

            Have you not heard of a little song called “Moves Like Jagger?!?” It’s the biggest hit of their career… And their current single, “Payphone” has been #1 on iTunes all week, and just now starting to get airplay!

      • Christina says:

        And there are Tony fans out there that are happy with Adam. In the end though, I really don’t think a couple of fans that might actually be offended enough to stop buying Maroon 5 music is going to affect their status. Neither Tony or Katrina are that amazing to cause that much of a response.

        • Autumn says:

          Actually Tony is that amazing. Go listen to his original music. I completely agree with Adam’s choice. It’s a pity that so many people are judging Tony’s talent based on a few performances (three of which have been pretty darn good) rather than him as a whole package. Adam is probably in a bromance with Tony because working with him behind the scenes has let him know just how brilliant Tony actually is. I give props to Tony to be willing to take this chance to be judged by the entire country and be critiqued by other artists as if he already isn’t one so he can have a more secure future (including getting all the MMC jabs which he has avoided for so long and never used to his advantage). Adam treats Tony like an equal because he is one. As an independent artist, he gained over 500,000 followers on Twitter (yes before the Voice), has had his music played on tv shows like Friday Night Lights (people should really listen to that song), and been successful enough through the independent route to allow his wife to be a stay at home Mom. Tony already is an artist…He’s just deciding that maybe it is okay to go mainstream at this point in his life without selling out his art. And yes, I used the word art because that is what his original music is: Art.

          • Me says:

            Ya, We don’t know how amazing he is off the show. He cannot convince me on tv. I don’t care how good he is prior to the show. We should judge on only performances he showed on the voice

  14. Isabelle says:

    Really happy that Chris made it, I love seeing classical music mainstream. I like many others wanted Jamar and Juliet in the finale and hate the only one can go rule but I know he’ll be fine making it this far and I’m really happy for Juliet. Katrina grew on me but been rooting for Tony. Everyone I wanted to make it did.

    • Niko says:

      Me too, Everyone I wanted to make it did advance. (Sorry Lindsey fans!)

    • wolfenstein says:

      Same here! Katrina is a poor man’s Adele and Lindsey is just plain terrible.

      • Kee says:

        But Tony Lucca is just a generic guy with guitar type of trash. And Chris Mann is no Josh Groban. You have poor tastes.

        • Isabelle says:

          Music is about taste! Just because you like the others doesn’t mean I and the others have to. What I like you don’t and what you like I don’t. No need to be rude and say we have bad taste because you don’t agree. There’s many different artists because everyone likes something different.

  15. Thevoicefan says:

    I loved Lindsey:( Chris Mann’s really talented but I don’t see him selling towards the more mainstream audeince. And Katrina Parker is much better than Tony Lucca. She is so so so talented. But i guess Adam was looking at who’s gonna give him the win because of Tony’s popularity being associated with the mickey mouse club and all. If Juliet Simms doesn’t win this, I’m giving up on the Voice cause then it just shows how winners of singing competitions are skewered towards personal favourites rather than true talent (recall American Idol anyone?)

    Whatever it is, Congrats to the last 4. They had to work hard and overcome tough challenges. Really good singers got left behind (Lex Land, Charlotte Sometimes, Mathai, RaeLynn and so many more!)

    • matt says:


    • Niko says:

      I don’t miss Mathai or RaeLynn, they overstayed their welcome.

    • whatevs says:

      Raelynn is tone-deaf and can’t sing in pitch, Mathai’s whole deal was changing the pronunciation of every word she sings, Charlotte sounded drunk and Lex Land was mediocre at best with her whisper-singing sytle. How were they “really good singers”?

    • VoiceSupporter23 says:

      Couldn’t agree with you more!! It’s interesting to see Lindsey and Katrina be at the top of the itune charts over their competitor, yet they end up getting the boot (for different reasons of course). Juliet just better win!

      • tripoli says:

        That doesn’t necessarily make them better singers. The public at large has terrible taste in music.

  16. Marc says:

    Juliet Simms advancing over Jamar is a terrible bad joke.

    • Martha says:

      I guess the joke is on you!

    • ET says:

      Ummm… yeah, right. She won the public vote by the BIGGEST margin of the night. Does that not tell you that you’re in the MINORITY??? lol

      • 30CamdenSquare says:

        Then there’s the fact that Juliet peaked at #5 on tunes. Where as Jamar peaked in the upper 20’s. Unlike Chris who got his a$$ kicked on itunes by Lindsey (yesterday & all season) and yet still won America’s vote.

        • Annie says:

          I know right? How the heck is Chris beating Lindsey? She was miles ahead of him on iTunes.

          • Snsetblaze says:

            Not everyone who votes buys stuff on iTunes or at least does so in time for it to be counted as votes for a contestant.

      • Snsetblaze says:

        Actually, I think Jermaine had the biggest margin over Erin and Blake had pretty much no influence on that contest.

