TVLine Items: Flashpoint Sets End Date, NCIS Vet Inks New Deal, Jericho Revival Buzz and More

Flashpoint, the Canadian-produced cop drama that in the U.S. has aired on CBS and most recently ION, will end after its upcoming fifth season.

“While the series is still at its creative apex, we’ve decided to end [it] on a high note, and give those fans the satisfaction of a fitting series conclusion in our 75th episode,” executive producers Anne Marie La Traverse and Bill Mustos announced Tuesday in a statement.

The police procedural first debuted in 2007 before landing on CBS in 2008. After being dropped by CBS during Season 4, it found a new home on ION.

Ready for more of today’s TV dish? Well…

NCIS‘ David McCallum has inked two-year deal with CBS TV Studios that keeps the actor with the long-running procedural through next season and any possible 11th, Deadline reports. Michael Weatherly, Pauley Perrette and Sean Murray have yet to re-up with TV’s most-watched drama.

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Netflix is in very early talks with CBS to revive the short-lived cult fave Jericho, TV Guide Magazine reports. The pay-streaming site is said to be looking to emulate its recent deal with Fox, which will bring Arrested Development back to life in 2013.

NBC will post extended versions of Parks and Recreation‘s final two Season 4 episodes online following each installment’s broadcast. A “director’s cut” of last Thursday’s debate episode is available now on

Drop Dead Diva has cast Madchen Amick in a handful of Season 4 episodes, per The Twin Peaks alumna will play Parker’s old law school pal who is looking to become the firm’s creditor.

• Daytime Emmy-winner Jennifer Landon (ex-Gwen, As the World Turns) has been tapped to replace Eden Riegel (ex-Bianca, All My Children) as Heather Stevens on The Young and the Restless, TV Guide Magazine reports. She arrives in Genoa City on June 7.

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• ABC has given the green light to The Glass House, a Big Brother-esque summer reality series in which contestants live together and viewers use social networking to vote for their faves and dictate twists.

• Justin Bieber is set to debut his new music video, “Boyfriend,” live on MTV this Thursday, May 3 at 7:50 pm EST.

• TLC has renewed Long Island Medium for a third season, to bow in September.

Which TVLine Items have you talking today?

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  1. SK says:

    Isn’t NCIS in season 9 currently? So inking a two-year deal for David McCallum would put him through the end of the 11th season? I might be missing something.. aside from that, YAY!! I love this show! Can’t wait till the rest of the cast is signed as well. :)

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      This has been edited for clarity.

      • SK says:

        Yeah, after I posted I figured out that it had only been technically renewed through the 10th season and therefore any possible 11th wasn’t quite at the forefront yet. Hey, I am in the middle of law school finals, give my brain a break. :) Thanks though!

    • Pamela, Carter says:

      Me too my Favorite show NCIS GIBBS my all time favorite

  2. Ant says:

    That sucks about Flashpoint, its one of my favorite shows.

    • Joy says:

      What has been more frustrating is being unable to find it. Love the show, Will have to wait for the rest of the DVD’s to be released. I have the first 3 seasons.

      • Doug-H says:

        Flashpoint is on ION which is not in every market… For instance Charlotte, NC but fortunately, it is in Jacksonville, FL where I can record and watch when I’m there.. I wonder if the budget got too high for CTV alone when CBS dropped it??? I’m sure ION doesn’t kick in much.. I would guess that’s the reason…

        • chris says:

          you cand find seasons 1- 4 on netflix

        • Kvivik says:

          Unfortunately, Canadian tv networks are having to cut back on our original programming across the board due to rising costs and ‘cheaper to buy the rights’ American shows.
          If only American execs would stick with buying in to good shows from other countries (like CBS did originally with Flashpoint) rather than taking a good show premise and ruining it morphing it for American audiences (most of whom usually like the originals better anyway) there would be alot more and better shows on TV.

