Smash Recap: What the Tech Is Going on Here?

megan hilty smashIt was the best of performances (“I’m Going Down”) and the worst of lines (“It’s not yes or no: It’s ‘I’m in tech.'”) on this week’s Smash. It was also an hour filled with a whole lot of unexpected (at times, unbelievable) couple-swapping: Dev and (annoying) RJ locked lips; Dev got a lukewarm response from Karen to his marriage proposal; Ivy got blown off by Derek (right after he gave her a tossed off “I love you”); Derek hooked up with Rebecca; Dev “bought a drink” (possibly a euphemism) for Ivy; and Ellis got sent out to fetch a Neti Pot. Okay, so that last example doesn’t really fit, but it’s always fun when Ellis is given something demeaning to do, no?

The action centered around Bombshell heading to Boston for its out-of-town tryout, and Derek and the company diving headlong into “tech” — planning out the lighting, costumes, staging, etc — but most of the action happened off stage. Here’s a rundown of the major plot points:

* Movie star/Bombshell star Rebecca Duvall grappled with mounting performance anxiety, and Derek slithered into her dressing room to urge her to use her insecurities to better understand Marilyn, and to revel in her own star power, too. “It’s your escape from the terror,” he insisted. (Srsly?) Rebecca then donned (not entirely convincing) Marilyn drag for a performance of “Happy Birthday, Mr. Director” — “I wonder if she got Karen to coach her,” snarled Ivy Lynn, hilariously — and before you knew it, Derek was all “Marilyn glowed in the light. She was luminous like you.” And Rebecca was all looking for a compliment that went beyond Derek thinking she was pretty. And then Derek used his condescension — “You, my darling, are a lovely little actress.” — as an aphrodisiac. Next thing you know the director and his leading lady were going at it in the dressing room, with Rebecca’s creepy manager, super creepy Ellis, and somewhat creepy Ivy standing outside, eavesdropping creepily. Rebecca and Derek doing the nasty brings a whole new meaning to “Let Me Be Your Star,” I guess.

* Dev and Karen continued playing their roles in The Least Convincing Love Affair Ever Imagined. With his girlfriend out of town, Dev spent quality time with RJ (a NY Times reporter who has an awful lot of free time on her hands), her lips, and a bottle of bourbon, but his subsequent guilt sent him to Boston where eventually he proposed to Karen. That’s when we got the “It’s not yes or no: It’s ‘I’m in tech.'” because I guess we’re supposed to believe Karen had never given any real thought to marrying Dev until he tried to put a ring on it? Wha? That last scene of Karen storming off (“I cannot decide to get married to someone during tech — particularly someone who’s cheating on me!”) was bizarre, given that Dev said he’d fended off his work buddy’s advances. Honestly, though, I’d kind of prefer it if Karen spent Season 2 as a single lady. Maybe she could even get an apartment with Bobby and Jessica and Dennis and Sam? And her new movie title could be Struggling Chorus Boys and Gals Who Like to Get Their Drink On! Well, it’s more fun than her movie with Dev, no?

* Ivy got sent reeling from Derek’s betrayal — and directly into a post-rehearsal bender as she partied with the rest of the chorus. But when Bobby called for a Team Karen vs Team Ivy sing-off, the original Marilyn star went first, delivering a rendition of Rose Royce’s “I’m Going Down” that was achingly, heartbreaingly beautiful — my favorite musical moment of the entire series to date. (And that’s saying a lot.) It was as if Megan Hilty took every ounce of pain she’s ever felt in her life, and poured it into a single musical number. The final “What did I do wrong?” refrain was as sad as it was mesmerizing. “Top that, Iowa.” Nah, she knew better than to even try.

* Meanwhile, Tom and Sam got to duet on the clever “Another Opening, Another Show,” but when the former sided with the latter’s dad that the life of a Broadway dancer might not be worth pursuing, our sports-loving chorus dude countered with a stirring speech about living his dream with the understanding that it’s “joy one day and gone the next.” I liked the scene so much that I even bought Tom telling his new boyfriend that “you are my best self.” Nice “Oh Lord! Two boys kissin’!” from Sam’s brother, too. How refreshing to have a gay romance on TV where neither party is closeted/persecuted/self-loathing/even moderately conflicted.