    • Bobbie says:

      Jamar is OK but his greatest appeal was his sob story that he milked for all it was worth. His true colors were exposed tonight with his obvious sense of entitlement on full display. Good riddance to him. He can go join Danny Gokey on the church circuit where he belongs.

    • Tarc says:

      Not in this reality.

    • Hyde says:

      Jamar needs a voice coach, he’s good but with a little individual voice training he could reign the charts.

    • syb says:

      I guess it’s a matter of taste. It was the one bright spot of last night’s show for me.

  17. shelbybb says:

    Really happy for Juliet! That girl’s got the “it factor” for sure, the whole package! She’ll be big fun to watch in the future! Jamar will have success too. For me, I was just beginning to tier of his never-ending backstory. And Levine well……he’s awful in so many ways and it’s getting late so I’ll just say he’s a “Dumb-Yuk!” (inside family joke-word – don’t ya just love it!? So descriptive!)

  18. Manie says:

    *Team Xtina*
    No matter what, her team wouldn’t have won in the final! Lindsey isn’t strong enough and Chris genre isn’t “general” enough.

    *Team Adam*
    Let,s face it, Katrina obviously have a better voice, but Tony is the one who’s been more than once in the Top 2 on itune for his performance. So he is better when it comes to selling. And he is more entertaining than Katrina, the girl can sing, but she doesn’t move AT ALL on the stage. Like her feet just stay stuck in the ground. Above that, her shape, style and voice is way too close to Adele. I think that is why Adam went with Tony in the end. It goes back to comparing Christina Aguilera and Britney Spears, one has the vocal, the other one is the entertainer, who had the most #1? Britney Spears. Today, having good vocal is only doing half the job, Tony Lucca has a average voice, but he is way more entertaining than Katrina. Bottom line, Adam chose well in my opinion.

    *Team Blake*
    This was not even a competition, Jermaine was going to win from the first time he opened his mouth during the Live show!

    *Team Cee Lo*
    Jamar or Juliet, both are the strongest of Cee Lo’s team. I was surprised to see her getting so many votes especially considering the last few weeks result. I would personally have preferred Jamar, cause there is something in his voice that I really love, but overall, both were great.

    *Winner of The Voice 2:*
    Team Cee Lo

  19. Chris says:

    I thought Jamar was a little stung by Cee Lo’s comment on the 40 / 60 thing and that he was more than startled to have lost to Juliet. I can sympathize but does he honestly think there isn’t a record deal out there for him now? No worries, Jamar.

    I am sad to see Katrina and Jamar get the boot tonight, curious as to what Tony will do next week, and SUPER excited for a Juliet finale (and rock chick record!). WOOT!

    Great to see Vicci Martinez (all of last season’s finalist). I dug/dig her passion on stage.

    Juliet for the win!

  20. Taryn says:

    Lindsey leaving was a mistake. Christina really should have stepped up in her votes. Chris Mann is good but there is a reason why Lindsey outsells him. I agree that the one person per team in the final is a disaster. Lindsey and Chris are far better then any other contestant left on the show. Whoever wins it really won’t matter at this point. This voting system needs serious correction to many talented singers are slipping through cracks this way well the average Tony Lucca’s and Jermaine Paul types prevail and it’s turning the show into a huge joke.

    • Name That Tune says:

      See, I think it’s misguided to talk about “selling”. There’s a market for good opera singers because some people like that and stock their IPods with that type of music. Chris just doesn’t strike me as the best OPERA singer I’ve ever heard.

  21. Kiki says:

    I had absolutely no interest in anyone from Christina’s team, wanted Erin for Blake because she took more risks, liked Katrina but in comparison to Erin she took no risks and Juliette is probably the better choice for CeeLo because Jamar got the exposure he needs and Juliette needs a hand to knock down the next hurdle. So does Tony and I say that already owning three of his independent releases.

  22. Martha says:

    Juliet is the only one I’ve ever voted for. So glad that both the public and CeeLo recognize talent over sympathy. Jamar is good, no doubt. But Juliet is truly great!

  23. shannon says:

    If Tony couldn’t beat Katrina head to head, he’s never going to beat the others. Adam is an idiot. And Blake lost when he cut Jordis. I’ve never liked Lindsay, so I’m not crying that Christina voted fairly (and no one should). I guess it’s Chris Mann or Juliet!

    • ET says:

      Honestly, I liked all the judges last year, but NONE of them this year. They all seemed to be in it for THEMSELVES much more this year; and, you’re right, I don’t understand Adam’s OR Blake’s picks this year, they made no sense at all.

    • 30CamdenSquare says:

      I agree w/ Blake lost when he cut Jordis. She was the best singer on his team & the only one who had a real shot at winning.