          • Temis says:

            Most Americans don’t even know that there are original versions of shows remade in America. Americans watch American TV and not a lot else…the market for foreign TV in America is small compared with the enormous domestic broadcast market, and the broadcasters are going to keep it that way. Why would they show foreign series and undermine the market for their own stuff? It’s obvious why they remake series – to shape the audience’s taste and maintain control of the market!

          • I think it sucks get a good show that I really like and you take off,just because you want it to end.. What about all of us who enjoy it,look forward and can’t wait to watch. There is not a whole lot of show that I like the ones that you keep on a lot of them are stupid ,sucks. and a bitch your taking. If you can fine money to pay for all the stupid shows that should b taken off in should do what they did in the 50 & 60 in band all the F words I fine that it much more then a good show . I love each one of them I guess I said my piece

      • girl says:

        you can watch episodes on netflix from season1-season4

      • Maria Ansari says:

        you can find all the shows for Flashpoint on HULU Plus

      • Maria Ansari says:

        All the shows for Flashpoint are on Hulu plus

    • smidnite says:

      It will be missed.

    • Mazie says:

      I love Flashpoint! Why are they renewing shows that are just terrible and not keeping Flashpoint? Is it because it is family friendly?

      • gail benish says:

        Becaue the powers that be are idiots. Take, for instance, NBC’s decision to end a GREAT show like Prime suspect and put on Smash (a real stupidity). Harry’s Law was another cancellation that was wrong. Flashpoint was ALWAYS watchable, suspensful and well written and acted, must have been too much of a challenge to the idiots that “give” us our TV entertainment.

        • Jayde says:

          I too enjoyed Prime Suspect. Funny thing about Harry’s Law is it kinda deserved to be cancelled after season 1, but not 2 because the cases were a lot better. (although it did get preachy sometimes with its heavily Democratic bent)

      • Jayde says:

        I love Flashpoint, but family friendly?¿?¿ Doesn’t ‘the solution’ almost always involve them shooting someone in the head?

    • Phyllis says:

      Don’t cancel this awesome show!!! It sure beats all those stupid reality shows.

    • Sandi says:

      I agree about Flashpoint, My husband and I love that show. It’s such a drag that it’s ending. God we’ll miss it.

      • Cathy Bloom says:

        I have really enjoyed Flash point . My grandson has really been influenced by the show and the uniform that the team wears. Is there anyway I can get one in his size he is 9 years old weighs about 65 pounds

    • Janice says:

      Agree. Hate Flashpoint is being cancelled. Great show.

      • josh says:

        I love flash point. I can’t believe this show is canceled . If I had enough money I’d chip in to get it back going

    • Amy says:

      Flashpoint is my favorite show too I am so disappointed that it is ending. Soon i wont have a favorite (aside from Criminal Minds). I love watching Flashpoint. I wish theyd reconsider.

    • Beverly says:

      I love flashpoint. It is one of the few shows that I can watch with me whole family. My favorite episodes are those when they help the people figure things out and then they are not guilty like the baby shaking episode. That is cool. Please Please Please don’t end with Season 5.

    • Pamela, Carter says:

      I just discovered Flashpoint on ION and I love it it should make a re-entry into TV again PLEASE

    • Brenda says:

      I will miss this show too. My favorite out right now. Some episodes made me cry and some were very uplifting at the end. Sorry to have to say goodbye. Great acting by those guys and lady’s on this show. Good Luck! Brenda

  3. Bear75 says:

    if they revive Jericho, can they do the same for Firefly? Pleeeaaassse… :-) x

    • Maggie says:

      That is my dream. I would cry. But Jericho is a good show too and a great place to start. Browncoats unite<3

    • Dizzle says:

      I would love a new series of Firefly but at this point it’d be near impossible… The four leads all have regular roles on other shows :( Jericho however could bring pretty much everyone back as far as I’m aware, so it’s a lot more feasible in that regard.