* Some dude who was apparently recast as DiMaggio scored a pilot. “Bye!” he said, running out the door with such intense disdain for the role he was playing that I can’t imagine he’d ever work on Broadway again. This, of course, opened the door for the return of Michael Swift, and a total freakout from Julia. But what’s this? Frank and Leo don’t want her to give up her life just because that life means she’ll be workin’ 9-to-5 with her former illicit lover. Pack up the family wagon, they’re all goin’ to Boston. (Best line from this arc? Derek, appalled by Tom’s failure to break the DiMaggio news to Julia: “It’s called a spine, Tom.”)

* The action ended with Ivy sidling up to the bar and Dev (not knowing who the blond bombshell is) offering to buy her a drink. (And Ivy would never say no to a drink, methinks.)

What did you think of this week’s Smash? Are you excited for Bombshell to make its debut? Which character do you want to get the title role? And wasn’t Hilty awesome on “I’m Going Down”? Sound off below, and for all my TV recaps, follow me on Twitter @MichaelSlezakTV!

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  1. Trina says:

    Do Broadway actors not have a contract that they can just go bye-bye when something else pops up?? where did they get that ugly coat for Julia?? Horseblanket??

    • dan says:

      Broadway actors do have contracts and agents. What the character “Ted” did would never happen in “real” life. If he got a pilot during Tech week his agent would’ve had to call the producer to see if they could work something out…and probably not! Broadway contracts don’t have many “out” clauses except for big-name stars.

  2. Jess says:

    love reading your recaps. I’ve been a fan of Smash since the beginning but last night’s episode had so many “WTF?” moments! I basically thought the opening number was good, then everything went downhill fast after that (with the exception of “I’m going down”).

  3. Vanessa says:

    I think the last couple episodes have gotten better, but I hated the twist at the end. Dev and Ivy? Really? Lame. Actually, Dev’s story-line has been pretty bad.

    • Russ says:

      I think that if Dev doesn’t get back together with Karen by the end of the season, he might not make it as regular for next as this show is about a broadway production and he does … um politics?

    • Danielle H says:

      I got physically sick at the twist and the promos showing them in bed. That is the dumbest twist to date. Too much cheating in this show ! They really need to dial it back.

  4. Hilty knocked the shizzle out of I’m Going Down. Awesomeness!

  5. Tara says:

    That’s the best Ivy performance by far….beautiful. I thought the Dev/Ivy accidental meeting was improbable and previews suggest they hook up. I don’t know…how much more has to go wrong between Ivy and Karen? I think it’s more interesting when they like each other. I’m sick of Dev, really sick of RJ and agree the “i’m in tech” response was just stupid. And Karen is more interesting single…But I’m almost ready to jump over to Team Ivy.

    • Josh says:

      I ditto every thing you just said Tara. So tired of the forced rivalry between the two leading ladies. They are so much better when they are friends. Ivy brings up a feistiness in Karen while Karen brings up a nicer side of Ivy. Every time she’s with Ivy, Karen becomes 10x more interesting. Even time she is with Dev, the exact opposite happens.

  6. theroomstops says:

    I find that almost every single moment I truly love in this show has Hilty in the foreground. She’s a sight to behold, she’s ridiculously talented and they should have probably cast someone less talented, because to have Ivy played by Hilty and Karen go up against each other for Marilyn is ridiculous. It’s so obvious Ivy’s the right one.

  7. devmustgo says:

    Ummmm Slezak, I’m pretty sure engaging in some passionate kissing wig RJ constitutes Dev cheating! what a scumbag! What did you expect Karen to say? ” Oh and I think both Ivy and Dev knew who the other one was. You could tell by their reactions. Ivy once again blaming Karen for existing, and Dev getting back at Karen for showing him up to be the idiot he is! I did really enjoy this episode though. I liked that all the home life drama was interconnected to the musical, and the stress of tech. Lol, “im in tech” – my new go to line for getting out of everything. I wonder at the Smash writers most of the time, I really do! I thought the Sam and tom scenes did drag on a bit, and not buying the Derek and Rebecca stuff one bit. But I guess its all in the name of soapy drama! Nice to see Karen get a scene where she’s actually allowed rolmto raise her voice also. Only been 13eps. Was impressed with McPhee in that scene. She should get angry more often! Dev I just can’t even anymore ……

    • McFudge says:

      “I’m in tech” as a go-to line. Brilliant! And what a hashtag. “I can’t make dinner. #Imintech”. I can see it trending.

      • Fran V says:

        The funniest part of “I’m in tech” to me was that she delivered the line like she and Dev had had decades of experience with her being “in tech” and he should know better than to ask her.