  24. Dani says:

    Darn! Adam screws Katrina over right when America finally gets onboard and supports her.
    Given her opponents in the finale (Chris “Josh Groban Lite” Mann, Jermaine “Overrated with a Capital ‘O'” Paul, and Tony “America Didn’t Pick You” Lucca), Juliet should easily dominate the finale. Just as Javier, the sole guy in the finale with three women, won last season, Juliet will likely do the same as the sole girl in the finale with three men.

    • ET says:

      God, let’s hope so. If America has a shred of dignity left, it will do the right thing and vote for her….. she stands head and shoulders above the guys!!!!

    • Sheri says:

      Adam set her up by saying she was the best. Won’t matter next week, cuz Adam will do exactly what he did last year to get Javier the win. His friend Bieber sends out a message on Twitter with Tony’s voting number and his (Bieber’s sheep) will do what Justin says. Likewise w/ Jermaine and Alicia Keys to a lesser extent. The voting on The Voice IS limited to 10 votes per method, but W/ Bieber fans in the millions, it won’t matter.
      Time to find someone on Twitter who loves Juliet like the rest of us do. I noticed a post from Kirstie Alley. Time to find others, preferably with large followings. Adam will scew w/ America’s vote unless we counter-attack his methods.

  25. FreeHaley says:

    A shock and a real shame that Chris beat out Lindsey. He sounds weird when he does pop and not as good as an accomplished opera singer when he signs opera (or even a youngin like Jackie). I would’ve liked to see xtina have tossed Lindsey a few points. I thought she might have.

    So awesome that Juliet made it though, I was afraid the finale might have been as plain as last year’s Idol finale. Cool Cee Lo tossed some points out there (not that they ended up being needed, on Idol I’m sure they would’ve, The Voice voting goes a bit differently).

    Chris vs Lindsey was interesting in that she always seems to beat him on iTunes but somehow nobody can touch him on xtina’s team when it comes down to total votes. Maybe a bunch of older women who go crazy for Chris but they don’t know much about iTunes??? Weird.

    Anyway so awesome Juliet made it!! A shame Jamar could not as well, since as it’s been said all over, he sorta is the second best (other than perhaps Lindsey), although I wasn’t quite as up on his last performance. Juliet was the one was I was really caring about.

    A nice finale might’ve been Juliet, Jamar, Lindsey and Jordis. Well at least we got one of the four hah and at least she was the one I cared about most of all.

  26. Epicurious Erin says:

    Why won’t anyone acknowledge what is really going on. Young girls are the principal voters for shows like these and they vote primarily for cute boys…so even though Tony is a one-trick pony, Chris is an arrogant blow hard and Jermaine is so forgettable I’ve already forgotten what i was saying…they advance. So so long to Katrina, Lindsey and Erin. I only hope that when these girls grow up and get past their boy crazy phase, they will learn to support other women with talent. It’s up to us to help each other. Sorry about the rant but wow. I am so ashamed.

    • FreeHaley says:

      Tony actually slightly lost the popular vote, he got through with Adam’s help.

      And Juliet, surprisingly considering how voting does often go on these shows, especially Idol these days, made it on her own too.

      I still don’t get the Chris over Lindsey thing. He was soooo far behind her on iTunes and he doesn’t really seem all that. Yeah he has a very strong voice for a popular singer, but so what if he can’t alter it to fit popular singing and as an opera singer he is utterly run of the mill and far from any sort of a great.

    • MusicGrrrl says:

      Tony isn’t a “boy.”. He’s a 36 year old married father of two. I don’t think young girls were voting for him. The votes for Tony were from people like me who love the singer-songwriter types with interesting voices and styles. We have no interest in screechy off-key divas like Katrina and Erin.

      • tripoli says:

        Exactly. I highly doubt that the young girls are voting for any of the guys on the show because they find them cute.

      • Autumn says:

        That’s why I voted for Tony. I’m certainly not voting for him because he is good looking (though he is to older women I’m sure – probably not teens). I love his interesting style and music.

      • Well says:

        “We have no interest in screechy off-key divas”
        Says a Hollie Cavanagh fan.

    • ET says:

      Hey, I am a guy and I support Juliet 100%. NOT because she is hot, but because she is an AMAZING talent. I supported Dia last year because she was ALSO amazing (she got robbed, BTW). Go Juliet!!!!!

    • Paula says:

      Tony didn’t get the popular vote.

    • Ruby says:

      THIS. I’m so sick of it. They ruin all of these competition shows.

  27. FreeHaley says:

    Good to see Vicci back again. I liked her performance tonight the best of the top four from last year.

  28. Ruby says:

    Ok, who’s voting for Tony Lucca and creepy Chris Mann? Because I want to come to your house and punch you in the face. What’s up with the sausagefest voting this year? Damn teenies ruin everything.