      • DEAD TERMINATOR says:

        Assuming Jericho even comes back, any potential attempt at Firefly would probably still be a couple years off. Who knows, things could change by then. I mean Castle is going into it’s fifth season, it could come to a conclusion before then. Or maybe, they do 10-13 episode seasons during hiatus or something. Besides, other than Nathan Fillion and Alan Tudyk (who they probably won’t need anymore :( ), who else currently has a network television show that would take up all year?

        • rowan77 says:

          If they wanted, they could do a four episode mini-series of Firefly – but a network would have to be willing to buy it, a studio would have to be wiling to fund it, Joss would need the time to plan, write and prep it (he has major movies on his slate) and the cast would have to plan on working through their entire hiatus – which I think they would be happy to do). I

    • Too many firefly actors already have steady jobs. 5 of the 9 currently have other TV shows

      • Nobody expects a 22-episode season, but I hope they might broach the issue of making a few episodes for a miniseries during the TV off-season, or some small scale movies? Heck, Serenity was as cheap to make as a couple of episodes of Game of Thrones. With Joss just coming off mega-success with The Avengers, Fillion pulling in 10mil+ viewers on Castle, now would be the best time.

        • Totally agree! And even though Joss said he wished more people had seen the film – Serenity was voted that year’s “film of the year” in the UK; so we loved it! I think Morena Baccarin has a steady gig in Homeland? (confess I haven’t seen) but reckon they could do a 10 eppy in the summer hiatus of the other shows… I don’t know a member of the cast that wouldn’t jump at doing it, so they could make it work! :-) x As for Jericho – I liked it, the character developments are what had me hooked but I always felt the story lacked a bit of punch… it didn’t quite become the series I thought it was going to be :-/ xx

  4. John Berggren says:

    I’m fascinated about Netflix and Jericho.
    Perhaps they can do another Stargate series (though pray not Universe).

    • Temis says:

      How about Star Trek? CBS owns the TV rights to that, and Netflix is already talking to them, so…

  5. Mike says:

    I am excited about the Jericho revival…….that show was AWESOME!!!!

  6. Trish says:

    So, so sad about Flashpoint. Definitely one of the best. Hope to see all of those actors quickly cast in new projects!

    • Dreamrose says:

      Well, Enrico Colantoni already has a fairly prominent recurring role as the villainous Elias on the CBS series “Person of Interest”. But I agree with you – it’s too bad Flashpoint is going away!

  7. Lisa says:

    Wooooot, Bring back Jericho

  8. wrstlgirl says:

    Any idea when this final season of Flashpoint will air? I get the ION channel but it’s airing reruns :-(

  9. Eric says:

    Since Netflix is reviving Jericho, can it revive Journeyman as well?

    • John Berggren says:

      You have to consider how many people would actually take an interest, and what the primaries are doing. I think Kevin McKidd is perfectly happy to be on Grey’s Anatomy. Of course I would prefer he be on another HBO show…

      Way too late to re-do Rome, though.

  10. I would rather see Jeremiah back than Jericho

  11. Ashley says:

    Jericho back in my life would be AWESOME! That show was really really good. Of course, I wouldn’t say no to Firefly, but based on statements from Nathan Fillion, we should all know the door is shut. :(

    • Who votes for Pushing Daisies as well?

      Man, I love Netflix so much right now, I feel the urge to subscribe and then cuddle.

      • Temis says:

        First, I wanna see them produce Jericho, THEN I might cuddle. Ha ha, I actually subscribe anyway…but it’s an awesome idea!

        A lot of other show revival ideas are no-go due to personnel constraInts. Firefly’s key cast members are busy; Bryan Fuller has his hands full with new shows and I doubt he’d make time to revive Pushing Daisies (and it’s not the kind of show someone else could take over.)

  12. Amy says:

    Oh hell yes Jericho!! We loved that show!