        • jenna says:

          agreed. I still don’t really understand what that line was supposed to mean anyways, I can’t make any other decisions, I’m in tech! Huh??

          • Meg says:

            Tech in a show is a really stressful and hellish time is all… but i managed to get engaged, and pregnant all during “tech week” so methinks she’s just lame. :)

  8. Siria says:

    The best thing about the episode was the opening number. Christian Borle is just great.
    What bothered me the most was that the author either didn’t care or didn’t know her own characters. There wasn’t one scene where we could see any kind of connection between Derek and Rebecca and all of a sudden they are kissing??? Please. And Derek might be an asshole, but he certainly isn’t stupid. Cheating on his girlfriend, knowing that she was about to pick him up … I don’t buy it. That was just lazy writing.
    Last week Karen whats-her-name was best friends with Rebecca Duvall and this week I don’t think they even spoke to each other. How about ending one storyline before starting another?
    And Julia??? A word of advice: Be professional and don’t sleep with Michael then there really won’t a problem. It’s not that difficult.
    As much as I hate Dev and Ivy hooking up, I now have at least hope that he will be history soon. This was supposed to be a show about a Broadway Musical. While it is okay to have the boyfriend of one of the main characters, I am really tired of his storylines that have absolutely nothing to do with the Musical production.
    I don’t think Ivy actually knew who Dev was. If I remember correctly they never actually met. Dev on the other hand obviously realized who Ivy was when she told him her name.

    All in all, I spent half the episode face-palming. Really bad episode.

    (And look at that: I was able to write a comment without complaining about Karen whats-her-name^^)

    • dee says:

      There was actually a scene in the beginning with karen and Rebecca in front of the makeup mirror, where Rebecca admits to being nervous. So they did share some screentime. But what was lost in that storyline was LAST week Rebecca clearly pushed Karen up on stage so she could check out the competition, and she clearly saw what a threat Karen was to her. So this week should have been about insecure Rebecca trying to get Karen fired. But nope! They’re still BFFs!

    • Josh says:

      Yeah Ivy only knows that Karen has a boyfriend named Dev, who she thinks is still in New York. Dev knows that Karen has a buxom blonde rival named Ivy…I mean I could see the show trying to pretend he didn’t know she was but how many buxom blonde Ivys are there in Boston, probably minutes away from the hotel? I mean it’s a possibility I guess…

      • dan says:

        Ivy and Dev being at the same bar was coincidence, but once they both introduced themselves they clearly knew who the other person was. At the end of the episode Ivy mumbled something like “its nice to finally meet you Dev” (I rewound that line three times and I’m still not sure exactly what she said, but that was the basic premise and she clearly knew who Dev was).

        • Siria says:

          I took a look at the scene just now and there is no ‘finally’. She only says ‘It’s nice to meet you, Dev’.
          Also, at the beginning, she isn’t in interested in him in the least, only after he talks to her. If she really wanted to hurt Karen, wouldn’t she have tried to chat him up. Or maybe given him a false name? I mean how could she possibly know that Karen’s boyfriend wanted to cheat on her. It just doesn’t make any sense.

          • Josh says:

            I’m pretty sure he gave her a false name…Maybe Devon or Kevin…But it definitely wasn’t Dev.

          • Mary Lord says:

            I think when Ivy walked up and sat down near Dev (at the bar) that neither of them knew who the other was…however, when they introduced themselves, I believe they both realized who the other was (Ivy = competition; Dev = Karen’s boyfriend).

            Ivy was out for revenge for Dereck’ tryst with Rebecca, not looking to hurt Karen at that moment. However, that would merely be icing on the cake because anytime she can cause Karen pain, embarrassment, etc is just too good to pass up; so here she nets 2 birds with 1 stone.

            Dev on the other hand, would have to at least suspect that Ivy was “THAT” Ivy…and he was out to hurt Karen and prove to himself he is still “doable” Because he’s acted like a spoiled baby since he found out about Dereck harrassing Karen that first day. He isn’t upset that D mafe a pass at Karen, but rather she handled it without him….proving she doesn’t need him.

          • Josh says:

            I don’t know Mary…I just can’t see how Ivy would know that Dev would be Karen’s Dev…She doesn’t know he’s in Boston. She probably just think he’s another guy named Dev. For her to make that big of a connection while clearly plastered seems unlikely.