    • soundscene says:

      You mean adult women. Teenies don’t vote for 30-something-year-old men. I don’t get the appeal of Chris Mann. I find him bland. I like singer-songwriters, so I get the appeal of Tony Lucca. If you’re into power vocalists, then obviously he’s not your guy. There’s more than one kind of vocalist, however. And people often fail to mention that he’s actually one of the more consistently in tune singers, even if he doesn’t have power vocals. Neither did Lindsay Pavao, but I rarely saw people fault her for that.

    • Chris says:

      OMG Ruby! Your post made me laugh out loud!!! HILARIOUS! Mean- but hysterical nonetheless!!!!

    • ashley says:


    • 30CamdenSquare says:

      …..Right in the kisser.

    • i’m voting for tony lucca, and i’m not remotely a teenie. tony is an accomplished artist who has put out a ton of excellent original music over the past 15 years. he had a solid pre-existing fanbase (500,000 twitter followers *before* the show started – has any other Idol/XFactor/Voice contestant ever had that many ahead of time?), and his fanbase has supported him. and we’ll continue to support him, because we love his music, whether or not he wins this show.

      • Autumn says:

        Agreed Lara. It’s really a shame he cannot perform one of his original songs. That would be awesome. He sings with such emotion too. I will be a fan long after this show is over.

    • Priscilove says:

      i dont think its teen girls swinging the vote. my teen girl wanted lindsey. i think gay men and old ladies are voting for chris mann. Since Xtina is such a phoney bitch and she was against Tony, that in itself made me root for him. Maybe everyone else who hates Xtina, is voting for him just to piss her off.

  29. soundscene says:

    Well, I rarely agree with Michael Slezak when he writes for American Idol, so no surprise I don’t agree here, either.

    Team Cee Lo: I didn’t care. At all. I dislike both. Jamar rubs me the wrong way and, frankly, I hated his version of “If You Don’t Know Me By Now” last night. Juliet – she screams… a lot. She NEEDS voice lessons, which she says she’s never had (as if we’re supposed to be impressed by that), because she sings improperly and could lose her voice in a couple years because of it. Last night was better than the train wreck last week (why the judges liked that off-key mess is beyond me), so I suppose Juliet is better than Jamar.

    Team Christina: Oh gosh, Chris Mann? REALLY? He’s not even a great opera singer. He’s an okay opera singer. I’m not blown away by Lindsay and her affected voice, but at least she was a little unique. Chris is the epitome of bland.

    Team Blake: Jermaine oversings, but he sings consistently. Erin was terribly off-key during half her performance last night, and this wasn’t the first time that’s happened for her. Jermaine was the right choice.

    Team Adam: I love Katrina, but I TOTALLY get why Adam chose to favor Tony. First off, if America had its way Katrina would have been off the show weeks ago. So, Tony “America Didn’t Pick You” Lucca is really a misleading nickname (I saw a comment above with that zinger). America didn’t pick Katrina more than once and Adam saved her more than once. She happened to get 4% more of the audience vote this week, and honestly that small divide simply could have been due to the fact that Tony sang first (see: American Idol for why singing first often means death). I’m not saying Katrina doesn’t sing great. She’s a great vocalist. She’s not a great performer. I don’t fault her for just standing in one place; I fault her for not connecting to the songs. She was singing the words but not feeling the words, at least not outwardly–not that I could see. Is she a better vocalist than Tony? I think yes. They’re completely different, though, so it’s not completely black and white. Is he a better performer? Yes. And he’s been more consistent in votes. Period.

    • Mary B says:

      Totally agree with everything you said.

    • emily says:

      Completely, spot on. Tony Lucca receives high votes every week. Just because there was a 4% change this week, he was the right choice in going with the popular vote when looking at him consistantly. Adam was the only coach who made a bold, passionate decision in fighting for who he wanted to have another week to continue moving forward. The other three made the easy choice. And yes, Cee Lo too split his vote, but he would have been happy with either of the two moving forward, unlike Adam who very much wanted Tony. I respect Adam for his choice, knowing he would in fact possibly lose fans along the way.

    • cmrice10 says:

      Here’s my problem with your logic though. We don’t see week to week what percentage of America’s votes each contestant is getting. So Tony could have been only ahead by 1%. We just don’t know. Secondly, we don’t entirely know how America voted because of how they have it all set up. Because they judge’s get to “save” someone, the person that America had next in line could have been sent home. Just because Tony got America’s “save” doesn’t mean that he got it overwhelmingly.

  30. Loralei says:

    Tony is a killer artist and deserves the spot. All I really want to do is vote Christina off the island. Let’s all tune in next week to find out how that crown-wearing, pants-less female impersonator makes it impossible to like her.

  31. lisa says:

    Oh Slezak, I heart you!

    Adam is the worst! His reason for picking boiled down to him being a dude. That was such an awful, awful reason to pick Tony. The judges points make sense if someone has an off night and you want to make sure one bad night doesn’t ruin their chances, but to award points to your ‘bro’ is just the worst.

    On the other hand, Cee Lo is amazing! Glad he picked Juliet, it was the right call.