  13. Jack Bauer says:

    Netflix better revived Jericho soon and more of that smokin’ hot Alicia Coppola. :-)

  14. Melody Paris says:

    Awesome news about Jericho. It was a huge loss when it was canceled.
    Sad news about Flashpoint. I just very recently started watching it and I’ve enjoyed what I’ve seen.

  15. Pam Fegley says:

    One of the reasons I don’t start watching new shows anymore is because they always cancel the good ones! Flashpoint is one of the best!!!!

  16. Bob says:

    Is it just me, or is the CBS decision not to participate in the My Primetime on demand thing seem influenced by possibly putting the shows on Netflix instead of just for free on cable?

  17. guest says:

    FYI Temis, Flashpoint was not remade for U.S. tv, the exact same episodes aired in Canada and the USA!
    Also one cable network in Canada has cut back Flashpoint was on a different network same with Rookie blue!!!!!

  18. Jared says:

    So happy to hear about the season 3 renewal of LONG ISLAND MEDIUM! that show!..

  19. Ana says:

    Flashpoint has been the only TV show worth watching !

    Thank you cast & crew !

    • Mike says:

      I completely agree!!! I wish executives would read these posts so they would stop feeding the public simple spoon fed shows. Just when you find a show that is smart, and real they cancel it. I love the producer comments “we are ending the show on a high note” oh please what bull, Networks never give the time for character development, if they don’t have the response they what ASAP they cancel. It can take a couple of seasons to get really into the characters. Example ncis is an excellent show that has given us time to know the characters and history, you can’t do that in just a few season. Flashpoint will be missed as a smartly canadian show with real stories without all the fake flashy shows that we must suffer through.

      • mary jo says:

        Just found Flashpoint. Love the show. I started talking about it with friends & family and they have just started watching, too, and like it. Sorry it is in it’s last season .. dirty rotten shame.

  20. Nicole h says:

    Just finished watching Jericho with my mom on Netflix. I loved it but it ended horribly. SPOILER ALERT

    Killing off Bonnie was a horrid mistake that should have never happened. Plus at this point brad who played Stanley is currently on GCB (I don’t know if it’s being brought back or not though. I do hope it is) it would be interesting to see what else they could do for Jericho

  21. Blenda J. Santiago says:

    If this is true, I am very sad!!! I started to watch this show three months ago. I am so dissapointed that now that I am so hooked on it, the show is going to end. To the producers of this show and the actors, way to go! Finally, a show with action, emotion, feelings, laughter, caring, etc.

  22. Sarah Williams says:

    I think that is sooooooo wrong to shut flashpoint down, its the best !!!!!TOTALLY GUTTED

  23. Louise Andersen says:

    I really wish they wouldn’t take this series off the air. I just started watching it this year and find it very entertaining.

  24. Kristina Carlos says:

    ion only shows reruns!!!! where can we watch the new episodes?!?!!?

  25. Ralph says:

    I love Flashpoint soooo much. I watch all of the season/episodes on netflix at least 3 times already. Tv channels don’t know what’s a good show, even when it’s right in front of them. Like my all time favorite show Prison Break; the best tv show in my life I’m sure I ever watched, with Flashpoint coming in second place.

  26. Dylan says:

    I believe FlashPoint shell return as quickly as possible

  27. Kelsey says:

    i really dont want flashpoint to end i dont get y i have been watching it since it first came out and then all of a sudden i hear that it isnt going to be on next year :'( y is it not coming back on that is my question??? and KEEP IT ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. Flashpointfanatic says:

    Don’t cancel flashpoint! Its the best cop show out all the others are boringgg these are sick!

  29. Jayde says:

    I’m still reeling over The Chicago Code being cancelled after only one season. I know why – ratings were low. That’s the part I dont get. The fact that people would rather watch all the reality show nonsense that’s on tv. Why are people so enamored with DWTS? How many seasons of The Bachelor(ette) would anyone want to watch? And the character Wasocki from The Chicago Code was far more interesting than anyone Ive ever seen in the advertisements for Big Brother.