  9. rubytu says:

    It was a great episode, mostly because of the incredible singing by the mesmerizing Megan Hilty. The rest of the show seemed shallow by comparison. I hope that scene is posted on youtube so I can watch it again and again.

  10. dee says:

    It would appear, based on last night’s episode, that it is the goal of the makers of SMASH to ensure that the audience hates EVERY SINGLE CHARACTER by the time the finale airs. They certainly added plenty to the list last night, with Rebecca and Derek and Dev and Julia and even Tom a little (with his backstabbing his boyfriend at dinner) all acting loathesome in the episode.
    And as for Dev? They got their Bollywood number out of him; he is now superfluous. Get rid of him.

    • McFudge says:

      Really Dev, don’t yell at Karen for not knowing what you gave up for her when you never even told her……….and then get all defensive when she points that out. And besides, you never even had the dang DC job anyway. Did you even apply? Plus, somehow you managed to hop a train or drive to Boston on a moment’s notice to try to assuage your guilt. I suspect you could do the same to and from DC; I bet long-distance NY-DC romances are done on a fairly regular basis, so quit whining.

    • jenna says:

      completely agree! i actually really liked Dev when the show first started but first with him always meeting RJ (how does she have this much free time!) and now with him apparently wanting karen to be a mind reader (he never told her about washington, has he even told her he didn’t get that other job?) I’m really hoping he’s gone by season 2. Wish creepy Ellis would go too, his whole “i’d do anything for you Ivy” was kind of stalkerish…especially when he left his ‘post’

      I too didn’t get the whole Rebecca/Derek thing, too me it felt like it came out of nowhere. First she’s got sweaty hands in her gloves and suddenly they’re going at it in her dressing room?? I feel like I missed something there. I found it especially strange with the backhanded I love you to Ivy at the beginning of the episode

      • Mary says:

        I agree whole-heartedly.

        Ellis has always creeped me out. I don’t like him one bit, but I can at least understandhis motivations for the gossip-monger / trouble-maker when it came to.canging jobs…what I do not get is his motivation for doing “anything for [Ivy]”

        has been fantasizing about Marilyn. I think Ivy has only herself to blame for his fantasy and even his and Rebecca’s hook-up.

        At first his daydreams didn’t make any sense (to me).
        But look at Ivy’s behind-the-scenes antics. It was she who instructed him on handling the insecure actress because the only directors successful with Marilyn were the ones who handled her very delicately…when he started.doing that, his daydreams started.

        Sohe’s not doing Rebecca, he is Marilyn.

        I haven’t figured out why she’s doing him, unless that is her answer to her insecurities.

        I have a question:
        the previews after last week’s episode showed Rebecca recommend the ‘get rid of Karen’

        Had that not yet happened or have I missed it?

  11. Lynn Scott says:

    The Julia storyline HAD to be some of the lamest writing I have ever seen on television! Come on! Last week her husband could hardly stand to be in the same room with her, and now he’s calling her “sweetie” and lovingly teaching
    her how to cook? She cheated on him not once, but TWICE with Micheal. She tore the family apart. But they are willing to happily support her career and pack off to Boston? How about this Julia? Just say “No.”

    • E says:

      Actually, I don’t have a problem with that. You’re married, you have a kid, you left for a period of time to reflect, and you realize the impact you’re having on your kid (regardless of how poorly acted all of this is). If he accepts how sorry she is….you have to start making steps in the right direction. I LOVE Julia but her family dynamic has always been written rather cheesy/melodramatic. But eventually moving on is not that hard to buy.

  12. Maggie says:

    highlights: the opening number, Christian Borle rocks (also he got a Tony nomination today, yay!) and that song “Another Op’nin, Another Show” from Kiss Me, Kate was perfect!! Megan Hilty sang her face off last night, holy cow. you’re right, it was as if she took every breakup, fight & difficult situation she’d ever been in & sang about them.

  13. RD says:

    It’s kind of funny now,as in a joke. So many plot strands are veering off course that it gets to a point where I stop caring,yet somehow it still manages to be watchable.I believe the only way for the show to move forward now is for Ivy and Karen to be best buddies,and for Rebecca to realize she can’t cut it and leave the production.Don’t get me wrong,I love Uma Thurman but just not in this.Oh,and Ellis needs to be fired and relegated to emptying garbage bins.