    I really wish Xtina would have thrown some bonus points Lindsay’s way, but I can understand her situation. Chris does seem pretty popular with voters. Besides, Xtina has repeatedly supported female artists at the expense of their male counterparts, proving once and for all that not all women hate sharing the spotlight with other women.

    • soundscene says:

      Adam favored Tony because he has a better chance of winning than Katrina, just as Christina let America choose Chris Mann because he has a better chance of winning than Lindsay. It’s also the reason Christina got rid of her best singer a few weeks back — the others had a better chance of winning. The Voice is about strategy.

      • dan says:

        Xtina got rid of Jesse a few weeks ago b/c she didn’t like him. It was painfully obvious that she wanted to control her team and Jesse was too independent. I wasn’t a fan of Jesse’s (he reminded me of a Las Vegas lounge act), but it was clear Xtina dropped him so she could control her team. There is no way either Lindsay or Chris would’ve won this thing. I would’ve preferred Lindsay in the finale b/c she is unique and Chris is dull (he may have a great voice, but that doesn’t necessarily translate to sales).

  32. mrOCD says:

    It’s just too damn bad that Lindsey didn’t get to perform in the finale. Christina should have voted in favor of the more talented person (the way the idiotic Adam thought he was doing… only he rather choose someone based on personal preference rather than talent). Gah, I’m going to miss that unique, flavorful voice. At least I have a couple of songs of her to keep me company, eh?

    I’m just going to throw this out there but one of the worst things about The Voice (apart from the horrific format as we’ve come to discover this season) is that the contestants get cut so quickly that their journey is over even before it really begins (the winner – Juliet Simms, right? RIGHT?! – gets to perform only four times live? What?). On Idol, people have plenty of time to take risks and go out of their comfort zones to truly dazzle and excite. On the other hand, given the talent level of the current crop of contestants this season on The Voice, I can only count it as a blessing that we didn’t get 12 weeks of live performances. Imagine listening to Jermaine Paul or Chris Mann for 5/6 weeks until their eventual eliminations. It would too cruel.

    • FreeHaley says:

      yeah it’s hard to really get attached to contestants as strongly as on Idol for the same reason too

    • 30CamdenSquare says:

      IMO this is the biggest problem w/ The Voice. Their finalist have gotten to sing maybe 1/3 of the songs as the top 4 AI contestants. They could start by only pick 6 per team in The Blind Auditions and go straight to Live Shows, (Throwing the Battle Rounds in the trash, cause they’re total crap anyway), pitting on team against another rather than against itself. This show is too much about the coaches. If Blake or Adam or whoever doesn’t have someone on their team in the finals well too bad, it’s not all about you. Also, let the contestants (not the coaches) pick their songs.

      Also, I don’t know that Jermaine or Chris would necessarily still be on the show if the format was different. Some of the other contestants probably would’ve outshined them.

      • Shel says:

        I think it is Adam and Christina who need to be reminded it is not all about them, not Blake. lol

      • mrOCD says:

        I really hope they do something about the format next year. Don’t think I have the stomache to see another Rebecca Lowe get the boot during some arbitrary, ridiculous Battle Round. Urgh.

    • soundscene says:

      I agree the format needs to change so we can hear more performances from these people. I know that I may judge certain contestants too harshly because I haven’t see a whole lot of them. Maybe if I saw them perform original music it would be different. Or maybe if they had more chances to hit upon that one right song. I’m not sure we need to hear as many performances as Idol gives us, though, since I’ve been turned off more than once by Idol for having to sit through annoying performances by people who should have been gone ages ago. Maybe we need somewhere in the middle. Or maybe these shows should foster more creativity by allowing original music. I give The Voice props, however, in that the show doesn’t seem to secretly manipulate the contestants as much as Idol. Any advantages contestants are given are right out in the open for us to see (judges’ favorites; radio interviews with coaches; live performances with coaches; etc.). TPTB at Idol cower behind the scenes stealing songs from contestants last minute and allowing some contestants to talk to the press and others not. They leak rumors (true or untrue) and refuse band arrangements. I’d rather my manipulation to be up front.

  33. lola says:

    Remember how awesome j

    Remember an incredible talent by the name of Janis. I believe Juliet sounds like her and has the same raw energy.

  34. Diane Beathe says:

    I don’t like how the competition is set up with the teams competing against each other.
    Both of Ceilo’s team were better than everyone else on the show but one of them had to
    be eliminated because of the goofy team s. It should just be who gets the most votes by
    the public now. Instead some of the final four are not as good as some who lost out this week.

  35. Sebby says:

    Where is all the Jermaine love coming from? If the fan voting is any indication, he could very well win this thing. I never hear anyone talking about him, and yet if you take away the judges votes, he got a 73 compared to a 54 for Chris Mann, who was the next highest vote getter. I’m worried for Juliet.