  30. leigh Bruner says:

    I think that Flashpoint is the most watchable show on TV’. I can’t believe you would take such a good show off and leave some of the most gory shows like Criminal minds and nics and the other stupid shows this year. We might as well throw our tv’s out the window and just go to the movies once in awhile. for you to say you ended it on a high note unbelievable. The only thing I can think of is that the writers & producers don’t have clue what a good show is. I guess we want watch much tv this year. All the new shows are just plain stupid. This show good could have go in so many directions. Why in the world would you take it off.

  31. Ellen M. Wholey says:

    Too bad. I enjoyed this very much. Quality, writing and acting which is a not the usual fare these days.

  32. Jo says:

    i agree with Phyllis, I would of never known Flashpoint existed but I was on Netflix one day looking for a movie to watch and I clicked on that not known it was a series. Loved it watched all four seasons in 2 weeks and now I am so sad they are cancelled. It is really a good show and it beats all the dumb reality shows that are out there. For all the people that say it was a family show, no not really but it does make you stop and think what everyone in law enforcement and the military have to go through and it kinda gives young adults looking to go into those type of careers a look at things they might face.

    • TK says:

      I’d say Flashpoint is a better family show than anything else on tv! Its a black and white, right from wrong kinda show, there’s no foul language, its full of life lessons, not all about guns and killing, but what it takes to save a life. Its not full of blood, guts, and gore. Its too bad there aren’t less kids watching Jersey Shore type trash and more watching Flashpoint and NCIS! Maybe kids would have a little more common sense if they did…

  33. Leah says:

    I am SO very very sad to hear that Flashpoint will be ending, I just finished watching season 4 on Netflix. It was the best season yet. I wish so badly that they were not ending the show. I will really miss it. I wish there was something we could do to change their minds about ending it.

    I am really glad NCIS is still going, I hope Michael Weatherly, Pauley Perrette and Sean Murray sign up soon for the next seasons. Pauley Perrette is basically the only reason I watch it. That and its like one of the BEST shows EVER!!!

  34. emma Collins says:

    please reconsider canceling I watch that show every day I just got done with season pot for I can’t wait for 5 I sure hope there’s a season 6 and so on and so on I just love this show

  35. emma Collins says:

    I made a spell check I just got done with Season 4

  36. janice rosen says:

    why remove the best ever canadian show made with the best actors. I definitely agree with the bossman it sucks. i would liike to petition them back on. You do what you do best come you guys think again Five years is only a baby growing to be excellent nunber one You do not try to reinvent the rule keep this great thing going PPPPPLLLLLEEEEAAASSSEEEE

    • Tameria Franklin says:

      Is anyone willing to head up a petition to keep Flashpoint on the air? I’ll certainly sign it! Flashpoint is one of the most intense, sit on the edge of your seat, shows I have ever watched! My husband passed away 5 years ago, and sometimes I am still very, very sad…….. Flashpoint has become a welcomed friend to me, and I anixously await every episode. I watched it, when it was on channel 11, and I’ve been watching the re-runs on the ION channel. Flashpoint is arguebly the best show on TV! Please, let’s all try to keep it on the air!!!!!!!!

      • Danielle says:

        Repost the petion on facebook! Lets keep this show alive. Repost this on facebook, we want this show to stay alive. The ratings have been up on the new network, so lets start a petion. Just watch season 5 episode 2 and you can see why this needs to continue. The fans can do this. PLEASE help. This is the last thing we can do. Write the producers and get this going. WE WANT MORE FLASHPOINT. PLEASE don’t let this end!

  37. Helen D says:

    I love Flashpoint – the stories and characters are wonderful – please don’t end it – but if you have too – make it a HAPPY ending for all!