  14. Carla says:

    I was so angry at the Smash writers for that character assassination of Ivy. Her and Dev hooking up? Stupid, stupid, stupid. Why do they want people to hate her? Megan Hilty is too amazing for that! Her number just blew me away, that last line was heartbreaking. And then to follow that with the scene in the bar… Sigh. I’m pretty sure they both knew who the other one was. And yeah, Karen, lamest excuse ever. I was hoping she’d accept and Dev would swoop her away from the theater world and to DC. Right that very minute. A girl can dream. I’m still team Ivy (obviously, she’s fabulous!), but I can see how now, even more viewers would turn against her. Stupid writers. Oh, and Derek- what a jerk, and a stupid one at that. I agree with the previous commenter who said that Derek wouldn’t cheat on his girlfriend when she’s about to pick him up. Ugh.

    • Josh says:

      Well remember Ivy doesn’t know that’s Dev. I’m thinking she’ll be the one who tells Karen what happened. Or at least force Dev too. She just got cheated on. I think she’ll be incredibly apologetic to Karen.

    • Christine L says:

      Of course, Derek would cheat on Ivy when he knows they have a date. He’s a predator who has no real regard for any woman. He thinks all the women in one of his shows are fair game. As for Rebecca, she probably thinks Derek will overlook her shortcomings if he’s sleeping with her.

  15. Singingal says:

    I loved last night’s ep overall, but I still can’t get over how naive they make Karen. Seriously, did she think Dev really wanted to marry her in the next couple days? *sigh* I think she really does need to get away from him, although it would be hard to give up that apartment…

  16. Caro says:

    I think both Ivy and Dev have heard those names before and realized that the person in front of them was THAT Dev and THAT Ivy. And they knew who they were and still continued! *puke*
    I’m happy though Julia took a stand and said NO NO NO regarding the Michael issue and was honest about it towards her family. That showed spine! and commitment.
    Let’s hope it’s not ruined again by this soapy show writing…

    • dee says:

      Refusing to continue work on the musical if Michael came back showed SPINE? Absolutely not. It showed selfishness and cowardice. SHE screwed this up. SHE cheated on her husband (TWICE!). And despite the fact that this is ALL HER FAULT, she’d risk destroying the entire show–wasting how much of Eileen’s money, and putting how many people out of work?–just because Michael has to come back? Give me a break. What a big baby.

  17. stevie says:

    I would guess the solution will wind up being that Ivy plays Marilyn and Karen plays Norma Jean (after Uma gets hit by a truck or something).

  18. Jessica says:

    The whole point of Dev/Ivy at the bar is that they BOTH KNEW who the other one was and they BOTH played dumb. Pay attention.

    • Becky says:

      Yes, duh, those are not common first names. And no way that Dev hasn’t heard constantly “Ivy this, Ivy that” at home and that Ivy hasn’t heard Karen mention that her boyfriend’s name is Dev. They had to know who each other were. Which makes the whole thing deliberate on both their parts – and a weird storyline to pursue.

      • Josh says:

        Dev called himself Kevin…not Dev.

        • Josh says:

          So yeah given Ivy does not know how Dev looks, did not know that Dev was in Boston(she never saw him at the hotel…) and was not told his real name…Ivy definitely does not who know how Dev/Kevin really is.

        • dan says:

          Kevin? I heard him say Dev. I’ll have to watch it again.

        • misha says:

          Was it kevin? I thought he said Devin?

          • Josh says:

            Lol so it was Devin, Kevin or Dev…It might have been Devin, and his name is short for Dev. Ivy, being drunk, would definitely not make the connection between a guy named Devin at a Boston bar and Karen’s boyfriend Dev from New York. I’m going to see if it’s on…

          • Josh says:

            Okay I was wrong, he did say Dev…But I still don’t know how a drunk off her butt Ivy could put two and two together in thinking that Dev at the bar, was Karen’s Dev. She thinks he is in New York…

            Ergh I hope she didn’t do it on purpose. That would be utter garbage on the writers part.

  19. lb says:

    don’t the writers know that the train from ny to boston goes out of penn station and not grand central?

    • chloe says:

      Thank you! You’d think they could get small detail like that right. Given that the show is supposed to be so “New York” that mistake was really kind of lame IMO.

    • Kyle says:

      But Penn Station isn’t pretty like Grand Central, so the writers probably figured, “Why not? Not much else makes sense on this show.”

    • dee says:

      They should have just had the out-of-town tryout in New Haven instead–THAT train goes out of Grand Central!