    • Erika says:

      I think Jermaine got a landslide only bc Erin was that bad, it wasn’t bc he was that good.

    • dan says:

      Jermaine has won the vote total every week he’s performed. Blake never had to save him. I think he could pull off a blindside and beat Juliet (who I see as the frontrunner). I would actually prefer Jermaine winning over Chris and Tony. Juliet is the one to beat even if she hasn’t had voice lessons!

  36. Russ says:

    Juliet for the win!!!!!!
    Tony for silver!!
    those others can fight over bronze or not. who cares.

  37. Tarc says:

    Chris over Lindsay? Heh, not in any sane universe. I even like Chris (he’s smoking hot).
    And Jermaine should have never been chosen at all (for any round of the show) – he’s stright-up awful. Erin’s song was bad this week, but it was still a hundred times better than that awful screeching, pitchy disaster Jermaine presented.

    • Tarc says:

      It doesn’t really matter, though. Juliette is going to just kill the others off like nothing. She’s a star.

  38. AT says:

    Tony IS talented. Both him and Katrina are talented. Not sure where the negativity toward Tony is coming from. And to all the people who don’t think he could make good records, well they should check out his many original albums. He writes fantastic music, so it’s too bad he can’t perform some of his own. So basically I find it laughable that there’s people saying he doesn’t have talent and can’t put out good music. Well, he already has. You may have even heard his songs on popular TV shows. As an independent artist he’s been hugely successful. So one can only imagine how successful he could be with a full on record deal.

  39. RM says:

    Juliet got 121 instead of 112. Typing dyslexia. Cee Lo bet right and became a hero. America voted 61/39 in favor of Juliet for a landslide victory. America’s vote actually mirrored Cee Lo’s 60/40 vote. Adam tried to be a hero by second guessing America’s vote too but ended up being a Zero. America rewarded Katrina by a 52/48 vote, which Adam negated in Tony’s favor. Is it a coincidence that Adam’s voting makes next week’s show more interesting? Will the Rock Star, opera singer, Old Mousketeer, or Alicia Keys’ backup singer win?

    • soundscene says:

      Adam isn’t psychic. How could he have known America voted slightly (yes, only slightly) in favor of Katrina? He wasn’t second-guessing anything. He was awarding more points to the person he thought had a better chance of winning and who he had a better working relationship with (which is a legitimate reason – good collaboration should not be overlooked).

  40. Sara says:

    Why should Adam have gone the lame 50/50 route? He is allowed to have favorites, just like America. Just because Christina and Blake refuse to play the game properly, doesn’t mean Adam should be criticized for doing what he did. I am happy he did! I love Katrina, but I was fairly bored with her performance this week.
    What I don’t like is that Slezak is in one paragraph criticizing Adam for pushing Tony over the hump with his vote, and therefore beating Katrina (who, yes did have the tiny lead in audience points), and then in another paragraph claiming that he wished Christina would have done the exact same thing for Lindsey (who had a wider margin of audience points between her and Chris).

    • tripoli says:

      Amen, Sara.

    • kara says:

      I think the issue with Adam’s position is the rationale he provided for selecting Tony that was something not in Katrina’s control…having a penis so she could bromance with Adam

      • soundscene says:

        He was commenting on their collaborative abilities, which is legitimate. Better music is made with better collaboration. I don’t think it was merely about Tony’s gender. Throughout the season we’ve heard these judges (not just Adam) talk about their “favorites” – do you really think it’s based solely on vocal ability? Of course not. Adam had the balls to actually give his favorite more points. It so happened that Katrina’s lead was so minor that those points put Tony over the top. Adam couldn’t have known that would happen. He was simply doing exactly what he was supposed to do.

  41. Aimee Boice says:

    Katrina finally won the popular which is a small miracle if you consider Mr. Mousekateer himself started this competition with more twitter followers than NBC’s the Voice itself (right now). Adam stacking the deck like he did is truly unforgivable. This bad douche bromance hits square upon a boys club ugliness that is truly resonating in this current anti-woman climate. It’s an ugly, ugly white boys club everyone. Tony Lucca started this competition as a worn out, has been, never made despite multiple record deals flop.

  42. rodeoblu says:

    Was a fan of I’m if Tony didn’t enough of an unfair advantage with the support of al.I don’t think the judges should figure in at this point period..who’s show is this? America should decide the finalists pure and simple.
    Not fair..not right..and not even remotely reflective of the talents and performances of Hatrina and Tony..A shame.

    • Jen says:

      I completely agree. I stared at the tv with my mouth open while Adam was spewing that gibberish that did not make ANY sense at all! Katrina definitely deserved it over Tony and Tony knew it too.

    • ET says:

      I agree 100%. Over-manipulation by the judges is going to be the death of this show.