  38. lilia says:

    Please don’t cancel Flashpoint it is the best on tv now, realistic speaking the stories are so good I love them all

  39. Jennifer says:

    oh nooooo! this just ruined my night seeing that flashpoint is going to be cut after season 5 :( just when ion gets something worth watching (aside from criminal minds) they have to take it away. america has nothing but stupid reality shows on every network now and it sucks. pleeeease don’t take flashpoint away! reconsider this decision?? it just said that Canada had 1. some million viewers, America has 8. something … obviously people love this show.

  40. Cheryl Cotterell says:

    Flashpoint is one of the best shows I’ve seen in a long time. Since 24 and lost ended. I really wish they could go another few years at least. I hate when networks keep garbage on and cancel shows like this. Very sad!

  41. mike says:

    Please reconsider keeping Flash Point on air, its the best cop drama I’ve ever watched! I watch Criminal Minds, CSI Miami, Leverage, CSI news York, Numbers but Flash Point is the greatest of them all. Great actors and an all out awesome show, please keep it on the air!!!

  42. mile says:

    Flash Point is the greatest police drama on air right now! Really wish y’all would keep it on air! Love that show! All time greatest police drama!! Great cast!! Please reconsider!

  43. stephanie says:

    Please reconsider keeping Flash Point on air this is the best show out of all of them i am very very sad that it wont becomeing on anymore this is mine and my sons show

  44. Harriette Edmonds says:

    I love Flashpoint, I am really disappointed that its been cancelled, it’s a excellent show with an awesome group of actors, I can’t believe it’s gone!!!!

  45. Ruth says:

    What are the chances that an American network would take the show? I agree it ranks up there with NCIS, which is GREAT! The way the cast work off each other in both shows is remarkable…I just purchased the 5th season which will be released in May…can’t wait for May so I can watch the 5th season. PLEASE CBS…hear what the fan’s…your audience is saying! Stop all the reality mess and give us good shows like this!

  46. Mike LeBlanc says:

    I agree with all of you, I’m extremely sadened to hear that the show was cut. This is a quality show! The action never stops, the actors have amazing chemistry together. As far as I’m concerned the show is far from it’s APEX. How could anybody in their right minds cut this show. I also wish that another network pick up this show and hopefully the actors can be influenced in coming back to the show. I’d be willing to add my name to any petition going around. Could someone post the link to the facebook petition? Thank you.

  47. Cody says:

    We watch flashpoint on Netflix, and we have just finished season four. Has anyone heard when season five will be released to Netflix? I read online that the final episode of season five aired in December in Canada and the DVD set would be released in the fall. But it never gave a release date for Netflix. Any info or links would be appreciated! Thanks!

  48. Cat Quinn says:

    Flashpoint is a show that offers a fresh point of view into the world of crime/drama. The actresses and actors each contribute sterling performances regardless of the role they are written per episode. I understanding quitting while on top but this is bit early. One could’ve argued NCIS or 24 hit their apex after season 5 and maybe they did until their next seasons aired. How tragic would it have been to lose those shows so early. The same potential for more seasons of greatness is being shut down in it’s prime. There are a lot of shows out there but many of the truly engaging and refreshingly entertaining ones with great teams of actors, excellent writers, and positive, never before seen, perspectives, drop off whilst they’re still young. Keep them coming…clearly you have a serious audience begging for more Flashpoint. Is work really that easy to get??

  49. Barbara says:

    Please keep Flashpoint on.It is the best of the best.Everyone on the show is like family.The have each other’s back.It is just as good as NCIS.It does teach young people that saving people is what you do not killing people.It keeps you wondering what will happen next.We watch every single episode.It is too young a show to cancel it.It has alot of life left in it.Some of the shows CBS kept will never be as great as Flashpoint.We are reconsidering whether to watch CBS anymore.I will sign a petition to try to save Flashpoint.

  50. sonia parra says:

    Please don’t let flashpoint end me and my niece love this show. Is like the best show ever.