  20. PFitzDC says:

    How can a show with this much talent in the cast and behind the scenes be such a train wreck? Is it written by 6th-graders? The dialogue can be stunningly bad and the scenarios themselves that much worse (Dev’s series of bad romance responses can’t be believed). At least the cast is watchable and the music fantastic and the rare moments of “here’s how we put on a show” interesting….but I feel so sorry for the cast to be saddled with such dreck. Clearly it shows the level of their acting that they can do this without breaking into hysterical laughter….or tears….

  21. Bwayfan says:

    I began watching the series because I liked Katherine McPhee. However, the more I watch, the more I side with Ivy. I feel sorry for her, and I sympathize with her more than with Karen. To use a Marilyn quote, Ivybseems to keep getting the fuzzy end of the lollipop. Megan Hilty just commands the screen, and when she sings, you can feel it. I wish they would stop trying to make her such a stereotype. In fact, I don’t understand why the writers keep dragging out so many theatre stereotypes and cliches. Why not play against type sometimes? Anyway, if I were going to pay to see Bombshell, I would want Megan Hilty in the lead.

  22. the girl says:

    I actually disagree with everyone else on Ivy’s performance last night. I think I prefer her singing Broadway show tunes. I wasn’t a fan of her vocals last night at all.

  23. Joseph says:

    I love aspects of SMASH , but yea some stuff just makes your head spin ,
    But lets be honest , Karen is not be ready to marry else she would not have not used the lame excuse of being in tech , and Dev would not have proposed if he did not think that would have forced him be serious about his relationship. Truth is that the Dev character wants to be a better man then he really is , and uses Karen as his beard to hide his power and attention seeking actions.
    As for the cast , was that not the worst male under study !
    Okay , love the show and happy it is coming back , and hope the writers take some chances next season.

  24. zakspeak says:

    I wish they would just accept that Debra Missing is not a size 2 and dress her to show off the curves not camouflage them.

    • meeee says:

      I agree! I wondered why they gave her such unflattering clothes.

    • dee says:

      Debra Messing has no curves. She is very boxy in all regards. No chest to speak of, no defined waist. I don’t know why they dress her the way they do (suspect it’s supposed to be some sort of bohemian-inspired “artist” wardrobe–kinda like the way a 12-year-old would think a writer dresses), but it has nothing to do with hiding curves.

      • Mary2 says:

        Re comments on Debra Messing’s clothes. Theresa Rebeck said that Messing’s character Julia is based on herself. Just google and take a look at Rebeck. Check out her shape and her Julia-like scarves.

  25. em says:

    I actually thought this was one of Smash’s better episodes. The musical numbers were good, and maybe the show’s writing has declined since the first ep, but at least last night’s ep was entertaining. If they’re not gonna make a quality, well-written show from beginning to end, at least they’re making it worth my time by being engaging.

  26. JJ says:

    Sure this show has bad moments… More than it should… But when it is good it is so freaking good ( both musical numbers last night for instance ) that I’ll watch until the bitter end.

  27. Kristin S. says:

    Last night’s episode was completely ridiculous! Talk about lazy, silly, writing! Suddenly Rebecca and Derek are hooking up, with virtually no character development, when he knows Ivy is about to take him to dinner. Then Dev shows up with a ring and Karen dimisses him with the ridiculous, “I’m in tech” line. Then Michael is back, and Julia’s husband and kid are okay with it. Then Dev sleeps with Ivy. Are the writers trying to make it like the audience is supposed to hate every character by the season finale? Do they even care that the storylines do not make sense and are completely out of character? I have loved this show for the most part, but last night’s episode was truly terrible.
    Also, Karen has mentioned her boyfriend’s name before to Ivy and others so I think Ivy knew who Dev was, but I don’t think Dev knew who Ivy was. I think Dev’s character would never sleep with a woman in a bar, Ivy or not, and his decision to do so is completely against his character.
    I almost secrely hoped Karen and Derek would end up together for a while, but after Derek has slept with Ivy and Rebecca I think Karen should head for the hills. Or Iowa.

  28. Tahoe Mike says:

    I had never heard of Megan Hilty before this show, and probably never would have, but I am a fan now. That song she sang last night sealed the deal for me. That woman can sing!!

  29. airhead says:

    i find it really hard to believe that Dev and Ivy have no idea who the other person is. I’m sure Karen would have mentioned one to the other before, even if only by name. And I swear that they shared a knowing look of recognition before he bought her a drink

  30. idared says:

    I do love this show for the musical part of it but other than that, it is so cliche’ and predictable, it’s hard not to laugh at it.