    • soundscene says:

      Come on. Any “advantage” Tony had with that ONE tweet JT wrote about him was completely negated when Christina kept harping on him (even when the guy wasn’t on stage). Christina has her more enthusiastic fans spewing vitriol at Tony at this point. I think we can call it even. Actually, I don’t think the JT tweet persuaded hardly any voters anyway, so Christina’s campaign against Tony is really overkill.

  43. Daniel says:

    Dear Michael,
    Keeping one contestant per coach for the finale keeps all coaches vested until the very end (compare to Paula Abdul on X-Factor with no team members left). So maybe the person who could’ve been runner-up isn’t in the finale, but the “game show” stays interesting all the way through.

    • ET says:

      Making this a “game show” makes it irrelevant; it also ensures that some of the best singers don’t get to stay nearly as long as they should. Stupid format.

      • soundscene says:

        The best singers never stay in the competition, regardless. Did X Factor have the best singers left at the end? Does the best singer always win American Idol? I dare say the best singer rarely wins American Idol.

  44. unicornwasp says:

    seeing vicci and beverly back made me miss last season!

    • mrOCD says:

      No kidding! Seeing Vicci, Dia, Javier and Beverly from last season only reminded me of just how much I did NOT enjoy this season. The only one worthy of being in the Top 4 is Juliet Simms. The rest got cut during the Battle Rounds, and the others were voted off since they didn’t have a penis.

      Juliet better win the damn thing.

  45. Can we not keep the singers and ditch Christina Milian? She’s awful.
    Surprised at all the Juliette love to be honest. Don’t think she’ll have much of a voice left in a few years the way she sings.

    • Hyde says:

      I dont know… Henry Rollins had a severe yelling/growly kind of voice and he sang for over 20 years!

      • soundscene says:

        It’s not the growly aspect of the voice, but how that voice comes out of the singer’s mouth — by chest or by throat. Juliet sings with her throat a lot of the time (which most untrained singers do; and even some trained singers when they get tired). It can really mess with your voice. Juliet sings improperly. She will have issues. Heck, she’s already had issues on the show — a couple weeks ago she barely got her performance out. I’m really surprised the judge’s didn’t note how off she was.

  46. MK says:

    I think Xtina had the worst two next to Blake. Blake ruined it for me when he dumped Jordiss. So for me it became between Adam and CeeLo. I think Adam played smart. I believe he knew he had more of a shot with Tony than Katrina and went with Tony. Also…could Christina Aggravatia been more obvious??? First of all, on Tuesday, her comments to both of Adam’s singers were backhanded compliments and she really didn’t want Tony to advance for whatever reason. I don’t believe for one minute it was because she felt he wasn’t talented. I think there was some sort of jealous rivalry. I do think however, that on Tuesday, Adam saw through her little game about saving Katrina instead if one really looked at his indulgent smile when she was telling him to keep Katrina. Do I think for one minute Xtina really cared about Katrina?? Nope. All Xtina really cares about is Xtina. I counted about 4 times, minimally, on Tuesday, where she boasted about something SHE had done. It was I, me I me throughout the Tuesday show.

    • kara says:

      I think they are all narcissists, but Christina could teach a master class on it if her ego thought it was worth her time. I agree, Adam chose on his ability to win (check on the number of followers that Tony has compared to every other contestent…he may win it all) Christina’s comment the other day was not far off…Team adam takes advantage of his supporters and teh supporters of his popular friends. Adam and Javier used their connections to people who have HUGE followings (bieber, kardashian and his own) to get the vote out last year and I suspect he (and justin and jc and more) will do the same thing. However, I think Katrina should have gone through and Adam deep down probably knows it, but his ego douche desire to win trumped it and the Mouseketeer may win it all.

      Even as coaches their supporters (on twitter but still the type of people who would vote in these contests) give a hint who has the advantage…just watch and see.

      Adam – 2,192,030
      Blake – 1,566,630
      Xtina – 1,354,581
      Cee Lo – 917,430

  47. Lori says:

    So it would have been ok for Christina to split the points in favor of Lindsay (instead of the 50/50) for her to advance but it’s not ok that Adam did it for Tony to?

    Tony has a better shot against Juliette than Katrina did. They’ve been 1 and 2 in the rock charts every time.

  48. Hyde says:

    Tony has so many supporters because Justin Timberlake is supporting him and so are his followers. He’s not a BAD singer, just raw and real, which is why folks like him. I like him but not as much as Juliet. Also a raw and real singer, she’s got real passion and real versatility. I do NOT like Chris, I think that, while he has a great classical voice… who really tops the charts with classical opera music? I agree that he has a great classically trained voice but if he wins, we’ll never hear from him again unless listening to the classical stations, he’s not a chart topper, maybe a Grammy winner on the part not televised but not a top 100. Not a smart move by any means to promote the show. Everyone also seems to be forgetting Jermaine Paul. He’s got a great great great voice and stage presence but its been seen and done recently. In fact last years winner sounded similar. I think that Juliet will take it because she’s so different than the others. Plus she’s got kind of the girl next door thing going on, while Jermaine seems a little desperate (but yet likable) and Chris just seems pompous and fake to me, he’s talented but I’m not a fan. Tony seems real and I love him, I honestly don’t think he’ll win, but I think we’ll hear some of his music on the radio a la Daughtry in the near future. I loved Jamar but he’s in need of some fine tuning on his voice tone, a great vocal coach and a great producer is all he needs to hit the big time. Lindsay was also a fave of mine, her voice was very unique and she has a confidence on stage that could be produced well and also sell some records. I don’t think we’ve heard the last of the four that were eliminated last night. All eight semi-finalists have the potential to blow up with the right producing with the amount of support and exposure they have gotten on The Voice.

    • Great post there Hyde, totally agree.
      On my previous comment about Juliet, her singing scares me as it honestly sounds like she’s destroying her voice every single time!
      I’ve no idea where she pulls it from.

    • soundscene says:

      I’m not sure any of these folks will be superstars. None of last year’s crop are, at least not yet. Tony has a chance of doing the best selling albums simply because he already has a fanbase. But I don’t think he’ll sell TONS of albums. This show is just a show. It’s for entertainment. A contestant succeeding on the charts would be the exception, not the rule — an afterthought of where the real money is — the actual show.

    • Chris says:

      Juliette has the “girl next door” thing going on??? where are you from?

    • Patricia Johns says:

      Excuse me, but classical singers such as Josh Groban have HUGE fan bases in the United States and world wide. Groban’s album sales are over 24 million to date. Just because a classical singer is not topping the pop charts doesn’t mean that they can’t sell albums and be extremely successful. The classical charts and adult contemporary charts are where Chris Mann would be found, and it’s a sizeable audience. I may be the only person saying this, but watch out next week for Chris Mann, he has a chance of winning it all.

      • Sharon JJ says:

        As you said, Patricia, classical vocalists can sell commercially, and Josh Groban is a good example. I believe the popular shows – and resulting CDs- from the original Three Tenors helped boost that trend a couple of decades ago. (Though my husband and I remember our parents talking about Mario Lanza, so opera singers with populist followings are not new.) But as a fan of opera, the problem with Chris Mann is that he really doesn’t have a great voice. Despite the accolades he was winning from all the (apparently naive about classical music) judges, his voice is nothing special. He lacks clarity of tone and his range isn’t impressive. His version of Ave Maria was nice, but I have heard many better ones. And as several people have pointed out in their comments, he doesn’t adapt well to pop music. Chris Mann should not win next week.

        • FreeHaley says:

          Exactly, while voice is strong and powerful and he can hit things with ease for a pop singer, he struck me as being really rather mediocre as an opera star. Three tenors are all miles upon miles better. Honestly, even Jackei Evancho who is a bit rather young to even be able to sing it properly, while he is at what should be his absolute prime age for this sort of singing, had way more to her operatic vocals when it comes to that.

      • FreeHaley says:

        I hope not because he sounds weird as a pop singer and there a so many much better operatic singers around.

  49. behzad says:

    Time and again this season, Adam Levine, who clearly loves his ego more than he would ever love a contestant, kept screwing highly talented people over (Karla Davis, Pip, Mathai, Katrina Parker) for the simple reasons that a) Tony, like Javier, was the closest to his own style (the only style Adam seems to even know) and b) Having Tony on his team would mean he could keep rubbing it in Christina’s face. He’s proven to many future auditionees that if they aren’t the guitar strumming singer/songwriter type who could play at some bar Adam goes to, they shouldn’t ever pick his team! Tony’s finishing 4th anyway.

    • Kermit says:

      Pip? Really?

    • Jen says:

      I agree with you and I am very disappointed in Adam. I thought he cared more about music than that but I guess not. He just wants to win at all costs. Katrina was robbed.
      That being said I LOVED the song between Cee Lo and Vicci! Downloading immediately!

      • Sheri says:

        Vicci and Dia got robbed last sason by Adam’s vote scerewing techniques. Justin Bieber fans do anything he asks on Twitter, so Adam will always take advantage of that. Voice seaon 3 needs to replace him and his ego. Who knew Xtina could be the more down to earth coach?

        • soundscene says:

          Christina has been transparent about trying to railroad Tony for a few weeks now. She’s playing the same game as Adam is. I honestly don’t know which one is playing it better. Frankly, I don’t know if either will win. But if you look at it from a more neutral perspective, you’ll see that all the judges are doing their damn best to give the advantage to the contestants they think can win, not the contestants that are necessarily the best vocalists. This is a game. That’s it. Adam is doing no more and no less than exactly what he’s supposed to be doing.

  50. Yo' says:

    Three boring males in the finale. Ew. Not much point in watching.

    • Name That Tune says:

      And I was thinking The Voice is heading toward the tired old pattern of the WGWG wins again.