  31. A says:

    I’m Goin’ Down was amazing. I have to admit, however, this show has been down hill ever since they brought Uma in. She’s a good actress but doesn’t make a convincing Marilyn. I can’t stand Julia’s son. Karen and Dev’s relationship needs to end. He doesn’t seem to fit in with the show. Also the Tom and Sam stuff is soooo boring. And Ivy continues on in the same routine and in the same situations all the time. It’s really repetitive. Hope that season 2 will be better.

  32. TheBeach says:

    Question….what was the song that Karen sang last week when Rebecca pushed her on stage at the club to see if she was any good? I’ve checked itunes but don’t see it. Thanks.

  33. sana says:

    well, i guess this is what Megan was talking about a couple of days ago in an interview when she said that something major is going to happen (something really bad) that will damage Ivy’s friendship with Karen for good.

    I just love Tom a little bit more with each passing episode, they really should make him sing more often (like in every episode) , but wasn’t funny that Sam took him to meet the family after just telling him that he wanted to take things slowly?

  34. Bill says:

    “Dev” and “Ivy” are not everyday names. They may never have met, but they clearly have to know who they are. If they don’t then “Smash” has gotten even lazier than usual. But I still love it. Megan Hilty is astonishing.

  35. norma says:

    I can’t stand someone who constantly feels sorry for his/herself; especially when she blames all her misfortunes on her professional rival. Ivy tires me out with her boozing. Megan Hilty does have a great voice; her character needs some revamping. Katharine MacPhee plays the ingenue seemlessly; she does not need Dev, what she needs are better lines!

  36. meeee says:

    I just hate Dev now! He went out drinking with RJ then invites her in to their apartment and then starts making out with her. What a sleezebag. Dump him! Then he feels so guitly he goes to Boston to propose, which is even worse than going to Boston to unload his conscience. What a jerk! And then he gets all upset when she doesn’t say yes. That was the worst possible timing.

    PS Ivy and Dev knew who they were.

  37. baddog says:

    “some dude” as Dimaggio???!!! That “dude” is Tony Yazbek, a brilliant up and comer on Broadway. He starred in Gypsy with Patti lupone as Tulsa, did a wonderful job in White Christmas and is NOW on Broadway as Billy Flynn in Chicago…. some dude…SHAME!!!!

  38. Ross says:

    With regard to the worst lines “it’s not yes or no, it’s I’m in tech” I completely disagree with you. I am an actor in theater and I can tell you that is a legitimate thing that happens. Tech comes before EVERYTHING else. So anytime anyone asks you to do anything, whether that’s going on a date, or to get married, the response will always be, “I can’t, I’m in tech.” There even bumper stickers and other such online memes proving this.

  39. Mary says:

    You know, its really funny. Sitting here reading every post thus far and had not so much an epiphany as a simple realization.

    First – I don’t like all the whos cheating on whom crap either – its old and tired.

    But I first noted (as each developed) how similar to Marilyn Monroe’s life is portrayed be each of our characters. That is actually a plot line.

    Now reading all posts, it strikes me that we (ALL OF US) have fallen into the same spell. Is that crappy writing…or very well disguoed brilliant writing?

  40. Caygri says:

    who die in next episode?

    • diane says:

      Hopefully Dev but I doubt it. They are really going to extremes in order to keep him on the show, which is quite puzzling. The character is very unpopular, his romance with Karen is extremly unpopular, yet they won`t let him go. So much so they are now switching gears by turning him into Ivy`s love interest cause, lets face it, being someone`s love interest is the only reason why he is on the show where he doesn`t belong.

  41. Lady says:

    I rewatched earlier episodes to confirm whether Ivy and Dev should have figured out who the other was…because those looks of recognition were just SO.hard to pick up on. Didn’t have to go far to see that, while Ivy has never *seen* Dev, she knows who he is. 19 minutes and roughly 30 seconds into the ep just before ‘Tech’ she is talking with Karen about him as tho the simple act of actually meeting is just a formality.

    I didnt go too far back, so I didnt find footage of Karen and Dev talking about Ivy, but it just makes sense she would have shared with him all the competition between the women.

    Then again, do I remember correctly the scene where Karen found she had Ivy’s sunglasses and told Dev Ivy would want them back because they looked expensive?